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  1. The schedule change happens on Monday 8th November, but reading the article below, Home and Away retains a 6pm slot, but on 5STAR followed immediately by the First Look at 6.30pm, so if you’re not a Neighbours fan, that helps I guess. https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/neighbours/a38054129/neighbours-home-and-away-channel-5-timeslot-changes/
  2. Ahhh that makes sense, of course Ari’s robbery had to be earlier for Dean to have met him in jail.
  3. Poor Ada, another male family member for Leah who’s a giant.
  4. Catching up - did anyone else notice on Dean’s (played by Patrick O’Connor) hospital patient information board that he was being treated by Nurse O’Connor?
  5. Don transitioned a fair bit too, although seemingly a lone character at the beginning, he was connected to the Stewarts and Bobby, so he went in and out of family/house share situations as well as time by himself, but his role at the school placed him well to still feel central.
  6. I guess they’ve been considering this a while with 5STAR being in the correct blocks. I think they said Eggheads will air at 7pm, so I wonder what will be on at 6.30pm on Channel 5?
  7. Well there weren’t enough hours to support Irene, Leah, Marilyn & Gemma full time with the casuals too, so presumably Chloe is just another casual. Oddly though at one point they had Irene, Leah, Marilyn, Roo & Chris full time, but I assume they’ve taken on more casuals since then. You’d expect Irene, Leah & Marilyn to do the opens/closes and usually one of them to be on opposite shifts to have a different opener to the closer.
  8. It makes sense, ratings aren’t great and in the new world of streaming, timeshift etc… airing the same episode twice a day on the same channel seems very outdated, just hopefully it doesn’t have a negative effect on Neighbours. I watch the first look anyway.
  9. Dean being in hospital seems to be someone’s excuse for him to be shirtless and in his boxers for weeks on end. Not a hospital gown in sight. Given his fractured pelvis, a gown without boxers and him being catheterised seems much more plausible.
  10. What exactly did Mia’s seatbelt contraption do? If the car was going over the cliff, I don’t think it’d have helped much. Cash and John have made me think of Nick & Don, I wonder if they’ll end up living together. Did anyone notice the weather change from a misty day to a clear, sunny day when Mac and Tane passed outside the surf club to her following/talking to him a second or so later in the park just to the side of the club?
  11. I think mobile phones are one of the things that’s changed the bay the most, Mac just happened to be with Ari so went to the hospital conveniently, but in the old days people would be ringing around the bay to get in touch with them and we’d see everyone reacting.
  12. Has anyone else noticed how the stone wall by the side door at Summer Bay House appears to be disintegrating? It used to be quite smooth and well pointed, now it looks like it’s been washed with acid. The set needs an upgrade.
  13. Yes, as I mentioned, it wasn’t a proper farewell for Pippa though.
  14. Catching up, but Detective Peters finally brought this up! She was charged and sent to remand/prison for the murder of Lou DeBono but was eventually released as she wasn’t guilty.
  15. The only thing said about Lynn, I think is that Pippa never heard from her, which she took as a sign that everything worked out with her real family.
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