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  1. Remember the writers are writing dialogue for characters here. As regular people, they aren't supposed to know English in the way the the writers do. In fairness I do think the distinction between using 'I' or 'Me' in that sort of context can be quite difficult to grasp, I often get muddled too.
  2. An actual musical episode, with the characters singing would definitely be something haha! Though of all the non-US soaps, I think Home and Away used to be the only one with any chance of getting away with it! Especially back in the days of the orchestral underscores and zanier plots. When the repeats were first announced, I recall thinking 'how awesome would it be if they got all the way to 1993', never actually thinking it would happen! Massive thanks to SevenTwo!!
  3. I really think Irene will be one of the victims who we will see get rescued, then the next time we see her a few minutes later, she's wrapped in a towel in the hospital corridor (or equivalent), coffee in hand, insisting "I'm alright darl, I'm just worried about Bianca the poor love"... and that'll be that. She has no partner to break up with or child, so they probably won't see any potential in having her suffer lasting effects. It'll all be about Bianca and Ricky, I'd put money on it. Lynne did only say she was 'involved' in a big action storyline, which she has been, simply by being in the hall when the bomb exploded, she didn't necessarily say that Irene would having her own personal story strand as a result. Argh, I have such massive long term plans for Irene stuck in my head, from inception to conclusion (can't share, because the writers will never be able to do it then!)... now if I only I was on the damn writing team
  4. I wouldn't say they 'lied' as such, plans are only plans, they don't always come to fruition and I'm sure at the time they did mean for it to go ahead... That said, I do think it's a shame they seem to have put the idea to rest now. From what I understand H&A the only non-american soap that doesn't have a purpose built exterior set/ plot of land to use how and when they want. If they rebuilt the Summer Bay House and caravan park (the sandy, non-council looking one!) it would bring so much back to the show. It's not like they'd be building the exterior for the sake of just one family either, the caravan park can (and used to) facilitate so many, aswell as serving as a general chatting ground. Would definitely be nice to not have every single deep and meaningful on that beach...
  5. I don't remember anything about a grenade, but I do recall a scene from around that 95/96 era of someone's boat hitting a sea- mine (like the nasty horrible, scary things below) and causing an explosion out on the water. I'm sure Shannon and Alf were involved. I was only five/ six years old at the time, so my memory may be a bit dodgy, but I have such clear recall of the scene and asking my parents questions about what the thing in the water was.
  6. What happens to Dag Dog later down the line? Is he just forgotten about and disappears or does he die?
  7. What happened to Alf's store after the earthqauke in 1996? I have a weird memory of the ground beneath it caving in and the store disappearing down a hole, we probably didn't see it happen..... but did that happen?
  8. I still don't particularly like the couple (though they are MUCh better), I think its the characters as individuals that have grown, not the couple. I really like Martha and I don't mind Jack anymore........ The 'background' status they were given for that few weeks did them the world of good IMO, I can't explain it, but they are both tolerable characters again. Its probably all this 'Adelle' nonsense and it has well and truly became the far faaar lesser of two evils, and Adelle is evil, a storyline sucking vortex of misery and cringeworthiness, but thats for another thread. I think I may only be starting to like Jack because he is so background, much more than anyone else, when he was in his three episodes a week, hogging screentime and getting knocked into comas, he was a completely useless and crap character, but now that he's in the background, its like he belongs there, so he is tolerable and has a purpose.........the background guy I've always liked Martha anyway, my sourness towards her earlier in the year brought on possibly by the Sam haters most (not all!!) of whom seemed only to hate her because she was in the way of J&M and ultimately, one of my favourite characters was written so coldly out.........so yeah bitterness, but that wasn't her fault I suppose. The cancer has been handled well, at the start it was nauseating, Jack heavy and skipping the initial reactions of literally every other character (the important ones!!!, family) and having Martha all miserable (as she should be, but without the other stuff it wasn't good.....), but since the olympics and that awful cliffhanger they had with Martha flatlining things have gotten much better. We see the treatment AND the effects now and all the 'sympathy' and 'comfort' is dished out by everyone fairly, its not all about J&M and the storyline no longer seems like some cheap attmept to make people feel sorry for them (hence turn the haters) as it once did, it is a proper cancer storyline. Certainly the best 'non- terminal' cancer storyline they've had in a looooooong time. Jack in the background, Martha at the front, works with me, if they keep it like this, and keep remembering that this is Martha's storyline, NOT J&M's then all shall remain fine..........
  9. Ugh, Fiver, I know, Its so patronising that just because they've changed the name teens will start watching . Five Life sounded so nice and relaxed too, Fiver sounds like trouble.
  10. Does anyone else think it was pretty controversial to show a 3 year old girl lying unconcious (looking dead) when all this Madeline McCann search stuff is still going on?
  11. That would be because one of them is extremely attractive and the other...isn't. And yet the unattractive one seems to get some very beautiful women...one of whom is half his age! The mind boggles. Apparently they're planning the first ever one-person episode, with Dot waiting for Jim to come home from hospital and reminiscing about the past. It's a good idea, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it, particularly as . Too sad. They did a one charcater episode a few years back, in which Dot reminisced on the times of the war and she was sent to a strangers house. I think
  12. And it was the lamest, least emotional death in H&A history, so it's good that you missed it
  13. Are we done yet? (yes please) I had to suffer sitting through this because my little sister wanted to watch it instead of Oceans 13 and she couldn't be alone in the cinema
  14. WOW, fantastic fic and its a rarity that I am compelled to read on, thanks
  15. Poseidon- very dramatic and edge of seat
  16. Yes it is.... "Yeeeeeah work it boys.."
  17. I think Lucas is an asshole, the way he just walked in when Dean and Maddie were kissing "Don't mind me" URRRGH! And the way he thinks it is his duty to tell everybody Dean is gay. And he is treating Dean as if he is evil because he is gay
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