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Dan F

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• Laura the hermit (whose house Adam hid out in after Bobby's death, and Samantha burnt down in early 1994)

• Luke Cunningham's brother Bill

Oh yes I have fond memories of both those storylines, although I didn't remember the woman's name.

Wasn't it Damien who befriended her?

I'm looking forward to, and slightly hesitant about, Sarah's arrival. I remember really liking her, but then I also remembred really liking Lucinda and stand totally corrected on that one (due to the writing, nothing to do with Dee Smart's acting). Has anyone else noticed that "Sarah" has been in the background in a lot of Diner and Surf Club scenes for the past few weeks?

Her name was Laura. She had a miscarriage a long time ago, and that's what made her neurotic.

I noticed Sarah appearing in the background in the Surf Club in Episode 1054 (possibly earlier). I tweeted her with a pic from Episode 1093 where she was chatting with Kelly and another girl at the Surf Club when Tug was calling Shane "supercramp" and she said yes, it was her.

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The episode I've been waiting for has finally arrived. Lynne really did have the same rough voice that Jackie had!.

But now that Lynne is playing Irene, all of a sudden she is liked by everyone, as though Irene was never a villain.

Despite the change in credits it still feels like the early years!.

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