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  1. But we've got to remember Kate like everyone else does have a life outside of her acting, and I'm sure H&A probably is more important to Kate then most of the other actors who've appeared on the show. Personally I don't think I want Sally back as a regular as I think we have enough people in that mother/middle aged role with Leah/Ruth/Maggie/Marilyn/Irene. At the best of times Ruth and Marilyn are background charactes, and I worry Sally would just be used as Alf's second in command person to talk to like Ruth, and as another teacher at the school like Ruth, which kind of defeats the purpose of Ruth's role on the show. She might be good to bring back one day if Ada or Lynne decide to leave. Personally I'd rather see Pippa Snr return then Sally.
  2. Problem is if she agreed then there would no more problem for remainder of the storyline. Lots of people don’t realise that the reason characters don’t do the simple thing is because there wouldn’t be any drama and the storyline would be over too fast!
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  4. Was Brodie Hanson a short term foster child?
  5. Did anyone notice that Ailsa's character seemed different in 1988? Judy Nunn said in an interview that she always tried to keep edged to her character even though she did become more mummy’s. I think the writers did enjoy looking into Ailsa's backstory. Its a shame that Judy didn’t get to play Ailsa when going back to her family home but I think Nancy Hayes did a very good job at making it believable!. But I think Judy probably wasn’t too worried since she wasn’t well at time and completely understandable as well as health always needs come first both physically and mentally. I think Judy probably already knew she was going quit soon.
  6. It’s just that I was watching the 2000 season recently and I was watching Alf/Irene/Leah carefully to see how they changed and it’s just something I noticed. Of course I realise close friendships grow over time. You would never have guessed in 2000 that Leah would still be in the show 20 years later, and being best friends with someone she hardly spent much time with in 2000. Whereas with Leah & Sally you could see them eventually becoming best friends. Alf and Sally only really become close after Donald left, I guess it made sense to bring the final two original cast members closer together.
  7. I was tempted to include Sally but I enjoyed her return and the tension between Sally and Ruth. It was interesting to see Celia as a changed person and Celia being a lot more nasty, with Morag being on the opposite side and putting Celia's rudeness in line. I love that quote when Morag said to Celia that was rude Celia even for you, and Celia snaps saying you can be rude too and Morag said maybe I did once but I learn to keep my opinions to myself.
  8. There's so many characters whose return in a guest role has seemed pointless or has ruined the character. 1991 - Frank Morgan- I didn't like his return to try and win Bobby back as it seemed to cheapen his character. 1999 - Adam Cameron - I thought his return seemed pointless. 2007 - Donald Fisher - I didn' like how they made him in his 2007 guest appearance. 2009 - Pippa Ross - it felt like Debra Lawrence was only brought in to finish off Lynne McGranger's scenes as all Pippa did was Irene's housework, shift work at the diner, and looked after Irene's foster children. Also some of her scenes were cut. 2010 /2011 - Will and Gypsy - Ruined their characters and their happy ending. 2016/2017 - Heath and Bianca - I know it was to tie in with the Revenge and All or Nothing specials but it seemed pointless. If they wanted a Braxton to return it should have been Kyle to fix his negative exit. 2019 - Jett - Was it really necessary to bring him back as it just seemed a plot device to give John and Marilyn a storyline.
  9. If Morag was never seen again after 1989, or even 1993, then I don’t think anyone would worry about her being killed off-screen. I don’t see how the show is heartless by not killing a character off-screen, they didn’t kill Eileen Clarke off in Neighbours when actress died around the time she last appeared on show, they just had her move to England off-screen. I don’t see why they need to comment on someone before 2011 as it’s nothing to do with present storylines. Finlay was mentioned just a little while ago, and so was Ailsa.
  10. I think Ben and Maggie are the best written Mother and Father couple in a long time. Both have their personalities other then being typical one dimensional parent characters like Joel & Natalie and Rhys & Shelley. Both have had their own storylines outside of the family with Maggie's cancer and Ben in trouble with the law. I don’t think Shelley or Natalie had there own storyline that didn’t involved family other then their exit storyline and Natalie did have belief thing about rumours of an affair between her and Jesse which turned out to be rubbish.
  11. Characters like Michael and Tom didn’t need storylines all the time as I found they worked well being a backbone to the family and bay. But I think they gave Tom plenty do with it being hard for him to find work and thinking Pippa had cheated on him with the shark catcher. As much as I grew to like Michael I would rather Tom had stayed. But I think it all comes down to TPTB of the show at the time not being interesting in giving adult character much tension. Sure I know adult characters did get storylines from time to time, but I think at that point in time they wanted the prime focus to be on the teens, and that's why characters like Neville/Floss/Morag were dropped and Fiona Spence decided to leave. After Celia left they didn't bring in another older character as a regular until 1994 when Irene became a regular.
  12. No he said she was out of county and Alf said it beforehand she was sick.
  13. I think Dean is better suited for Ziggy and actually I think Dean is more mature than Brody as Dean lot stronger in not giving in to things. As Brody will always be easily lead look at when he got hooked into drugs and got married when he clearly was never 100% committed . Sure Dean might have his faults. But Dean is far more up front with things and can say no to people better.
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