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  1. Again, I suspect it may come down to how willing they are to shuffle things about to create a half hour slot, although they are doing it for Neighbours.(Emmerdale went from 6 episodes scheduled to 5 to 3 rather quickly, so everyone else may have been caught on the hop there.)How would that work though? You could easily give Monday's episode a repeat Tuesday evening, but would the Thursday episode be a first terrestrial showing of the Friday lunchtime episode? Not unprecedented by any means, it's how the show was first broadcast on Channel 5.
  2. There was an announcement at the end of Monday's Channel 5 showing about it being two episodes a week now, which was a bit shutting the stable door after the horse was bolted: I imagine a lot of people who'd read their published-on-Tuesday TV guides rocked up at 6pm expecting to be able to catch the day's Home and Away only to be confronted by a load of trains, at which point unless you've got access to My5, the episode's gone.(Although I suppose if you're on social media, then you've got internet access.)
  3. Time with tell. All the UK soaps have been rationed, as has Neighbours despite I believe still being five days a week in Oz. My only suggestion for them showing Neighbours and Home and Away same day is that they want to have that hour block free the other three days rather than having to keep a half hour slot clear.
  4. Quick check of the Channel 5 website confirms it's only on Mondays and Fridays (repeat of the day's Channel 5 episode at 3.30pm and First Look at 6.30pm). Otherwise, its evening slot has been given over to repeats of Can't Pay We'll Take It Away... Bella's been referred to as being 17 already. In normal circumstances, she wouldn't be too far off turning 18, but with episodes being rationed, it could take years... Anyway, today. Oh, Marilyn, you were doing so well.I liked her kindness and everything, and I'm willing to accept it was a good place, but she was out of order inviting the Paratas to stay without consulting John: It wasn't even a spur of the moment decision, she'd obviously been planning it.Her justification reminded me of the days when Alf used to treat Miles' house like a hotel for his old friends and then accuse him of betraying the spirit of Tom and Pippa if he objected. She's put everyone in a difficult position: John has to either go along with it or look bad, and the Paratas are left feeling unwanted.Actually, Gemma was a bit presumptuous herself accepting it without asking Ari and Nikau (who were right there!) if they liked the idea. I know John can be pompous, but Nikau really didn't help matters by being rude to him: What did he hope to achieve? Ari actually handled it well for once, not rising to it, although he was probably just trying to set a good example.It feels from Ryder's comments that we're meant to see John as motivated by jealousy, but there are times when it feels as though he's got good reason for being annoyed with Marilyn even without that. Last time I checked, Mackenzie and Colby weren't even dating: They broke off way back when Bella was (really) recuperating from her immunisations.So I don't see why she shouldn't join a dating site if she wants, although it did seem a bit abrupt when she was only talking about not having that sort of relationship with Colby the previous episode.Ryder proves that whatever fine qualities he might possess, keeping a secret is not one of them.Okay, when it's really important he can manage it, but he seemed to do everything possible to make Dean suspicious here.Of course, Mackenzie's date promptly turns out to be the next guest villain.She really can't catch a break.
  5. Alf's episode count this week:Two. From now of course, "weeks" will consist of two episodes until we're told otherwise so I'll be keeping an eye on blocks of five. (This rationing of episodes does unfortunately mean if characters and storylines were meant to be at the beginning of one week and end of the next, we'll go three weeks without seeing them.But enough of that when we get there.) I've been very critical of Marilyn at times, including yesterday, and I've even expressed concern about her level of interest in the Paratas.But here, she really was just being kind to someone that needed it and it was nice to see.John's had valid concerns up to now, but here he just came across as jealous and petty.That said, Ari continues to do himself no favours at times: Most people have wanted to lamp John at one point or another, but he looked like he might actually have done it, and it's a good job Dean was there to step in.Ari seemed to be presenting Ryder as what Nikau could be if he tried hard enough, but there was a bit of a feeling of "how the other half live": Nikau doesn't have a grandfather to buy him a car and get mates to do it up for free.Anyone else a bit amused that Gemma always seems to put on an accent when she says Ari's name? I'm glad Ryder got his job back at Salt, I don't think Mackenzie ever wanted to fire him in the first place.According to Ryder, Colby has said that Jade's in hot water and he could sue her for defamation.Of course, knowing Colby he could well have said that without having a clue where Jade is, which is what some of us actually want to know... Justin gets some wise words from Ben and returns a favour by giving Ziggy a leg-up with her career.Of course, from our perspective, those four weeks could last a long time...
  6. My main worry if "I hope they bring it back." To be fair to them, Channel 5 did seem to be plugging the show quite a bit recently: I don't know if ratings for the big "event" episodes weren't as much as they'd hoped. Possibly the thinking is that with most people off work/school, they'll be more likely to watch the 1.15pm showing and the 6pm audience will migrate over there. I hope that's the thinking anyway...
  7. I just want to add a further thank you to D.B., Helena, Kristen and pembie for your comments.When you write something like this, it always means something when people drop by to say they enjoyed it.Sorry if you wanted it to be longer, Helena, but I thought it worked best as a one-shot.
  8. One other thing I thought when the new posts on Leah's blog were described as rants: Isn't that what all of her last few posts were?! Justin's had so many blows one after the other that it's no surprise he's crumbling: He's practically lost everything and is still needed to prop up Tori.So it's good that Ben and Ziggy were there for him and organised a gesture of support. (They even got Dean there: What did Ziggy promise him for that?!) It's a shame that my opinion of Marilyn has become so jaundiced: She took a big hit years ago over George, and the show sensibly kept her away from children for a while after that. But on the back of her proprietorial attitude towards Raffy (even if there was an effort to show her and John working with the Morgans rather than cutting them out last year), her deciding she's going to be looking after Grace left alarm bells ringing. Tori will drive herself mad second-guessing what Robbo would want for Grace, best just to get on with it. I was unimpressed with Dean's behaviour towards Alex and Willow: It seemed to be less about what's best for Willow and more about him not wanting to lose his buddy, while Mackenzie was more of a friend to her.So, Willow's decided to take the plunge, see how it pans out.
  9. I forgot about the "Alf's sisters" line. When Roo and Ryder started asking if they knew everything, I was left wondering if they even knew that Martha's alive! Frankly, Colby told the counsellor so much about Bella (that he was her only remaining family since her father "disappeared", that she took an overdose to make herself sick to get her attention), that he probably should have added "Oh, and I murdered her father and buried him in a shallow grave, so there's that" if he was actually serious about helping her. It is very strange that with John and Marilyn having been back from Mason's memorial nearly a week (they were virtually back before they left) we're only now having other people filter back into town.It makes sense that Tori and Justin would stay on a few days to spend time with Brody and Raffy, but Willow and Alex were talking as if the funeral was only yesterday and it's their first chance to talk about it.(At least they're now calling it a funeral rather than a memorial, suggesting he got a proper send-off.)After the flurry of interest in Leah's reactivated blog yesterday, things slow to a halt once Colby and chums get involved.It did occur to me that Ryder once posted something on there behind Leah's back, but maybe she's changed the password since then.Confirmation yesterday that Teresa's in jail if there was any doubt. And, since she's only a guest character, Alex is offered a job away from the Bay. I don't dislike the character, but I think it would be best if Willow goes with her: It feels like a natural end to the character, rather than having them break up or try long-distance.
  10. My main disappointment is that for the first time since 2008 we're slipping out of the intended blocks. Part of me would rather they'd shown the episodes as intended as far as possible and then taken a break completely, but I can see the sense in wanting to keep the show on air and in people's minds for as long as possible.
  11. I continue to be frustrated to say the least by Colby. It feels like he's putting everything on Bella and then wondering why it's not working. He's not giving the counsellor all the information, and while he's not stopping Bella being honest, he's not making it easy for her either, just mouthing platitudes.And now he's just sticking his head in the sand and throwing more money at more therapy sessions in the hope they'll magically start to work. Roo and Maggie are at it less than a day and have already found a clue that Colby and his chums didn't.They should just sack the entire police force and hire them instead. So that's Alf and Martha off for a bit, with Ryder nearly putting his foot in it over the crosswords.If Jasmine was going to end up somewhere other than the flat, then it was going to be with Irene and Willow, and they can probably do a better job of looking after her for the moment.
  12. Aw, thank you! I was greatly disappointed with Mason's exit on the show, so it felt right to give him a "proper" last scene rather than just being shot off screen and having a sheet draped over him.And the way the storyline with Beth ended was just crying out for a Reunited In Death resolution. Just a one-shot, I'm afraid! I wasn't impressed with the way it was handled either, but even though his death didn't really achieve anything, everyone seemed impressed with his actions afterwards so I think they'll remember him as a hero.
  13. No. Two showings on Channel 5 (1.15 and 6.30), two showings on 5* (3.30 and 6.30, the latter being the next day's Channel 5 episode), plus time-shifted showings on +1 channels. I was pretty much resigned to Jade's storyline ending in a damp squib.Nice that Ryder's off the hook and everything, but Jade skipping town without any retribution while Constable "Too stupid to investigate both suspects" Colby cheerily says they can leave her to them is rather unsatisfying.With any luck we might hear that she's been picked up somewhere, but it's just as likely that she'll be left free to carry on preying on men. There seems to be an awkward suggestion that while a boy who films girls and posts the results on the internet is treated as though he's as bad as a rapist, a girl who uploads intimate footage of a boy without consent isn't such a big deal.It just underlines how unbelievably stupid everyone was on Friday, right down to Alf kicking her out. People kept saying things like "Leave or we'll call the police." Um, shouldn't you be calling the police anyway, not waiting until tomorrow so she's got time to get away? While I'm glad Ryder and Bella are friends again, we really needed a proper apology not "Want to hang out?" And then we don't even see that much of them despite them spending the afternoon and evening together.Hopefully Mackenzie will now offer Ryder his job back:I said at the time that she was too quick to come down on Jade's side following legal advice from Colby of all people. And Colby's not doing much better in his personal life. Bella pretty much outright tells him that there's no point her going to a counsellor when she can't be honest with them, and instead of offering a useful response, he just says that her mental health comes first, which is just words frankly. Either outright tell her that she needs to be honest even if it hurts him, or do the right thing for once and turn himself in so Bella doesn't need to keep it a secret. Talking of secrets, up until now Nikau's seemed like he's the problem, but Ari's behaviour here showed distinct anger management issues.We get our first look at Tane, seemingly another uncle of Nikau, who appears to be involved in something dodgy.Despite this, I do feel for the family struggling to make ends meet. Roo and Maggie decide they're going to be a couple of lady detectives, while Alf and Martha get alone time and do the crossword.
  14. ...They celebrated the 15th season instead of the 15th anniversary? (It's not unheard of in series dramas but unusual in soaps.) I don't know if it extended into Sally's departure, but they made a point of opening the season with a flashback to 1988 and a glimpse of the original (pre-Bay) Fletcher house.
  15. UK soaps are going on reduced episodes from next week. Channel 7's erratic scheduling has meant Home and Away has been on reduced episodes for some weeks now and we've been catching up.I don't see any reason why we couldn't be a month behind if the show goes off air for two weeks in Australia (in normal circumstances they might show extra episodes when they return to make up the shortfall). At the moment however, production has been shut down and it seems almost inevitable the episodes will be either reduced or taken off completely at some point.
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