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  1. I regret not voting this time round. Can't wait for 2022. Great work by Dan and the team adding up the votes and providing the results. It's a great read.
  2. Dodge is the greatest villain hands down. He was even more deranged in his return in 1995. Both were psychotic, but Brad was a twisted individual to say the least.
  3. Yes, vaguely when I think about it. Oddly enough, I don't remember it that well.
  4. How could I forget Corey? I've drawn a blank on Liam and Martha being together at any point.
  5. No one caused it. Started from fire in the oven, and the police report stated it was an electrical fire. Maddy Jevic portrays Jai's mother, Amber.
  6. 2005. The Stalker! Enough said! Alf's 60th and the return of many characters from the past. The Hunter family being the forefront of the show. The Holden family arriving later in the year. Jesse and Josie's failed wedding. Marc blackmailing Josie. Leah and Dan getting married. Irene had a juicy storyline involving Corey Henderson after she was a jury member of his father's trial. Hayley/Scott/Kim paternity mix up. Return of Josh West. Flynn being diagnosed with advanced melanoma.
  7. In such a short space of time, it would have to be Evie. Ethan (her father) Denny Oscar Hannah Apart from Zac, she essentially lost all her blood relatives.
  8. Martha Jesse McGregor Jack Holden Ash Nader Cam Reynolds Lewis Rigg Jonah Abraham (later became known as Michael Abraham) Roman Harris Hugo Austin
  9. Charlotte King. Braxton's father (Danny) re-emerging in their lives, and the fallout of discovering another brother (Kyle) they weren't aware of. Sally's return to the Bay. The growth of Matt Page.
  10. Justin's supposed to be about 36. Tori would be 34 now, as she celebrated her 30th in 2016. Colby was born in 1991, so he'd be 29.
  11. Sarah auditioned for both Kat Chapman and Scarlett Snow.
  12. Irene, Sally or Don. Special mentions to Bobby, Marilyn and Leah.
  13. Alf was 45 in 1988 as you say, and then he celebrated his 60th in 2005. I would like Alf's 80th to be in 2025. It would make more sense to have Irene celebrate her 70th in 2023.
  14. Roo and Sally. Gypsy and Hayley. Casey and Kyle. Ric and Aden.
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