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  1. I actually quite enjoyed the youngsters' attempt at one-upmanship. Bella and Nikau did at least get a few hours together before the Ryder and Chloe hurricane swept through their peace and quiet: And yes, they know full well what they're doing.It was all done in good humour, complete with Bella's grumpy "I hate surprises." I liked Dean almost accidentally getting Ryder on side by calling him the boss as well.He looked like he was going to run a mile from Amber last episode, so I was surprised that he actually seemed keen on the idea of the white picket fence deal with her here, and seemed
  2. A nice, if extremely rushed, departure for Willow.She gets the necessary last chats with Dean and Bella, and a surprisingly big role for Amber who is definitely fitting in well.(That seems like Amber's first proper scenes with Bella since she got back: I think they were in the same scene for a few seconds after Ari was run over, but otherwise you'd forget they live together.)I was disappointed that Willow didn't get a farewell with Jasmine, but I guess she was one of the few that got to say goodbye last time.(Conversely, Alf, Roo and John get to say a quick goodbye just because they're in the
  3. Lewis is well and truly off the deep end by now.To be fair, reporting Christian to the police for assault is one of the most reasonable things he's done, it's just this obsession with the patients being in danger and determination to make Christian pay by any means possible. Jasmine is finding it harder and harder to support him, even if she did cover for him here.Still, if there's one plus, it's that Christian and Tori seem to have fully got over their blip from last week with her supporting him unconditionally. Well, credit to him, Dean's pulling out all the stops to get the surf compet
  4. How long is Shane going to be able to keep up hiding in a shed..?
  5. Alf's episode count this block:Four. Frustratingly, it feels like we're only getting half the story.We're told that Christian wasn't to blame for all these deaths, but what exactly is the cause of death? Are they saying that Christian did the best he could but the injuries were too severe? It's not enough for Lewis anyway, who's becoming more and more brazen in his vendetta against Christian.It's got Jasmine looking worried now and Irene's spider-sense seems to have belatedly triggered again.At least Jasmine and Christian cleared the air. Amber was a bit like a dog with a bone in her
  6. Ooh. Interesting start. This is Travis and Rebecca's son, I take it? Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.
  7. I'm pretty sure there was a point early on where she was living with Colby, Robbo, Jasmine and Grace.In a three bedroom flat.(Or was it only two then?) If you mean that bit in the recap of John telling Justin they could trust her, I think that was actually from Susie's last episode, when they should have known full well they couldn't trust her! Anyway...Justin's brush with death was resolved pretty painlessly and Dean even managed to save the board.(Goodness knows where the owner was though.)If I'd been in Justin's shoes, I'd be tempted to tell Leah "Oh, now you want to talk", but
  8. I was worried Greg was going to upset Sophie but he did as well as you could expect.Bobby handled things badly there.
  9. She did come round relatively quickly as I recall, probably around the time of the wedding.
  10. Frank doesn't really seem that into Beth. What's Shane planning now?
  11. Well, you were replying to comments made after that, and pretty much just repeating outdated arguments you made weeks ago instead of acknowledging the storyline had moved on.And indeed, you still are, because... So, apparently you've forgotten what Tane said and Mackenzie's actual reason for keeping quiet just two paragraphs later! Anyway, today.I thought at first that Ryder and Chloe were being deliberately over the top to wind Nikau and Bella up after the prank but... apparently they weren't? I do think Bella overreacted.She made a point about not being used to being around peop
  12. I don't think that's the case.I think Ari should have been involved in the decision, but once Mackenzie made the decision to have an abortion, telling Ari would just have been cruel.It seems like you're ignoring Tane's role in events (he was arguably the one most insistent Ari shouldn't be told), and possibly Amber's as well, in order to reduce this to a men v women situation. Nikau's trick on Ryder was a bit mean-spirited although also very funny, and no harm done, as Ryder's essential kindness shone through even if he doesn't speak Maori.I was pleased that Ari didn't even warn him in je
  13. So, Mackenzie collapses in the middle of the night but waits until the next morning to crawl to her phone? Was she unconscious a lot (which she wasn't at the end of the last episode)? On a similar note, Tane finds Dean with Ari and tells him Ziggy's looking for him.I assumed that was a code for her having gone to Emergency...but the next scene has Dean at Emergency waiting for Ziggy to arrive.Was she parking the car, or did she actually spend time wandering the hospital looking for him? Anyway, even if she'd already decided to terminate the pregnancy, that's a pretty painful and traumatic
  14. Hmm, could there be something in Shane and Emma meeting..? Ailsa and Grant really need to stop. Frank probably did right staying out of the firing line.
  15. It looked to me as though it was the "fundraising account" that Susie was transferring money into.The whole thing seems very amateurish and also seems like another ridiculous convenience, since Susie's whole plan seemed to depend on the treasurer being away. Alf's episode count this block:Two. It felt like the show made a point of saying Lewis wasn't with Jasmine the night the patient died in order to make us suspicious: He did sneak back in when he wasn't on shift when he tried to kill Ari. Whilst I was a bit surprised that Irene and Willow were so anti-Christian (although to be fai
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