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  1. Loved Brody's response to Irene when she told him he wasn't wasting any time when she saw him with Simone. It's none of her business what goes on with them. I have to admit, I found it quite funny when Brody and Simone were casually eating breakfast without a care in the world and it just kicked off. I think Justin's been really fair to all the parties involved here. Even the way Simone approached Justin, he was very diplomatic about it. Whilst I am finding Mason annoying, I can't really blame him for kicking off as I would be exactly the same in his position. In a way I like the fact that Brody wants to move Simone in without thinking about the consequences. Even when Justin and Mason went to speak to him about him and he was fairly dismissive he wasn't thinking logically which is consistent with him being an addict. So as I mentioned before if things don't work out with Simone, it would be very plausible for him to go back on the drugs again. I loved the way Justin and Leah were trying to covertly arrange a time and place for a bit of hook-up sex. All I can say with regards to Raffy is that the cannabis must be working as she seemed unrealistically astute when she figured it out. Funny how it's more power with Leah having no strings attached sex and boasting about it but if it had been the other way round and Justin had bragged about it in his blog he would have been using her and there would have been backlash. Glad to see Robbo back (It's about time). Well it looks as though he wants to move past what happened with Tori before. It will be interesting how things progress with him Jasmine, Tori and the baby.
  2. Think Ben is being very good about this (relatively speaking). He's shown a lot of restraint so far re Brody. Whilst I don't like what Brody did to Ziggy, I cheered when he called Tori out (even though I didn't agree that he only ruined his life as he's ruined Ziggy's as well). Although I found it really annoying when Tori was bitching to Justin about it. I think her attitude was understandable but given her level of deceit re Robbo I didn't like that she got on her high horse. So I was glad Justin talked her into being more understanding. I quite liked the fact that Ziggy was happy to see Dean. I think those two have a good friendship and I like that Dean is the one supporting her this time. I was half expecting Dean to mention Brody getting out of shape when he tried to hit on Simone at Salt a while back. Thinking about this, this storyline has actually been quite realistic. Brody got involved with Ziggy far too soon. He was basically a recovering drug addict that partly relied on the relationship to prevent himself from relapsing. He only married Ziggy after pressure from the Astoni's because they were worried Maggie wouldn't live to see her daughter's wedding when she was suffering from cancer. The marriage happened far too quickly and I would imagine he was probably under quite a bit of pressure although he couldn't openly express this. Thinking about it like this, I guess it's not surprising that Simone coming along has effectively offered him a way out and probably explains why he at least thinks he's in love with her. I still really can't blame Maggie for her attitude towards Simone. It's going to be extremely difficult for those two to work together. As I said last week, Maggie must have been tempted to fire her on the spot. Obviously she knows she can't do that but that episode seemed to suggest that as she can't get rid of her because of the affair, she will either make life difficult for Simone or look for any other employment related excuse to fire her. Whilst, I for the most part can't stand any scenes with John/Marilyn and Raffy, I haven't minded the stuff with the Palmers and Jett at all. As he's off screen now though, I would probably be quite happy if they both went to Germany for a bit.
  3. Have to admit, Justin made laugh again with his uncomfortable facial expressions when the truth came out about Brody and Simone. I don't like the fact that he's getting flack off Mason for it (who was annoying with his whole self-righteous attitude) and by the looks of the preview probably from Ben as well. He was in an impossible position although I do accept with Tori he did effectively force her to tell Robbo the truth about the baby but the affair is slightly different. The scene with Maggie and Simone when Maggie got the phone call and Simone instantly knew what it was about was everything I could have hoped - The look of disgust, venom and rage on Maggie's face and Simone's look of absolute fear. The best part was seeing Maggie having to suppress her feelings for the sake of professionalism. I was actually expecting her to impulsively sack Simone then and there. It will be interesting to see how this storyline progresses. One possibility is that Brody could end up loosing Simone, which could make him relapse and start doing drugs again. So Ben decided not to go with Maggie when she went to pickup Ziggy's stuff. I'm looking forward to Ben and Brody's first meeting since Ben found out about the affair. I suspect it's not going to be pretty. Was actually a little disappointed Ziggy just walked away like that from the caravan after she discovered Brody and Simone.
  4. Good to get a surprise every now and then and whilst it was inevitable Brody and Simone were going to be found out, I wasn't expecting it to be in yesterday's episode. I do have to admit whilst I generally find Ziggy quite annoying I did feel quite sorry for her (and pretty much have sympathised with her throughout most of this storyline). All her initial suspicious about Simone and everything she suspected has been confirmed. Going by the preview it will be interesting to see what happens with Simone and Maggie later on today. Thought Ben has given Dean far too many chances already. Whilst I make no secret of how much I've hated Ben in the past, I do think there have been a couple of instances now where he's put sentiment ahead of business. Not evicting Alf from the Bait Shop and keeping Dean on this long. Surprisingly quite enjoying the stuff with Alf and Martha.
  5. That scene where Irene was having a go at Tori in the Diner, Jasmine came in gave Tori a bigger serve, announced to everyone she was having a baby, Mason, Alf and Raffy were all watching was absolutely wonderful! I loved the way Tori wanted Jasmine to keep her voice down not wanting the truth to get out. Let's be honest though, Irene was right. She kind of deserved that. The reactions to the news afterwards were hilarious. Particularly when Leah said it was nobody else's business. Funny how it's nobody else's business because Tori is her friend (Although it would be a different story if she was fishing for information). And when Marilyn took Jasmine's side because she's female and John took Robbo's side because he's male. It was also funny when Ziggy was slating Tori and Brody really didn't like it and defended her (not because Ziggy was slating his sister but obviously because of the affair with Simone). I'm surprised Simone is still around TBH. This has gone on probably longer than I would have expected. It's a shame because when you exclude the affair she's having with Brody she does seem like a fairly nice person. Although I'm not really keen on how close she's getting to Maggie given that she's been sleeping with her daughter's husband. Justin is really cracking me up. It seems to be a common theme where every time something is going on with Brody/Simone, he's sitting at the bar making funny facial expressions and asking Brody what he's doing. I appreciate he's trying to look out for Brody/Ziggy but there comes a point where there's only so much he can do and it would probably be best to leave Brody to it. If Simone is really trying to move on with her life though she should leave the bay. It's really not fair her sticking around.
  6. I have to admit I was quite enjoying Tori bricking it with the pregnancy when Jasmine was grilling her last week. And I absolutely loved Jasmine giving her a serve when Tori came to confront her afterwards. I was watching part of the scenes in yesterdays episode in the gym so had to read the subtitles and it was interesting trying to guess what was being said just before the subtitles showed up during all the Tori pregnancy stuff. Anyway I'm glad Leah and Justin did their intervention and forced Tori into telling Robbo the truth as I didn't like the way they celebrated it with her before when Jasmine saw them. Tori's level of selfishness was unreal. And it was annoying seeing her constantly make excuses for her actions e.g. her claim it was Jasmine's fault it was affecting her own relationship for sticking her nose in the first place. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here. Although I will say I did like Tori in that black dress. I felt sorry for Ziggy last week when she collapse whilst Brody was sleeping with Simone. The first thing that occurred to me was the same thing I thought when Jasmine was suspicious with Tori - It's not going to take Justin very long to figure out what's going on. I'm assuming from the phone call Justin had in yesterday's episode that Brody was with Simone again. I was over the moon when I saw both Chelsea and Coco leave the bay in the same episode on Friday. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. Hopefully neither of them will be back although I'm surprised Chelsea didn't go to the police. Perhaps she's not ready to face Neil yet.
  7. I didn't realise Justin didn't know Tori was pregnant. In one hand I did understand why he agreed to keep quiet it being his sister but on the other I didn't like the way he and Leah were firmly behind her although Tori has made her decision and isn't going to change her mind so they probably both thought there was no point being on her case. Tori made me laugh again. The way she was wincing when she saw Robbo in the Diner, told Justin/Leah that Robbo saw her under her breath and they they all quickly slipped out. Also when they were toasting the pregnancy and had to make up an excuse at Salt when Jasmine asked what they were celebrating. I was a little surprised Jasmine checked Tori's medical records so quickly as I don't think that would have generated enough suspicion. Towards the end of the episode my thoughts were who's going to figure out Tori is pregnant first between her and Robbo as he was also suspect. Still wasn't happy with Mason especially when Ryder was trying his best to show that he wasn't going to take advantage of Raffy. Mason obviously found it funny Ryder was squirming. I'm glad Ryder told Raffy and she called Mason out on it later on. He had better watch himself. Raffy is spending quite a bit of time at the Morgans and they don't want to give her an excuse to just be tied to John and Marilyn all the time if interfering in her love life is going to put her off going there although she was OK about everything afterwards.
  8. Despite the serious nature of the storyline Tori is still cracking me up. Her reaction and facial expressions when Jasmine told her and Leah she was getting engaged were hilarious. And I think she will keep delaying telling Robbo about the pregnancy for as long as possible. At least until she's past the point where she can't abort the baby. Thought Brody was going to do a full on Gordon Ramsey. So Ziggy is celebrating being a couple for a year on the however-many-months-they've-been-married wedding anniversary. Ziggy's so happy, Ben admits he was wrong about Brody. Oh boy, this is going to end really badly. I do actually feel a bit sorry for her because she isn't really doing anything wrong. Just trying to be a wife. So Simone was a lot better than she was last week and she seemed more like the person I actually quite liked when she first turned up. I do think she and Brody could have been quite good together and if Brody was simply going out with Ziggy, I would have been rooting for them but I can't whilst he's married. Shame really because given this predicament everybody loses. Simone can't be with Brody, Brody can't be with Simone and Ziggy's been screwed over again. Had to laugh at Ross's line to Chelsea "No wonder you married the idiot. You don't shut up either". - Yep. Found Colby's losing it funny after Ross drove away initially when Colby chased him. I did quite enjoy the car chase scenes although the whole thing very much reminded me of Brax on a mission. Thought it was a turn up for the books Dean trying to talk Colby out of shooting Ross given how he wanted to get the 'boys' to deal with him after he found out he killed Colby's mother. Have to admit that was pretty cold blooded the way Colby just shot Ross like that. Initially I was surprised he and Dean just decided to torch the body as I thought they were just going to leave him there but at least they have done a Robbo and tried to dispose of it. I'm not happy that Dean is now an accessory. So Colby starts married life as a murderer. I'm still a little shocked with the whole thing. Just the manner they dealt with the aftermath. People are going to start wondering if Ross really did get away. I mean even John immediately questioned whether Colby and Dean would go after him. And Chelsea is extremely suspicious and already questioning their story. As annoying as I find Coco generally, I don't agree with Maggie immediately forbidding her to take the scholarship without even discussing it properly. Although this seems very similar to when Maggie rejected Roo's offer to teach abroad a few weeks ago. Will be interesting to see what happens with Alf and Martha.
  9. Re Ryder/Raffy, I still don't like the fact it was more about poor Coco and less about Ryder and Raffy enjoying being a couple. Who cares if she can't handle Ryder and Raffy being together? That's her problem. And I wasn't keen on Ryder learning to drive with Coco initially although I did find Coco's "We can't upset Raffy" reaction when Ryder was reluctant to leave Raffy out because of her epilepsy quite funny. Mason annoyed me the way he had a word with Ryder about his relationship with Raffy. I bet that was partly motivated by the fact things aren't going well for him, workwise or in the girlfriend department. I do accept that this storyline with Bella requires a certain suspension of disbelief given that she was brainwashed by Ross for years and suddenly became on Colby's side. One thing I really like about Dean is that he has a very contagious smile. Glad Willow has called it quits with Justin. I feel he's better off without her and I actually hope nothing happens with Dean as he would be better off without her as well. Disappointed is the word that immediately came to mind when I saw Brody in the preview for the Friday episode last week. I didn't find the way he cheated on Ziggy very plausible (Just calling Simone out of the blue as booty call and risking everything). Although I will say that I said a while back when they first got engaged that they were getting married too soon and if it wasn't for the fact Maggie had cancer they wouldn't have gotten hitched at all. It did annoy me when Simone said she didn't come to see Brody to break up a marriage because she knew shortly after Brody met he was spoken so even if he hadn't cheated the marriage still would have ended in order for her to be with him. Worst thing is Ziggy is going the be thinking this is Jarrod all over and Ben is going to be thinking Brody is a scumbag and he was right about him from the start. So Tori is now pregnant with Robbo's child. Although I don't think Tori would ever do this, one aspect of this is with regards to maintenance. Just say Tori wasn't in a position to work and support the child, she could potentially demand maintenance from Robbo. I couldn't stop laughing when Ross drove Bella, Chelsea and Willow away from Summer Bay and there was panic when Bella realised who he was. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  10. "Mr six syllables a week." had to smirk at that one when Jasmine suggested to Irene that Robbo move in with them. As if that was ever going to work. I don't blame Bella for the remark about Maggie. The way she was asking Irene about her in the Diner, came over, jumped into her and Chelsea's conversation and was prying about Bella's education, I didn't like that at all. I'm glad Colby put Chelsea in her place for trying to act like Bella's mum telling Bella she was going to do the school test. Found Leah telling Tori off about the IVF really funny. I also found it funny when Justin came in to ask Leah to talk to Tori beforehand. I was wondering when he first came in and he wanted to speak to Leah whether it crossed anybody's mind him hitting on her a few weeks ago, especially when Alf was there. It's interesting that Ryder said to Raffy his breakup with Coco was mutual when they were discussing telling her about them. From what I remember Ryder only agreed to break up with her because he knew Coco didn't want to be with him any more so rather than being dumped painfully he thought it would be best to do it on his terms. Loved the way Alf called it just before Coco went up to Salt and saw Raffy and Ryder kissing. Found the aftermath immediately afterwards when Coco ran off frustrating. It was all about poor princess Coco and Raffy didn't want to be intimate with Ryder because she felt guilty. As if Coco was some sort of victim in all of this and Raffy and Ryder should beg for her forgiveness. She's not entitled to want forgiveness. She treated both of them like crap previously and I was actually quite relishing the fact that she was hurting. It was really annoying when she went round to Ryder's just to have a go at him as she was the one who didn't want to go out with Ryder any more and even acknowledged to Maggie that they broke up months ago. I felt when Coco said she wasn't happy that they weren't honest (even though they didn't get the chance to tell her before she caught them) it was really just secondary. In saying that I guess it was something she 'apparently' seemed to accept them but it will be interesting to see how it goes. I quite enjoyed Bella's response to Coco when Coco first saw her with Ryder and asked who she was. I will admit though I did actually quite enjoy their interaction at the Diner the next day after the formalities were out the way. I was always expecting Ross to put in an appearance eventually so glad that the writers didn't wait too long. Will be interesting to see what his plan is for getting Bella back involves.
  11. I will say I like Justin a lot more since he broke up with Willow. Playing the confidant and keep secrets for two of his siblings. His face when he found out Tori went through with the IVF against his advice was priceless. I still don't like what Tori did but what's done is done and if she is going through with pregnancy I do think she should now tell Robbo. Will be interesting to see what Justin does next now that Robbo said he wanted to marry Jasmine (I assume he went to tell Robbo the truth although whether he would have gone through with it is a different story). Brody took far too long to get rid of Simone and even then he was extremely reluctant. I do think Brody should have had more awareness with regards to how Simone felt beforehand. As I said before if this had been a guy that did the stuff Simone did there would be on question about his motives. The alarm bells probably should have been ringing when she paid $750 to spend time with him and offered to do work experience for free. Although to be fair to him other people thought it was harmless as well and Ben seemed to take Ziggy's side when it started to bother her and she confided in him. I think initially Brody was flattered by the fact someone thought he was such a great chef and wanted to learn from him so it did his ego wonders. But at some point he obviously developed feelings towards her as indicated initially by the way he told Dean to back off when he was hitting on Simone, then of course he didn't pull away when she kissed him and even still just dismissed it and and didn't let her go then and there. Even when he went to give her the references you could see he was using every ounce of will power he had to fight how he felt. He really should tell Ziggy the truth but it kind of felt like he didn't want to, not because it would upset his wife or he would get the I-told-you-so speech. But because he wanted to hold onto what he had with Simone.
  12. Can't believe Justin let Raffy go so easily. My jaw dropped when he told Marilyn that Raffy could stay with them permanently. Over the moon about Ryder and Raffy though. I always thought these two had chemistry and I can't stop smiling through most of their scenes. I actually can't wait till Coco finds out (Judging by the preview it looks like the best case scenario). And regarding what Raffy said, I hope that she and Ryder do rub it in Coco's face. Continuing to hate John given his attitude towards Ben when he wouldn't watch his shop for 5 minutes when Dean was AWOL. Glad Ben was the better person and helped John out when he needed it. John also annoyed me the way he went up to warn Ryder as if he was Raffy's dad trying to impose rules on their relationship (Even Marilyn seems to be supportive of the two of them). Haven't been paying too much attention to the Bella storyline and didn't realise she is around Raffy/Coco's age. I thought she was a bit older and it hasn't occurred to me should would be placed with that group. Really not happy about Colby and Chelsea's engagement being back on. I was just getting ready to celebrate her departure and then Colby talks her into staying. Shame. One good thing about Tori not being pregnant just yet is that it prolongs the amount of time we see her wearing the short skirts. Couldn't believe what I was seeing from her. I believe that Justin put himself in Robbo's position but it was sad that Tori made him out to be unsupportive for morally trying to do the right thing and he seemed to feel very strongly about this. I have to admit, I did enjoy Jasmine putting her foot down when Tori wanted her to talk Robbo into giving the pregnancy another chance. What Tori did was disgusting and if this had been real life, I would have been really annoyed but I just can't bring myself to be angry with her...yet. I was quite enjoying seeing Ziggy apparently make a fool out of herself going on about Simone and everyone thinking that Simone was completely innocent. But she was proved to be quite correct as I suspected. It does really show Simone to be quite underhand and sneaky. I will say that I found Dean hitting on her quite funny. As was the way he deliberately stayed behind to make John wait before he left when Ben let him lock up.
  13. Even though Coco didn't actually do anything wrong, given how she's treated Raffy in the past, I was glad Raffy stormed off like that when Coco said Raffy scared her and it made Coco feel bad. Glad that they found her fairly quickly although Marilyn and John were both annoying again and I'm really not sure how much longer I can take watching any scenes with them and Raffy in. Justin's ultimatum was a difficult one. You could have argued that he was being unreasonable but given that Willow and Dean slept together not too long ago, I could see why he would want to keep them apart. Ziggy on the other hand really annoyed me. It's one thing agreeing to support Willow as a friend but she involved herself in something (to be blunt) was not really any of her business. And I didn't like the way it was implied that Justin was solely at fault for shouting at Ziggy when she was gave just as good as she got IMO. I was glad unlike Ben, Brody saw things from his point of view. Ben was just as annoying as Ziggy and reminded my why I disliked him so much up until fairly recently (even though he kind of stuck up for Brody afterwards). I really like Simone. She's lively, bubbly seems like a nice person and I actually quite enjoy the scenes with her and Brody. As annoying as Ziggy has been, she's right to be suspicious of her though. She spends $750 to have cooking lessons with Brody and is prepared to do a month's work experience for free as a trial. If Ziggy and Brody's positions were reversed Brody would have spoken to Ziggy about it. And if that had been Ben instead of Maggie, and a guy paid a ridiculous amount of money for a couple of cooking lessons and offered to work for free for Ziggy he definitely wouldn't have given the benefit of doubt like Maggie did. I'm not sure what to make of Robbo telling Jasmine about his family. I have to admit, I did find it quite funny when Tori got a little scared of him but I'm glad she could understand he was acting like that because he lost his wife and kids. I was very surprised he was willing to give Willow a second chance and even prepared to spend thousands of dollars subsidising her education, given that she's been training people at the gym for a while without being qualified. She's even more of a risk than Ben taking Dean on. The facility where Dean's mum's staying looks alright. I can see why people who commit very serious crimes play the insanity card to try and get out of going to jail to go somewhere like that.
  14. Killing Ground - Very disturbing film!
  15. I was hoping Colby would have taken Neil up on his offer to give info on his sister in exchange for getting out of Chelsea's life. Have to admit I've been really enjoying the whole Tori/Robbo/Jasmine pregnancy thing. Jasmine's facial expressions when she found out Robbo didn't/wouldn't tell her about the way he supported Tori at the hospital were hilarious. The cynic in me was wondering whether Robbo told Jasmine he loved her just so he could tap it. I still really enjoy any scenes with Robbo and Tori. I do admit that I thought today Robbo was way out of line getting Jasmine to check Tori's medical records and I felt a tiny bit sorry for her. It was interesting seeing Robbo have an episode like that after he called Lance to tell him the good news about Tori's pregnancy. It will also be interesting to see if his over-protectiveness starts to freak Tori out. The way Ziggy was hanging around Dean I was starting to wonder if she realised she was married to Brody. Willow's self pitying has been vomit inducing. I really enjoyed Ziggy telling Willow Dean would be better off without her and Willow's gobsmacked reaction was wonderful. Although I suppose Ziggy can't stay mad forever and I did think Brody made valid points defending her and convincing Ziggy to support her. With regards to Raffy attacking Abbi, my only regret is that she didn't put her in hospital, at least then she wouldn't be able to milk playing the victim after the way she was bullying Raffy. I've found both John and Marilyn especially pretty unbearable regarding Raffy and today was annoying the way Marilyn swooped Raffy away to have her all to herself. I can't fault Maggie for suspending her. And didn't like the way everybody seemed to almost gang up on Maggie as she was in an impossible position and she even did the same thing to her daughter when she had a fight with Jen. I also thought Maggie has gone above and beyond with Ryder. I have to admit I did find it funny when Alf gave the woman from the education department a piece of his mind but I think she made a lot of valid points and don't think Ryder should have been allowed to resit his exams. I still find it puzzling how they are apparently cool with Ryder going back to school purely to support Raffy and not because he's particularly interested in getting an education. But I suppose maybe they are hoping somewhere along the line his attitude will change.
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