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  3. Her grandson still lives in the Bay so there is always a chance she could come back. Ricky mentioned her recently. I would be surprised if she came back but as long as Casey is around, and to a lesser extent Kyle, there is always a chance.
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  6. Steve is far too respectful to say otherwise, regardless of his opinion. I'm sure he loved getting the opportunity to shoot some more action scenes. As for everything else... we will never really know! I could be wrong, but I don't think that ending could have satisfied anyone who has really loved the character. Wrongly convicted of a crime while helping a random new mate find his (at the time) unknown (and now psychotic) sister. And then forced into hiding because of a random grudge a random gaol inmate held against his random friend. After all obstacles that Brax has faced and overcome,
  7. Thanks Candy_Cane. I wanted to try to express just how much I have loved this character but it is always hard to find the words. I feel exactly the same as you about Brax's exit. I see what they were trying to do but it did not work for me. I know that Brax would sacrifice anything for his family but I can't accept that he would let them believe he was dead. If Ash knows the truth, what difference would it make if Kyle and Ricky (and Heath and Cheryl) know too? The rest of the world can still believe he is dead, if that's what he believes is needed, but not his family. The loss of Charlie and
  8. Ricky had her tribute to Brax tonight, so I thought it was a fitting time for me to pay tribute to my beloved all time favourite character. Darryl Braxton. Brax. Family man. River Boy. Leader. Surfer. A man of action. A man of few words. Stubborn and uncompromising. Streetwise and resourceful. Problem solver. Protector. Intensely passionate. Fiercely loyal. I think it was this intensity that drew me to him right from the beginning. He loved deeply and hurt deeply. There was no middle ground with Brax. He was very much ‘All or Nothing.’ I identified with his profound passion and he won my
  9. I'm having trouble finding where I need to go to fix up my signature. Can someone point me in the right direction? Is there any way to get rid of the ad that now appears under the first post on every page?
  10. How could Steve winning the Most Popular Male Actor Logie point to anything other than his obvious popularity? If your Channel7/TV Week/H&A/Logie bias conspiracy theory is true then why didn't any other Home and Away actors win an individual award? How do you account for the fact that a Channel 10 presenter won the Gold Logie, and a Channel 10 actress took out the Most Popular Actress Logie, an award she has won multiple times? The Logies are broadcast on Channel 9 and they would never support anything that favoured Channel 7. They are bitter bitter rivals. As for your point about Ne
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  12. I think this recast has ruined the character. It's a shame because I think Leah's coma could have been an emotional storyline but it is completely falling flat because it's hard to feel anything other than annoyance towards this new VJ.
  13. It is so sad watching old Casey scenes now knowing what happens to him in the end. His fierce love and loyalty for Brax got him in trouble many times and ultimately resulted in his death. It feels so unfair!
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  15. Lincoln is a total stand out in my opinion. His talent is undeniable and his portrayal of Casey is always so natural.
  16. I hate it when Brax and Casey are divided more than anything so I agree with you to a certain degree but I have to defend Ricky in this scenario. When Adam was manipulating her, she had a clear agenda to separate Brax from his brothers which I was hating. But in the aftermath of Brax's shooting I thought it became clear very quickly that that was Adam's agenda and not hers. She tried to leave Brax numerous times because she didn't want to come between him and his family. She tried to walk away from him at least four or five times. He kept begging her to stay and he eventually got sick of it
  17. Yes, Brax definitely tried to get Heath to move to the city with him even though he knew Charlie wasn't happy about it. He didn't want to leave him behind. As for the Casey/Ricky situation, that was a tricky one. I agree that Brax could have waited a bit longer before moving Ricky into the house, especially considering how low Casey was at the time. I think that Brax thought that Casey would get over his hatred towards Ricky a lot quicker than he did. He knew that Casey was directing all his anger at the situation with Tamara at Ricky and didn't take it seriously enough. But his tough love
  18. I think your dislike of Brax may have clouded your memory of these events jodlebirger. KIMF1 is exactly right, Heath was the one who instigated all of the trouble with Jake Pirovic and Brax and Casey were the ones who paid the biggest price. Brax had nothing to do with bringing Jake into their lives. Heath decided to go out alone in the drug trade after Brax walked away. He was unorganised and didn't really know what he was doing and decided to use Jake Pirovic's turf. Brax begged him not to but Heath went ahead anyway. Brax organised the police to step in when he found out Jake's gang were pl
  19. The police would probably have questions for Angelo himself, considering he withheld information and evidence from them regarding Brax and Heath's criminal activity in order to bribe Brax for money. So I don't think he would be wanting to admit to that any time soon! By the time Brax leaves the show it would have been close to four years since he was involved in the drug crops. Why would they want to rehash it again now? Heath has a much more recent history of drug dealing because he continued long after Brax walked away and even that feels like ancient history! Brax's entry storyline has cert
  20. I tend to agree with Lila. I think he will self destruct after So I think a gaol exit could be on the cards. I think the best we can hope for is that Brax leaves the Bay to be closer to Heath in the city. But I don't know if such an ending would befit a larger than life character like Brax. There is nothing mild about Brax and I would be very surprised if he doesn't go out with a bang!
  21. She knows he is in gaol, so I dare say she has a fair idea of what he got up to in the lead up to that.
  22. ^ I've always assumed the same Jezz. We have had no information about the Sharpe parents up to this point, so all we can do is guess. Adam did mention once that if he killed Ricky he would be an only child, so we do know there are no other siblings. Ricky always made it sound like her and Adam were very close and that they relied on each other so I've always thought he raised her.
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  24. Great to see Lynne's first episode today. Irene is almost unrecognisable she has changed so much.
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