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  1. Why couldn't it? He was arrested for everything, so I'd have thought normal procedure would be to try him on all charges at the same time, so the jury would see the accumulation of evidence, rather than try him for a few here and a few there.Which only adds to the feeling that Teresa was judging it on a very narrow viewpoint. I certainly agree that Irene would be up on a murder charge if Tommy had died as a result of the attack.It might be minor quibbling but I'm in two minds about whether it could be called premeditated.It seems very different from Teresa seeking out Tommy with a knife intending to kill him with it.If she'd hit him the first time, got Bella out of there, then grabbed the bottle, gone back into the bedroom and started hitting him with it, then I guess you could call that premeditated.But the fact that the assault was an immediate reaction to him trying to get them to keep quiet means I'm not sure it really fits the dictionary definition of premeditated ("planned in advance"). However, I also think that is just semantics: Premeditated or not, it was deliberate and unnecessary. Today! Watching the recap, I'm pretty sure it was Willow that pulled away first from the kiss.Still, she seems to have taken it in her stride somewhat.After Colby flops somewhat as a confidante, I was glad that she opened up with first Willow and then Mason (who was awesome again with a small amount of screentime, although again I was disappointed that he didn't go and see Jasmine).It seemed like Alex talked over her a lot in their first chat although Willow did get to have a proper talk with her later, even if it did mostly amount to reiterating what they'd already said.She said she didn't have the kiss, although that doesn't necessarily mean she wants it to happen again. I found Alf, and to a lesser extent Martha, very irritating at times here.Their initial bickering was fine, but I wasn't keen on the way they were both pestering Ryder and Roo during the practice exam, or the way Alf was suddenly demanding family dinners, especially since it turned out to be because of something he hadn't actually consulted Martha on. Jasmine really can't catch a break.She and Colby separately figure out that Robbo's missing, but they don't really know much more than that.Jasmine probably would have been better off staying in hospital rather than going running around.
  2. Stars haven't quite aligned for Matt and Carly yet.And Julie is stuck going to Bingo.Poor girl.
  3. Hope you enjoy this! CHAPTER TEN Maddy and Chris were waiting in the reception area of a city police station.Maddy was fretting.It had been ages since they’d seen Kyle and she had no idea what was happening to him.She just suspected that it wasn’t going to be anything good.“What are they doing?”she complained, quiet enough than only Chris could hear. Chris turned to look at her.“Don’t worry, it’s going to be all right.” “We shouldn’t have come here.” “It’s the best thing.”There was an uncharacteristic sense of conviction in Chris’ voice, so much so that Maddy didn’t even argue with him. Emerson appeared.“Kyle’s been processed.There’s a vehicle coming to take him back to prison.” “And that’s it?”Maddy protested, horrified,“After everything that’s happened, you’re just going to send him back there?” “That’s what happens when people break the law.” “You can’t be serious.”Maddy was beyond angry now.“You are going to stop and do something or I swear I’m going to make sure…” “It’s only thanks to Mr.Harrington and Mr.Braxton that you’re not facing charges of assisting a fugitive,” Emerson told her sharply,“So if I was you I’d say as little as possible.” Maddy subsided but only with great reluctance.“Keep it down, okay, Mads?”Chris said quietly,“Or you’re both going to need files with cakes in.”He looked up at Emerson, who hadn’t quite retreated out of earshot.“You know that was a joke, right?” “Didn’t hear a word,”Emerson said sardonically. At that moment, two officers brought Kyle through.Maddy was on her feet in an instant, rushing over to him.“Kyle, are you all right?” “Keep your distance,”said one of the officers warningly. Kyle gave Maddy a smile that didn’t quite come across as reassuring.“It’s okay, Maddy.” “You’d better take care of him,”Maddy told the two officers. “Hey, we’re only taking him as far as the car park.Prison van’s picking him up.” “It’s standard procedure,”Emerson explained. Chris gently moved Maddy out of the way as Kyle was led outside. *** Kyle had sensed things were not going to go well when he had realised that he had the same two guards: The ones that had left him to the mercy of his executioners.They both sat in the front, leaving him locked in the back.He hadn’t been secured apart from that however, and was free to move about, although he had no windows with which to see what was going on outside.He tried to follow the route from the movements of the vehicle but he soon lost track.When they came to a halt however, it felt like they hadn’t gone far enough. “Are we there?”he called out. “This is as far as you go,”a mocking call came back. The rear doors of the vehicle were suddenly pulled open.It wasn’t by the two guards though, but by two suited men.One of them was carrying a gun.He recognised Maddy’s description of the two men from the hospital.The second man grabbed him and dragged him out. “Kneel,”the man with the gun ordered.The other man forced him to his knees before he could object. “Frank Milligan sent us to say hello.” Kyle turned slightly to look at the two guards, who had got out of the cab but were simply standing some yards away.“Are you not going to do anything?” “Nothing we can do,”one of the guards replied casually. “How much have you been paid?” “Enough.” The gunman pointed his weapon at Kyle’s head.“Should have known when to stay quiet.” And then they all heard it.Police sirens.From all directions, getting louder and nearer.Two cars came into view from the direction they’d come from, skidding to a halt.Another came from ahead of them and screeched round in a loop as it stopped, blocking the road.Emerson stepped out of the one of the first two cars, as did the rest of the officers in them. The gunman didn’t quite seem to know what to do and almost seemed to be making an attempt to hide the gun inside his coat.“Drop the weapon!”shouted one of the officers with Emerson, gun drawn, and he quickly complied.The two hitmen were quickly pushed to the floor and cuffed. Emerson helped Kyle to his feet.“You all right, Braxton?”Kyle nodded.“Lucky we had a GPS tracker on the van.We were following from a distance and had cars stationed ready along the route.As soon as we saw you’d deviated down a country road and stopped, we moved in.” The guards seemed to be trying to revert to their innocent persona.“Inspector, thank goodness you’re here,”babbled one of them,“These two stopped us, there was nothing we could do.”Before he could go on, he and his partner were pushed up against their own van by the police officers from the third car and handcuffed. Emerson removed a small button-like device which had been attached to Kyle’s jacket.“Smile, boys, you’re on camera.”He nodded to his officers.“Read all four of them their rights and take them down the station.” Two of the cars departed with their prisoners, leaving Kyle alone with Emerson and one of the other officers.“So what now?”Kyle asked. “County have agreed to you being kept in lock-up until we’re sure anyone on Milligan’s payroll has been removed from the prison you were at.” Kyle nodded.He hadn’t expected much more than that.“But I am going back there eventually.” Emerson gave the closest thing to a smile Kyle had seen him give since he’d been arrested.“Well, that depends on a lot of things.”
  4. It wasn't what they were hoping for but it's probably the best thing for now. In case it wasn't clear, Chris actually is on Kyle and Maddy's side.And he did tell the police the truth in the end. Well, he was never particularly good at keeping the Braxtons and Barretts in line but he had his moments.I seem to recall he had Dylan Carter pegged and he did manage to arrest a few guest villains over the years. Hopefully get another chapter up tomorrow!
  5. What CaptainHulk said.She was first seen a month or so ago when Leah got members of the support group to record their stories for her blog. Alf's episode count this week:Four, and he was credited on Wednesday for no appearance. Not exactly a resounding success for the boys in light and dark blue.The only thing they managed to do was recover Jasmine, and they only did that because she managed to wrench herself free.They don't even manage to catch Des when he runs out of bullets, because they've decided it would be a good idea to leave an exit route unsecured.(How the heck did they miss the getaway vehicle?They didn't all go in the same way or something stupid like that, despite Colby saying they had to wait for the other group, did they?) But oh well, as results go it's not too shabby, and her information means they now have a name for Victor Devlin, last seen threatening Robbo at the wharf.(Any relation to Neive Devlin, the dodgy record producer who set Phoebe up to be raped a few years back?Maybe someone on the writing staff had a high school nemesis called Devlin...) Robbo somewhat belatedly decides that taking Jasmine somewhere safe is more important than chasing the bad guys, and his farewell at his family's grave was rather poignant, as was the way Jasmine seemed to have been as worried about him as she was herself.(I also hope Colby's remembered to arrange protection for Lenny in all the excitement...)Then Robbo gets hit over the head.No point guessing who it might be, because it's in the promo. Well, it was obvious from the looks she's been shooting her that Alex liked Willow.She seemed pretty embarrassed after the kiss though.I don't think anyone knew she was gay apart from Mason, but it's occurred to me that I don't think Alex necessarily knew Willow was straight.After all, I think she's had a bit of a drought since Justin last year! I don't think Willow's attachment to Jasmine is in any way romantic, it's more of a sisterly relationship.She'd probably be the same if it was Bella or Colby. Alf eventually managed to pry Martha away from the others long enough to ask her an awkward question.She can't make him get rid of his hat though, that's sacrilege!
  6. I meant to say yesterday that I assume Tommy must have been granted bail at some point: Otherwise, where on earth was his police guard? Robbo going off the deep end and potentially letting a man die was hard to watch, and it doesn't help when we've got Colby attempting to be the moral voice as Robbo is more accurate than he thinks about what Colby did when his wife was kidnapped.I guess he does get points for taking a better approach with Lenny than Robbo did, but that's only after he's done his usual thing of making the situation worse by covering for a friend instead of doing his job.It was perfectly correct that Robbo blundering into the power plant on his own in the dark would have achieved nothing except causing the kidnappers to run: Even in daylight with back-up, the police came close to missing them.That said, Colby's initial claim that rushing in didn't work last time was rather strange: The problem last time was that they took too long to get to where Jasmine was.I complained last week about the storyline being dragged out, but actually it was sorted in a reasonable amount of time, and the only problem was the usual one of the storyline disappearing for a week until everyone got new episode quotas.As it is, it seems that rescuing Jasmine could be the only win the good guys can claim. It was nice to see Mason and Willow's friendship put to use, although I was slightly annoyed that it was written as though Mason hardly knows Jasmine when at one point he was closer to her than Willow was.Some good repartee between Alf and John as well, especially when John and Marilyn decide to wind Alf up before his date: "You're killing the moment, Palmer."
  7. Well, after the cut yesterday, they then show the whole thing in the recap! It's a very unsatisfying ending but I think it's meant to be.Irene and Leah are left devastated by how things have worked out.Bella kind of got her day in court when she faced down Tommy at Irene's trial, but she's never seen Tommy brought to justice and punished, and she's taking the wrong lesson from it: Teresa is a stark sign of what she could end up becoming if she doesn't get some better influences in her life.Teresa never managed to come to terms with what happened to her as a teenager and it's dictated her from then on: She thinks every case is like hers, and "he said"/"she said" trials often fail, but with a witness and the computer evidence, Tommy would probably have gone down, and it was all for nothing.Irene realises that but for the grace of God that could be her up on a murder charge.And Leah...has anything she's done made things better? Irene was found guilty, and it's doubtful that her actions influenced the judge.Leah's been stirring people up against Tommy for weeks, even when she could see it was going too far: Teresa is right when she said it didn't matter if she saw the latest video or not, because she's heard Leah say similar things many times.It's a shame if that's the end of her blog (the show really does like to stop Leah doing anything other than working in the Diner!) but she needs to have a long think about what she's been advocating. I'm glad the show didn't try and make out that this was different to Colby murdering Ross, because as Bella said, the main difference is Colby got away with it because he knows how to play the system.(Which is exactly what Teresa said about Tommy, but I admit that's a bit of a strained parallel.)When Teresa said he'd have done it himself if he'd had the chance, you could tell he knew she was right.Mackenzie, the normal person involved, tries to tell Bella that this was the wrong thing to do, but she's had Colby and Willow, and to a lesser extent Dean, telling her the opposite for months: Colby trying to say otherwise now is unconvincing, and Bella's clearly just saying what she needs to in order to end the conversation.The only way he'll really show her it was wrong is if he confesses and admits he belongs in the cell next to Teresa. And then we have Robbo doing the same thing, attacking someone who's injured and helpless in the name of protecting others.Even if we're not mean to think he's right, it's clear that, as with Colby, we're meant to view him as a positive character.The show sends out some very odd messages at times. It's interesting to think back to her reaction when Max Richards murdered the man he thought had raped Chloe. Alf thought it was the same as Ailsa killing her father and defended him, but Ailsa knew there was a world of difference between killing someone in self-defence and killing them out of revenge and thought he belonged in jail.
  8. Channel 5 getting scissor happy again: The shot of Teresa arriving at the wharf at the end was very very obviously cropped, to the point that you could barely see her, in order to hide the blood on her jumper (which we saw in the promo a few moments later, although not as clear). Leah continues to fail to notice that everything she does makes things worse.She expressed concern about the call to arms last week, then she goes and does the exact same thing, failing to realise that if you indulge in rabble rousing, you get a rabble.Her Nuremberg Rally on the internet was almost identical to Teresa's ranting from a few scenes earlier, and Justin didn't help by telling her it was fine.Teresa did sadly have a few good points to make about the difficulty in getting a rape conviction, but it was surrounded by so much paranoia it was hard to tell.In this case, there's a wealth of evidence against Tommy.It seems likely that the delay in the trial is mostly down to him still being in hospital as recently as a couple of weeks ago, although that does require a lot of artistic license. (When Colby went to see him, he seemed nearly fully recovered and in better shape than he was at the trial.What's more, he was handcuffed to the bed, under police guard, and told he'd be charged and brought in front of a magistrate as soon as he left the hospital.What happened to all that?) Anyway, looks like it could be a moot point now.You could tell from Teresa's expression when they were on the beach that she thought Irene was sending her some sort of coded message.An unfortunate choice of words perhaps. Ryder was a bit of a brat towards Alf when he thought he'd lost out on the car, although I guess he did feel bad and apologise later.It's a nice thing for Alf to do, but hopefully he'll give Ryder a bit of responsibility and get him to spend his savings on the upkeep.It was nice seeing Ryder and Bella together again, they bring out the best in each other sometimes.(No reaction from Bella to Raffy going though.Has she been told?) A surprise that Karen went back to the hospital: She might have saved people trouble by saying that in the first place.Dean's worries of treating his own children like Karen treated him are understandable, and no amount of logic or statistics will help.It does feel like a non-issue though.As Ziggy indicated, she'd probably be quite happy not having children.
  9. Well, I'm glad Irene said what we were all thinking: This is basically all Leah's fault. If she'd respected Irene's wishes in the first place instead of thinking she knew best, then she wouldn't be worrying about the Diner now.And despite agreeing to let Irene take the lead this time, it seems she still hasn't learned her lesson and is soon back being dogmatic instead of doing anything practical.It seems rather simplistic to call this Tommy "winning": Chances are he's going to jail and won't get much of a chance to spend his compensation money.It does feel as though the show's pulled back a bit: Before we were told that if Irene was found guilty, all her assets would be immediately frozen pending the outcome of the lawsuit.Somehow that hasn't happened. It's hard to get behind Dean and Ziggy's baby talk.They've only been going out a few months and Ziggy doesn't exactly want a baby in the near future anyway, as she made clear when she was with Brody.So it's hard to see this as the urgent issue they're making it out to be, although I guess there's sense in Dean checking if it's a deal breaker now it's come up.Coco on the end of the phone again, at least she was named this time.When Ben said at the start that he was going to put off telling his family about the developments, I feared it was going to backfire on him, so I'm glad he actually did tell them by the end of the episode. I did like Alf's chat with Ryder but it was sensible to have Justin check the car out.I also rather liked the way that Dean actually did stop and give Ryder some straight-talking advice.Scene outside the caravan park house, if we're still looking out for that!
  10. Three: Ailsa, Jack and Kat. Charlie was shot in the season finale but technically didn't die until the beginning of the next season.
  11. Roo doesn't want to come home.Of course, the way things are going, Frank might not be up to conceiving children anyway...
  12. Good on Donald for standing his ground.
  13. Thank you for the comments, I hope you enjoy this one! CHAPTER NINE They had checked out of the hotel first thing the following morning.Their next port of call was a roadside café.Maddy had made a phone call and assured Kyle that someone would meet them there.And so they sat out the front, nursing a cup of coffee each, and waiting.“I wish you’d tell me who this person is,”Kyle sighed. “It’s best if I wait until they’re here,”Maddy answered. “Why?” Maddy gave a sheepish smile.“So you can’t stop them coming.” Kyle sighed.“That doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.” “Oh, this is him now.”Maddy nodded towards a car that had just come into view. They both stood up as the car drew near.It slowed to a stop and its occupant got out and smiled broadly. “Never fear, people!Chris is here!” Kyle stared hard at the sight of Chris Harrington for a very long time.The main reason for that was that he didn’t actually trust himself to speak.Finally he managed to compose himself long enough to say, “Could you excuse us a moment?”He took Maddy by the arm and escorted her a few yards out of earshot before exploding as quietly as possible.“Seriously?This is the person you think is going to solve all our problems?I’m struggling to think of a worse choice.” “Think of all the people you could call for help,”Maddy told him. “I am doing.It’s a pretty long list.” “Now take off all the people who’s way of helping would be to find someone and beat them up.” Kyle did.He had to admit it removed a good portion. “Now take of all the people who would tell you to phone the police straightaway.” Kyle did so.He looked over at Chris, who waved amiably at the attention.Exactly what they needed: Someone gentle and completely irresponsible, with enough ego to think he could help them.He looked back at Maddy.“I really hate that you’re right.” “Me too.”Maddy led the way back over to Chris. Chris smiled again at Kyle.“I saw your photo in the paper, man.Hey, no-one else here saw it, did they?” “Maybe we should drive somewhere else.” *** The car had come to a halt in the middle of an overgrown field.It was pretty much the definition of the middle of nowhere.Chris had listened carefully as Kyle and Maddy had explained the situation.Now they leaned against the car as he paced and thought.“So you’re not completely sold on this whole fugitive lifestyle thing?” “Trust me, there’s nothing I want more than to serve my time and be a free man,”Kyle confirmed,“I just don’t want to get killed in the process.” “So the problem is, if we go to the authorities for help, then you don’t know who to trust.”Chris smiled triumphantly.“Then all we need to do is find someone we can trust!” “We kind of thought that was you,”Maddy admitted. Chris shook his head.“I’m good but I’m not that good.We need someone with clout.”He looked at their blank faces.“Okay, put it another way.How many police officers came through Summer Bay while we were there?” “A few, I guess,”Kyle admitted. “But I don’t think we’ve got their phone numbers,”Maddy added. Chris smiled again.“Which is why you came to me.Because I, lady and gentleman, have contacts.” *** Chris sat in the interview room of a city police station.He had given quite specific instructions when he got there and it was taking time for the officers to carry them out.But finally an older man entered the room and looked at him expectantly.Chris smiled at him like they were old friends.“Inspector Emerson! Congratulations on your well deserved promotion, sir.You remember me, right?Chris Harrington, from Summer Bay?I wore a wire for you once, helped clear Nate Cooper?” Mike Emerson, formerly senior sergeant of Yabbie Creek Police Station, regarded him with something that wasn’t exactly fondness.“I remember you, Mr.Harrington.”He took his seat opposite Chris.“So what’s all this about?” Chris produced a newspaper and placed it on the desk between them.The front page depicted a photo of Kyle.“Someone we both know.” “Is that what this is about?” Chris spoke carefully.He’d practised.“Suppose, hypothetically, I knew where Kyle Braxton and Maddy Osborne were.” Emerson leaned forward.“Then, hypothetically, I would advise you to let me know.” “You know what happened with Kyle.” “I know that he was attacked in jail.I know that there weren’t any witnesses to the attack among the prison staff, which there should have been.I know that his guards were mysteriously absent from their posts at the time of his escape.And I know that two known criminals, who we haven’t been able to locate, were looking for him shortly beforehand.”Emerson took a deep breath.“None of which changes the fact that he’s a fugitive and it’s my duty to arrest him.” Chris smiled.“Well, that being the case, if I knew where they were, and if Kyle Braxton was willing to surrender himself to you…let’s just say there would be certain requests he’d like to make first.” *** Maddy and Kyle were back at their table at the roadside café.The mood was even darker than it had been before.“Are you sure you want to do this?”Maddy asked. Kyle nodded.“It’s the only way.What about you?What are you going to do?” “I’m going to be here for you.Whatever happens.” Kyle smiled and kissed her softly. The police car approached.Emerson and Chris got out, accompanied by other officers.Kyle got to his feet and went over to them. Emerson stood face to face with Kyle.He didn’t smile.“Kyle Braxton, I am arresting you for absconding from custody.”
  14. Well, she's done a good job by him so far! Yes, I thought that would be a nice touch. She's definitely going to need a lot of effort to rescue things from this! Hopefully have another chapter up later today.
  15. Well, what she really wanted was for them to find her, not turn up where she'd been after she'd gone.There didn't seem to be any real clues either. Alf's episode count this week:Five, for the second week running. Dean has to do a climbdown after assuming Karen was faking but it resulted in a lot of introspection on her part as she was forced to admit she'd given Dean good reason to doubt her.It did seem like John was a bit hard done by again, he actually was owed an apology, not another insult.But he does seem to be the show's fall guy a lot of the time.Karen's initially abrupt attitude towards Ben turned out to be more about her than him, as she took a long look at herself and decided she didn't entirely like what she saw.It wasn't entirely her fault, but she wasn't the mother Dean needed, and she doesn't feel she can take any credit for how he's turned out.A cautionary tale for Ben maybe but he's perhaps got a better foundation.It was somewhat odd that Karen sent Dean to Ziggy and he never turned up (that we saw, anyway) but that's probably for the best given that Maggie and Ziggy needed a girls' night in. That was an incredibly low key departure for Raffy.She wasn't the main focus of the episode at all, and I was left feeling that either the show didn't do a big farewell because they think she might be coming back, or Olivia Deeble annoyed someone by quitting.She got farewells with Ryder and Mason, which were okay but a bit perfunctory.I was very disappointed that she didn't get a proper last scene with Bella: She never even found out what happened between her and Tommy (which may have been deliberate so she wouldn't knowingly leave in the middle of it).I think we're past Ryder only being in school for Raffy, and she was put up a year of course so she'll only be leaving school when she should have done.I wish we'd left on Marilyn's crestfallen "She didn't say goodbye" rather than having to sit through that mawkish farewell note which underlined what I disliked about that set-up: "You didn't take me in because you had to but because you chose to" isn't a good thing in my book.There was no reason for her to live with them instead of her family except that it was what they wanted.I will give them credit for keeping quiet while Raffy was around and letting her leave happy, and the show has done a better job this year than last of giving equal importance to all the adults in Raffy's life, but I've never accepted her as their "daughter" and there were other people's reactions I'd rather have seen.
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