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  1. Josh is in jail for killing Charlotte. I'd say Colby killing Ross was worse than Josh killing Charlotte (which was basically self-defence although he did some pretty bad stuff in connection to it) and Charlotte killing Denny (which was an accident although again she went downhill from there), and on a par with Charlotte killing Tristan (hurt and threatened her family but not actually a threat at the time). Anyway, today, and Colby's back to having chats on the beach with Dean and winding up the new Salt owner, which to be fair I am prepared to go with for an episode.My first impressions of Mackenzie are mixed: She seems to have made a good impression on Alf, she seems capable and personable, but her attitude to being illegally parked was a bit off and her response to Justin offering to help was a bit abrupt, although understandable when she doesn't know him. (He might have done better if he'd simply introduced himself rather than implying she couldn't cope.) And of course, then we get that odd reaction in response to her hearing Dean's name... Well, I'm glad Justin and Ben have made up.At least I assume they have: It still felt fairly tense, as if the truce could be broken any minute, but they made it through the episode so things are promising.Good too that Ziggy was the one to give Ben the final push.And it is very in character that they'd have no reason to have a deep and meaningful chat about it and instead would just have a beer and decide to move on.
  2. I'll try and keep this brief, but I tried making this point a while back and didn't quite seem to get it across so I'll try again: One of the biggest stumbling blocks to Bella getting help is that she's been lumbered with the secret of Colby having murdered her father.So whether it's a counsellor or her teachers or Irene, they can't truly help her because they're always going to be ignorant of that and not able to help her deal with it. Alf's episode count this week:Five! I had my rant about Marilyn making it all about Raffy yesterday so I'll try not to repeat myself, but it did mean that some of her comments to John about convincing yourself someone needs you in order to feel useful seemed to apply as much to herself.I accept that, rightly or wrongly, they have made a commitment to Raffy, so I guess she does need to factor into things, if perhaps not as much as they seemed to think.Anyway, they've made an awkward compromise for now, with John spending most of his time with Jett and Marilyn sticking around in case she's needed in town.John does seem to have abandoned the idea of moving to the city permanently, just commuting until Jett can cope on his own.The problem is, who decides when that is and will John ever be able to make that break? Another subtle callback with Roo telling Jasmine to be honest with Robbo before walking down the aisle: That is, of course, the moment when she decided to drop a bombshell on Frank! In a way, it's not an issue since Robbo's having a child anyway and they dealt with it well. Ben does need to grow up now. I could understand him being angry with Justin at first but it's reached the point where he's just doing it for petty reasons.If the positions had been reversed and Ben had found out Ziggy was cheating on Brody, there's a good chance he'd have handled it the same way.I wasn't too pleased with Justin being referred to as being as bad as Ben just because he wasn't in a rush to go there again after extending an olive branch and having it refused. And yes, the arrival of Mackenzie as the credits named her: Her taking down the Sold sign was a big hint that she's the new owner of Salt, and then I think it got confirmed in the promo.(I'm suddenly doubting that and wondering if it was a bit more vague than that...)
  3. I was not entirely happy with the way things were resolved with Bella.Irene acknowledges early on that she needed a different approach and that she could have saved everyone a lot of pain if she'd just let Jasmine wash up the dishes a week ago.I guess she kind of did take a different approach later on, but only after Bella had backed down and agreed to become a mindless drone.I found Willow rather self-righteous and spent most of my time nodding in agreement with Bella: It's all right for Willow to say that she has to follow Irene's rules, but as Bella pointed out, Willow's there by choice and Bella was forced to move in.Well, I guess she's chosen to stay there now, which includes an acknowledgement of Irene's rules.Again, it was marred by the myth of Saint Colby with Alf and Roo fawning over him and acting like he's a good brother.More "She was cold just like Ross when he shot me", while the fact that Colby was just as cold when he shot him is ignored, apart from Willow's comment to him about anyone being capable of anything which soon turns into him acting like he's better than Bella again.I'll take Bella deciding against moving back in with him as her realising she needs a better role model than him.So long as Irene realises you don't help an abused child by bullying them. Marilyn really lost me when she made her staying all about Raffy: As ever, she overestimates her importance to that girl, one conversation on the wharf does not make her indispensible.(She also told John that Mason's trial was coming up, so either she was lying or she doesn't actually know what's going on with Raffy.)Of course, John's overestimating his importance to Jett, and I think they both need to take a step back and stop turning this into a competition and find something to do other than mollycoddling people who are doing fine without them. Robbo and Jasmine kind of...walked around talking about nothing interesting.I was mildly intrigued by Robbo recalling building a cradle before: A reference to the one he built for Kat's baby? (Because that ended well.)
  4. Ben and Maggie seem to be dragging Dean and Ziggy kicking and screaming into an adult relationship, but it's heavy going and I'm not even sure they want one, for all Dean's talk of "being around for the long haul". There seemed to be a glimmer of something when he seemed to go to her room just to cuddle her...and then next time we see them, they're naked and it changes to him sneaking through her window for a quickie again. So I was pleased with the way Ben and Maggie pushed the issue, making them stay for breakfast and then Ben telling Dean to use the front door in future.I also have to give Willow credit for trying to include Ziggy in their "family". You know? I'm still totally on Bella's side and hoping she sticks to her guns.(I notice she's now a regular: Guess with Brody gone they had a vacancy.) I think Irene has handled this completely wrong. It's all right saying "My house, my rules" but when the person you're saying it to doesn't want to be there and was moved in without any consultation, then Bella saying she's being kept prisoner isn't that much of an exaggeration.The only thing Irene's achieved is making Colby look good in comparison, not that he was able to keep it up for long.Irene went in way too hard, way too fast, pretty much greeting Bella with "Here are the rules", tricking her into the dishes thing by making her food and then arbitarily declaring that everyone washes their own dishes even when they've eaten together, and now has nowhere to go except escalating punishments as Bella refuses to play ball. I got a bit of satisfaction from the shocked look on her face when Bella refused to back down and then "dealt with the plates" in her own way. She's interfered without having a clue, relying on a simplistic and old-fashioned attitude of "Children need structure and discipline", with her "She won't be the first stroppy teenager I've dealt with and she won't be the last" sounding both like a threat and like she needs to get a life. She even seemed to turn on Ryder: I really didn't get that threat to call John (who's out of town anyway?), unless it was some deep subtext where she wanted him to take a hint.I'm disappointed at how pro-Irene Willow is as well, as if there's a pecking order and because Irene's been on the show 20-odd years she has to be viewed as being in the right. I wasn't keen on her laying down the law to Colby and telling him not to let Bella come home. I meant to say days ago and forgot: Was that Isabella Giovinazzo on the soundtrack at the end of Monday, when Brody was looking through his and Ziggy's old things? Because in-universe, that was the song Phoebe wrote for Justin!
  5. I actually think Brody got a pretty good last episode.I'm not sure what it was, but for possibly the first time, I found myself not really chomping at the bit over Brody and Simone.I think it may have been the way the episode focused on the Morgan family, with that farewell meal and the last round of hugs.Because, even though every single one of them has been hard to like at times, as a unit they've been one of the best things to happen to the show in years, a nice normal family caught up in abnormal circumstances who actually like and support each other.And on the whole, Brody has had more good things than bad.So, yeah, if he's happy, then I don't mind that.And the same's probably true of Simone as well, even if it is weird to think back to how this storyline started with her being slightly creepy and obsessed about a married man and how we've ended up here.Brody gave Ziggy the opportunity to slam the door in his face and she obliged.I think he was pushing it offering her the wedding album and also giving it to Ben and Maggie (Ben's bonfire suggestion gets my vote and there'd surely be as many of Brody's friends and family in there as Ziggy's if not more?), as well as expecting an opportunity to end things on amicable terms with them.He's lucky that they were polite if not exactly friendly.Well, Maggie was.Ben mostly just gave him evils.And the moment that was probably designed to make us hate him, where he finally got fed up of Dean's pettiness and bit back, actually had me on his side. Yeah, Dean and Ziggy. Another decent friendship marred by the need to make everything about sex, as I find myself continue to wish that Dean had managed to help her with clothes on.It was clearer than ever that she's not over Brodyy, and that "Have fun or go" summed up why this isn't an entirely good idea: Before they started sleeping together, they'd have had a beer together and probably ended up chatting, but now sex seems to be all they have between them.I'm relieved that Ben and Maggie aren't completely thrilled about Ziggy finding herself a handy replacement.They can see that she's in a better place than before Dean came along, but he's not really what they want as a son-in-law.Maybe I'm just tired of these stock "middle-class girl dates dodgy Mangrove River type" pairings, complete with childish "I don't do parents" attitude.
  6. I'm often critical of this habit of building up the threat that a character might go to jail and then handing them a far lighter sentence, usually off screen, but here I was glad of it. I like Mason and I'm not sure I could have handled him going to jail, plus it feels more earned than usual thanks to Tori's last minute support.I notice Raffy was wearing the outfit she wore for Purple Day, not sure if that was deliberate or not.And again I loved scenes between the two of them, even if we did have to endure Marilyn swooping in for another save.It was nice to see Leah being part of it as well.Raffy giving Simone a serve increases my feeling that Coco didn't ruin the party, she made it better.So, Brody and Simone finally on the way out.I agree that Brody does need to tell Ziggy.Sure, she'll probably slam the door in his face.But she has the right to be given the opportunity to do that. I continue to maintain that John and Marilyn moving nearer Jett is far from the worst thing.Yes, John needs to step back instead of micromanaging, but in general living near their loved ones instead of staying in Summer Bay out of habit seems a valid choice.And Marilyn did seem to be seriously considering it here, so I'll give her that.I wasn't sure whether events here pushed her in one way or not, and which direction it did if so. Raffy's speech about her saying the right thing felt like a reason for her to stay but we didn't quite get there and indeed Marilyn seemed rather out of sorts earlier in the episode, with Raffy too invested in her family to be distracted by pancakes (a nice reversal of last year where she wanted ice cream with Marilyn rather than to support Tori) and quickly running away from her cookies when she thought Mason was back (although she enjoyed them later!). Marilyn's speech about things changing and people moving away could be taken either way: Was she thinking that she could move away, or that she had to accept that Jett had?
  7. Yes, that was the one: Bit odd that Tom's the one that remembers Michael! (Sally doesn't even mention the poor guy to Pippa afterwards...) You could probably compile a lengthy list of people Sally knew that died: She was close to Chloe and Charlotte, not to mention her parents and grandmother, but Tom knows who the important characters were.
  8. Uh-oh, Pippa's in debt... Roo looking at the old photo was a nice touch.
  9. Alf's episode count this week:Four. Okay, so John's being a prize turkey, snapping at everyone, and even he seems to realise that.Ben's advice was basically good if unfortunately vague, Alf and Leah told him a few necessary home truths.However...is John's idea really so bad it should be dismissed out of hand? I mean, apart from the fact that leaving town means they won't be on the show anymore, do they actually have a reason to stick around? John's not suggesting that they move in with Jett (although I assume that's where he's gone now), just that they live close by so they're on hand to help if he needs it. Obviously John's got a lot of issues which mean his motivation for the suggestion is rather dodgy, but moving closer to family isn't really the reasonable idea the episode seems to present it as.At the very least, it deserves thought and discussion.I also admit I wasn't entirely convinced by Alf's "No man should talk to his wife like that" moral: He lost his cool with Ailsa plenty of times! As ever, I absolutely loved the Mason and Raffy moments.That little chat in the gym once again underlined how much they mean to each other, and of course Raffy will go to bat for him and do it in a scientific way that Tori will listen to.Justin was doing his usual job of trying to support everyone as well.So Tori's finally willing to back Mason up, and that hug in response was very sweet after all the barbed comments recently. And seems like it's full steam ahead for Robbo and Jasmine.Good luck to them.
  10. You know, I probably shouldn't, but I find myself really hoping Bella sticks to her guns with Irene.She reminds me of Maddy, even more so of Melody, and I think what all three of them have in common is that they went from a restrictive home to living with people whose philosophy seemed to be "You can do whatever you like now, so long as you do what I say", causing them to spend all their time pushing the limits of their new boundaries and ultimately self-destructing while the adults supposedly responsible for them (and much of the fan base) showed a distinct lack of sympathy and understanding.As so here, with Irene making pointless buzz words about "structure and discipline" when she really doesn't have a clue.And that's not entirely her fault, but she's the one that's chosen to interfere.She says that Bella's different.Well, yes, most of the others she's taken on were actually there by choice instead of being forced into it.But more importantly: Irene doesn't and can't know everything, same with a counsellor, same with her teachers.Bella's been lumbered with this secret of what happened to Ross and it'll always be a barrier between her and others (unless of course she does a Dean and is suddenly completely over it). I'm glad that Jasmine expressed the opinion that Irene's hardball approach might not be the right one, so at least it's out there even if Bella does end up having a change of heart.And I did kind of like Roo letting Bella's moodiness wash over her. It seems like John and Marilyn have switched places from the last time Jett moved out, when Marilyn was the one looking up every detail online and John was the one preferring to assume the best until they heard otherwise.I guess the fact that something did happen then makes it hard for John to relax and trust everything will be all right this time round.He needs to deal with it though because he's being pretty inconsiderate and controlling to everyone.I did feel sympathy for Marilyn, although ironically the thing that was treated as a deal-breaker felt like an overreaction on her part: I'm not sure by what logic she thinks that John calling Jett "my son" means he doesn't consider him her son as well as her reaction implied, it seems a perfectly normal way of referring to him.
  11. Roo's interested in Nick now? Another one who's not short of attention!
  12. "Next time it could be a knife,"Colby says of Bella. Or a gun, eh, Colbs? And that's the thing: Any point that he might have is lost on me because my first thought is always that he has no right to moralise.A week ago, he was yelling at Bella that Ross deserved what he did to him.That's the values that he's teaching her, and then he wonders why her impulse is to use violence to solve things? If she's got worse since she pointed a crossbow at him, then that's on him, not Ross, and that's why I found it frustrating to watch the likes of Alf acting as though she's the sole problem here.And you know what? I really can't bring myself to take Irene's side either.I really thought we'd moved on from the days of Irene deciding that any time a child has even the slighest problem with the people they're living with, she should swoop in and offer herself up as someone who can do it better.(Especially after her disastrous intervention with Luc.) One of the many reasons that bringing in Fake Olivia was a bad idea was that giving the stock "You're like a mother to me, Reenie" dialogue to someone who viewed her as a grandmother figure ten years earlier and whose mother was saying the same things ten years before that really did hammer home the fact that Irene's now two generations on from the teenagers and should be accepting that like Alf has and letting the next generation down take on the parenting role (Alf's got Leah and Roo there as a buffer, and Sally and Miles before that), instead of still trying to play supermum.Irene's place just does not feel like the natural fit for Bella, even with Willow there, because she's more like a big sister figure leaving the parenting to Irene.If they were going to move Bella away from Colby (and part of me thinks she'd be better off almost anywhere other than him), I think I'd rather she'd gone to live with Roo or the Astonis, which feel like a better fit.And especially after Irene's "It shouldn't be Bella's decision", I was actually pleased that she found, to her bewilderment, that her "Take a seat, girlie" schtick doesn't actually work on someone who doesn't want to be there, and find myself hoping she gets a huge reality check and actually fails this time. I don't know, maybe I give Bella a bit too much of a pass at times, but I always feel defensive when the show seems to try and force us to see a character as in the wrong when it's not as black and white as that. Do we have to keep seeing Dean and Ziggy getting naked? It feels more sleazy than romantic to me.
  13. I seem to remember Morag saying something like "Celia always looks for the best in people and brings out the worst in me" in anticipation of seeing her again. So I guess she knew what to expect!
  14. I'm glad Coco got some screen time with Bella after she was in exile last week, ticking the last box for this visit.Unfortunately, her main contribution was to badly misrepresent what Ziggy had said and set Bella off again.Ziggy pretty much said the opposite of what Coco claimed, that she thought it would be something more but Dean obviously didn't want it, so I've no idea why Coco told Bella that Dean might want a relationship but Ziggy just wanted a fling to get over Brody.Of course, that would be far more sensible than her "I don't want to give it a label but I've never met anyone like him" stance.(Except her pre-Brody boyfriend, who was disturbingly similar to Dean, huh?) I'm not keen on the way Ben's retroactively being portrayed as right about Brody, given that at best he was right for the wrong reasons: Brody did end up hurting Ziggy, but not for anything to do with Ben's old fears.I'll say this: Aside from Coco, no-one really seems to be going "Dean and Ziggy are together, that's great!" They're sensibly concerned but know it's her choice.Frankly, I would prefer it if this turns out that Ziggy has moved on too quickly and isn't ready for a "thing" than they get presented as some sort of golden couple.Meanwhile, Ben's still being childish towards Justin, despite him doing his best to keep Brody in line. You know what? I really can't bring myself to mind that Bella hit Colby like that and find myself hoping that it doesn't get turned into a big deal. He deserves a lot more than that but no doubt we'll be treated to his latest bout of hypocrisy and acting the victim.He was even the one who turned things physical here by grabbing Bella, so even though it was excessive, there's a case for self-defence.She probably wishes sometimes that he never found (and kidnapped) her: A year ago, she had a happy and stable, if restrictive, home life, something Colby has failed to provide.And I don't think Irene's helping by constantly passing judgement on her without having the facts.Bella was clearly horrified at what she'd done, so she's got more of a conscience than Colby has. Then why didn't Jett use it? (Or do you mean the real-life building must have one, even though the in-show one clearly doesn't?) We've certainly never seen anyone enter Salt by any route other than up the stairs and there doesn't seem to be anywhere for a lift to be.
  15. I'm glad they're making the most of Coco during this short visit: She got some decent stuff with Raffy and Ryder, she got to yell at Brody, and now she gets some good sisterly scenes with Ziggy.It felt like she clocked what was going on very early on (not that Ben and Maggie weren't far behind): She had a "I go away for a few months and my sister starts dating a River Boy" expression almost straightaway.I really can't get on board with this Ziggy/Dean thing. Maybe it could have worked as a fling or a bit of fun but it's being treated as some big great love story, which is ridiculous. Did we really sit through a year and a half of Brody and Ziggy's relationship just for them to both declare their undying love to other people at the drop of a hat? I can't shake the feeling that we're being treated to Brody being unreasonably possessive about someone he cheated on in an attempt to make us (and possibly Ben and Maggie) defend Dean and Ziggy's relationship in response. I can understand Mason being bitter.Brody and Tori do selfish things and get support and hugs and congratulations.He does the wrong thing with good intentions and gets treated as the black sheep of the family, which is a bit of art imitating life at times.Tori still doesn't want to admit that she might have made the wrong call.I agree, though, that her being a far from impartial witness would probably get her evidence thrown out anyway.
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