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  1. ^ I can remember him appearing in an episode in 2006, when Ric was working as the school janitor (he dropped out and wasn't working at Moran Motors at this stage). It's a shame that they killed off Axel. I thought there was still a lot to explore with him.
  2. He's been charged with various offences. Like all criminal matters, the presumption of innocence needs to be upheld. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-11/craig-mclachlan-charged-with-sex-offences-by-victoria-police/10708742
  3. Very sad news. Loved his portrayal of Gary Samuels. I also preferred his role of Scott Robinson over Jason Donovan. Shocked to hear this, but sadly cancer doesn't discrimate anyone :(
  4. No, the knockout matches start tomorrow.
  5. Group stage matches are all completed. Round of 16 matches: France vs. Argentina Uruguay vs. Portugal Spain vs. Russia Croatia vs. Denmark Brazil vs. Mexico Belgium vs. Japan Sweden vs. Switzerland Colombia vs. England
  6. I actually made a massive mistake earlier assuming teams from Group C would play Group B teams. As a matter of fact, Group C teams will encounter Group D teams in the last 16 so everything I stated about Australia encountering Spain, Portugal or Iran should be ignored. So if Australia somehow defeat Peru, and France can defeat Denmark (hopefully by 2+ goals) then Australia will probably play Croatia in the last 16. As it stands for the knockout stages: Uruguay v Portugal Spain v Russia The Group C matches start in 30 minutes. Sorry about the error.
  7. I second this. That was a wonderful tribute, Dan.
  8. A lot would need to go Australia's way. We have to beat Peru in our last group match, and rely on France beating Denmark. Then a string of upsets would need to occur in Group B for us to get Iran. It's likely we'll play Spain or Portugal if we can reach the knockout stages. Time will tell how it unfolds.
  9. Spain would be the most difficult. Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo is always a threat, so Iran would be the easiest out of the three.
  10. England is in Group G, and Australia is in Group C. Since Australia cannot finish on top of Group C, it will play the top-placed team of Group B in the last 16 knockout match. This could be anyone from Portugal, Spain or Iran.
  11. Denmark and Australia ends in a 1-1 draw. I felt Australia was the better team, and it's disappointing we couldn't win it in the end.
  12. The tributes to Cornelia from fellow cast mates (past and present) goes to show how well-loved and respected she was by everyone who associated with her. Nicholas Bishop (Peter Baker) Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers) Georgie Parker (Roo Stewart) Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts) Esther Anderson (Charlie Buckton) Luke Jacobz (Angelo Rosetta) Paul O'Brien (Jack Holden) David Jones-Roberts (Xavier Austin) Kimberley Cooper (Gypsy Nash) Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton) Sam Atwell (Kane Phillips) Fiona Spence (Celia Stewart) Socratis Otto (Detective Robert Robertson)
  13. Incredibly sad news. It feels surreal she's no longer with us. Vale Cornelia Frances
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Loved the character of Charlotte. A multi-layered character who's downfall was fascinating to watch, but I think with her being the main story of the second half of 2015 it meant that the show went through a resurgence during that period of time, when the first half of 2015 was notably average. I don't think she was an inherently bad person, but bad decisions mainly through the motivation of protecting Hunter had manifested itself and things spiralled out of control very quickly. Great character who left a lasting impact on other characters. Still love re-watching old episodes when she was on.
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