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  1. I did laugh at the thought of Dean having a To Do list, but interesting concept.
  2. Why would anyone want to swim in the Parata’s pool, it looks like it needs a good clean, it’s almost swamplike.
  3. I think Susie set the account up alone. In the old days those kind of business accounts needed a double signatory to withdraw, but I wonder how that works in the days of online banking?
  4. I missed that too. She was “hiding” in plain sight then, same name and same city.
  5. Leah and Justin almost deserve to lose their money for being stupid enough to wait overnight to confront Susie / not calling the Police the moment Irene told them what Willow had found out. I hate when soap stories rely on characters being stupid, gullible is one thing, but ignoring such strong evidence is another. Also, where has Leah’s money all gone? She sold half the Beachside Diner business, got a payout for Dan (which the Den can’t have lost completely. She bought a third of the Pier Diner from Roman & Irene before buying Roman’s third (but according to Lynne & Ada they’re e
  6. Susie seems to be like an American realtor, she finds the houses for her client but the homes are being sold by various estate agents.
  7. Even when they do lock the door at the Diner apartment, they leave the verandah door open, I loved it the other week when Willow did what we’ve been saying for years and just walked in the other door after the front door was closed and locked.
  8. I wonder if we’ll ever find out what Leah did with the land her old house stood on?
  9. This. My final scene has always been Sally walking along the beach at sunset after Alf’s funeral and seeing two figures fishing, Alf & Ailsa, smiling, turning and heading up the beach path towards the Surf Club. Now Martha’s back that might seem a bit weird though.
  10. Is it just me, what’s different about Ryder? I can’t pinpoint it, it’s like his voice or something about his delivery seems different.
  11. Leah may be getting a house. I don’t hold out hopes on that one, another set seems unlikely. John’s had a new sofa and dining chairs. Ryder seems different somehow.
  12. The babies playing Grace are starting to look very different to each other, in today’s episode she had a head full of blonde locks during they scene with Lewis and Jasmine outside the Surf Club, then inside Salt, Marilyn was holding Grace but she had thin, mousy brown hair.
  13. Wasn’t Alf godfather to Christopher? Or did I make that up?
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