Episode 5138

Australian Air Date: 11th August 2010
UK Air Date: 22nd September 2010

Will Tony and Rachel decide to leave the Bay together? Xavier hopes Rachel and Tony can stay together. John subtly quizzes Gina on what she thinks of marriage.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Extended Summary

Tony is furious at Rachel for dragging Lucas into their problems and John suggests to Tony that he talk to Gina. As Rachel talks things over with Leah, she receives a phone call from Lucas who’s plane has been grounded due to a storm.

Rachel realises Lucas can’t make it at all and now has no idea how to get through to Tony. Gina tells Tony he’s being childish and to listen to Rachel. Rachel suddenly has an epiphany and realises why Tony doesn’t want to leave – because he doesn’t want to leave the place that Jack lived in and was buried in.

Rachel assures Tony they can both stay in Summer Bay. Tony is so thrilled by Rachel’s sacrifice that he decides to go with her to Boston after all. He comments that if he was to stay here purely to stay with Jack, then he may as well be in the ground himself.

Meanwhile, when Alf mentions ‘marriage and Gina’ to John, John brushes it off. But John subtly starts quizzing Gina on her take on marriage. Even though she’s had a rough time in relationships, she wholeheartedly believes in marriage and John is pleased to hear it. But just why is he asking?

As Rachel and Tony are preparing to leave the bay, there is a flow of close friends and relatives giving them both their best wishes. A tearful Colleen presents them with the ‘History of Summer Bay’ book, and Tony has a final heart to heart with Xavier. As they are ready to leave, Rachel comments that there’s one more thing that they need to do…

On the clifftop, Tony says a final goodbye at Jack’s graveside. He tells Rachel that he’s ready, and they walk away to their new life.

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