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  1. There's also the fact that they are talking about what a guy Stephen is, which in addition to everything else does wonder whether they are setting him up to be the bad guy after all. If that is going to be the case, I would rather they had just got Justin to bash someone else. So Justin thinks a poxy Coffee will square things after putting Stephen in hospital. I haven't been happy with how this has progressed but I'm glad at least Leah and Stephen are recognising Justin's apology is meaningless because he doesn't actually think he was in the wrong. I'm not sure how far things would have gone with Stephen when Justin fronted up to 'apologise' if Ziggy hadn't stepped in but I agreed with Stephen that Ziggy was making excuses for him. Even during the attempted apology, Justin just couldn't grasp why Stephen doesn't want to be anywhere near him (I have to admit though I did quite enjoy it when Tori was trying to reason with Justin and he blamed her failing relationship with Christian as her main motivation for getting involved). He's becoming increasingly paranoid and aggressive. Well, it looks like the end of Lustin for now. Tori presumably can't be ar*ed dealing with him atm which is understandable although the cynic in me wonders if the remark Justin made about her relationship was another reason. Not sure if she asked him to move out for Leah as well or she was just saying that. I thought Ziggy was right when she gave Mackenzie a serve re the way she was acting towards Dean but I also think Mackenzie was correct re Ziggy fighting Dean's corner. Oh and let's not forget, this week's instalment of the Ari and Mia show.
  2. I liked their reaction when Dean and Ryder realised Mackenzie was OK. I do think Dean blaming Ari for Mackenzie was quite harsh so I was glad he apologised afterwards. And I know I said I was OK with Mac going after Ari/Mia/Chloe but I have to admit I didn't particularly enjoy the way she was acting towards Ari. I do think that if she is to get out of the hole she is in, her bitterness has to end although given Mia's pregnant, I'm not sure when that will be. I was glad Ryder called Chloe out again but I do agree with Chloe re the way Mac has acted towards Ryder and even despite everything Ryder still was prepared to help her, Mac was unpleasant to him. Bella annoyed when she went to Mac about using Salt. I don't have an issue with that and I think from a business perspective it's sound but I don't think Mac owes Bella anything. It's just Bella during that attempt at emotional blackmail to make everything about her again. I did have a wry smile at Bella, Ryder and Dean's surprise at Mac agreeing though. Dean was getting on my nerves the way he kept hanging around Salt. Not sure I personally would have called the cops on him though. Whilst I appreciate John calling out Justin, it still felt he was going quite easy on him relatively speaking. He's been far worse to Dean for just being a River Boy regardless of how wrong Dean has acted at times in the past. And the fact that he told Marilyn in the Diner Justin was remorseful when the conversation Justin had with Leah just before that was anything but was disappointing. I was glad Tane warned Justin re his treatment towards Ziggy. It was about time someone said something. It was also good to see Roo not stand for Justin's nonsense as well. It's honestly reached the point where I wouldn't mind if Leah finishes with him. Even though I've been pretty disgusted with Justin, can't really say I blame him re his attitude towards Susie dying though. Leah had better be careful taking the new senior constable up on his offer to talk. Justin might catch wind of it and put the guy in hospital.
  3. I felt really sorry for Stephen and ended up being pretty disgusted with Justin. The scene when Stephen was looking for help when he stumbled into John and Tane after he was beaten was very reminiscent of when Axel got the crap beaten out of him by Aden all those years ago and Belle found him. I think the part at the gym when Tane, Ziggy and Mia were all discussing it and the realisation that it was Justin who bashed Stephen was very well done, particularly the look of shock from Ziggy. I was actually expecting Tori initially to try and talk Stephen out of pressing charges but I was glad she insisted that he spend the night in the cell. I think Justin's been let off way too easily and I'm not happy about it, especially given he's not even the least bit sorry and actually seems to think his actions were valid. It was also frustrating how everybody was acting as if he is some gentle giant and Ziggy was constantly making excuses for him. Dean and Tane both made very valid points to Ziggy re her safety working for Justin and he's lucky it's just an assault charge IMO. I'm starting to strongly dislike Chloe. Her reaction and attitude towards Mackenzie going missing and the way she's almost relishing it just seems spiteful. She claims that Mackenzie treated Mia like dirt since she came to the bay and whilst I don't think Mackenzie's been particularly pleasant I don't think she's treated her like dirt (Sick and tired of everyone bar Mackenzie acting like Mia's Mother Teresa). Most of what Mackenzie has done has been pretty understandable. And if we use Chloe's logic then I guess her claim is pretty ironic given that she's treated Mackenzie like dirt since Mackenzie fired her. It's also very telling how everyone else bar Chloe is actually sympathetic because they recognise Mackenzie is in a very dark place and obviously needs help.
  4. It's difficult because I really like Rachel but I do think objectively she's taking the mick. She knows Christian was going to get married but I personally felt when she was spending time on the beach with him to her it was a date. And she knew what she was doing when she held his hand. He did look uncomfortable but I couldn't tell whether that was guilt or because they were in a public place and not because he didn't like it. There's no denying now that they have a connection though. I did at first think Christian was stringing Tori along but from his bemused reaction when Tori ended things, he seemed genuinely oblivious. It does say a lot that he went to Rachel afterwards rather than fighting for Tori immediately. The problem with Tori is just how self-righteous she often is. When she's like that it's difficult to sympathise with her although in this particular scenario the main thing she's done wrong is her sceptical attitude towards Christian's near death experience (The scepticism itself I didn't have an issue with but was her refusal to acknowledge Christian's state of mind and how he was seeing certain things from an unscientific viewpoint). It's funny that when Justin was talking to Tori about Christian in the gym, despite the fact he's not himself, a lot of what he said about their relationship was essentially truthful. I must admit, I did find Ziggy and Leah's guilty expressions when they hid Justin's latest delivery of drugs quite amusing. His paranoia is making him dangerous.
  5. Rachel did very much seem as though she was hoping to bump into Christian in the ward and she was definitely waiting for him to turn up when she appeared to be reading the magazine. Would she actually go as far as faking the panic attack? Hard to tell. Jasmine got on my nerves the way she was towards Christian and Rachel. Unless Christian is actually doing something that is detrimental to the patient, it's none of her business. And it's a bit rich her taking exception to them given her serial killer ex boyfriend is the whole reason Christian is in this situation. The problem with Sienna giving into Nikau's demands is that is sets a precedence that blackmailing works. Furthermore it goes against the premise that she owns him so she loses power in the relationship.
  6. John was pretty gutted at prospect at handing details of the texts to the police. I think in his own mind, communicating with Susie is still maintaining some sort of relationship regardless of the what he claims. I said this before but I much prefer Nikau in scenes with Sienna and Allegra than scenes with Bella. Despite the fact that she's sneaky, manipulative and self-serving, I'm actually really enjoying Sienna and also like the banter with Emmett - "Day off at the beach. It must be nice to have such a relaxed schedule" etc. Contrary to what Bella said, I actually like this change in Nikau as he seems more positive. And good to see him starting to enjoy himself which is a refreshing change from the usual doom and gloom. Bella is seriously starting to get on my nerves, acting like she owned the place in Nikau's house and her general attitude towards his work - I didn't like how dismissive he was of her last week but she's becoming a liability. I did have a certain level of sympathy for Roo because was in an impossible position. If Ciaran is making progress then a family, stable home and support would greatly help him. But even putting aside Alf, it would be a recipe for disaster if he comes back given that Martha is unwell too. If Dean didn't want Tanya knowing Rick's illegitimate child was calling he could have just pretended to be a friend of Mackenzie's.
  7. I've been suspicious of Stephen from the start and have seen no reason to change my stance. The one thing I will say is that I would be surprised if the writers had Leah and John duped twice in a row. Again all for Mackenzie directing her anger towards people like Ari/Mia/Chloe but Ziggy (and Dean) don't deserve the treatment Mac was giving them. It does say a lot that even after that Ziggy was still prepared to be a friend to Mac. I did also feel sorry for her with Justin although it seems a bit better now.
  8. Mackenzie was cringeworthy in that episode. From the awkward meeting where she tried to be pleasant to Ari/Mia/Ziggy etc to how she got drunk at the party. I will say though I did kind of like the part when Mia tried to get her inside to talk and and Mackenzie said absolutely not. I do accept this obviously can't go on for much longer. Sienna seems to be keeping close tabs on Nik to keep him reigned in. Given that she overheard Bella's conversation with Nikau where Bella said he was fake, she's going to have to deal with Bella at some point as inevitably, Bella will be quite problematic. I don't really understand Allegra's reaction to seeing Mackenzie at the party. When she and Emmett were first at Salt and Mackenzie served them just as Mackenzie was trying to hit on him, Allegra was fairly indifferent to her. Although now Emmett appears to see Mackenzie as a mild nuisance and is probably thinking he dodged a bullet. Not sure Ziggy should be having a drink with Dean given that he's told her he's still in love with her and she hasn't told Tane about it.
  9. Well it's a good sign I guess that Sienna was joking around with Nikau. I actually prefer Nikau in scenes with Sienna and Allegra than I do with Bella. I'm not really liking Chloe at the moment and when I saw preview I was thinking I'm going to be annoyed with her again but she was mostly right about Bella. The only thing I disagree with is that if Bella was working on the exhibition I don't think she should have to drop it just to support Nik. In saying that Chloe's motives were definitely driven by the nepotism displayed by Nikau re the catering. And how Chloe can call someone 'self-centred' is beyond me. Wasn't keen on Bella having a go at Nik about his work in general. If anyone is insecure here it's Bella, not Nikau. So Tori believes she's losing Christian. Part of me wonders whether she's already lost him. I agree both of them seemed to have valid points - Tori about Christian bonding with a woman he's only known for a few weeks and Christian about Tori's attitude towards his near death experience. I wasn't happy that Christian used the "I'm doing this for you not me" excuse as a get out. Thought it was quite condescending. And the cynic in me wonders if this "circuit breaker" is a way to slowly allow Tori to get used to not being with him so he can bide his time and cancel the wedding completely.
  10. The way Chloe was crying, had to be consoled by Ryder and how she confronted Ari and Mia about the pregnancy and them not telling her just shows her self-centred nature. Because it's all about her. And having seen her here, it makes the way she's been acting towards Mackenzie even worse, particularly as she of all people should know what Mac is going through (Although I do agree with her about never having kids). The head of ED was acting very unprofessionally with Justin when he denied the pills were his and I thought she was out of order blaming Christian for Justin too. However I do still feel a bit sorry for her and think Christian is also slightly out of order. He does seem more focused on Rachel than Tori. I do feel sorry for Rachel as well as it's not really her fault and she has no next of kin (as far as we know) so has nobody. I do think Jasmine trying to steer her away from Christian and onto the physiotherapists is better as she's become dependant on him now. Even if Rachel did have family, given their conversation about both of them being in the right place at the right time, I'm not sure it will make any difference to how she sees Christian now. Getting pretty fed up with the Ari and Mia show.
  11. Slade

    Euros 2020

    I quite liked that the Dutchess of Cambridge was at the presentation ceremony when Djokovic won Wimbledon and she was at Wembley with Prince William and Prince George shortly afterwards. I thought England had an amazing start and for a significant portion during the first half they were dominating. But in the second half they reverted to the team that lost to France and Portugal in 2004, Portugal in 2006 and Italy in 2012. So unlike a typical Premiership team, they were sitting back and refusing to come out and play. I was concerned that when Southgate announced the squad with 5 in midfield, whilst it's attacking with a 3-5-2, if the wing backs aren't pressing forward, you are effectively playing with 5 at the back. Most people could see that the Italian goal was coming and when they scored I felt there was going to be one winner. I had doubts about Pickford but I thought he did brilliantly to save 2 penalties. So again below average penalty taking which has been typical for this tournament. No blame to attribute to the penalty takers because its very difficult in that scenario although I do agree that blasting them is probably better than trying to fool the keeper with the run-up. I knew immediately that the 3 players in question were going to be subject to racial abuse after the match. People will always find the scapegoat. I was concerned how people would react if England lost but whilst the racial abuse and violence are disgusting the violence itself hasn't been as bad as I thought. The funny thing is you don't see this with other sports - Rugby, Tennis, Athletics etc. I honestly hope that England don't host anything like this in the foreseeable future but questions have to be asked about the negative tactics and ultimately if England are to succeed at international level then they have to be brave. Italy were the best team in that tournament and worthy champions. On a slightly different note, really great to see Argentina beat Brazil in Brazil's own back yard and win their first major tournament in 28 years. Really enjoyed the second half of that game and very pleased Messi has finally won something at international level.
  12. Slade

    Euros 2020

    I do think England were the team that were actually trying to win in extra time whereas Denmark were playing for penalties so England deserved to go through. Was that a penalty when Sterling was fouled? I don't think so. I think he was looking for a penalty and I think he deliberately went down. The pundits seemed to suggest it was harsh. And even on the news that was shown after the game, the presenter used the term 'soft' when describing the penalty. You're not going to turn it down if you're England but if that had been the other way round, there would have been uproar. So I think it was harsh on Denmark and they have played very well in the tournament since losing their first two group games. I'm not convinced England would have won the match had it gone to penalties but the way they were playing I think they were likely to score anyway. I've been overly critical of England at times. This comes mainly as a result of the media, the hype they create and the over expectations in just about every tournament I've seen them compete in. I also hate how a small segment of the fans conduct themselves (Re the German girl crying at Wembley when her team lost and she was subject to online abuse, the shining of the laser pen in Schmeichel's eye to stop him saving Harry Kane's penalty and the fans who attacked the father of the Danish family on a bus). I've spoken to quite a few foreign people in the past who have also said they don't have an issue with the English team but the media as well. In saying that I do think credit should be given and they've done tremendously well to get to their first final since 1966. And they've got just about the whole nation behind them which can really help. I'm still not getting my hopes up and I do agree with Red Ranger that anything is possible but based on what I've seen from both teams in the tournament, I think England are going to have a very hard job today. The main issue is going to be scoring. Italy are unlikely to concede from a set piece which is what England are most likely to score from. They are going to have to use the pace of the front players but they aren't going to get many clear cut chances. On the other hand Italy have pretty potent strikers up front and can win the game with one chance and are good on the counter. It will be interesting to see how Southgate approaches this. Will he come out and play or will he sit back and play it safe?
  13. Slade

    Euros 2020

    Highly entertaining match with Italy and Spain, certainly throughout the first 90 minutes. I suspected Spain would give Italy problems because of the ability to keep the ball and through large parts of that game I thought they were the better side although Italy were good on the counter. Overall I would say they were about equal. I do think penalties does come down to bottle in a lot of cases but I think Spain ultimately lost this match, not because of their below average penalty taking but because they don't have a natural goal scorer. They had 3 very good chances over the 90 minutes which should have been put away. Person I felt sorry for the most was Morata. He had been getting a lot of stick online for his performances and he will probably be blamed for the penalty miss. England are probably favourites to win against Denmark but I'm not completely ruling the Danes out. Today might be the first time England actually concede in this tournament. Italy are definitely favourites now and if they play like they did in the group matches and how they did against Belgium, they should win comfortable regardless of who they face on Sunday.
  14. I think Mackenzie likes Emmett but she's also using the situation with him to try and wind other people up - Dean, Ari and Bella. I actually quite liked seeing Dean getting frustrated and whilst I hope things work out with Bella's photography, she's been slightly annoying so it's not doing any harm seeing her wound up too. I have to say I don't like the way Dean is being towards Emmett. He's not messing with Mackenzie. He's just spending time with a woman he's attracted to and he's obviously trying to help Bella. Mackenzie was in a very dark place so I don't agree with Dean objecting to the fling and effectively putting and end to it by pressurising Emmett like that and taking away one of the few enjoyments she has at the moment. Still feel sorry for Tori. It's funny that she thinks Christian's change has been closure re Lewis. To me it's a new beginning for him. Christian is clearly a very good doctor/surgeon and he obviously cares for his patients but I'm in multiple minds about what he is doing. The cynic in me can't help wonder if he would be postponing his wedding if the patient wasn't a younger attractive female who he immediately had rapport with when they first met. But then I'm thinking if that had been a child, he would have done the same thing. It's hard to tell whether he would have applied this to any patient universally because he's their doctor. I think maybe if the patient had been different, there's a possibility he would have made sure the case was in good hands and handed it over to someone else. On the other hand, if he doesn't want to get married but doesn't have the heart to tell Tori and is just looking for excuses to keep postponing, I guess it doesn't matter who the patient is. Seems as though even Tori is sus now.
  15. Posts often go through stuff that has been covered previously. I have a suggestion, perhaps don't make any suggestions with regards to what people should or shouldn't post. I'm still suspicious of Stephen in addition to what happened before now given the way he chose the PI. So we get an explanation of how Susie preselected John at least. I can imagine there would have been all sorts of emotions when John received that text message. I'm not even sure how much he cares about the money at this point but is more hoping that Susie was genuine about him. Happy for Allegra to keep teaching social media to Nicau, although not so keen on suppressing the hunger. I'm glad Justin fired Ziggy as I got fed up of the way he was treating her and it felt slightly uncomfortable watching it.
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