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2019 Season - UK Episode Discussion

Dan F

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Firstly I think Jade is bordering on sociopath level.  She still doesn't think stealing from Mackenzie is wrong and she's quite prepared to ruin Ryder's life because he did the right thing and dobbed her in.

I didn't mind last week's episodes.  He wasn't my favourite character and I never found him to be very interesting but I don't think Mason deserved to die (I think it would have been better if he'd maybe just got transferred to the city or went to stay with Brody).  Really had no idea this was going to happen but with the regular characters in that hospital with the exception of Marilyn I would rather him than the others.  Mackenzie hasn't been too bad lately and apart from whining over Colby, I'd like to see where her character goes.  I'm finding Bella pretty unlikeable at the moment but I haven't completely given up hope with her and am prepared to put up with her a little while longer with the hope she improves.  Besides, given that her dad was murdered and she was abused, I don't think anyone with a conscience could kill her off.  Didn't like Jasmine at first but I do quite like her and Robbo together and if they are able to get out of this, I will be interesting to see if they can try for their own baby.

The problem with Mason dead now is Tori and Justin are going to blame Robbo regardless.  I wouldn't be surprised if Jasmine does too although she will probably blame herself as well.

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