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Being anti-feminist is going and then coming back because she needs a man. Alf's episode count this week:None. However, it's finale week so things go typically crazy: Jasmine was in every episode

Outer Maggie: This Kind of thing will not be tolerated! Inner Maggie: That's what you get, bitch! 🤣🤣🤣  

Mason to Robbo "He just wants this to be over".  A statement echoed by several thousand viewers...

6 minutes ago, DialMforMorag said:

Mason needs a lawyer -- this is when Morag would have rocked up. I wonder how her and Martha would have got on. 

Well Martha was her closest friend and confidant back in the day, so it would indeed have been very interesting to see (if circumstances had allowed).

This history has been overlooked of course, and Martha has not once mentioned Morag's name as far as I recall.

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Alf's episode count this week: Five! He's obviously making up for lost time.

I found it a bit hard to work out Robbo's motivation today.I thought at first that Tori's "friendly chat" had messed him up and caused him to doubt himself, but frankly it's hard to see any connection between what she said and what he was thinking here at all.It did just seem to be a case of cold feet, suddenly doubting his ability to handle the situation.Anyway, it seems Willow's tough love worked, more so than Irene being in full-on anti-Robbo mode again did anyway.

I suddenly got very interested in Jett's storyline here for personal reasons.I wrote a story a few years back where a character ended up in a wheelchair, and I had them serving in the Diner so nice to know I wasn't too wide of the mark there.And one of the things that stuck in my mind was "How on earth would someone in a wheelchair get up to Salt?" So I found my interest piqued by Jett suggesting he and John go for a drink some time and I hope they don't have it happen off screen or have Jett magically in Salt without showing how he got there.Anyway, it was good to see John quickly come round to the fact that Jett can do things on his own. I just hope we don't get the same "Character misjudges what Jett needs and then comes round" storyline every week, we need some movement.

When we saw Alf threatening Justin in the promo, I hoped he was joking but no, apparently not, which is just ludicrous."No-one hurts my family and lives to tell the tale"? Yeah, that's just calling out for someone to go "Except Brett.And Frank.And Jesse.And Ash Nader.And Cameron.And Sid.And Harvey.And James, both of them.And Philip, I guess." Incidentally, I'm hoping Leah's told VJ she's with Justin, otherwise there could be an awkward response next time Jett messages him.

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10 hours ago, CaptainHulk said:

I have a reason to believe Morag would have gone full Ian Lavender and called Mason a "Stupid Boy!" (Dad's Army reference) but defended him anyway. 😁

I can just hear Morag saying that in my head 🙂

Good that they didn't drag the John fussing over Jett stuff out for very long.  Liked seeing Jett being useful in the Diner.

Nice that Alf feels protective towards Leah but I thought his warning to Justin was unnecessary.

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Ziggy did show good maturity there, even if some would say she is cutting her nose off to spite her face when Brody  offered her half of the sale if Salt.  She acknowledged he had the place before they met but his argument was she helped him when no-one else was willing to. Another thing, he has already said he'd pay back Tori and Justin so it wouldn't him much to play with.  I'm glad they were able to at least have a civilised conversation which wouldn't have seemed likely following the home truths he dished out at the Morgan's.  Quite sad their talk on the beach but at least a decision has been reached and Ziggy made it by herself.  Good decision too not to involve lawyers, they would definitely urge her to take him for all she could considering he was at fault. I think you have to submit a petition to the courts, but you still have to be married a year,  but the fact Brody committed adultery may make a difference. :unsure: 

Yes Irene was back on the roundabout with how she feels about Robbo.  He obviously still has things he hasn't dealt with but may have felt backed into a corner by Tori's hassling. So good for Willow giving him what for!  I did like it when he told Jas he was doing it  not out of duty but because he loved her.:wub:  She's stopped pulling away when he takes her hand so that's a good sign.

Kind of  a switch John being the over protective one over Jett, amazing how Jett has managed to keep his temper.  Yes we know Jett needs help with certain things but he can ask if he needs it, he hasn't lost the power of speech. Alf coming back was able to look at the situation from a outsiders point of view and gave John his own version of tough love. Marilyn may have not wanted to say anything because she didn't want to hurt John's feeling but Alf had no qualms on that score. Smiled when Marilyn took Jett for their walk and just said 'come on then' and let Jett wheel himself, she may usually be dippy but her idea of Jett writing down things he wants to do. Btw "What's this?" "It's a notepad and pen".   OK it didn't start off too well in the Diner with Jett doing a good impression of a night out in a Greek taverna, but he worked it out in the end, getting the diners to put their plates, knives and forks in a bowl which he carried to the kitchen. He did accept John's apology and understood the reason why he was being a mother hen.  Probably take a bit of working out but sure there will be a way round the pool table can be adapted so Jett can use it.

Alf coming over all Mafia with Justin - don't forget the last person to hurt a member of his 'family' - Zac - he did live to tell the tale, but wisely left town for overseas.

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On 11/06/2019 at 16:20, D.B said:

Willow's behaviour was just plain weird, considering not long ago she was saying that she thought that Dean was the one for her, so why is she upset about Justin?

And this is precisely why I not only don't have any sympathy for her but am quite relishing how out of shape she is anytime she sees them together.  She's shown no interest in Justin whatsoever since they broke up even though Justin was still into her shortly afterwards.  Now he's moved on, she doesn't like it.

It was pretty stupid of Mason to initially refuse legal representation but at least he changed his mind relatively quickly.  Whilst I don't have any sympathy for him, I must admit I quite like the way he's owning it and remains unrepentant.

I have to give Ziggy and Ben especially some credit re the divorce after Ziggy initially turning Brody's proposal down flat.  I quite liked the fact that she and Brody came to an understanding.  Personally, I didn't really buy it when Brody said he wanted a home, family etc and Ziggy just wanted to get drunk as it just felt like he was making excuses.  I think a massive part of their issues were related to the fact he started dating her during his recovery period, when he should have waited until he was clean for a while.  This obviously couple with Maggie's cancer.

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Justin got himself into a fair bit of a tizzy, and Alf was annoying for the second episode running although I agree it's best he stays out of it, but he struck bullseye in the end and he and Leah continue to make a rather sweet couple.I didn't realise that he and Ben hadn't made up, although they do seem to be fairly civil.Ben and Maggie made a good unit again.

Have we heard before that Robbo's family were murdered in February 2015? That's over two years before we met him: He surely wasn't pretending to be Beckett Reid all that time, was he? But anyway, the counselling gave both him and Jasmine a much-needed insight into why they've both been behaving the way they have.As has been mentioned elsewhere, the counsellor is played by Socratis Otto, who was previously Detective Robert Robertson on and off from 2009 to 2011.This has led to a lot of speculation that he's somehow the same character but personally I'd say that's both too obvious and not obvious enough.

I'm afraid I have to share Marilyn's concerns here.I think this could be a good idea for further down the track, but at the moment it seems like Jett hasn't really come to terms with his own disability, so it's too early for him to be thinking about helping other people with theirs.

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Oops, wrong year!
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*watches Today's ep*

Le-ah! 😍

She looks so hot in black... Almost falling outta that bikini!

Get a grip, Hulk...

Wait a minute... 😁

Anyhow, Good for Jett finally seeming focused. It may seem like a "Band Aid" solution to some but I think it's a good way to move his story forward instead of self-pity and lashing out at John frequently.  I can understand Maz's concern.

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