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  1. j.laur5

    Returned from the dead

    I can definitely imagine Debra Pippa and Tom together and I even grow to be able imagine Vanessa Pippa with Michael.
  2. j.laur5


    Maggie is also their age. I don't think John is anything like Alf in the 90s.
  3. j.laur5

    Returned from the dead

    Who did he play?.
  4. j.laur5

    Actors you would like cast in Home And Away?

    Jacqui Purvis reminds me of Phoebe.
  5. j.laur5

    Neighbours...the early years?

    Um Joe was Jane's uncle!.
  6. j.laur5


    I agree and I think Ruth run her course as well as much I like Ruth character but after Maddy left she just floating around and Georgia taking so much time of this year it feels like Ruth neither here or there. As for Marilyn it feels like we no longer have funny classic character anymore I do realise you mature as aged but it’s just not same Marilyn anymore and kind of think it might be better if Emily had quit in 2015 and wrote John out too and maybe they could left to live with near Jett. As for John he just around to deliver he 2 cents in random screens. I know can stay same about Alf/Leah/Irene but all be around over 2 or 3 decades and they more feel solid members of town.
  7. I think Morag was stuck in a rut and was closed off from storylines as they didn't want to develop her character by softening her character up and getting her more involved with characters in a more positive light. They didn't seem to want develop Morag and Bobby relationship and seemed to want keep characters hating each other. They could not really turn Morag into too much of villain like Pat the Rat on Sons and Daughters without becoming too much of a criminal and Morag was never criminal even at her worst . Also I think Morag was a bit too over the top in her rudeness. She was even rude to people like Sally when simply asked if she could have a drink after she was working in her garden. I guess in the end Morag did do the adult thing and gave Sally a drink of cordial with ice and I noticed she did seem to be nice to Sally after that episode. I mean I do realize they need to make characters interesting but I do think it was unrealistic for a high court judge to be so rude to children even if Morag did have emotional problems. Even Sally knew not to take Morag's rudeness seriously. The only person who took Morag's words seriously was Celia as everyone else knew that Morag was just a mad, sad, bitter, emotional, mentally ill woman and knew to just take no notice of want she said. Another over the top moment was when Morag told Bobby she should have drowned her at birth. I mean that's not something someone would say if they were supposedly a smart woman who is a high court judge Anyone in real life would think that person was not the full quid and so I do think PTB should have written Morag a bit more realistically in her cruel words to Bobby. I think something like "I didn"t miss anything giving you up as you are everything I hate in a girl" would be a more intelligent thing and more realistic coming from someone who suppose to be an intelligent person .
  8. j.laur5

    Irene Roberts - Lynne McGranger

    The thing that bothers me most with Irene in recent years it's how inconsistently her character is written, one minute she 's written giving good advice and the next minute she is just everything from being childish and rude. Lynne is a very nice lady and is a professional actress so she just does what she's told but it's shame how badly written Irene's character is.
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  10. j.laur5

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    In Summer Bay you teach every subject and I remember Beth Hunter used to supervise classes as she was just school business manager.
  11. Best time to bought Ruth back would be in 2005 as she could return with Martha.
  12. j.laur5

    Worst character exits

    Also I didn't like Matt's leaving storyline as it just seemed strange for him to decide to leave the Bay over night with Evie. He didn’t leave when Sasha and Maddy left and what made different with Evie and he left bay completely unnoticed expect saying goodbye to Leah .
  13. j.laur5

    What if Ailsa had stayed in Summer Bay Alive?

    I think Ailsa would just not had lot to do with them. There would be no Martha storyline.
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  15. I have noticed Phoebe seems popular on Instagram but not very popular on this forum. I have to admit I definitely can understand why she was not very well liked and I think it was very fitting for her to leave when she got a better opportunity and how quickly she found a new boyfriend so soon after moving to LA. Even if Phoebe had stayed I couldn’t see Phoebe and Justin working for the long haul.

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