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  1. Watching episode 331, Marilyn is wearing a face mask to stop the spread of bacteria which seemed timely.
  2. Ric’s cake saying 20 good years made no sense given his upbringing.
  3. They’ve cut the 6pm then. I get there’s still the first look, but I don’t know why they didn’t just move Home and Away into Neighbours‘ slots of Tuesday & Thursday or something.
  4. I don’t know, it seems fairly implicit. Dodge leaves Steven to have a private party with Shirley and tells her to be gentle, then she asks if he’s a y’know (virgin) and Says he can change that situation anytime he likes. Steven smiles... When we next see him, Shirley’s gone and he’s on the phone to Rebecca but afterwards tells Dodge he feels like a total scumbag, Dodge says “You’re not gonna tell me you didn’t have a good time” and Steven says no, but he hates lying to Rebecca.
  5. Just watched episode 318 - did Steven lose his virginity to a prostitute? It seemed to be implied, but I wasn’t totally sure.
  6. Yes, plus Martha’s parents owned/ran the store but Merv worked for the council. They sold the store after Martha died and moved to the city, I think. Odd that they’d leave given Roo was there.
  7. I think Mason was one of those characters that got lost somewhere in the middle. I liked his early craving for a real relationship that he didn’t have to leave behind when he changed identity yet again. Then towards the end I think his friendships with Willow & Alex, fighting for Raffy and then the different dynamic with Justin following the departure of Brody gradually made me warm to him. Probably controversial but I’d quite like to have seen him stick around and Tori leave - I feel he was sacrificed as they ended up with too many Doctors. If Tori & Robbo both died then Grace would’ve given either Jasmine or Justin & Leah a pretty good story to run with.
  8. Missed it? It was twice the size of Bobby.
  9. Well they had a stove to cook the hamburgers. My favourite scene was where Christopher was in a travel cot right next to the oven. Pippa looked like she was the unfit mother!
  10. How on Earth did they serve the Cappuccinos etc... that people were ordering in the Diner when all they had was a regular old coffee pot?
  11. I agree, although they fit the professionals like Don, Judith & Angie, but there haven’t been very many characters they’d have suited since.
  12. And still, what was the difference with Zac that she didn’t want to take his surname? I assume she didn’t want to drop Patterson as it’s VJ’s name, but then what about Dan... Is it just me who can’t warm to Martha? I’d normally welcome an older character, but I don’t know why, I just don’t like her. I don’t know if it’s because of Ailsa or if I’m not keen on the way Belinda Giblin plays her. When Colby suggested Ryder get a lawyer I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking of Morag straight away. She’d be there like a shot for Alf’s grandson...
  13. Probably of the pre-fire house. Since we’ve got the house back we’ve seen it a few times.
  14. Plus they basically kept Carly back a year at school to fill Lynn’s place (although it was understandable storywise). Had Lynn been a boy, I reckon he’d have been kept on, with Carly there’s lots of others for her to interact with around her age, Steven doesn’t really have anyone.
  15. Episode 272 has the most amazing walkaround of almost the whole Summer Bay House verandah - so much so that you wonder why Fisher didn’t just leave via the back door.
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