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  1. Forgot to mention before that I found it really funny that everybody bar Ryder knew exactly why it would have been problematic calling the police on the drug dealers when they rocked up at Tane's. Again, feel sorry for Taylor despite the fact she did the dirty on Angelo. As far as she's concerned Angelo and Colby really are two sides of the same coin. Both of them using her to get the better of the other in terms of the case. Angelo clearly doesn't really care about his marriage as he wouldn't have tried to blackmail Taylor into picking a side re him/Colby. And if he really cared, he
  2. I have to admit, you are still quite funny sometimes. Well you heard it folks. Straight from the horses mouth. Jasmine looking after Grace is potentially asking for trouble. It's a shame we didn't get to see Justin's running commentary on it this time. I have to admit, I laughed at Irene's reaction when Jasmine said she dreaded giving Grace back just before reassuring Irene she wasn't back to let's say..the..previous Jasmine (the c-word re Jasmine is prohibited around here). Also, she was mentioning to Colby when she went to spend time with him, how she enjoyed spending time with Gra
  3. It's funny, that scene where Angelo told Bella about Colby and Taylor was reminiscent of the scene when he told Roman about Aden and Belle all those years ago. I have to admit, I did find it quite amusing the semi mind games Angelo has been playing with Taylor i.e. asking her to spend the evening with him when he knew she had planned to meet Colby and turning up just as she'd left Colby the next morning asking her to have breakfast with him. I think Willow summed it up perfectly - Colby thinks he's untouchable. He was so deluded even when Bella point blank told him Angelo knew he was se
  4. I'm not sure why my post earlier on was removed. Whilst the delivery was in jest, the basic premise was an honest one. I would like to see more younger, attractive girls on the show. I don't see any issue with this. As per the other thread I posted in, I don't see anything wrong with prioritising physical appearance in a fictional program. Whether people want to accept this or not, having attractive characters is part of Home and Away. And having a beach with girls in bikini's is part of that and has been for many years. The same way having crime stories is part of Home and Away or trou
  5. I think this is mostly truthful although I would be tempted to replace the term 'purely' with 'initially'. I believe the reality is appearance is very important to some people whether they want to admit it or not. If you go for a job interview, the first thing the interviewer notices is how smart the person is dressed. If someone tries to stop you on the street whether that be because they want to sign up for something or they are doing some sort of survey, the first thing you will notice what they look like. And if someone tries to hit on another person, the first thing they will notice i
  6. Funny how you said you ignored the 'crazy label' re Jasmine twice and even advised someone else to as well. Not very good at practising what you preach. I despair at how simple statements often go over people's heads. Tori on heat continues to be amusing. Especially when Christian tried to hook up, she made a big thing about it, he immediately backed down and she was disappointed he didn't make more of a fuss. Leah was right about her giving mixed signals and she continued to even after their conversation in that episode. Justin's commentary about it later on that eveni
  7. Presumably Angelo's figured out that Colby is using Taylor in attempt to keep one step ahead of him. You could see yesterday that it was difficult for him to listen to them. The fact that he's prepared to allow his wife to continue sleeping with another man to progress the case.... you have to admire his dedication. Although a lot of it is fuelled by the fact that Colby has just been so smug and arrogant about everything. As I said before it's now more about beating the other than it is about the murder investigation itself. I actually really enjoyed the scene when Angelo confronted him a
  8. Despite my dislike towards Amber, I did actually think she was very reasonable in that episode and actually found myself annoyed at Dean, particularly his refusal to respond to any attempts from her (or anybody else) to contact him. I actually thought she was well within her rights to go to the police and was annoyed the way Willow was trying to stop her from taking things further. Really don't like the position Ziggy's in because of Tane.
  9. Channel 5 should really remove the picture of Gemma from their website given that she's not coming back (Yay!). I liked the way Ari was trying to spend time with Dean to help take his mind off Amber re Jai. I guess Dean is the only friend Ari has. I didn't like the way Mackenzie was dismissive of Ari when he just wanted to buy Dean a drink, Dean obviously didn't want to talk about Amber but Mackenzie wouldn't let it go. I do actually think the legal approach is the right option as I agree with Dean that neither Amber or her mother can be trusted. Dean would need his head read confiding in
  10. It will be interesting to see if it comes out that Angelo pretended to be Colby to obtain Taylor's phone records, whether there will be any repercussions, regardless of whether he cracks the case. I do have to admit the mind games at the moment is sublime. And Angelo is definitely winning. I didn't think I would initially but I am quite enjoying seeing Colby and Taylor squirm. Taylor more-so. It's interesting how Colby was using Taylor to turn the case to his advantage and now Angelo is using her to further his advancement in the case. Given that he's bugged Taylor, presumably he's going
  11. It doesn't sit right with you - From a fictional program. That's my point. There's an argument that it may be hyperbolic but that's it as far as I'm concerned in the context of the fictional program. I haven't said you said there was anything wrong with criticising crazy Jasmine BTW, don't know where you got that from unless you've made it up. Yes, Colby is a good cop - Judge, jury and executioner. It's getting really tense with him and Angelo both of them taking turns to psych each other out via the staring competition they seem to have going at the moment. You can even feel the
  12. Well tough, because you're wasting your time. You haven't convinced me of anything. I'm not going to change what I say just because you don't like it. Nobody's sticking a gun to your head and forcing you to read my posts OK? H & A is not real life. It's a scripted drama with fictional characters and I don't see anything wrong with criticising a fictional character in a fictional program. You can defend crazy Jasmine all you like but I'll continue to refer to her like that, when I see the need. Understood?
  13. Who are you trying to convince, me or you? Very disappointed with Tane although I guess old habits die hard. I have to say, surprisingly I've liked Ziggy a lot more since she's been single. And I do actually quite like the scenes with Tane although I really hope they keep the relationship platonic. I also like the way she's got Justin's back at the moment. That being said I would like to see some sort of reconciliation with Dean if only to put Amber's nose out of joint as it's always felt like she mentioned Jai in to reclaim him. Looks as though the crazy one's turning into the g
  14. I felt a little bit sorry for Ari when he did seem to be making a genuine effort with Tane and was getting the cold shoulder. Not sure he deserves sympathy given how he's acted towards Tane previously. I didn't like the way Mackenzie asked Ari to square things with Tane about him being around her though as it seemed a bit selfish. She should just give Tane some space. Have to say crazy Jasmine's looking quite tasty. Very surprised Angelo hasn't sussed Taylor and Colby yet, given how he seems to turn up everywhere and presumably he's been doing quite a bit of following. I actually
  15. Despite the fact that these are rhetorical questions, I won't waste time going back and forth with you again trying to spell anything out as it will be like talking to a brick wall. Ziggy could definitely use help at the garage. And she will probably run herself into the ground eventually without it considering (after what we've seen on Friday) that there's a good chance Justin probably won't be back anytime in the foreseeable future. Despite not being her biggest fan, I feel a bit sorry for her. Family's gone, she's broke up with Dean and the work is piling up. Justin and Alf have bo
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