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  1. Thanks Dan. These were all scenes I wasn’t paying attention to as I was looking at my phone, I remember wondering what I’d missed when I heard that Tane was going to start working at the garage. If I had been paying attention, although it’s really well done, that red gazebo is clearly blocking something (Summer Bay House?) from sight and the railings are a giveaway as they’re only half logs rather than full logs.
  2. I noticed a scene with Willow & Amber on the “beach path” at the park, but we’ve seen that before.
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  4. Has it? They were on Palm Beach in today’s episode.
  5. I’ve heard Tahnee, Tahneh, Tahnay, Tanay...
  6. Because DoCS would have done a background check and her real identity/criminal record would have come out.
  7. Can someone please decide a consistent pronunciation for Tane’s name? Mac in particilar seems to use at least three different pronunciations per episode.
  8. I agree, the characters interact much more than they did a few years ago, but I generally find that there are the core characters, the Stewarts, the Palmers and Irene - Leah has sort of been taken out of that now she’s with Justin, but the rest of the characters are on the periphery of that and they’ll interact with the core, but rarely those who are also on the periphery. Aside from Justin, the Morgans (counting Leah with them now) rarely interact/interacted with the Astonis once Ziggy & Brody split and still Ziggy doesn’t interact a lot with Tori or Leah. Colby, Dean, Bell
  9. Is Mac wearing Phoebe’s old wardrobe?
  10. Irene’s prints would be on record.
  11. Were these episodes filmed during the bushfires or was it just a really misty day?
  12. True, they did at least have Alf tell Leah & Vinnie that he knew about Don & Seb’s connection for a while before Don put it in the paper, so although he didn’t mention that he knew as Seb was his Great-Nephew, you could read between the lines if you wanted to. It’s a shame that Barbara didn’t return when Seb was around.
  13. Yeah, not much was made of the Seb/Alf connection until Don was leaving.
  14. Haha, I did think there were only three bedrooms when I saw that corridor, but it was so quick I couldn’t be sure I hadn’t missed one. Gemma obviously has a suite on the opposite side of the house.
  15. The Parata house is really confusing me, I thought the door near the kitchen was the back door as Nik used that door to check out the pool, but then there’s been scenes of people entering that door from the front exterior and exiting via that door to go elsewhere.
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