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  1. Even if you exclude the sociopathic element of spiking someone's drink, in terms of the storyline to me it doesn't make sense. Susie's gone to the trouble of moving in with John, getting him elected as the chairman of the Surf Club and currently in the process of trying to obtain sponsors. There is absolutely nothing to gain by doing this. She's actually been pretty smart and attempting to drug someone seems pretty stupid in comparison to what she's done so far. It just feels like the writers want to get the character to the point of no return where she really is the baddie. I was che
  2. Chloe was really getting on my nerves the way she was acting towards Ryder. I didn't blame him for being confused when she kissed him. Although hopefully it will be an end to the bickering when he's ready to admit he has feelings for her as well. Amber's obviously into Dean. I still think there's something between Ziggy and Dean though. Ziggy I think has a spark for him but she's trying to move on with Tane. Dean, I actually think is still in love with her and he's just looking at Amber because he's attracted to her and she's the mother of his kid. Not sure he'll see her the way he
  3. She won't admit it but at least it looks as though Tori realises she's made a mistake allowing Lewis to work in the same department as Christian. Given how Marilyn was with John leading up to them separating, I was glad Susie was the one to deliver the divorce papers to her (As much as Susie isn't a good person). And I wasn't too keen on John being made out to be the bad guy. As Susie isn't with John because she actually wants to be with him, I would like to see her actual end game and this particular storyline wrapped up. I was on the fence about Mackenzie telling Ari about the ba
  4. I found the scenes with Amber and Mackenzie interesting. When Mackenzie initially walked up to Dean/Amber/Jai, Amber looked apprehensive and was getting ready to have another argument but then she seemed bemused when Mackenzie was being nice to Jai and seemed OK with Mackenzie afterwards. It's a shame Amber reverted to being childish due to petty jealousy because Dean didn't tell her his plans, she saw him with Ziggy, put two and two together and came up with five. Although I do think she has a point. Perhaps she should move out and find her own place. She obviously still has a thing for
  5. I will say what I like, thank you very much - Ari and Mia are pricks! I was also pleased that their reunion didn't go entirely as planned but I suspect that Chloe getting kidnapped will be water under the bridge and that they will be a couple again soon. Mia hadn't seen Ari for years then less than 2 weeks after seeing him again, she jumps into bed with him. So that says it all really. We'll see how things pan out with Ziggy and Tane going forward. Whilst it isn't a bad as what happened with Dean, I guess there are trust issues given that all four of her partners have lied/deceive
  6. I wasn't happy that they previewed it in Thursday's episode but given Ari has finished with her IMO Mackenzie now being pregnant is disastrous. Whilst I accept it was going to happen with Ari and Mia there's no way I'm getting behind those two pricks after presumably they will make it official. Chloe and Ryder were still at each others throats although given the circumstances I did find it slightly amusing this time. Seems as though Alf has cottoned onto the fact Ryder fancies her (Roo presumably already knows). I suspected (as presumably a lot of people did) that Paul was involved in
  7. I was much like Bella and Nikau were during the Chloe/Ryder arguing after they both gatecrashed their date night. I'm hoping they can get together ASAP so we don't have to see any more of this. It was around midway through that episode where I had come to the conclusion that Mackenzie deserves better so I was glad Ari finished with her. I was very annoyed with Chloe. She basically repays the person who gave her a job by setting up her mother to steal her employers boyfriend. Although objectively I do think Chloe simply accelerated the inevitable anyway.
  8. Well it was good to see Willow's nose out of joint when she saw Ziggy and Tane together - More of that please. The way Amber's face lit up when she saw Ziggy and Tane also made me laugh. As much as I've disliked Amber, I do think she is quite funny e.g. sleeping with Tane winding Mackenzie up about it and commenting on Ziggy and Tane when she saw them at Salt a few months ago knowing there was a spark. I do believe that Amber was initially open to getting together with Dean but I think she's assessed the situation and come to the conclusion that he's had so much stuff to deal with as of
  9. In one hand I guess it's sad that Alf has been dethroned but given how annoying I found Roo on Monday, I was glad John won if only just to spite her. Irene/Roo/Marilyn can criticise John all they want but I personally think there's an argument John deserved to win given how much effort Suzy put into the campaign and how she was able to motivate him. Her motives are highly questionable but she worked damn hard to get him elected. I was rolling my eyes at Marilyn's BS and also cheered Susie on especially when Marilyn said it was none of her business when she was fighting John's corner and Sus
  10. The whole Susie moving in with John thing is a tricky one. The concerns about Susie from certain Summer Bay folk are legitimate but the issue I have is that they have not been party to what we have so have very little to base their claims on. As already mentioned, Irene's concerns seemed to come out of nowhere. And Roo and Marilyn don't have much to go on either. Alf seems like the only person who has had sufficient interaction to make a fair assessment but even then it's only really about her getting involved in the politics of the Surf Club. I think John is allowing Susie to move in too
  11. Really, really not happy Willow is back. I was cheering Bella on when she had a go at her. And I couldn't believe the hypocrisy when she questioned Ziggy's loyalty to Dean so was glad (whilst Ziggy agreed with what Willow did in court) she called Willow out for being a back stabbing traitor. I'm not happy Amber is back either although out of the two I prefer her to Willow as at least she owns the fact she is a bitch. In saying that she almost seems to have had a personality transplant since she went away. She was actually pretty pleasant to Dean. Although whilst she's around it might
  12. Again, really hope I'm wrong but it seemed like Suzy was manipulating John throughout that episode, especially when he heard her phone call (I'm not even convinced she was actually talking to anybody) and implied she was homeless later on. It's a shame as well because as someone who normally strongly dislikes John, I've actually quite liked him since he started dating her. The scene at the dinner table was wonderful - Ryder moaning about Chloe, Martha's remark to Ryder i.e. having a dig at Roo and Alf, Roo's reaction and the way she looked across at Alf, Marilyn trying to change the subj
  13. To me that episode doesn't appear to bode well for Mackenzie or John. Ari and Mia seemed to get closer. Going out of his way to get a place for Mia, his reaction when Chloe was criticising Mia later on in the episode and then when he immediately called Mackenzie after he had a go at Chloe to arrange to spend a few days with her almost as a way to try and suppress his feelings towards his ex. I actually really enjoyed most of the scenes with John and Suzy. She seems quite pushy with this campaign but John seems happy about it. I really hope the questions she was asking about the ki
  14. It's often interesting seeing the contrast of Tori how she can be immature in one episode with her initial reaction to Christian revealing the surprise engagement but seemingly professional in the next episode. In saying that I don't agree with her allowing Christian and Lewis to work together in the same department. Not after what Jasmine told her (I was half expecting Jasmine to keep quiet about that). That is an emotional decision, not a professional one and based purely on the fact that Tori feels sorry for Lewis because he lost his wife. Ari annoyed me. He was taking the p**s wit
  15. Another murder. He's only been inside for a few weeks. Although objectively Dean was right. The people in jail giving him a hard time are not going to bother Colby now. Even though Martha was in denial, I wasn't sure about what seemed blind defence. She didn't want Kieran turning up initially so on some level there's acknowledgement he was going to be a problem. I do have to admit, I did quite enjoy the scene with Alf/Roo/Kieran and found Alf hilarious although it's a good thing Justin had just finished his training session as who knows what would have happened if he hadn't stepped
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