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    1. Introduce a family member for Irene & Leah - honestly these two girls are legendary character they need family in the show to connect them to their roots. I love them and want them to continue being iconic legends but without there family being introduce, I feel storylines for them could be limited. For me honestly, The need to introduce one of Irene's sons with a wife and a couple of kids, they move into the beach house - maybe a financial problem and they buy Salt and the wife can be a chef, the son (prefer Damien) he can be a teacher and 2 younger kids to fit in with Raffy, Bella, Coco and Ryde. Leah I would like to see her parents on the show some older character maybe introduced recurring they buy a house and Leah moves in. 2. Celia Stewart, Colleen Smart, Barbara Stewart, Martha Mackenzie, Aden, Amanda Vale all to return for the funeral of Morag 3. More comedy, more real life drama and more light hearted storylines involving the older cast members. 4. A big summer bay event to celebrate Irene's birthday - she is the longest running female actress in australia with a 26 year stint bring back; Selina, Finlay, Mick, Luc, Mark, Paul, Olivia, Hunter, Kirsty, Wendy, Tasha, Robbie, Gypsy, Will Smith and Hayley 5. For the love of God bring back Dannii Minogue she is crying for a return bring her back... a major celebrity would boost viewership 6. create controversial storylines like Hollyoaks and Coronation Street; Male Rape, Grooming, Racism, Eating/Body Disorders, Self Harm, Mental Health, MS Storyline, MND something that viewer can get more knowledge on like the Pippa Fletcher mitochondrial diseases. 7. Opening Titles with current regulars in different locations throughout the week. Bring back that famous Song
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    Morag's funeral, a good send off for Cornelia
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    The only thing I can say in Justin's defence...well, actually, I can say a lot in his defence although I'm struggling to find anything applicable to the situation that doesn't sound like damning with faint praise.Okay, here's something: He doesn't mean Willow any harm.But he's done the wrong thing and he needs to realise that instead of just seeing what he wants to see.I fully understand him being annoyed at Willow constantly putting Dean first and if he'd just asked her to get her priorities sorted, fair enough.But issuing a blanket ban is wrong, and the fact that Willow felt she wasn't allowed to go to a mutual friend's wedding shows that this isn't something they've agreed together, it's a diktat that she feels obliged to stick to.I don't really buy the idea that Willow's somehow lost without Dean in her life or vice versa, since they seemingly hadn't seen each other for months at least before he turned up in the Bay.But constantly having to go out of her way to avoid him when it's not remotely practical is obviously making her stressed.Incidentally, hadn't Dean already agreed to be Colby's best man? What was with Justin saying he was going to John and Marilyn's to see Raffy? I know John said they'd keep an eye on her while he was away, but surely that didn't involve her actually moving back in there, even though Tori and Mason, who were meant to be the ones looking after her anyway, were still around? (I guess you could rationalise it as them being the ones keeping an eye on her while everyone else was busy.In which case, why was John at the Diner bugging Alf and Ben?) I can't say I was particularly interested in Robbo and Jasmine saying they love each other.Has it been mentioned how much older than her he looks?
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    A new fostering family. And the parents (at least) are played by actors that have not been in the show before. Gets tedious to see the recycling of actors.
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    I was just watching episode 217 from late 1988, the episode where Lance and Martin play their hilariously bad 'Santa never stops at Summer Bay' song. Does anyone have the full lyrics to this? There is a point in the song where Pippa can't control her laughter but I can't quite catch the lyrics.
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    Hmm, Frank and Bobby both feeling nostalgic.
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    Great chapter Glad Ailsa agreed to give Grant a chance. Not liking Emma Adam you better watch out. Update again soon
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    How the heck have the Newtons ended up back with Angela?!
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    It's been over 18 months now and with no further updates and discussions needlessly going around in circles, it's time to close the thread. For future reference, this was the response given by the Director of Programming, which still stands as of a few months back when we asked for further updates. Whether there's more to the story or not is anyone's guess, but it's as high up the chain as you can get in regards to people who actually have hands-on knowledge of the broadcasts, and is likely the only explanation we're going to get. https://www.backtothebay.net/news/2017/06/22/home-away-early-years-update/ Rest assured we'll still contact them on a semi-regular basis to make known the continued interest.
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    I concur! My favourite part of the BttB poll is always the little character summary for each ranking. They continue to be witty and truthful, with a faithful wink-nod towards the cliches that our show loves. I don't know how you do it each time and for it not to just be a re-hash of what was said two years ago! Some highlights for me, include: Alf - has been haemorrhaging relatives lately Billie - I know she told a nasty lie about Nate but that seemed pretty disproportionate… Charlie - Another one of those formerly by-the-book cops, who somewhere along the line seemed to forget where the book was and how to read it even if she found it Dean - Plus he’s clearly Colby’s true love. Matilda - She also had a twin brother that she forgot about, but then everyone else forgot him too. Geoff - going from a very straight-laced Christian boy with old-fashioned but strong morals to sleeping with girls and punching people like any other young male character. He did leave to become a missionary though, so that’s unusual.
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    Great chapter Surprising that Casey is worried about Kyle Hoping Kyle will be okay Update soon please xx
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    Norhing more than an exit storyline for Jade, they could have easily written her out with out it. Didn't Jade go off the rails over this, being the reason Duncan and Seb got into car crash that paralyzed Seb making him leave the bay, and then Jade straight after? I HATED Seb and Jade together (because Nick and Jade were one of my favorites of all time) but giving them a happy ending was just one way they could have avoided the not being twins thing and still write her out.
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    An overdose administered by herself no less. As well as her character profile on the site, there's also a bit of exclusive backstory hidden away in the depths of the site that Bevan gave us, which provides a bit more insight: http://www.backtothebay.net/features/bestvillain/
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    He wasn't that old either. Conrad Coleby/Taylor was born in 1979, which means that he was only 30 when he was axed. Younger than many other Hollywood travellers are. But I remember there were some comments from Conrad that he was disappointed by the axing, but got quickly over it (he got other roles down under). But I agree with you that he should have stayed, he was one of my favourites too. And he was important for the show, he was a brigde between the older and younger characters. I loved his talk with Colleen for example when Colleen found out that she was the Stewarts' half sister, and he was great with Aden and Nicole. But Roman Harris was axed to give place to Angelo who just had returned. I thought that was a terrible decision. Roman was just a nice and good character. He wasn't explored at all. They said that he had run his course, and they had taken him too far. Yes, the storyline about Gardy and Roman was over the top, and they suddenly made Roman guilty of murder... But that was Roman's departure storyline, so they had made their decisions before that. And he had certainly not run his course!! We never learned anything about his family, except from Nicole. I think this makes the more significant change in writing style, and not the arrival of the Braxtons. They were just the next step in that direction. Angelo should never have returned after he killed Jack... Oh, yes, I know he didn't mean to, but Angelo was a real mean and horrible cop who did a lot of crimes. Charlie and Kat was/is nothing in comparison. It was like we should just think that Jack was terrible and deserved to die, and all Angelo's crimes was forgotten. Roman should at least have stayed as long as Nicole did. What they did to her character after he left wasn't good either. I don't think he would have stayed for years and years, but probably for a while. He had some roles after Home and away, but he is a photographer now. I googled hm.
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    It's a real shame that this character left so soon. He moulded into a position on the show which pretty much made one of the "main" main characters and out of all the people in that category (especially in 2008) he was my favourite. I really wish he lasted longer, I'm sure Conrad wanted him to as well because his character was awesome. It's a shame that the writer's explored too much into his dark side so soon otherwise he would definitely have been around for a while. What's good is he wasn't a young or old actor so he could have stayed on for a lot longer than most if he had the choice.
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    For some reason I pictured her coming back to stay with Irene. I can't actually remember now if Kit ever stayed with her before, but Kim did, and since both Kim and Kit's mothers are dead, I think Irene would make a good surrogate if Kit felt overwhelmed with Archie and needed some motherly advice and help.

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