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  1. I've never really been keen on Jasmine and I'm still not but now I actually don't mind her and Robbo together and didn't mind the wedding at all. I did quite enjoy the scenes when the feds swooped in and pulled them and Tori off into protective custody. Tori should be used to it by now though. If she isn't happy then perhaps if she hadn't used Robbo's sperm without his consent she wouldn't be in this position. Just watching the scenes with Bella and Tommy, if he stuck to what was originally agreed and just met up with Bella and had been more patient he might have been able to kiss her consensually. I tried to find the scene but couldn't. How many more times did she hit him? Have to admit, I was quite impressed with how Bella handled the whole aftermath in terms of her and Irene taking Tommy to the hospital. I guess that's probably the only good thing coming out if Colby killing her father. Although I would have liked to have seen how Bella would have reacted if Tommy wasn't breathing. Whilst I am sympathetic towards Dean and his situation he has actually brought this on himself. He agreed for the article to be published because he was out of shape about Rick. Now it's backfired. I am actually glad Mackenzie is getting stick for this as well though as she deserves it. I don't like Rick at all but I don't think Mackenzie is a nice person either. She's conniving and manipulative (Much like her father), basically Rick lite.
  2. Thought Brody and Simone leaving in the end was the right thing to do (and the fair thing on all parties) given the effect their relationship had on other people. I think in a way it's a shame as I recall really disliking Brody when he first turned up then really liked him for the most of his time subsequently although he did go down in my estimation towards the end. Coco's brief return reminded my exactly why I dislike her so much - Self centred, self-entitled, annoying. I hated when she made Raffy's party all about her and humiliated Brody in front of everybody. I was glad her appearance was so brief. Hopefully she won't be coming back. Despite the fact that Ava wasn't particularly pleasant to Leah, I did hugely sympathise with her because I could tell something was wrong. I'm glad she appears to be OK with Leah now. Main storyline that's got me interested at the moment is the whole Dean, Mackenzie, Rick thing. I wasn't sure what to make of Mackenzie at first. I mean she's easy on the eye, I'll give her that but I did find it odd that she would buy a restaurant just to be close to her brother. So when the stuff came out about Rick and that her meeting Dean was part of an elaborate payback plan it did make me wonder whether she was a nice person or not. In a way she's acting like a milder version of Rick i.e. manipulation. Although when Rick told her last week no wonder nobody loves her, she was very upset by it so I would imagine the whole payback thing is motivated by hurt as opposed to complete and total malice. I do have to admit though, I kind of enjoyed Rick gloating about it to Mackenzie on the phone even though it wasn't necessarily the smartest thing to do. Similarly, if he is playing Dean then I don't understand why he made that remark to Ziggy to effectively try and keep Dean onside away from Mackenzie.
  3. Tori has been annoying me as of late but last week it was the way she was with Leah (even though I kind of agree with the argument that she shouldn't be getting involved with family matters re Raffy seizures since stopping the cannabis). Tori's attitude towards Mason also annoyed me. I loved the way Ziggy and Dean were relishing Simone and Brodi's argument when they saw them on the beach - Ziggy's "Trouble in paradise" then Dean's "Morning All". I also kind of cracked as smile at Maggie's reaction when they told her about it. Felt quite awkward during the scene where Brody spoke to Ben and Maggie re Ziggy. I loved that look Willow gave when she saw Dean with Ziggy (Similar to Justin and Leah previously). I'm hoping something happens with them so Willow can be on her own and miserable for a little while.
  4. Whilst I've been fairly critical of Ben in the past, I can see why he doesn't want to be friends with Justin. Justin is obligated to support the person that ruined his daughter's life. I think he'll definitely come round eventually though. Really didn't like the way Alf was with Justin when asked him for advice re Leah. The same way I didn't like the way he warned Justin not to mess her around
  5. And this is precisely why I not only don't have any sympathy for her but am quite relishing how out of shape she is anytime she sees them together. She's shown no interest in Justin whatsoever since they broke up even though Justin was still into her shortly afterwards. Now he's moved on, she doesn't like it. It was pretty stupid of Mason to initially refuse legal representation but at least he changed his mind relatively quickly. Whilst I don't have any sympathy for him, I must admit I quite like the way he's owning it and remains unrepentant. I have to give Ziggy and Ben especially some credit re the divorce after Ziggy initially turning Brody's proposal down flat. I quite liked the fact that she and Brody came to an understanding. Personally, I didn't really buy it when Brody said he wanted a home, family etc and Ziggy just wanted to get drunk as it just felt like he was making excuses. I think a massive part of their issues were related to the fact he started dating her during his recovery period, when he should have waited until he was clean for a while. This obviously couple with Maggie's cancer.
  6. Unfortunately, Bella is getting on my nerves. It was her fault Simone left so I don't have any sympathy that she feels lumbered with Roo. Don't blame Maggie for suspending her for setting off the fire alarm as she needs discipline. Willow's reaction to Justin and Leah was absolutely wonderful. Her conversation with Bella, fishing for information from Irene and telling Justin that's she's happy for him (when obviously she wasn't happy that he moved on) were hilarious. Had to laugh at Leah saying Justin and Willow were together for a long time - right. Found Irene quite annoying the way she was acting when she first heard the news from big mouth Marilyn.
  7. Have to admit, I found it really funny when Dean was winding Colby up about him kissing Jasmine in the photo although Robbo was actually pretty cool about it. Didn't like it when Justin told Tori she doesn't owe Robbo/Jasmine anything. Whilst I think she has no obligation to help them, let's face it this whole mess is her fault. John made a good point about Simone .
  8. Marilyn: "Now, I'm not sure if you know but our Jett is just out of hospital" - No Marilyn they couldn't possibly have known that. Ziggy made me laugh when she was all hyper as Justin came in to open up and she was already working. I thought for a split second she had gone down Brody's route but realised she was still under the influence of alcohol. I actually ended up feeling quite sorry for her, firstly when Maggie thought she was behind the graffiti and then when she went to confront Brody at salt. Interesting listening to Simone talk about how she was struggling financially in Uni as I always had the impression she was reasonably well off (Or at least had parents that were). Whilst Raffy had nothing to do with the graffiti slating Simone, I think she probably enjoyed it too much. I haven't really liked her attitude even though it is very understandable. I don't particularly like Simone but I did feel really sorry for her when saw what was written about her. I felt even sorrier for her when she found out Bella was responsible. She looked pretty devastated. You can argue her and Brody leaving is probably a good thing and probably the fairest thing to do with regards to Ziggy. The only thing I would say is I can't help but think the way Brody's acting, if things don't work out with Simone then he could go back to drugs again. Thought Maggie's 'Good luck' scene to Simone was very professional although she's probably over the moon Simone's going.
  9. From what I understand it was handrails he put up in the bathroom/bedroom and an extension to the kitchen tap. Handrails actually don't take that long. You're marking a couple of holes, aligning the rail and drilling and screwing them in. Whilst, I'm not too keen on Simone, I have to admit, I did feel a bit sorry for her when Raffy kept making digs. She genuinely looked very hurt. I'm not liking this side of Raffy and I was disappointed Ryder just kept quiet as he clearly didn't agree with how she was acting. Maggie seemed to relish the fact that Simone didn't know about Brody's past with drugs. Whilst I'm not keen on Maggie either, I can't say I blame her as Simone has ruined her daughter's life. Have to say I was a little surprised myself and just assumed it was all dealt with off-screen. I did find it interesting that it was brought up that Ziggy not only knew about if from the offset but actively supported Brody. Simone didn't seem to take to well to that.
  10. Since she had the epilepsy? Jasmine's face when she saw Robbo turn up at Salt during the night out. Really awkward conversation with Simone and Maggie. I can't actually blame Maggie for her reaction and thought she was quite correct. I did find it quite funny that Marilyn was stuck in the middle and didn't say a word (Unlike her) and she felt very awkward. I loved the scene when Simone went to confront Maggie about sabotaging her chances of renting a house because she believed she gave her a bad reference and Maggie told her she did the opposite to get rid of her. Simone literally didn't know how to reply to that.
  11. Loved Brody's response to Irene when she told him he wasn't wasting any time when she saw him with Simone. It's none of her business what goes on with them. I have to admit, I found it quite funny when Brody and Simone were casually eating breakfast without a care in the world and it just kicked off. I think Justin's been really fair to all the parties involved here. Even the way Simone approached Justin, he was very diplomatic about it. Whilst I am finding Mason annoying, I can't really blame him for kicking off as I would be exactly the same in his position. In a way I like the fact that Brody wants to move Simone in without thinking about the consequences. Even when Justin and Mason went to speak to him about him and he was fairly dismissive he wasn't thinking logically which is consistent with him being an addict. So as I mentioned before if things don't work out with Simone, it would be very plausible for him to go back on the drugs again. I loved the way Justin and Leah were trying to covertly arrange a time and place for a bit of hook-up sex. All I can say with regards to Raffy is that the cannabis must be working as she seemed unrealistically astute when she figured it out. Funny how it's more power with Leah having no strings attached sex and boasting about it but if it had been the other way round and Justin had bragged about it in his blog he would have been using her and there would have been backlash. Glad to see Robbo back (It's about time). Well it looks as though he wants to move past what happened with Tori before. It will be interesting how things progress with him Jasmine, Tori and the baby.
  12. Think Ben is being very good about this (relatively speaking). He's shown a lot of restraint so far re Brody. Whilst I don't like what Brody did to Ziggy, I cheered when he called Tori out (even though I didn't agree that he only ruined his life as he's ruined Ziggy's as well). Although I found it really annoying when Tori was bitching to Justin about it. I think her attitude was understandable but given her level of deceit re Robbo I didn't like that she got on her high horse. So I was glad Justin talked her into being more understanding. I quite liked the fact that Ziggy was happy to see Dean. I think those two have a good friendship and I like that Dean is the one supporting her this time. I was half expecting Dean to mention Brody getting out of shape when he tried to hit on Simone at Salt a while back. Thinking about this, this storyline has actually been quite realistic. Brody got involved with Ziggy far too soon. He was basically a recovering drug addict that partly relied on the relationship to prevent himself from relapsing. He only married Ziggy after pressure from the Astoni's because they were worried Maggie wouldn't live to see her daughter's wedding when she was suffering from cancer. The marriage happened far too quickly and I would imagine he was probably under quite a bit of pressure although he couldn't openly express this. Thinking about it like this, I guess it's not surprising that Simone coming along has effectively offered him a way out and probably explains why he at least thinks he's in love with her. I still really can't blame Maggie for her attitude towards Simone. It's going to be extremely difficult for those two to work together. As I said last week, Maggie must have been tempted to fire her on the spot. Obviously she knows she can't do that but that episode seemed to suggest that as she can't get rid of her because of the affair, she will either make life difficult for Simone or look for any other employment related excuse to fire her. Whilst, I for the most part can't stand any scenes with John/Marilyn and Raffy, I haven't minded the stuff with the Palmers and Jett at all. As he's off screen now though, I would probably be quite happy if they both went to Germany for a bit.
  13. Have to admit, Justin made laugh again with his uncomfortable facial expressions when the truth came out about Brody and Simone. I don't like the fact that he's getting flack off Mason for it (who was annoying with his whole self-righteous attitude) and by the looks of the preview probably from Ben as well. He was in an impossible position although I do accept with Tori he did effectively force her to tell Robbo the truth about the baby but the affair is slightly different. The scene with Maggie and Simone when Maggie got the phone call and Simone instantly knew what it was about was everything I could have hoped - The look of disgust, venom and rage on Maggie's face and Simone's look of absolute fear. The best part was seeing Maggie having to suppress her feelings for the sake of professionalism. I was actually expecting her to impulsively sack Simone then and there. It will be interesting to see how this storyline progresses. One possibility is that Brody could end up loosing Simone, which could make him relapse and start doing drugs again. So Ben decided not to go with Maggie when she went to pickup Ziggy's stuff. I'm looking forward to Ben and Brody's first meeting since Ben found out about the affair. I suspect it's not going to be pretty. Was actually a little disappointed Ziggy just walked away like that from the caravan after she discovered Brody and Simone.
  14. Good to get a surprise every now and then and whilst it was inevitable Brody and Simone were going to be found out, I wasn't expecting it to be in yesterday's episode. I do have to admit whilst I generally find Ziggy quite annoying I did feel quite sorry for her (and pretty much have sympathised with her throughout most of this storyline). All her initial suspicious about Simone and everything she suspected has been confirmed. Going by the preview it will be interesting to see what happens with Simone and Maggie later on today. Thought Ben has given Dean far too many chances already. Whilst I make no secret of how much I've hated Ben in the past, I do think there have been a couple of instances now where he's put sentiment ahead of business. Not evicting Alf from the Bait Shop and keeping Dean on this long. Surprisingly quite enjoying the stuff with Alf and Martha.
  15. That scene where Irene was having a go at Tori in the Diner, Jasmine came in gave Tori a bigger serve, announced to everyone she was having a baby, Mason, Alf and Raffy were all watching was absolutely wonderful! I loved the way Tori wanted Jasmine to keep her voice down not wanting the truth to get out. Let's be honest though, Irene was right. She kind of deserved that. The reactions to the news afterwards were hilarious. Particularly when Leah said it was nobody else's business. Funny how it's nobody else's business because Tori is her friend (Although it would be a different story if she was fishing for information). And when Marilyn took Jasmine's side because she's female and John took Robbo's side because he's male. It was also funny when Ziggy was slating Tori and Brody really didn't like it and defended her (not because Ziggy was slating his sister but obviously because of the affair with Simone). I'm surprised Simone is still around TBH. This has gone on probably longer than I would have expected. It's a shame because when you exclude the affair she's having with Brody she does seem like a fairly nice person. Although I'm not really keen on how close she's getting to Maggie given that she's been sleeping with her daughter's husband. Justin is really cracking me up. It seems to be a common theme where every time something is going on with Brody/Simone, he's sitting at the bar making funny facial expressions and asking Brody what he's doing. I appreciate he's trying to look out for Brody/Ziggy but there comes a point where there's only so much he can do and it would probably be best to leave Brody to it. If Simone is really trying to move on with her life though she should leave the bay. It's really not fair her sticking around.
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