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  1. No, only been watching regularly this time around for about three months.
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  3. Loved the Mac and Colby scenes. There's definitely a spark between them, despite his protestations otherwise to Willow. Ziggy wasn't intentionally snooping. I didn't know that about Dean. It's quite sad. Diggy are cool again.
  4. So Justin and Ziggy finally remembered where the garage is. I thought it was sweet that Ziggy asked him how Brody was. Mackenzie seems nice enough and she made a good impression on most of the residents. I'm glad Ben finally made it up with Justin.
  5. I've always thought it strange that new regular characters are brought in on a three year contract, as the TPTB have no idea whether the viewers will take to them, so it seems a long time to be stuck with them if they prove to be unpopular. I would have thought a rolling one year contract (with options) would be more practical.
  6. Of the characters who must be close to the end of their 3 years, the one I'd like to stay on the show for the foreseeable future is Justin. He is easily my favourite character and I think he could become a stalwart of the community, particularly if he were to marry Leah and start a family (be it natural or by adopting) Past characters I'd like to see come back to the Bay are Martha (Jodi - highly unlikely, I know), Tony, Rachel and their son Harry. I'd also like to see Sally and Cassie come back for a visit.
  7. I'm glad that Maz and John have reached an understanding on their way forward. It's not as though the city is hundreds of miles away anyway. I enjoyed the Justin and Leah scenes. Maggie is a nice person. Looks like
  8. Further confirmation that it's business as usual in Summer Bay. https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/12/tv-bosses-deny-home-away-moved-axed-10214926/
  9. I'd be interested to know what the Australian media have made of it, if anything.
  10. Has anyone been watching the resolution to the neverending Dee saga? I haven't but I read the episode reviews on another forum and it all sounds like the most ridiculous twaddle. If I hadn't stopped watching over a year ago, I most definitely would have by now.
  11. Good for Willow standing up to Bella. She needed to hear those home truths. Good that Bella apologised to Irene and actually seemed to mean it. The scene with them making cakes was nice. It's good that so many of the adults are so tolerant of Bella because of her situation though. I think Bella made the right decision to stay at Irene's. I'm glad Marilyn has decided to stay in the Bay, whatever John decides. He's just being an idiot. How dare he say that Maz is turning her back on Jett.
  12. Happy birthday. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. I enjoyed the Ben, Maggie and Diggy scenes, bringing some much needed light relief amongst the Bella trauma. That's one way to get out of the washing up, you naughty bad girl.
  13. When we see a beach scene and there are other people in the background, are these extras, or just members of the public going about their business?
  14. So, Brody and Simone finally leave the Bay, after what seems a very long goodbye. Brody leaves probably unloved and unlamented by most of the viewers, after his once popular character was sacrificed for the purpose of an exit storyline. Shame. Jackson Heywood deserved better. I have mixed feelings about Simone, as I did actually like her character but she engineered the situation that led to Brody's marriage ending and yet gets to leave with the prize, which I personally think sends the wrong message. Under different circumstances I think Simone would have made a great regular character, seeing that she was, as actress Emily said, not your regular SB gal. I liked how Ben & Maggie tried to find out what was going on with Diggy. I also really like how Maggie can't find it in herself to be horrible to people, even if they've hurt her family. Brody's parting shot to Dean had probably the opposite effect he would have expected, resulting as it did in Dean telling Ziggy that he wasn't just here for the good times. It was only natural that Ziggy would feel some sadness at Brody's departure, despite not wanting to. Him bringing those keepsakes round probably helped her in a way.
  15. I really liked Martha. She was one of my favourite characters (this was actually the last time I watched the show regularly), although the writers had her come off the rails somewhat after Jack died. I'd love Jodi to come back to H&A. She is absolutely wasted on Neighbours.
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