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  1. I seem to remember the same actor played the priest Christine Jones wanted to exorcise Melody (Father Brian?), although I'm not entirely convinced that's the same character given that he's referred to as a reverend in all other appearances.
  2. I found my sympathy shifting from Jasmine to Justin for possibly the first time here. I don't think Jasmine's a threat but at best she's being two-faced.She probably didn't have any plan beyond wanting to spend time with Grace but she did rig it so she was spending as much time with her as possible and not caring that people didn't know where she was. And Justin's obviously learning, as he managed to stay composed and take Grace home without causing a scene. Nikau did give at least some explanation for his attitude towards Ben, although it feels like he immediately took against him when he hadn't really been hanging off Gemma or indeed done anything except say hello. Ari and Tane both treated Mackenzie pretty poorly here, talking about her as if she wasn't there.Tane's smirk when Ari walked out did suggest he was doing it mostly for his benefit. I assume the hospital called Tori as soon as they got the 000 call for John, so she'd be there waiting for him, rather than waiting until he arrived at hospital before calling and then making him wait for a doctor.Anyway, it's hard to imagine him being out of action permanently.Alf arrived back just in time to be Marilyn's shoulder.
  3. Wasn't it the Catholic guy that did that? The one that Jesse knew?
  4. Two Sams could be confusing! Frank and Roo continuing to be apart...
  5. So did Michael. Weirdly, I remember absolutely nothing about Tom's funeral. Did he have one?
  6. Thanks, both of you. I guess things were heading that way for a while even if they both had a hard time admitting it!
  7. Alf's episode count this week:Four. It's like he's never been away. Well, the hangi mostly went well. Actually, thinking about it, "mostly" might be pushing it, but it achieved the main aim of introducing themselves to the community (ie four regulars and a garden full of extras) and showing them a good time.Ari and Tane's truce seemed to be well and truly broken, although they did work together without thinking when John was taken ill.Up until now, Mackenzie has been firm if polite in rebuffing Tane's advances but here it didn't seem quite so certain.Which is a shame.I'm not sure why Nikau seemed to be giving Ben death glares: I don't recall them having anything to do with each other in the past and there didn't seem anything particularly incendiary about his interaction with Gemma.It makes sense that Gemma would invite him given that she and Ari went along to his birthday party but she missed out on a lot of the gossip.Oh, and we learn for the first time that Mikaere was the oldest brother: I kind of assumed he was the middle one. I found Justin more than a little ridiculous, frankly. I mean, I understand his discomfort but if he's going to try and claim that Jasmine caused Grace to start teething then he's lost me. It continues to be ironic that this started with Jasmine imagining a threat to Grace and now Justin seems to be doing the same.It is curious that she might have lost it at Willow and Colby and been snappy with Irene, but Jasmine seems pretty calm and more like her old self around Tori and Grace. Do they have a good effect on her or is she putting on an act? Anyway, good that Justin's decided to try and get some perspective, but if the promo's anything to go by, it won't last long.
  8. Just stating the facts, ma'am.(And hey, it was sort of his fault!) Jasmine did indeed overreact with Willow and was quite paranoid in the way she behaved, but, genuinely this time, I do think she knows it.So I kind of do and don't get why Justin's behaving the way he is.I can understand why seeing Jasmine like that was a bit scary, but she was just behaving normally at the house.Sure, take over looking after Grace now he's there, but stage-whispering "Get rid of her" to Tori, which she clearly heard, just felt cruel and unkind and is unlikely to do her any good.She is getting a bit too attached to Grace, as if seeing her as a substitute for the child she thought she was going to have, but just cutting her off is not a solution. Ben and Maggie were both being ridiculous.Ben can't leave Maggie and then come back once a week to mow the lawn, and Maggie can't insist Ben stay in a different half of the Bay to her.Anyway, Maggie going to see Coco for a bit might help. Bella...I must admit, whilst I was disappointed at the lack of follow-through on her therapy, I haven't missed her much either, and I think that's partly down to the fact that I don't tend to enjoy her scenes.I think I miss Mason and Coco more because I think the family dynamic would be better if they were still around.I'm not really missing yet more scenes of Colby being a bad brother.I guess it'd be nice if Ryder had someone that wasn't Roo to talk to though...
  9. Off the top of my head, I seem to remember Shane and short-lived Ross foster child Kevin breaking into it for a dare around 1993!
  10. Thank you for the comments, Kristen, Chair and CaptainHulk! I hope you enjoy this. CHAPTER FIFTEEN Sitting in a hospital corridor, Shannon nervously ran her fingers through the loose-fitting top and skirt she’d taken to wearing.Maternity wear was still a few weeks off but it would come.Shane, who was sitting next to her, shot her a look.“Are you okay?” “Yeah, just…never done this before.”Shannon suddenly realised she was being insensitive.“Sorry, I know that you…” “No, it’s okay,”Shane reassured her,“I get what you mean.” They heard the clicking of heels on floor as Kelly came down the corridor towards them.“Shane, Shannon?I asked to do the scan, if that’s okay with you?” Shannon looked at Shane, who nodded.She looked back at Kelly with a smile.“Yeah, it’ll be good to have a friendly face.” “Good.This way then.”Kelly led the way into the examination room.“Lie down on the bed.” Shannon did as instructed.Shane sat down next to her and took her hand.She hadn’t been sure if he was going to do that and found it surprisingly pleasing.She glanced at him and he gave her a reassuring smile. “Roll your top up,”Kelly instructed her.She rubbed the gel onto Shannon’s stomach and then applied the scanner. “Is everything okay?”Shannon asked nervously.She felt Shane grip her hand tighter, as if he was worried as well. “Just a minute.”Kelly’s face relaxed into a smile.“Everything’s fine.Take a look for yourself.”She turned the monitor round. At first, it looked like a blob in a snow storm.But then the details began to resolve themselves and Shannon gave a little gasp.“Is that..?” Kelly nodded.“That’s your baby there.” Shannon found herself unable to stop smiling.She looked at Shane and saw that he was smiling too: Maybe not as much as her but he looked happy.“That’s great,”he agreed. Kelly smiled too at their obvious delight.“Congratulations, both of you.” *** Shannon was still smiling when they arrived back at the house.“That was unbelievable!” “Yeah, it was something all right,”Shane noted. Shannon hesitated.Shane’s mood didn’t seem entirely ecstatic, certainly not compared to hers.“You do still want this, don’t you?” “Well, it’s a bit late for me to say no now, isn’t it?”Shane’s comment was meant to be light-hearted but Shannon’s expression fell.He quickly checked himself.“Look, neither of us planned this.And if you’d told me a few months ago that we’d be having a baby together, I’d have said you were crazy.”Shannon wasn’t really hearing anything that made her feel reassured.Seeming to realise this, Shane took her hands. “But we are doing.And when that baby comes, we’re both going to love it.And I think you’re going to be a pretty amazing mother.” It was something Shannon had never really heard anyone say about her before.It pleased her.“You really think so?” “What, are you joking?I’ve seen how you are with Dylan and Angel, they adore you.It’ll be exactly the same with our child.” Shannon found herself smiling.Not the giddy smile she’d felt at seeing their baby but something more important.“Thank you.” Shane leaned forward and kissed her, softly but intimately.Shannon put her arms around his neck and felt him drawing her towards him.She pulled back from the kiss.“We aren’t supposed to be doing this.” “Well, we’ve done a lot of things we’re not supposed to.”He kissed her briefly and then held her gaze. She let him lead her towards the bedroom. *** Shannon sat on the edge of the bed, doing up her top, while Shane stood next to her, pulling his shirt back on.“So, what does this mean?”she asked. “Well, I think it means you can stop sleeping in the spare room,”Shane remarked with a smile. The flippant comment didn’t exactly put her at ease.“Shane, this isn’t as simple as us just having sex when we feel like it.It’s got serious.We’ve got this baby to think about, and Angel and Dylan.I mean, if we’re co-parenting as friends, then things aren’t going to get messy.But if we’re sleeping together and things go wrong…you know?” “Well, no, not really.It’s only been Angel and you.” Shannon was confused by the comment.“What do you mean?” Shane sat down next to her and took her hand.“I mean…I was still a virgin when I got together with Angel.And for quite a while afterwards.So I took that step with her…and now with you.You’re the only two people.” Shannon hadn’t really thought about it but she found herself starting to smile again.“Well, it’s not like there’s been many people for me either.Just you and Alex really.” “Right.So…I guess neither of us are really into casual.We just told ourselves that because it meant we didn’t have to take things too seriously.But, now…” “Now what?”Shannon checked. Shane laughed awkwardly.“Well, I guess what I’m saying is…do you want to be my girlfriend?” Shannon laughed as well.“I would, yes.”She kissed him lightly and hugged him.“And I will definitely be moving my stuff in here.”
  11. I found Colby and Willow infuriating in that episode, especially in the first half. Why did everyone keep saying Ziggy was moving out? She never moved in (even though a couple of suitcases had magically appeared), she was just spending time there to avoid Maggie and now there was no reason for that.So why were Colby and Willow being such terrible friends and acting like Dean must have done something wrong? Why was Ben acting as though this was a massive game changer when he's previously been encouraging Ziggy to make things up with Maggie, which would naturally involve her spending more time at home? They kind of got it right in the second half, when it became about Ziggy realising that what she really wanted was to move in with Dean properly and Maggie being supportive of that, although even that feels like a contrived 180 to prop up the show's new golden couple. And that was just one of the storylines, they were just as bad with Jasmine. I mean, I'm not in favour of Jasmine wallowing in her pyjamas either, but why was Willow acting as though her whole recovery is dependant on Colby? Why was she encouraging Jasmine to go and see him, even though he was sticking to his "We should stay away from each other" standpoint? Wouldn't he just send her away again? Anyway, looks like the nagging paid off given Colby rang Jasmine at the end. Meanwhile, we finally learn that Roo did tell Alf about Leah.Given his later comment that he'd have come home if he'd known how hard things were for her, I assume this was an edited recap along the lines of "We've found Leah and she's fine." (Let's be honest, it makes at least as much sense as him getting engaged and married and going on his honeymoon while she was missing.Probably more.) He finally seems to have got the message that he can be there for people now rather than complaining and went round to see Ben. (Ironically, Ben and Maggie's marriage has lasted longer than any of Alf's!)
  12. As Kerril said to Vila, are you bragging or complaining?
  13. Yes, the kitchen door was clearly identified as the back door yesterday, since Gemma could see Ari and Tane in the back garden from the kitchen window.Given that people leave Irene's house through the back door and then presumably have to walk round the exterior nine times out of ten, I think it'll make as much sense as anything else! I found Alf rather annoying in that episode.I guess it is frustrating to come back and find he's out of touch, but hey, what did he expect? He knows what the town's like. He can't come in on the first day back and start playing the town sheriff again, making demands of Roo and wanting to go lecture John or Evan about things he knows nothing about.That said, having started off as the shiftless absentee father, Evan is kind of going down in my expectations.His behaviour towards Ryder is coming across as rather manipulative, almost like he's trying to play out this fantasy of giving his son something to remember him by. I think it'll be more of an issue tomorrow, but as far as I'm aware Ziggy's still living with Maggie, so I'm not sure why her saying so was considered worthy of a cliffhanger.Anyway, Ziggy is doing a lot to make up for putting the boot in.As for Marilyn, I'm really not buying her as the victim but then Alf's been mollycoddling her for about thirty years.
  14. A ray of hope for the Paratas.When Ari said that he didn't want to lose another brother, it was the first real sign that he actually cares about Tane and the consequences of his lifestyle for him, rather than just worrying about Nikau getting involved in it.It's hard to be sure if Tane has taken Ari and Gemma's words seriously, but he accepted the olive branch (and shovel) that Ari offered.Apparently a night with Mackenzie makes him more agreeable.As for Nikau, given that the Paratas can only barely afford a place together, I doubt he could afford a place on his own. It's hard not to see Evan's actions as self-serving and he's just leaving Ryder frustrated.He's left it to the last minute to get to know him and it might not be enough. Alf's back but didn't have time to do much.The storyline of Marilyn finding herself without either John or the Paratas is somewhat underdeveloped (she was at a loss when it was just her and John, so she really should have thought more carefully before choosing the Paratas over him), with John just getting one brief scene.
  15. Glad you liked it.It seemed an ideal opportunity to add a bit of colour to the scene. I think they all want to get on rather than cause some sort of rift so they'd be trying their best. Thanks.I wanted to show Alf's perspective but I was a bit worried that the scene didn't really flow naturally.I ended up rewriting it a bit because Alf's reaction didn't feel entirely in character on first go so glad you think I got it right!
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