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  1. I can't remember who it was, but it was definitely mentioned by a cast member that they were being given warmer clothing to keep everyone healthy. There's another upcoming scene which is quite fun, which the UK obviously won't be seeing until next year. Characters filmed sitting on the fake beach, with a reverse shot from behind (filmed later on) showing them overlooking the real beach.
  2. Yeah other than the Tane/Ziggy scene it was mainly Colby/Taylor and Mac/Ari scenes that utilised it a few weeks back - and they ended up interspersed with scenes filmed at Palmy at a later date anyway. Few caps below - all this is at the bottom of the bank in front of Summer Bay House, Colby and Taylor are sitting a few metres from where the old gate used to be with the name above it: I do believe the path in the Willow/Amber scene and a couple of others was a new one too - the one next to the caravans was seen in the same weeks (Roo/Owen come to mind), and it's a bit more establis
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Less than 24 hours to go now, the turnout has been a bit low this year so make sure to get your vote counted!
  5. Another reminder that this thread runs at UK pace with no spoilers to be posted - we've had posts referencing characters who are yet to appear on UK screens.
  6. Only a few days left to get those votes in, don't leave it to the last minute!
  7. Nothing's been deleted, I can see the edit you made to your post and another member has in fact quoted it. It's likely just a temporary caching issue in either your browser or the forum software, I've had it before now where I've edited something and it doesn't show up for me, until I take a look on another device or private window and see it is there after all.
  8. There's certainly a couple in the hospital, one of which I presume is the lady you mentioned (who was once named as Isabel). There's also the female police officer who took Leah's statement after the diner robbery who's been around a fair while now (she was given Angelo's old namebadge), and a few others before her. Lynne McGranger's daughter, Clancy, has been one of the diner waitresses on and off for a few years, though it's been a while since I've seen her. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSu8ZUXhB-9/ There are a few others who come back every so often, you see these 'influencer'
  9. Yes guest characters are always allowed - there'd be some unhappy people if we excluded the likes of Angie Russell, Paris Burnett, Jazz Curtis etc. He debuted before 7414 so yes he is, if you feel he's one of the Top 7 characters of all time
  10. It's that time again! Today we launch our ninth biennial poll to find the most popular Home and Away characters, voted for by members of the BTTB forum. As ever, all you need to do is choose your Top 7 characters from the show's history, and post them as a list in one of the three voting threads (starting with your favourite). For example: Donald Fisher Pippa Ross Jack Wilson Angie Russell Maggie Astoni Rob Storey Miles Copeland We will allocate 7 points to your favourite character, 6 points to your second favourite and so on. We’ll then
  11. Yeah the credits definitely got things wrong again. I had to go direct to the script producer to find out Owen's proper surname so I could start using it in our cast lists/articles on BTTB a month ago (we were literally the only place to mention it, with all other sources using either Harper or Slater when including a surname). Although I don't know if it's actually been used in dialogue in the past few weeks (I'm a bit behind due to having to take time off from the site), he's still yet to be credited correctly at Oz pace.
  12. Well I had a hire car in NSW that had VIC plates on it... As I said, sometimes we just have to turn a blind eye - like the (rare) occasions where we see a reference to North Palm Beach surf club on-screen... or a wheelie bin with the Pittwater council logo on it.
  13. There's Currawong Beach, which is directly opposite Palm Beach on the other side of Pittwater - but the one in the show is a fictional place named Mount Currawong All the Blue Mountain location scenes were actually filmed three months after the rest of the scenes in these episodes, the result being that the Mt Currawong we're seeing is still meant to be in the Northern Territory as per the original plan for the shoot... evidenced by the itinerary Colby printed off, which showed Nik & Bella's route north via Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine. I think with the circumstanc
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