Episode 5087

Australian Air Date: 1st June 2010
UK Air Date: 8th June 2010

As Martha, Gina and Xavier fight for their lives, Hugo and Tony fight with Killer. Jill and John hit it off.


Written by Andrew Osborne
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Extended Summary

Charlie and Angelo head out to the exchange location, desperate to save Tony and also with the firm belief that Hugo is with him. They hurry, but are gripped by the fear they may be too late. The rain makes it difficult for them to make progress – they can barely see anything.

Tony and Hugo are in a stand off with Killer – Hugo is refusing to get out of the car until he sees his family are safe. Tony, hidden in the back seat, doesn’t know how long they can stay in a stand off. Killer isn’t to be messed with. Hugo thinks he’s a dead man if he goes over but he doesn’t have much choice. Eventually Hugo drives the car straight at Killer and knocks him unconscious. When he comes to, a fight ensues and eventually Tony and Hugo get the upper hand, with Tony creeping up and clobbering Killer over the head with a rock.

Martha, Gina and Xavier are tied up inside a water tank and, with the rain falling down, the tank is filling up. They struggle to free themselves and Gina starts to panic. But Martha and Xavier work together to keep her calm. Eventually Xavier gets himself and then the others free from the ropes and they climb out of the water tank just as Hugo arrives. He heads off before the police arrive.

Jill tries to get back with John but he’s not that interested. She convinces him to have a juice with her where he tells her that Gina has spilt with him. When Miles sees Jill with John, he can’t believe her. Miles tells her she should be thinking of Romeo but Jill quickly tells him that he’s in no position to lecture her. Jill feels bad that she has ruined John’s relationship with Gina – she’s sorry. And she genuinely means it. They head back to John’s place, enjoying each other’s company. They are continuing their night together at his place – dancing to some music and relaxing. John is in need of the distraction and Jill is good company. However they are interrupted when Gina knocks on the door.