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  1. Yes, I remember Elijah. Yes, he was engaged to Leah. Yes, it was her first engagement since Dan. And basically they broke up when he took a missionary job overseas.He came back the following year but nothing really happened between them then. For more, see here. https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/johnson_elijah/
  2. Red Ranger 1


    Ohh boy. Robbo defeating kangaroo masterminds, Tori laughing and flirting at him while he just grunts and trying to entice him to fatherhood with chimpanzees, Brody and food porn, and "Maggie" being very unconvincing yet no-one notices... And absolute best bit: "This can only mean one thing though surely when Lance had made this claim he must have been really drunk."
  3. Alf's episode count this week:Four, and he was credited on Friday for no appearance. Simone's moving into a van begs the question where has she been living up until now, and further emphasises how little her storyline makes sense: She was introduced as a visitor to town who came to win a cooking lesson with Brody, but since then she's been around for weeks with no apparent income.Doesn't she have a home to go back to?Has she been sleeping in the car or something?Oh well, she's got a job now.Brody completely fails to have an epiphany but has got Justin and Mason suspicious.Although I'm not entirely convinced of Mason's ability to recognise a drug addict when he sees one (he hasn't noticed Tori's pregnant, after all), he is right. And goodbye to Coco, at least for ten weeks.I'd rather have both her and Bella around rather than them taking it in turns to play gooseberry with Raffy and Ryder, maybe we'll get a chance to explore that dynamic during the holiday unless she actually does find a rich friend to spend it with.Another nice, if brief, Raffy/Mason scene.Why was Justin at the farewell dinner and Mason, who was with him earlier, wasn't, by the way? Chelsea really should have just kept driving when she left town before instead of letting Colby cajole her into giving him another chance: She was right, they come from different worlds and have different morals, and now she's an accessory to murder.And I continue to have this horrible feeling as Colby pulls sad faces, and plays the injured party, and continues to complain that no-one understands him because they don't know what Mangrove River was like, that we're meant to feel sorry for this selfish sociopath who feels no guilt and takes no responsibility for what he's done, and has yet again screwed things up for Bella by giving her a hint of a stable family life and pretty much single-handedly destroying it, then leaving her thinking Chelsea's the bad guy in it all.
  4. I enjoyed the marathon too and have to echo the comments above about Mason.I've usually had a higher opinion of him than most people and I did like seeing his caring side come to the fore here.We didn't get as much of Coco as I'd hoped for given that she's seemingly not around for much longer: For all her lack of practise, she seemed to handle things well, and while I get the symbolism of Coco accompanying Maggie on the first lap and Ziggy on the second, it might have been smarter for her to run the whole thing.I cringed at Ziggy messing up topping up her fluids: I understand the appeal of pouring water over you, but she needed to get some inside her as well.Still, at least her collapse gave us another chance to see Mason in doctor mode.I keep forgetting to mention: I loved the meta moment a couple of episodes ago of John complaining about the extras not answering him. I said in another thread a while back that if Brody and Ziggy were just dating I wouldn't be bothered if they split up, but since the show had them get married, they should stick with them.Apparently the people making the show don't agree.Maybe the idea is to show that they got married too quickly and without enough thought, but if so it's not coming across that well and nothing rings true, not least Brody suddenly being turned into a love rat out of nowhere.I'm not really seeing any sign of a strong enough connection between Brody and Simone for him to throw away his marriage for her.And if there was, I don't see why he wouldn't put Ziggy out of her misery instead of sneaking around behind her back.(The stated reason of "We need to be sure" doesn't convince.)And I don't see why the Brody who supported Ziggy and her family through all their troubles last year is suddenly seeing them taking part in a charity race not as a reason for him to be by the sidelines cheering them on but as a green light to go and have sex with his mistress while they're out of the way. I found the Alf/Marilyn Diner scene really awkward and was left with the feeling that Ray Meagher didn't want to shout at Emily Symons so he took lines that were written as an angry outburst and played them in a cheery and placid manner with a smile on his face.I know I've spoken a lot recently about playing against lines like that, but there's a time and a place and here the scene just felt flat, not least when we then get him apologising for "overreacting": "I'm sorry that I calmly and politely asked you not to interfere."
  5. I absolutely loved Justin in that episode.I'm glad he got out of his funk and went back to see Willow and he handled everything absolutely perfectly, being there not only for Willow but also for Dean and Russell, while at the same time knowing he's not the most important person here.It's a shame that after all that good work, as soon as he left we were into Soap Cliche 101 with Willow magically coming round when Dean says the L word.Mind you, from the extremely uncomfortable look she was giving him afterwards, I think she's a bit unnerved by his sudden devotion, which is in keeping: For all that Jasmine and Bella might be shipping them, I don't think she's ever actually loved him in that way. Ryder's reaction to the lunch was more enjoyable than the lunch himself.It's interesting that they've avoided the obvious route of having him get queasy about his grandfather having a love life and instead wants him to be happy.John does seem to be reining in Marilyn's matchmaking desires.The show seems to be focusing on Coco's positive qualities recently, her wobble in finale week notwithstanding, so I like her deciding to accompany Maggie on the marathon and kind of hope she sticks with it to the end, even if her record of exercising isn't that great!
  6. I'm pretty sure it's been established or at least suggested that Tori is short for Victoria.Giving her a name that can be shortened to a T name rather than having them all have the same initials would have made them harder to find.(As an aside, Martha mentioned spending her 30th birthday on the Blaxland, which assuming she's around the same age as Alf, ie early 70s, would be considerably before 1985.) To be a bit broken record, I'm again wondering why exactly Colby is in the police.If he doesn't believe that arresting people and putting them in jail works, and thinks he somehow has the right to murder anyone that he considers "dangerous", then why is he even pretending? It increasingly feels like the show's makers liked the idea of a River Boy turned police officer, but couldn't keep it up because it was getting in the way of the fun, so they've just turned him into a poor man's Brax.And now Chelsea's an accessory, but having already hidden Colby lying to the police, theft, kidnapping and manslaughter, she might as well add murder to the list as well.Colby's so far over the moral event horizon that keeping Dean out of it doesn't even make him any more sympathetic, although I did like the scene where Dean quite obviously couldn't care less about Colby's angsting and just tells him to call him when it's over. I did enjoy seeing Jasmine taking Tori to task, yet I can't bring myself to feel too much sympathy for her because she's brought it on herself.Jasmine didn't need to look up Tori's records, and she should have thought about what she was going to do with the information beforehand. Instead, she's now keeping it from Robbo. John needling Alf about Martha was somehow less irritating than Marilyn's interference and at least gave him something to think about.
  7. Sorry, if I wasn't clear: I meant earlier when they were out in the bush, Ross was still holding Chelsea and Bella, Colby charged at him and Ross tried to shoot him. I wouldn't say that qualifies as "self-defence", so I don't think Novak charging at Robbo when he had a gun and was threatening to kill him makes it "self-defence". And many of Robbo's actions seem far too calculated for simple panic, notably going to the trouble of retrieving Novak's phone and planting it on a lorry bound for Melbourne so the police would follow it. Anyway, today! I'm not sure if my opinion of Colby could be lower.He's quite happy to leave Bella in fear forever just to save his own skin.He's twice now ruined the police's chances of arresting Ross, and his attitude isn't any different this time, so there's no reason for Bella to believe his banal assurances that he won't let Ross hurt her when that's exactly what he said when Ross was alive and at large and he couldn't keep his promises then.Bella earns a few points by confessing to knowing Ross was around, although typically Colby decides to keep it from the police anyway.Well, why not, he's never honest with them when he doesn't have to be, and yet the show keeps on acting as though we're meant to see him as some good old boy.Oh, and were those actual clothes Chelsea was wearing? I assumed she'd slept in them and was going to get changed, then she went out dressed like that! I did enjoy seeing Jasmine rip a few holes in Tori, who really wasn't in any position to lecture about ethics (even though I don't think Jasmine should have done what she did) and was soon reduced to a panic when she realised how badly wrong this could go. I'm not keen on Marilyn interfering between Alf and Martha, this is something they need to work out for themselves.(Leah's bemusement at the beginning was quite funny though.)Again, you get the feeling the current production team don't have much of a clue about anything that happened before 2011, as Martha reminisces about going out on the Blaxland with Alf 40-odd years ago even though he bought it a lot more recently than that.
  8. Still in Europe though... Same as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Ukraine and Albania. (I seem to remember Norway wasn't allowed to go ahead of the UK at one point.)
  9. Red Ranger 1


    Oh, hilarious. Leah didn't get Ben a pie:She'd better watch out! Hunter smashing a table but having a spray to make everyone think it's fine.Ben wanting to make the entire town into his board-making slaves.Brody planning to dump Ziggy for vegetable growing.And is Ben planning to disguise himself as Maggie..?
  10. I think what I'm trying to say is that it's kind of in between the two scenarios.There's a fertilised embryo but Tori wasn't pregnant.So yes, there's a difference between tricking someone into getting you pregnant the old-fashioned way and implanting yourself with an embryo they knowingly helped create against their wishes.There's also a difference between wanting someone to have an abortion and wanting them to not use the embryo that's being held in storage.It all depends on which difference you think is more important!
  11. Two things I forgot to mention yesterday: Yes, finally confirmation that Coco is 17! And finally Belinda Giblin gets credited as Martha Stewart instead of Martha, so we can laugh at IMDb for getting it wrong. There was no way Robbo was going to let Novak out of there alive: He'd already tried to intimidate him once, including showing that he could easily beat him physically, and it hadn't worked.If he'd let him go, he'd have gone after Kat again.If he'd handed him over to the police, he'd have told them Robbo was Beckett Reid.He killed him (Novak putting up a fight doesn't make it self-defence, any more than Ross trying to shoot Colby when he was charging at him intending him harm was self-defence) and then hid the evidence and buried him in a shallow grave, hardly the action of an innocent man. He's very lucky he had friends in high places to make the charges go away, and the fact that the audience (including myself) have been willing to accept him as a "good guy" after that has problem encouraged the show to do the same with Colby.And, as others have said, yes, Ross is Bella's father, making her Colby's half-sister.That was established when he first told Jasmine about her. Alf's episode count this week:Four. Hmm.I'd forgotten that Justin knew Tori had had the embryo implanted, which does make him joining the dots with her nausea when Mason didn't seem plausible.And I kind of get that he's already given her the lecture, and it's too late to do anything about it now, and he's got a reminder of how fragile life can be, so he's not going to repeat himself, although the toasts seemed a bit much.(I don't really see saying it's Thursday as an "error", Home and Away's never been as obsessive about synching up with real world dates as UK soaps are.)This is one occasion though when Tori's "funny" discomfort really doesn't seem to fit the tone of the storyline. But then neither does Justin thinking it's a really good idea to hide the pregnancy from Robbo for months and then go "Hey, man, we used your DNA to impregnate Tori without your consent but it's okay because we made you a video of the ultrasound." Always nice to get an update on VJ and Luc. I'm really not sure what to make of Jasmine's behaviour at the end.I get she was suspicious but going behind everyone's back to look up Tori's records (would she really be listed as "Tori" rather than "Victoria", by the way?) has achieved nothing except putting herself in a difficult position. I doubt Orpheus Pledger travelled forward in time a few months to read my thoughts on finale week, but Mason came over a lot better in the scene outside the surf club, there was more of a feeling that he wasn't really going to punch Ryder's lights out and was just enjoying winding him up.Raffy of course still wasn't receptive but, potential seizures aside, I did like the scenes of her at the house that followed, with Justin and Mason not entirely in agreement with her and Tori giving her the benefit of her experience of having brothers.(You'd think she'd have more of a clue after knowing them for two years but hey-ho, run with it.)I have to say I'm really not feeling Raffy and Ryder as a couple though.It feels a bit awkward, and as I feared it seems to have drained the fun out of their relationship somewhat by having them try too hard to seem "sweet" together: I preferred it when their interaction had a bit more bite to it. I guess we're just going to have to go with the flow on Alf and Martha, since it feels as though we're not going to get any more information.There is a more relaxed relationship between them which makes them believable as a former couple, and since Alf's had about half a dozen teenage sweethearts turn up over the years we don't really need another one, but I do wish that the show had thought more about what the back story actually was before making her Martha.But oh well, I'm kind of enjoying it.
  12. Dean might have said "It was him or us" but it clearly wasn't, since they captured him alive and then killed him just for kicks.I'm sure Charlotte convinced herself it was a "her or us" situation and she and Hunter would have gone to jail if she hadn't covered things up.Not sure how it would have been a Phelan rehash: Do you think if Colby hadn't killed Ross then Colby would have killed Dean and given the gun to Ross to kill him with? Mason's had experience babysitting a drunk Justin.I'm sure he wouldn't let him punch any walls. No, she hasn't, and she's been living with Ross for sixteen years since she was born. Didn't Ross reload in the car?Oh, and I was a bit confused about Willow suddenly being in hospital too, and no we didn't see Tori, it was another doctor.(The little-seen Doctor Genner judging by the actress.)And I think heroes is gender neutral these days. Today! Well, Maggie was being selfish, although there probably was a good point buried in there about Coco needing a support system.Still, Coco does seem to flourish in this type of environment so it'll probably be good for her. It was good to see Raffy and Ryder putting their own feeling aside to help out, although their (mostly, I suspect, Ryder's) presentation wouldn't have worked if Ben hadn't already had a word with Maggie and put her in a more receptive mood.(In fact, I suspect she'd already decided and was just letting them have their fun.)I'll miss Coco if she does go but, even though there have been times when I really haven't liked her, I think on the whole she deserves to be happy.I guess Justin knows Raffy and Ryder are a couple, even if his only response was to cough at them. I'm feeling a bit disappointed by Martha's return.Her initial stint was notably light on any sort of explanation as to how and why she's been pretending to be dead all these years, so it would have been nice to add some meat to the story, but instead the story still doesn't seem to have any more depth to it than "Alf's first wife is still alive, here she is", with everyone acting as if she simply walked out on him rather than faking her own death.Her attitude of "Haven't you got over that yet?" is a bit hard to take in the circumstances.Hopefully it'll get better.
  13. And also the fact that the UK shows Home and Away five days a week in a consistent schedule and is better off for it.
  14. You know the worst thing? I'm not even shocked. The show's been promoting the idea of vigilante-style "executions" as okay for quite a while now: When Andy did it, that was a shocking line, and the way things ended for him gave me hope that the show had realised they'd gone too far.But given that we've now had Robbo killing Novak instead of handing him over to the police and it being whitewashed as "self-defence" with no consequences, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's no fallout for Colby and Dean at all and we seem them both heading off into the sunset in three years' time.Remember when Charlotte King accidentally killed someone and buried them in a shallow grave and was treated like a monster? Now it's apparently okay if you're a main character and you haven't killed anyone that actually "matters".Colby's initial desire to turn himself in vanished quickly, and Dean was all business after his failed attempt to talk Colby down and covering up the evidence.I can't even sympathise with Bella, who even after all this is still covering her own back and using aggression to cover up the fact she knew Ross was in town, as she goes from living with the man that murdered her mother to living with the man that murdered her father.The overall feeling is that Neil was spot on: Chelsea's married into a family of lowlifes and criminals.Colby might say some pretty words about what a good, law-abiding man his biological father was, but deep down they're both Ross' children.Colby must be the worst police officer not to be an out-and-out villain: Even Kat and Charlie never did anything this bad. And again, we've got the gang storylines running alongside the ordinary seaside town characters who insist on acting as though someone getting shot or kidnapped is a shocking event rather than Tuesday. I did feel a bit for Justin feeling he couldn't be at the hospital.Obviously he and Willow aren't together anymore, and it was right that he stepped aside for Dean, but I assume they're still friends so I hope he does go back to check on her at some point.I liked seeing Mason in Supportive Brother mode, I'm not sure if he's had to take on that role with Justin before, but then it's not like Tori or Brody's going to be the level-headed one at the moment. Maggie sadly seems to have reverted to her pre-cancer personality, laying down the law and believing she knows what's best for everyone.A shame because Coco was the most likeable she's been in, well, at least a week or so here.
  15. H&Alover: Bella is sixteen.She lived with Ross for sixteen years. I'm getting increasingly frustrated at the River Boy shenanigans.Chelsea and Bella were the heroes here, the ones saving lives, and Chelsea was the one supporting Bella while Colby was off doing his gang stuff.I can't help thinking it might have been better if Dean had stayed and helped Willow instead of chasing after Colby, then Colby would have been left standing in the road stomping his foot like the incompetent idiot he is, instead of deciding to put yet more lives at risk with a high speed chase to demonstrate he's learned nothing in the past six years.Again, Dean is the one suggesting calling the police while Colby is just after revenge. Of course, Ross fails the competency test as well: Even with his car stuck (although it looked like he might have fared better if he'd put it in forward), he has a gun and Colby and Dean are pretty much sitting ducks, but instead he decides to try and outrun two younger and fitter men while dropping the gun for them to retrieve.It's like he wants to lose. Of course, I don't expect any better from Colby by now, so perhaps Brody was even more frustrating.I know Ziggy's been acting like a bit of an idiot lately, but she hasn't done anything to deserve this, and especially doesn't deserve to be left feeling like Brody's behaviour is her fault.She thought Simone's behaviour didn't matter because she could trust Brody, but apparently she can't.Brody seems to know on one level what the right thing is, telling Simone it'll be best if she leaves town, but then he's arranging to meet up for another quickie, with Simone's moral high ground having gone from shaky to non-existent by now.
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