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  1. 2006 was the best year of Home & Away in my opinion - especially in terms of drama! I mean... Project 56, Mumma Rose and 'The Believers', the cyclone, Flynn's death, Zoe a.k.a Summer Bay Stalker blowing up Jack and Martha's wedding, Matilda's burns, helicopter crash, Graham and Amanda's relationship, Graham's death, Alf locked up, Josh West's death, Macca lashing out at Cassie, Amanda revealed as Belle's Mum, Sally got stabbed...
  2. ^^^ THIS. I truly think Channel 7 should respect Lawrence's thoughts. He posted this on the Cornelia Frances Facebook page last year about his Mum. Nothing has been done since... As I've just mentioned on the UK Episode Discussion - if Morag Bellingham was still around, she would be having a field day with all the legal doings in the Bay (current UK pace): With all the latest legal drama in the Bay, I'm genuinely surprised that none of the characters haven't asked Alf/Roo for her support. All the current long-standing characters (Alf, Roo, Leah, Irene, Marilyn, John) have a connection to Morag and haven't mentioned her name once. I understand TPTB might not know what to do with the character of Morag but the fact that they haven't mentioned her at all since Cornelia died makes me have less respect for them. Morag is part of the show's fabric and Cornelia indeed supported Channel 7/Home and Away a huge amount... Come on TPTP/Channel 7 - give Morag justice - either way. We all miss you Cornelia Frances. Everyone... stay calm
  3. Morag would be having a field day if she still around with all the legal doings in the Bay: Irene - self defence storyline. Morag and Irene are good friends and Morag would most definitely be her lawyer, stand up and fight for her in court - both professionally and personally. Raffy - CBD oil storyline. Morag and Leah are very close and no doubt Morag would have a lot to say about the proceedings. Ben - drug case storyline. Would be on the case and be his lawyer. Robbo - witness protection storyline. OK, maybe not but Morag and Dylan Carter had history and disagreements. I'm really, *really* surprised no-one has even mentioned her name with all this legal drama kicking off and not one person has even asked Alf or Roo for Morag's support... I understand TPTB probably don't know whether to let Morag go or not, but I wish they at least had the decency to mention her rather than say nothing. She is part of the show's fabric. It doesn't feel right when Alf/Leah/Irene/Roo/Marilyn/John are all part of the current dramas in the Bay and she's not brought up at all. One thing is for sure - we all miss you Morag and Cornelia Frances.
  4. Latest picture of Clarissa found online. She looks really well.
  5. Ohh, this was more difficult than I thought... Top favourites: 1. Maggie (Is very well respected in the community, does her job well and is fair on others) 2. Irene (Says what she thinks) 3. Alf (Says what he thinks) 4. Buddy (Doesn't judge anyone) 5. Ziggy (Very liveable and likely) Least favourites: 1. Robbo (I cringe every time he is on screen) 2. Jasmine (I cringe every time she is on screen) 3. Raffy (Constantly whines about herself every single time something bad happens, it's all me, me, me - shut up) 4. Colby (How does he get away with being a police man when he keeps breaking the law and is hardly working?) 5. Mackenzie (Nah)
  6. Mason needs a lawyer -- this is when Morag would have rocked up. I wonder how her and Martha would have got on.
  7. Absolutely!! It's the least Channel 7 can do after all the commitment and support Cornelia has done since when she first started on Home and Away in 1988!
  8. It's hard to believe it's been a year since Corny passed away.
  9. https://www.backtothebay.net/news/2019/03/04/logies-2019-voting-open/ What the fresh hell?! I don't understand why Kestie Morassi hasn't been nominated for a logie award - has the network forgotten her magnificent cancer storyline? Georgie (Roo), Emily (Marilyn), Lynne (Irene), Ada (Leah), Sam (Jasmine) and Sophie (Ziggy) have hardly had any storylines in the past year so I don't understand how they are nominated, yet Kestie isn't?! Even Ashleigh (Chelsea) got a nomination yet she was a guest character. This is a huge disrespect to Kestie.
  10. I had this dream that Judi Dench and Maggie Smith had a guest appearance on Home and Away for Morag's departure storyline. Still can't believe Cornelia has gone, it's been 6 months. I REALLY, REALLY hope the show gives Morag a send off storyline. It's the least they can do after all the dedication, support and time Cornelia put into Morag and Channel 7.
  11. English actress Emily Perry died on 19 February 2008 aged 100 years old. That website says that 'Emily Perry' died on 20th February 2007 - which makes sense. The internet says absolutely nothing on what Emily Perry has done since she left Home and Away. Does anyone know what she has been up to since the H&A days?
  12. I don't know if this is true but I was looking up what Emily Perry was up to lately and I came across this website which says she died in 2007? Link - https://aromaticcoffees.com/tag/emily-perry/ I thought Zoe/Eve was one of the most notorious characters to ever step foot in Summer Bay.
  13. Episodes 6628, 6629, 6630, 6634, 6635, 6636, 6639, 6643 and her final appearance in 6645. Cornelia's son, Lawrence, has contacted Channel 7 asking for a final Morag storyline. This is what Lawrence had to say on the matter: "I think it would have been a nice idea to have a farewell on home and away with Mum (Cornelia) and she could pass away and they could dedicate the show to the Australian Cancer Council. Ray has been amazing with his support and especially donating the funds from his hot sauce to the Cancer foundation. I wish Channel 7 had as much gumption as Ray and support Mum as much as Morag supported Channel 7 and Home and Away."
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