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  1. What exactly did Mia’s seatbelt contraption do? If the car was going over the cliff, I don’t think it’d have helped much. Cash and John have made me think of Nick & Don, I wonder if they’ll end up living together. Did anyone notice the weather change from a misty day to a clear, sunny day when Mac and Tane passed outside the surf club to her following/talking to him a second or so later in the park just to the side of the club?
  2. I think mobile phones are one of the things that’s changed the bay the most, Mac just happened to be with Ari so went to the hospital conveniently, but in the old days people would be ringing around the bay to get in touch with them and we’d see everyone reacting.
  3. Has anyone else noticed how the stone wall by the side door at Summer Bay House appears to be disintegrating? It used to be quite smooth and well pointed, now it looks like it’s been washed with acid. The set needs an upgrade.
  4. Yes, as I mentioned, it wasn’t a proper farewell for Pippa though.
  5. Catching up, but Detective Peters finally brought this up! She was charged and sent to remand/prison for the murder of Lou DeBono but was eventually released as she wasn’t guilty.
  6. The only thing said about Lynn, I think is that Pippa never heard from her, which she took as a sign that everything worked out with her real family.
  7. Yes, it became the Stacey Macklin show for a while.
  8. Has Summer Bay House been decorated? The walls looked more of a chocolate brown than the salmon tone it normally is.
  9. I heard that about the magazine too. The show was definitely changing direction after that first year to focus on the younger cast (& audience), The Bayside Diner was launched, we then saw the Surf Club and the beach which was a secondary character, really started to become more of a focus.
  10. It would seem odd that Seven would want to do that though, as you’d want to lure the old viewers to the show on the new channel. I’m glad they did it though as Pippa had become Home and Away’s answer to Marlene on Neighbours, left for a trip and never came back. I know they’d actually discussed Pippa not returning on screen, but we needed a proper farewell to her. I’d imagine the 13 months was probably that Channel 5 were unable to promo on screen during the 12 month window.
  11. You know, I keep reading about how well Home and Away is rating in Australia, and I did wonder why, but look at the stories, we’ve had a community rallying for the Surf Club story, some comedy with the food truck rivalry, families trying to be there for each other, the long term cast taking centre stage more often. I wonder if the show is realising they don’t need to deviate too far from heartland Home and Away to be successful? I’d almost forgotten about Tommy, I was expecting Cash to bring up Irene being a suspect in Lou DeBono’s death.
  12. I think that’s the thing with social media now, everyone expects anyone who ever had contact with a person to make a statement. It was never quite like this before, yes there’d be comments expected from those who were close or employers, but now everyone is expected to comment. In terms of Melissa, it helps she hasn’t posted in a few days, so the pressure isn’t on her to comment.
  13. As much as they tried with others, Shane & Angel were Home and Away’s Scott & Charlene. The wedding is iconic, but that was Angel’s Day, Shane’s Death was very much about him and they did well not to make it about Angel, that death sequence and the reaction the next episode are some of the best moments the show has produced and are even more poignant today. Listening to the lyrics of ‘There is a Garden’ now, it’s tragically prophetic.
  14. So sad, especially as the reports are suggesting he took his own life. Too many men, especially of this age group are being lost this way, I hope anyone who is struggling can find the help they need.
  15. Sadly this has seemed to have happened with a few ex-Home and Away actors and ends any hope of success in the US they may have had.
  16. When did Sally move in with Sophie? Did Sophie & Carly share at any point? If not then there was a reshuffle. I work out at one point there was: Pippa Steven Sally & Sophie Carly & Ben Christopher Either Chris was sharing with Pippa or Steven or someone was downstairs. I think Chris was in the attic at some point, but later moved downstairs to share with Sam.
  17. Pippa, Angel, Sally, Shannon, Liam, Sam, Christopher, Dylan & Baby Shane. Don’t remember if Jack & Steven were there at the same time as Angel & the kids.
  18. I don’t mind that COVID doesn’t exist in Summer Bay, I just didn’t understand how they managed to have that many people on set/location.
  19. I’m amazed at this Surf Comp in COVID times.
  20. I did laugh at the thought of Dean having a To Do list, but interesting concept.
  21. Why would anyone want to swim in the Parata’s pool, it looks like it needs a good clean, it’s almost swamplike.
  22. I think Susie set the account up alone. In the old days those kind of business accounts needed a double signatory to withdraw, but I wonder how that works in the days of online banking?
  23. I missed that too. She was “hiding” in plain sight then, same name and same city.
  24. Leah and Justin almost deserve to lose their money for being stupid enough to wait overnight to confront Susie / not calling the Police the moment Irene told them what Willow had found out. I hate when soap stories rely on characters being stupid, gullible is one thing, but ignoring such strong evidence is another. Also, where has Leah’s money all gone? She sold half the Beachside Diner business, got a payout for Dan (which the Den can’t have lost completely. She bought a third of the Pier Diner from Roman & Irene before buying Roman’s third (but according to Lynne & Ada they’re equal partners so was maybe acting on Irene’s behalf as well). Her house wasn’t insured, but she still owns the land it stood on, if she sold it she should have some money from that too. Maybe Zac got a good divorce settlement.
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