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  3. I was watching Shane and Angel's last week together and the foreshadowing in the episode before he dies is so poignant and sort of underlines what it is I used to love about the show. There was always an emotionally endearing under current, the music during that scene when Shane tells Angel that 'he'll never leave her' is so 'on point'. I hope these episodes return soon!
  4. It's not unusual for them to re-create the theme for promotional purposes, they did it back in 1999 too:
  5. I agree, I think it definitely brought out the worst in both character. I found myself disliking both Sally and Jack during their relationship - I thought it was pretty horrible to watch and it just felt uncomfortable and jarring because the actors have zero romantic chemistry Imo. Basically Shane and Angel's story is a romantic tragedy. Started off so innocently and ended up hellish. I didn't quite pick up on it originally and I just loved all of the twists and turns back in 95, but this time around seeing it from Shane's entrance all the way up to his death I've found it all pretty frustrating & depressing to watch it fall apart since they got married. It's been addictive though and for the most part it's been well written and acted. Melissa George has done really well over the past few episodes.
  6. Monday's was a bittersweet episode knowing what we know, the last scene was sad. It's been good to see the romance between them for the last few months, but makes it a lot more tragic.
  7. Does anyone know the song that was playing a few episodes ago when Ailsa first heard the news report against her before the ad break - she is in the diner kitchen listening to the radio and the song is being played on the jukebox.
  8. I didn't remember it so it came as a bit of a surprise, especially after quite an emotional episode.
  9. Wow the ending of that episode with Saul behind Selina is creepy.
  10. I've been trying to find the song played when Mandy left with no luck, such a great song.
  11. I think the new 'Early Years' represents the show up until the year 2000 for me. But then there's also that period between 2001-2004 where it still felt like H&A before it totally changed format in 2005.
  12. ^It looks different from the original design but still clearly recognizable and fits in with the interior sets. I think they should definitely bring it back. They could then have scenes take place in the front garden or sitting on that terrace. Also I assume that the view of the beach from the front door is still as beautiful as ever.
  13. How were you fooled by that? It's nonsense, particularly if you follow Alan and Lynne on social media, most people would know immediately that it's fake because it's so out of character.
  14. It survived it but Imo the show missed that familiarity, especially when it was during a period of high change (2000-2001). With Ailsa and the Stewart House both gone within the space of 6 months it altered a dynamic within the show. And I personally wish that the set was still around and Alf was still living in it now along with Roo and whoever else they may have taken in. It probably would have become as iconic as Alf and Summer Bay House. Losing the Stewart House and Ailsa coincided with a shift Alf's character too and he's seemed quite unstable since then I think.
  15. When I started watching again this year I was confused by what was going on with Leah's house. I just assumed that there would be zero chance of them getting rid of such a well established and recognized set and that they were all at Summer Bay House temporarily. Like you, I really like the family dynamic at SBH and it feels the most 'right' than it has in years. But I definitely see the old 'Nash House' as significant to the show. Getting rid of older sets whether they be outdoor or interiors all help to chip away at the continuity and familiarity which is a negative. They need to renovate it and Leah could sell it on to another family perhaps.
  16. Back to basics? That's when the show went off the rails and was veering even further away from the basic Home and Away format Imo
  17. I was looking at the exterior of the Stewart Store and to me it looks like a building in the middle of a street that has been cornered off by the art department (basically erecting a partition across the pavement). Whereas on screen I always got the impression that it was a building all on its own somewhere across the road from the beach.
  18. ^I hope so! It would be great if they uploaded entire seasons on YouTube/Netflix at some point in the future but I'm happy with what we have at the moment. It's nice to watch all of the episodes in sequence without having the option to jump about into the 'future'. I'm still a couple of weeks behind but I've been having binge sessions and I'm really enjoying it all. I do agree that some of the female/male dynamics are generalised and cringe worthy sometimes though. They do that a lot though, it's like whenever a religious person is in the show they are seen as 'strange/weird' or the nerdy types are always wearing glasses or carry a bit of extra weight on them. I hate those stereotypes, it's embarrassing really. I find Shane and Angel interesting and enjoyable to watch and it's not just nostalgia I don't think. The chemestry between them just make those scenes so engaging. It's interesting to see the 1993 season draw to a close as we gear up towards the 1994 season. It's a real treat to be at this point in the show because I say it every year but I never thought that 7TWO would reach 1994, I just never thought we'd see the 90's repeated again. Long may it continue. It's really nice to watch something that instantly takes you back to that time and all the memories that go with it. It reminds me of what Australia was like in the 90's.
  19. I'm really behind at the moment... up to 1350. Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying having Irene in the show! Also very pleased that the storyline with Morag is over. Morag was great but I was getting so bored of Ailsa's part because I felt like it was just too repetitive. Glad to see Adam's grief and guilt has been written realistically and continued on at a fairly realistic pace.
  20. Obviously they wanted to keep him in the show otherwise they would have got rid of him whenever they wanted. He was a popular character, people liked that he was in H&A. I've enjoyed his storylines so I'm glad that he's there, I presume the feedback they received back in 1993 proved that people liked having him around. Plus I think he's a pretty good child actor.
  21. What happened? Well you usually get the what's happening in the "next ep", but this time they just had some views of the H&A ocean landscape with the old theme music. Not sure if everyone seen it, but I watched it on the Seven website so you can prolly still check it out. That happens at the end of every episode, but they just don't show it in Australia because they want to show all of the promos (the UK get it every day as far as I'm aware). You're more likely to see it if you watch on the PLUS7 site in Australia.
  22. It looks like the shape of the house has changed? There used to be more of an 'L' shape wasn't there? It matches the interior now more though.
  23. I feel quite sympathetic towards Sam. I don't really like how Greg just left him like that, it doesn't seem very in character (perhaps that's with hindsight though, knowing how long it takes for him to return). I guess he's gone with the intention of coming to pick him back up once he's found a place and settled in. I still feel like it's really harsh on Sam considering his history. He had some stability with Bobby finally, then his dad gets married to his new mum and he's in a happy family for a short time. Then Bobby and Greg split up and he has to deal with the idea of having a split family again, before feeling excited and happy to have them back together. Bobby dies and he feels like Greg's the only person he's got left and now he's gone. It's a lot for a kid to go through. I'm glad that we got to focus on Fisher's grief, I was beginning to think that he had got over it fairly quickly. Some very sweet scenes between Sam and Don over the past week. Also pleased to see Michael and Pippa supporting Adam. And now Pippa's passing on the lesson she learned to Sally. I agree with you Dee, that it was a shame we didn't see Sally's reaction to Bobby's death. The Gloria storyline was very badly timed, I don't understand why they didn't include Bobby's death into her storyline to snap her out of being so insecure. Great to have Morag back and very interesting to see how she is at this point. I genuinely find it difficult to read her and that may have been the point. But those facial expressions and that sharp tone of voice is creeping back and I really liked that blunt conversation when she told Ailsa that everyone believed that she was in Summer Bay for the right reasons.
  24. I think that's the point. We saw Irene develop realistically so that by the time she went to uni in the early 00's we believed that it took a lot of hard work and she was very humble that the working class, once alcoholic Irene was now a uni student. But like I said, once 2005 came around (with the arrival of Dan Bennett) all of that character development went out of the window and she's just become someone completely different now, she's not even a shadow of her former self, she's a new character. I think the writers don't write for Irene anymore, they write with Lynne McGranger's personalty in mind. They've tried in the past few years to incorporate elements back into the character like her country and western singing, but it falls flat because it's used as a short term plot device instead of genuinely writing Irene as Irene on a consistent basis.
  25. j.laur5, on 08 Feb 2015 - 6:23 PM, said: It's completely out of character if you look at who she was/where she came from. Irene was a working class woman with working class ideologies. I just don't think people like Irene change as dramatically as she has in H&A and lose pretty much all of the characteristics that gave the character so much life in the first place, particularly because all of those changes took place within ten years without any reason on screen. I just think it's bad writing and inconsistent writing. When Dan Bennett came on board the flow of characterisation and consistency was damaged and Irene was one of the victims of that I think. But that is just your guess, it hasn't been address on screen or as part of the character development. It's just happened without explanation or reason.
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