Episode 4375

Australian Air Date: 16th March 2007

James’ drug dependency threatens his relationship with Kit. Jack says his final goodbye to Sam and Rory. Kim becomes increasingly hostile towards James.

Extended Summary

Kit is shocked to find James is still smoking and is disappointed he lied to her. Kit insists she doesn’t want the drugs anywhere near her or her baby. James tries to lighten the mood and takes Kit to the Diner. Meanwhile, Kim and Rachel are discussing James’ near fatal mistake at work, when the man in question walks in. Kit heads over to suggest to Kim he should come over to search for their midwife. Kim agrees but when he walks into Kit’s kitchen he spots the remnants of a joint sitting in the sink. Kim is totally unimpressed to learn of James’ habit. Kit begins to defend James and Kim insults her for going out with a dope-head. Kit’s anger boils over and tells Kim it’s none of his business.

Kit tells James her baby is the most important thing in her life and she wants the man she’s with to be able to care for that child and without a drug dependency. James admits his love for her and agrees to throw away his dope. Kit later confronts Kim to tell him to stop interfering in her love life but also to reassure him James has given up smoking. Meanwhile, however, James is at home watching TV, clearly he’s feeling restless and on edge. He begins to weaken and heads over to the bin, retrieving the bag of drugs. It seems his need for dope is stronger than Kit thought…

It’s Jack’s first day back at work and he’s up to his armpits in paperwork. McGrath insists he needs a certain file prepared by the end of day – Jack assures him it will get done but as McGrath leaves, Jack retrieves a file on Sam and Rory. Tony arrives at the Station with a bag of take away for Jack and finds Jack looking at the file. Tony reminds Jack he agreed not to look for her – it could make things for more dangerous for her. Jack doesn’t care – he needs some closure. Jack’s phone rings and his face lights up when he receives the news there’s a lead on Sam’s whereabouts. Jack races to the area that Sam was staying and spots her on the pier. He approaches Sam who is angry that Jack has jeopardised their safety but slowly softens and admits she is also struggling with her feelings for him. Sam tells Jack she loves him but needs to protect Rory and therefore, he must promise he will never try to track her down again. Jack reluctantly agrees and he says his final farewell to Sam and Rory. They drive away and Jack slumps, as he watches them leave his life forever.