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  1. Yes, Narelle referred to the house as the Old Standish place and then Walter explained it was his Mother’s old home and he inherited it from her. I feel like the writers seem to have lost interest in the regulars at this point, it seems very much like the Fletchers, Stewarts (to a lesser extent Celia), Nev & Floss, Lance & Martin and again, to a lesser extent Fisher are taking a backseat to Colleen, Stacey, Phil, Jeff & Gary.
  2. Oh, Walt Bertram’s mother was a Standish - maybe The Guv and The Nutter were related!
  3. I wonder if “The Old Standish place” where Phil, Narelle, Steven & Carly camp in episode 183 has any connection to the Guv - maybe it was the Standish’s Summer house. https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/standish_viv_the_guv/
  4. Very confused watching episode 182 as Martha’s in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and Roo’s speaking to a Social Worker on the banks of the Yarra. When Stacey & Brett are in the taxi the operator is reeling off jobs at addresses in Victoria over the radio.
  5. I know. I thought he’d be 18 in year 12, but then I guess it depends whether his birth is December or January depending when the day of the finale was meant to be.
  6. Looks wise Matt Little did seem like an older version of Felix Dean to me, so the casting wouldn’t have bothered me so much if say Matt was one or two years older than Felix but five years took some getting used to as VJ went from boy to man overnight unlike Steven or Sam for example - Felix was more like Ryan Clark who looked younger than his age whereas Matt looked his age. It was when he had scenes with Will McDonald that it became more jarring. That said, I grew to enjoy VJ as a character and accepted Matt was VJ. Where it fell down for me was afterwards - they aged VJ up which would put Leah more to do, but then gave her Matt, Oscar & Evie - and then Hunter - who did that too. When it came to VJ’s time to leave (after all of the others) rather than recast when Matt left as he’d become a central character we lost VJ and therefore Leah was left childless long before her time. We could have Justin, Leah and their two high school kids now but we don’t. Admittedly VJ would be in his last year of High School this year though. I think all soaps are often very short sighted and maybe Australian soaps have a bit more excuse as no dramas in Australia have run for as long as Neighbours & Home and Away but given Coronation Street’s longevity they should really learn that there’s every chance a character could be around in another 10, 20, 30 or 40 years - particularly once they’ve been around for a decade already but still they make decisions based solely on the here & now rather than considering what it will mean down the track. Ok, maybe they’ve future proofed Leah & Irene with Luc - but given the lack of use of Irene’s other grandkids, maybe not - but look at Roo, she’d been away for 20 years and could have had a couple more kids out there. Then then had to bring back Quinn - only briefly though - to introduce Ryder, so she’s only got one kid. What’s going to happen to Alf if Georgie Parker leaves? Quinn won’t give him any story so we’re left with Duncan and Bryce or else Martha or Ric (likely recast) and bring in any family they may have had in the intervening years and in Ric’s case possibly recast Matilda too.
  7. Was episode 4000 the first time Alf, Morag, Barbara & Celia were all in the same room onscreen? I think they were in the same episode when Celia attended dinner at Morag’s in Ailsa’s place, but they weren’t all in a scene together.
  8. I wonder if they always planned on Bobby being Fisher’s daughter, watching the Alan romance with the knowledge of what’s to come puts a different perspective on it. I assume as they didn’t sleep together that it was the plan, but even so, it’s pushing the boundaries a little.
  9. Ahh thanks, I saw there were reports pretty close around the Blaxland Ridge/Kurrajong area.
  10. I was more concerned about the more inland areas like Kenthurst (Summer Bay House) and Vineyard (Astoni’s farmhouse) as I’d imagined they were closer to the fire areas.
  11. http://mitchfirth.com Looks like Mitch attempted to get back into acting a couple of years ago, not sure what he’s been doing otherwise. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3321496/Where-Home-Away-cast-now.html It sounds like Kate Garven has been concentrating on being a Mum of three. http://i.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/6387305/Home-and-Away-star-joins-Wellington-dance-school Amy Mizzi was working as a dance teacher in New Zealand in 2012, but doesn’t appear to be now. My question - how close are the fires to any of the H&A locations? Obviously Summer Bay House springs to mind again, I saw there was a house destroyed in Kenthurst back in November due to a bushfire.
  12. Either that or the mudslide that destroyed Alf & Ailsa’s house moved a hell of a lot more mud than we thought.
  13. The table appears in the kitchen of Lance’s (& Colleen’s) mobile home inbetween so I guess that’s why it was around to turn up in the Palace.
  14. Lynn’s exit was a little lacklustre, wasn’t it? All the build up only to not get an actual farewell scene.
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