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  1. I guess if she was still in the titles then no, but if we’re using that as a decider then Roo returned after she was removed from the titles. But yes, Frank is the clearest example.
  2. Interesting that Sarah Robers (Willow) isn’t in with the Pier Apartment family. I wonder if she’ll crop up somewhere... Aside from Willow, we’ve only got the Astonis to go and it wouldn’t make sense grouping her in there.
  3. The second one was nice, but the editing seemed a little off. I’m assuming some of Ada’s bits were cut for time, like they talked about everyone coming to the bay running from something but didn’t mention what Leah was running from - there should have been a clip of Leah’s arrival there. Then the segue from the discussion about Vinnie to Olivia Deeble’s video made it seem like Ryan Kwanten had filmed a special message for Ada. There we just lots of little bits like that where Jason and his tone didn’t match what was being said too such everyone saying they just want their characters to be happy and in love, but Jason saying that it all sounds very exciting. Maybe a UK edit for spoilers?
  4. When did the doors change in Summer Bay House? In 1988, they all have beading around the panels, whereas in more recent years the door panels are indented (or at least the rear of the side door & laundry). It looks like they’d changed by Marilyn’s exit in 1992.
  5. They were real life East End (London) gangsters. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kray_twins
  6. Yes, 5* has tended to end on the same episode in recent years then return a day earlier than Channel 5 instead. 5* just got the next episode promo.
  7. I must say, Amazon’s billing status is a little harsh. Starring Roger Oakley, Vanessa Downing, Alex Papps, then everyone else is listed under Supporting actors. I mean, I can understand Roger & Vanessa as effectively they were the leads, but poor Ray Meagher.
  8. Episode 66 included one of the break bumpers between the scene with Sandra hearing the echoes of the Barlow house and the scene with Miss Malloy in Fisher’s office. I assume they didn’t cut it as the sound carried over to the bumper, it just seemed odd. Oh, it’s in episode 67 too whicb also has the promo at the end.
  9. I think it is and that’s largely because they want to gloss over Alf being a bigamist, although he didn’t know Martha was alive when he married Ailsa. I’d much rather they said that Alf had told Ailsa, they decided that Martha must have had her reasons for running away (Ailsa would have understood that better than anyone) and so decided not to act on the letter. Roo had probably just given Martha up for adoption and Ailsa was pregnant with Duncan, so it was better for everyone not to.
  10. There was a voiceover message over the closing credits on 5* today from Ray Meagher: “And that’s it until the New Year! So from all of us down under, have a great Christmas and we’ll see you in January!”
  11. There’s a rather unfortunately placed ad on BTTB, where you scroll down with all the individual actor shots, then see red hair, only to realise it’s not Irene... https://ibb.co/mJ9wGqF
  12. When Frank returned for Sally & Kieran’s Wedding in 2000, his final scene with Pippa on the foot of the stairs at Summer Bay House referenced a high flying job in Manhattan and International flights waiting for no-one.
  13. I agree about Leah and if it is permanent, then while her departure from Summer Bay House was underwhelming, that pretty much summed up her time living there since VJ left. The relationship progression was downplayed though, so I hope we get more scenes regarding that. I thought the same about Mason.
  14. A Christmas special sounds fun! Especially the group of characters they’re including. I wonder if it’ll be a bit of a clip show too.
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