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  1. I thought what Blake did was pretty messed up. Even putting aside the fact that he didn't know what effects drugging Maggie would have had, there's also the fact she is a recovering cancer sufferer. Sadly it's reached the point when I'm finding Bella insufferable. I do have a lot of sympathy for her, after what Tommy did to her, her own brother murdering her dad in cold blood and her having to keep quiet about it. But seeing her constantly lash out, her attitude towards Mackenzie (even though I don't particularly like Mackenzie) I'm finding it pretty unbearable to watch. I do agree with a comment someone made a while back in that the way she's going she's going to seriously do someone damage one day. Another person I've been finding hard to stomach is Justin and his attitude towards Robbo. Even more so than Bella. As Robbo himself alluded to, Justin would do the exact same thing in his position. And as Mason basically said, he seemed to focus more on Grace than he did on his own daughter. It was annoying how he blamed Robbo for Tori being in a coma but it was Tori's own fault. She decided to use Robbo's embryos without his consent. It says a lot that Mason and even Leah were on Robbo's side. I will say that I don't like the way Robbo has been excluding Jasmine at all. I think he's being out of order and I did feel sorry for her even though I didn't like the way she defended Justin. I am concerned how attached Robbo is to the baby as if Tori recovers, she's going to want him to give Grace back which will be hugely problematic. I have to admit, Irene's face when she saw what happened with Willow and Alex was priceless. My personal opinion just watching the last couple of episodes is that Alex is setting herself up for a fall. I think romance is often a good example of when someone who is intelligent becomes emotional/hormonal then logic and reasoning seem to go out the window. Alex withdrew from Willow's kiss, seems to have reservations about Willow because she knows Willow is straight but wants to 'hang out', with 'no labels' and take it slowly. She even acknowledged that her desire was overriding her concerns about being hurt. I actually don't blame her especially given that in a small town like Summer Bay and her work schedule there aren't going to be a lot of opportunities to meet people. Good news, about the AFP dropping the charges against Ben. We'll see how he copes with his depression now.
  2. I opened a request on their website and within an hour the episode was available. Don't know whether it was me or if somebody else raised the issue previously but all good.
  3. Does anybody know why Friday's episode (Episode 7220) isn't available on My5? I went abroad for a few days last week so was trying to play catchup over the weekend and it isn't there although today's episode is??????
  4. It was premeditated. Nobody forced Irene to continue hitting Tommy after she hit him the first time. He was on the floor, said something she didn't like and she made a decision to hit him multiple times after that. You might be able to argue it wasn't premeditated if she'd hit him multiple times when he was going after Bella but she didn't. She hit him once, stopped and decided to bash him some more after his remark. She's lucky he didn't die else she would have found herself in Teresa's position.
  5. Well, I was sorry so see Raffy go. All seemed a bit rushed but the actress is in a film now so I wish her luck for the future. I was hoping Ryder might have at least tapped it maybe once but never mind. Irene's facial expression when she first saw Teresa and the realisation that she offed Tommy was hilarious. I was pleased with Irene's attitude in general, condemning what Teresa did but offering some support and understanding. Was also good to see Marilyn and Leah criticise her, although I didn't like when Leah said the difference was it was premeditated. How was Irene hitting Tommy multiple times after the first strike not premeditated? Which Teresa herself said to Irene later on. I agree with Teresa's statement that she did what Colby wanted to do and also with Justin that none of them were to blame for Teresa's actions. Bella actively endorsed the killing and TBH I can't really say I blame her. I did like the conversation at the police station with Teresa saying "Talking doesn't solve anything" followed by Irene saying "You can't solve violence with more violence". I would say both statements are true/untrue depending on the circumstances but in this particular case, I don't think Tommy deserved to die. And receiving multiple stabs wounds would have been quite brutal. I didn't like Leah sticking her oar in claiming that Teresa had denied justice for the other victims. Whilst you could argue that is true, the cynic in me seeing things from Bella's side that perhaps from the victims perspective this is a good thing. Taking all emotion out you could argue this is a result and although it won't seem like that, Irene should be glad this had happened. If Tommy's dead he can't sue her so she won't lose the Diner. He won't ever get to do this to anyone else (Not that I agree with that but logically what's done is done). The episode from Wednesday was very significant in that not only did it show as already mentioned someone who suffered like Irene and had a different path but also rehashed what Colby did to Ross and possible ramifications. What Bella said to Colby about the advantage of Colby being a copy was absolutely right. If I was in that guy's position, I would have been bricking it if I was seriously hurt in a hospital bed and Robbo was standing over me threatening me to reveal where Jasmine was. What Robbo did was stupid and irresponsible although I'm glad it worked out when Colby played good cop and they were able to rescue Jasmine eventually. So no real surprise that Alex kissed Jasmine. I wonder if Mason knew that she liked Jasmine specifically when she was asking about her when Jasmine failed to show up for the gym class. I'm guessing this is going to turn out to be a temporary lesbian thing.
  6. Initially I thought Alex was out of Mason's league but given this is a soap concluded anything can happen. Then when he tried his luck with her and she told him she was gay, I wondered whether she was trying to let him down gently. Then it struck me, she likes Willow. I did find it funny when Mason lied about Alex not being his type in order to save face with Justin the next day and Justin wasn't buying it. Not sure what to make of what happened in court. Undecided whether the judge should have allowed Bella to say what she thought Tommy would have done to her had Irene not interrupted them. But what happened afterwards could have influenced the jury. I have to admit, I haven't been paying as much attention to the storyline as other people here. I do think Channel 5 shouldn't have cut the scene with Irene and Tommy when she continued to bash him. If you factor this into the equation with moving him it's hard to justify the mitigating circumstances especially considering that Tommy said he was going to leave beforehand. Although this appears to have backfired on Irene anyway.
  7. Have to admit, Tommy played a blinder. Gave an Oscar winning performance. I did wonder whether he contemplated wearing the same clothes as did on the day this all happened or perhaps winking at Bella in court. And I found it funny that the guy prosecuting was deliberately portrayed as evil and perhaps on Tommy's payroll, just for doing his job. I thought all the actors/actresses involved did a really good job upon initially seeing Tommy and his very presence. I especially liked the part where Colby went for him in court. Please no. Please don't let Alex get together with Mason. Not him.
  8. Despite her psycho nature, Dean's mum (like Dean) can be really funny. During the whole lunch with Ben, Maggie and Ziggy, I was laughing but at the same time found the whole thing quite cringeworthy. I have to admit, I found Raffy's reaction really funny when Ryder didn't invite her to the party. But I guess that was proof that she still cares about him and she obviously doesn't want to be friends with him because quite correctly she recognises it would be too difficult for her. Ryder obviously still cares deeply about her. It's hard to understand why he finished with her. We have a couple of episodes where he starts working as a bartender at Salt, meets a hot girl who gives him her contact details and he decides they he and Raffy are not right for each other. The cynic in me wonders if he just wasn't attracted to her as much after meeting a 'hotter' older female. I didn't like Jasmine at first, then was kind of OK with her and Robbo now I would say I like them together. I liked the way Jasmine smiled at Robbo when he didn't want her to go out after she got back from her shift and wanted her to help him with his investigation. Part of me is hoping that he doesn't find Dylan if only to keep Tori away. I've just been finding her pretty annoying. This brings me onto Alex who seems like a better replacement for Tori. My first impression of her was firm but fair. I think she's a lot softer than what I thought and she was pretty cool with Robbo after he went for her during the hypnosis which surprised me a little. I really liked the way she was with Raffy and revealed she was also an epileptic. I'm kinda hoping she would join Raffy if she decides to go swimming in the future, you know just to make sure nothing happens to her. We might even get to see her in a bikini as well. I don't want Irene to go to jail and it wasn't her fault she was in a situation where she had to defend Bella but my mind keeps going back to the fact that what she did was premeditated. She's actually very lucky she didn't kill Tommy or she would be up on a murder charge.
  9. I've never really been keen on Jasmine and I'm still not but now I actually don't mind her and Robbo together and didn't mind the wedding at all. I did quite enjoy the scenes when the feds swooped in and pulled them and Tori off into protective custody. Tori should be used to it by now though. If she isn't happy then perhaps if she hadn't used Robbo's sperm without his consent she wouldn't be in this position. Just watching the scenes with Bella and Tommy, if he stuck to what was originally agreed and just met up with Bella and had been more patient he might have been able to kiss her consensually. I tried to find the scene but couldn't. How many more times did she hit him? Have to admit, I was quite impressed with how Bella handled the whole aftermath in terms of her and Irene taking Tommy to the hospital. I guess that's probably the only good thing coming out if Colby killing her father. Although I would have liked to have seen how Bella would have reacted if Tommy wasn't breathing. Whilst I am sympathetic towards Dean and his situation he has actually brought this on himself. He agreed for the article to be published because he was out of shape about Rick. Now it's backfired. I am actually glad Mackenzie is getting stick for this as well though as she deserves it. I don't like Rick at all but I don't think Mackenzie is a nice person either. She's conniving and manipulative (Much like her father), basically Rick lite.
  10. Thought Brody and Simone leaving in the end was the right thing to do (and the fair thing on all parties) given the effect their relationship had on other people. I think in a way it's a shame as I recall really disliking Brody when he first turned up then really liked him for the most of his time subsequently although he did go down in my estimation towards the end. Coco's brief return reminded my exactly why I dislike her so much - Self centred, self-entitled, annoying. I hated when she made Raffy's party all about her and humiliated Brody in front of everybody. I was glad her appearance was so brief. Hopefully she won't be coming back. Despite the fact that Ava wasn't particularly pleasant to Leah, I did hugely sympathise with her because I could tell something was wrong. I'm glad she appears to be OK with Leah now. Main storyline that's got me interested at the moment is the whole Dean, Mackenzie, Rick thing. I wasn't sure what to make of Mackenzie at first. I mean she's easy on the eye, I'll give her that but I did find it odd that she would buy a restaurant just to be close to her brother. So when the stuff came out about Rick and that her meeting Dean was part of an elaborate payback plan it did make me wonder whether she was a nice person or not. In a way she's acting like a milder version of Rick i.e. manipulation. Although when Rick told her last week no wonder nobody loves her, she was very upset by it so I would imagine the whole payback thing is motivated by hurt as opposed to complete and total malice. I do have to admit though, I kind of enjoyed Rick gloating about it to Mackenzie on the phone even though it wasn't necessarily the smartest thing to do. Similarly, if he is playing Dean then I don't understand why he made that remark to Ziggy to effectively try and keep Dean onside away from Mackenzie.
  11. Tori has been annoying me as of late but last week it was the way she was with Leah (even though I kind of agree with the argument that she shouldn't be getting involved with family matters re Raffy seizures since stopping the cannabis). Tori's attitude towards Mason also annoyed me. I loved the way Ziggy and Dean were relishing Simone and Brodi's argument when they saw them on the beach - Ziggy's "Trouble in paradise" then Dean's "Morning All". I also kind of cracked as smile at Maggie's reaction when they told her about it. Felt quite awkward during the scene where Brody spoke to Ben and Maggie re Ziggy. I loved that look Willow gave when she saw Dean with Ziggy (Similar to Justin and Leah previously). I'm hoping something happens with them so Willow can be on her own and miserable for a little while.
  12. Whilst I've been fairly critical of Ben in the past, I can see why he doesn't want to be friends with Justin. Justin is obligated to support the person that ruined his daughter's life. I think he'll definitely come round eventually though. Really didn't like the way Alf was with Justin when asked him for advice re Leah. The same way I didn't like the way he warned Justin not to mess her around
  13. And this is precisely why I not only don't have any sympathy for her but am quite relishing how out of shape she is anytime she sees them together. She's shown no interest in Justin whatsoever since they broke up even though Justin was still into her shortly afterwards. Now he's moved on, she doesn't like it. It was pretty stupid of Mason to initially refuse legal representation but at least he changed his mind relatively quickly. Whilst I don't have any sympathy for him, I must admit I quite like the way he's owning it and remains unrepentant. I have to give Ziggy and Ben especially some credit re the divorce after Ziggy initially turning Brody's proposal down flat. I quite liked the fact that she and Brody came to an understanding. Personally, I didn't really buy it when Brody said he wanted a home, family etc and Ziggy just wanted to get drunk as it just felt like he was making excuses. I think a massive part of their issues were related to the fact he started dating her during his recovery period, when he should have waited until he was clean for a while. This obviously couple with Maggie's cancer.
  14. Unfortunately, Bella is getting on my nerves. It was her fault Simone left so I don't have any sympathy that she feels lumbered with Roo. Don't blame Maggie for suspending her for setting off the fire alarm as she needs discipline. Willow's reaction to Justin and Leah was absolutely wonderful. Her conversation with Bella, fishing for information from Irene and telling Justin that's she's happy for him (when obviously she wasn't happy that he moved on) were hilarious. Had to laugh at Leah saying Justin and Willow were together for a long time - right. Found Irene quite annoying the way she was acting when she first heard the news from big mouth Marilyn.
  15. Have to admit, I found it really funny when Dean was winding Colby up about him kissing Jasmine in the photo although Robbo was actually pretty cool about it. Didn't like it when Justin told Tori she doesn't owe Robbo/Jasmine anything. Whilst I think she has no obligation to help them, let's face it this whole mess is her fault. John made a good point about Simone .
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