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  3. What are you favorite friendships in the early years as in 1988-2000?. Pippa-Floss-I love how Floss seemed to become a mother figure to Pippa. Floss devoted her life to helping Pippa and I remember Floss telling Neville that the things she hated most about leaving was not being around to help Pippa anymore. I kinda felt like Floss predicted that Pippa was going have a hard road ahead and wishes she was going be around to help her. Ailsa-Irene-Ailsa was the first person to treat Irene respectfully. When Irene first returned in 1993 I think Ailsa saw a lot of Irene in her as Ailsa once had a dark past and was treated disrespectfully by the town. Ailsa knew Irene had changed and wanted to give her a chance to prove to everyone that she had changed. Sure Ailsa might not have wanted Irene to become business partners with her but I think it was a case of worrying that Irene might become a bit more pushy as partner than Bobby was. At least with Bobby being Ailsa's niece by marriage and being a lot younger, Ailsa knew that Bobby would follow her lead more. Ailsa-Colleen-I really like how Ailsa seemed to not treat Colleen as a joke and noticed in the year they worked together Alisa seemed to know how to get Colleen not to put her nose into people/customer's business by doing it in a more respectful manner. Unlike Alf and Irene who always seemed to threaten to sack Colleen or even been bit harsh with her and even Leah in later years seemed to get harder with her. Ailsa-Leah-In the year they were on the show together it was clear they had a close friendship and it's a shame they didn't have more years to grow closer.
  4. Since 2013 Irene has had storyline every second year. 2013 Breast cancer . 2015 Rape secret . 2017 custody battle over Luc . 2019 Storyline over self defence.
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  7. Who do you prefer Leah with Justin or Zac?. I prefer Justin and Leah as couple but I liked Zac better as a character to Justin.
  8. But at least she got a proper death scene unlike Beth!. Beth might not have been around as long as Ailsa but she still was a memorable enough character for that era and deserved a better send off. Also if Ailsa/Judy was not leaving in 2000 do you think they would given Alisa heart attack in 2000 season final for end of year cliffhanger?. But the outcome would be different with her surviving since she was not leaving.
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  11. Funny thing is Kyle and Hunter only ever had one scene together!. I wish they had more screen time!.
  12. Title: First into mother now into son. Type of Fic: One Shot Main Characters: Kyle, and Hunter and other characters mentioned Genre: Same Sex Romance (Slash) BTTB Rating: A Does it contain spoilers: No Warnings: Adult Themes Summary: This is short story of Kyle and Hunter finding out they share lot in common and last thing they respect is to fall in love. Note: This is set in later half 2017 and in this parallel universe where Kyle was not sent to jail and stayed in Summer Bay after Ricky and Barrettes left and Kyle bought Saxon ave and Ash stayed living with Kyle and later Kat move in. Hunter walked in the door of Angelo’s after feeling depressed after breaking up with Olivia for good as Olivia move back to London to live with her uncle James Fraser. . “Kyle?!” Hunter shouted, as he waited at bar. Kyle appears and says "What’s up Hunter?" "I would like some rum thanks as I've got the break up blues or whatever you call it" said Hunter. "How about I give you a soft drink first on house and then we'll see as I know too well by past experience what happens when you drink in a bad head space" said Kyle. "Fine coke then please" said Hunter. "I'll have one too as it sounds like you need a drinking buddy" said Kyle. "I can’t believe you're being so nice to me after my crazy mum used you" said Hunter. "Well at times I was kind of using her as well as sorted of needed something in my life to keep me excited and I was not the only one fooled by her as Matt and Andy were caught in her web as well" said Kyle. "Well if I say I won’t do anything stupid can get proper drink" said Hunter. "All right we’ll my shift is finished now and we can come back to my place for drink" said Kyle. Hunter and Kyle are sitting talking about there mess up child hoods and all terrible things that they regret doing. "I never meant to be a bad person but just having a mum like Charlotte who was such bad influence." "It's okay I know my birth mother wasn’t best influence either and wasn’t until after her death and I was put into Foster care I started getting on the straight and narrow" said Kyle. "I just hope I am not just working at Alf bait shop for rest of my life" said Hunter. "We're looking for someone to take over Matt's job as it's been hard to find good workers since he moved overseas and Ash is away with Kat at moment." "Thanks I'll take it" said Hunter. "Well consider yourself hired" said Kyle. "I can now save up to move out of Summer Bay house as it's getting too crowded there." "We've got a spare room, you can move in here if want" said Kyle. "It'll be okay with Ash and Kat?" said Hunter. "I am the owner here and besides Ash and Kat are away at moment and they live in Ricky and Brax old flat" said Kyle. "Okay sure I'll move in tonight and I'll go get my stuff and don’t worry I don’t have to get all my stuff so I won’t be long"said Hunter. "Okay see you soon" said Kyle. Hunter had strange feeling as he was leaving the house as it was feeling of something good positive storing feeling but it was probably just a positive feeling he had. Finally someone who could understand what it was like having a damaged childhood and not wanting to be a bad person but getting on bad side of things. Later coming back to Kyle’s. Hunter walked in and said thanks to Kyle for the room and the job. Kyle said no worries with cheeky smile and opened his arms for hug and Hunter also had cheeky smile and they both hug. But they both couldn’t let go of each other and without further movement they were kissing. Kyle and Hunter both pulled away and looking both embarrassed and both with cheeky smile. "Well this is kind of awkward as this is the very spot where my first kiss was with your Mum and when we first hooked up " said Kyle . "It doesn’t matter Kyle. I want this and I am nothing like my Mum was, I promise and sure I might have been off the rails once but I have changed and I have never been type of bad that mum was in way of using people for sex and besides I am far more closer to your age than my mum was" said Hunter. "Okay let's just see where it goes, I am game enough if you are" said Kyle. Kyle and Hunter both passionately kissing and ripping each other's shirts off and both walk into the bedroom. The End
  13. Many people disliked Ailsa's death but personally I didn’t mind it as it was quick and a shock to everyone as after everything Ailsa went through that year she didn’t turn her back on Summer Bay. She finally got her life back on track and when she died it was huge shock to all characters as they all thought she would be in Summer Bay forever. Everyone was at the funeral crying and looked like they all felt life in Summer Bay was never going to be the same without Ailsa.
  14. Funny thing with Beth for me was that she wasn’t one of my favourites while she was on the show. I wasn’t too worried when she first left and it was not until after her death that I liked her character a lot more. Then I thought I did and I wished she hadn't left. I thought she was one of the best ever mums on the show and after rewatching her again I found her to bug me l and didn’t think she was that great of a mum. I found out why it took me til after she left that I liked her character. It was a case of the heart grows fonder with absence. But I think what also made me angry was the terrible, off screen death Beth got as till this day I think it was a most cheap and cheesy exit. Beth didn’t even get a proper funeral. We just got a beach service with Matilda talking. That just seemed insulting to Beth's character as she didn’t get a proper death scene or a proper funeral. I know characters like Matt and Rob had exits of just disappearing but they were not on the show as long as Beth. Beth was a far more memorable character and had more storylines than them. Sure Beth might not have had any storyline's that were central to her in her last year but she was supporting in other people storyline’s like Matilda and Robbie. People complain about Ailsa's death but at least we saw her die and we had a jam packed funeral in next episode at the beginning of the year with everyone crying.
  15. Top ten characters to appear in the most episodes? 1 Alf Stewart 2 Irene Roberts 3 Sally Fletcher 4 Leah Patterson-Baker 5 Marilyn Chambers 6 Donald Fisher 7 Ailsa Stewart 8 Colleen Smart 9 Ruth Stewart 10 John Palmer Would this list be right?.
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