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  1. If I get round to that fanfic, Robbo/Tori will kind of a thing. Also did anyone else get Power Rangers/Cobra Kai vibes from that brawl?
  2. Is it me or did Alf sound GROUCHIER than usual? Maybe Ray wasn't too hot...
  3. There IS nothing worse than a smug Palmer!
  4. Cliffhanger: Mac's giving them the frowning of a lifetime, Abe Simpson-style-e! Martha's grip on sanity becomes more tenuous by the episode. Belinda is nailing it. Stewarts all wearing hats again. Must be either height of summer or an unspoken family thing.
  5. They *want* us to forget Ailsa. Will we ********!
  6. Oh lord... Martha. Still, last's week mess is the trigger for all of that. And I dread to think what most likely would have happened HAD she gone to Merimbula...
  7. ^ Mac would told her pull to her head in or get on her bike.
  8. Exchange of the episode: Leah: I'm amazed not to throw my knickers at you while you were playing, so go me. Justin: Wait, What? Leah: Like that hasn't happened before! Now if Justin's name was Tom Jones, it wouldn't be unusual...
  9. "Oh, it's only Mr Stewart" "Tough room" lol Nice camerawork spinning 90° from behind Lewis who was wanting to fly-kick Christian's head off. Talking of Christian... There's no effing point in Cliffhangers anymore if they're gonna give away the resolution in the next ep promo!!!! Stop it
  10. Well cops generally don't have time to cook. We never saw the likes of Nick, Joel, Charlie or Kat pick up a pot or pan!
  11. Knowing Kieran's, he's probably headed bush, ducking John law. or Hiding on Stewart's point waiting to strike again then next thing we know he has everyone hostage singing nursery rhymes. "A tissue, A tissue ,we all fall down. A hahaha!"
  12. Let's not forget Colby's origins but at worst he probably involved in petty crime and street brawls before the Nixon stuff. Alf/Keiran looked like it was gonna get spicy, but Justin stepped into play ref. Ray and Rick play well off each other especially in scene of conflict. Maybe Martha is as blind to him as Ailse was to Duncan and Viv was to Scott on ED...
  13. ^ It's a wonder he even got on the force.
  14. "That flamin' mongrel!" Classic Alf. The way his arms swung and that march with a modern "Doom" chord variant. And the Promo... *Apollo Creed impression* "Ding Ding"* On a lighter note, the cocktail contest was a nice scene. Pity they didn't clear "Hippy Hippy Shake" (Reference to certain pre-Couch-jumping Tom Cruise movie)
  15. I meant in the sense that it would rile up Neville (Scott got him mad enough to drive to the city and put a verbal boot up his arse to get him to visit Scott on Mother's day)
  16. Ryder was confirmed as 17 when he rocked up, meaning he must have been on his 2nd go of YR10/10th Grade (lived in the US for much of his life) so must be at least 20. And it hit me; The guy playing Paul who Ari has been bumping head's with, is Jack Finsterer who played Russell Sykes in Neighbours, some creepo who tried date-rape Lucy Robinson, nearly 30yrs ago!
  17. Indeed, Showing her Mama Bear tendencies. Dan's another one, rarely lost it unless he wasn't in his right mind (Car crash/Brain swelling/Sleeping with Amanda/Forcefully kissing Sal 2006 Arc)
  18. Kieran would realistically be reeking of alcohol no matter how much mouthwadh/mints or Deodorized. Ryder may not be the coolest but he's definitely not a square.
  19. I remember they used to provide a ton of music for Neighbours, too.
  20. I hope they go somewhere with Ryder/Chloe. And as long as she's not a tie-you-to-the-bed while your rabbit's cookin' on the stove type, I can dig it. Had he served her sans ID, Mack would have torn strips off him "Best in show?" "Ruff!" (That would have been a funnier line, tbh) Kieran on the wagon was gonna last about as long Ferrero Rochers with me in the room... Shame nobody was there to pull rank and send him home as he would be a liability.
  21. Adding Oscar to the list. He was probably about the most placid character but it would take something BIG to get him steamed.
  22. Christian makes me think of what would happen if Jason Donovan and Crocodile Dundee had a kid who wanted to be a doc Iso/Solitary/The Hole is probably the best place for Colby away from Bacon-Hungry inmates. Mostly took Dean's "You gotta do whatever to survive" Maybe a Commitment Ceremony on Stewarts point is the way to go, where the Poulos clan and all surviving Morgans turn up for it. Officiated by Celebrant Claire of course, but in no way official...
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