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  1. Not the brightest spark. Finding it hard to get into most of the current storylines. Regarding Friday before last - I hated the way Dean was with the nurse that tried to help him. Surely someone from the Diner's going to find out that Chloe/Ryder are advertising their business online or locally. Whilst they're being dishonest, part of my does admire their dedication. Perhaps if they came clean, they may be able to work something out with Irene/Leah whereby they can pay to use the facilities out of hours (because presumably even if they are using their own food, they are still using electricity and gas). The stuff with Justin and John is tiresome. I was on Justin's side throughout and wouldn't want to be working with John. Whilst I did find it funny how Logan undermined Tori in her own ED initially, I'm not really that keen on him and find him to be quite smug and arrogant. I also didn't like the way he and Tori kept flirting although Christian quite enjoyed it. Don't really want Mackenzie and him together but it's going to happen. Can't really say I'm fussed about Dean and Ziggy either way. Felicity very much seems like Amber 2.0. Very few people find her likeable although, at least with Amber she often acts out as a defence mechanism but Felicity seemed to relish those 2 guys fighting over her. And then you have people complaining to Roo about her so she has a knack of just ticking people off. She was looking hot, particularly at the Caravan Park when Cash broke the fight up. I do like the scenes with her and Jasmine and I am quite enjoying the interaction with Tane.
  2. Fully sympathise with Justin. Would hate to have John as my landlord. He's essentially imposing himself on Justin's business and I agreed with Alf that it won't end well. I did however like the interaction with John and Cash re Jasmine. The way Jasmine was acting was really quite amusing. The sulking and complaining to Irene about Cash's lack of effort, leaving the voicemail about him Ghosting her and running off in the middle of the date and her mildly sexist ticking off of Tane for using the showers/changing rooms on his day off. I did kind of agree with Jasmine about Cash not telling her about having a sister given that on their date, she was telling them about her mother dying when she was young, being fostered, being close with Robbo's parents etc. Although I guess they both have losing a mother in common. Well the only reason Chloe agreed to help Martha and Roo because she was roped into it but to be fair, I can't really fault her how she's conducted herself. I'm not even that annoyed that she's taking advantage of Irene/Leah using the Diner for her business and lying to Ryder about them being OK with it. She's taking the Mick but at least it's not out of malice or spite - I guess she fairs better in scenes when she doesn't have to interact with either Mackenzie or Bella. Marilyn didn't seem suspicious that Chloe said she came early just to let her in, was wearing the same clothes as the day before and when Chloe lied about the linger smell from cooking most of the night, attributing it to generations of aroma tips. Great to get some fresh talent since the tragic death of poor Rachel. Felicity seems like quite a selfish person but it's her first episode so I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Given that (as predicted) Mackenzie is probably going to end up with Logan, I've kind of given up with the idea of her and Tane, so I don't mind Tane hooking up with Felicity. Very awkward meeting with Tane and Cash the next morning, although they've not had a scene where the interaction has been good.
  3. Ziggy can't really complain about Tane's attitude towards her given how she's acted. And she can't really expect him to want to be friends with her given that he's still in love with her. When I saw the preview I thought I would be cheering Tane on but I wasn't really that satisfied. I can see it from both of their sides. I'm glad Mackenzie told Tane Ziggy was by Dean's side at the hospital as he was starting to fall back into the trap, questioning the breakup and whether he had a chance with her. I agree that Tane was out of line with Bella but a small part of me was glad given Bella supported a breakup of him Ziggy despite him being good to her previously. I was glad Ari stepped in though, put a stop to it and said Bella had just as much right to be there as he did. Trouble in paradise continues with Ari/Mia. She obviously can't stand the sight of him at the moment. I also can't muster that much sympathy for her. I did feel a bit sorry for Ari when he saw Grace at the Diner and Tori asked him if he wanted to cuddle her. At least Chloe's being a bit more sympathetic to him now.
  4. Good to have an episode where Chloe wasn't unlikeable. I actually found it quite amusing how she keep grinning every time Cash and Jasmine were interacting with each other at the touch football practice session. I didn't like Cash feigning injury to spend time with Jasmine though. And if he set the whole thing up as a way to get closer to her, that indicates a certain level of dishonesty and deceit.
  5. Well it's certainly been an interesting week: Ari and Mackenzie have fully reconciled. Mia uses her bag of tricks to stop the car rolling off the cliff, preventing Dean from certain death (That was ridiculous BTW). I do have to admit, I was enjoying the Christian/Tori scenes up to point where they were about to have their romantic meal, although I did like the way both their phones were ringing simultaneously and they went to deal with the accident together, arm in arm. I enjoyed the way Lustin were rubbing Christian and Tori's noses in it re the romantic evening the next day. Whilst I would be annoyed if I was in Tori's position, I did find it quite amusing how the head of ED was being undermined in her own department by the new Doctor, particularly the looks Tori was giving him and even Bella alluding to her indecisiveness. Chloe remains unlikeable but at least when she was having a go at Ari, it didn't seem like her usual spite and malice. I guess it's cruel Ari/Mia lose another baby like this but I hope Mackenzie doesn't try and bond with Mia over what happened (She doesn't owe her anything). I'm expecting Nikau to make a full recovery but I wouldn't mind him being out of commission for a little while. As presumably most people in this thread guessed Ziggy has forgiven Dean. This was pretty much inevitable but the issue is the way Ziggy has handled the situation with Tane. She should have just been honest and finished with him, probably after she kissed Dean at the exhibition. It's interesting that Tane mentioned Amber (who is actually nowhere to be seen considering that the reason she told Dean he was Jai's dad in the first place was because she didn't want him getting hurt and he's now hurt badly). Despite her insecurities, she called it pretty early on. Really enjoyed the interaction with Tane and Mackenzie. When Tane kissed Mackenzie, part of me wanted something to happen as it would be worth it to wind certain characters up - Ziggy/Dean/Ari/Mia etc. However I do want them together at some point so I accept now is not the right time for various reasons and it has to be built up gradually. It was a slight concern Mackenzie hugging the new doctor and I hope that's not a precursor for something. Ryder annoyed me on Friday. Despite often morally wanting to do the right thing, he appears to occasionally lack social awareness. Tane was lucky not to spend the night in a cell pushing Cash like that. Still can't figure Cash out - Defaults to giving people the benefit of the doubt despite going against the rules of a police officer. Wasn't happy about Keiran and was actually on Roo's side. He's unlikely not to relapse back at Martha's place. The only reason he hasn't so far is because of Roo's support. So I understand the living situation with him wasn't good for Martha and Alf in particular but I don't see why he couldn't have just moved into one of the caravans. That's now a couple of times recently where characters step out of line and their actions are excused quite quickly - Justin/Stephen (Because Stephen killed Susie), Nikau/Sienna (Because of the car crash). At least with Ziggy forgiving Dean it took some time and was more plausible.
  6. Alf is still being very blunt re Keiran. I do get Alf is just being a realist but I did feel a bit bad for Roo given how much effort she is prepared to put in to help Keiran. Well at least by the time Keiran came home Alf tried to make an effort. I wasn't happy Ryder talked Bella into seeing Nikau. I do take onboard that they do have to interact with each other eventually but I think she should have been allowed to see him in her own time. I was actually glad Nikau kissed her and messed things up. She was definitely warming to him and there's a good chance if he played his cards right he might have had a shot getting back with her in time. But he just go too impatient and impulsive. It very much reminded me of what happened with Tommy. Despite his predatory nature, I always felt Bella was warming to him and he had a chance with her as well until the assault (Not suggesting of course that Nikau is anything like Tommy, just the way they both rushed things). I'm surprised Tane wanted space from Ziggy in the same living space. The fact that she's kissed her ex boyfriend should be a red flag. His instincts clearly tell him this but he's gone into denial because he's in love with her. This despite the fact that he doesn't know that Dean declared his love for Ziggy. The only reason Dean and Ziggy aren't together is because she can't get past what happened with Colby. We'll see if that changes if Dean is seriously hurt from the car crash. Quite like the chat Tane had with Mackenzie because I want to see more interaction with these two. She seems to be back to how she was pre Ari and even seems on fairly good terms with him. Hell, we even got bikini scene with her. Whilst Dean and Ari have been good for the most part, Dean jumping to assist Mia finding Nikau and the reveal about Ari doing extra time for him seemed a bit out of the blue. Never swerve to avoid an animal.
  7. Unfortunately, as much as I want Kieran to succeed, I also have to agree with Alf's scepticism. I suppose Dean going to see Jai anytime anything goes wrong is better than sleeping around like he used to. Mia Teresa works her magic again, with Nikau. Yes, the only reason why she didn't fully convince him was because Chloe and Ryder interrupted. His reaction to the Ziggy threatening to get an AVO made me laugh. He genuinely seemed bemused by it. Bella took Emmett's departure a lot better than I thought and seemed happy for him. I'm glad she and Mackenzie both departed with him on good terms. So I'm guessing Tane has to move back into the Parata's for a bit. I really enjoyed the interactions with Ziggy and the tension during the exchange with Dean on the beach. He knew something was up, didn't think they would own up to anything but their awkwardness and nervousness was enough to strongly indicate something. I did wonder if Tane thought they had actually slept together as he seemed a little surprised/relieved it was just a kiss. I understand that Dean's Mackenzie's brother and she has to look out for him but I wish she had Tane's back just a little bit. I'm of the belief that we can't really count how Chloe is towards her family/boyfriend necessarily as an indication of the type of person she is. There too many instances where undesirable people love their family/partners but doesn't translate to how they act towards other people. I do think in some cases it's valid but not with this particular character at the moment. Chloe is bordering on insufferable and her almost blind defence of Nikau is vomit inducing. Despite that I thought she was right about Bella screwing Tane over (Just like I thought she was right about Bella when she told her she was self-centred a while back). It's disappointing because as someone that's just had her relationship ruined you wouldn't think Bella wouldn't want that to happen to someone else.
  8. Almost, sick to my back teeth of Nikau. I actually wish he had gone to Japan. He's a very selfish person, ruining Bella's special day and constantly harassing her. The way the episode was progressing, I thought the preview on Thursday might have initially included Friday's and Monday episodes as I didn't think there was going to be time for Nikau to turn up at the exhibition. In some respects it's a shame what happened as everybody seemed to be getting on really well. Mackenzie and Ziggy apparently are good now (so their final act of reconciliation must have been off-screen). Everybody was having a good time. Dean wasted some very expensive food. I do have to admit, I did find it funny Mackenzie was the one to try and stop Nikau when he gatecrashed given though she was in a very similar scenario at the Paratas all those weeks ago. I kind of wish Irene had stuck around as I would have liked to have seen her reaction. Nikau announcing to Bella in front of everybody via microphone that he loved her was utterly cringeworthy. I wish they hadn't previewed Ziggy and Dean kissing as I would rather have had the element of surprise but I'm very disappointed with her. I had a lot of sympathy for Mackenzie over these last few months. But despite that, I've tried to be impartial and defend Ziggy because I always thought her actions were understandable and justified. I had sympathy for her as well because of what happened with Jarrod and Brody and even though you could argue it was harsh her throwing Mackenzie out when Mackenzie kissed Tane, I did respect that fact that Ziggy was a person of principles. Now I'm struggling to see why I defended her. She hasn't done a Jarrod or Brody with Dean but she's now no worse than Mackenzie. I was always suspicious (as I suspect most people in this thread were) when she didn't tell Tane about Dean declaring his love for her despite the fact that she and Tane agreed to be honest with each other. Then you have her getting annoyed just a few days ago about how Tane handled the whole Nikau sleeping with Sienna thing, which I felt was an excuse as she just wasn't that into him. Also, Justin clocking that she was still into Dean and his and John's references to the original plan of Ziggy/Tane/Dean going to the exhibition together. Finally Ziggy trying to talk Tane out of going seemed like subconsciously she wanted Dean to herself. So I always felt something would happen with Dean but I was hoping that Ziggy would be more respectful and end things with Tane. I will say though that given how Ziggy's been in the past, this is out of character and it feels like the writers have changed her to make the storyline more dramatic. Nikau seeing them kissing and not confronting them again emphasises his selfishness as he was more focussed on Bella than protecting his own uncle.
  9. Parts of yesterday's episode I actually quite liked. Justin's role was actually pretty good throughout. Playing confidant to Tori, Christian and Ziggy. I quite liked the interaction with Ziggy and that he saw her looking at Dean, she told him about the trip with Dean and Tane to the exhibition and he wouldn't let her get out of it (I do think it was also quite telling that John thought the idea all three of them going on a trip was odd as well). Tori was much better in that episode. She seemed more like the Tori that's often quite amusing with her mannerisms and not the self-righteous version we've had as of late. I really liked the banter with Justin re trying to get back with Christian and I quite liked the music they played in the background to make the scene quite light-hearted (It's similar to the semi-comical way some of the Ari/Mia scenes have been portrayed). I'm waiting to see what happens re Christian not wanting to move in with her yet. Given the preview, don't really want to comment too much on the Ziggy/Tane/Dean stuff until the next episode.
  10. I still can't get behind Ari and Mia. Even when they were having the ultrascan with the baby, I just couldn't feel it with this couple. I do think Martha was being quite cold to Keiran initially but again, I do think her hesitancy and reluctance are very understandable given how he's treated her. I did find Roo's jaw dropping expression at her lack of warmth amusing (much like when she found out about Kieran's existence). Overall, I'm still quite liking the interaction with Keiran and Jasmine. Whilst she was surprised, I don't actually think she disliked it when he tried to kiss her. And let's face it, Jasmine doesn't have too many friends and the way she was in the Diner sitting by herself right near Chloe/Ryder to me shows she is lonely or being portrayed that way. Not sure anything should happen with Keiran due to one of the golden rules of recovery though. I really didn't like how Kieran got angry with her at being rejected and it's still a concern. Although her response to it was first class. Again didn't really like the way Alf accused Kieran of harming Jasmine after she had a fit although it's to be expected. Alf did seem a lot more measured when Keiran moved out of Irene's and into his. Perhaps he's subscribed to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Not sure what to make about Cash. His leniency made me think initially he was very fair but that coupled with turning a blind eye has made the alarm bell go off. His conversation with Alf made me think he possibly has first had experience of alcoholism, not necessarily as a police officer.
  11. Really didn't like the way Ryder wanted Bella to be the bigger person and make amends with Chloe. Chloe started on her multiple times without provocation. Even when Bella tried to reconcile things, Chloe still had to have a dig that she was lucky that Nikau even went out with her. And Chloe's attitude towards getting a job at the Diner when Marilyn asked her for a CV had me shaking my head. It was funny when she told Marilyn she ran her own business - yeah the one that exploded!
  12. Marilyn continues to show compassion, in this case with Keiran. The problem with this whole scenario is just about everybody has valid points. Whilst I find it funny when Alf loses it, there were times where I didn't really like how he was when Keiran came to the Diner or having a go at Irene for taking him in. Alf concerns however are legitimate, despite his aggressive attitude. Keiran is not his son and it's extremely unlikely that Keiran won't relapse and he has Martha to think about. And TBH, I'm not sure I would want to live with someone who is effectively a ticking time bomb. Roo on the other hand is trying to help her brother because she feels it is the right thing to do although I do agree with Keiran that this is a crusade for her. I don't know why but I felt sorry for Jasmine when Keiran moved in even though he hadn't really done anything wrong. I guess it because she felt uncomfortable. Despite that I do like the interaction with them and once they talked things out and got pass their differences, I quite enjoyed their scenes (I wonder what was in Keiran's mind when he was sitting next to Jasmine watching her medical soaps in her nightwear). There are times I don't mind the Christian/Tori scenes but she often reverts to being high maintenance because of her adolescent attitude towards relationships. I've completely gone off Chloe mainly because of her attitude towards Mackenzie but I also dislike her because she's selfish and self-centered. Nikau definitely shouldn't have hit Ryder but, Ryder should have just left it and tried to be a friend to both Bella/Nikau. However, my issue with Chloe was that I felt the only reason why she had a go at Nikau was because it was 'her' boyfriend he hit, not necessarily because he did the wrong thing. And if that had been someone else, I wouldn't be surprised if she defended Nikau. Now that the modelling storyline has ended, TBH I just find Nikau annoying and I think he should leave it with Bella. Really wasn't liking Ziggy's attitude towards Tane supporting Nikau and it felt subconsciously she was going off him. I couldn't really understand it given how she's supported Justin who fell out with Ben for a bit because of Brody. It also felt like she was bonding with Dean when she sought Bella out to see how she was. To me it felt like Tane was only getting annoyed with Nikau for Ziggy's benefit on Fridays' episode. I was glad that Ziggy backed off with her attitude although it did take the magic touch from Mia Teresa. Part of me felt Leah was entitled to the money that Stephen got from Susie but the issue is, it wasn't just she and Justin that were ripped off. Other people lost their cash as well and they have just as much right to get it back. I was a little bit surprised Cash was prepared to break the rules and bail them out considering he doesn't know them very well. Justin does seem pretty much back to normal. I must admit that I was smiling through the Mackenzie/Emmett flirting scenes especially with Dean present.
  13. I never said Ziggy cheated on Tane with Dean but one of the reasons she was annoyed with Tane was that he kept what Nikau did from her which was rich given that she kept the fact that Dean told her he loved her despite she and Tane both previously agreeing to be honest with each other.
  14. I personally liked Sienna, not as a person but as a character. I appreciate the posts that say there's nothing special about her and she's just a typical soap bitch. She's pretty good at what she does and clearly knows the business and industry but the problem is she so focused on manipulation and control that she completely disregards her employees. In a funny sort of way I do actually think she was deluded enough to believe she was doing what was best for Nikau. I have to admit I did like the way she tried to wind Bella up when Bella confronted her on the beach just after Bella found out. I also liked the way she wasn't afraid of Tane of Ari. It will be interesting to see if she does agree to leave them alone and not take Nikau to court but I'm guessing that's the last we've heard of her. I hope Nikau knows what he's doing as even putting aside the possibility of being sued he could potentially lose a lot of money, not taking the contract in Japan (and there's even the possibility of being able to sleep with Sienna again). I did agree with Tane that Nikau had to tell Bella but I didn't agree in that particular instance that it would have been worse if she heard it from someone else. It doesn't really make any difference to the outcome as far as Bella's concerned. He's cheated on her and that's that. As I mentioned before it was a shame about Allegra as I thought she had potential development as a character but it would have been difficult keeping her as she's a city girl and probably would have ended up like Amber i.e. interacting with certain characters by default and not because there's a natural reason or friendship. I have to agree with pembie about Emmett. I don't find him to be in interesting character at all although he is a good person. I was getting a little bored of the murder investigation but I did like the part in the motel just after Leah discovered it was Stephen who was responsible, she tried to make an excuse to get away, Stephen realised that she knew, Leah then realised that Stephen knew that she knew and tried to make a run for it. So the classic killing somebody unintentionally but rather than reporting the incident to the police, the individual disposes of the body. I do agree that Stephen is not evil. And even though it wasn't his place to say it, he was right about Justin being violent and unpredictable. I was glad that Leah understood where Stephen was coming from and had some sympathy towards him (Even Marilyn appeared to as well). Justin wasn't anywhere near as annoyed as what I thought he would be when he saw Stephen at the police station. Perhaps he recognises that Stephen did him and Leah a massive favour as not only did he take care of Susie but he got their money back. Irene delivered with her shock reaction when she found out about it. Unfortunately, this has turned out as I expected with regards to Justin. Putting somebody in hospital and getting a slap on the wrist. I've pretty much been on Mackenzie's side and am really liking her now and I get that she's trying to make up for how she acted before and whilst I appreciate her going out of her way to make things up to people I just wasn't sure about a few things. I mean, she said to Emmett she behaved appallingly. That was pretty hyperbolic. She was embarrassing yes but not appalling. When she said Chloe's apology meant a lot I didn't think she was being entirely honest but I guess she was trying to be the bigger person. Also, I didn't agree with offering Chloe her job back. I actually thought that was a very bad move. There was also selling Keiran the alcohol knowing he was an alcoholic. She didn't even question it or think to call Ryder. Finding very little likeable about Chloe. Didn't like the way she was with Bella when Bella went to pick up her stuff from Nik's and didn't like the way she spoke to Mackenzie when Ryder asked her opinion about what happened with Bella and Nikau. Didn't think her apology to Mackenzie was genuine although I do appreciate she had the sense not to take Mac up on her job offer to work back at Salt. Watching how she and Ryder were during the stuff with Mac and over Thu/Fri episodes I do wonder if there will be compatibility issues going forward as Ryder generally sees things in black and white and has more of a moral compass than she does which is causing these disagreements. Whilst I don't like how certain characters have acted towards Mackenzie, I don't have an issue with how Ziggy has been because it's very understandable. After the way Mac acted she can't expect Ziggy to want to be friends again right away. It's going to take a bit of time and she's going to have to work for it. And I'm fine with that. Mackenzie didn't chose the best time but to approach Ziggy again but I don't really think it would have made any difference. I am glad Tane stuck up for Mackenzie though. He still has a soft spot for her and I do think it will be difficult them being friends although I am hoping something happens with them someday. I will say about Ziggy though, I really didn't like the way she was when she found out Tane knew about Nikau cheating on Bella and didn't tell her. Why should he tell her? It's none of her business and shouldn't affect their relationship. And it's a bit rich given that Dean declared his love for her not too long ago and she didn't tell Tane about that. I wish Roo hasn't told Alf about Keiran when he was away as I was looking forward to seeing him hit the roof when he came back and saw Keiran in surprise. I'm not sure I would go as far as saying he's changed but Keiran is making an effort and I can't really blame him for not wanting to face Alf. Given how Keiran threatened Roo when he was in the Bay previously, I have to admire her compassion and support regarding this. Once again, I'm enjoying the scenes with Christian and Jasmine more than I do with Christian and Tori.
  15. Hilarious how against the shoot Bella was but when Sienna offered to pay her to take the photos, Bella immediately changed her mind and Sienna went from being hated to not Bella's favourite person. I don't dislike Nikau but I'm enjoying the mind games Sienna is playing and how by including Bella she's letting Nikau know she's still the one in control. I also liked the way Sienna kept looking at Nikau when she was talking to Bella during the shoot knowing how nervous he was. I found Tane's reaction when he found out quite amusing too. If Bella's as good as what Emmett believes and if Sienna was smart she would get Bella to come to Japan to continue taking the photos. Although this does largely depend on Bella not finding out and that is looking unlikely as Nikau is seriously struggling with the guilt so Sienna had better had a backup plan. I do wonder if Sienna would actually sleep with Nikau again. I don't believe that Allegra's a bad person but she's less pleasant than she was when she initially turned up. This is obviously due to the constant pressure and bullying from Sienna. I do think there's a possibility to explore Allegra's character more obviously not eating at times due to the pressure of modelling and also what was implied that she likes girls. Stephen's getting more and more sus by the minute although Cash is now quite sus of Stephen himself.
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