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  2. Yes it was to abseil down it was it not? I believe that was actually the first time the show had made the trek up there. Other than that the only times I can think of off the top of my head are when Indi and Romeo spent the night up there on the eve of his unexpected departure, and the climax of the Robbo/Ash chase in the opening week of 2018. Up until around seven years ago the access trail wasn't suitable for any sort of vehicle, so access for filming would have been tricky. I remember they were doing some renovation work on one of my visits and the building supplies were being ferried up by helicopter.
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  4. Not off-topic at all Do you mean this one? It's actually supposed to be Roo, and it's one of Martha's. Roo brought it back with her after her first trip to see Martha in her hometown back in 2018. Not sure if it immediately made it onto the wall, but it's been there a fair while.
  5. It's the other way around, the door next to the kitchen that Mackenzie went out of is indeed the back door as @c120701 originally deduced Though it's H&A, so there'll always be occasions where characters do use the least logical exit to leave a house! I've looked through Friday's ep and I can't say that I've seen any continuity errors in regards to characters approaching one door on the exterior and entering the opposite door on the set though - it's all made sense to me so far. Nik didn't leave the house to check out the pool, he went out the front door to get his stuff from Marilyn's, Ari then left out the same door and we followed them out to the front. They did the same thing in reverse when Nik came back, and we didn't actually see Nik and Tane leave the house to go play footy, they were just there in the next scene after the Oz ad break. I think the main question that some will start to ask in coming weeks is "Where's Gemma's bedroom in this four bedroom house...?" Again an all too common occurence in the show! Yep he was there, remember he proposed to Martha at the vigil for Mason & Robbo on the beach.
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  7. Presuming you'd be heading north from the city up Pittwater Road (A8), here's a pointer to some of the major locations in the order that you'd reach them - each location has the address and a map which you can use to input into your GPS or to create your own map etc. Collaroy: Beachside Diner (2001-2008) Narrabeen: The Beach House (2001-present) - the outside of Irene's house but there's never been actual scenes there At Mona Vale, the road splits into Pittwater Road (towards Church Point and the national park), and Barrenjoey Road (towards Palm Beach) If you take the Pittwater road going off to the left (bit of a lengthy detour but worth it for die-hard fans): Church Point: Blaxland Wharf (2004-present) Further on from there, you can take a right onto West Head Rd and follow that at the next junction into Ku-ring-gai National Park. If you drive the full length of the road (about 12km) you'll come to West Head Lookout, which is better known as Stewarts Point Back to Barrenjoey Road going north from Mona Vale... Newport: Roman Harris' Townhouse Clareville: (taking a left turn onto Central Rd in Avalon Beach and following round to Clareville) The Original Beach House Avalon Beach: (right turn onto Elaine Avenue) Braxton House Palmer House With the new Parata House across the road at 52 These others are all in the surrounding area in Avalon Beach, but it'd be up to you which ones you'd like to see: Leah's House (2001-2009, where Noah was shot) Morgan House Holden/Palmer House (old location, with the old Hunter/Braxton house next door) Leah's House (2009-2015 - the one that burnt down) Palm Beach: Bayside Diner (left turn at the Palm Beach suburb sign) If you remember Michael's Boatshed you can park in the main car park at Palm Beach ferry wharf and walk down the beach to it. Over the hill from the ferry wharf and you're in more familiar territory, which I would presume you'd remember from the tour. You can zoom into Palm Beach on the main map on our locations page to see the main filming places around there - the Pier Diner, surf club etc. Be sure to head down to the southern end of the beach too if you didn't go there on the tour. You wouldn't be able to do it in the same day, but if you are long-term fans you could take a trip to the other main filming area NW of Sydney where the tour doesn't go. Start off by heading to Jones Road in Kenthurst, there you'll find: Donald Fisher's House (1988-1992) Celia Stewart's House Alf & Ailsa's House (1988-2000) From there, make your way to Pitt Town. Whilst you could go via McClymonts Rd, where Summer Bay House is located, I wouldn't recommend the detour as it's on a private estate and you will not see it from the road. The only things you might catch a glimpse of through the trees are Justin's garage and perhaps some of the caravans way in the distance. Pitt Town is where you'll find the church used for a number of Summer Bay weddings/funerals. Head south along the road from the church, out of Pitt Town, and you'll come to the A2 (Windsor Rd) which will take you back towards the city. You could take a right onto Level Crossing Rd in Vineyard which will take you to the Astonis farmhouse, but again you'll only get a glimpse of it through the trees.
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  10. Top right is as you said, and the top left is Robbo, Ian and Wendy with Grace.
  11. A few new character profiles over the past week: Lauren, Sophia & Lucas Shaw (Robbo's deceased family) Jody Walker (Sid's ex-wife and Indi & Dex's mum) Alex Neilson And 20 years to the day since her first appearance, Sandy King is today's addition.
  12. I was waiting for that too. I know there's others who have disagreed and criticised his running away, but I really felt for Nik through those eps. Particularly when he came face to face with Colby, and then struggled to hold it together when he realised Colby didn't blame him after all. Nik and Gemma, and their relationship, are great additions in my opinion.
  13. 'Intoxicate Me' by Songs to Your Eyes
  14. Not sure if it's the same one you saw, but the relevant extracts from the one I've got are below - it was in TV Times: "While Karen was coping with problems on screen, I was having traumas of my own" says Belinda. "I know I became difficult to work with. Now I realise I was too young to cope with the stress of being in a popular soap." And co-star Gavin Harrison (Revhead) would certainly agree. He admits Belinda's behaviour resulted in the pair having a far from loving relationship off screen. It's mentioned that it was her grandfather and aunt dying in quick succession that caused things to get on top of her, and it ends with: But now, with Home and Away behind her, Belinda has shaken off her depression and believes she's learned a valuable lesson. "I'm older and wiser now" she admits. "I still want to act. I just hope I'm given another chance"
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