Episode 4743

Australian Air Date: 22nd October 2008
UK Air Date: 10th December 2008

Nicole’s mother is back in her life. Kirsty’s gone too far this time. How will Miles cope with the truth?

Extended Summary

After finding several strange messages on his phone, Miles rushes to The Sands, where he finds Kirsty in a mess leaving her ‘date’s’ room. She’s delayed what he wanted as long as she could, if Miles had arrived any later, it might have been too late. Miles is heartbroken; Miles takes Kirsty home with him, where, despite everything, he lets her stay in a caravan for as long as she needs to. His only conditions; she acknowledge that she’s hit rock bottom and that from now on, she lives for herself and Ollie, and stops putting everything in her life on the line for Kane. When Leah hears about everything that happens, she’s furious with Kirsty, and goes off at her. But her anger is fuelled by her own feelings for Miles, and in her vehemence she lets slip how she really feels to Kirsty.

Seeing it as a chance to spend some alone time with Geoff, though utterly unexcited about her new role as school captain, Nicole agrees to work on an SRC statement with Geoff. But Geoff is not impressed with any of her shallow and useless suggestions. Then the meeting is halted when Nicole gets a call from her mother, urgently asking her to go back home to the city. Geoff thinks she’s just trying to get out of work, and Nicole, irritated, finally spells it out, the only reason she became captain was so she could keep Melody away from him. Geoff is thrilled that Nicole’s still interested in him, and offers to drive her to her mother’s so they can spend some more time together.

When they arrive in the city, Nicole’s mother Natalie is eagerly awaiting her daughter. Apparently she’s finally realised what a cad her husband Roy is. Not only does she believe Nicole’s story about him hitting on her, she’s filed for divorce. Nicole is over the moon that she and her mother can finallyget things back on track, but first, her mother has organised a party, with all Nicole’s old friends. Nicole learns the truth from her ex boyfriend Trent that it was Roy who filed for divorce, so he can marry his younger, prettier secretary. He’s frozen all Natalie’s money, and he’s about to kick her out of
his house. Nicole realises the only real reason Natalie called her back is so that she can appear as the dutiful mother with dependant during court proceedings. So much for getting things back on track…