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  1. It's not entirely clear frankly, thanks to the show forgetting to write an ending to the "Sally comes back to sell the caravan park" storyline in 2013. Alf alluded to owning it a few weeks back, so probably.
  2. Well, Justin has definitely got himself into trouble now and he doesn't even really seem to realise it. I don't know if it's her attitude or what, but again I wasn't convinced by Tori's handling of things: Leaving Justin to stew in the cell overnight seems as likely to make him bitter as give him a wake-up call. (If he's taking his medication every four hours, wouldn't he need more doses as well?) I can't quite decide whether Stephen deliberately made it sound worse than it was by saying Justin attacked him without explanation: It was clear from what Justin said that he was jealous of Stephen's friendship with Leah, which isn't a good explanation but is an explanation. I notice the new police officer's a regular, by the way. Apart from a comment about him being a country boy, he didn't really move beyond generic cop character today but presumably there's more to come. Mackenzie's absence continues to cause problems and worries.I was glad Chloe was called out on her attitude.Even though I don't want Salt to go down the pan, I'm not sure that Dean putting Ryder in charge will go down well with Mackenzie...or Chloe for that matter.That is, of course, assuming the body they've found isn't Mackenzie... That fisherman must have an almighty set of lungs on him for Leah to hear what he was saying from the beach!
  3. Ah, okay. I guess Oz was sticking closer to a five episodes a week schedule in those days, or else it was a lucky coincidence.
  4. I get the feeling we're meant to be on Tori's side but I really wasn't: She once again showed how immature she is when it comes to relationship. I mean, I think Christian's sailing close to the wind, and given he looked uncomfortable when Rachel held his hand, I thought he knew that. It seems Tori asked Jasmine to keep an eye on Christian, which excuses her a bit, but it's all a bit playground: Tori acts as though Christian's spending every waking hour with Rachel, even though the last episode suggested they hadn't seen each other in days. Christian told Tori to focus on Justin while he focused on Rachel, and instead she's sneaking around getting reports from Jasmine's spying missions while Justin is trying to get hold of unlicensed pills. And even when she knows that, she still seems more interested in throwing a tantrum at Christian and breaking up with him than whether Justin's all right or not. I mean, I sympathise with her to a point, stuck in limbo, but she'd only have herself to blame if Christian did now go there with Rachel. As for Justin...well, we knew it was going that way, and it's lucky that Ziggy was on the ball when Leah and Tori weren't.Justin attacking Stephen...My instinct is to say it would be worse if it was someone else, which is a bit harsh perhaps given we don't know for sure that he's up to something, but still. No follow-up on Nikau and Bella's storyline, so I guess we'll have to wait until next week for that.
  5. Yes, I'd noticed that. Whilst I'd still like to get the blocks back at some point, even if we have to wait until next year, maybe there is method to Channel 5's madness after all. I can't remember if the last Olympic Cliffhanger was shown on a Friday or not, but I remember the Commonwealth Cliffhanger three years ago was shown midweek here.
  6. I did feel a lot of sympathy for Bella here, and while I'm still not sold on the pairing, I do appreciate Nikau trying to go to bat for her. Emmett gave him some worthwhile advice about Sienna's carrot and stick tactic.I'm not sure if Nikau's ultimatum is likely to work: Sienna doesn't tend to respond well to them, and I imagine she thinks she holds all the cards and Nikau will do what she wants either way. So Martha found out the truth surprisingly quickly...and then she's off again and taking Alf with her. I like Rachel but I'm starting to get a bit worried about her.It does seem like she doesn't really have any friends, and being stuck in hospital for weeks can't be fun, but it seems like she's getting a bit too dependant on Christian.I'm almost tempted to suggest she staged that panic attack to get his attention.On one level, taking her out for the day is a good idea, but I can understand why Jasmine would be worried.I'm not too sure that calling Tori is the best way to handle it though, she hasn't exactly been the most stable recently.
  7. Good words. Those are where ideas come from. Maybe, just maybe, Evie's starting to move away from those dark thoughts. She's listening, which she wasn't before. Perhaps that's where it starts.
  8. Bella again seemed to be treating Nikau's home like her personal workspace, which he didn't seem to mind although he didn't seem to feel obliged to keep the noise down either. To be fair, Bella did suggest going to hers but Emmett, explicitly now, didn't fancy running into Dean or Mackenzie: See, this is why Dean putting the heavy word on him was a bad idea! Sienna is still disregarding Nikau's request not to spring stuff on him and he seems to have given up objecting. Having used Bella as a bargaining tool up until now, Sienna suddenly seems to want rid of her, having apparently decided Nikau is hooked enough that it won't matter. His behaviour here suggests that's not the case, although his attempt to help Bella backfired. While Sienna's being petty, they probably should have thought of that before getting Nikau to pose for so many pictures... I'm still not sure how concerned I should be about Mackenzie, it does look as though she left of her own accord so..? At least we got to see Ben Murray again! And I think that's the first time we've got a name for Mackenzie's mother.Apparently Dean's never spoken to her, although I'm not sure how long he plans to keep that up for.Mackenzie handled meeting his mum okay. Well, I wasn't expecting Kieran to be up for release that quickly.I can understand Alf's stance: He gave Kieran a chance before against his better judgement, albeit grudgingly, and it ended up in a disaster. They do need to talk it over properly though.
  9. That was quite a bit of information from Ziggy for a first meeting! Wonder what the story is with Lily...
  10. Alf's episode count this block:Four. I can't help feeling that Leah was on the wrong side here. If Stephen does have an agenda, then his sudden insistence that John needs to take the messages from Susie to the police, which he initially discouraged, is extremely suspicious, and Leah may not have helped anyone by helping him badger John into doing what he wanted.Meanwhile, Justin demonstrates that he really hasn't made any progress at all by going straight out to order more pills as soon as he wasn't being watched.He confirms that Grace isn't at home but doesn't really explain why: Tori normally leaves her with someone when she's at work rather than putting her in the hospital creche, but all her usual babysitters (Leah/Justin, Jasmine, Marilyn) were in the episode and Irene's out of town.Could Christian have had her? And that makes me realise I've no idea where he's meant to be living... I'm not sure how worried about Mackenzie we should be.The most likely explanation is that she's taken herself off somewhere to get her head sorted.I can even understand her leaving her phone behind if she didn't want to be contacted.But...without taking any clothes? Similarly, Roo may have had a point about Martha, but they can't keep her in hopital indefinitely and she seemed pretty together.Of course, news of Kieran could set her right back...
  11. Pretty much more of the same from Justin, with him still in deep denial about the fact he has a problem other than his pain.Given the way he was unhappy about Alf knowing things, it was very risky for Leah to confide in Ziggy. I seem to remember the two of them were trying to keep an eye on Justin together at one point, but that just kind of got dropped and Ziggy suddenly seemed very clueless, even forgetting Justin promised her a good reference.But while Justin wasn't exactly gracious, he kept his cool, Ziggy's got her job back and he's got someone to run the garage again. Of course, then he loses it with Leah, who is once again left to handle everything on her own because Tori's used up her episodes. It feels like there have been several times over the last few weeks when Mackenzie's looked like she might turn a corner only to plunge straight back in. I'm surprised Ziggy made an effort with her. Still, maybe this one will actually stick: Her regrets over the video and conversation with Dean seemed genuine. Except then there's a disappearing act to worry about... I'd almost forgotten John and Stephen were in the episode.They just seem to be having the same conversation with Stephen losing his cool more and more.
  12. Like I said, and like you said I said, I don't have a problem with Nikau wanting his home back. I have a problem with him expecting Bella to abandon her work plans to attend his party. And as we saw today, he barely spoke to her, even at the start when he was standing around on his own not knowing what to do and she was doing much the same, so I'm really not sure why he was so insistent he needed her there. Her main contribution was providing a bit of crowd control when Mackenzie turned up. At least she and Emmett managed to make a virtue of it and take some shots. That said, I wasn't entirely happy with the way Bella spoke to Allegra, even if it must be difficult to have Nikau ignoring his actual girlfriend while the cameras are on him. Is Allegra gay? It felt like she said Nikau wasn't her type and then immediately started eyeing up Mackenzie.(Of course, this show doesn't have a good track record with that sort of thing, even if it's got a bit better the last few years.) It did actually feel as though Mackenzie was making an effort, at least on the surface: Being friendly to Dean when he got home and making polite small talk to Ari and co outside the surf club. Of course, she's apparently not up to any meaningful discussion, brushing Dean off as soon as he tried to talk about how things would work. And she's still doing it at the end of the episode.
  13. I found myself slightly divided with the two main storylines today. I mean, I know whose side I was mostly on (Christian and Bella), but logically..? Even though I find Tori annoying a lot of the time, I can see how recent events have been very hard on her, with Christian postponing the wedding indefinitely with a day's notice and now acting as though he's not really interested in it. I do think he still wants to marry her, he's just got other things on his mind at the moment. And Tori being dismissive of the way he's feeling and looking for someone to blame, or something to blame him for, isn't helping: She still hasn't really admitted she was wrong to have a go at Rachel the way she did, preferring to deflect back onto him. I do hope they work things through but maybe some space is what they need right now. Elsewhere...not sure what to think of Nikau's behaviour in general. The mentality of trying to entice followers onto social media, and posting photos of your every move for complete strangers to comment on, is something I've never really understood, but he's been told he needs to do it as part of his job. So, yeah, it might seem strange to his friends but at least there's a logic about it. And I can't blame him for bringing Allegra and Sienna back to his house when Bella and Emmett were working there. (Extremely weird that they decamped to Salt rather than her place: If they were trying to avoid Mackenzie, her business seems an odd place to go!) But I really didn't like the way Nikau expected Bella to cancel her planning meeting with Emmett to "support" him whatever that means: Stand around watching while he puts on a show for the cameras, apparently. Chloe's dismissive comment about the exhibition not being tomorrow seemed rather redundant given that Nikau's not doing a photo shoot tomorrow, it's just preparation work which is what Bella needs to do. That said, he is using it to throw some work Ryder and Chloe's way, so he's not completely self-involved. I really didn't like the way Chloe spoke to Bella though, and I wish Ryder had said something at the time rather than just standing there while Chloe was unnecessarily nasty and then questioning it later.
  14. I didn't think either Tori or Christian really came over well here. Tori's rather sulky accusation that Christian's been too preoccupied to notice something was up with Justin was hugely pot-kettle-black, but to be fair she did apologise for it. Christian volunteers to keep an eye on Justin, but got way too easily distracted by Rachel for way too long and let everyone down. Then Tori's immature streak comes out again: Whilst I think Rachel is getting a bit too attached to Christian (she doesn't appear to be having any visitors, so I guess she's not got much in her life), she is a patient and one in a precarious situation at that, so Tori having a go was indeed unprofessional. And then she tries to demand explanations from Christian and, really, there was no answer that could have satisfied her, but I guess he hasn't handled things as well as he should have done. And in the midst of this, we have Justin deep in denial, insisting his withdrawals are just back pain and he's only doing what he has to to manage it.(The fact he binned the pills to prove he can do without them and he can't seems to have escaped his attention.)The stuff with Ari and Mia just felt like padding really.
  15. Alf's episode count this block:Three, and he was credited on Friday for no appearance. I'm glad Chloe confided in Ryder, and those scenes were rather sweet.I can definitely see her perspective and I thought Mia and Ari's way of handling it, telling Chloe they wouldn't proceed without her support, was a tiny bit manipulative: Chloe was hardly going to turn round and say "Right, I'm not letting you try for a baby then", so giving in was her only option. Oh, and the show's still trying to say Ari's known Chloe since she was a baby. So...a baby clambered up into his lap? Alf, Leah and Tori work out what's going on with Justin, but he's still mired in denial, delusion and deceit. Tori not only decides to go straight in playing hardball but doesn't do a very good job of it, letting Justin call her bluff and getting herself removed as his doctor...which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since she was hardly being objective, but it doesn't look like Justin's in the mood to listen to anyone.Alf keeping his confidence when Marilyn and Roo came looking for gossip was a nice touch.
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