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  1. I know Hunter may not be redeemed in the way of being a hero at anytime but I think he redeemed himself in a more realistic fashion and that he just became more nice and decent person once he had people like Leah and Zac in his life as a better example than his mother. I do realise Hunter didn't do himself any favors by keeping quiet on his actions but I think him admitting at court it was him and not Billie was a step in the right direction and Hunter was willing to go to the police earlier to admit to the fire and diner safe being stolen and Charlotte stopped him. Hunter also helped John when he collapsed and at the time when John was putting blame oh him with the fires. Hunter definitely became one of my favorite characters, he was a complex character. I really liked his brief friendship with Hunter and Ryder . It's a shame it didn't last longer.
  2. Debra never said she disagrees with the show's drama and she said that she completely understands why the show has become more dramatic. She just said she misses family issues storyline’s.
  3. In 2009 I think they should have made her a guest role as Pippa could have stayed longer to look after the Campbell’s while Irene was in jail and then help Irene after she got out of prison not to fall back into drinking . But unfortunately Debra might not have been able to do a long guest role otherwise if Debra was able to stick around longer I think they would have had Pippa back for longer guest runs like Morag .
  4. I feel that Colby has been very underused other than looking after his sister and a brief thing with Mackenzie. Also the only time he really interacts with other characters is to do with police work or to do with Bella.
  5. Also too you just had to look at how many characters came in by being linked to the Braxtons in some shape or form (Tamara/Natalie/Josh/Andy/Phoebe/Ricky/Billie and even Matt by push with being from Mangrove River. That's why it felt so awkward with Ash and Phoebe hanging around so long after the Braxtons left as they just both felt a bit pointless.
  6. But H&A was off air at the time, at least in Australia.
  7. All of Kyle love interests were ether people who come in by being connected by Braxtons with Tamara and Phoebe who was linked to his back story and then brief flings were all guest character first with Robin and then crazy bad girl Charlotte and Billie and Isa for his exit storyline. Kyle definitely had weirdest run as Kyle never had screen at Irene’s house or School or inside Summer Bay House . Not to mention he never went to wedding or Funeral unless it was one Braxtons or character that was linked with Braxtons.
  8. I hope we get another teen like Annie. I like how Annie was somewhat more dull and a bit more of a needy child while definitely growing a lot by the end. . However I was always surprised that Irene wasn’t too bothered about letting one of her more needy foster children go live on the other side of the world. I know Irene knew Annie was going to live with family and Irene knew family herself by staying with them for few weeks. But still it might have been nice to see Irene show some doubt about letting one of her more needy foster child to be living on other side of world and felt rather rush to point where seemed like they just wanted get Annie permanent exit out way.
  9. I think it’s good to have break from too many teens.
  10. But she had a storyline this past year! Problem is I thought it was almost too much of repeat of her storyline in 2009.
  11. Sorry I missed that bit on you saying her occasional appearance on Neighbours and thought the play was in Sydney. But I do think Debra would return to H&A as a guest if asked and wasn’t busy. But unfortunately I can’t see that happening at the moment unless they decide to bring characters back for a reunion if Irene has 70th or other Summer Bay town celebration.
  12. She’s not on Neighbours anymore, she was just appearing as a guest . I don’t think she's been in the Harry Potter play for too long. The Harry Potter play is in Glebe I believe and that’s only a few suburbs away from the H&A studio in Eveleigh. Debra said in an interview that she misses more family simple stories. But she said she definitely understands why the show had to become more dramatic and that the show had to keep up with the times. No one wants to watch simple stuff at 7pm anymore . But I think Debra wouldn’t turn down a guest appearance if offered. I guess Debra knows the main reason why they haven’t brought her back in a long time is that Pippa was brought back mostly because of Sally. Now Sally is no longer on the show she doesn’t expect to be asked back.
  13. I doubt Michael would ever have existed on the show if Tom had stayed.
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