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  3. I'm a little bemused that Bella suddenly became so traumatised after Irene's vlog, when she seemed so together after the incident. Was it an intended delayed reaction, or just badly written? Shame that Dean didn't want to wear the uniform. I think he would've looked really cute in it. Is Mac jealous of his friendships? Ben is not in a good place.
  4. Emily posted this recently. Good to see RM looking so well. Does anyone know when he'll be back filming?
  5. Really enjoyed the Willow, Dean & Colby scenes. I think it's nice that they are a family unit without it being biological.
  6. Thanks @Dan F. I really enjoyed that. A really good listen.
  7. Life imitating art. Sophie & Patrick are reportedly dating 'in real life' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7459729/Home-Away-couple-Sophie-Dillman-Patrick-OConnor-dating-real-life.html https://www.nowtolove.com.au/celebrity/celeb-news/home-and-away-sophie-dillman-patrick-oconnor-dating-58242
  8. That was a powerful, moving episode (Fri). Great performances all round.
  9. Thanks @Dan F. That was an interesting listen. I like hearing about the creative process.
  10. Mason to Robbo "He just wants this to be over". A statement echoed by several thousand viewers...
  11. Exactly. Where was all the police protection? Going back a bit, how was Robbo just instantly able to rejoin the AFP like that, or did he never leave?
  12. Raffy had nothing to apologise to Bella for. Like she said, she was just worried about her and realised something suss was going on. Speaking of suss, why didn't 'Tommy' make himself known to the girls? Well, I think we all know why. Dodgy. It was funny Justin and Robbo both saying that the two colours looked the same I'm not a massive fan of Jasmine & Robbo but their wedding morning encounter was quite sweet.
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