Raffy is worried for a missing Ryder. Dean goes on a mission to track down his father. Maggie’s mountaineering plans face a set-back.


Dean comes face-to-face with his father. The big IVF day finally arrives for Tori and Robbo. The Summer Bay community get behind Maggie’s new venture.


Can Jasmine handle the pressure of Robbo fathering Tori’s baby? Dean revisits his father and gets more than he bargained for. Justin delivers a relationship ultimatum to Willow.


Chelsea’s father arrives in the Bay. Brody is nervous about doing another vlog for Leah. Willow is forced to choose between Dean and Justin.


A hurt Raffy accuses Brody of capitalising on her epilepsy. Chelseas disapproving father threatens Colbys career. Coco reminds Maggie of the important things in life.


Raffy feels humiliated after her seizure was live-streamed. Neil delivers another bombshell ultimatum to Colby. Jasmine decides on taking the next step with Robbo.


Colby makes the toughest decision of his life. Tempers flare over Willow’s rift with Dean. Can Raffy overcome bullying and Brody’s betrayal?