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  1. I'm not quite sure what to think of Raffy's behaviour here.It seems a bit cutting-off-your-nose to refuse the tutorials, but it's her choice and I don't blame her for not being enamoured with Simone.But being catty to Bella by association seemed unnecessary, and encouraging her to skip doing an assignment, mainly because she disliked the person she was doing it for, didn't make her seem like a particularly good friend.Even more than with Coco, Ryder just seems to be going along with whatever Raffy thinks, it was hard to read his expression after Raffy stormed off on Bella but it seemed to be along the lines of "She's my girlfriend, I have to be on her side." Anyway, I loved Mason's complete lack of sympathy for the hole Brody's dug:He's right that Brody threw his marriage away without having a clue what he was trading it in for.Bit of a shock to the system for Simone: She seems to be muddling through but moving in together, which was moving even faster than things did with him and Ziggy, seems to be off the table for now. So, Jett gets to come home.I can understand his, John and Marilyn's trepidation and also his slight depression about knowing things aren't going to get any better for him.It sounded like Jett used the British/Commonwealth "leftenant" pronounciation here, and also used the Commonwealth address of "ma'am" for a female officer (although he pronounced it "mam", I think it's "marm" in British military) rather than the US practice of calling everyone "sir" regardless of gender.They may be being too paranoid in suggesting he's going to be blamed, it could just be standard procedure.
  2. Caught up to yesterday's episode after a week away.I absolutely loved Raffy being in her element as the cheeky little sister, teasing Justin about his arrangement with Leah while at the same time romanticising it.This is her at her best, and made it all the more uncomfortable when she gets a shoehorned-in scene with the Palmers and John's repeated comments about "Don't have a better time with the Morgans than you do with us" feel like he's only half-joking.While I'm not too enamoured with her made-up ship name, Roo acting like a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl hasn't been too bad so far.Leah and Justin's desperate attempts to keep it under wraps are amusing, but it does feel like there's potential for hurt feelings however much they claim they don't have any.I don't think Leah's as "disliked" as the social media mafia suggest:Certainly her treatment of Zac did her some damage, but I think she's made up for that since and she's got her fans.(She was in the Top 30 of last year's BTTB Most Popular Character poll after all!) Some realistic angst with Jett, and also with Bella, who made it through another of Colby's well-meaning disasters to build some bridges with Raffy and Ryder. I can't say I'm keen on the idea of either Ziggy or Willow being with Dean, so I hope he sticks to his assertion that he doesn't want a relationship.It would be a good way to ruin two decent male/female friendships: As he said, he and Willow are a mess together, while him and Ziggy would just be a rebound thing.(I also found it very hard to believe in Willow claiming she always thought they'd end up together when it's not that long since she thought Justin was the love of her life.)I'm glad Ben finally lost his temper with Ziggy, because reverting to the person she was before Brody isn't a smart idea.Meanwhile, Brody's lack of concern for the effect his actions have on others continues to frustrate, although I almost found myself on his side over Ziggy bombarding him with drunken texts.Maggie was professional with Simone, if for pragmatic reasons, and managed to deliver a zinger about the way she's thrown herself into this whirlwind relationship whilst not having a clue who Brody is.(Remember, early in the affair she didn't even know Raffy was his sister!) And Robbo's back, and as I feared Tori has been completely forgiven and he seems up for co-parenting.To be fair, I don't mind that too much after the last few weeks.And he has parents, who knew? I would never say Jasmine should take him back, and I do think he was a bit harsh on her, but I also don't think he's entirely deserving of the condemnation he's getting.He especially didn't deserve that promo-fodder serve from Irene, who needs to stay out of it: She's been giving her opinion on Robbo and Jasmine ever since they were going for runs on the beach, and almost every time she gets involved she just makes things worse.(I think the only time I thought her interference was warranted was when she told Robbo up for standing Jasmine up without calling or apparently remembering her.) Oh, and the radiographer during the scan popped up three years ago as a woman whose baby Tori helped deliver, which is an interesting role reversal! (That's one I found out by accident.)
  3. Uniform was optional in the early years but I think that changed round about the time Barry Hyde took over, which is when Tasha was forced to stop wearing the boy's uniform.(Kit had left school by that point.) Tamara wasn't allowed to school without wearing the proper uniform (which was when Gina was principal). Greg Snelgrove sensibly put a stop to the ex-Mangrove River kids wearing the wrong uniform for two years. I think Maggie just let Bella get away with breaking the uniform code rather than give her a reaction.
  4. Caught up on today's 5Star episode and very unlikely I'll be online tomorrow evening so I'll post my thoughts on it here. Brody was awful again.He just doesn't care how his decisions affect other people so long as he gets what he wants: It's reached the point where Simone actually has more morals than him, as she bothered to speak to the rest of the family.He did finally seem to realise that he can't just move Simone into Ziggy's side of the bed and expect everyone else to just suck it up.Getting a place of their own seems more reasonable and less confronting, although given how he and Ziggy struggled (I guess she took the cash from the honeymoon vouchers with her), I'm not sure they can afford it even if Simone is presumably on a fair wage. Colby was actually well-intentioned in inviting Raffy and Ryder over, and despite Bella's initial reaction it seemed to go well.There remain a few more hints of Bella's isolation and Colby's denial though: There are things Bella can't be honest about which Colby just brushes aside with talk of a fresh start.So it seemed to be all set for Raffy and Ryder to spring Leah and Justin, but (as the trailers pretty much gave away) it's Roo who comes home unexpectedly!
  5. I would say that evading punishment for murder would definitely count as "personal gain".The physio didn't even get a credit despite having lines.I've an odd feeling she appeared uncredited before but I've no idea when. Dean was completely in the wrong disrupting Simone's session with Bella like that.Bella shouldn't suffer because he's appointed himself Ziggy's bodyguard and possibly wants to get in her pants.I'm not Simone's biggest fan but she's virtually a saint compared to the collection of thieves and murderers that form Bella's usual social circle.I did approve of Colby kicking Dean out and think he didn't go far enough, shame that we're soon back to him waxing lyrical about how to get away with murder, seemingly on the basis that he saw a film of dubious historical accuracy.I wasn't entirely keen on the way the episode seemed to have everyone lining up to go "Dean Thompson, what a guy!" I don't really find much appeal in the idea of him with either Ziggy or Willow, the latter got divebombed long ago and the former undermines the idea of him being a supportive friend.I was on his side against Brody, who really doesn't have any moral high ground in this.It's finally beginning to dawn on him that people liked Ziggy and aren't going to be too happy about him flaunting her replacement in public.
  6. No, there was that guy that stole Liam's song ideas after that. Was he the last one?
  7. Interesting you've got Laura Brennan in this.At least things are civil between Michael and Adam.
  8. No, Carly was in that the following year. It's always been a bit of a disappointment to me that we never got to see Bobby, Roo and Lynn in the "proper" uniform.
  9. Colby IS corrupt: He's lied to his superiors, falsified reports and generally sabotaged police investigations in order to cover up his many crimes, and occasionally other people's.As I indicated earlier, the fact that he didn't just pick up a gun and shoot him in a split-second decision but took time considering all the reasons not to do it and still killed him makes it worse, in my view. That's a myth: I've seen the 1985 episodes and Philip Martin was never told he wouldn't walk again.It wasn't even suggested as a possibiliity.He was obviously only using a wheelchair for a few days while he recovered, like Adam Cameron was in HA a few years later. Anyway, today! Well, Willow did the responsible thing in refusing to buy Ziggy alcohol and taking her home, although she lost points by then spending the next day assuming the worst of Dean.I had a bit of sympathy for Dean but he really needs to think before opening his mouth.And indeed look around.He did a pretty poor job of putting Ziggy straight and only managed to embarass both of them in front of her parents. I've been rather critical of John over the last year or so, but having Jett around has brought out the best in him.His straight-talking was probably exactly what Jett needed at that moment.Jasmine continued to be a darling and is making me like Tori again with her support of her.
  10. Oh yeah, the blue dress lasted throughout the first season, they brought in the current uniform in 1989. I think we can safely say that the dress code at Summer Bay High is a bit loose, although some regimes are more benevolent than others: I doubt Barry Hyde or Donald Fisher would have let Bella get away with that adjustment!
  11. Who else was told they'd never walk again and did? I know you listed a few characters who spent time in a wheelchair, but I don't think any of them were actually told "You'll never walk again", it was just a possibility. I think having actually stated it outright without significant words like "might" or "probably" or "maybe", it would be more of a cheat if Jett did recover, so I'm hopeful they will actually follow through with what they've established. Well, yes and no. There was no medical reason why she couldn't get pregnant but she had health issues that meant it was dangerous for her to carry to term.It was a major part of the storyline during her first pregnancy but pretty much completely ignored during the second.Her third pregnancy was off screen so we don't know what happened.
  12. Ross was kind of right about Colby though: He did track them down and hurt them, and in Ross' case kill him! And I fail to see why it's somehow okay for a murderer to be a police officer because other murderers have been police officers.He's corrupt and a criminal and has no right to wear the uniform.He didn't "just happen" to kill someone or "snap".He slowly and deliberately picked up the gun, walked over to where Ross was lying, pointed the gun at him, spent several minutes weighing up his options and then made the decision to kill him.As for Ryder, I think the very fact he got the weed shows that he doesn't get it.He just wants to make things better for Raffy and he's not thinking about the big picture or how much trouble they could all get in.Stopping this unofficial trial was the best thing for everyone in the long term but now he's managed to pressure Mason into carrying on with it. That was some very affecting stuff with Jett.I have high hopes for them following through on this: I notice another thread has been started claiming lots of other characters were told they wouldn't walk again and did, but I don't think that's right, none of them were told categorically that they wouldn't.Jett has been and it would take a lot to come back from it.Jasmine was on top form here, just being sweet and caring towards both Jett and Tori.Jett looks scarily young which adds to the impact of the responsibility he feels: Even with this, he's been luckier than some and, despite his gratitude to John and Marilyn for bringing him home, he feels he should be there with them rather than being out of it. Dean was kind of in a no-win situation with Ziggy, although it was a bit strange that he let it go on as long as he did and then stopped.If they'd gone through with it, she'd probably have regretted it the next day.He pulls back and she feels rejected.
  13. There are differences between Colby and Ross, but I'm not sure if they go much beyond "He lets her go to school, and that's only because Chelsea made him." In the similarity column, we have: He kidnapped her from the home where she was happy, turned her against her other relative and told her he'd hurt her, murdered one of her parents when they tried to take her away from him and buried them in a shallow grave, and in a sense has isolated her, making her dependent on him while making sure the only opinions she hears are the ones where he comes out looking good.(After all, it's still not entirely clear how isolated she was with Ross: As she said to Ryder, she wasn't locked in a cave.)As for why he'd leave the police, leaving aside that, as I said before, his reason for going back no longer applies, if he had even a shred of decency about him, he'd know that a cold-blooded killer lecturing people on parking their cars too close to a corner makes a mockery of what the police are supposed to stand for. Anyway, today! And back to no consequences. I'm not sure what the point of Raffy's extra dose was when we're back to square one, except for Ryder knowing, which is a pretty bad idea.As Mason said, Raffy's lucky that a lot of people are looking out for her, and it felt like Maggie was giving a few too many main character privileges.Okay, she doesn't know why Raffy was ill, so letting her take the exam another time doesn't seem too bad from that perspective.But giving Ryder extra time when he made no attempt to alert staff to Raffy's illness and ignoring him breaking exam conditions? I don't know, there was an air of favouritism about it all. Mason really should have taken this as the wake-up call it was and got rid of the oil, not allowed a teenage who really doesn't get it to talk him into continuing this dangerous trial.Oh well, at least the Palmers' dramas continue to keep Raffy with the Morgans! Talking of which, it seems I was premature in listing John and Marilyn among the absent, as they're improbably back from Germany the following week.I'm told that travelling back and forth between Europe and the Antipodes, with the accompanying double eight-hour time difference shift, without at least a week in between is not to be recommended, so I suspect they wouldn't be in as good a shape as they appear here:There's a lot of talk of them being tired and having poor hygiene but we see little actual evidence of it.Good to see Leah doing the supportive friend thing: Alf'd be doing it if he was here.That seemed some pretty definitive news Jett got, with a bald "You'll never walk again" and his delusion of being able to feel and move his foot, so I hope we don't get a "The doctors were wrong" cop-out.It's interesting that they've gone down this route: I never felt comfortable with the pay-off to the Anzac Day storyline being Jett deciding to enlist despite seeing the negative effect serving had on veterans.It was his choice, but it felt like he'd taken the wrong message.
  14. So.I can't bring myself to think too badly of Justin.Pretty much everyone in his family is making decisions he disagrees with, but they're still his family and he doesn't want to see them at each other's throats.And he even seems to include Ziggy in that, as we get their little bonding moment at the garage.It was good too to see him touching base with Leah rather than just...touching Leah.Maggie seems to have decided to go back to being professional, which is good because it was reaching the point where students were suffering, although Raffy clearly isn't keen on Simone as tutor.In fact, Ben and Ziggy saying Simone wouldn't have anything to stay in town for without the job was pretty ridiculous: Wouldn't she still have Brody? She stayed in town because of him long before she got the job. Mason clearly isn't keen on Brody and Simone either and I can't say I blamed him for his comments.But his unsupervised medical trial was never going to be a good idea and now he's got Raffy deciding for herself how much she needs.Mind you, things seem to have gone wrong already: Mason said Raffy should take a drop after school and one every 24 hours after that, so why was he giving her one before school?
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