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  1. I don't have Twitter or Instagram accounts, but that sounds like a good idea!
  2. Update on Karen. Karen seemed to lose interest in Mark Smith and didn't really put much effort into having a relationship with him, then he quits and moves to Yabbie Creek High (760). Revhead started stalking her in Episode 766 and Alsa immediately notices. Karen apparently rejects his advances at this stage, and tells Alf and Alsa so. Alf lights up like a flamin' thunderstorm whenever the subject of Revhead is brought up. Then in Episode 770, this is when things really start to go downhill. Karen is on a terminal downhill slide, when she starts accepting him, and calling him "Morris". At the end of 771, they kiss on the beach (gross) Karen starts wagging school (771) and at the end of that episode is questioned by Alsa after she finds holes in her story about why she was absent from school. Karen is forced to admit she's going out with "Revhead". Alf again lights up like a flamin' thunderstorm, and for the next few episodes he and Alsa keep Karen under stricter and stricter supervision. Alf explodes each time he sees Karen and Revhead kissing (and can you blame him?). "Revhead" quits the Boatshed leaves town to help his sister who has moved to the city. Karen tries to act out unrealistic hopes of going with him to live there. She accuses Alf and Alsa of driving him out of town. I am now up to the episodes where she is apparently testing Alsa for double-standards, because she says there is inequality where Blake and Hayden were allowed out all night to house-sit Ben's farm, and Blake was allowed to see Rachel. But Sophie can see she is really getting back at Alsa. Her mind is poisoned. I know in a few week's time (around the time when a certain person who ruins Sophie's life, who I won't mention here) Revhead returns, and this is the final phase that brings about Karen's ultimate downfall, when she (accidentally) takes care of that certain aforementioned person permanently, and is sent to jail for it. I do have a question: was her return deliberately timed to be just after Sophie's permanent departure from the series? Karen and Sophie were best friends, but I noticed Alf referencing "what about [you know who]'s mother ay? and poor young Sophie" when saying he didn't want her back.
  3. Irene's "recasting" really wasn't that bad: when she first appeared, she looked ugly (like scary) and had a husky voice like a monster drunkard attacking her kids.
  4. The viewer is left bewildered as to how those in the H&A world can't see the obvious differences!
  5. That is just so weird, it's like saying Joe had a different voice and a different face to John, but still calling him Joe. Thereby that makes John "fake Joe". I have NEVER agreed with "actress replacements" or "recasting", for this very reason.
  6. That was the Fake "Pippa", not the real Pippa. The Real Pippa wasn't around when Tom died.
  7. Pippa said a few weeks in advance she was planning to marry at home, and I said what? Why? When she and Michael insisted so much on "tradition". Does it cost more to marry in a church. I can understand about keeping costs down. Did you notice Michael lived in his caravan right up to including the wedding day?
  8. Why did Pippa and Michael marry at home?
  9. You're telling me that they NEVER get bored of each other, even after that amount of time? I find the endurance of such monotony for extraordinary long periods quite amazing! I especially find it hard to believe that someone with the low level of maturity and stability like Carly could stay together for any longer than a few years. Sorry, I forgot to add: isn't Home And Away supposed to be about failed marriages and broken homes anyway? Notice how many children have both parents still together (which seems next to none) That's what makes "everlasting couples" even less credible on this particular show
  10. Maybe the story writers (whatever drives their minds) have never decided whether the abovementioned couples are "still together". Frankly, I find it really hard to believe that any more than a minority of couples "go the distance". I mean.......can you imagine living and sleeping with the same person for eons on end, many decades on? Come on.....
  11. Did this low confidence in boys start when Hayden gave her a kick-in-the-guts rejection at the end of Episode 661 (late 1990)?
  12. Oh and while we're on the subject of Carly: Why have the story producers still got her and Ben together still??? (when was she last mentioned? 2019?) Any relationship in that show wouldn't last that long, surely????
  13. She was asking for it. Constantly antagonising him from the first day he was in town. I have zero sympathy for poor little Sally, she brought it on herself.
  14. Same here. She did us a favour getting rid of David. It's a shame she regretted doing it (or maybe she regretted going too far?). Other than that, it was sad once she fell under the spell of "Revhead", then being sent to the University Of Crime (jail) which did nothing to improve her outlook on life, as was obvious with her return in 1993.
  15. Well, Sally Keating. What you said here makes a lot of sense! Limited budgets, satisfaction of advertiser wants, things like that, would go towards explaining a lot of deficiencies in soaps such as Home And Away. I have always wanted well-researched, factual storylines, and that must be hard when 5 episodes are being churned out a week to keep up with demand. As for storyline politics, is that also because of what advertisers want? Home And Away and Prisoner have seen bouts of leftist socio-political propaganda embedded into a lot of plot lines and character biographies, and I have always wondered where that emanates from. Is it the same kind of ****-stirrers behind today's "International Women's Day" and other "awareness campaigns" we keep hearing about in the media? This subject deserves a thread all on its own!
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