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  1. Let's be fair, Ryder's not got the body for touch footy. One wrong Spear from Cash or a Parata; Good Night Vienna! I personally think the Garage is jinxed either way. They need to find something for Maz to do besides hover around, Not suggesting get back with Palmer (not the worst idea but they've grown so far apart). I just feel she's a bit of a spare part at the minute.
  2. She was an underrated performer on this show. ITV BUTCHERED Justine's Heroin storyline
  3. While it's all well and good, I can't help thinking that just as Martha sees things have calmed down, she gets a called from a Neighbour back in Merimbula telling her Kieran's mashed up the house or something. And a rare Leah Bikini sighting!
  4. *Cockney voice* "Oooh, It's all go today, innit?"
  5. A load of blah blah blah this ep until the event it was building to. Also dig the Bikini Mackenzie's *almost* wearing!
  6. I for one would have been behind Rydella or Bellyder! (There was that time she got loaded and ended up in his bed...) But I'll leave to that fanfic. Anyhow, More of Nikau being a , you can guess that motion (and he's probably familiar without now being newly single ). Either Cash is Sonic the Hedgehog in disguise or Nik is out of shape! I think it's time someone bought Kieran a hat, you know just to go along with the whole family thing (Alf, Martha and Roo have theirs on in EVERY frame) Well older blokes like John tend to be misers/cheapos!
  7. H&A is now officially the "I want to punch Nikau Parata Half-Hour". Could use a break from him tbf. Pack him off to NZ for a bit. In real-life, the cops would have been called.
  8. Show's beginning to go a bit see-saw again
  9. Alf was bang out of order but he's been known to flame first asked questions later... Onto today's episode... Borefest!
  10. Ep 2855 was the closest when the family vacated the house with the voices of the past echoing. Probably to compensate for the lacklustre departure 2yrs earlier. I think RTE took a relatively short break (They had the show months before ITV to begin with)
  11. Is it wrong to chuckle Alf saying "She could be the Queen of Sheba and yer still not talkin' to her!"? It's Ray's unintentionally funny delivery.
  12. Ryder had his own thing going on tbf. But he DOES live in that house.
  13. Sienna's is basically Soap bitch cutout 22,754. Wake me when she's gone.
  14. If we can have Male Leslies, Staceys and Ashley's, then we can gave female Shane's, or those that go against "The way things should be?" And Rachel was Jesse's *daughter* for crying out loud! He may have been a crim and on the violent side (stint 2) but he was no kiddy fiddler!
  15. I was legit thinking Justin was gonna smack someone one. As for Kieran, It's not going to end pretty. And I'm still wanting a fill exploration of his past (His father who has yet to be named, yada yada) Right miserable time right now, isn't it?
  16. Basically anyone who was cooked up in the planning stages counts as an original, IMO.
  17. ^ Well, we all know the brown stuff's about to hit the fan and it's going to blow back on some people
  18. The Susie murder mystery probably has eyeballs on it but it's some of the surrouding stuff I'm struggling to dig. Flashbacks will be coming, no doubt.
  19. The show had always been about the young to start with.
  20. God, Justin... I think even Mason would have smacked him one at this point. I'm tired of him as was Mac last week! Then someone else will probably take his place lol
  21. Stephen could file harassment charges but other than that, very little. Would be hilarious if they did bring back Consrable Risotto. Yep it's another fine mess for the residents of SB.
  22. I reckon Ryder's the only character NOT doing my head in right now.
  23. It was a shock, that's for sure. Just a little older than my own brother is. RIP Dieter.
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