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    RIP Mason, whose death aired in the UK this month. Given that this thread hasn't been used in nearly a year, and there's a post on the last page from over three years ago, I guess he's not someone anyone thought much about. It seemed to take a while for people to warm to him, and perhaps some never did. He wasn't a saint by any means, he could be a bit of a player, he made wrong choices and bad calls right up to the end. But in my opinion, he was one of the few genuinely decent young men on a show that badly needs them.So of course, he got hardly any storylines, and then got casually killed off as part of the latest big stunt. I will give the show credit for at least trying to give Mason a brave and noble death.The problem is, they muffed it somewhat.(It didn't help that the hospital siege made absolutely no sense: If they were only interested in Robbo and Jasmine, why not just have Scott drive Robbo to a quiet spot and Jay drive Jasmine to another quiet spot when they had them alone that morning, instead of invading Jasmine's place of work and taking a bunch of random people hostage for hours?) If they were going to have Mason die helping others escape, then ideally he should have saved Bella, making sure she was taken out so she could get medical treatment. Or, if the show really wanted to drag her plight on into the next season and use it as an excuse to have the popular but distinctly unheroic Colby and Dean make macho speeches about "saving our family", he should have made sure some other patients in critical need of treatment got out. (I don't know if it was a failure of conception or execution, but it was frustrating that the fact they were in an emergency department which should have been full of critically injured and ill people was ignored apart from a few throwaway comments.) Instead, he died so that a few of the hostages got freed a bit earlier than the others did. Points for good intentions but still an epic fail. So despite giving him focus in those last two episodes, this wasn't really about Mason. He wasn't really a part of the whole gang storyline aside from Tori being in the safe house for a bit, he just got shoved into it at the end as some sort of sacrifice to try and make the hospital siege have an impact.I can't help thinking there's a kinder universe out there somewhere where Mason took that internship in WA and left Summer Bay to go out and help people.That's the way he should have gone, not been kept around a bit longer because the show needed a character they weren't bothered about to die in the finale: Shot off screen and then dumped out of view like a piece of rubbish to save paying appearance fees. More than once, Mason noted that people who did the wrong thing seemed to get rewarded, while he tried to do the right thing and continually got kicked in the teeth for it.That's how he lived, and sadly that's how he died.
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    Being anti-feminist is going and then coming back because she needs a man. Alf's episode count this week:None. However, it's finale week so things go typically crazy: Jasmine was in every episode, and Robbo, Colby, Bella, Mackenzie and non-regulars Scott and Grace were in four each. Deep breath. I am quietly furious that they killed off Mason like this. Maybe I'm hyper-sensitive to the issue, but it feels like the show treats every genuinely decent guy like dirt, a feeling that is only increased by the prospect of Colby the murderer and Dean his accomplice being portrayed as heroes (judging by the promo of their action man antics). They did at least try to give Mason a noble and heroic death, rather than just blowing him up without knowing about it, but they didn't try hard enough.The escape attempt was a shambles of bad planning: Bella should have been the first one out, in order to get urgent medical treatment, so someone should have been primed to carry her with them.And what about that woman patient lying on the floor apparently in a bad way? This whole hostage scenario seems badly thought-out both in and out of universe.It's an ED for pity's sake, you'd expect about half a dozen people in need of urgent critical care, not everyone worrying about that one from the main cast. Meanwhile, the gunmen don't even seem to have considered that if you take a bunch of people hostage in a hospital, some of them are going to be sick and dying, continuing to play the "Do as we say and you'll be all right" card while Bella's lying dying in front of them and they're refusing to let anyone help her.They're dangerous idiots, and at the end of the episode, I'm left with the feeling that Mason died because everyone involved behaved in the most idiotic way imaginable...including, sadly, him. Mason dismissed Ari's suggestion of staging a fight but his own plan didn't work out much better.Using Bella as a distraction was the worst idea he could have had, because it meant they couldn't get her out, yet he just started doing it without any consultation, forcing everyone else to improvise around him.The result was, instead of getting critically ill patients to safety, Ari and a handful of apparent staff members escaped.That's good for them, they're out of the line of fire and going home safely.But it seems far too small a "win" to be worth Mason dying for.The gunmen clearly don't have a clue, making the rookie error of being surrounded by police and upping the crime from kidnapping to murder, thereby increasing their sentence about tenfold.The police arrive in plenty of time and then just stand around doing nothing while someone gets killed.Harsh perhaps, since more might have died if they'd gone charging in, but despite us being frequently told that every exit is covered, Dean is able to get into the hospital with minimal difficulty, suggesting the gunmen could have got out just as easily.Meanwhile, Robbo is being completely ineffectual by completely failing to get anything out of Victor and Des. I don't know if we're meant to assume Jay's working for Victor from his casually saying he knows they're his men despite saying otherwise earlier.Or if we're meant to assume Robbo's right that Scott's working for them too.(Presumably it's a recent thing if so, given that they shot him and he shot one of them.)But if Victor, Des, Scott, Jay and the gunmen (unnamed in dialogue but the credits given them the uninspiring names Phil and Reg) are all working together...that's a hell of a lack of co-ordination. I don't even want to think about why anyone thought a hostage siege at the hospital was the best way of achieving their aim, but accepting that they did...The gunmen are apparently waiting for a call.It's suggested that Robbo bringing in Victor and Des threw the schedule off.But why would it? If they meant for Robbo to know about the siege, why did Scott keep it from him? If they didn't, why did Victor suddenly drop a huge hint? If he wasn't meant to find out until later, why did Phil and Reg go in so early and then fret that they hadn't heard from anyone? Aargh! It feels so generic that we even end with a carbon copy of the last shot of last season, with an aerial view of a car containing a mix of goodie and baddies driving through the bush with the baddie having the upper hand. Which reminds me of how utterly unheroic Colby and Dean were in that scenario and how frustrating it is that the premiere is seemingly going to focus on them again, while Mason gets treated like disposable cannon fodder.
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    It's so they can contribute to the hysteria by providing near 24/7 news coverage and scaring the bejesus out of everyone.
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    2020 season begins, six weeks after it did in Australia, but vagaries of Oz broadcasts means we're only 26 episodes behind at the moment. Well. Okay, seriously, what was the hospital siege all about? It feels like we were given the flimsiest excuses ever for a big end of season stunt, and the result was a load of sound and fury signifying nothing.The bad guys' plan, if it can be called that, seems to have been to kill Robbo and either kill Jasmine or release her once they didn't need her to secure Robbo's co-operation.So why take a couple of dozen or so random people hostage and then randomly murder one of them? If all they needed was for Scott to take Robbo somewhere quiet, why didn't they have him do that at the start of the day when they were driving in to work together? And if they needed Jasmine, why not either have the bodyguard in their pay let someone into her flat or have him drive her somewhere other than work or arrange for someone to intercept them like the last, infinitely more sensible, time they took her hostage? Instead, it looked as though Scott actually made sure she'd be in work the following morning by arranging for her and Robbo to spend the night together so she swapped shifts, thereby pretty much guaranteeing the entire gang including the bent cop running things getting arrested. (There was a suggestion he was giving Robbo one last moment with his family, as with taking him to Tori and Grace next morning, but still.) And really, once again, just about everything apart from (for the most part) the characterisation of the regulars made zero sense. It's hilarious to realise in retrospect that the gang played out that OTT "Give us your gun, pig!" bit as a charade even though no-one was actually paying attention to them.It's even more hilarious that, for no apparent reason, Jay suddenly decides to blow his cover and stop pretending to be a good guy in front of a dozen or two witnesses.And to realise that he just sat there while the other hostages made plans within earshot of him and did nothing about it.Reg has suddenly gone from the nervy one to full-blown psycho (although that's kind of a sensible character arc: I suspect he was the one that snapped and shot Mason).And right after Mason gets murdered in front of them for pushing his luck, everyone's suddenly going "I'm going to ignore what you say and do what I want to do, so there" and getting away with it: Maybe Jay's better at keeping the triggerhappy elements in order, but at best it de-escalates the menace. And the ending of the siege was as muddled as the rest of it.After endless scenes of Colby and Dean sneaking around the hospital making big declarations like "Everyone we care about is in there!" (to which I imagine Willow, Ziggy and indeed Karen would say "Oi!")...did they actually do anything? Okay, I guess Dean knocked out one of the guards, which helped.(Incidentally, wasn't Ari meant to knock out the other one as part of the escape? Did he recover quickly?)But did Colby follow through on calling McCarthy and let him know the situation? Was the fire alarm Dean's signal as Mackenzie assumed, and if so did he know the armed police were going to respond, or was that a lucky coincidence that stopped him charging out like an idiot with three to one odds and getting shot? Did Colby know it was going on or did he just decide to charge in and try and look important? Mason being dumped out of sight like rubbish by his murderers increased the feeling of him not being shown any respect.Is a nebulous threat to his family really enough motivation for Scott to agree to murder his two best friends? Was he actually trying to kill Robbo at the end, deciding it was the only way Victor would let his family go? (If he was just being suicidal, he could have stopped and let Robbo out first...) The credits were a bit of a mess: The reporter (credited last week) wasn't credited despite having dialogue, the two anonymous hostage takers (not credited last week) suddenly were even though I'm not entirely sure we saw both of them and it must have been fleeting if we did, and there's a credit for a police negotiator who, unless that's an odd description for the armed police officer, didn't seem to have a speaking role.(I'm assuming it was meant to be the negotiator calling when Reg ripped the phone out on Friday: Did all his lines get cut but he was briefly visible in this episode?) Most bizarrely of all...have Channel 5 cut that crash we saw in the promos? Maybe it's going to be next episode, but I checked the Oz broadcast briefly (the first three episodes were shown edited together there so it's hard to be sure of episode breaks) and it looked like it should have been in this one.
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    I'm back in the Bay again. Gave up last year because I was finding the Robbo stuff so tedious but thought I'd give it another go once he was gone. I binge-watched most of the 2020 eps today (in lieu of not having much else to do ) and for the most part enjoyed them. Shame about Mason. I think James, Penny & Sam have given great, nicely judged performances (although I did think Jasmine was a bit o.t.t. at the funeral). That should finally shut the critics up about Sam's reality tv background. Really enjoyed Alf & Martha's wedding and the scenes leading up to it. Belinda looked lovely. Good to hear that she will now be a semi-regular and around whenever Alf is. Nice to see some older characters getting the spotlight for a change. The Parata family seem ok so far. I thought the Jade storyline was a like throwback to something we might've seen back in the late 80s / early 90s (without the sextape references obvs.). It felt more in keeping with the show from earlier in its run to me. Keep well and stay safe everyone.
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    We’ve spoken to Channel 5 this morning and nothing has been decided as yet, but they’ll get back to us once there’s any update.
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    Plus I've got the Early Years! Currently doing in-depth analysis of one of the biggest storylines ever: the downfall of Dodge in 1989
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    That was a bit of a mess wasn't it, I didn't understand it either. And will Colby be given a warning for going against strict instructions from his superior I wonder.....? Pernickety as it sounds, one part I found unbelievable was that the gunmen didn't hear the racket Colby & Dean (should have) made when they jumped down into the lift - obviously they had the advantage of a solid studio floor, but there's no way it would have been that quiet in reality. They were noisy when they made their escape off the top of the lift, but Phil inexplicably didn't hear that either despite being a matter of feet away... Dennis Hopper would have been onto them like a shot.... Wow, I hadn't checked the broadcast ep, but yes they most certainly did snip it off the end. That's a very recent edit as the UK press preview has it intact. If they haven't randomly added it onto the beginning of tomorrow's ep then that's got to be the most ridiculous censor of recent times.
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    Well, after the shocking past few weeks we've had, I greatly enjoyed this. And it makes perfect sense: If Mason was going to give one final farewell to any of his siblings, it would definitely by Raffy. You did a really great job writing all of them in character, as well as combining a sense of humour and tenderness in their conversation. I especially enjoyed the return of Beth, so at least Mason got to see her again. Good job! ,
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    This Virus can suck it but if it has to be, it has to be.
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    Alf and Ailsa were in no way an "old" or "elderly" couple in the 90s lol. If they were, what's Alf now? A dinosaur?
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    The show used to be brilliant at anniversaries and celebrations but in the last 10 or so years have become one of the worst soaps at doing this, when they used to be by far the best. I can 100% guarantee you that the official line will be the usual: "Rather than a big celebration or lots of returning characters, we plan to celebrate our 35th year by having a great season full of strong stories that will delight our viewers." So.... when it's NOT a milestone year, they don't want to have good stories? LOL. It's just a nonsense PR line when what they really mean is "We're not doing anything for it."
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    Thanks, Dan, but colour me suspicious.It's well known that last year Channel 5 cut most of the scene of Irene beating Tommy (again, despite it being included in adverts).Not long after, a similar scene in Neighbours had a similar cut, with a character who in the Oz version hit someone repeatedly instead being dragged off straightaway.When it got a lot of publicity, Channel 5 hastily put the uncut version up on My5.I suspect this may have become their default response when someone calls them out on their snipping.But hey, well done in getting a response out of them, both in terms of the statement and the full version being made available to (some) UK viewers! Power to the forums! Alf's episode count this week:Three. So, after glimpses across the last week and a bit, we finally get to see the Paratas as a unit.Marilyn seems to be throwing herself into befriending them in order to take her mind off other things.It was odd that Ari made no mention of Mason, who was probably the person he had most to do with during the siege after Marilyn.A lot of tension between him and Nikau.I'm not sure why Marilyn seemed to assume that Gemma had lost her husband recently (I think Ari just said he was dead) but turns out she was right.Nikau's comment about Ari leaving people behind makes me wonder if that's what happened to his father. Meanwhile, Alf steps up and gives Ryder some gentle advice that puts him on the right track, and it's nice that Ryder was pleased for him and Martha despite everything.I hadn't even stopped to think why Jade was still staying at the caravan park, although Roo's explanation felt a bit pat...as with a lot of the ways she carries on getting what she wants. I seriously felt for Justin here.Whilst I do think he waited too long to tell Tori about Robbo, he made a call during a difficult time with good intentions, and really didn't deserve being kicked out like that.It's basically just the two of them left: He's lost Mason, he's possibly lost Leah, he nearly lost Tori and now that she's back she doesn't want him around.No wonder he's at breaking point.
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    Okay, I was going to wonder if they got complaints and that resulted in it being cut from the terrestrial showing, but I guess that's another elegant theory out of the window! Yes, exactly! Before these episodes aired, people were going "If we don't see him die and don't see Jasmine visit the body, he's not dead." Then we saw it and they were still going "Naw, he's not dead." Meanwhile, we don't see Mason die, we haven't seen anyone visit his body and frankly I'd much rather see him back than Robbo. I mean, I'm not thinking of a good reason for him to let his family think he's dead, but it's no more unbelievable than Robbo leaving Jasmine and Grace behind. McCarthy said there was an attempt to revive Mason but we didn't see anything and he certainly didn't seem to get the forty minute failed resuscitation in full view that Robbo got. The bullet deflects somehow, Alex pretend he's dead to keep him safe, he gets hidden away somewhere until he can give evidence against the gunmen: It's at least as believable as Robbo secretly being on a sheep farm somewhere...Yeah, okay, I'm not expecting it either. I tell you what I would have liked.A few people said, after he lost Beth, that he should die when he left so he could be with her.I didn't agree, but he's dead now, so, given we've already seen Beth as a ghost, I'd have loved to have had just a bit of them together, watching from a distance and then fading away.It'd be a better last image of him than "...Oh, yeah, he's dead.Sheet over body." (I should probably say at this point: I really hope we hear what happened to Victor and Des, whose trial should be...well, now.They did after all basically succeed in getting rid of nearly every witness against them, even if it resulted in their remaining allies on the outside all being dead or in jail.I'd guess that the statements will still be used as evidence and it'll all be for nothing, but it'll be nice to hear.) Anyway...yeah, Robbo's gone.I must admit, a part of me's pleased.I'd have been happy for both him and Mason to survive, but I didn't want the token nice guy to be the only fatality, so I'm glad one of the producers' action man favourites has gone too.I quite liked him at times, but he brought a lot of things to the show that I wasn't keen on, including this storyline which, in one form or another, has lasted pretty much the whole of his time on the show.And at the back of my mind, even though I long ago came to terms with the fact it was dealt with legally, is the fact that he did kill Dennis Novak, not exactly in cold blood but not exactly in self-defence either, so maybe it had to go this way. I agree there's a danger of Mason's death being overshadowed by that of a more prominent character: No-one's floating candles in the sea for him! (I read it was meant to be for both of them, but Mason didn't get a mention and it was Robbo's home they were doing it in front of.) I did like the characterisation of Jasmine: Initially in full-on denial, knowing what Colby was going to say but not wanting to hear it, then shutting herself away, then trying to be strong but not able to bring herself to tell his parents. In other news, Alf and Martha are back.
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    The crash was shown in the recap of today's afternoon broadcast as normal... Which makes no sense. It aired in the promos, it aired in the recap... but it needs removing from the actual episode? Although very abrupt there was a fade to black, so it wasn't a glitch—someone cut it. The My5 version is also the same. I've made enquries to see if anyone can shed any light.
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    Please God let this finally be the end of this Robbo storyline. I’m not going to lie, I stopped watching regularly waaaay before Christmas and have sort of dipped in and out of the endless episodes recorded in my TV to see if I can be bothered to engage properly. I’ve caught up now and it was every bit as bad as I was expecting. Everything Red said is what I feel. Mason didn’t even get to die heroically on camera. It was just BANG....so yeah, that happened.....Sheet over face....bye. Will I stick around for the new season? If Robbo dies in that crash and this is truly the end of it then maybe. I’ve never warmed to his character - nothing against the performance just the character and storylines have really not been my cup of tea. I do want to see Jade get her comeuppance so I’ll stick around for that.....assuming it happens! (Oh, and don’t get me started on the “main character actress takes break from filming so let’s have her character disappear, probably kidnapped, for a while” shenanigans. AGAIN.)
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    Missed it? It was twice the size of Bobby.
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    Yes, but Tori was virtually working through them in order: Nate, Ash, almost Robbo... I guess someone wants a big cliffhanger mid-finale week of Ryder being wrongly accused to carry through into next season, but it looks like Colby and Mackenzie have to hold the Idiot Ball to make it happen.Did Colby even ask to look at Jade's phone to see if the video was on it? I mean, I guess she could explain it as personal use, but can they not tell which phone it was recorded on and which had it sent? The timescale would mean Ryder would have had to have uploaded it almost as soon as he got a copy! And the idea that Mackenzie somehow has to fire Ryder and keep Jade seems very contrived. Ryder's been charged, not convicted, so he's still technically innocent in the eyes of the law.I can't see Jade having the money to fund a wrongful dismissal case, and if she complains online then she'll leave herself open to a contempt of court charge (although that didn't stop Leah!). At the very least, there doesn't seem to be any reason why Ryder and Jade can't keep working there on separate shifts, which they were virtually doing anyway.Another frustrating episode for Bella: I get that her history means she'd sympathise with an apparent victim of sexual exploitation, but would she really take a near stranger's word over someone she's been friends with for a year? Even worse, she has a go at Ryder, and then has a go at Mackenzie for upsetting Ryder. Was she won over by his argument but decided that instead of going after him, apologising and supporting him she'd just yell at Mackenzie on his behalf, or does she just yell at Mackenzie every opportunity she gets even when she agrees with her? It was nice to get a break from Robbo's macho antics, especially with the promos promising yawn-inducing scenes of yet more interchangeable men with guns for the rest of the week.Again, with Tori complaining that they'll never be safe, it's hard to shake the feeling that this is all down to her insisting on having Robbo's baby against the advice of just about everyone including Robbo. Jasmine gets a few nice moments missing Grace, as well as having to be the strong one and break the news of what's happened to everyone.
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    Both characters did leave rather abruptly. In fact, Stacey didn't even get a farewell scene. Just a one-sided phone call to Ailsa and a letter to Steven. I preferred Andrew to Grant. Andrew had more personality and depth, but I can see why the writers opted for Grant. Craig McLachlan was one of the biggest soap stars of the time and he looked better in a swimsuit
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    My main worry if "I hope they bring it back." To be fair to them, Channel 5 did seem to be plugging the show quite a bit recently: I don't know if ratings for the big "event" episodes weren't as much as they'd hoped. Possibly the thinking is that with most people off work/school, they'll be more likely to watch the 1.15pm showing and the 6pm audience will migrate over there. I hope that's the thinking anyway...
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    I think it's pretty much a given that Alf is the most iconic character - not just because he's the sole remaining character from the original cast, but his voice, sayings, iconic hat etc, so who would be the most iconic character after him? If you don't think Alf is the most iconic character, I'd love to know who you think is and why I would say Marilyn - she's recognisable to old and new viewers alike as she's appeared in various eras of the show over the last 30 years. She just seems to fit right back in so easily every time. She has a unique personality and fashion sense and probably one of the most positive and resilient characters the show has ever had. I imagine the other key contenders would be Sally, Irene, Don and Pippa, but I'm curious to know which one character you think is the most iconic character.
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    Obviously we posted this earlier, but the news had already been mentioned in here anyway so I didn't see the need to post the link https://www.backtothebay.net/news/2020/03/25/home-and-away-episodes-reduced-on-channel-5-in-the-uk/ What should be noted though is that both soaps are in the usual timeslots - Radio Times are reporting that H&A's afternoon airing will be showing at 12:45, but C5 has confirmed to us that it's wrong.
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    No. Two showings on Channel 5 (1.15 and 6.30), two showings on 5* (3.30 and 6.30, the latter being the next day's Channel 5 episode), plus time-shifted showings on +1 channels. I was pretty much resigned to Jade's storyline ending in a damp squib.Nice that Ryder's off the hook and everything, but Jade skipping town without any retribution while Constable "Too stupid to investigate both suspects" Colby cheerily says they can leave her to them is rather unsatisfying.With any luck we might hear that she's been picked up somewhere, but it's just as likely that she'll be left free to carry on preying on men. There seems to be an awkward suggestion that while a boy who films girls and posts the results on the internet is treated as though he's as bad as a rapist, a girl who uploads intimate footage of a boy without consent isn't such a big deal.It just underlines how unbelievably stupid everyone was on Friday, right down to Alf kicking her out. People kept saying things like "Leave or we'll call the police." Um, shouldn't you be calling the police anyway, not waiting until tomorrow so she's got time to get away? While I'm glad Ryder and Bella are friends again, we really needed a proper apology not "Want to hang out?" And then we don't even see that much of them despite them spending the afternoon and evening together.Hopefully Mackenzie will now offer Ryder his job back:I said at the time that she was too quick to come down on Jade's side following legal advice from Colby of all people. And Colby's not doing much better in his personal life. Bella pretty much outright tells him that there's no point her going to a counsellor when she can't be honest with them, and instead of offering a useful response, he just says that her mental health comes first, which is just words frankly. Either outright tell her that she needs to be honest even if it hurts him, or do the right thing for once and turn himself in so Bella doesn't need to keep it a secret. Talking of secrets, up until now Nikau's seemed like he's the problem, but Ari's behaviour here showed distinct anger management issues.We get our first look at Tane, seemingly another uncle of Nikau, who appears to be involved in something dodgy.Despite this, I do feel for the family struggling to make ends meet. Roo and Maggie decide they're going to be a couple of lady detectives, while Alf and Martha get alone time and do the crossword.
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    Just to say before I forget, I'm hoping that Colby getting calls on Des and Victor means we'll eventually get an update on them. Since there's no sign of Jasmine testifying, I assume the trial's been delayed, possibly while new charges are added over the deaths of Lance, Dylan and Robbo (and possibly Mason and Scott, although they weren't directly involved in those). Anyway, I will admit that despite not being Robbo's greatest fan, I was moved by the funeral.Jasmine seemed completely dead throughout, unable to feel any joy in memories of Robbo like the others did, until everything suddenly came bursting out.I'm glad that Ian and Wendy didn't hold it against her, and also had a bit of a rapprochement with Tori.Some odd omissions: Where on earth was Alf, who's usually the first one you'd be guaranteed to see at a Bay funeral? No sign of the Astonis either. Colby's potentially been left in a tricky situation as to what to tell Jasmine: Indeed, it seems no-one outside the police knows the truth, although possibly Scott's family do if they stayed away.Marilyn also stays away.Despite her opening up to Alex, her pushing John away isn't a good sign. Having a memorial service instead of a funeral does always leave me puzzled as to what's happened to the body.The same goes for Bella's mother, as was said at the time: Sure, the authorities don't know Ross is dead, but Michelle's body was found so what happened to it? Bella speculating that Colby's never been to a funeral before left me scratching my head trying to remember if anyone's died while he's been in the Bay before: He just missed out on Kat, and I don't think there's been any main characters since then.Anyway, it seems her truce with Mackenzie is holding and she's stopped seeing her as the enemy.
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    The song at the end of the 2019 season finale was 'Caught in the Fire' by Klergy. There's lots of songs in 6580 - the Jessica Mauboy song was 'Home to Me', and the one that Phoebe sang was 'Get Down' by Jess Kent. Not sure about the one that Matt sang, but it could have been one of his band's originals (it was his real-life band Interim that were performing on the show)
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    I agree that the show does reluctant to acknowledge anniversaries and special occasions and as long as the current team are in charge, I can't see that changing. Is there any reason that Rohan Nichol and Kestie Morrisi couldn't have played a recast Nathan and Grace (other than the fact she as a nurse and not a teacher!), making Ziggy and Coco Irene's grandchildren, rather than introducing a new family. I understand introducing new characters helps move the show forward, but the show's long-termers are starting to feel isolated. Irene has a revolving door of waifs and strays who are quickly forgotten and replaced as soon as they leave and Leah has been "drifting" for many years. Marilyn has found her place as John's wife and the local foster parents and they've made an effort to build a family around Alf, but they too had many years where they felt like spare parts.
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    We weren't talking 'professional' hostage takers here don't forget more a rag tag of three low life crims. At least we got the reason why it happened, Scott's girlfriend and child had been threatened, even Robbo could accept that as an reason why Scott had been got to. He'd been there but I'm guessing didn't give in to Vic's threats. Was naïve of Scott to believe they would have just let Jasmine go once he rang them, the call they were waiting for, to say Robbo was dead. Robbo did a very good job of talking him round made a very valid point about he thought it was all over five years ago yet here he was and it would likely be Scott in five years time going through the same thing. Sadly that didn't last and Scott decided he couldn't take the risk, hence the tussle for the wheel at the end. The screen did go black at the end of the episode yet we saw the crash in the trailer for the new season so as you said Red maybe TPTB are holding It back for tonight, Robbo makes it to the hospital. Just a throw away thought but that is the second time Robbo's being threatened with death on a cliff top, last time it was Ash. Jay, though, had he been threatened or was money his motive for switching sides? I don't think anyone was suppose to get hurt let alone killed. Once again we aren't talking even half decent people here when Mason's body was moved out of the way and dumped in a side room, though it would have been distressing for the others, especially those who knew him just to leave him there. Reg, Phil and even Jay weren't paying that much attention when Alex was having her chat with Colby Batman and Robin, I mean Colby and Dean, somehow managed to sneak past the floor where the lookout was supposed to be keeping, you know a look out, to be able to drop into the lift which handily was on the floor where the siege was happening what are the chances of that eh? I agree Dan F both Colby and Dean would have made some sort of noise when landing on the lift floor, not as if it's cushioned, didn't clock what Dean was wearing but Colby would have been wearing his police issue boots, they heard Dean's phone! Mac had the good sense to take her high heels off when she was sneaking about. That was pretty good thinking by Dean leaving his phone on the stairs to lure the last gunman out so he could wallop him. I think Colby must have called McCarthy to send in the troops they were right behind him and yes he should get a rollicking from McCarthy, Dean being a member of the public he can't do much about though he will get it in the neck from Willow Mac and Ziggy which when you consider it will be a lot worse. Lucky assumption the fire alarm was the signal, people do sometimes act on instinct and Dean and Colby know each other very well. Bella survived just but has she learnt her lesson and will her opinion of Mac have changed? Colby needs to get to the bottom of why she was acting the way she was and "It's Mac" won't wash and he needs to try and persuade her to see a counsellor, and before someone says it, you can't force her or anyone. Wasn't paying much attention to who was credited and who wasn't but the construction worker comforting Marilyn has a name Ari. It was another soap coincidence it was him John approached so he could reassure him she was OK last time he saw her. I may have missed them but I don't remember seeing Irene there or Roo. I wouldn't want to be McCarthy tonight having to break such heart breaking news to Justin and Tori. Jumping ahead here but will Brody and Raffy be back for Mason's funeral and will Simone be with them? Justin, surprisingly, didn't blame Robbo when he and Tori learnt Vic was again a threat but now Mason is dead that is definitely going to change. Only physical victim was Mason but Marilyn, Alex, Mac, Marilyn and Ari are going to be affected by what happened. Not counting Bella as she was out of it.
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    I think Grant's being a bit generous towards Adam, even though his intentions are mostly good.
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    One big gripe out of the way first WHY do H&A and not only them but other soaps and dramas insist on showing the audience text messages which unless we are sitting on top of the TV we can't read!!!!! Where does it say she 'needs' a man, she realised she loved Dean, Ziggy's an independent woman but I don't see her thinking of herself as a feminist. Does her own thing, always has, just like having someone in her life. It did seem shambolic but we don't yet know what happened, what Ari, is that the name of the bloke comforting Marilyn, and Mason decided. From the shot we saw of the gunman's face he looked just as shocked as everyone else. As for the abrupt and definite departure of Orpheus Pledger we don't, unless someone on here does, why he chose to go out that way, Was he fired, did he want to leave and not have the door left open for him? He may have decided he wanted a dramatic exit, his storylines have been on the quite side recently. There was the same hoo haa about the departure of Andrew Scarborough in Emmerdale. I thought the camera slowly panning over the remaining hostages was quite moving, we could see by their faces something awful had happened, then it stopped on Mason's upturned face. Alex then covered his face. Normal police procedure for police to hold back until they know how many hostages there are, how many weapons the people holding them have. The Respond team had I think only just arrived, they were waiting for a negotiator to arrive, not that would have done any good seeing as what looked like the one and only phone been ripped off the wall. The gunmen who must have been the lowest members of Vic's gang were useless, Vic won't be happy. I think, maybe, the idea was just to hold them until they got the call that all was OK at his end. I was wondering about Jay too, if he was a reluctant recent recruit. Ditto Scott, from his previous behaviour he wasn't but they had got to him somehow. We saw a dramatic car crash and Scott and Robbo on a cliff top. Vic and Des are old hands at this so no surprise Robbo didn't get anything out of them. Bella suddenly remembered she'd taken pink tablets which isn't a lot of help. Alex's plea Phil & Reg to let them take her and the other sick patients out would have helped their cause but they weren't your usual competent hostage takers. Sad shots of the siege and Tori, Justin and Grace being so happy totally unaware of what had happened. Will this latest disaster to hit them prompt them to move from the bay? John and Irene finding out Marilyn was likely one of the hostages. Colby and Dean going on their rescue mission was foolhardy but it's so like them.
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    Well, the Diner eventually burns down because of a chip pan fire, so I guess we see them eventually!
  49. 1 point
    Maybe like a Beethoven like movie?
  50. 1 point
    Whilst watching these early years episodes it feels like they could have been. I actually like Stacey, at first I was like heck who is she. But the character really grow on me, I loved her with Phillip. But when her and Andrew got together I loved seeing her personality come through they brought the best out of each other.
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