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  1. Going by the DOB previously shown for Justin, he'll be turning 35 in a few weeks (bit of a stretch for James Stewart I think) - though that may not be wholly accurate as it would have been the DOB given to him as part of his new identity.
  2. All the episodes are the ones previously made available on Presto a few years back following a public poll (when they had the tie-in with the Braxton spinoffs). So whilst fingers can be crossed, I wouldn't hold my breath in thinking they might be actively working on making any more available at the moment.
  3. Yes, he's worked in real estate for a fair few years now (though did an indie film a few years ago).
  4. Hi Smurfman - I'm going to welcome you anyway The song you're after is Do Something About It by Slum Sociable.
  5. Maggie has a sister named Kate who lives in London (and Ben has a brother, Marco).
  6. It was the large Stewart Store they opened together in 1989 - Alf later bought Celia out before he moved to the smaller store in 1991 (which is the one that lasted until 1996)
  7. If anything it would make more sense now that the seasons are running well into December. One of the Script Producers did once tell me that the usual tendency was to avoid holidays in the show, and mentioning specific dates on-screen, due to not knowing when episodes will air in overseas markets (or in Australia nowdays for that matter, with the planned flow of stories now being undermined by Seven's schedulers). But there's obviously been exceptions from time to time with the likes of Anzac Day.
  8. Few pics below of some of the times Christmas was acknowledged on-screen, some of which have been mentioned: First pic is the 1988 finale which actually showed Christmas day itself - Christmas decorations were also seen from 1990-1992 but I don't think much fuss was made. Next two are the 1994 finale week which also showed Christmas day (I think that and 1988 may be the only two times...) 1995 finale week again had Christmas trees up in the various households and a few gatherings, including the little shindig in Don's office that's pictured. The 1996 finale which had the residents going around the houses singing carols on Christmas eve, juxtaposed with Chloe discovering her boyfriend Brad was actually her rapist and watching as he got caught in an animal trap in the bush. The last pic was Colleen's Christmas pageant in the 2006 finale. And of course 2004 as Jamie pointed out, it was said to be "nearly Christmas" so Paulini sang Silent Night for Baby Pippa - and then the great closing montage to the episode, set to Away in a Manger. That's all I've got from memory...
  9. Two more profiles added - Laura Carmody, and Leah's father Theo Poulos
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. It's that time of the year again, with @Red Ranger 1 having updated all the current regular character profiles up to the end of the 2018 season. Profiles for Hunter and Olivia are now complete, with newly added profiles for the those added to the regular cast in the latter half of the season - Colby, Jasmine and Dean. A shoutout to @Matt too for publishing the updates to the site whilst I've had to take some time away. https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/ Bookending those updates, we've also got a couple of profiles of more 'historical' interest - Gordon Stewart and Byron Fisher.
  12. Three weeks time https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/jett-palmer/
  13. They did meet in Summer Bay, at a point in the war where Alf was seemingly yet to be sent to Vietnam - the full history of what happened between Alf & Mary is in Quinn's profile. As RR1 said (which I also remember discussing at the time), the timeline was already off in Quinn's initial stint in 1995. Whilst not explicitly confirmed, it was very heavily implied that Martha was not on the scene when he got with Mary, as they were hoping to start a serious relationship themselves. This is despite both previous and later continuity backing up the fact that Alf & Martha married in 1969. The relevant extracts: It transpired that Alf had met Quinn’s mother, Mary, during the Vietnam War. Mary was working on an airbase further up the coast, and had come to Summer Bay on an R&R break. She had met Alf at a local dance at the pub, where he was working behind the bar. After talking for a while they found that they were both big Elvis fans, and Alf told Quinn that Mary was a great dancer. One thing led to another and a relationship developed, but Mary eventually left town without Alf knowing that she was pregnant.... ....Alf explained that when Mary’s commanding officer had learnt that she had started a serious relationship with a local, she was shipped off on the first plane back to the US. Alf wrote to her every week for two months, but didn’t hear back until he one day received a letter to say Mary had met someone else and they were getting married. https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/quinn-jackson/ The backstory of Quinn/Ryder was certainly not explained to Martha on-screen. On learning that Ryder was Roo's nephew she simply asked Alf "You had another child?" - at which point Roo interjected by saying she thought Alf wouldn't really want to talk about what happened after Martha left (which was wrong anyway), and it never got mentioned again.
  14. Yes it was all but confirmed in Episode 6425 - a mother was thinking of naming her baby "Natalie Victoria" after the doctors who delivered her (Nate & Tori), to which Tori joked "Although Victoria Natalie is also pretty too...." The Blaxland thing was also pretty sloppy given we've got the history of her known owners on the main site.
  15. She's got two roles - the Trolley Witch (the refreshment lady on the Hogwarts Express), and Professor McGonagall.
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