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  1. Robbo needs to start applying some common sense to the situation.I'm not sure what's motivating him, whether it's fear of losing Jasmine or guilt at everything he put her through (unlike with Tori, he did kind of invite her into the mess that's his life), but anyone with eyes could see that he's not making things easier for her, he's just upsetting her.Just because Jasmine doesn't want children of her own, it doesn't mean she's just going to ignore the child that circumstances have landed them with. I thought Leah being in love with Justin was pretty much a given (she basically said as much to Ava just last week), so I'm not sure why it was treated as some major revelation.They continue to make a good team, so hopefully it won't be a cause of angst. Willow and Alex do seem to have moved quickly from hanging out as friends and seeing what happens to smooching in the office.I do feel sorry for Willow here, since she's got no idea how she's supposed to act, but she probably should have read the situation better and not insisted on an intense conversation in the middle of the hospital, which has just left everything up in the air.I wonder if Alex has past experience of falling for someone who just sees it as an experiment.
  2. I'm continuing to enjoy Leah and Justin as a unit and Ava remains cute as a button (as, of course, does Buddy!).It's nice that Brody and Raffy continue to be included, although the promo indicates Mason isn't going to be there for the family get-together, which defeats the objective somewhat.Getting an update on Raffy from other avenues as well of course, although it's hard for me to care about Marilyn's umpteenth bout of tears about no longer being part of her life: We've had years of this. John has indeed had a bit of a turnaround with regards to Ben operating out of the surf club, but hey, good on him.Ben at least had the sense to talk to Alex (off screen) before just going back on his medication.It remains to be seen whether it'll be as simple as him being able to cope with the side effects now he knows what to expect, but it is good that there continues to be no quick fix, with not even him getting his life from before the depression back reversing things. Robbo continues to make things hard on himself: Justin was more comfortable around Grace here, but Robbo whisked her away pretty quickly.Irene was another one who took a hit over the whole Luc business, as well as her less-than-successful involvement with Bella, but she gets points for good intentions.
  3. That's not the way I'm reading it. She almost seems to be saying that it was never going to work, but they knew the fans wanted it so they gave them a big wedding as a consolation.Possibly the interview's influenced by the way things ultimately went (Bobby being the rebound, them both wanting different things out of life and not really being compatible) but there's not much in the way of an alternative viewpoint.
  4. Karen may be overplaying her hand here... Looking forward to more.
  5. Episode count this week:Roo remains MIA, for the third week running. It's ironic that, after all that fuss wanting to see Grace, now that he and Robbo have smoothed things over, Justin can't stand to be around her.Especially since Robbo is in full-on over-protective mode and could use some support: Whilst I'm sure Willow will appreciate the help at the gym, he needs to trust other people with Grace rather than cart her around at work.I didn't actually think Justin was that hard on Leah in the circumstances so I'm glad she understood. No magic fix for Ben, but he's got people around to catch him.Him going back on the medication won't be a magic cure-all either, as he found last time.He talked about changing the dosage but that shouldn't happen overnight, and dealing with the side effects on top of the anxiety and depression isn't going to leave him in the best frame of mind to be running the board shop.It feels like there's potentially a parallel to be made between Ben and Marilyn, but her storyline still feels a bit undercooked.
  6. Okay, so it seems Dean going back to work for Ben rather than Mackenzie was more problematic than I thought yesterday, but not for long as Mackenzie has a solution.I'm not quite sure why Mackenzie doesn't have many fans, as I quite like her, even if I do think it's a shame she's been paired with lost cause Colby. I really liked her and Dean's sibling scene at the caravan park with them both feeling out how to behave around each other.When is Dean planning to start charging for the surf lessons anyway? The plan was to give some free lessons to start with to build a reputation, but it's been going on for weeks, and it feels like the longer they're free, the harder it will be to say "Oh yes, you have to pay now." Wouldn't it have been smarter to offer a free introductory lesson to everyone and have them pay from the second one? I think it was mentioned a while back that someone had been arrested in Indonesia for the drug smuggling and we know it was the people running that factory Ben used.Anyway, that's almost a side issue as it turns out getting his old life back isn't a quick fix for Ben, as Maggie warned, and he's in danger of being overwhelmed again.John continues to do quite well as a substitute Alf. It's fair to assume that Georgie Parker was suddenly unavailable.I'm wondering if it would have been better to say Roo was on a course rather than constantly playing a game of "Yeah, I just saw her, she's around somewhere." (It would leave Ryder on his own with Leah at the Morgans', but he's eighteen so it shouldn't be a problem.) The result today was that Ryder got drafted in as a confidante for Marilyn, which was probably the most interesting thing in that storyline. Nice to get confirmation Raffy knows about Tori, which has been a bit vague up until now.
  7. After being less than supportive last episode, Irene redeemed herself by having a decent chat with Willow, who wasn’t really being fair on Alex. So they chatted and agreed to hang out and if it develops…I dunno, I’m reserving judgement on this. More of Colby being a rubbish brother while somehow acting like he’s in the right. Maybe my dislike of the character is affecting my opinion, but that’s what happens when a character is consistently portrayed as selfish and hypocritical. It also feels like there’s been no real attempt to convince us that he and Mackenzie are somehow important enough that Bella’s feelings don’t matter. In fact, Colby came across as such a smug jerk that I’m left wondering why Mackenzie hasn’t just cut ties: She wasn’t even taken in by his blatant lie about Bella being “OKish” about them but went along with it anyway. Well, good news for Ben about the charges finally being dropped. Dean’s dilemma seems a bit manufactured though. He’s only got the job at Salt because he lost his job at the board ship, so why doesn’t he just quit and go back there (assuming Ben will pay him enough to live on)?
  8. Mason back having to be the voice of reason again because there aren't any other Morgans around to take the opposite road to Justin, although at least he had Leah there to help with the final push.It was still Justin that had to make the first move but at least Robbo was receptive once he took a calm approach.Of course, it seems communication isn't Robbo's strong point, as he makes assumptions about what Jasmine wants, when even Colby's noticed the pained looks she has when he dismisses her. There seems to have been some rather dodgy editing lately, with scenes being shown in what's clearly not the intended order and characters teleporting from place to place: Last week, there was an episode where Maggie seemed to be jumping back and forth between dealing with Blake and dealing with Ben.Here it was even more egregious: Colby goes to the surf club and agrees to a game of pool with Bella, then he's at the flat with Robbo and leaves him alone with Justin, then he and Bella are finishing their game of pool, and it's obvious the flat scene was meant to come before the two surf club scenes.I wasn't entirely happy with what Willow said to him: There's nothing wrong with putting Bella before his love life, but Willow was right that he shouldn't let Bella think it's over for good with Mackenzie if he's planning to start things up again once she's back on track.Ultimately, Colby ends up doing the worst of both worlds: Having spent precisely one day putting Bella first (Alex mentions their encounter was "yesterday"), he decides to carry on seeing Mackenzie in secret. With her and Alex having avoided the subject of the kiss until now, Willow decides for a re-run and gets turned down.Nice to get a bit of back story for Alex.I've no idea what Irene's expression was trying to convey at the end though. It was probably unintentional, but given the show's track record it was hard not to interpret it as "We don't have that sort of behaviour round here, girlie." She looked more disapproving than shocked.
  9. "Why is it always about Robbo?"Justin says during this episode: It's obvious from the recap that there's basically only going to be one storyline today, which is frustrating if it's one you're not that invested in.I don't agree with criticising Justin for not being at the hospital: They're not going to let him be at Tori's side 24/7, he has Ava to look after and (at least in his mind) Grace to look out for, and there's not much he can do there anyway. But I think he had even less of a point here than he did on Friday, although I still have a lot of sympathy for him.I felt like Mason avoided the question a bit: No-one could have predicted or preventing Tori's stroke, but who knows what difference it would have made if she'd been in hospital to receive immediate emergency treatment rather than in the middle of nowhere? (Not that her being there was entirely Robbo's fault, of course.) Perhaps the biggest problem is than whenever Justin's around, Robbo's acting like a nutcase, so it's perhaps not surprising that he doesn't trust him.I was undecided about Mason going against Justin's wishes and taking Ava to see Grace, which could have backfired, but it's interesting that Robbo welcomed there in a calm and friendly manner because that's how they approached him.When Justin came barging in making demands for the second time in as many episodes, Robbo acted the same way.I can't help thinking that Robbo could have defused the situation slightly by just letting Justin see Grace, but paranoia and macho pride got in the way and he seems to have regressed somewhat by the end.I think it possibly doesn't help that we kind of missed the start of this: Justin and Robbo were more-or-less civil to each other start of last week, and it'd be interesting to know just what made things so bad before they came back to the Bay and just how cavalier Robbo was about making all the decisions.
  10. Episode count this week: For the second week running, Roo is nowhere to be seen even though she's meant to be in town. Once again, I can only conclude that Bella is what Colby's made her. This whole "us against the world" attitude is one that he, along with Dean and Willow, has fostered in her.Useful for him when it involves her keeping quiet about him being a murderer, not so useful when he wants to hang out with someone who's not in on the secret.Bella is perfectly correct in one way: They will never be a normal family, and they are too broken. This isn't going to be fixed with a few nights of pizza and movie, and yet again the uncomfortable truth is that the best thing Colby could do for her is turn himself in and let her grow up with someone who isn't her father's murderer.She needs fewer people like Colby in her life and more people like Ryder. But once again, I can also conclude that the people making the show don't see it like that and are trying to portray Colby as the good guy. Like Leah, I can see both sides with Justin and Robbo, although my sympathies lie more with Justin.I think both of them are going too far.Justin shouldn't be trying to take Grace off Robbo, but he sees it as protecting Tori's interest when Robbo seems (at least to him) to be pretending she doesn't exist.Robbo shouldn't be cutting the Morgans out of Grace's life, but it's clear that his overprotective/controlling tendencies have cut in again and he doesn't want to let her out of his sight.Justin storming into the flat demanding Grace didn't help, but Robbo's almost murderous response shows he's still not the most stable person.Ideally, the two of them should be working together to look after Grace and make sure she knows all her family.I hope they come to that conclusion soon, because I'm getting disturbing flashbacks of sitting through what seemed like month after month after month of VJ and Ash fighting over Luc.
  11. Well, he celebrated his birthday in the finale the following year, in December, and the following season didn't carry straight on.
  12. I think Justin told Leah to phone Brody on Monday, and we heard Mason on the phone to him yesterday.I hope he's clued in Raffy. Ziggy being annoying again, as she decides that not only is she going to interfere with the surf business, she's going to arrange time off for Dean from his paying job as well.Mackenzie should have spoken to Dean about it, but at least she was able to give him the shifts back.The frustrating thing is that the episode somehow seemed to end up painting Ziggy as the one in the right, despite Ben and Dean giving her a telling off, and she ended it a bit too smug.I was disappointed that, after that build-up, we didn't actually get to see Ben's therapy session and he's suddenly back to running surfing lessons.(And I felt rather sorry for those students, having three instructors over the course of the lesson!) I'm not in favour of Colby and Mackenzie by any means, although for the opposite reason to here: I think she should run a mile.As she says, nothing's changed.As for Bella's reaction...my first instinct is to say that it's their choice, and it is, but at the same time Colby has taken on the responsibility of her, and this past year has really not been a good one for her psychologically and left her with a lot of trust and abandonment issues, while surrounded by a bunch of very poor role models whose attitude is "Do as I say, not as I do." So I think Colby does need to start thinking about what's best for her, but at the same time giving her what she wants just because she blows up isn't going to help. Willow and Alex...to be honest, it felt like filler, but it was well-acted at least.
  13. I found Ziggy extremely annoying in that episode, at least with regards Dean (she handled things okay with her parents).She was pretty much leading him around like a dog, telling him when to do surfing lessons, when to pose for photos and when to call round and service her, and not letting him have a minute to himself.It was only a matter of time before he snapped, and we're probably past the point where the free surfing lessons are doing any good as well.At least he took the time out to have a word with Ben and get him to see the psychologist.It's a start. Mason was in a very difficult position here.Irene was right that putting on a smile and telling Ava everything's fine isn't doing any good, but at the end of the day, he's the uncle and it wasn't his place to decide to tell her off his own back.So I think he did the right thing calling Justin and getting him to do it.
  14. Not looking too good for Tori at the moment.I guess it's because they need something to cover the rest of Penny's maternity leave, but it still feels like that family can't catch a break.The thing that frustrated me most was the continued sidelining of Ava, did no-one learn anything from when they used to do this to Raffy? The most ridiculous thing was Leah sending her away so she could tell Marilyn things that Ava already knows, which didn't serve any purpose except to make it look like they're keeping secrets.I was annoyed too at Marilyn's child snatcher tendencies targeting another Morgan girl and glad Leah turned her down: It was difficult enough Ava being left with Leah, who she doesn't really know, without her being handed over to Marilyn, who she doesn't know at all.Mason is a much better choice of guardian.I think I said before the break that we haven't seen much of them together, but the scenes at the top of the episode showed that he's good with her. I'm glad Ryder and Maggie showed a certain amount of sensitivity where Blake was concerned, which may have led to him accepting they were doing what they had to.I kind of hope that is the last we hear of him: It adds a certain level of discomfort if we never know the outcome and whether things actually did work out for the best.Seem to be some inconsistencies: Yesterday, we were told Ryder had one more exam at midday, but here he says he has another exam tomorrow. John is definitely stepping up as the town's elder statesman in Alf's absence, with both Ben and Ryder.I can't 100% disagree with Ben throwing the pills away if they were just making things worse, as long as he makes sure he gets some sort of help: Handling it on his own wasn't working.
  15. Aaaand we're back! Having a bit of a gap after last episode's dramatic events possibly added to a bit of an "old news" feel to it: We're known for six weeks that all the bad guys have been caught, so it's a bit hard to care that Justin, Tori and Jasmine didn't know.I don't mind the name Grace, but the list of possible names Tori read out, taken together, did sound a bit...pompous. Did she not like any names that weren't so on the nose with what they meant? Anyway, it seems the drama isn't over yet by any means, as right on the verge of everything be all right, Tori's suddenly taken ill again.Can that family not catch a break? On balance, I think Ryder did the right thing in telling Maggie the truth, but I don't think it's as black and white as John painted it so I hope we get at least some nuance going forward.Blake's home life seems pretty abusive so I think more care needs to be taken that simply expelling him and reporting him to the police, no matter that what he did was wrong.I would hope there'd be some sort of soft treading and maybe getting social services involved as soon as possible so he's safe when the truth comes out.
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