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  1. Do we know the location where Ziggy & Dean were driving through - it was a pretty spectacular landscape, the sheer vastness of the sky was mindblowing!
  2. I was amazed Bella managed to hold on for so long, she must have been busting as she said to Dean she needed the loo. Totes CaptainHulk really? Btw I think Courtney Miller has beautiful eyes. Small aside was Dean's cut on his cheek more prominent than it had been? Ziggy actually seemed more laid back then he did when Bella popped her head out. Of course Dean has known her a lot longer than Ziggy so would understand how freaked out Colby would be. Willow on the other hand seemed very blaise about the fact Bella was missing, Colby is responsible for her after all, anything could have happened to her. Oh I spotted a Union Jack flag amongst all the cars! That was a spectacular landscape Dean & Ziggy were driving through. Anyone know were they were? Oh Z& D do kiss! Be careful Dean you've been on the wrong end of a rebound romance before. I can't recall Jasmine having many panic attacks either unless there were times before we knew her. Jett, could, of course, put off leaving John and Maz's but the longer he leaves it the harder it will be for him to make the break and be independent. That flat looked fantastic btw and it would have been OK'd by guys and gals in Jett's situation hence look how spacious it looked. He's not going to be just left there to fend for himself, he'll have help adjusting and getting the feel of the place. Plus of course all cupboards etc will be at eye level so he won't have to stretch up like he did to get that jug out of the fridge at John & Marilyn's or have any low cupboards. Not comparable at all but being on the short side I don't have any overhead cupboards in my house as I know I couldn't reach them. I guess he'd be provided with a grabber should he drop anything. It's not a done deal, he can still say no, but why doesn't he give it a go, they - the Army - must allow an adjustment period. I like how John & Marilyn are supportive, even though they must be concerned. It did take them a while for the penny to drop that Jett wasn't as keen as they expected him to be. That was a neat trick Colby pulled when he started the car with a screw driver telling the others - well mainly Ziggy & Bella - to forget they'd seen it. Mind you, cops do know how to get into cars and start them by non legal methods if needs be.
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  4. Did seem pretty late for that leaflet to be dropping through the Astoni's letterbox/post box seeing as the rally was two days later!! I know Dean is a good mechanic but didn't think even he was such a miracle worker, though it did show if people are determined enough to make something work they will. Was that really the same heap of junk that Ziggy and Dean drove away in - looked amazing. Willow was putting on a good show at seeing Ziggy and Dean being so friendly, switched from Justin then back to Dean then. Depending on how you see it - especially from Bella's point of view - it may look like Ziggy and Dean are on the verge of something, but from another point of view it's just Ziggy being overexcited and wanting to hug everyone. Bella looks on Dean & Willow being part of her 'family' so would see Ziggy as an interloper wanting to take Dean away, can't remember if she was about when Willow was with Justin. Bella did look happy, though at first disbelieving, at how good her assignment had been received. Yes Raffy is finally going to be 16! I did wonder when Brody mentioned it if Coco would be returning and lo and behold she is - which lead to me wondering if Hope, she was part of Raffy's life for the first 13 years of her life after all, will be getting a mention or has she been airbrushed from Raffy's history? Coco as we saw isn't at all happy, to put it mildly, about how accepting everyone is about the fact the party is at Salt and Simone being there. They have, though, had time to come to terms with the situation. I know Ziggy's 21st didn't go as she may have planned it but Coco was a no show for that. After his blow up Brody has calmed down and Simone as you said Red is being accepting and supportive, wiling to wait until Brody is ready to go, there's Raffy's already mentioned 16th and wanting to see how she is going to be after her recent hospital stay. I knew it was too soon for Jett to become a counsellor, it is still too raw for him to be advising others. Like how Alf had some more pearls of wisdom for John to suggest to Jett, I had to look up RSL, but Jett's visit to them seemed to have given him a renewed sense of purpose. The news there is now place for him in the city has left him with conflicted emotions. That did raise a smile when Alf told Jett off for speeding through the surf club, maybe he needs l plates on his chair. Talking of counsellors and Robert/Aiden and is he or isn't he still a cop but undercover. We don't know what he has been doing in the ten years we last saw him, but if wouldn't he actually have had to go through the training, can't see any responsible health authority hiring him if he didn't have the proper qualifications, be far too risky letting him loose on patients, he could do all sorts of harm if he didn't know what he was talking about. Tori had heard about him as she recommended him to Jasmine. Anyways he and Robbo look to be having a talk on the beach this week, odd place for an counselling session albeit an informal one and wasn't it rather near the Diner where he could be recognised?
  5. I did spot a hole in Tori's 'theory' that Raffy's symptoms coming back were in her mind and that she wanted it to work not as a result of the CBD oil actually working because Mason put it together. You could say there would be the same argument if it had been a proper, supervised trial, and it was found to be working, then halted to see how it affected the patient and the symptoms came back, would Tori say the same thing then? She was being really, really annoying and so blinkered. She seems to be treating Raffy as an idiot child and not a savvy 15 year old who knows her own body. She appeared to take it personally that Mason went against 'her' decision. There have been quite a few cases where mums and dads have discovered a cure for their child's illness - Lorenzo's oil anyone - and they had no medical knowledge unlike Mason who knew what he was doing, Tori hasn't even considered looking at Mason's notes. She did get worn down in the end and told Raffy and Mas she'd show Mason's findings to the trial team. I think he has made the right decision in not going for the internship, he does have a problem with following the rules, maybe he'll go into the research side of medicine. Be one in the eye for Tori if Mason's research and trial is seen to work. That 'drug addict' remark was totally ridiculous Mason had it under his control, apart from the one slip by Raffy where she overdosed, for which he threatened to stop it there and then. Ryder really is a true diamond, but he can't be with Raffy 24/7 and not leave her alone for a second, she'd start to resent him then, he's one of the few who treats her like normal, he would turn into her care not a boyfriend. Unlike a teen to have a low charge on his mobile but luckily Alf and Marilyn just happened to wander by. Had to smile at the look on Ryder's face when Marilyn suggested he go home and write Raffy a love poem. I don't quite see the reasoning that now Leah & Justin are an item he is supposed to tell her everything like he would have done if they had still been friends, there are still things you wouldn't discuss, for an example he kept quiet about Brody's affair while they were in friends mode, though he was tempted to a couple of times. Leah didn't interfere as such but just offered her opinion as seen from an 'outsiders' point of view so didn't deserve Tori's tongue lashing. Interesting that Simone is being left on the sidelines, but Ziggy would have been included. I think if she was aware she'd be concerned, Brody's affair wasn't Raffy's fault. As already been said about Ryan/Robbo/Beckett it makes sense it would take time for him to be accepted as this hit man with a bad rep (which was made up) so two years is a good time scale. There are still gaps we don't know about that aren't linked to the cops and Dylan Carter. Novak mentioned when he tried to blow them all up he and Beckett had worked together before after he got over the shock of seeing him there and that was the first time Robbo knew his 'real' name. The feds can play with time and people's history like they did with the Morgan's whenever they had to move because their identity had been blown. Ryan Shaw disappeared off all systems and Beckett Reid appeared. It was the corrupt cops who sent Beckett Reid to kill Kat. I said before it was a long shot Robbo would be at the counselling session but it seemed to me as soon as Aiden saw him he lost interest in Jasmine and her story and instead of asking her about her dad was quizzing her about Robbo and even if he is a fake counsellor he did a very good job of getting to tell him Robbo's real name. I may be reading more into it than there is but he seemed very keen to know the specific date when Robbo's family died. Btw DB I don't think Jasmine has got 'it out of her system' she's only had one session so just scratched the surface. Gave Robbo food for thought as he hasn't thrown the card away. Jasmine was justly upset Robbo didn't jump at her offer to get back together but I think he's right, until they have both sorted out their pasts and properly come to terms with them then they will just keep coming up against the same problems. No wonder Robbo wasn't in the mood for Tori. I can see why Roo was upset with Martha who after appearing to have settled in the bay suddenly announced she's going home, she has just got her back. Martha did drop a bombshell there she and Alf had obviously talked it through. A tad unfair, though knowing Alf understandable, her instantly blaming him for her leaving. Their time on the trip together worked as they must have thrashed out a lot of things as they seem so relaxed together and I loved how they took the micky out of each other with such love. I'm glad Roo came round to the idea in the end after Alf and Martha explained they were both happy with the arrangement, Alf can visit Martha, Martha can visit the bay, they can go away with each other again. Living together after so long would have been a big adjustment, they are both stubborn, wondered where Roo got it from. They even said if it didn't work they think of something else, which for Alf is a big thing. Brody and Simone were excited about selling Salt and moving on but Brody actually getting an offer so quick and that it's more than he expected makes it real. I think he thought it would take a while longer. To be fair to her Simone still isn't or wasn't pushing him, even went off and got herself a maternity cover teaching job. She even told him to go when he got the news Raffy was in hospital, though she looked miffed the next day when she was making plans and he sad he had to go. His sudden flair up at her about how Salt was his restaurant and he'd built it up from nothing came out of the blue but as I said before the fact he and Simone could be leaving sooner rather than later is more real now he's had an offer. On top of that of course he would be leaving his family and not be on as hand for Raffy as he is currently.
  6. Robbo revealing that date certainly explains why he reacted the way he did over Tori's baby news, it most definitely would have affected him more than any other time. I don't think we have had a definite time line for the murder of Robbo's family before, it's always been a bit vague. He definitely said 2015 making it four years which makes a lot more sense, the job he was on upset the wrong people who took it out on his family. It would have taken him time to infiltrate the gang and get them to trust him. His job as Beckett Reid was to kill Kat but as you said Lunar his uncover job was to protect her. Auden aka Robert Roberson - I knew I knew that face - had an unconventional approach to counselling, he seemed to be more interested in Robbo than Jasmine, then asking him to join them. If he is Robert Robertson acting as a counsellor he'd better stay out of the way, too many people who'd recognise him especially Leah who he dated briefly. That was ten years ago!!!!! He was hardly a back ground character either. Perhaps TPTB are playing with our minds - should we book an appointment with a counsellor? It would have been a very long shot that Robbo would have been there as he only decided to accompany Jasmine just before she left. Aiden did suggest rather pointedly that Robbo see him again. I can imagine how Jasmine must have felt watching out of the window for her dad until she finally realised he wasn't coming back. As she was fostered I guess that means she didn't have any other close family, aunts, uncles, grandparents that could have looked after her. Is there going to be an upcoming storyline where she decides to look for him? I did enjoy the scenes with Justin and Leah on the beach - I thought it was a brilliant idea even if she did turn out to be rubbish at surfing, they both seemed to be having fun though that water did look cold. Was that why no-one else was about? Alf was very unhelpful I thought, though Justin did work it out for himself - without resorting to Google I hope. It is about time Ben made peace with Justin, as Maggie said Ziggy's back working at the garage and getting on with him. John is now relaxed enough to leave Jett home alone! Maz had it right, he was trying too hard to think of something to do with his life. John & Maz getting him to write down what he was good at was a inspired idea - apart from cooking . The army must have thought he was good at leading men to make him a lieutenant. He would have a ways to go before being a counsellor/advisor/advocate, can't just walk into that position like that - no offence intended btw - he'd need training and they would assess if he was ready yet. It's looking like Mason's argument for him giving Raffy the cannabis oil could be vindicated this week. No spoilers just gong by what I have seen in the trailers.
  7. Ziggy did show good maturity there, even if some would say she is cutting her nose off to spite her face when Brody offered her half of the sale if Salt. She acknowledged he had the place before they met but his argument was she helped him when no-one else was willing to. Another thing, he has already said he'd pay back Tori and Justin so it wouldn't him much to play with. I'm glad they were able to at least have a civilised conversation which wouldn't have seemed likely following the home truths he dished out at the Morgan's. Quite sad their talk on the beach but at least a decision has been reached and Ziggy made it by herself. Good decision too not to involve lawyers, they would definitely urge her to take him for all she could considering he was at fault. I think you have to submit a petition to the courts, but you still have to be married a year, but the fact Brody committed adultery may make a difference. Yes Irene was back on the roundabout with how she feels about Robbo. He obviously still has things he hasn't dealt with but may have felt backed into a corner by Tori's hassling. So good for Willow giving him what for! I did like it when he told Jas he was doing it not out of duty but because he loved her. She's stopped pulling away when he takes her hand so that's a good sign. Kind of a switch John being the over protective one over Jett, amazing how Jett has managed to keep his temper. Yes we know Jett needs help with certain things but he can ask if he needs it, he hasn't lost the power of speech. Alf coming back was able to look at the situation from a outsiders point of view and gave John his own version of tough love. Marilyn may have not wanted to say anything because she didn't want to hurt John's feeling but Alf had no qualms on that score. Smiled when Marilyn took Jett for their walk and just said 'come on then' and let Jett wheel himself, she may usually be dippy but her idea of Jett writing down things he wants to do. Btw "What's this?" "It's a notepad and pen". OK it didn't start off too well in the Diner with Jett doing a good impression of a night out in a Greek taverna, but he worked it out in the end, getting the diners to put their plates, knives and forks in a bowl which he carried to the kitchen. He did accept John's apology and understood the reason why he was being a mother hen. Probably take a bit of working out but sure there will be a way round the pool table can be adapted so Jett can use it. Alf coming over all Mafia with Justin - don't forget the last person to hurt a member of his 'family' - Zac - he did live to tell the tale, but wisely left town for overseas.
  8. I know there is no law against a 20 something bloke getting together with a 40ish woman (or the other way round for that matter) but I don't think Leah would be comfortable with it and I can't see her going there at all. Tori's reaction to Justin and Leah's PDA was just like Raffy's - only funnier coming from an adult. All the warning signs were there really when Mason got the news he'd been given another crack at the internship at ND hospital and had been offered an interview. He must have been pretty high on their list of 'not quite made it this time' for them to consider him again. The Morgan's aren't meant to be happy for long are they? The cops must have had their eyes on the growers/suppliers for a while to catch Mas out like that. Without involving Raffy there wasn't any explanation Mason could offer. I can see why he called Brody, OK he was angry, but was more reasonable than Justin would have been. Mason knew from the beginning it could go pear shaped, even if he does escape jail that must be the end of his medical career. Seemed Raffy was in need of another dose she was a bit twitchy towards the end causing her to run off like she did when Mason confessed all - well nearly all - Tori, Justin and Brody don't know there is a chemical lab set up in their garage - which would rebound in spectacular fashion on them if it was found. Justin even though like the most of us have a very low medical knowledge took the time to read Mason's notes on his treating of Raffy and realised just how meticulous he'd been. Tori wasn't at all interested tad blinkered there methinks. In the eyes of the law it doesn't matter that Raffy was all for it, she is a minor - yes still only 15- and supplying to a minor brings an even heavier sentence. Are they, Mason and Raffy, going to keep Ryder's name out of it? I love how he defended what he had done to Tori and said he'd do it again because family came first. Just how long were Brody and Raffy on the beach, it was daylight when he caught up with her yet dark when they returned home??? Btw Simone while you two are still in the bay you're going have to get used to Brody dashing off when another Morgan crisis occurs. I think Willow's reaction to hearing about Leah & Justin then seeing them together was quite normal, it hasn't been that long and even if it was amicable though she dumped him still got be a twinge of 'if only' there. Has there been any hint of Willow and Colby ever being an item or are they just genuine friends or would that be weird them being a couple? Of course Colby was joking when he threatened Bella with locking her in the cells, his colleagues would have had something to say about it - McCarthy must have had the day off - pretty sure he wouldn't have OK'd a bring your sister to work day, was that the same day or the next day - days and time can be a bit elastic in the bay - see above. Colby wasn't that smart, he let her keep her phone so she could call Dean and tell him she was being kept prisoner. Dean at least had his sensible head on telling both of them to keep it down, though it didn't stop him having a smirk. Methinks Bella wasn't able to shout back at her dad where with Colby she can and does. Colby, however high handed he's behaved didn't deserve her comparing him to Ross, he is in his own ham fisted way trying to look out for her and do his best. Dean to the rescue again, it was his idea she nicked about fire alarm, reckon he didn't do it in front of teachers though, she's got hell of a memory. He's really into reverse kidology isn't he by playing it all down gets her to see she was going at it all wrong, both her and Colby are stubborn types neither wanting to back down. He got it right when he said to Colby the more he nagged the more she'd dig her heels in. Colby swallowed his pride and tackled the problem from a different angle and asked Bella what would their mum suggest to do in this situation. Bella then had to admit she was bored as during the day Raffy and Ryder were at school and she was just drifting about , she seem to catch on Raffy made a not too subtle escape as did Ryder neither of them wanting to hurt Bella's feelings by saying they needed time alone or to study. At least if - when - she goes back to school she can see them during breaks. Bella was a lot calmer and more amiable when she, Colby and Roo talked at Salt, liked her honesty when she said she couldn't promise to be the model pupil but she would give it her best. I was wondering if Dean had any of that money left his dad gave him and seems he has still hidden n the blanket box in his van, using it to buy stuff for the car Ziggy is doing up, though I'd be like her and want to pay my way on it. Did Ziggy suffer from momentary blindness because she walked straight by the For Sale sign outside the Surf Club and only when she changed places when talking to Dean did she see it over his shoulder. I guess the 'd' word will have to be discussed between Ziggy and Brody, does make it final though and while it hasn't come up before now Ziggy has been able to put it to the back of her mind but you can't ignore it hoping it will go away. Alf was being cagey I guess until he could break it to Roo first then bring Martha in, he just didn't get the chance. It certainly would have been one hell of a shock for her especially as Marilyn and others knew they had been getting closer when she was there but it wasn't their place to say anything, Marilyn in particular, if you remember, was very discreet. I can see Alf's reasoning why he hadn't told the truth about where he had really been, he didn't want to build her hopes up and Martha said the same thing. I'm with you Red, there isn't anything wrong with Alf saying he'd always loved Martha, Ailsa would have known that, doesn't mean he loved Ailsa any less, just as Marilyn knows a part of John will always love Gina. We all know what Alf is like when it comes to him showing or expressing his feelings, he mourned Martha for years then felt betrayed when he found out the truth all those years ago, it was easier, for him, to hate her.
  9. Yes Bella is playing up but she has had a lot of upheaval in her young life, all set to have settled family life with Colby & Chelsea - that got blown apart, put back into main stream school after having spent five years out of the loop so tons of catching up to do, just feeling comfortable with Simone then partly down to her she quit, Simone did tell her there were other factors, so having to start again with Roo, who I do feel isn't as into it as she should be. Bella does feel she is being prevented from being with Raffy & Ryder, who it appears didn't know she set off the fire alarm. Instead of impressing Raffy though it has upset her as she had to miss an appointment with her maths teacher to go through her work, she dashed off when Roo challenged Bella the later Ryder made his excuses to go home when Colby came home. Maggie had no choice really but to suspend Bella, but maybe she didn't think it through, OK she's 16, but her being at home all day isn't going to help her learn anything which maybe was the idea and as Colby said he's got to go to work and in her present mood he can't trust her not to get up to mischief. I think Colby threatening to put Bella in the cells was him at the end of his tether, she's refusing to do the homework she's been set, what happens if he's sent out on call? I think there is part of her that wants to conform, but she's forging a rebel without a cause role for herself and maybe doesn't want to back down. Even Willow couldn't get through to her and who in return was knocked back by Bella's own shock news. Her response puzzled me though - "which one?". Which one did she think, Brody's got his new lady and Mason is too young so it had to be Justin. Both Ryder and Marilyn were taken aback by the fact Raffy already knew about Justin & Leah so won't be long I guess before Mason & Tori are let in on the non-secret. I did smile at Raffy's pleas about them toning down the PDA's. See like me Justin wondered what happened to Leah's request they take it slowly. I liked Leah in that lilac dress she was wearing earlier, she's got an amazing figure. The look on Irene's face when she saw Justin & Leah though the window was priceless. Her bubble of passing on the good news was burst somewhat by Roo admitting she already knew. Why was Marilyn a big mouth - it wasn't a secret by then. Though I don't think Willow wants Justin back and their break up was mutual and quite amicable compared to some, she must have still felt a twinge that he had moved on and of what might have been. I wondered about the 'been together a long time' comment, only about a year wasn't it on and off? Justin did tell Leah most of his time with Willow was spent looking out for her and keeping her out of trouble instead of just being a couple. Hi big man - good to see you back. Just turning up like that what did you expect, Ryder and Roo both had to go to school - plenty of time for a catch up later and there's plenty of catching up to do. I guess Leah will have to ask Alf if it is OK for Justin to spend the night now and again, separate bedrooms of course.
  10. Not all of Leah's men have died and looking on her profile there have been quite a few aside from Vinnie and Dan , Roman, Hazem, Elijah, Robert Robertson, Miles, and Zac, then there was her crush on Brax! I can understand her wariness about Justin wanting to take their FWB's a step further she hasn't been lucky on the relationship front. She's also scared if they did get together and it went wrong their friendship could be ruined. Neat way of her asking Marilyn's advice saying it was for her vlog and Marilyn was so right with her answer you can't avoid getting into something just in case you may get hurt. It was different with her and John, Gina hadn't long died and there was Jett's feelings to consider. They have certainly had their ups and downs but they have weathered them. VJ is an adult now though Justin has Ava but they know each other, they know each other's history so nasty surprises - we hope. Justin hasn't had much luck in the relationship department either but he's wiling to go there. They haven't declared undying for each other, just taking it slowly, at a snail's pace so said Leah, well that didn't last long! Rather sweet Justin looking all awkward then Leah decides to snog the face off him much to the bemusement of Marilyn, Ben, Raffy, even though we didn't see her reaction and Ryder whose remark about how come he didn't see that coming made me smile. I think the rest of the Morgan's will be just as pleased. Though of course she doesn't really have a say, I wonder how Willow will take the news. Roo will be relieved she won't have to keep their secret under wraps any more. I think Bella does blame herself for Simone going so that is why she is rebelling big time. Roo is trying hard, maybe too hard, didn't help that she told Bella she wouldn't be able to give her as much time as Simone did but she'd fit her when she could. Bella trusted Simone now she will have to start from scratch. That was a big ask when Roo asked Bella what her thoughts were about why Australia got involved in the 1st World War, that would be way out of Bella's comfort zone be difficult enough for the other kids who hadn't revised up on it. She is torn about wanting to learn and having to spend time away from Ryder & Raffy who are her only friends. I feel a bit sorry for Colby, he's not only having to get used to a normal teenagers stroppiness but Bella's extra problems on top of it. Slightly reassuring Bella didn't have a melt down when Colby shouted at her and just behaved like your usual teenager and stomped off to her room.
  11. As this page was down yesterday I'll have to have a pretty quick recap. Robbo was right he would have been the only one who could connect with Jett, cringed when Jett made the remark about he hadn't been responsible for anyone's death but of course he didn't know about Robbo's wife and children but bravely swallowed his embarrassment and apologised to Robbo. Losing men who you were responsible for is one thing, though they did know what to expect going into a war zone, Lauren, Lucas and Sophia were innocents who died as a result of Robbo's job. Jett has been exonerated yes but in his mind he still feels it was his fault. Robbo gave Jett some wise words about getting help now rather than bottle it up for years like he did and we saw Jett ring Chaplain Wilson. Did laugh though when John and Marilyn went to get ice creams and discussed John's idea that Jett still move out but somewhere local, Jett wasn't fooled at all, especially as they 'forgot' the ice creams with his question "Who won?" John may be a duffer at times but he was right in saying Jett needs to concentrate on the positive things he can do. Btw has the front door at Marilyn and John's always been wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, it looks the same to me? I initially thought Robbo meant Tori, but she only helped him with his physical injuries, it was Jasmine who helped him heal mentally and that is why he is so determined to help her even if she says she doesn't want him to. Maybe have been a too OTT but just as well he was there when she collapsed, she's been working too hard, probably not sleeping well, not eating and literally running herself into the ground. One of those coincidences we mentioned earlier as Leah & Roo come along just in time to help him with her. She didn't put up that much of a fight when he picked her up and carried her to the Diner - lucky girl - why haven't they got a green with envy emoji? Although he meant well by asking Tori to check she was OK it did result in Jasmine having a pop at her by telling her it was all her fault - no argument from me there. But that was a sad reveal, at six even the fact a parent has died feels like an abandonment, then a year later your dad walks away from you, and the parents she talked about were her foster parents, I guess we are meant to hate him for doing that but we don't know what he was going through and by her own admission he did try for a year to look after her. Explains the 'years ago' comment she made the other week, must have been expecting him back for quite a while before realising he wouldn't be back. Hang in on there Robbo, don't give up on her. Seeing as Brody didn't ask Ziggy not to say anything to anyone about his and Simone's plans it was a surprise Ziggy hadn't told them just to get back at them. Anyways they all know now. He was doing the whole 'finding the right time' line again, did he learn nothing, there is never a right time. But he finally bit the bullet with a nudge from Simone by very neatly sidestepping Justin & Tori's attempt to drag him into how much to spend on the baby debate by dropping his own bombshell. They were certainly stunned into silence but soon recovered after he had gone by deciding they couldn't 'allow' him to leave. Yes OK he did the same thing with Ziggy but at least he was in the bay still. He may have only known Simone three months but you can fall in love with someone you have known a short period time and have it work. Colby & Chelsea knew and had loved each other for years and look what happened there. Simone certainly hasn't encouraged Brody to pack up and leave with her, in fact she's questioning if he's moving too fast. In fact, and I didn't think I'd be saying this, I don't know if it is because she is older than Ziggy and has done uni and has a very good and responsible job but I think she and Brody would be good together. They have the same interest, she's got a sensible head on her shoulders and keeps his feet on the ground. In fact she encouraged him to go the family dinner. Well Mason did a complete U-turn in his attitude towards Simone and Brody and their leaving town news, his was confused by Brody's remark 'they've told you then' when they hadn't yet (I thought Justin & Tori had told Brody he was to tell Mason & Raffy) but he did get one thing right about not alienating him before he goes, because if things do go pear shaped, he wouldn't feel he could turn to them for help. I liked Tori's honest answer that although they weren't jumping for joy they would support him. Shame Raffy was having a sulk but she did come round in the end. Yes that For Sale board going up does make it seem more real. Wonder what the state of business sales are like in Aus? It's in a good location, beachside operation, good turnover, plenty of diners/customers but... I take it Brody has broken the news to his staff as likely the new owners will have their own people. Bella has nothing to blame herself for and glad she got to speak to Raffy who told her she didn't 'hate' her. What was with her attitude towards Roo, OK she hadn't got the same experience as Simone but she ought to give her a chance. She shouldn't keep calling herself dumb, she isn't she's got a good eye for photography and is obviously good at needlework look how she altered that school uniform seemingly without use of a sewing machine, I certainly couldn't do that. OK she may be lacking in the academic side of things but she'll catch up, she's got Raffy and Ryder to help her. Ziggy has at last come to her senses and Dean's idea of fixing up an old motor or banger going by the looks of it ought to keep her and him occupied for a good while. It'll help too in her getting her apprenticeship. Was a bit presumptuous of her ditching Maggie's mug just cos Brody gave it to her, should be Maggie's choice, she can always just put it away somewhere. Talking of extreme sports, kind of, what happened to Maggie's plans of doing weird and wonderful things to raise money for the cancer charity? Assuming Justin wanted to see the movie what was wrong with Leah taking him along as a friend, and what rules, I didn't think there were any? From the look of what goes on tonight, it seems Justin does want to take it a step further.
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  14. That is soap land for you, stretching our credulity to it's limits! How many times have there been such coincidences where so and so just happens to overhear something, be in the right place at the right time, come by at the right time as Ben did last night. Yes Dean was a right twonk for not going to a hospital, all he needed to say was he'd been jumped, the guys have left town anyway and I don't think anyone knew where they had come from - city probably. So what if the cops had interviewed him, hospital weren't obliged to report it, no gun involved, he'd just needed to repeat his story. Wouldn't have dented his machoness any, even Brax and Heath admitted defeat and got themselves patched up in hospital. Ben was right he couldn't force Dean to go to hospital, he couldn't drag him there. Colby knows now anyway thanks to Ben telling him and Willow which btw was a very good reason for not showing up for his shift. Shame that Willow feels - imo -she can't rush round to look after him like she would have before her declaration of 'undying love'. She thinks it would make it awkward and he, Dean, may think she had ulterior motives. I thought she had put the phone down on Ziggy but she'd just handed it to Colby, obviously felt a pang that someone else was looking after him and not just anyone Ziggy. I liked that Dean told Ziggy what she felt she deserved to hear - that it was her fault. I was half expecting, thinking on our thoughts Red about coincidences, that Willow would turn up just as Dean was giving Ziggy a comforting hug, but no damn it it didn't happen. Maggie played it well there, using the fact Ziggy felt so guilty and was falling over herself to tend to Dean would, she hoped, make her rethink her current attitude. Going by what we saw in the preview someone has thought of an alternative. I'm on both sides here, Jett wants more independence, but like Marilyn & John I think it is too soon. Jett feels he being too much of a burden, but as I have said before, he has the use of his arms, he can wash and dress himself, guessing he can bathe himself too, feed himself, get himself in and out of bed, move around, he's not bed ridden, not brain damaged which would be, not a burden as they wouldn't see it like that, but tough on Marilyn & John so outside help would then be needed. So he hasn't given up the gym then, must have heard me wondering. Of course Jett wants to push himself because he thinks he needs to move out, John was pushing it by nagging on and on, don't blame Jett snapping, think I would have done the same. John seemed to listen to Ben who does know of what he talking. Mason was very professional, kept out of the argument, but gave Jett firm instructions as to how far he could let him push himself, it would come back on him if anything went wrong and Jett did damage himself and put back his recovery. Marilyn took a big chance, which she did admit was the wrong thing by calling padre/chaplain Wilson, but by the lap of the gods she got away with it as he - full praise there (religious pun unintended) - told Jett there weren't any places available after all - which was very believable. Bet he was glad though he wasn't lying to Jett face to face. I don't know if he is Catholic, but if he is I could visualise him crossing himself when talking to Jett. Just a wondering have 10 weeks passed yet - only that was the period of time Coco was meant to be away boarding school?
  15. I don't think Ziggy is really into her bad behaviour, it's as she said to Dean, it stops her thinking about what has happened for a few hours but of course once the partying and drinking stops it comes back complete with hangover. The banter between her and the leader of the out of town gang started off very light but he wanted it to be a lot more that that, did notice at least one woman with them, was she just of the crew? Dean was quite subtle by the way he kept an eye on Ziggy. Natch it had to turn nasty later when that guy, I didn't catch his name, made his move and Ziggy did shut him down, but he wouldn't take no for an answer, Dean did a good job by just leading her away and alone she was grateful for it, but got all bolshy back at the Surf Club. The only bad thing we have seen Dean do was when he was leading the River Boys in the hunt for Robbo, he's, apart from a few lapses, scamming the credit cards etc, has been a decent guy and has turned his life round. Whether he is still a River Boy or a part time one, he may have been able to take on two - at a push three of them - but a whole gang of them! I think, if I remember correctly, the RB's did have a code of looking out for their women or any woman. It seems he manages to limp back to town though. Having being exonerated from any blame is one thing off Jett's mind, just his recovery to concentrate on, has he been back to the gym at all? It's really tough for Marilyn and John they are no experts, like a lot of parents, glad John rang the padre to ask advice even if Jett wasn't in the mood to accept it then. Marilyn gave wise advice all they can do is take one day at a time, he can't see it now but of course he can get a job, he still has use of his arms, he's not brain damaged and can live independently plenty of guys and gals in his position have done so. I like the chat between him and Irene and the gripe about the milk shakes at the base not being worthy of the name. Ok he wants to move out to give John & Marilyn their lives back but as for them stopping worrying about him, no way would that happen! John having a few hours to himself, even if it was work, did help as does Marilyn putting in her shifts at the Diner, like respite care in reverse.
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