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  2. dncllpyk

    Fuller House

    Its very good and the twist in episode 9 was good. I binge watched the first half of season 5 last weekend
  3. dncllpyk

    Fuller House

    The reboot of Full House is good. Its on Netflix. (So is Full House). It has five seasons (the second half of season 5 will be coming next year.) Its about DJ and her husband died. So Kimmy and Steph (as well as Kimmys daughter Ramona) move in with DJ to help her raise her three boys Jackson, Max and Tommy. Most of the original cast returned for the reboot. Not the Olsen twins though. Steve also returned.
  4. I love how Sophie & Patrick are going out in real life. They are so cute.
  5. Caramilk chocolate Hungry Jacks Lunch for today
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