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  1. Well the treat em mean, keep em keen approach worked for Ari. Mackenzie did seem a little bit desperate turning up at his caravan with the beers and refusing to leave even when he went to have a shower. Can't help thinking if that had been the other way round... I wasn't sure whether he liked her but putting myself in his position if a younger, attractive lady came to my place with drinks and wanted to hang out and was into me, I would probably go there. Especially after I'd been drinking. I have to admit, even though he did it out of spite, I still found it really funny when John told Marilyn about Ari and Mackenzie even although admittedly it backfired. The best part was Colby. I couldn't believe he was complaining about the radio silence from Mackenzie (Because he never took his time getting back to her). But his sheer look of disbelief when Mackenzie didn't want to try again with him was priceless. He wasn't expecting that. Can't wait to see his reaction when he finds out about her and Ari. Gemma, really wasn't happy about Ari. Given what he's done in the past, I don't see it too much of a problem sleeping with a consenting person who is single.
  2. Whilst I accept he was trying to do the right thing, I hated the way Ryder kept hanging around every time Bella and Nikau were together and got annoyed when Ryder told Nikau about Tommy. I did feel sorry for Bella when Nikau gave her the cold shoulder but I'm glad they are good. I've made no secret about the fact I don't like Maggie. I find her to be arrogant and someone that looks down on people. So I have to admit initially I quite relished the fact that Marco's very presence clearly bothered her. Now though I think Marco is just such an unpleasant person, made worse by the fact he's a good actor. I really think Maggie has to come clean. Even before he said he wanted to get back at her for hurting him, it was obvious the blackmail wasn't going to be the end of it. It wouldn't surprise me if Marco bolted after he gets his money from Ben. And then what? Is Maggie going to keep quiet. Don't get me wrong, Ben is going to be devastated but at least if she tells him now, then Marco won't get his hands on their cash. Ziggy is going to hit the roof, especially given what happened with Brody (even though Ben and Maggie were on a break). Does Marco actually know Maggie had cancer? Very happy for Jasmine now she's pregnant. Just a shame Robbo isn't around to see it.
  3. Slade


    Assuming people aren't discussing this in other places, I would imagine the lack of activity in this thread is due to the how depressing it is. Significant portion of the planet is on some form of lockdown. No end of the virus in sight. Life is not going back to normal anytime soon. People fed up of having their freedom restricted. Unfortunately we are just going to have to ride it out until there is some sort of vaccine that is mass produced and delivered.
  4. John's concerns are valid but he's so obnoxious that for the umpteenth time, I don't have any sympathy for him. It's interesting thinking about how much I dislike him. Similar to how he first was when he rocked up in the bay. There was a period of time where I quite liked him with Xavier and eventually Jett and I remember feeling really sorry for him the way Skye was towards him, when she left after he took her in. But now, whatever he does seems to annoy me even when he's in the right. It's reached the point where I prefer Marilyn at the moment, even though she's clearly in the wrong how she's gone about inviting the Parata's into their home. It's a shame Alex has gone, because I liked her as a person and.....she's hot. She said she loved Willow but her going out with Willow in the first place IMO was clearly built on physical attraction. This is one of the reasons why she had reservations about getting with her initially (another being the fact Willow had only gone for guys previously). She knew that they weren't really compatible then you have the age thing as someone mentioned a little while ago. I'm of the opinion when you take away the physical element, it's hard to see what likeability Willow has (Is her character really that popular?). In a way it similar to how things didn't work out with Justin. Although, excluding age differences, you do wonder if anyone could be right for her. Alex made the correct decision because if Willow had gone with her, it wouldn't have worked out and might have ended a lot worse than Alex simply disappearing and leaving a note. Again, her spending one last night with her does re-enforce the whole physical thing as she just couldn't resist. Although I accept that she also did it for Willow as much as herself. Good to see Jasmine at least try to go back to work even though it was purely motivated by Tori's return as well. I quite liked the scenes with her and Alex. Shame we didn't get to see more of Alex interacting with people on a friendship level when she wasn't being a doctor. So at least we get an explanation for Douglas's actions which is good. So his treatment of Leah was built on disdain from having his ex wife taken away although you can argue he probably has disdain for females in general anyway. My5 seemed to give away what was going to happen with Alex and Willow with their picture for Friday's episode (Although I imagine a lot of people would have guessed anyway). They also got the wrong town in their description for the episode. "Leah tells the police what happened to her while she was kidnapped. Marilyn is appalled when John makes it clear to Ari that he wants him to leave town. Tori is apprehensive on her return to work, but Jasmine is on hand with support. It's Alex's last day in Erinsborough, but can Willow persuade her to stay?"
  5. Once again, can totally see things from John's point of view and can see exactly why he doesn't want anything to do with the Parata's. And as I've mentioned before if the positions were reversed, there's no way Marilyn would stand for that. However, the way John comes across makes it hard to sympathise with him. Really enjoyed the scenes with Bella and Nikau. She's actually not annoying when she's with him. It will be interesting to see if something does happen and whether the writers bring up the subject of Tommy.
  6. I'm curious to know more about this Douglas's backstory and the circumstances which led him to kidnap Leah. I was kind of looking forward to seeing Justin beating the crap out of him. If he was going to stab Colby, why stab him in the leg with a pair of scissors? Why not do it properly with a knife? In saying that I'm glad Colby's going to pull through (Surprised you didn't enjoy the stabbing and Colby suffering at hospital a little more Red Ranger). Not sure what to make of seeing Jasmine presumably starting to get attached to Grace like that. Hope she's not going to eventually do a Marilyn. Two minds about Alex and Willow. Like Justin and Dean before her, I think she can do better but if she leaves then I won't get to see her any more. I guess it must have been awkward when they saw each other at the hospital, although you couldn't tell with Alex as she was very professional. I quite like the fact that Mackenzie and Bella are good now although it wasn't great seeing Bella like that again.
  7. I did appreciate how well Alex has handled the hostage stuff as a professional and the toll it took, having to help Bella and especially Mason's death. I actually hope she doesn't leave as I quite like her character. As much as I hate to say it must have been extremely difficult for Marilyn as well. Was gutted that Robbo died as despite not having the best interpersonal skills he was one of my favourite characters in the Bay. Thought his funeral was very emotional and probably won't watch that episode again. During this whole time, I've felt very sorry for Jasmine. Glad Jade got outed although to echo previous comments, the police have a duty to press charges against her as the next victim might not be as lucky as Ryder. Not really keen on the new family, although the mother is OK and I've slightly warmed to Nikau. Don't like the other 2. As much as I dislike and can't stand John, I do understand why he didn't want them to move in and was basically forced into accepting it. I still find it hard to sympathise with him because of how he often acts towards people. Although, I don't think Marilyn would have been too happy had it been the other way round. After having 3 weddings in the same week in Neighbours, I wasn't particularly excited at the prospect of another Wedding so couldn't really get too thrilled with Alf and Martha although at least they were reunited for more than 5 minutes. Whilst I really enjoyed the scene where Colby helped Mackenzie out, I'm not keen on the whole Colby/Mackenzie will they/won't they stuff. Feels like the ex is just a plot device to facilitate another reunion. I do wonder whether, Home and Away and any of the other Aus/UK soaps will eventually incorporate the Covid-19 pandemic into the actual storylines once they restart production. Soaps are usually on par with the dates in their respective countries and as they often like to explore real issues, it would make sense to cover it as the crisis now permeates into every aspect of society.
  8. Firstly I think Jade is bordering on sociopath level. She still doesn't think stealing from Mackenzie is wrong and she's quite prepared to ruin Ryder's life because he did the right thing and dobbed her in. I didn't mind last week's episodes. He wasn't my favourite character and I never found him to be very interesting but I don't think Mason deserved to die (I think it would have been better if he'd maybe just got transferred to the city or went to stay with Brody). Really had no idea this was going to happen but with the regular characters in that hospital with the exception of Marilyn I would rather him than the others. Mackenzie hasn't been too bad lately and apart from whining over Colby, I'd like to see where her character goes. I'm finding Bella pretty unlikeable at the moment but I haven't completely given up hope with her and am prepared to put up with her a little while longer with the hope she improves. Besides, given that her dad was murdered and she was abused, I don't think anyone with a conscience could kill her off. Didn't like Jasmine at first but I do quite like her and Robbo together and if they are able to get out of this, I will be interesting to see if they can try for their own baby. The problem with Mason dead now is Tori and Justin are going to blame Robbo regardless. I wouldn't be surprised if Jasmine does too although she will probably blame herself as well.
  9. She seemed genuine when I saw the preview yesterday but I just wasn't convinced Jade was telling the truth when she told Ryder why she stole money from Salt (Does she even have a younger sister?). She's quite a selfish and manipulative person. Her main way of dealing with Ryder is to offer sex to keep him sweet (Although she did kiss him on the mouth today). And she obviously isn't the least bit sorry about what she did as she stole money again. So not only has Ryder paid the $50 she took but it seems as though he's going to use his earnings to cover her rent. Given that they aren't actually in a relationship and all they seem to be doing is sleeping with each other, it's bordering on prostitution. I'm assuming Ryder's going to be forced to make a decision quite soon. I'm still hoping that Jade will change but given how she threw him out the caravan yesterday, spoke to him earlier on in the episode, it doesn't look as though she thinks much of him as a person.
  10. I hope we don't have to see Dean like this for very long. He was quite unpleasant to Ben (who gave him a shot when others wouldn't) and was very unprofessional with his clients. If I was taking surfing lessons from him, I'm not sure I would want him to continue teaching me seeing him like that. Ben seems to be adopting the approach that Dean will be like this for a short amount of time but he will be OK to go back to work after not too long. It didn't actually occur to me that taking on Dean's surfing lessons could impact his own recovery when he first suggested it to Maggie. I do accept that Mackenzie was definitely trying to be a good sister. No doubt she cares deeply for Dean but it did seem as though her trying to focus him was also a way to take her mind of Colby. I'm struggling to understand why she's still even in the Bay. From what I recall, she had a good life prior to that and went there purely to enlist Dean's help to get revenge on Rick. She doesn't seem to have many friends, all she is does is work and seems quite unhappy. If she moves back to the city it's not as if she won't ever see Dean anyway. I did find it interesting today it was kind of a role reversal when she was drunk a didn't turn up to work on time last week. So not only does Jade like to sleep around but apparently she's also a thief. The fact that Ryder covered for her and used $50 of his own cash when Mackenzie spotted the discrepancy with the cash register shows how bad he's got it. Add to that the recap with Roo's cynicism towards Jade being girlfriend material and Alf's he's-going-to-learn-the-hard-way attitude earlier on in the episode when Ryder went to give Jade flowers. Up until the end of the episode after seeing Jade steal the money from salt, I was of the belief she's not a particularly nice person but I'm hoping there's more depth to the character now.
  11. I initially thought Jade was quite rude to Roo last week but Roo has gone back to being annoying to the point where I was glad Ryder had a go at her yesterday and I smiled when he brought up the fact she got pregnant when she was younger than he is now. A small part of me feels Roo might have prejudged Jade because she was rude but doesn't know what the audience do i.e. hitting on Dean, bringing back the waiter from the club etc. But there may have been other stuff that indicated to her that Jade is not right for Ryder that could have happened off screen that she observed whilst Jade has been staying at the caravan park. Or perhaps she's just picked up on the way Jade conducts herself and interacts with the opposite sex. Regardless, Roo has a valid point. Jade is not girlfriend material and if Ryder thinks she wants a relationship he is seriously delusional. I don't actually blame him but side with Alf's reasoning to Roo i.e. Ryder has to make his own mistakes. And trust me he's going to get hurt bad for the simple reason that we can see he is already falling for her quite quickly and is investing a lot. But once Jade gets bored, (presumably after all of five minutes) she will move onto the next guy. On another note, a little surprised she didn't pick up on his inexperience given how nervous he was. Good to see Robbo and Jasmine getting on quite well and I'm glad she's decided to support his decision re moving to his parent's farm (Not surprised he thinks Colby's a good mate - Got quite a bit in common, killing people and disposing of their bodies). Seriously though, I like Robbo and Jasmine as a couple so wouldn't want to see them leave just yet. It may be harsh on the Morgan's him taking Grace away but no worse than Raffy/Brody leaving and Ava being such a distance away.
  12. Can't decide who has it worse out of Alex and Ryder. Thankfully Willow wasn't anywhere as bad to Bella as I thought after watching the preview when she was teasing Willow after catching her and Alex together. I do think Willow was partly embarrassed and she agreed to talk to Bella about it because Alex was upset. I think it's understandable why Willow is like that. Part of me thinks it's just another warning sign but I'll reserve judgement on it for now. When Ryder finished walking Jade home, I believe he could have had her then and there in her caravan. I wasn't sure but I'm assuming he didn't sleep with either Coco or Raffy so you would infer he hasn't lost his virginity and it's not going to take Jade very long to figure it out. Four days Colby went without calling or texting Mackenzie. That's really bad and to me shows he's not that into her. I really do think she deserves better.
  13. Hilarious Colby acting as if Bella's attitude towards Mackenzie was because Bella was ill, ignoring her attitude before she got tetanus. Ryder's got it bad. If anything, I think it's just a fling from Jade's perspective and given the level of infatuation I believe Ryder has this early on he's going to get hurt badly. Don't like Willow. Never been a fan of her and just the only likeable thing I find is seeing her in a bikini. Shame there's not a full scene yet with Alex with her kit off. If Willow hadn't been working at the gym, Alex would probably be one of those people who just uses their membership every couple of months. Roo's starting to get a bit annoying again.
  14. I thought that was a bit rude for Jade not to say hello back to Martha. At this point I think Ryder is delusional if he thinks he stands a chance of a relationship with her and I really don't think Martha is helping matters. In saying that he might get to tap it if they both go out, get drunk and he brings her back to the caravan park. Early indications are he isn't her type. Assuming she has a type of course. So whatever Mason suspected was going on with Alex/Willow was confirmed in this episode. I actually think Willow's been quite full on to the point where if she had been a guy, she would have been declared as bordering on creepy. I'm not sure what to make of Alex putting her foot down with Mason like that. I wouldn't have made a comment like that to any of my bosses but I would probably go as far as saying Alex and Mason are friends. But I still don't think he should have made that remark. It wasn't appropriate even though she was OK with Mason kind of egging her and Willow on earlier on in the episode. As, someone who doesn't particularly like Mackenzie, I'm actually starting to feel sorry for her. Bella is being quite unpleasant and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable watching their scenes. And Bella did fake illness in that episode.
  15. Alex is absolutely right to have reservations about Willow and I thought her 'experiment' remark was bang on. The fact that Willow was pushing to jump into bed so quickly given that she likes guys should set the alarm bells off. And I think Alex is probably making a mistake getting involved with her. I did smirk when Alex questioned Willow coming to see her at work (Irony alert) and I found Mason's raised eyebrows when they were talking initially quite amusing. I did wonder if had actually figured it out yet until I saw the promo on Friday's episode. I'm glad Robbo and Jasmine have sorted things out and he's going to let her help with Grace. I don't normally like Irene sticking her nose into things but it did help this time. Looking at the new girl taking surfing lessons in her swimming costume, I can see why Ziggy would have a problem with Dean teaching her. She's not exactly what you would call shy. Dean hasn't wasted too much time making it clear he's not interested. I did think initially Ryder was wasting his time trying it on with her but I dunno given that he's pretty isolated at the moment perhaps things might change. Bella is another person who I feel is isolated (They need to have maybe 2-3 characters around the same age she and Ryder can interact with on a regular basis). I don't blame Mackenzie for being sceptical about her illness given Bella's resistance to the relationship. But despite the promo, I'm glad Colby didn't blame Mackenzie too much. It's a shame the same can't be said for Bella.
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