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  1. Selina did a good job renovating the beach house by herself. Looks good though, some elements of the new set are still there today...
  2. Does anyone know the song playing on Thursday's episode during the Steven/Kelly/Travis scenes? 'Tell me what you want from me' or something.
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  4. Now I realise why people hate Greg... he's annoyed because he isn't getting time to be with his 'other woman'. What a tool!
  5. He was one of the soccer players who were chatting to Shane and Damien at the Diner. Before I knew who it was I though 'that voice sounds familiar...'.
  6. Anyone spot Tim Campbell aka Dan Baker in Thursday's ep? Noticed he was credited as 'Tim Cambell' though...
  7. I got a surprise seeing Luke and Sarah in the titles - no idea who they are lol.
  8. I found it amusing when Mr Fisher was watching some TV and Fast Forward was on (an old Channel 7 comedy show), and you could hear the theme to 'Dumb Street' playing. Dumb Street was very much a parody of Home and Away - and the theme included the line "Home and Away like Neighbors...". I found it slightly more interesting than Lucinda complaining about Nick .
  9. She played 'Isabelle Britton' in 853 - Nick's brief romance when Lucinda was with Ryan. 'Six Months in a Leaky Boat' was the song when they're on the ship. I'm not sure about the dolphin one though. Edit: Found it, it was 'Forever a Dream' by The Someloves.
  10. Iirc, 'Six Months in a Leaky Bow' by Split Enz, and 'Everlasting Love, by Natalie Cole.I agree that this week has been quite boring, Meg and Blake the only real highlight, maybe also Sam's hopelessness in the kitchen (although of course it turned out okay). At Randy and Fin doesn't do much for me, although Randy is pretty hot. Oh great, thanks for that. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic to Blake but it seemed like every time Julia gave them an inch, they would take a mile. Whatever Blake is going through at the moment, it must be ten times as hard for Julia. I think it was ac
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