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    Someone told me elsewhere that H&A haven't marked the death of Cornelia Frances other than putting up an RIP title card at the end of an episode. So is Morag in limbo or has she been killed off? This kind of vindicates my reasoning for not watching anymore, the show has been bad for years and this just proves how heartless it is.
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    Got to see some filming but because I went with a disability group we didn't get to stay long but seen John, Marilyn, Ryder, Bella and Colby filming
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    I’m only new but I haven’t seen that at all. Everyone seems very inclusive and interested in people’s opinions. Mine on the Morag situation? I think she’s much like Marlene Kratz on Neighbours. She shouldn’t have to die onscreen - she can just be a perpetual offscreen presence in Summer Bay. First post done - yay!
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    No-one knows what happens behind closed doors? Maybe Sophie and her ex grew apart? Maybe they broke up and parted on good terms or perhaps something else happened, either way it's none of our business. When they were together she did put a lot of pictures of them together on SM, but I noticed she stopped doing so a while back... James Stewart and Sarah Roberts started dating each other at the start and they obviously fell for each other on set and hanging out off it too. Either way i'm happy for Sophie/Patrick they make a lovely and good looking couple and the chemistry between them is HOT!
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    Great chapter oh no Ben wants Marilyn to lie to everyone in Summer Bay Frank and Sam Update again soon
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    Couldn't help but laugh at Barnett's take on homosexuals. That is in line with how the character would be. Father AND Daughter playing away, jeez. So Dennis (We know what you did there) Rocks up... Interesting. Maz, I think it's time you stop working with those beauty chemicals with the door closed.
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    Marilyn's not interested in Jeff now, is she? That's kind of like out of the frying pan and into another frying pan. Colleen already not a fan of hers.
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    I think Ben and Maggie are the best written Mother and Father couple in a long time. Both have their personalities other then being typical one dimensional parent characters like Joel & Natalie and Rhys & Shelley. Both have had their own storylines outside of the family with Maggie's cancer and Ben in trouble with the law. I don’t think Shelley or Natalie had there own storyline that didn’t involved family other then their exit storyline and Natalie did have belief thing about rumours of an affair between her and Jesse which turned out to be rubbish.
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    They seemed to leave it vague as to whether Raffy had suffered a seizure or not: She did seem conscious and lucid at the end of the previous episode, so I'm personally leaning towards not.Alex came across a lot less harsh in context than she did in the promo.Can we keep her? She seemed to build a good working relationship with Jasmine, while her advice to the Morgans and Palmers, and her private chat with Raffy, were done well. (In fact, I think Mason made a similar point not too long ago.) And then we saw a hint of vulnerability in that last scene with Willow, when she admitted she didn't really know anyone in town and also didn't know anything about going to a gym.I can fully sympathise, I've never been to a gym myself! Irene and Leah at least seem to be being smart and staying within the legal frame of what they can do instead of plastering Irene's version of events over the internet.I'm not sure a judge and jury would be swayed by a few placards though.I thought from the promos that Tommy's lawsuit might be about defamation, but it seems he actually is planning to sue her over the assault, which does at least give Irene a solid reason for pleading not guilty. So is her plan to plead provocation? Because she pretty much confessed!
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    I agree baywatcher Rohan is doing a great job playing Ben, he's teetering on falling into depression so hope TPTB treat it sensitively, I'm supposing they have researched the subject so know how to play it with the right amount of respect. It's not going to be an easy watch for people who have been there or their families but brave of H&A to tackle it. I reckon most families have tried Maggie and Ziggy's approach, shouting at him., leaving him alone, sympathising. As far as they have been concerned until now, he's just a bit down or low, false hope him getting back to doing to some work at the pier. I dare say we will get the usual moaners saying it's going on too long, but that's the thing with depression it does go on for months, even years. The person going through it can come out of it but it'll always be there. Ben hasn't even reached the first stage yet so a long way to go, he's got to admit his is suffering from it, then admit he needs help. He's always been a proud man and I don't know if it's Italian heritage but that may come into it as well. Alf was on the ball recognising the signs. He must know about the sale as he's rung the estate agent about any interest, he didn't respond in any way when he saw the sign. I don't think either John or Alf meant to be insensitive suggesting a card game to 'cheer' him up as it helped John when he was down over Jett. Kind of good news that the AFP are tackling the Indonesian end so are doing something. Colby was right they wouldn't keep a small town cop in the loop and if anyone would be it'd be McCarthy. Ryder did seem out of the loop as regards Raffy but seeing as they haven't really spoken since they finished their assignment not a real surprise, it wasn't down to Roo to tell Ryder, it wasn't her place to say anything to him and a breach of confidence maybe. She was a bit harsh telling Ryder he was pretending to care, he does care even if they aren't together as boyfriend/girlfriend/friends. I suppose her taking her trials on her own is part of this misadventure scheme, still seems a strange term. Not a good start with that politician saying he couldn't help, so maybe a goof idea not to tell Raffy yet. They - Justin, Leah and Mason - obviously consulted her off screen as we only saw her folding up the flyers. He also doesn't appear to have seen Irene's vlog as it wouldn't have taken him long to work out who Irene was talking about, he was talking to Bella like he usually would. Bella was OK as she could be until she heard about Irene's trial date then started panicking about giving evidence, would her written statement be enough or could she give it via video link so she wouldn't have to face Tommy in court, another way is for her to be screened off. Good to get a bit of much needed light relief with Willow, Ziggy, Mac, Dean & Colby. Loved the girls ganging up on Colby and Dean, victory for now. Willow filling Mac in why Colby seemed to bow to Dean's request/demand helped her to understand the tie between them. She was surprised/shocked to discover Corby had been a River Boy. I'm with you DialMforMorag re TPTB's reluctance to even let Morag get a mention. How much she could do with Ben & the AFP is debatable, she would know the right people, but in Irene's case definitely be there all guns blazing. Cornelia's family would need to be consulted on how and when her character should be written out in a respectful manner, but the way she's just apparently been airbrushed out is in my eyes an insult to Cornelia and the role she played in the past.
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    Er, yes and probably. Irene literally just said he'd married a nice Irish girl, so I think we can probably assumes it's the same one!
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    ^^^ THIS. I truly think Channel 7 should respect Lawrence's thoughts. He posted this on the Cornelia Frances Facebook page last year about his Mum. Nothing has been done since... As I've just mentioned on the UK Episode Discussion - if Morag Bellingham was still around, she would be having a field day with all the legal doings in the Bay (current UK pace): With all the latest legal drama in the Bay, I'm genuinely surprised that none of the characters haven't asked Alf/Roo for her support. All the current long-standing characters (Alf, Roo, Leah, Irene, Marilyn, John) have a connection to Morag and haven't mentioned her name once. I understand TPTB might not know what to do with the character of Morag but the fact that they haven't mentioned her at all since Cornelia died makes me have less respect for them. Morag is part of the show's fabric and Cornelia indeed supported Channel 7/Home and Away a huge amount... Come on TPTP/Channel 7 - give Morag justice - either way. We all miss you Cornelia Frances. Everyone... stay calm
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    Well done for remembering their names - I had no idea what they were!! Surely , if she had had more children Irene would have mentioned it at some point?
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    It was mainly to do with Nico. Bertram was unnerved by him somewhat because he was afraid that was how he was going to end up.
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    Well, they'll always be people like that on a forum, and they have as much right to express an opinion as anyone else.The problem only comes when people start saying that the show and anyone else who disagrees with their opinion is wrong. Of course it doesn't help if people are more interested in saying what they think is wrong with the forum than actually discussing the subject at hand.
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    Of course they are. It's when people start saying that something must happen and if it doesn't then the show is heartless and they're not going to watch it anymore that it gets a bit questionable. And of course, if you have an opinion, then chances are someone else will have a differing opinion and express it.
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    Maybe it hasn’t been mentioned because Morag isn’t dead... Just because the actress playing her died shouldn’t automatically mean the character dies. In this case will we hear that Jesse has also passed away? No. The show is different to real life.
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    There seems to be a distinct blurring of fiction and reality here with people talking as though Morag the character and Cornelia Frances the actress are the same person and they both died at the same time.The very fact that recasting is being mentioned as an option shows that that isn't the case (not that I think they should do that). There are, as adam436 mentioned above, a lot of pitfalls to having a big Bay-set funeral.An off screen funeral, such as with Caroline last year, is an option.Casually mentioning that she died some time earlier and no-one thought to mention it would be inappropriate in my opinion.Keeping the character alive off screen would be an option, and would be respectful to Cornelia in my opinion by keeping the character she brought to life as a presence on the show.The option they seem to be going for at the moment, not mentioning the character at all as if she never existed, is...not ideal.
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    If they did I think Anne Charleston be good in role!.
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    No I'm sorry i disagree with anyone who doesn't think Morag's death needs to be mentioned, Alf Roo John Marilyn all knew her and it's a matter of respect for Cornelia as well to lay her character to rest they better not be thinking of recasting Morag that's all i can say
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    Ooh at Narelle: Jeff really hasn't been good for her. Since when was Alf so anti-Bobby? Frank's in a hole but won't stop digging. Sandra wears glasses here?
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    That's been a problem from day one though - Lynn, Frank and even Floss and Neville didn't attend Tom's funeral in 1990. I always thought writers can get away with these things (or the most important attendees at least anyway!), by saying things like "It's a shame X had to rush off straight away" or "it was good to see X" etc, but not show the character onscreen. Do you think the Marilyn/Don pairing would have happened had Bobby still been around in 1996? And how would that have changed the dynamic between Bobby and Marilyn if it did?
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    Life imitating art. Sophie & Patrick are reportedly dating 'in real life' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7459729/Home-Away-couple-Sophie-Dillman-Patrick-OConnor-dating-real-life.html https://www.nowtolove.com.au/celebrity/celeb-news/home-and-away-sophie-dillman-patrick-oconnor-dating-58242
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    Irene was on the phone to Finn tonight and was laughing saying “next time you tell them they’ll have to deal with nana” Finn’s kids are 22!!!
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    I hated the short-lived concept of the original Pier Diner in 2008 with it being split into a kid's diner and a more adult space. Adult and teen characters should be intermingling on the show, it didn't need any further incentive to keep them separated. I also hated the look of both areas. As for the replacement "condensed" Diner, it was extremely bland and unimaginative. 2010+ Pier Diner was, in my opinion, the most realistic the Diner has ever looked. It actually felt like a real place. I have long since stopped watching so I don't know if it's gone downhill since then. 2000-2008 Beachside Diner was... fine. I never really warmed to it for some reason (maybe because the exterior building was ugly and the interior was drab) but it was....... ok. It also bugged me incessantly that they had a backdrop of the wrong beach (Palm Beach) outside the window. While I have a nostalgic fondness for the original Bayside Diner (and the 1998 makeover), it was a really unrealistic and obvious set. It would look even worse in today's HD quality. Of course it wouldn't have to look the same if they brought it back.
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    I loved 1998-2000, as I did most of the show pre-2001, but I know it's considered by many fans to be a bit of a lull. For me, it is a probably more a transitional period between the mid 90s heyday and the Sutherland era, and the last years of "classic" Home and Away. The period had some iconic characters - Vinnie, Joey, Tegan, Joel, Chloe, Travis and Rebecca, Gypsy, Alf, Ailsa, Fisher, Marilyn, Justine and towards the end of the era, Shauna, Leah and Edward. I also think this period was when Irene was at her best. There were some equally forgettable characters (i.e. Tom Nash, Judith, Mitch, James, Aaron), but you get them in every era In terms of storylines we had Mariyln's pregnancy/post-natal depression followed by Byron's death, the Robert Perez stuff, Justine accused of a baby's death, Ailsa's car accident, Edward dealing with his Huntington's diagnosis, Chloe and Irene's battles with Diana Fraser just to name a few. Overall, a great era in my opionion.
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    I'd love to get involved in this discussion as I have some thoughts of my own but not really keen on someone appointing themselves the "decider" of whether others' opinions (not even opinions, just sharing thoughts) pass the test of being valid and merit response or just dismissal. This is a poorly frequented fan forum of a relatively obscure (in the scheme of things) tv show. We're not in the Pentagon deciding military tactics that have a global effect on civilization. If someone thinks a tv show character should be killed off or written out because the actor has died, they can think that as much as they like and they are completely valid.
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