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  1. Tori always does go OTT, but any Department head would go onto territorial mode if an outsider came and starting saying they knew what was best for the patient they'd just brought in. I dare say there was a collective by us when Christian was saying to Logan he and Tori would get on like a house on fire because we knew something he didn't. Maybe under different circumstances, they would, both dedicated to their job so share a common ground, it makes it more awkward as he is an old friend of Christian's, I hope she doesn't ask him to choose. Mia was jumping to conclusions somewhat assuming Ari would want/expect her try again down the line, explains why she was keeping him at arms length, but she wouldn't even let him try to put his side across. He kept trying though and something must have made her decide to listen to him. He's not inhuman and while he as he told her he would have loved to have had a baby with her, if it's not to be, it's not to be. The other times were, I guess down to medical reasons?, but this time the crash must have played a big part if not the cause of it. If, and yes, it's a big if it hadn't happened she could have gone full term and they had a happy and healthy baby girl. Very tender moment between them they can heal together. Another soap cliche box ticked - Mac fancies Logan - she did look back after she walked away from talking to him on the beach. No customers at the garage, no paper work that needed doing, invoices etc for jobs done/ needed paying? He wasn't being embarrassing at all keep popping back to the Diner to whisk Leah off for a bit of r&r. Think you could be right about the alarm Red. Didn't give a lot away, just Justin wielding the wrench and Cash calling out. My question about NDH wasn't rhetorical btw.
  2. Ziggy, give up hassling the bloke! It didn't help that Tane had just seen Ziggy kissing Dean and it wasn't the kiss of life. I'm hoping this doesn't turn him back to his bad old ways, being with Ziggy had been, the van thing aside, keeping him on the straight and narrow so she was good for him in that way. He'd got himself a job and is/was going to TAf to learn to be a gym trainer. He was in a bad enough strop not to pick up Ari's call that Nik had come round. Out of all the blokes, not that many really, I thought it was Dean she was more suited to, they were, as I said in my last post, together over a year and maybe if it hadn't come out about his part in Ross' murder or even better he'd not been involved in it at all they would still be together. They'd even discussed children with Dean saying he didn't want any as he didn't want to risk passing on Karen's condition. Ziggy isn't that maternal anyway. Good use, I thought, of the flashbacks of how Ziggy and Dean got together, nudging his memory and that she did say she'd forgiven him. Dean seems OK with getting back with her, but he's not really in a position to get away from her is he, though he could tell her to stay away. Dean has a long road to recovery, that'll properly frustrate him as he's normally so active, I pity Mac and Ziggy if they are going to be looking after him, he'll be a nightmare. I'm also guessing he won't be staying at his flat but the Farmhouse, he'll never manage those stairs. I did like how both Dean and Nik thanked Logan for rescuing them, nothing wrong with Nik's memory thank goodness. I think Christian said it would be about five days before Nik came round which he did and on his own too. Ari, at least, could understand his confusion after coming round and wondering what had happened, he himself had not long been in one. It was a tough call for Ari but Nik had to know Mia had lost the baby rather than her coming in and his asking her about it. Now ring your mum, though that will be an interesting conversation. "Hey mum how are you, oh me I'm fine, I was in a bad car accident and been in a coma for a week, but otherwise everything is OK". Hey Red, cut them some slack, they're young, each the others first love, let them give each other another go and see how it goes. If it makes you feel better Nikau blame Bella for the accident but it was you who stormed off ending up miles away, it was something you did a lot in your early days, thought you'd outgrown all that. Nik's made peace with Ari. Was Logan just dropping by to check on these patients of his, it didn't appear that he worked at NDH, from what was said between him and Christian they hadn't bumped into each other before? Obviously old friends as they explained to Mac they worked together on Doctors Without Frontiers. Is there a spark between Logan and Mac? Dean seemed to think there was. Nothing wrong if there was they are both single, well Mac is. Mac does seem to be there for everyone at the moment which given her behaviour not long ago is good to see and she has redeemed herself. I have a question - given the size of NDH do they have any proper wards - as in ones with more than one bed in them? I'm pretty sure in all the times we've seen people in there they have always had their own room, even when it's not been something serious, unlike Nik when he was in his coma which would be understandable.
  3. We definitely need to get that missing episode back so we balance with the Aus showing of episodes. I read the Aussie forum - a week behind I should add - as I find it interesting to get their prospective on the episodes. I have to remember stop before I read one that we haven't seen yet. Sneaky or not of Ryder not telling Bella why Roo and Martha wanted to talk to her? Did he maybe think she would have said no right away if he had told her? Although she feels she's not ready to do any photos herself her offer to talk to the gallery where her photos were shown was a lovely touch. She did get side tracked, as she was going with them, by going to see Nik. A hospital gown isn't really Dean's style, not now he's awake anyway. Oh Amber and Jai have been to see him. I guess it was better to wait until he was more with it, might have been upsetting for Jai seeing him all wired up and linked to machines. He hasn't let Karen know though, but I guess he knows her better saying hospitals and her don't get on. Slightly awkward conversation between Dean and Ziggy with her subtly asking how much he remembered from the first talk they had when he was still pretty groggy. Oh you mean the bit where you said you'd forgiven him. Rather chicken of her too not to mention she'd broken up with Tane - or to be more accurate he'd finished with her - was she expecting him to take her back with open arms just like that. Seems Dean does beat her down eventually, now it's down to him to decide if he wants to go there. Ziggy far, far too early to expect to be friends with Tane, especially considering the circumstances, it wasn't as if it was an amicable break up where you could maybe be friends, you cheated on Tane with an ex. Didn't she suggest the same to Dean after she split from him? True they can't avoid each other completely, guess she'll have to pack the gym up, but it can be done. To be fair after her split from Brody her relationship with Dean was a slow burn and they were a couple for over a year. We also found out Gemma still doesn't know her only child is in an induced comma after having been in a bad road accident! Ari must know his (ex) sister-in-law well enough to know she'd want to know, what is he thinking? Anyways do Nik and Gemma not speak to each on a regular basis at all, say every few days, once/twice a week, she must be wondering why she hasn't heard/had a text from him. It took her awhile but Bella bit the bullet and went to see Nik, maybe part of her doesn't feel she should be there as they had broken up and she had told him to do one last time she saw him. The belief those in a coma can hear what is being said aside, you can say what you want to say without fear of interruption. There is a odd logic, and an old cliche, behind it, if you hadn't broken up with Nik, he wouldn't have gone off, Dean and Mia wouldn't have gone to find him and there wouldn't have been an accident, he wouldn't be in a coma and Mia wouldn't have lost her baby. Maybe Tane was taking out his hurt over the break up on Bella too perhaps? Luckily the voice of reason, in the shape of Ari, arrived and defused the situation. I don't think Mia hates Ari as such, maybe she's protecting herself because if she lets go in front of him it'll be too much. That was sad in the Diner when Ari saw Grace and Tori innocently asked if he wanted a cuddle with her - Grace- not Tori - and he was looking so longingly at her, but seeing her was just reminding him of what he had lost and what might have been. John had gone ahead and done it anyway! But that is John all over once he's made his mind up, takes a lot to talk him out of it and he doesn't have anyone to do that, especially as he didn't talk to anyone about it. The look on Leah & Justin's mind when he rocked up at the garage, hope he enjoyed his warm bacon butty and tepid coffee. I hope John keeps his word and doesn't interfere with the running of the garage by suggesting changes to this or that. After all her dithering Jasmine looked like she enjoyed her date with Cash, they found they had something in common too, both had been fostered, their teasing of each other does seem to suggest there could be something in the air for them. Rather awkward moves at the Diner, he appeared to be moving in to kiss her on the cheek and she was leaning in, but both changed their minds. Was a tad tense when they bumped into each other the next day, saved by the bell - or rather call out - for him.
  4. Good to see the touch footy session, don't know who the other guys were, friends of Cash, cops we haven't seen before? Looks like a lively kind of game so you'd need to be fit. It was Cash who put up the poster in the first place before he took an interest in Jasmine, before he knew she was also into it. I don't think the 'tackle' and his dive was planned exactly he just played on it, cracking on it was worse than it was. Jas was put on the spot because although she had a feeling it was fake as the medic she had to check it out. Not being sexist but the ladies in the bay are pretty strong she had to support Cash all the way to the Diner and she is only slight, was he holding back on pretending to lean on her too much? Leah has supported Justin before now too Wise old Alf is back, giving Ryder advice as to how he can help to cheer up Chloe. As it turned out he didn't need to do much she had already seen what she would like to do. His enthusiasm was well feigned and it wasn't until she had walked away we saw his face drop a bit, wondering what am I signing up for. Seems you don't have to be built like a mountain to play but contact sport isn't really Ryder's thing, Chloe appreciated his support though. He looked really overjoyed to hear how long the season went on and how much training you have to do. It's obviously open to both sexes though Cash's 'team' has more guys than gals. Chloe was definitely wise to Cash's game and although Jasmine was coming across as just being there to make up the numbers and not let the side down, it didn't take much cajoling and guilt tripping from Cash for her to change her mind to re-join the game. Her little jibes about snooping were, to me, just done to keep his interest. After he was rumbled their final exchange was spikey and Jasmine's 'giving in' to going on a date was meant to be a big concession on her part, but he didn't didn't see her smile as she walked away. Yep John stepped up/in to say he'd be interested in buying the garage, or rather the building, so Justin could continue working there. You could hear the cogs turning when John had overheard Leah, Justin and Irene talking earlier and he had that light in his eyes. It was a good proposal, John wouldn't interfere in the business, we hope, he knows as much as running a garage as Justin does running a juice bar/surf club. It would benefit him too, services, replacement anything on mates rates or free - right up John's street. It was good to see Leah and Justin talk it over properly, though I did think they would have said yes myself. I could see Justin's concern though if things went pear shaped for whatever reason John would lose his investment and the money he'd just got back. Oh yes definitely kiss of death with Justin's statement about the sale taking a while. John wouldn't have gone ahead anyway would he? Martha's idea is a good one, something new, we've had enough, bake offs, fashion shows etc. and it'll give Roo something to get her teeth into. Although Ryder's suggestion of putting Bella's name forward to contribute with photographs was a lovely one, she's had her own mental health issues in the past so it would mean something to her, I do think he should have run it by her first. She may not want to remember that part of her life. Has Maz ever done anything arty? Talking of Bella it looks like it's her turn to take part in the blame game - Tane looked to be giving her bad time over Nikau being in the condition he is.
  5. Do you keep down with the kids and drop it into conversations yourself? Or would that be too cringy?
  6. I'm supposing as Dean is a free agent that is the reason Tane wasn't blaming him. Ziggy did kiss Dean, not the other way around. I wanted to give Tane a cuddle when he said to Ari that he needed to come home. Apart from her initially returning Tane's drunken kiss, Mac very wisely refused the rest of his offer, mind you, may have been a different matter if he had rocked up about a month ago. I got the feeling Tane was grateful they didn't go there once he had sobered up a tad. Ziggy had been the first woman Tane had properly fallen for so it would hurt that she had cheated on him. Maybe a better idea to go and get lathered with some of his old mates and hook up with an out of towner woman than mess up your own doorstep. Ryder has Dean's interests in mind, but neither Tane or John know anything about running a board shop. Not just a matter of flogging someone a board, or the wax for it, customers would ask questions about how it runs - if that is the right term - etc which nether of them would know anything about. Tane was lucky with getting away getting stroppy with Cash, but perhaps Cash thought it wasn't worth the paperwork involved. I know now, by looking on Google, what touch football is, not that Cash seems to have many - well none actually - people interested in it. But what do you know next week he has put a team together. Looks like it's going to be an interesting and lively match. An amicable goodbye then between Kieran and Alf with Alf offering Kieran his hand, which stunned Kieran and as Alf admitted it stunned him! It does leave Roo at a loose end as she has nothing or no-one to sort out or organise, but it seems Martha has a cunning plan in mind. Leah has taken over Roo's interfering cloak by fretting over how Justin will cope with the sale of the garage - or I suppose, technically - the building and what the new owner will do. She's assuming he won't be able to handle and go back on drugs, but he wasn't taking them to escape any problems, like Brody, they were pain killers. Irene, with her usual bluntness, told her to back off and let him deal with it in his own way, he wouldn't thank her for 'taking over' thinking he can't manage. OK, no prob with her checking with Cash to see what the money situation is, to see if they could buy it, but he had no news. That notification that Justin would have been sent would have been at the time he wouldn't have been taking much notice of what was going on at the garage, he would have just put the letter(s) to one side. I guess it's one of those things we just don't give a second thought to, as to who owns what and who is renting. I did have a moment though. John has got back his money but doesn't want to keep it and Leah has told him of the current situation, so did I see a glimmer of an idea in John's eyes? Depending how much the current owner wants John could put in an offer or even go halves with Justin. It's not a huge place, and seems the only garage in town so profitable, when anyone is there to run it that is. Sad moment with Ari taking down the ultra sound photo of Sophia, but I was thinking ahead like he is.
  7. I'd miss Dean, he is a very interesting character, so many layers to him and so well played by Patrick O'Connor considering it is his first TV role. Even when he's being annoying I care about him. He's very loyal to his family and friends even when we think they don't deserve it. That's what you do though when your loved ones are in a bad condition - forgive them for what they had/hadn't done and blame yourself. When they are back to full health things return to normal and you start rowing again. Bella admitted to Ziggy she still loved Nik, well of course she does, it wouldn't hurt so much if she didn't. Ziggy, eventually, admitted to Jasmine she is still in love with Dean. Her protests - "I don't, I don't, I can't" were on the feeble side. She didn't set out to deceive Tane, but she did spring into her relationship with him rather quickly and her and Dean's ending wasn't your usual reason for a break up. She may have got away with telling Tane she was at the garage if he hadn't heard the lift door ping open- oops! Then he spots her the first time when she was telling Dean she forgave him, then again later when she saw him. She did - late in the day - own up about her feelings, sad his admitting that he didn't love her it wouldn't matter so much. Not at all a good idea of his visit to Mac, he is so in the wrong place, definitely a rebound, Mac has come along way since the first time she had the hots for him. That was a real tense time for Christian operating again on Nik - very touch and go. It seems to have gone well, and as he said to Ari it really it a matter of wait and see, very clear explanation of what they could expect, that's the kind of doctor I'd like to be operating on a relative/friend of mine, no promises, no fudging, just the truth. No-one will know until he wakes up how he may be affected. Has anyone told Gemma btw? Tane had a kind of distraction running Mia's class for her and typical Marilyn offering any help she can. Kieran has given it his best shot, been civil, not over pleasing but Alf hasn't given him any quarter so not surprising Kieran has decided he's wasting his time and it's not going to work. Roo, though, annoyingly, had to keep pushing so well done Martha for saying enough! Good idea of hers suggesting Kieran return to Marimbula, he'll have a roof over his head and she can pop up to see him. He'll need to get a sponsor when he's there and I guess report to the local cop shop. They didn't mention what has happened to Nik, Mia or Dean, does that mean they hadn't heard yet? Ryder was noticeable by his absence.
  8. One TV mag made a lot out of what turned out not to be very much - 'Tane and Ziggy's relaxing morning is interrupted by the news of the crash'. All we saw was her making some brekkie and Tane looking like he had just had a shower, he saw he had missed calls from Ari, rang him back and then off they went. Of course all they knew then was that it was just Nik who had been in an accident. The rescue team clambering down the incline showed again how steep it really was and not a smooth ride either. Although I like her is Mia really some kind of Wonder Woman? Hacking off the seat belts to make some kind of restraint to hold the car steady, that's not including whacking a stake into the ground while doubling up in pain. In two minds about Nik wandering off to get help, gut instinct would be to stay where you are, but after that ordeal I guess your brain isn't functioning as it would normally and the main concern is to get help, the direction you went in wouldn't matter. Who can say how we'd behave in that situation. Managed to flag someone down, who called the emergency services, then he went off in the ambulance as did Mia later. Logan had the right attitude, concerning and comforting towards Mia but still managed to get all the info he needed about Dean's condition. The way he was with Dean was great too, reassuring but very efficient and calm. Not the most ideal conditions to work in either, not lot of room to work in, plus the car was still in a precarious position. Dean keeping on crashing didn't look good. Nik, despite the distance, seemingly made it to NDH before Tori and Christian as they rushed straight to his bedside and started work on him, with interjections from Logan. Then news came of Mia and Dean being involved and were each brought in, Mia first then Dean. By then the rest of the Parata family had gathered along with Bella, Ziggy and Mac who all have their own connections to the victims. Surprised Ryder wasn't there as support for Chloe. Quite a difference of medical opinion between Logan and Tori, it's 'her' ED, but he had been with Dean for a while and I think was in a better place to know his condition better and he won his 'argument'. It's a choice docs have to make sometimes, do the job there and then or risk moving an unstable patient to the operating room. If you watch enough medical dramas over the years you didn't need a medical degree to know something was wrong with Nik's left lung and it needed draining which at least eased his breathing so he could get into surgery. Christian did what he is best at - neuro surgery. I wasn't too comfortable at him being interrupted by the nurse saying Justin was on the phone, couldn't he have told her to tell Justin what was going on? Not looking good at the end for Nik, but I guess no-one can second guess a secondary bleed. Not wanting to be a gossip monger or raise suspicions - but isn't that what happened to Lewi's late wife? I had the same thought after Tori's "I'm so sorry" comment on Tuesday nights episode - NOOOO they can't let Dean die. But nothing as dramatic as that occurred last night. The story of why Dean, Nik and Mia were all together finally came out and the blame game started with Chloe blaming Ari for Mia losing the baby by encouraging her to go ahead after all they had gone through before. But whoa, it was the accident that caused the miscarriage, not a medical problem, been a real miracle if she hadn't. For all we know if it hadn't happened things would have gone as they should. I was also hoping they would get a happy ending, hope they survive this. Bella, of course, is blaming herself. Might be interesting to see if there is any reaction if it comes out Ari and Mac were 'together' when they got the news about Nik. Tane isn't stupid, he's seen the look on Ziggy's face every time Dean's condition has been mentioned, but has wisely kept his own counsel and just looked after Ari and Chloe. Mac has been great looking after Bella, but we been there and done that before as in the siege. But then, as we saw, he sees her by Dean's bedside, looking more concerned than an ex should be. On a lighter note - Christian had such a fantastic surprise planned for Tori - all that work and help from Leah, Justin and I guess Irene to set up that meal at the end of the pier, luckily it wasn't too windy, everything would have got blown away. They nearly made it too, that was a lovely dress and Christian looked pretty yum too. As it turned out it was very apt he proposed in the lift where it all began. Would have been a terrible waste of food if Justin and Leah hadn't decided to enjoy the meal instead of Christian and Tori. Logan Bennett - the new doc already a regular! Wouldn't he have been from a hospital in the city?
  9. Whereabouts in the UK Little bean, I'm from SE London but never heard of it, but then I'm an oldie. Would it be short for "I can't be doing with him?"
  10. There were good - if that doesn't sound wrong - and bad bits about the accident. Some of the stunts did look believable, it seemed Ana Samson had at some point really been suspended sideways, you could tell by the way her hair was hanging. Nik's struggle up that very steep incline did look very authentic and that slip back down again must have been agony, he's obviously badly hurt. Did he roll back down and end up where he started? On the other hand, not convinced about Mai's struggle out of the car and her gathering all those rocks to prop the car up while in pain herself. Just one foot wrong and it was all over. For the most part Dean was unconscious but when he woke up and found the situation he was in it would have brought back some very distressing memories for him. Mia had the presence of mind to try and keep pressure on Dean's wound as much as she could, tricky angle though. What's the betting there wouldn't have been a signal anyway even if one of their phones had been found/wasn't broken. I don't know what this "I can't with him is" means? That is one very unused road and unless there was a passenger in the car looking out over the scenery - which is pretty spectacular - and on the right side of the road - no-one would see the debris scattered down the slope. Don't forget Red, considering it does appear to be in the middle of nowhere, people would complain if if just happened that a crowd of bikers just happened along, moments after it happened as it wouldn't be realistic and to be fair I agree, we had to have all that tension. Apparently it was filmed at a place called Yass in Yass Valley Council. Looking at it on a map it is quite a way from Summer Bay Meanwhile back at the ranch - rather bay - everyone is unaware of the unfolding drama. Ari has no idea Mia is with both Dean and Nik so even if he rang Dean that wouldn't help as he wouldn't be getting an answer from his phone. Unless I missed it but was that the first time we've seen Mac surfing - had she been having lessons from Dean we didn't know about? It was so good seeing Ari and Mac so at ease with each other - I think TPTB skipped the walk up the beach we'd seen in the trailers - as the next scene was back at the flat. He was a bit tentative mentioning the baby but Mac reassured him she was OK with it and was genuinely pleased it was going to be a girl. Unfortunately whenever someone is being optimistic about something - it is usually means something will go wrong. Leah and Justin put a lot of effort in making the Morgan house look very romantic, although it was a sudden dash at the end to get out before Tori came in. Maz has been let in on the secret, let's hope Christian gets the chance to make the proposal before outside events overtake them. As we saw from the trailer someone finds Nik as the Air Ambulance arrives to rescue them all.
  11. People in soaps do tend to change the narrative as to what happened to different folks to maybe avoid complicated conversations and to keep it simple. I like those jimjams actually - Chinese influence. If Tane was kipping on the sofa, he didn't want that much space! At least he is willing to listen, Ziggy is the first women he has fell in love with, whereas before he was the 'love' 'em and leave 'em type so a new experience for him. Strange it was Mac he was confiding in, considering their earlier -um - history. I'm in the preferring Leah and Justin's lyrics to Christian's camp. Not at all suspicious all that scuttling around, chivying Tori to get a wriggle on or she'd miss breakfast, nothing special of course, just put a dress on and hurry up, Leah and Justin offering to look after Grace. Then Mac greeting them, again nothing suspicious there either. I have to say it did look a yummy brekkie. Ari, naturally still steaming, now fretting why Nik hasn't been in touch and ignoring his calls - well surprise, surprise Ari! A mention that Nik is an adult! But I guess that wouldn't stop you as an uncle/parent worrying. Mia did better, again, no surprise and at least found out where he was. I got the feeling that Wee Jasper's was somewhere Nik had been before, but really it took him until he was at the front step before he noticed the big CLOSED sign? Despite Dean's current feelings towards Nik it's just like to him offer to go with Mai to go with her to bring Nik back home. We did find out a lot more about Dean's time in prison than we ever have before, he's never been that open before not even to Ziggy. He does owe Ari a lot, he saved his life and did extra time for it. Seemed quite long ride there, must have had one full tank of petrol. I dare say the kangeroo's union may have had something to say about letting one of their member's risk life and limb dashing across a road for the sake of a TV stunt, even if they didn't get hit. Seriously though, it was a blink and miss it moment, Dean took his eyes off the road for a nano second when he checked his rear view mirror, looking at Nik(?) when Mia screamed her warning. There was a lot of tumbling before Nik got thrown out and then it landed on the edge of a big drop! Another soap cliche to tick off. What's the betting there will be a lot of blame throwing going on next week. If 'he' hadn't done that, if 'you' hadn't said that etc. Next we will only be one month behind Aus, due to their two week break for the Olympics.
  12. When Cash asked Jasmine out she didn't know he was a cop so that wasn't the reason why she shut him down, she did though shut him down later when he later said he was as I guess she didn't want history repeating itself. OK Robbo wasn't your average cop and but a cop is a cop and can face danger the reason why Mac felt she couldn't go out with Colby. His initial enquiry to Murray about Jas was fair enough just a casual mention of her name, did Murray know her, Murray's answer Robbo had been 'one of theirs' prompted him to ask more which could be seen as invading her privacy. Irene has known Jasmine a while so no problem there with them talking about it, Cash doesn't, She obviously does fancy him, he's certainly very easy on the eye. Not at all un pc Red, Nik did completely misread that situation, which was a shame as he and Bella had been getting on so well, actually talking, instead of him begging and her shouting at him. She did listen to his explanation why it happened, Sienna knew exactly how to play him, he's not as self assured as he likes people to think he is and Sienna knew that. Bella even told him she wanted to forgive him but didn't know how. She must have realised what was going on before the kiss he was so close and she could have stopped it before it happened, it was a gentle kiss, he didn't launch himself at her, and she did respond before backing away. Why, though, didn't she just ask him to leave instead running off because naturally he would have followed her. I can see why Cash and (Ben) Murray reacted the way they did, to them it looked a lot worse than we knew it was. Bella seemed to be running away from this guy who was chasing and harassing her. For all they knew a lot more went on than actually had. I hope it does get explained Nik didn't do anything really bad, we all know what small town gossip can be like and the damage it can do. Shame Ari and Mia's day ended on a down beat, they looked so relaxed being in the pool, We don't see that place for years and then we see it twice in two days. Ari's stand off with Nik took you back to the early days when they regularly locked horns, except then it was Gemma separating them, now it's Mia. Nik back to his old ways of running away and of course Ari means what he said that if Nik leaves not to bother coming back. Roo is back to being really pushy again, BACK OFF WOMAN, I don't know about Alf but you're annoying me. If only he knew that his fear of Kieran picking up a bottle is the same one Kieran has everyday. That is going to be one strained meal - not good for the appetite. Get the jacket off Kieran, unless you're not staying of course. Annoys me when character do that - keep their jacket, coat on when visiting or even in their own home - WHY? Not sure how it happens that it's Dean and Mia driving with Nik in the back on the car, the start of the whole drama, but looks mighty dramatic! I wonder if they had the ' ????? in car crash accident dies?' headlines on the TV mags out in OZ?
  13. Chloe always having a down on Bella over Nik is maybe taking family loyalty a bit too far and how is Bella to blame for Ziggy and Dean kissing? Even without all this going on I don't think they would have ever been Bezzies, there has always been friction between them from when they first met. I guess from her point of view Nik didn't set out to cheat on Bella, he was manipulated by an older and more experienced woman who knew full well the trouble she'd cause. Not even the excuse he cared or liked him. OK yes Chloe set up Mia and Ari with that meal, but they made the decision to get back together, it could have gone horribly wrong and no guarantee Ari would have gone back to Mac if it had so NOT Chloe's fault Mac got her heart broken. Ari had split on a temporary basis from Mac while he made his mind up between her and Mia so wasn't even cheating, once he had decided he told Mac it was Mia he wanted to be with. Being a tad picky maybe but Ari isn't Chloe's parent. Yep a bit of bag packing for Tane will be going on - he did seem kind of relieved by Ziggy's confession - be interesting so see how goes when he and Dean run into each other again. Neither Ziggy or Dean fell into the trap Tane said to them both separately he 'knew' what went on at the Exhibition, they just looked blank leaving it to him to explain about Nik turning up. Isn't Bella now encouraging Dean to do to Ziggy what Nik is doing to her as in 'stalking' her and getting her to admit to her 'true' feelings? I remember when Bella was very anti Ziggy as she wanted Willow and Dean to be together. Dean would love to be back with Ziggy but not while she can't forgive his part in Ross's murder so doesn't want to go there. Chloe certainly isn't a one dimensional character - spoilt brat one moment - always down on Bella - thinks or thought - she was above working in The Diner. Got it wrong - she was showing Maz how to do a fancy cup of coffee - but when she wasn't being distracted by Ryder she was a good worker. Did smile at Irene's comment that the menu had been the same since Moses was a lad, maybe it does need a tweak, nothing drastic. Wasn't Chris the last guy to update the menu? She is loyal, too loyal maybe?, to her family. To her credit she has volunteered, in fact insisted, she take joint responsibility for repaying the debt, it was for their truck so their debt. She is a precarious place at The Diner, last in again, and any extra shifts I guess would first be offered to longer serving staff. Seems she has hit on an idea to make more dosh - a taco delivery service - but where will they be doing the cooking, it'd have to be OK'd by H&S or food standards - who will be doing the deliveries and by what method? Don't give up the day job Christian - as a lyricist you make a great surgeon. It was lovely seeing Justin and Leah working on the song together seemed very at ease just as they were before the pain killer abuse reared it's ugly head. Was all that so-mo for the benefit of us viewers so we could check out Cash and Jasmine's bods and see how fit they were? OK it worked - he is. Slightly embarrassing for Jas when Cash had to explain he'd been there when she had her seizure, she kind of got her own back when he wanted to check out the gym and she told him she was the owner. I'm guessing the reason why she backed off when he suggested a date was because of her recent experience with Lewis. Not giving anything away as it was in the trailer but unless he asked the other cop - Murray - even more probing questions about Jas he wasn't doing anything wrong. Glad to see John back to his penny pinching - sorry economical - old self when he and Irene were having dinner, dithering on what to actually have, then invited Cash and Jasmine to join them to spread out the cost even more.
  14. All the being shouted by Ari and Tane at was getting nowhere and Mia did seem to be getting somewhere with Nik until Ryder and Chloe burst in blabbering on about the Exhibition, of course not having a clue about what really went down. It was a good suggestion by Mia that Nik go and see Gemma, getting completely away would be good for him and give Bella breathing space and not have to worry that Nik would be springing up out of the blue. Glad he got back OK, him having an accident or getting pulled over by the cops wouldn't have helped at all, seeing as he was driving illegally. Men and their machines - Ari's first concern was Nik getting a scratch on his bike. Although he must have been sorely tempted he didn't out Ziggy to Tane, just suggested Tane 'talk' to his girlfriend. Ziggy thought her and Dean's kiss(es) were a secret and no-one saw them - wrong! I think Nik did hint to Ziggy he knew and warned her he'd tell Tane, but as we saw in the trailer she does. No excuse she was drunk either which Mac was when she kissed Tane. I wonder if that was why Ziggy had a u-turn about her forgiving Mac, she realised how easy it could happen and Mac would understand how she felt. Between them they managed to keep the Emmett leaving problem from Bella. As Ziggy said to Mac her kissing Dean hasn't resolved anything as she still can't forgive him for keeping quiet about his part in Ross' murder which is a biggy, not as if he had handled stolen goods. The day may have not ended the way Bella wanted but Emmett brought good news regarding her photos, she did do well, I see a career there. Then of course he couldn't avoid it any longer and told her he was going to New York the next day. Naturally she was upset initially, but put her own feelings aside and gave him a good send off and wished him well and he said he'd be there for her if she needed to talk or needed help. They do have such things nowadays as phones, the internet etc, it is a long way away, but it's not the moon. Sweet farewell between Mac and Emmett, him offering her not the sofa but the bed should she want to visit. His eyes must be a lot better as he wasn't wearing his dark glasses. I found Alf annoying, being so stubborn in his feelings about Kieran, he was wrong about what happened between Kieran and Jasmine which he didn't mention btw, so why can't he accept the possibility he be wrong about other things. Actually I liked the lighter touches with Ryder, Chloe and Marilyn. Marilyn was treating Chloe like a five year old - this is where we keep the cups and saucers, like Chloe couldn't have worked that for herself - and not someone who had done that kind of job before. Chloe, not usually like her, kept her feelings to herself, it was Ryder putting his two-penneth in that stirred things up. Chuckled, yes I'm easily amused, at Ryder using Roo as a shield when she suggested they went back to the Diner to sort things. Chloe proved she did know what she was doing by 'teaching' Maz how to handle the awkward coffee machine tap, and how long has Maz worked there? Chloe wasn't all gloaty about it and she has Marilyn on her side now, different types entirely but I can see a good friendship developing. Diner Ladies - good one Ryder. True Chloe can be a right little madam at times, but she did get on well with the customers in Salt.
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  16. Welcome back Red, I've missed your input. Nik is becoming very stalkerish, he won't listen to anyone about giving Bella space. They did seem to cram a lot into Friday's episode, how is the Bay from the city, he made good time. He did assault Emmett so the police should be called by the organisers, I don't know if he could also get done with trespassing as it seemed the Exhibition was open to all. Lots of beautiful people floating about. I would have been an awkward ride for Ziggy with Dean and Tane, but Tane, inadvertently, makes it more awkward by dropping out by answering Bella's call for help, leaving Dean and Ziggy to travel to the city alone, not that Dean was aware of Ziggy's confused feelings at first. Trivial comment but Mac, Ziggy and Bella looked lovely. Bella looked very at ease, considering how full of nerves she was before. Irene was right to be proud of her and if I'm right in thinking they do get newspapers in prison and Colby gets to read about it, he will be too. I could understand why Nik looked so astounded/shocked at seeing Ziggy and Dean snogging each others faces off after the flak she gave him for one drunken mistake, they were sober and knew full well what they were doing, it was Ziggy that moved in on Dean btw. He got it in the neck for cheating on Bella now he sees his uncle's girlfriend cheating on him with her ex! Will he tackle her about it or tell Tane? He was more intent at the time on getting to Bella so has likely put that on the back burner for now. I had to smile at Dean channelling his inner Tom Hank's character from Big when he sampled the caviar, it is an acquired taste so if you've never had it before it would be hard to get your brain and taste buds around. I, though I've only had it the once did like it. It was a quick u-turn by Leah, but hey Justin wasn't complaining so why should we? I'm no expert but seeing as Justin wasn't a long term drug user, his recovery, though still on-going, wouldn't take as long as it did Brody. It was good seeing him surfing, he looked very happy and at peace with himself, he wasn't overdoing it which triggered his back problem resulting in the whole overdoing the pain killer situation.
  17. Christian and Tori did get their wires crossed but I don't think it was down to anything Justin got wrong while being cross examined by Tori. She does have this habit of rushing off when she gets embarrassed, leaving Christian or whoever it is in her wake. Justin did well persuading her to got to Salt. Christian's plan was to propose wasn't it, but I thought he said he wanted to do it well so what is his plan? Why doesn't he want to move back in? I do get the feeling this poster about the touch football is going to mean something more later, we keep seeing it and it would be superfluous that it just stayed there getting faded and crinkly. Very good advice from Cash to John about not using Leah's laptop to track down other victims of Susie so he can give them his money. There could be some right dodgy ones along with the genuine ones like Stephen but look what happened there. Ooh, Ziggy, Dean and Tane having a trip to the city in the same car, that will be fun. Actually Tane and Dean were fine with it, it was Ziggy getting her knickers in a knot about it. Justin was a busy boy being an agony uncle. Who is going to fix his problem though? Pretty sharp of him seeing the looks Ziggy was giving Dean and didn't let her wriggle off the hook, getting her to confess about her being unsure about her feelings about Dean. From the way he's been around Tane and Ziggy Dean appears to have moved on which is why suggested it. Odd that Bella texted Tane instead of Dean when Nik turned up at hers. I suppose if Tane had told Dean and Ziggy the real reason he was dropping out Dean would have been back to theirs to sort him out. Ziggy wasn't at all uncomfortable being alone with Dean was she. Know what you are talking about - it is very ironic though.
  18. We can't all like the same couples/people, it'd be very boring. I, though like Ari and Mia, they took a huge leap of faith getting back together after their past history. Then deciding to try for another baby, it may be considered boring and safe but I hope everything goes OK for them. Chloe is a right little madam sometimes but does love Mia and Ari and is looking forward to having a little sister, though would be worried as she remembers previous pregnancies. I'm supposing the hospital is keeping an eye on Mia. Roo was being pushy again, this time with Martha, she will make up her mind when she chooses, not when it suits Roo, frustrating for Kieran though, not knowing if he will be staying or leaving, depending on what mum decides. Alf is, for once, keeping his neb out and letting Martha take her time without his input. I guess Martha's coldness could be put down to a form of self protection, she had just come out of therapy herself. A simple misunderstanding between Kieran and Jasmine, he took her actions for something else, she is a tactile kind of person which he isn't used to so not surprising he read it wrong. I think a lot of his storming off and getting angry was down to embarrassment and he just wanted to have time to himself. Seemed he'd taken his counsellor's advice to take time out to cool down. It's OK Alf, I accept your apology for accusing me of being drunk and attacking Jasmine, then calling the cops when actually she had a seizure due to the fact she hadn't had her morning meds. Something, of course, that didn't happen, unless it was off screen. Fair enough Alf wouldn't know about her epilepsy brought on by the food truck blow up, but he leapt in with both feet anyway. Was Kieran aware, seeing as they live in the same house, plus wasn't her epilepsy the milder version where she just blacked out? Kieran was ready to bail, again, until Martha having made her mind up stood up and said he was coming home, albeit on the sofa, until a van is available. Kieran and Jas hugged without him getting the wrong idea. Not wrong Slade, any recovering addict is advised not to embark on a new relationship for at least a year, to concentrate on getting better. Brody was, but like most people, ignored the advice. How about relationships you are already in - like Leah and Justin? Tori, Christian and Grace seemed to have a good time away - very unexpected, I'm guessing, "Mummy" from Grace. As usual, with that pair both coming from different directions, but both wanting the same thing. Another misunderstanding coming up with of course Tori going off in a huff. I knew Leah was feeling uncomfortable around Justin, avoiding him without trying to be too obvious. On one level she realises his recent behaviour was down to his overdosing and addiction, but would still have been painful and hurtful to go through, they both have a way to go, have they talked to each other about it? A decision was made then about the money found by this 'anonymous caller', it's being put into a fund to help out other victims, did I get that right? The techies are working on Susie's laptop and have cracked her code so they can track down other victims. Oh Tori, if only you knew how close to the truth you were. Great news for John, he's got his money back, but understandably, doesn't want a bar of it. I hope he 'disposes' of it wisely. The same thought occurred to me regarding Cash's comment about being around alcoholics. It seemed a casual enough remark, but us seasoned soapers know better. Mum, dad, brother, sister or other relative.
  19. Alf, of course, would quite rightly have his concerns over letting Kieran anywhere near Martha, but as I posted earlier, she is an adult so can make her own mind up. She and Alf are back now so we'll soon find out what she has decided, Kieran didn't look too happy in the scenes we saw though, snapping at Jasmine which seems to have brought on a seizure. Kieran is doing something useful according to Roo, helping Jasmine at the hospital, if I heard it right and he's still going to his meetings so is doing all the right things. Alf's coming back with no announcement threw everyone into a flap, no-one would have known if Ryder hadn't seen his car back at the house and he brought Martha with him so I'm guessing she read the letter. Chloe was so getting above herself she did need bringing back down to earth which Ari and Mia did very well, not pandering to her "I'm a mixerist - is that what she called herself - so anything else is beneath me" which cut no ice with them. Has she never had to complete a CV before, how has she got other jobs then, such as when she started at salt? Ryder is working all hours to pay off the debt on their truck so she should contribute even if it's not much, wouldn't be the highest wages paid in the bay. Did make me realise there is only one drinkery there - Salt, I suppose the nearest pub/bar would be in Yabbie Creek then? I think it is safe to say her and Bella would never have been BFF's, claws were well and truly out during their little 'chats'. Even before the whole Nik and who was on whose side thing, they were cool towards each other. It is a shame Emmett is off to the big it would have been good so see them perhaps become a couple, there was definitely some flirting going on there. It could be seen as cowardly that he chickened out of telling Bella about his new job, Mac was expecting him to when they had that little meet up, but he'd just had Dean in his ear saying he hoped Emmett was going to let Bella down by walking away. I'm not sure whether Dean was aware of what they were talking about or just thought it was something more personal. I did like he credited Bella with turning his life around and getting him back to doing what he loved. Maybe a good idea that he has decided to wait until after the exhibition so not to ruin her confidence. Having said all that Dean won't be happy bunny when he finds out Mac knew about Emmett's job but didn't say anything to him or Bella, remind you of anything recent going on, wonder what Dean's take on that will be? Ranting and raving Mac should have given him the heads up so he could be there for Bella, but he will be anyway. It wasn't her place to say anything, Emmett wanted to handle it his way. He's had his own 'secrets' he's not wanted anyone else to know about and in turn has kept someone else's until they were ready to reveal it. Before I forget - now Kieran has moved into the Beach House, I hope they all remember to put the bolt on the bathroom door when anyone of are using it. Wouldn't want any red faces would we?
  20. I was definitely with Justin there, yes it was their money, but didn't make it right, it would have torn them apart eventually and how was she going to explain this sudden fund of cash to people? They will get it back but just have to wait awhile Strange Stephen didn't mention it or the laptop to the cops, what is on the laptop could, maybe, help his case if he had voluntarily handed it over. Of course she would have been charged, she tampered with a crime scene, was it though strictly speaking, nothing happened at the motel, but she did take evidence pertaining to the case. That worried me too about Cash calling it in as an anonymous tip off and it just happened Justin and Leah heard him, deliberate move on his part? But, what about fingerprints, as far as the cops are concerned she knows nothing about either and hers would be all over both as would Justin's. The fact the laptop is password protected won't be a problem for the tech boys and girls. I hope TPTB don't forget to tell 'us' what info they find on it, like possible names of accomplices perhaps, other aliases, what other scams she had in mind. Did she have any family anywhere? Was it Tane who said you don't turn your back on family if they make a mistake, well Ziggy did, she took Ben's side when it was revealed that Ben may not have been her dad, thanks to Maggie's one night stand with Marco and turned against Maggie. It does look like she has forgiven Tane for not telling her, and has realised there is a difference between Nik's one night stand and Brody's affair. But I'm kind of concerned about her continued talks with Dean, she says they are to check on Bella....but. I think it's hurt Bella more because Nik was her first real love and while a lot of first love teenage romances break up naturally, this was rather abrupt. Plus there is her history of not having much stability in it, it took her a while to trust him so would be harder for her to get over. Hopefully after the third time of Bella telling him he's got the message. Now it looks like Emmett is leaving, and from what we saw in the trailer Dean is guilt tripping him by saying Bella depended on him being there for her. It is a great opportunity for him, just when he thought his career could have been over, though I'll miss him as will Mac. Hope Sienna finds out, she'll be furious - heh, heh. Oh and another sighting of Buddy on Thursday.
  21. That was rather risky of Leah leaving the bag in the motel room and how come Stephen didn't wonder where it was. If there had been a trial and it's only because Stephen confessed there isn't going to be, yes the cops would have needed the money and laptop, which they may still may, it was Susie's so who knows what is on it, more victims, names of contacts etc. OK it seems I got it wrong about Leah being scared of Justin, it was because of her secret. Is she really serious that they keep the money and start afresh, Leah has usually been a honest person and would be horrified if someone else had done what she is thinking of. I wonder how fooled Cash was about this hyperthetical question of Justin's, it was strangely familiar to what he and Leah had gone through? Leah did look a bit guilty when Irene was telling her about John and that it was looking likely he wouldn't get his money back. Cash is learning that being a small town cop involves being pounced on by the locals and asked questions which you have nothing to do with and isn't a police matter anyway. It is a tricky position John's in, he did give Susie his password and account details but hard to prove he didn't give her permission to transfer the money from the surf club to his account. Cash was probably giving him the worst case scenario. Not back to normal by any means but at least a thawing between Ryder and Nikau. It was the first Tane, Ari and Mia had heard of the punch up and Chloe hadn't mentioned it as she wasn't on Nik's side either over it and it is out of character of Nik to go around hitting anyone let alone his mate. OK both Ari and Tane felt he deserved a rollicking, but he did feel bad enough about it, so of course he got stroppy with them. it was very naive of Nik to think Sienna would take him back, he did humiliate her in public. He suited her then when she was in her 'bit of rough' mode, but now he's so last month - so gone back to the type she usually goes for. OK, OK Nik cheated on Bella, but it was one mistake with Sienna taking advantage of an insecure, drunken young man. Brody had a full on affair with emotions involved that went on for weeks before she found out. She was furious with Justin as he had known for ages but hadn't told her but she eventually forgave him so there is hope for Tane who just did what Justin did, looking after family. Justin kept threatening Brody that if he didn't tell Ziggy he would. Totally shallow comment warning. Is it wrong that I crave Mia's aka Anna Samson's - cheekbones?
  22. Is Christian deliberately avoiding that talk or does he think it'd bring too many things up? What would it solve, he knows now he got it wrong, but Tori had a hand in it too, by dismissing his new outlook on life believing he'd been given a second chance, and certain things were expected of him, Rachel understood as she had been brought back from the brink. He can no more promise Tori it wouldn't happen again than she can promise she wouldn't get involved with a patient. He was certainly puling out all the stops and wasn't fazed by Justin 'dumping' Grace on them. Did laugh when Tori told Justine his 'boyfriend' was moving back, even it is in the cottage. That was my thinking Red, that it was Stephen that had dropped the charges and the reason being what you said, he had brought suspicion on Justin so was in some extent to blame for him exploding. Did Justin ever get a proper apology from Det. Peters, other than "OK you're free to go". If he was of a mind to, he could bring a case of wrongful arrest, aggressive questioning, if there is such a thing, Cash would be a very reliable witness to that. Or maybe he just wants to put it behind him. How did Leah get hold of that bag, wouldn't have been in Stephen's car when they were driving into town? If not, did she return there, why would it have been left behind? Justin said something her tampering with a crime scene. John has asked what would happen to the money after the police had finished with it? I'm supposing that Susie being Susie had the chance to transfer the money from Susan McAllister's account into another, unknown, account. Again, maybe, unknown man has been left high and dry too as Susie didn't get away to finish off the scam/sting. Actually I'm seeing Justin and Leah's relationship differently, I think she is scared of him, she wasn't exactly over the moon at him moving back home, even if was just to the cottage and she's been very jumpy around him. I think part of it is her guilt at considering he may have killed Susie but I'm also wondering if it's brought back memories of Douglas, the guy who kidnaped her? Buddy, hi guy, was pleased to see Justin though. She did jump out of her skin when he walked up behind her, but then that was because of her hidden stash and now Tori, Christian and Grace are going to be away for the weekend, leaving them alone. I realise Roo wants Kieran and Alf to make some kind of peace, hoping to pave the way for a reconciliation with Martha but she needs to back off from telling Kieran he HAS to stay, it's not helping him at all. Jasmine can give him the same argument but without the dramatics and not being family she is one step back from it all so can view it more calmly. Twice now she's stopped him walking away. I know some on here aren't sure about him but I believe him when he says he has, or at least wants to, change and has promised to try his best, that is all he can do, any recovering addict will know that is all you can do in fact Irene told Roo just that. He has only just got off the grog after all, but even now I reckon Irene is tempted at times. OK Alf has a beef with Kieran but tearing into Irene like that, just how long has he known her, he knows she's fallen off the wagon but got back on. Oh btw Alf Roo didn't force Kieran on Irene, she offered. Her words, I think, did give him pause for thought, he did agree to meet up with Kieran after all. He did appear to be actually listening to Kieran who told him if Martha didn't want to know he'd go and not the first one he's told that. Alf grudgingly took the letter, just hope he doesn't do something stupid with it, like throwing it away. Alf's been bleating on about no way is he going to allow Kieran anywhere near Martha, but apart from her recent mental health problems, isn't she a fully grown adult with a mind of her own who can make her own decisions? We've had Marilyn's views on the Alf/Kieran debate but no, nothing from Ryder - odd. Maybe TPTB think he has enough to cope with with Nik and Bella and earning enough dosh to repay the loan. Was that the first time Ryder had seen Nik since it happened, would explain his attitude towards him. I think even Chloe, who is in his corner found it hard going with talking to Nik, who were these mates he was with, he's seems to have had a complete change of character, very ansty. His lashing out at Ryder could be put down to his feeling guilty and he can hit Ryder, but Chloe stuck with Ryder and told Nik to do one, then he snapped at Jasmine who's done nothing apart from making a light remark about him taking his anger out on a punch bag instead of another human. From the trailer Nik even goes toe to toe with Tane, who was his hero and by the sounds of it's Ari who steps in.
  23. That was nice to see Ziggy and Justin at ease with each other again, I hope, when he can afford to, Justin gives her a dirty big pay rise for all this covering she has been doing for him, not just now with his recovery but when he had his op. He is making a real effort to get clean as his therapy sessions seem to be going well. Perhaps her dinner invite was a part 'thank you'? Leah was very uneasy with Justin being in the house, no surprise considering what she had contemplated, and it took Tori a while to catch on something was off. I'm glad Leah was honest with Justin when she saw him the next day and yes he seemed to take it OK, but it may have not sunk in yet that the woman he loves and who says she loves him could even think for one moment he could kill someone, even by accident. In her defence Leah knew Justin had a temper and has seen him angry plenty of times, but this time it was directed at her and she was scared. It took long enough but Roo finally managed to get Kieran to Alf's, she does a nag a lot though, gawd woman give it a rest, enough to drive you to drink - sorry, couldn't resist. She was right though then and the following day, just leaving wouldn't solve anything, just make Alf believe he was right all along. All that waiting didn't help Alf's mood, but to give Kieran his dues he did tell Alf he had bought a bottle of whisky but hadn't opened it, he didn't have to do that and Roo wouldn't have ratted him out. Alf didn't send Roo packing she told him if he was ordering Kieran to leave she was going with him, naturally Alf being Alf didn't back down and Roo is a chip off the old block so off she went. On the upside there are better curtains at this motel than there were at the hotel - something else that would turn you to drink, just to blot the sight of them out. Big offer of Irene to ask Kieran to stay at hers, after OK'ing it with Jasmine. Actually, that reminds me of something Alf said about Kieran falling off the wagon, which of course he can't guarantee, is Alf suffering from selective memory loss, Irene has fallen off a couple of times in the past so doesn't matter how long you have been sober, it can still happen. Irene laid down her usual house rules and as long as she doesn't play the "I've been where you are a lot longer, so I know best" card everything should be OK. Wonder how Alf will take it, will he see as some kind of betrayal, not that Irene will be bothered. Rather a couple of awkward first scenes between Tori and Christian, she wants to take him back but Tori being Tori has to overthink everything and torture herself. Was funny seeing Justin giving him advice. In the end he did what I'd been 'saying' he should do, just go over there and snog her face off. May not have been very pc, but it worked didn't it?
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  25. But Ziggy didn't cheat on Tane with Dean. She did overreact though, Nik told Tane in confidence but he kept urging him to tell Bella before someone else did. As Red posted Ziggy seems to have been suffering from selective memory loss that she did the same in the past, I'd forgotten about that, but even if that hadn't happened I would have questioned what she would have done if she had been in that position. OK it was cheating and she'd been cheated on by Brody, but that was a full blown affair, not a drunken one night stand. I suppose Tane could have meant it was better Nik told Bella rather than it being Allegra or even worse Sienna who would have certainly embellished on it. Most characters in all soaps do things that turn us viewers off them for a time, Leah being the latest, it's the way their characters are, at least they are not bland al the time and always doing the right thing. Ziggy has always been on the passionate side and when she gets the bit between her teeth it's hard for her to see the other side. She took against Maggie when it was thought Marco may be her dad and refused to listen to her side of things and it took a while for her to forgive her. No real surprise Chloe turned down Mac's offer of her job back, but they have reconciled at least, Chloe doesn't have a problem with Ryder being back there though, but as he said he does need to repay back the loan. Does Alf know about the food truck he part invested in? I think Mac did know know about Kieran, didn't Ryder stop her serving him last time he was in the bay? Mind you she wasn't in the best of places herself back then. At least he didn't open the bottle which is a good sign. I think I'd need some Dutch courage if I was meeting Alf. Got to give Mac a medal for persevering with Ziggy. It was good to see Jasmine and I liked her teasing of Irene pretending she'd forgotten what Irene had just said to her.
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