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  1. Plus I've got the Early Years! Currently doing in-depth analysis of one of the biggest storylines ever: the downfall of Dodge in 1989
  2. Too late. Apparently, Alf has married Martha "again", after she came back from the dead this extraordinary number of years since it allegedly happened. Home And Away's weirdness has gone completely off the scale now. Storylines have never been less unbelievable.
  3. I am still not 100% clear whether Alf and Alsa were living together 5 months before the pregnancy was discovered. Do they conveniently distort times and skip periods of times to make it difficult to tell how long 5 months on the show is?
  4. Little Sally was simply too young to make informed judgments. Also, Alsa and Sally saying "It's just a feeling I have" is not evidence by any stretch of the imagination
  5. I wouldn't say little Sally is "as cute as a button" Her attitude to Dodge and her "high and mighty" attitude of being smarter than everybody else, has always disgusted me.
  6. How did the man behind the poison pen letters know Mr Fisher was Bobby's father? And was he right about Alsa getting pregnant to that priest "friend" of hers who looks like Murdoch Roberts? I mean they weren't living together at the time Alsa was made pregnant?
  7. Didn't Gordon have a wife, Brett have a mother? Who was that that answered the door when Bobby knocked asking for Brett when she was investigating Roo's pregnancy in the leadup to her and Frank's "wedding"?
  8. Floss predicting Frank's "death", I mean if prophecy storylines aren't implausible, I don't know what an implausible storyline is!
  9. I've recently started from the beginning again. I can't find the "1988 episode discussion" thread, and not sure if it belongs in the Amazon Prime thread, but I have a nagging question about this Frank and Roo affair. Roo is sent away to Boarding School because Alf couldn't control her (she is angry at him for having an affair and later marrying Alsa). To rebel against being treated like a kid, she decides to do something "adult" and sleep with Brett. The first we hear that the sex was unsafe and led to pregnancy was when she saw this doctor (under a false name), and she told her she is definitely pregnant. 1. Why did she and Brett not take any precautions? 2. Why didn't Roo take the morning-after pill? 3. Why did she not seek an abortion, why did she insist she would keep the baby even though she was obviously not ready?
  10. An important warning about relying on streaming services to access your favourite programs: They can pull the plug any time they like. And you'll be left dead in the water. Back to Square 1
  11. This just doesn't make sense. Why are they (allowed to) broadcast post-1880 episodes when the people in charge said they couldn't? Please explain?
  12. I wish I knew myself. It's the same song on the jukebox that is playing after the commercial break interrupts straight after Damian thrashes Shane for going out with Kelly, who was supposed to be going out with him. (1108)
  13. PLUS7's selection is still very limited. Only 8 episodes from the 1988-96 period plus very few more between then and now, seem to be available there, all under BDM
  14. That's fair enough. The UK are ridiculously long overdue for a repeat run of H&A, and have been let down for far too long. I agree. All episodes should be available EVERYWHERE. No geo-blocking, no more mucking around
  15. The b******* have geoblocked it for "my location"
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