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  1. Red Ranger 1

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    In hindsight, it is tempting to ponder whether it might have been a good idea to let Raffy miss the start of school instead of convincing her to go, so there'd be time for her to get her medication sorted and be a bit less on edge.At the same time though, the longer they left it, the more chance there was of Raffy dropping out of school for good, so getting her back on the horse as quickly as possible does have merit.While it was well-intentioned, everyone constantly stressing that the medication might have made Raffy do it was probably a bad idea, since it resulted in her seeing the medication as a bad thing.At least things were sorted out swiftly, and I guess I should acknowledge Marilyn's role in that.Unfortunately, any credit she earned was completely negated by Marilyn swooping in and snatching Raffy back off the Morgans, blatantly blocking Tori from playing the female confidante role.I suspect this was at least partly motivated by "Olivia Deeble isn't rostered on for the next episode so we need to get Raffy out of the way", but it continues to make Marilyn seem selfish and creepy when a simple "She's with Ryder and Coco" would have done just as well.Maggie didn't really deserve the criticism she got, especially Irene making judgement comments on the basis of second hand gossip as if she's been possessed by Colleen. Robbo went into bad boyfriend territory again by emotionally blackmailing Jasmine into looking up Tori's results...and the fact this seems like a plot device to avoid hiring a guest actor to play a doctor who isn't Tori and deliver the news just makes it more irritating.Anyway, by the end Robbo seems on the verge of a psychotic break as he starts guarding Tori's house.It was nice to see Mason in full-on sweet mode, putting his study aside to look after Tori and Raffy.
  2. Red Ranger 1

    Quick Questions

    I don't think they ever committed themselves either way: I don't recall them saying there was a point they were definitely going to stop but they weren't definitely going to continue either.
  3. Red Ranger 1

    Homecoming Part 2

    Hmm, Frank and Bobby both feeling nostalgic.
  4. Red Ranger 1

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Alf's episode count this week: Five! Well, I can't say I'm particularly sorry that Raffy knocked seven bells out of Abbi although I guess the school couldn't really turn a blind eye.I cringed at Roo asking Raffy fairly complicated questions in class, although it turns out she did read the book but can't remember.(It was a nice touch that Abbi could answer the question, stopping her from being completely two-dimensional.)It was also nice to see Tori and Mason get some screen time with Raffy (from the way Marilyn was keeping tabs on the situation I was half-expecting her to be the one heading to the school) and months after it first came up we finally get confirmation that Raffy's been clued in on Tori's IVF plans! It's easy to forget about Alf's brain tumour back in the mists of time: John had one as well, of course, although I think technically that wasn't cancerous.Irene did a decent showing of the video but I'd have liked to have seen Marilyn's attempt.Anyway, it's a nice way of personalising the fundraiser without having all the focus on Maggie.
  5. Red Ranger 1

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    I meant that Colby asked Dean to be best man when they first got engaged. Well, Justin’s officially withdrawn his ban on Willow spending time with Dean. He had no right to ban her in the first place of course but at least he’s realised that. Of course, it turns out that’s not the problem: It’s not so much Dean himself that Willow misses (although avoiding him all the time has been pretty stressful), it’s the fact that if she’s not sorting him out then she doesn’t have much else. Justin attempting to give the stock “You’ve got me” response backfired as Willow queried what exactly that means. Does being with him actually give her a purpose in life? Answers on a postcard… Ziggy was extremely bratty to the point of being a bully but at least she apologised after getting a well-deserved lecture from Brody. Maggie was another one that waited until she hit breaking point before revealing how she really felt. I’m going to defend Leah a bit here; she (and Ziggy) did push the point a bit too much in the end, but she asked several times if Maggie was okay with what they were doing and Maggie said she was. Ben also seemed to notice the shocked look on her face a few times but let himself get fobbed off. Marilyn was very irritating, in full-on overgrown infant mode with the way she plastered the pier with posters and smugly pushed Leah into doing the vlog, so I’m disappointed that she missed out on the meltdown. Still Maggie seems to have reached a compromise with her realisation that she’s not the only cancer survivor around. It’s the advantage of living on a cancer cluster! As for Raffy…I supported her fully the last couple of weeks but it went on long enough for her to just be a brat. Brody messed up big time and did the wrong thing, but he recognised that and apologised and tried his best to make up for it, and her response was to carry on kicking him when he was down because he was a convenient target for her anger. So I’m glad she realised that and apologised. Meanwhile, Ryder spent a good chunk of the episode being a douche, blaming the adults who’d been bending over backwards to help him for his screw-ups, using Raffy as an excuse for letting Raffy down (which makes as much sense as it sounds) and deciding that because he can’t get his own way he’s going to abandon Raffy completely instead of going back into Year 11 so he can at least go to school with her and support her a bit. But everything fell into place for him at the last minute so…yay? I’m being harsh: It was Justin and Ryder who managed to get through to Raffy here. I’m guessing she’s meant to be dividing her time between the Morgans and the Palmers, which it’s hard not to feel is for John and Marilyn’s benefit rather than because it actually helps Raffy, but I guess it’s a good excuse for leaving her out of an episode! Part of me really wanted Mason to be the one to help Raffy (we did get a rare and precious scene between them but sadly it didn’t amount to much) but I can’t blame him for having a life and problems of his own and leaving other people to help her. I was disappointed not to see him at breakfast though, and apparently his family didn’t give him a thought either since they let him oversleep!
  6. Red Ranger 1

    Homecoming Part 2

    Hmm, Adam and Emma. We'll see how Grant working at the Diner goes.Hopefully Carly won't find working late too much trouble! And yep, Al's gone to see Don...
  7. Red Ranger 1

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    The only thing I can say in Justin's defence...well, actually, I can say a lot in his defence although I'm struggling to find anything applicable to the situation that doesn't sound like damning with faint praise.Okay, here's something: He doesn't mean Willow any harm.But he's done the wrong thing and he needs to realise that instead of just seeing what he wants to see.I fully understand him being annoyed at Willow constantly putting Dean first and if he'd just asked her to get her priorities sorted, fair enough.But issuing a blanket ban is wrong, and the fact that Willow felt she wasn't allowed to go to a mutual friend's wedding shows that this isn't something they've agreed together, it's a diktat that she feels obliged to stick to.I don't really buy the idea that Willow's somehow lost without Dean in her life or vice versa, since they seemingly hadn't seen each other for months at least before he turned up in the Bay.But constantly having to go out of her way to avoid him when it's not remotely practical is obviously making her stressed.Incidentally, hadn't Dean already agreed to be Colby's best man? What was with Justin saying he was going to John and Marilyn's to see Raffy? I know John said they'd keep an eye on her while he was away, but surely that didn't involve her actually moving back in there, even though Tori and Mason, who were meant to be the ones looking after her anyway, were still around? (I guess you could rationalise it as them being the ones keeping an eye on her while everyone else was busy.In which case, why was John at the Diner bugging Alf and Ben?) I can't say I was particularly interested in Robbo and Jasmine saying they love each other.Has it been mentioned how much older than her he looks?
  8. Red Ranger 1

    Fisher's brother?

    Mary was referenced as still being alive when Sophie and Tamara returned in 2003, as was the fact Don and Tamara were related.
  9. Red Ranger 1

    Fisher's brother?

    No, Barbara recalled Donald moving there.
  10. Red Ranger 1

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    I found Ziggy incredibly annoying again.She bulldozed Ben into hiring Dean, and now suddenly she's acting like Ben shouldn't actually let Dean do the job she forced him to give him and hanging around the shop criticising everything Dean does, even though Ben and Alf think he's doing fine? So basically she manipulated Ben into giving Dean a job that she doesn't think he can do? Again, the overall feeling is her being unfair to both men. So, we get confirmation that Ross hasn't kidnapped Bella, and is her legal guardian and perfectly entitled to move away and take her with him without leaving Colby a forwarding address.So Neil not telling him where she is is unpleasant but not actually illegal.Colby seemed a bit too snappy at times, and Chelsea's already less uncomfortable about Colby and Dean considering committing crimes in front of her, which I have mixed feelings about but I guess she saw it as just theoretical and not worth making a fuss about.Given how much she's given up for Colby, he'd better be worth it.Robbo's reasons for not helping seemed like he was just trying to keep it interesting: He did, after all, get Lance to look into Ebony without any evidence she'd committed a crime either. I was willing to give Robbo a pass for not mentioning that he was in the room to Jasmine in front of Tori (even though bringing a third wheel to their date was rather thoughtless).But when Jasmine then gives him the opening to tell her and he chooses to keep it to himself...definitely bad boyfriend behaviour.I do like that Jasmine and Tori are both trying to be considerate of the other one rather than tearing strips off each other: Jasmine doesn't blame Tori for asking Robbo to come in with her, she's just upset that Robbo lied about it. Oh yeah, and 7000 episodes.I wasn't expecting a big cast reunion or anything, or even think they should have had one, but I'd have hoped for them to schedule something more thrilling than Tori and Robbo's IVF drama for that slot.But hey, it's just numbers.Who remembers what, say, the 7000th episode of Coronation Street was about?(*Looks it up* Tony Gordon revealed Jed Stone alive in the Rovers.)
  11. Red Ranger 1

    Fisher's brother?

    I think Donald's brother was mentioned a few times in early episodes (it was later mentioned that he'd fired Lance and Martin and they blame Donald for it), but he never actually turned up and wasn't mentioned after the first few months or so. The one who was a regular on the show for a year or so? Yes.
  12. Red Ranger 1

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Alf's episode count this week:Three. Well, I did like the first scene between Mason and Ben, with them both understanding the other's business is important.While it's kind of good that Mason apologised, I think he owed an apology in return for everyone else's lack of consideration: Irene was particularly intrusive yesterday, constantly touching and nudging him, yet she seemed to think it was all Mason's problem here.Jumping the gun must be an Astoni family trait with Ben calling Tori against Mason's wishes, but again it worked out and she was a help to him.I also liked seeing him and Jasmine hanging out as ever. It's a shame given that it seemed an interesting idea when it was first mooted that I'm struggling to muster much interest in Robbo and Tori's IVF.It perhaps doesn't help that they just seem to be having the same conversations over and over.
  13. Red Ranger 1

    Homecoming Part 2

    How the heck have the Newtons ended up back with Angela?!
  14. Red Ranger 1

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    I found Ziggy annoying for the first time in a while. There was no need for her constant sniping at Willow and Justin, and she definitely shouldn’t have told Dean Ben had given him a job when he hadn’t: It ultimately worked out but it wasn’t fair on either man. There seemed to be a concerted effort to make Dean as likeable as possible: Normally he’d be lashing out but he never switched out of affable even when resigned to going to jail. But going from relying on Willow to get him out of the mess he’s made of his life to relying on Ziggy isn’t much of an improvement, and he needs to start making good choices instead of throwing his life away just to annoy Justin and needing his friends to come to his rescue. It’s odd because despite consistently making a mess of his own life, he often gives good advice to others, as he did with Ryder here. And by the way, I really haven’t got used to Dean and Ryder going for a drink together yet! Marilyn annoyed me again with the way she was taking over: It’s not her place to talk to Raffy’s school or arrange a counsellor for her. So I’m glad her efforts continue to fall flat: She even arguably made the wrong call by stopping Raffy looking at her phone when it was a supportive message from Ryder, although given her later reaction to him supporting her it might not have helped anyway. (I did notice a message from Ty defending her on the feed, which is a nice touch.) But in the end, Ryder was the ideal person to help her, the perfect blend of annoying and endearing as he basically bugs Raffy out of her downer. I loved the way he insisted he wasn’t going anywhere and then asked Justin if that was all right, and Justin again did well giving them space. Of course, Ryder’s not perfect, and it’s finally dawned on him that messing up his own life out of self-indulgent guilt has just hurt Raffy more. Roo again flops as a parental figure, thinking she can magically fix Ryder’s problems with a party. I’m not convinced Alf’s big speech would/did make any difference but Ryder’s got a fair compromise. (Incidentally, the education officer popped up in 2015 as a doctor who looked after Leah after her coma. That’s one I stumbled across by accident, D.B.!) And the redemption of Coco continues with her being nothing other than a supportive friend to Ryder, hopefully she stays like this. The school system gets more and more confusing as the characters look set to start “Year 12” less than a year after starting “Year 11”, which doesn’t even make any sense, not least because of Roo referring to it as “the start of the HSC” when she made a big deal months back about the HSC starting in Year 11, not Year 12. This contradicts every other time Year 12 has started, it seemed to confuse an awful lot of Oz pace fans when this screened over there (the general consensus seemed to be that some Australian schools do it like that and some don’t) and even Alf didn’t seem to have a clue what Roo was talking about yesterday, so I’m guessing this is something Summer Bay’s just adopted. I have a lot of sympathy for Mason, and I’m glad that the promised rant from Ben in the promo didn’t really happen. He’s been affected by this as much as Ryder, yet while Ryder has everyone running around trying to help him, Mason gets everyone bugging him when he’s trying to study. So yeah, maybe it’s partly his fault for choosing a silly place to study but they should have read the situation better. I notice Leah suddenly having scenes worrying about him: With both VJ and Hunter gone, does she consider Mason the next best thing?!
  15. Red Ranger 1

    Homecoming Part 2

    I have a feeling Emma could be trouble...

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