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  1. Even when they do lock the door at the Diner apartment, they leave the verandah door open, I loved it the other week when Willow did what we’ve been saying for years and just walked in the other door after the front door was closed and locked.
  2. I wonder if we’ll ever find out what Leah did with the land her old house stood on?
  3. This. My final scene has always been Sally walking along the beach at sunset after Alf’s funeral and seeing two figures fishing, Alf & Ailsa, smiling, turning and heading up the beach path towards the Surf Club. Now Martha’s back that might seem a bit weird though.
  4. Is it just me, what’s different about Ryder? I can’t pinpoint it, it’s like his voice or something about his delivery seems different.
  5. Leah may be getting a house. I don’t hold out hopes on that one, another set seems unlikely. John’s had a new sofa and dining chairs. Ryder seems different somehow.
  6. The babies playing Grace are starting to look very different to each other, in today’s episode she had a head full of blonde locks during they scene with Lewis and Jasmine outside the Surf Club, then inside Salt, Marilyn was holding Grace but she had thin, mousy brown hair.
  7. Wasn’t Alf godfather to Christopher? Or did I make that up?
  8. I noticed that, but had put it down to them being part of the Surf Club “Family” - John typically has scenes with Mac, Willow and Dean, so if you take Willow out then Jasmine steps in so it makes sense. Overall I just think that it’s a lack of their usual scene partners: For Jasmine you also have her trying to give Tori space and Colby in prison. John & Marilyn are being kept apart, the SBH residents are tied up in the Kieran story and Mac & Dean are tied up with Colby & the Paratas.
  9. I really don’t understand why Kieran isn’t Alf’s son, it would make the story more interesting in my opinion.
  10. I think so, although we’re still brushing over Alf marrying Ailsa (twice) despite knowing Martha was still alive.
  11. I really hope Martha puts her own stamp on Summer Bay House, the art department have gradually changed the dining table and chairs - they painted the legs of the dining table to match the kitchen cabinets and now have bought chairs to match, that looks great now, although that table is huge. They really need to replace those awful red walls - even if the living room is quite a close colour to the interior of the real house.
  12. Thanks, I know there is but usually ended up speaking to myself, so just put things in tags in here and then remove them the next day.
  13. I assume Martha & Roo bought new dining chairs in Yabbie Creek.
  14. Why does only one table in the diner have a tablecloth/runner? It’s also the Diner equivalent of the Central Park sofa, it’s the senior cast table, Alf, Roo, Martha etc... who often occupy it all day with one cup of tea or coffee.
  15. I must admit, I’m quite enjoying seeing Colby’s World gradually fall apart. It’s a shame, I liked the idea of him being a cop getting away from the River Boy World but they’ve given him the reverse of the typical River Boy story - the good River Boy gone bad.
  16. I couldn’t help thinking during Alf & Martha’s argument, what’s keeping Alf in the Bay really, his businesses manage without him 6 months of the year anyway on and off.
  17. It was a marketing tactic, the show was going through a ratings slump and going to go against Big Brother for a second year, so they brought back to old cast for 15 years of Home and Away, it worked wonders apparently - I can’t find the article now. Pippa’s video message to Sally was to celebrate her 15 years in the bay, which was a bit meta.
  18. I’m not sure what the point of bringing back Angelo to fill this generic cop role, aside from him getting information out of Irene which might have happened anyway, his history in the bay hasn’t really been brought up. I was expecting at least something Martha related... I don’t know whose side I’m meant to be on in Angelo vs Colby but they’re both coming out of this pretty badly.
  19. If we’re talking just during their time on screen including close friends, Sally lost Tom, Dale, Bobby, Michael, Coral (off screen), Charlotte, Vinnie, her baby Sophie carried, Chloe, Flynn, Rocco and Dan (if you count him as her friend). Irene has lost Mud, Ken, Ailsa, Chloe, Belle, Lou and Dan who was like a son to her .
  20. Thanks Dan. These were all scenes I wasn’t paying attention to as I was looking at my phone, I remember wondering what I’d missed when I heard that Tane was going to start working at the garage. If I had been paying attention, although it’s really well done, that red gazebo is clearly blocking something (Summer Bay House?) from sight and the railings are a giveaway as they’re only half logs rather than full logs.
  21. I noticed a scene with Willow & Amber on the “beach path” at the park, but we’ve seen that before.
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