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  2. Stephen Peacocke is in the main cast of the comedy drama Five Bedrooms, which screened on Ten last year. A second season has been commissioned.
  3. Dennis Coard was a recurring guest in the comedy drama Five Bedrooms, which screened on Ten.
  4. Are we ever going to see Buddy again?? I don't think he has been in a single episode in 2020 (UK pace). Please bring him back!
  5. Another terrific episode. Shame it was spoilt by what has turned out to be the completely pointless 'who's the daddy' storyline. Ben told Ziggy that he still loved Maggie but he's got a funny way of showing it. If this leads to the end of their marriage I will be really annoyed. Dean has been the best thing about all this. at Tori trying to sneak a peak at the nursery. Nice scene with the ladies in the Diner. The nursery looked fantastic and the photos (memory wall) was a sweet idea. The Tori, Justin, Leah & Grace scenes were really touching. It was so nice that Leah felt ready to sleep in the same bed as Justin again. I bet he thought the day would never come. I like them as a couple more than ever.
  6. Has she though? I honestly don't think that Maggie has ever considered that Marco was the father. It was only mentioned at all because Ziggy jumped to that conclusion.
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  9. After a great episode yesterday, we're back to the borefest that is the Astoni paternity storyline. Ben and Ziggy both dumping on Maggie. I'm surprised that they didn't have Coco call up to berate her too, so they could go for the hat-trick. At least Maggie has her friend Roo to talk to. Ziggy was back to her old unlikeable self (which is how I thought of her when I started watching regularly again). Dean was surprisingly objective (I keep saying that but I'm not really surprised by him anymore, as he's quite a sensitive soul really). At the end of the day, no matter what the result is, Ben will still be Ziggy's father and she will still be his daughter, so what really changes? It was good to see Ben spend some time with his mate Justin though. Leah seemed to be back to being in a better place. I'm looking forward to seeing what they've done with Grace's nursery. I'm glad Colby & Mac stayed on the friendship page. I just hope we're not going to be treated to a will they / won't they with her and Ari now.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8382959/Home-Away-stars-continue-social-distance-set-shutdown-lifted.html
  11. Apart from Ari & Tane butting heads that was a really good episode. John found a way to get onside with Nik by joking about Ari and he was able to offer Nik a different perspective. It's good that John admitted he'd been mistaken about the whole Parata family and his helping Ryder and Nik resolve their differences has shown me that Good John is someone to have on your side. Things seem to be getting better between him and Marilyn as well. at Bella being left behind. Colby was so torn but Willow made him see sense. I think Willow has been great through all of this. I think Colby appreciated Nik coming to see him and what he said about Bella (and at least Nik will now know why he won't be getting a message from her). Gemma had some good scenes. I think she generally has a nice relationship with Nik. I hope Mac is going to see Colby as a friend and this won't be the start of more will they / won't they.
  12. What a lovely idea to send Bella to equine therapy. It wouldn't have been her if she hadn't been so anti the idea. I really hope that it gives her the help that she so badly needs. (Bullet the horse even got a guest credit ). Ryder was still very off with Nik, who was having a really bad day Another nice chat between Gemma & John. Footage was fantastic again. It is such a joy to watch.
  13. Oh Bella. My heart really went out to her. She does need more intensive help though. Another great performance from Courtney. She always knocks it out of the park. Why she hasn't won awards is beyond me. Ryder didn't know what he could do to help Bella but he has been a real friend to her. I enjoyed his scenes with John and it was touching that they went to change her bed sheets. Nik's panic was understandable but as Gemma said, running away would achieve nothing and he hadn't done anything wrong. He did the right thing going to the hospital and clear the air with Colby. Maggie is persona non grata with her family. I felt sorry for her.
  14. Courtney discusses Bella's recent storylines (spoilers for main channel 5 UK pace viewers) https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/home-and-away/a32700753/home-and-away-spoilers-courtney-miller-bella-nixon-turning-point/
  15. Leah seemed to have taken a backward step with what she said in her impact statement . It was difficult for Justin to hear that but it's lovely how supportive he is / has been. Glad that Leah felt able to kiss him. Nice to see Willow smiling again. She seems to be over the grumps. Looks like Mac is having second thoughts about Colby, after their interlude. Was there a continuity blip? Bella got rid of Colby and texted Nik to say "come over" but the next thing she was at the caravan park. It would have been ages after by the time Nik got to the flat. Anyway. I think Bella is rushing things. Not sure why she is in such a hurry. Nik's body language suggested he was surprised too.
  16. Poor Colby. He was copping it from all sides today. I thought Dean was unfair. Ari came over as a bit of a meathead. I think Leah has made the right decision to give her witness statement in court. Seeing Douglas again but knowing that he is going straight to prison will help her get over this sooner. It's always funny to watch Bella hustling at pool.
  17. This is the photo 5 are now using for H&A on My5.
  18. I voted. As H&A is the only soap I watch it was an easy decision. Not sure I agree with some of their choices for the categories though. Bella may not be my favourite character but there's no disputing that Courtney is a terrific actress, so she should have featured somewhere.
  19. Nothing on social media as yet about the return to filming today (that I could find). I would have expected 7 to publicise it and cast members to post stuff on their feeds about the first day back. Maybe later this week. Edit - just found this.
  20. Marilyn apologised to John first about inviting the Parata's to stay in their home without consulting him first, which was good, as that was the catalyst for their problems. Their talk seemed to go well and John seems to accept that she needs more time to get over the events at the hospital without him being too pushy. It was nice of him to thank Roo for looking after them both. I don't know where I stand on the whole Maggie-Marco business. It looks as though she has never considered that Ziggy's paternity could be in any doubt before now. Ben said that she had lied to him for all of their marriage but I'm not sure that that is true or fair. She made a mistake on that night and drink more than played a part (but not so as she didn't know what she was doing). Maybe Ben would find it easier to accept if it had been anyone other than his brother? You can tell that Jas is feeling much better because she has started wearing make-up again. I enjoyed her scenes with Tori. As an aside, I thought the picture quality was exceptional today but I was watching on a bigger screen than normal. There's been some discussion in the Aus episode thread that they have recently upgraded to Super 35 digital cinema cameras and the results may already be on screen in Aus, so I'm wondering if this was the start of it.
  21. Is there any significance to the different colour uniforms that Jasmine wears?
  22. I'm glad we got to see Bella's chat with Roo. She hasn't had that mother type figure in her life for a long time. At least she and Nik are now on the same page, after some effort from Ryder. John was out of order the way he spoke to Gemma when she first approached him but he calmed down and went for a drink and I think it probably did them both good to chat. I was hoping that what Gemma said to Marilyn would act as a wake-up call and it looks like they are going to have a talk, so hopefully some fences can be mended. Maggie chickened out of telling Ben at her first opportunity but it looks like she is going to go through with it now. I said the other day that Marco was a slimeball but that has ratcheted up considerably now.
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