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  1. How do they alter the music post-production? Isn't the music already burned into the soundtrack? They'd have to rip it up and make a mess of it doing it all over again if they "had to" change the music in the soundtrack??
  2. Hey I'm not saying unkind things about Shane Parish (the real Shane Parish, not the female baby called "Shane"). I don't know where you got the idea I was badmouthing him. He was one of the main reasons why I started watching Home And Away in 1992. I watched him go from someone who had a blood feud against Ryan, to being the victim of Tug's cruel setup, before rising through the ranks and getting together with Angel Brooks. He and Tug even made up eventually, and that was when even I found Tug to be a likeable character. Hell, he even tried to help Tug when he crashed Roxy's car. RIP Shane Parish 1976–1996. Much-loved husband of Angel. Father of Dylan.
  3. Who says John is a boy's name? Who says Adam is a boy's name? I could go on all day.......
  4. It was a mistake making the baby a girl and also giving it a boy's name
  5. Miss Cherry, the disgusting games he played with Rachel (a little girl far too young to be considered his "girlfriend" or to be involved in any sexual games, I mean come on......YUCK). Jesse was a glorified car thief and other criminal, who Selina put up on a pedestal. I also don't like what he did to Shannon when she was having her nightmares and vomiting in Mr Fisher's car.
  6. Jesse McGregor, and what a ........ he was Shane was the only "poster boy" I liked. I distinctly remember how the girls drooled all over Jesse, and it was disgusting
  7. Can these threads be merged, Dan F?
  8. The founder of Mushroom Records, the label under which a lot of the music that played on the Diner's jukebox, on radio 2SB, in musical montages, etc. has died, aged 68. Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-02/michael-gudinski-dead-age-68-mushroom-records/13206284
  9. You can't "recast" anybody! They will be detected as FAKES, I mean look at "Pippa". She was a prime example of that. And Roo. Another fake with no resemblance to the real one.
  10. That's the thing ya see.......How do we get to keep these episodes? They can't just pull the plug on them whenever they feel like it so we can't watch the episodes
  11. That is so ridiculous! Who makes these stupid rules?
  12. They had plenty of chances to speak, like when Bobby thanks the muted girl who forgot to say "that's alright, have a good day" or the muted old woman in Alf's store that Marilyn greets with an innocent "hello" and she doesn't even say "hi" back. I swear the cat has got their tongues
  13. What does OTP mean, Off The Planet?
  14. The flamin' time bomb continues to tick.......
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