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  1. Ooh at Narelle: Jeff really hasn't been good for her. Since when was Alf so anti-Bobby? Frank's in a hole but won't stop digging. Sandra wears glasses here?
  2. I did speculate on the reasons for Bella's delayed reaction yesterday, that she was having to face up to what had happened rather than cover it up, plus yes, Irene's vlog was probably very confronting and left her with a strong feeling of what could have been. Anyway, it seems she's come out the other side again.As I speculated a while back, Ziggy being with Dean has caused her to gain a surrogate sister rather than lose a surrogate brother, and she and Willow did a decent job of looking out for Bella here.Interesting that Ryder was the first person Willow thought of when telling Bella there are decent guys out there.Rare use of the word rape by Irene, albeit only in general terms. Dean refusing to wear the uniform wasn't really fair, especially if he's going to turn up to work in his boardies and singlet.His talking about Angelo's as if he was there all the time during the Braxton Era raises all sorts of questions that we were better off putting to bed: Are we meant to assume he was just off camera whenever the River Boys rocked up in town, and that he didn't make any sort of impression on the locals until he started appearing on screen? (Angelo's did do deliveries, for the record.Also, they did seem to have a uniform of sorts, albeit not a very elaborate one.) It obviously hurt Mackenzie that Dean was willing to talk with just about anyone other than her.After what she went through with Rick, she was probably hoping to have a family member that actually gave a damn about her, but she doesn't seem to be on his list of priorities. Ben seems to be becoming more and more withdrawn as he's left with nothing except his family, who are doing their best but don't really get it.Ziggy, who didn't handle things too badly at first, was pretty insensitive when she accused him of slacking off (although it was probably best for Bella's sake that he wasn't around).
  3. Yes, things seem to be a bit better for Kyle. Yes, Kyle's no saint but there are lines he wouldn't cross and I think that's one of them.I wasn't going to have a Maddy-centric story without an Oscar mention! I didn't realise the connection with the Cassandra name at all: Maybe it's my subconscious! She had her arm amputated after an accident near the end of her time on the show. https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/maddy-osborne/ Let's just say that Kyle will be doing his best to manage without them for a while!
  4. I suppose technically Robbo and Jasmine aren't in witness protection, although letting Robbo speed around town does seem a bit counterproductive.Colby used the same "don't let Them win" argument on him that he tried to use on Bella in the previous episode, but this time it worked.I'm glad that Robbo and Jasmine sorted things out quickly and even managed to have a bit of a chuckle over the feds' idea of feeding them.Jasmine spoke some decent ideas in the end about Robbo focusing on finding Them. More Channel 5 edits as Bella's nightmare gets cut, resulting in a very obvious jump cut, and made even more obvious by the fact that again we saw a snippet of it in the promo at the end of last week.She does seem to be getting worse rather than better: Maybe having to hold it together for Irene and keep the cover-up going on gave her something to focus on, and now that's over (coupled with Irene's revelation) she's starting to dwell on it.Colby showed she was absolutely right not to involve him, and that he was lying the other week, by quickly contemplating murdering Tommy: He'll never change.Willow seems to be doing a good job of taking charge here.Despite Bella saying that everyone knew, it seems Dean was out of the loop but clued in now.
  5. So, we get confirmation that Irene's video is available for public consumption.Which does seem to raise an awful lot of legal issues: Not only does it raise the chance that someone involved with her case would see it and be influenced by it, but she also identified Tommy, meaning the case against him is compromised as well.(The press don't seem to have named him, since everyone carried on referring to him as "the John Doe" until Irene gave his name.)But emotionally it does seem to have helped people, and Irene seems ready to face the world again.There is a suggestion that she's gone from putting on a brave face for Bella to putting on a brave face for the entire town, but Alf gave her a much-needed dose of normality. It has to be said that, despite them having bonded and it having brought out a different side of Bella, her living with Irene hasn't exactly been a roaring success: First with that initial battle of wills and then with the mishandling of things with Tommy.That said, I'm not convinced being back with Colby is the best thing for her either, and things fell apart as soon as they started discussing anything important.I'm not sure she feels entirely secure there. And it means Robbo and Jasmine are exiled to a motel.It was unfair for Robbo to snap at her when she was doing a pretty good job of dealing with the practicalities while he was too busy concentrating on the bigger picture.Still, the bubble has most definitely burst, with both of them saying things they regret out of frustration.
  6. Hmm. Nick should talk to Julie but he should also think hard about what he really wants.Hopefully Bobby will get some good news.
  7. CHAPTER TWO As soon as Maddy got in the next morning, she headed straight for Kyle’s room.She had a quick chat to the night staff, who confirmed he had slept through the night.The guards let her into his private room with only a brief check and then she set about checking his obs.It was while she was in the middle of checking his pulse, timing it against the clock on the wall since she tended to keep her watch on her real arm, that he opened his eyes. He stared at her for several seconds, as though trying to process the sight of a familiar face that he really hadn’t expected to see.“Maddy?” Maddy smiled at him.“Hey, Kyle.” Kyle looked around him, taking in his surroundings.“I’m in hospital.” “That’s right.Do you remember what happened?” She saw him thinking again before the truth hit him.“I got set upon in the general area.Am I..?” “Battered and bruised but there wasn’t any internal bleeding.You just need time to recover.”Maddy noticed Kyle’s gaze drift across to the hand of her artificial arm.“Yeah, there’s a bit less of me than there was the last time we met.” “Ricky told me about the accident,”Kyle confirmed,“I’m sorry.I was sorry to hear about Oscar as well.” Maddy nodded.“Me too.He deserved a lot better than he got.Some say you did as well.” “Well, I guess a lot of us can say that.” Cassandra suddenly appeared in the doorway.“Maddy?When you’ve finished in there, I need a hand in bay two.” “Okay, just coming.”Maddy turned back to Kyle.“I’ll be back to see you later.” *** Maddy’s interest in their latest patient attracted a lot of questions from Fiona.“I just didn’t think you’d be friends with someone like that,”her friend noted at one point. “We weren’t friends,”Maddy argued, knowing she was splitting hairs,“We just kind of all accepted him and his family.They weren’t perfect but they helped me and other people out sometimes.Anyway, I wasn’t exactly perfect either.” Fiona seemed to let it drop after that but she was obviously still curious.So was Maddy for that matter. Kyle being left to lie on his own in a hospital bed didn’t seem right somehow. It was near the end of the shift when she finally got a chance to talk to him alone.“Aren’t your brothers coming?”she asked. “I said not to call them.” “Why?” “Can you imagine Brax and Heath coming in here?They’d kick up a fuss straightaway and I’d like to avoid that.” Maddy could understand that but it still didn’t seem right him being here on his own.“Isn’t there anyone else?Matt mentioned some girl called Isla you were involved with…” Kyle winced.“Let’s just say I haven’t seen her in a while.” Maddy knew when it was best to drop a subject.This was one of those times.“Well, I guess it’s up to you.”She still had questions though.“Kyle, what happened?Off the record.” Kyle looked at her long and hard for a moment then he decided to trust her.“Someone was dealing drugs in jail.I turned a blind eye for a while but then some kid overdosed.He was only eighteen.I guess I thought someone should take a stand so I reported him.” “And he did this to you?” “Some of his friends did.He’s in solitary but he’s still got a long reach.” “And if you go back..?” “They might want to finish the job.” Maddy found herself more than a little concerned about the prospect but did her best to look on the bright side.“At least you’re safe in here.”She saw the pained look on Kyle’s face.“Aren’t you?” “The report I made against Milligan was meant to be confidential.I was in a common area when I was attacked but there were no guards there.At the moment…I’m not sure if I can trust anyone.”
  8. Alf's episode count this week:Four, and he was credited on Wednesday for no appearance.Tori and Mason only got one each, although Mason was credited on Friday despite not appearing. Well, I got it completely wrong yesterday: It seems Marilyn didn't have a clue about Irene's abuse. To which my response is "...How?" My other response is that someone's realised just how badly they messed up the storyline back in 2015 and wants to do it right.I've been saying ever since Irene lashed out at Tommy that that would have been a better reason for her issues to surface than the rather perfunctory one we got first time round, and now it seems they're trying to do the aftermath right.Because last time round Irene told a few increasingly random people, it got mixed up with a five minute alcohol relapse and then it got used as a plot device to introduce Mad Mick, one of the worst characters in the show's history who thankfully hasn't been mentioned this time round so we can carry on pretending he doesn't exist, and that McGuffin of a blanket. But the problem is we did have that storyline, and Mick running around town with no-one asking where Irene got another child from and it implicitly being common knowledge, so it's a bit late to have a follow-up.As far as I recall, Leah and Olivia both knew, Hannah and Billie knew but they're both dead (I told you it was random people), and I'd have almost sworn that Roo and Chris knew given how quickly they got involved but maybe not. I will say though that it wasn't 100% clear from today's episode whether Alf and Roo already knew or not (and ironically it's not 100% clear John knows now, given that he missed out on the confession video), and thinking hard, Marilyn was away on her world trip when this blew up before, so if there was going to be someone who was out of the loop, it'd be her. So...ignoring the continuity and logic issues and taking this storyline on its own terms: Well, Lynne played a complete blinder of course.After 24 years of friendship, Marilyn was always going to forgive Irene quickly and her tear-stricken reaction to the confession added to the poignancy.Leah was the perfect supportive friend and it was good to see Irene getting a support network around her.The byplay between her and Bella was compelling: I think Bella began to suspect something when they shared that loaded look after Irene turned up at the police station.And after Bella's complaint last episode about Irene insisting she's fine, it brought it full circle for Irene to admit she wasn't.Hearing Irene's stark description of what could have happened has also brought Bella's issues to the surface: Irene seems to think that's a good thing but I'm not convinced.I'm afraid logic has to come in though.What exactly was that?Was it a streaming live message to certain people?Because if it was open to public viewing and/or a video that can be rewatched at any time, then we're back to Leah and Irene ending up on contempt charges for commenting on ongoing cases.A bit of clarity might have helped here. Ben gets another kick in the teeth, and John's in full-on compassionate mode.Alf had a few wise words (see if they have an impact this time) and John handing Ben the sign was a subtle moment of solidarity. I thought Colby was a bit hard on Robbo: I get that he's protective of Bella but Robbo admitted he overreacted and explained he had a good reason for not wanting Bella to see in the box, I don't think there was any need for Colby to give him a scolding "Don't take your issues out on her." I guess security's been upped since Robbo and Jasmine were photographed: Before that it seemed like anyone could come and go from the flat as they pleased, and Bella even spent the night there with them after it came out about Tommy attacking her, but it seems that's impossible now.
  9. Alf and Donald. It continued past this era of course but that time in the late 90s was the point where they really developed an almost brotherly relationship.It's the sort of friendship that can only happen when you've got characters on a show together for years and years!
  10. Thank you, all of you! That was the easy bit. Maddy was meant to be training as a nurse in the show and, as with a lot of these ambitions, she never actually got to the end of it, but I don't think her accident would rule her out, so I like to think she'd get back to it once she'd done her travelling the world thing.It is a huge coincidence for Kyle to end up there but hey, I needed a story! Thank you and I hope you enjoy! I'm aiming to get the next chapter up some time tomorrow.
  11. Read it to the end: We've seen photos of Fin with other children. I think hero tends to be treated as gender neutral these days, I think the show's used it to refer to Irene. Mainly because "You're my heroine" makes it sound like she was tied to a train track for you to rescue. I'm not sure if she does or she doesn't: It seemed to go from only one or two people knowing to all around the Bay and I'm not sure if we got a scene where Marilyn seemed to know or not.But the main thing is that she doesn't know that it was Bella that Tommy attacked and Irene that hit him, although she seems to suspect. Anyway! Irene continues to be in a whole world of pain and denial.It is a shame that in some ways this feels like a retread of the original abuse reveal, to the point that I was expecting Irene to get drunk and backhand Bella, and it's a shame that they did that one, because this storyline is a lot better but the repetition is dulling the impact somewhat.Bella's trying to help, but Mangrove River morality of "He was a bad man so he deserved it" isn't any comfort to Irene.Marilyn probably should have given her space instead of steamrolling in acting like she could fix everything.Leah is fighting an uphill battle but doing a good job of being there. There seems to be a distinct logic flaw: Bella can't go to the flat while Robbo and Jasmine are there, but Colby's invited her to move back in. How does that work? Raffy was in a very self-destructive mood for much of this episode, willing to sacrifice both hers and Ryder's HSC results just to teach him a lesson.It's fortunate that Roo had a chat with her and managed to get her to work with him even if their friendship doesn't seem salvageable at the moment. It was nice that they had Ryder point out that he's allowed to say no to her kissing him.John was actually quite amusing here, thinking him not getting interviewed was the biggest news of the day.
  12. Irene's really not handling things: Half the town thinks she's a hero, the other half thinks she's a monster, and she probably doesn't see herself as either.Plus she's back on the PTSD flashbacks.It's not Leah's place to tell anyone Irene's story but she handled things well by putting a bomb under the press to actually find out the whole story.It should have taken some of the heat off Irene, but she seems to be too far gone for it to make any difference. Oh, and was that meant to be Irene's bedroom at the end? Because it looked suspiciously similar to the one downstairs! Mackenzie played a blinder here, not even needing Ziggy to play peacemaker.And she seems to have won Willow over, at least to the point where she's stopped making "We're Dean's family, not you" speeches.So Dean takes the job, but also quickly shows how difficult it's going to be to get him to take orders. Miscommunications between Raffy and Ryder: He was kind of sending off signals but Raffy probably shouldn't have been so eager to respond.She definitely needs to calm down and have a think before she ruins the assignment for both of them.
  13. Not really much progress with Robbo, although it looks like he's going to have access to the files at least.No-one really seems to have a clue what's going on, including us. In the end, once Ben and Maggie sat down and talked, things ended up back on an even keel pretty quickly, so they probably should have done that earlier! I think both of them have a point.Of course the family would rather have Ben around than the pier, but as Ben pointed out, hiring an expensive lawyer is no guarantee and they could end up with neither.Maggie is being rather naïve in assuming that because he's innocent he won't get convicted if they try hard enough, but she's also absolutely right that if the situation was reversed Ben wouldn't let her give up that easily.So, looking into the pier sale but nothing completely decided yet. It seems Colby did break up with Mackenzie with half a conversation while Bella was yelling at him to come on! Classy... Dean seems to be taking Ben's lead in sticking to stubborn pride.Ziggy needs to stop being subtle and just tell him to pull his head in.
  14. Robbo's strategy continues to make no sense but that is at least starting to feel deliberate.He had two options: Stay at the safe house with Jasmine and Tori, or leave on his own in order to flush out Them. Instead, he's ended up with this awkward halfway house of turning the flat into an impromptu second safe house for himself and Jasmine and getting scared when They do turn up.I was frustrated at his lack of consideration for Tori's family again: He gets to talk to her but he doesn't even mention that Justin and co would like to talk to her too.Things get more and more nebulous with regards what the mysterious Them want.If this isn't connected to Robbo suddenly being married with a child on the way, it does make Them suddenly becoming active again even more confusing. I seriously hope that Lance doesn't turn out to be one of Them. I think that would be a betrayal and also not really follow on from what we've seen before.Would someone who's been established as Robbo's best friend from way back, who knew his children from before they were born, really be involved in all this? It just doesn't fit for me.It feels like people are only suspicious of Lance because he's on the show, and if there is a leak, and it's someone we've met, there aren't many candidates.But I just wouldn't find it believable.If he is one of the bad guys, he might as well have just let Robbo go down for the murder of Dennis Novak, it's not like anyone else was going to help him out. I'm still finding Maggie rather self-righteous.She was spectacularly ungracious about Ben's apology so it's no wonder he lost his temper again.She did do more than make a few calls, she seemed to be making arrangements without consulting him.Even her sending Ziggy away felt like she was worried about letting the mask slip in front of her.I get that she wants the best for Ben but she's going the wrong way about it: She can't help him out of this mess with dogmatic statements.
  15. If Nick likes Julie, why treat her so badly?Peer pressure? Lots of people making bad choices...
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