Episode 4399

Australian Air Date: 19th April 2007

Ric faces his demons in order to help out Lily, Is Kit in labour for real this time?! Rachel’s match making efforts end on a sour note.

Extended Summary

Ric feels terrible about upsetting Lily, but he was trying to help her. Sally & Brad take in Ric’s version of events, so now Lily’s at the hostel? Yep. Cassie is short, disappointed with Ric for hitting Jules. Next morning, Cass & Sal head to the hostel – Ric wants to go to explain himself, but Cass won’t allow it. At the hostel, Lily tells them they shouldn’t have come, they explain how bad Ric feels, but Lily’s mind is made up. She can’t be around him. Cass begs for Lily to come home with them – she was doing so well – this place isn’t right for her. Lily won’t budge – please forget about me – I’m not coming back. Devastated, Lily rushes off. Cass & Sal return home and fill in Ric on the visit. He can’t believe it – but Cass makes it clear that Lily has a point – he can’t promise that he won’t lose his temper again. Ric protests, he’d never hit a chick – but any violence at all isn’t appropriate around her Ric, you have a problem with this, admit it and do something about it. Ric is thoughtful, then after a moment heads out.

Rick arrives at the hostel and urges Lily to hear him out. Reluctantly, she does and Ric explains how he grew up – he knows how it feels to live in fear (his dad having beaten him as a kid). Lily wonders why he uses violence then? Ric is quick to point out that he’d never hurt someone who can’t defend themselves – only those causing the intimidation. I promise that I’d never hurt you – please come back. Ric returns home to a fuming Cass – how could you go visit Lily?! You’ll only upset her more! All eyes turn to the door as Lily walks in – she’s back – but explains that if anything like last night happens again, she’s gone for good. Ric understands and promises that he’ll get counseling, like they discussed. All are thrown at this outcome, but pleased to hear Ric is taking it seriously. All is back on track.

Kit’s a bit down having discovered that a home birth is out of the question – too risky with her high blood pressure – but Rach & Kim promise to make the hospital as cosy as they can. Rach then clocks Nurse Julie and Hugh having a laugh together – taking it in with interest – and asks Hugh if they’re still on for lunch tomorrow? Rach gets an idea. She invites Julie to lunch – playing cupid. At the Hunter House, Matilda puts her duty free shopping order in with Beth over the phone – she’ll be home in 48 hours! Lets hope the baby doesn’t arrive before then. Kim then enters with a box – it’s the baby cot – time to put it together I reckon. He also wants to be near Kit, in case she goes into labour… As he assembles the cot, Kit wonders if things are cool between them with ‘B’ day being so close? Kim says they are – actually, he’s gotta head to meet her for lunch. Call if anything happens, okay? Kit assures him she will – as Mattie arrives and sees Kim has forgotten his phone. Kit says not to worry about it – he’ll be back soon enough.

At the Diner, Julie asks Rach if Hugh will mind her joining them for lunch? Of course not – Colleen comments Julie and Hugh would make a lovely couple. Rach smiles – Colleen then gets excited, realizing it’s a set up – the last thing Rach wants her to know. The boys arrive and Colleen places a rose in the center of the table. Julie & Hugh exchange awkward glances – what is going on here? Over lunch, Rach & Hugh reminisce with med school stories – Julie has already heard them all from Hugh. It’s clear this is a match making effort and once alone, Rach assures Hugh it isn’t. Back at the Hunter House, Tony is madly cleaning before Beth’s return. Kit then freezes with abdominal pain – it could be a contraction. They call the Diner – Rach & Kim head off – leaving Hugh & Julie alone.

By the time Rach & Kim arrive, the contractions have stopped – Rach thinks it’s Braxton Hicks – false contractions. They go to hospital for a check up; it was a false alarm as suspected. Back at lunch, Julie comments on the match making effort and hints that she thinks Hugh still has a thing for Rachel. Hugh ‘laughs it off’ – secretly confirming Julie’s suspicions. Rach catches up with Hugh and asks how lunch went. Hugh is snappy – why did she bother trying to set them up? The last thing I need is to complicate things by getting involved with another colleague. Rach’s stunned. Where did that come from? Only we know the truth…

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