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  1. Salt looks completely different, it has more of a bar vibe now and I like that it has a much clearer identity rather than looking not too different from the Diner before. I forgot about Jasmine’s coma backstory. I was waiting for Irene to say “Willow & I are your family” and thought it was really out of character that she didn’t, but it’s another case of characters being written to suit the story.
  2. Glad it got caught early, hope Ray has a speedy recovery.
  3. Irene asked Marilyn about covering extra shifts as Leah was in the city visiting her parents (who it seems have moved back from Melbourne to Sydney). Leah’s comments about opening the Diner were a little jarring (as she’s never opened a version of the Diner as owner), especially as Maggie’s explanation to Ben was “when Leah took over the Diner” - although even then, she didn’t do the baking - other than her Baklava - as they had a baker before they moved to Alex’s girlfriend.
  4. Jude Lawson was studying for a Law degree, I assume he may have qualified off screen.
  5. Maybe because she wanted to be a ghost.
  6. I did wonder why Ben just didn’t give Dean a share in the business for his $20K
  7. If they didn’t mention a different first name though, it’s possible that Dr Benson got married/divorced and is now Dr Andrews, but was awaiting her replacement ID.
  8. I’m loving all the stories for the “olds” at the minute. We’ve got Alf, Irene, Leah, Roo, Maz and John right in the thick of things.
  9. I think the issue is they alienated the core and steadfast audience, so now when characters leave like the original River Boys there’s seen to be a ratings “crisis” - Neighbours (or at least the network) did the same thing and have never recovered.
  10. No, there was mention of building work to create Angelo’s upstairs. There must be a lift somewhere, but clearly not on the set we see, presumably the front entrance externally must just lead to access Salt on the internal set.
  11. I don’t know if this is where we’re headed, but I’m starting to think we’ll see a house swap soon with Jasmine & Willow moving in with Robbo and Colby & Bella moving in with Irene.
  12. I noticed the Palmer house has a screen door now, the door itself seems the same. The Diner flat front door has changed, it now has windows - it’s has more detailing like Bella’s bedroom door (which differed from the rest) and it seems there’s now a corridor behind the kitchen wall.
  13. The Diner flat has had some more changes. The front door has windows and it seems there’s now a corridor behind the kitchen wall.
  14. Very convenient that all of that work was to the part of the house we don’t see. I’ve noticed the Palmers have got a screen door at the front now though. If they had it before they never had it shut.
  15. Does anyone have the interview with the Summer Bay House set designer? I think it was around the time of the 20th Anniversary.
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