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  1. That comment isn't even funny. Looks like I'll have to spell it out to you in language you are more likely to understand. How can the show "over-explain" something?
  2. How can you say the show "over-explained" something? If anything, they under-explain so many other things, and this one actually needed explanation! This is a frequent frustration I find when watching the show. So many things not making sense.
  3. My information on those episodes is rather patchy too, maybe I misread something slightly.
  4. I have watched Episode 1913 on PLUS7 under "Births, Deaths & Marriages", and something in these episodes and around this time doesn't make sense.
  5. Video unavailable. This video is unavailable.
  6. It was Shannon's boyfriend Kye, from university, who knocked her out, early in 1997. She was in a coma from what I remember 2 or 3 months, then when she woke up, she spent more time in hospital needing flash cards to help get her memory back
  7. No I don't as a matter of fact. Anyway what is the issue here? It's not as if Home And Away has never had a gay character in its life. Remember Shannon and Mandy?
  8. "Embarrassing for Home And Away"??? That is a matter of opinion! Face it. Some things simply aren't meant for TV. This is one of them.
  9. Because it is unnecessary. We get enough politics and people telling people what to think, without subliminal, sneaky messages hidden in entertainment. Enough's enough!
  10. Aha. If Dieter wanted to go "ASAP" that would explain the rush job of an exit he had (and it seems I was right in saying his exit was a rush job). Shane & Angel couldn't leave together, it looks like because Angel wasn't quite done yet, so Angel was left a widow without Shane for awhile. Shane's death meant he would have a permanent exit, he would never come back again.
  11. I don't know if this has been answered before, but how far ahead was Shane's exit planned, and when was it decided Shane would be killed off The reason I ask is because it seemed quite rushed. His ashes were buried at sea only a couple of episodes after his death, and there wasn't much of a reunion (only Damian returned for one last visit)
  12. How do they come up with the weird spellings for some of the characters in the show, such as: Nick and Shane "Parrish" with 2 rs Tug "O'Neale" (instead of O'Neill) Hayden's name being spelt "Haydn" without the e
  13. Around the time of Bobby's death there were 2 Aboriginal brothers, the main one being Kevin. Shane tried to go into business with him selling Aboriginal artworks but Kevin didn't like the idea of making too much money out of selling copies
  14. When trying to find out what is going on with The Early Years, bear in mind that, as stated in my recently-closed thread '7TWO Transmission Discussion', it is my belief and understanding that Dan F and the team have done everything they can to enquire with the highest powers at the Seven Network (the Director Of Network Programming, and the Content Rights Manager), and is standing by on a long-term basis for answers and updates, while conceding that we may never know really why the plug was pulled.
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