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  1. Marilyn: It worked! Please stay another 10yrs!
  2. He's already doing that in her head, so why not? And as for Foley turning up to collect Sam early, that's gotta be a kick in the proverbial lady balls for Bobby... Alf chucking Morag back at Don was uncalled for but realistic. And the downstairs guest room gets use after seemingly vanishing after Danny stayed there.
  3. Rewatching the body discovery ep... I was alarmed to discover Ross was only 2 wks older than me, according to his license!
  4. Well.. from what I read, it don't look too good for Justinā˜¹ No more said on that matter... I wonder Angelo will mention Nicole at any point (I'm guessing they're still in some sort of contact). Last heard out of her was the statement that all but scuppered Maz's chances of adopting.
  5. Justin Rosniak should have filmed ghost scenes... "You'll never be free of me *now*, boy!" *distorted laugh, Colby sweating and yelling. Colby does the whole cool thing but it's obs he's filling his kecks. Also with Chelsea having spoken to Angelo, it's unravelling quicker than he hoped... Palmer, Alf and Ryder in fine form. Hmmm... What's wrong with Justin? (Or some of you might say "What's *right* with him?"
  6. Nah, he just came back for the town's 150th birthday celebrations which had the Mirgini disaster. He was probably still living in the States.
  7. Naturally, they'd have given Nixon the full auto to confirm ID. Dental records, hair and that. Plus his accounts would have been untouched. Onto today's.. 4-way panic time. Also, they live above the flamin' diner and they're yelling w/ the door open... I'll take logic breaks for 600, Bob
  8. That was a great service without the rigmarole usually on screen. I can just see a nervous Shane looking east and west, Nick telling him to calm down, Shannon coming up the aisle in the same dress she wore in her mock marriage to Geoff when they had a week to play out their relationship. One of the few fics I've read to completion.
  9. Except briefly when Hazza took a swim to Tazzie unexpectedly and Joe and Mel took off to England. There was that lengthy period of flatness until Beth, David turned up in their "Oh crap, we've killed pervy stepdad" storyline and the fallout from Glen's accident. In 1995, they overdid the comedy, though.
  10. Guess somebody made *his* ship float in this chapter. Guess the Bob Marley look played out, Mon! Nice little gathering with a few returnees. Selina being salty over Viv. Love the callbacks. Damo, if you were Protestant/Episcopalian, you could have Sarah *and* Your god! Wedding time... let's see how this goes down.
  11. Think Julian quit first after less than a year and I think Sharyn followed suit as Carly was now a wife and wanted more than being a waitress.
  12. Wow, Debs copped a serve. Grant, Celia, Bobby and Colleen were written realistically. Ben really is pathetic, yes a teething baby is no picnic but he needs to get over himself. Betty would be listening and that little stirrer Haydn. Keep on!
  13. True but that was Scotched when Julian and Sharyn threw in the towel and they left in mid-91, though they did have kids off-screen.
  14. Seems like Bobby's got tons of room in that house!
  15. Oh lordy lou... *holds Mic for Red for his thoughts on Friday's cliffhanger*
  16. Evan would have most likely been cremated and set free over jump rock backed with some of Daddo's music (Yes, Red, I see you rolling your eyes ) But burying him upstate makes more sense. Not excusing Amber but you'd think Ziggy woulda taken dodging lessons from Tane who made a fool out of that guy! "Which way did I go?" "Hit me if you can!" "Now you're embarrassing yourself, Brah." (Parata dialogue writes itself) I'm in super-mode tonight
  17. Floss and Nev weren't inline with Des Monaghan's vision. If one had to go, I'd rather it be Nev, otherwise they were fine A schemer like Martin was never gonna stay in a small town plus he and Lance had done everything they could do and were visibly out of steam by Q4 1989. When some people leave others are left often left lost, example Sharon and Des on Neighbours. They were spare parts in 1990. Sharon minus Bronwyn or Nick kind of floundered. Des seemed a bit lost when he sold the house to the Willises and moved into the Surgery flat.
  18. Christ that was a time bomb, Bodies everywhere. Karen, Karen... WTF have you done? And ouch for Blake, Ailsa, Celia and Dennis. Jacqui back on the horizon...
  19. Karen takes her Almighty Bitch Pills, Adam grows a set and another hurdle for Nick/Julie.
  20. Ooh that's a real freeze-frame.
  21. Hmmm... That Car has my attention as much as Karen's...
  22. Yep, they even had publicity wedding photo shots one of which ended up on The beach house mantle. And as explained Phil traded her in for a newer model. And Ryder dried out *fast* after his dip! (A few hours must have elapsed but STILL ) Okay, onto Fri's. Palmer's fall looked pretty devastating but at least he's of an age where it won't *kill* him.
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