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  1. Yes, his brother did seem to appeal more to the writers from what it looks like to me, but it was quite a while between when Loo left (Sept. 1992) and when Nick left (mid-94)
  2. Why didn't the writers pair Nick up with anyone else after he and Loo broke up?
  3. You haven't given us an example of this. I did give an example where the adult is right and the child is wrong (ie. Alf trying to stamp out Karen and "Revhead"). You need to give an example of your case, ie. when the child was right and the adult was wrong.
  4. What do you mean? You said teenagers can get to say they are right nowadays when they couldn't back in the old days.
  5. Oh, so that's why teenagers can take drugs and think they are right, they can do it, even when adults say no, that is wrong. I mean ....... the drug-testing at festivals gives them a legal back door to taking illegal substances in, because regardless of whether the substance is illegal, they can keep it and use it, so long as the tests find no dangerous contaminants. Sorry, I don't accept that. Respect for elders has gone out the window these days. Furthermore, Karen is really, really convinced that she is right to go out with Revhead and live with him, but in fact Alf and Alsa (her olds) are actually right, because they can see he is a bad influence on her, but Karen just thinks he's just a victim of circumstance, and no matter how many robberies he pulls off, he will get better with her help. Sorry. Wrong. But with age comes experience. Older people have more life experience than young people, and as such have a better idea of knowing right from wrong.
  6. The joke is Fake "Pippa". Not the viewers who saw 2 different people trying to be the one person.
  7. Ref: Episodes around 810 Why do Hayden and Marilyn have to worry about what their mates think? Is there some unwritten rule somewhere that says "thou shalt not date an older woman"?? but it's OK (even encouraged) for older guys to date younger girls??
  8. Oh ha ha, very funny. The joke's actually on Fake "Pippa" and those responsible for her "recasting". Not the viewer.
  9. Someone said here it involved some expense changing the opening titles, which was why it was a while between changes there. As for the closing credits, Prisoner (1979–1986) goofed up the closing credits a lot, as noted on a site dedicated to that show, hence the UNCREDITED lists appearing in many of the episodes listed on that site. I notice "Christopher" got credited in the closing titles a lot even though he never said a word. But some customers, like in Alf's store or the Diner, and some police officers, like the ones accompanying the ones that do get credited, don't get mentioned in the closing credits.
  10. It has been a while since the administrators/owners of this website have heard from the Content Rights & Distribution at the Seven Network, as noted on the main site's article about the cancellation of the 7TWO repeat run at Episode 1880. I note a lot of people have been asking questions as to when or if they are going to resume the repeat run, starting at Episode 1881, and the claims about the number of plays allowed for those episodes as quoted in what Dan F was officially told, don't really seem to hold water. Episodes beyond 1880 have appeared on the Seven Network's own official website, in "Births, Deaths & Marriages" (eg. Michael's death) and "Most shocking moments" (eg. Alex's blinding bomb blast). Are the people in charge, as mentioned in the articles published on the main site, going to allow us to see the rest of the series because it's getting on to 2 years since the last update.
  11. Why do they credit only some extras but not others?
  12. I don't have Twitter or Instagram accounts, but that sounds like a good idea!
  13. Update on Karen. Karen seemed to lose interest in Mark Smith and didn't really put much effort into having a relationship with him, then he quits and moves to Yabbie Creek High (760). Revhead started stalking her in Episode 766 and Alsa immediately notices. Karen apparently rejects his advances at this stage, and tells Alf and Alsa so. Alf lights up like a flamin' thunderstorm whenever the subject of Revhead is brought up. Then in Episode 770, this is when things really start to go downhill. Karen is on a terminal downhill slide, when she starts accepting him, and calling him "Morris". At the end of 771, they kiss on the beach (gross) Karen starts wagging school (771) and at the end of that episode is questioned by Alsa after she finds holes in her story about why she was absent from school. Karen is forced to admit she's going out with "Revhead". Alf again lights up like a flamin' thunderstorm, and for the next few episodes he and Alsa keep Karen under stricter and stricter supervision. Alf explodes each time he sees Karen and Revhead kissing (and can you blame him?). "Revhead" quits the Boatshed leaves town to help his sister who has moved to the city. Karen tries to act out unrealistic hopes of going with him to live there. She accuses Alf and Alsa of driving him out of town. I am now up to the episodes where she is apparently testing Alsa for double-standards, because she says there is inequality where Blake and Hayden were allowed out all night to house-sit Ben's farm, and Blake was allowed to see Rachel. But Sophie can see she is really getting back at Alsa. Her mind is poisoned. I know in a few week's time (around the time when a certain person who ruins Sophie's life, who I won't mention here) Revhead returns, and this is the final phase that brings about Karen's ultimate downfall, when she (accidentally) takes care of that certain aforementioned person permanently, and is sent to jail for it. I do have a question: was her return deliberately timed to be just after Sophie's permanent departure from the series? Karen and Sophie were best friends, but I noticed Alf referencing "what about [you know who]'s mother ay? and poor young Sophie" when saying he didn't want her back.
  14. Irene's "recasting" really wasn't that bad: when she first appeared, she looked ugly (like scary) and had a husky voice like a monster drunkard attacking her kids.
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