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    The doggies to dig up Ross, prompting Colby to contemplate either A) Legging it B) Turning himself in.
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    How funny would been if Nancy Hayes has played Martha. I think people need to remember the difference between actor and character.
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    I would like to see: A new long term partner for Irene. A new permanent set where the characters can gather. A Colleen type character.
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    - At least an update on Morag (deceased or living). - At least a brief return of Quinn Jackson (Ryder's mum) to check up on her son. - Less drama with Robbo! Let's be honest I think everyone is fed up with his never ending storyline. - More culturally diverse actors/charecters. - Agreed @Lunar Giving Roo more storylines is needed. Like the thought of her becoming principal. Also I would love to see a return from her former husband Frank Morgan or another update (or reunion!) with her daughter Martha. - @pembie I don't mind Karen just as long as her character is given more purpose in Dean's life, as I feel Karen is carbon copy of Cheryl Braxton who made few appearances then disappeared lol. - Agreed @j.laur5 a couple of charecter returns such as Pippa would also be nice but with TPTB the chances of that happening are slim.
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    I'm usually not against it for all the reasons that Red has already mentioned,but there is one exception...I can't for the life of me understand why they bought Socratis Otto back for two episodes to play a completely different character to the one that was fairly popular only 10 years ago.A seemingly irrelevant counsellor at that.
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    Hey everyone! I am back with a new account/new username for a new fresh start. I used to be Fanofhomeandaway , Tony4RachaelEver, ~AdelleFanEver~ and ~JarlieFanEver~ on my old account when I joined the backtothebay forum on 19th June 2006. Now my old account had been changed to Inactive User because of my decision to leave the forum last year. I had completed twelve Home and Away fanfictions from 2010 to 2017. But I had them deleted from the forum on my request because of my decision to leave the forum. Luckily I had saved all my fanfictions to my laptop as I was considering rewriting them at the moment. I had kinda of lost all inspiration for writing more fanfictions because I had ran out of ideas/plots and twists, storylines, etc..for more fanfictions. Now I got the inspiration back to write more stories. So now I am back on the backtothebay forum and I had decided I am going to rewrite a few of my Home and Away fanfictions. Decided I will be rewriting my fanfiction Life At Summer Bay I had posted on the forum on 22nd October 2015 and completed on 17th November 2016. It will be different from my previous one but keep in mind, some parts from the original one may be added into it. Title Of Story: Life At Summer Bay (Repost) Type Of Fic: Med/Long Fic BTTB Rating: G/T Main Characters: Alf and Irene, Marilyn and John, Leah and Ricky, Bianca, Denny, the Braxton clan and Ruby, other characters involved. Genre: Drama and Tragedy, Family and Adventure, Friendship, Mystery and Romance, Teen and Betrayal, Scandal and Thriller. Does it contains spoilers?: No Warnings: Adult Themes, Violence and Language, Death and Sexual Content including mentions of bullying/cyberbullying and suicide. Story Beginning Read-Proofed?: No Summary: It is about the lives and love lives, dramas of the Summer Bay residents. Drama and romance, scandal and tragedy, betrayal and breaks-up, secrets and lies, tension, etc...hell will break loose and hearts will be broken, friendships and relationships will be ruined, trust will be destroyed, secrets and lies will be revealed...coming ahead for the town residents as it was always bound to happen in a little sleepy coastal town liked Summer Bay... The banner was made by me for my fanfiction. Please DO NOT steal it! Thank you! Because the picture of Palm Beach was taken by me when I was over there visiting the Home & Away set in 2014. Contains language and swearing! You had been warned! CHAPTER ONE 1st January 2015... Ash and Phoebe are lying in each other’s arms in her bed after making love at the Braxtons’ house in her bedroom. “You okay, Phoebe? You were quiet lately said Ash stroking Phoebe’s brown wavy hair. “Yeah I am. But I hate doing this to Kyle. It’s not fair on him. He had been through a lot, you know.” said Phoebe. “I know. I just hate myself doing this to him too considering we were childhood friends.” said Ash quietly. Ash and Phoebe are still continuing their love affair for three months and kept their heads down doing everything they would do to keep their love from beginning exposed. Since starting their love affair, Ash and Phoebe both had realised they had feelings for one each other and both tried to fight the attraction that was growing between them. They both tried to fight the attraction that was growing between but they couldn’t so they both gave into temptation after realizing they were in love. Later on, Phoebe found out that she was pregnant so she took a paternity test to find out who was the father of her unborn baby was. And then the test results came out revealing that Ash is the father of her unborn child. Kyle was thrilled that he was going to be a dad but he was unaware that the baby wasn’t his. And he proposed to Phoebe two months and she accepted it but she felt guilty about her love affair and lying to Kyle and his family including everyone. Phoebe can’t bring herself to tell Kyle the truth and she can’t break his heart seeing how happy he was since they got engaged because she knew he wanted to have a family after seeing how thrilled that he was going to be a dad. “I wonder how everyone will react if they find out about us. Everyone will turn against us.” said Phoebe turning around onto her back. “Well we have to deal with it somehow. We will have to face everyone and deal with the consequences of our actions.” said Ash pecking Phoebe’s bare shoulder. “They will never forgive us. And Kyle will never forgive us. I can’t image how he is going to react when he learns the baby wasn’t his.” said Phoebe. “Yeah I know.” said Ash. “Um...we better get up and get dressed. Or we will be caught out. Well any of the others are bound to come home any minute, you know.” said Phoebe. “Ok.” said Ash sitting up so he stretched himself. They got out of bed and then they got dressed. Phoebe tided up her bedroom a bit and made the bed while Ash peeked out of the door to make sure the coast is clear. “All clear! It seems no one is at home. It’s safe to come out.” said Ash. “We should go through the back door, yeah? Just to be safe.” said Phoebe. She and Ash left the house through the back door and made sure the coast outside is clear so they hoped no one-including John and Marilyn who live next door-will see them leaving the house together. After a while, Phoebe’s mobile vibrated so she took her mobile out of her pocket and saw it was a text message from a unknown sender. After reading it, Phoebe let a loud gasp clasping a hand to her mouth when Ash looked around after hearing her exclaim and saw her standing there looking terrified and pale-faced as she stared at her mobile. “Phoebe? What is it?” said Ash when Phoebe stared at him and handed over her mobile so he can read the text message which said; ‘I know everything. About your little dirty secret. And I know Kyle is not the father of your child.’ “What the ****...?!” exclaimed Ash running a hand through his hair. “Someone knows about us!” squeaked Phoebe. “But how?! How did they know about us?!” said Ash, “Shush keep your voice down! I don’t know how they knew about us, ok? Please calm down!” said Phoebe looking around to make sure they are not in earshot and that no one is around but the neighbourhood is empty and quiet. “Do you recognise this number?” asked Ash. “No I don’t think so. It can be anyone who knows my number.” said Phoebe. “But how did this person figure out who the father of your baby was?” asked Ash. “I don’t know, honestly. Oh my god! The paternity test results!” said Phoebe so she rushed off back to the house closely followed by Ash. Phoebe rushed into her bedroom and pulled out her personal where she held her letters so she searched through the personal box and got the shock of her life when she discovered the envelope that contained her test results are missing! “NO! No! Oh, ****! No! They are gone! What are we going to do?!” exclaimed Phoebe. “Son of a bitch!” said Ash when he swore quietly under his breath. Ash and Phoebe both stood here in silence-looking pale-faced and terrified that someone had figured out about their love affair including who the father of Phoebe’s unborn child is...
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    Not necessarily a storylines you'd like to see, but what would you like to see more (or less) of for the next season? Personally I'd like to see: - Less love triangles. Some of them are okay, but some felt very forced to me and like they came out of nowhere. I think especially amongst the teens - they feel thats the only way they can make drama. - Roo to get an actual storyline/purpose. A lot of the times she's just sort of there or on a break, and is just kind of floating in the background and offering support to the younger kids. Maybe she could foster or take over as principal if Maggie ends up leaving? - More teens. I don't mind the adult drama but do miss when there were a few more teens on the show (like when Romeo/Indi etc were there). I also think it would help with the friendships - I think part of the reason Bella seemed so isolated was because Raffy/Ryder were dating and so she didn't really have anyone to hang out with. I also think this could be a means for more fostering. - Less crime. I don't mean all crime (as it would put Colby out of a job...not that he does much anyway), but the Robbo stuff got very boring after a while and was dragged out way too long. I just don't think anyone cares anymore. - Allowing more characters to be single and follow passions/storylines outside of that. I think relationships are the go-to for drama, but they don't have to be. There's so many other interesting storylines or topics they could explore, without someone jumping from one relationship to the next. - Handling sensitive topics better and revisiting them. For example, mental health - I do think they did a good job with Ben's mental health storyline, but sometimes they wrap it up and its never mentioned again, or that character is never seen struggling again and magically seems fine. Its just not realistic.
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    Yes, Narelle referred to the house as the Old Standish place and then Walter explained it was his Mother’s old home and he inherited it from her. I feel like the writers seem to have lost interest in the regulars at this point, it seems very much like the Fletchers, Stewarts (to a lesser extent Celia), Nev & Floss, Lance & Martin and again, to a lesser extent Fisher are taking a backseat to Colleen, Stacey, Phil, Jeff & Gary.
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    Gotta disagree. This is probably the happiest Leah's been in years. Plus Ada's doing more beach shoots, and that's a good thing!
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    Great chapter phew Kyle is okay thank goodness! Glad Kyle apologised to Nate for not listening in the first place Update again soon
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    Episode count this week:Roo remains MIA, for the third week running. It's ironic that, after all that fuss wanting to see Grace, now that he and Robbo have smoothed things over, Justin can't stand to be around her.Especially since Robbo is in full-on over-protective mode and could use some support: Whilst I'm sure Willow will appreciate the help at the gym, he needs to trust other people with Grace rather than cart her around at work.I didn't actually think Justin was that hard on Leah in the circumstances so I'm glad she understood. No magic fix for Ben, but he's got people around to catch him.Him going back on the medication won't be a magic cure-all either, as he found last time.He talked about changing the dosage but that shouldn't happen overnight, and dealing with the side effects on top of the anxiety and depression isn't going to leave him in the best frame of mind to be running the board shop.It feels like there's potentially a parallel to be made between Ben and Marilyn, but her storyline still feels a bit undercooked.
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    Great chapter! Glad that Kyle is okay and that he knows that he should have listened to Nate. Loved how he still asked when he could go home. Classic Kyle! Loved the ending to this idea and looking forward to reading more!
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    But H&A was off air at the time, at least in Australia.
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    Thank God that Kyle is alright. It's not Brax's fault that he didn't see Kyle and Phoebe shouldn't have shouted at Brax. Hopefully this time Kyle will listen to everyone and stay in hospital.
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    Well done Mason for finally making Justin see sense, it seemed to me he'd totally forgotten how hard a time he had persuading Nina to let him have contact with Ava let alone see her. He'd been banned seeing her after the kidnapping, Willow was threatened by Nina that if she didn't stop seeing him she'd stop him seeing Ava. Luckily Ava has been fine about it - no throwing a strop and I liked how Leah handled it and explained what was going on to her without patronising her. Both of them were checking out what their rights were, Justin all fired up to call his lawyer, Robbo checking over the agreement, doesn't Justin have a copy handy? Good to see them both talking calmly so peace has been resumed - until the next time. Robbo is behaving the way he is towards Jasmine because he is going by what she said about not wanting children so he's not wanting to pressurise her into looking after Grace. But she hasn't said to him she has no problem about doing it and in fact would love to - serious case of crossed wires there, she - or someone - needs to tell him she wants to be involved with Grace. Colby may be a good cop, but he's rubbish at handling his relationships. If he was supposed to have finished with Mac, who I'm really going off of btw - he should stay finished, not sneak off behind Bella's back to see her. He did at last tell Bella he was going to start seeing Mac again whatever she thought so time at the flat is going to be fraught, maybe time for Robbo, Jasmine and Grace got their own place, must be cramped anyway with five - or four and a half - of them there. Alex & Willow, part drunk snog, part because she wanted to, even Willow wasn't sure. I didn't see Irene as being disapproving, more startled to see who was kissing whom, Willow has always seemed definitely more into blokes and she did give her good advice after seeing Willow tell Alex she didn't remember what she did the night before - ouch. That would have been my decision if I'd been Willow for her and Alex just hang out as 'friends' and take things slowly. No need for them to come out - sorry no pun intended - and tell people they are 'seeing' each other, folk will clock it soon enough. Jasmine will, though Willow had confided in her about Alex kissing her and her not really minding. Love to be a fly on the wall when Dean finds out, he seemed prepared to sort out this person Willow had been silly with the night before. Alex will have a had a bad experience before - it's written in soap folk lore someone has to. Great news about Ben, but is that all we and him are going to get - the Feds have dropped their charges - no mention of who was behind it all? I'd want to know after all the stress he'd gone through. He seemed up for helping Dean out on the lessons but now repaying his favour by offering him his old job back. Not as if business will be booming from day one, he's got to get the news he's open for business again out there first and from what we saw between him and John it may not be at the Surf Club.
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    After being less than supportive last episode, Irene redeemed herself by having a decent chat with Willow, who wasn’t really being fair on Alex. So they chatted and agreed to hang out and if it develops…I dunno, I’m reserving judgement on this. More of Colby being a rubbish brother while somehow acting like he’s in the right. Maybe my dislike of the character is affecting my opinion, but that’s what happens when a character is consistently portrayed as selfish and hypocritical. It also feels like there’s been no real attempt to convince us that he and Mackenzie are somehow important enough that Bella’s feelings don’t matter. In fact, Colby came across as such a smug jerk that I’m left wondering why Mackenzie hasn’t just cut ties: She wasn’t even taken in by his blatant lie about Bella being “OKish” about them but went along with it anyway. Well, good news for Ben about the charges finally being dropped. Dean’s dilemma seems a bit manufactured though. He’s only got the job at Salt because he lost his job at the board ship, so why doesn’t he just quit and go back there (assuming Ben will pay him enough to live on)?
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    I thought what Blake did was pretty messed up. Even putting aside the fact that he didn't know what effects drugging Maggie would have had, there's also the fact she is a recovering cancer sufferer. Sadly it's reached the point when I'm finding Bella insufferable. I do have a lot of sympathy for her, after what Tommy did to her, her own brother murdering her dad in cold blood and her having to keep quiet about it. But seeing her constantly lash out, her attitude towards Mackenzie (even though I don't particularly like Mackenzie) I'm finding it pretty unbearable to watch. I do agree with a comment someone made a while back in that the way she's going she's going to seriously do someone damage one day. Another person I've been finding hard to stomach is Justin and his attitude towards Robbo. Even more so than Bella. As Robbo himself alluded to, Justin would do the exact same thing in his position. And as Mason basically said, he seemed to focus more on Grace than he did on his own daughter. It was annoying how he blamed Robbo for Tori being in a coma but it was Tori's own fault. She decided to use Robbo's embryos without his consent. It says a lot that Mason and even Leah were on Robbo's side. I will say that I don't like the way Robbo has been excluding Jasmine at all. I think he's being out of order and I did feel sorry for her even though I didn't like the way she defended Justin. I am concerned how attached Robbo is to the baby as if Tori recovers, she's going to want him to give Grace back which will be hugely problematic. I have to admit, Irene's face when she saw what happened with Willow and Alex was priceless. My personal opinion just watching the last couple of episodes is that Alex is setting herself up for a fall. I think romance is often a good example of when someone who is intelligent becomes emotional/hormonal then logic and reasoning seem to go out the window. Alex withdrew from Willow's kiss, seems to have reservations about Willow because she knows Willow is straight but wants to 'hang out', with 'no labels' and take it slowly. She even acknowledged that her desire was overriding her concerns about being hurt. I actually don't blame her especially given that in a small town like Summer Bay and her work schedule there aren't going to be a lot of opportunities to meet people. Good news, about the AFP dropping the charges against Ben. We'll see how he copes with his depression now.
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    Great chapter oh dear Kyle shouldn’t of discharged himself I look forward to reading more Update again soon
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    I really hope that Kyle recalls everything that went on it doesn't sound good that Kyle has had a terrible diagnosis but at least he has his family and girlfriend really two fantastic chapters looking forward to find out what happens next.
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    Interesting thought. We shall never know. I wonder did the powers that be ever ask Alex to come back for a longer spell/permanently? He was the show's original hunk and never lost his good looks. He'd still be an interesting addition because of what happened between him and Roo back in the day.
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    Great chapter! I’m really glad that Brax filled Kyle in. It was quite sad when Kyle asked Brax why he called him little brother, I really hope his memory will come back. Looking forward to reading more!
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    I'm glad that Brax filled Kyle in and that Casey and Kyle are getting along. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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    I can just see Ben playing babysitter with a massive s***-eating grin on his face as if to say "You will pay for this, Carly!"
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    I would like more same gender couples. I think it’s time we have a new bad storm episode. I would like Pippa to make a guest appearance. More Ryder and Dean scenes.
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    D'oh! Thanks @christine king
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    Just saw Tai Hara on a episode of Madam Secretary (Season 5 Episode 16) Nice to see that he’s doing good in USA I hope he will get even bigger roles like for example Chris Hemsworth did
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    Great chapter Reverend Jones still hiding Frank from his father not good. What will Pippa find out in New York? Update again soon
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    Alf still trying to have it every way, Reverend Jones still hiding Frank from his father. And what will Pippa find in New York?
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    http://mitchfirth.com Looks like Mitch attempted to get back into acting a couple of years ago, not sure what he’s been doing otherwise. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3321496/Where-Home-Away-cast-now.html It sounds like Kate Garven has been concentrating on being a Mum of three. http://i.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/6387305/Home-and-Away-star-joins-Wellington-dance-school Amy Mizzi was working as a dance teacher in New Zealand in 2012, but doesn’t appear to be now. My question - how close are the fires to any of the H&A locations? Obviously Summer Bay House springs to mind again, I saw there was a house destroyed in Kenthurst back in November due to a bushfire.
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    Jesus. Miss a little ,miss a lot. (Been out of the mix due to Chrimbo) Didn't expect Craig to top himself but was expecting Frank to be walloped. Ouch. Michael is onto Alf In this Universe it's even scarier realizing Ben is actually allowed to drive tanks, fire guns and s****. given how twisted he is! Pippa tearing lumps outta Sal.. Unsettling. I'll have some more of THAT, thanks!
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    Alf was 45 in 1988, and 47 in 1995. Hope I age as slowly as that. I think Don was about the same age as the actor when the show begun, as he had been teaching for 25 years by 1988 (started teaching about 1963), yet later sources say he was born in 1945, thus making him just 18 when he started teaching - rather young. Sloppily researched storylines that tie in with storylines of the 1980s and 1990s happen too. Martha retcon for example. Roo's recast works for me as she was away for 21 years. As I said, the longer the character is away, the more a recast works. Unlike Pippa who booked a last minute appointment at the head transplant clinic in 1990 and was seen straight away, and was OK by the next morning and back at Summer Bay.
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    Absolutely, that’s why I’m watching as many as I can whenever I have a chance, but as has been seen in Australia, it’s the same with broadcast television. At the end of the day though, getting to see any of the episodes again is a bonus, it’s more than we had before. As for the other focus of that article, Home and Away could do with a warning about Tom’s shorts being of their time.
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    This was generally a very enjoyable little series to watch. Although it did feel a bit stilted in parts, re-visiting and watching some of the older clips was fun, especially when the cast can't remember any of the storylines they were apart of! Jason was a great host, and I'm not ashamed to admit, still 100% crush-worthy to me. I adored him being given and promptly putting on the Robbie glasses - that was such an intense flashback . Oh, the nostalgia!
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    I'd agree about Matt and Evie: Personally, I'd have ditched the relationships with Maddy and Josh (or at the very least Evelyn and Josh Take 2) and had them get together in 2014 or 2015.It felt like we had about three years of teasing before they finally got there! I'm not so sure about Leah/Zac or Justin/Phoebe, the timescales felt about right, although it was a shame Zac and Leah split up after only about a year of marriage.I'll agree Nate and Tori was a bit dragged out. Off the top of my head I'd add: Aden and Nicole-Yes, I know, heresy, but there was a spark there from the beginning, yet because the show had to keep Aden and Belle together until Jessica Tovey left, and then give Aden at least a bit of time to get over her afterwards, their first go was just treated like a fling, and by the time they finally got to be a proper couple he was on the way out. Blake and Fin-They spent most of 1992 single and were in each other's orbits so it seemed inevitable, but instead they spent the last half of the year doing an Unrequited Love Switcheroo, and by the time they finally got together he'd already been taken off the titles and it clearly wasn't going to last long.
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    I'm glad Pippa told the other kids what's going on. What is Ben hiding now?
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    What was wrong with giving John Adam a job on the show as a character who actually served a purpose rather than as a one scene joke which most people wouldn't get? Some people take offence far too easily.
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    Great chapter I hope Karen comes forward soon Ben is such a A-hole poor Carly Update again soon
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    Maybe the whole of the opening credits are really about Summer Bay and Yabbie Creek belonging together!
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    There was a voiceover message over the closing credits on 5* today from Ray Meagher: “And that’s it until the New Year! So from all of us down under, have a great Christmas and we’ll see you in January!”
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    Same. POC characters are very rare in H&A, Justin is really the only POC character in Summer Bay, but still... A trans character would be really nice too, hell, step the character up a bit and make them Non-Binary.
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    Does Bella have borderline personality disorder? I don't know why, but I find her rather endearing and likable, despite her rage issues. I think I've mentioned it before, but does she remind anybody else of a young Vanessa Paradis? I wish Marilyn would have a proper story line. No more fostering kids or similar themes, but something interesting and fresh, like she tries to start her own amusement park or becomes friends with "a ghost?" Is it just me or does Ryder suddenly look a lot more mature? Last year he looked very boyish, now he looks manly. I know the actor is in his 20s in real life. Does anybody else hate bed/after sex scenes? Like the other day Justin and Leah, in the past other people. It's not needed. Also, I just noticed the other day, that Marilyn and Jasmin look very similar, like mother daughter.
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