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  1. I like the gap and I'm hoping that this summer they show some classic episodes while current episodes are off the air. I was disappointed to see that Channel 5 didn't bother to air any older episodes this year.
  2. Hard to believe he is almost 80! I do hope we see Donald again one last time.
  3. I know! You'd think they'd find a slot on 5* to show H&A. How hard can it be?
  4. I find that hilarious. As if repeats of Cowboy Builders or whatever other trashy lifestyle show they air will do any better.
  5. What was the official reason given by Channel 5 for ceasing to air Home and Away: The Early Years in 2013?
  6. Haven't you seen any old episodes that feature Morag? She was somewhat cold but never evil. I don't like the way she treated Bobby at first but she certainly gave as good as she got! She clearly loves her family but Morag protects herself with a tough exterior which is understandable considering what she's been through.
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  8. I'm Sure Most On the Set Of Home And Away Would Know Of Don Fisher, Especially The Originals Like Alf, Marilyn And Irene Who Are Still On The Show, If I'm Honest I hardly Watch The new Series Now I Kind of Stopped Watching Home And Away Since 08 I Do Occasionally Out Of Curiosity Take A Peek What Is Going On In The Show But I Just Wonder Whether Some Of The New Younger Cast Members And Even New Directors Would Remember Him They Should Tbh Considering He Was Part Of The Show For 16 Years, Remember It's Been At least Almost 9 Years Since His Last Appearance In 2007.....(12 If You take In Accoun
  9. I don't see how people working on the show would not know who Donald Fisher is. If they don't then they really shouldn't be working on the show.
  10. Perhaps Dan could confirm but I'm pretty sure it's around the 3800-3820 mark. I've just had a look but I can't seem to find the exact numbers.
  11. Absolutely. I hope Lucy Addario gets kicked off the show before she does any more damage. We need older characters, not an invasion of young, pretty talentless hacks being the sole focus.
  12. Are you referring to the story line from 2003/2004?
  13. I wanted to post in the scored music thread but apparently the topic is no longer open to replies?
  14. Thank you! That's longer than I thought.
  15. Does anyone know roughly how long Megan Connolly played the role of Rebecca Nash in 1998?
  16. Roo is pointless. Georgie is great but the most Roo does is give Maddy a hug are hang around the diner doing absolutely nothing.
  17. What a shame that she misses the show. I hope Morag returns at some point. It is odd that she hasn't been part of Alf's PTSD storyline so far.
  18. I respect the views of others and have never criticised people for having a different opinion to my own. A discussion forum is at it's best when there a range of opinions and feelings IMO.
  19. While I understand Steve Peacocke is popular, I wouldn't refer to Steve's Logie win to support that claim. It's common knowledge that the Logies and TV Week are biased towards Home and Away. If you watched then it was painfully obvious how little coverage Neigbours, an Australian institution, got in celebration of it's 30th year. H&A was inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame at a time when the quality is arguably at it's lowest. Why not wait for a milestone year? As for TV WEEK, they only ever have H&A on the front cover. They are owned by 7 and quite simply are a joke. I don't t
  20. Do you think they will continue these episodes long-term? In these days of modern technology you'd think they could upload entire seasons to YouTube or even do a deal with iTunes/Netflix/Amazon to show entire seasons.
  21. 16 going on 25 more like! Still hoping they drop Matt Little.
  22. Haha that would be many cd´s I would buy it tho even if it would be expensive It could be released in digital format, these days they wouldn't bother with a DVD release I don't think. Having it on say iTunes means people can purchase individual episodes. Hmm, does Dan know Seven's position on this?
  23. Does anyone know if there is an archive of every episode ever made of H&A? If so, I wonder if they'll ever be released. There have been no compilation DVDs to date so I wonder if anything will ever be released.
  24. Sometime down the line I think she'll be killed off and there will be a big funeral and the character will get the send off she deserves. It is indeed a huge loss and I think a part of the show is gone forever and it's been forever changed now. Now that Deidre is gone, there is really little comedy left.
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