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  1. Channel Five have announced that H&A will be finishing on Fri 22nd November and returning on Mon 6th Jan 2020 . No word yet on how long the show will be off-air in Oz.
  2. Good that Ben had a meeting with the AFP and was left feeling more hopeful about his situation. I thought he might go off on one having seen the business card for the psychologist but it seemed to bring home to him the effect all this has had on Maggie too. I enjoyed Ryder's driving lesson and his later scene with Roo. What a good idea to do a TAFE in his chosen field. First mention of Jett for a while. So, Raffy will soon be off to Victoria, assuming she gets into the trial that is. I hope Scott is ok.
  3. I just wanted to express my sadness at hearing about the passing of Sarah's brother, Karl De Abrew. My thoughts are with her and her family.
  4. Karen was quite hard on Dean. He was only looking out for her and her initial reaction to Mac's identity proved he was right to say nothing. I liked Karen's chat with Mac and glad they came to a quick understanding. I like Roo but I'm disappointed that she is disrespecting Ryder's choice not to go to uni after the HSC by bringing it up again. You'd think Jasmine would be glad to get away from that excruciating storyline. Seriously, is there anybody out there who still cares?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. It was nice to see Ben with some fire in his belly but then the writers spoilt it by having him go missing for the next episode. How long ago did the Robbo / Dylan Carter stuff happen? Wouldn't any CCTV footage from that time have long since been wiped? John was funny with Karen. He is much better suited to comedy. (What was the reference to the car about - please could someone fill me in?). I'm glad that Irene stood up to Teresa. I'm uneasy with the somewhat militant way things are going. I think the support group idea could have been handled so much better. We never actually saw Irene and Bella attend a meeting, only ever hearing about it.
  7. I quite enjoyed the Robbo hypnosis scenes, (even though it was a little far-fetched). I'm glad that Raffy made up with Ryder and that they are friends again. I'm liking the Willow, Mason & Alex scenes.
  8. Another really good, enjoyable episode (Mon). I haven't seen Karen before. She seems like fun.
  9. I don't recall there ever being the same buzz for H&A in the UK, despite the high viewing figures. Over the early years of both shows I flip-flopped as to which was my favourite. I used to get sent VHS tapes of both series when they were many months ahead, I couldn't wait to find out what happened and was often privy to new characters and opening titles well in advance of the UK viewers . I must admit that Neighbours has been my overall favourite and I didn't watch H&A for much longer stints BUT saying that, I stopped watching Neighbours nearly 18 months ago because of stupid storylines and I can't see me ever watching again, whereas I now watch H&A every day.
  10. As @Red Ranger 1 said, anything's possible but I can't see it myself, sadly. They didn't bring her back for the 30th anniversary, (which itself was barely acknowledged), so if not for a big milestone, then when?
  11. Rohan is doing a fantastic job with this storyline.
  12. Today (10th) is World Mental Health Day. I think Rohan is doing a fantastic job with this storyline.
  13. That was a moving episode. I'm glad that Bella was able to tell Ryder what happened to her and then felt able to let him give her a hug. It was a a step that she needed to take. I hope what Irene said to her about testifying doesn't set her back again. (I do think it's odd that Bella hasn't discussed this with Raffy at all - have they even shared a scene since the incident? - although it had to be a male character other than Colby that made Bella comfortable with innocent physical contact again). I totally get where Leah is coming from, not wanting to agree to Irene signing over the diner for the reasons she gave but I can see both points of view. I enjoyed Willow's scenes.
  14. That was a good episode (Wed), apart from the Robbo dirge. I thought John was funny asking who is paying for Jasmine's police bodyguard Alex had some nice scenes. She managed to get through to Raffy with a talk that should also help viewers in a similar situation.
  15. I thought that she said "paternity" too. Her lips seemed to be saying that.
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