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  1. Willow's last departure was rushed but that was under different circumstances. Amber managed to talk Dean round so enabling that talk between Dean and Willow on the pier, reminiscing about how far they'd come, in their life, it not geographically. Was that a near kiss moment between them, they had been a couple a couple of times in the past. Nice that Roo, John and Alf got to say goodbye and typical John remark that she was the best gym manager they had, er so Robbo was rubbish? John was at Willow's last 'goodbye'. Jasmine missing the farewell do was one thing as she was working and it wa
  2. Lewis does indeed have the right to press charges against Christian for the assault/punch, had he been persuaded out of doing it before until after the internal investigation? The assault had happened off hospital grounds so, I think that was the outcome, not a hospital matter, of course Lewis sees it them closing ranks. I imagine he, Lewis, is hoping for the best, in his eyes or worse in Christian's, result that Christian is banged up and gets struck off. I'm no legal expert but depending on whether Christian has a habit of going round hitting people and or as far as we have seen is a no
  3. From what I could read of the Coroner's Report, having recorded it I was able to freeze the screen and read it, It established Christian followed all the protocols that were required for the woman that died and that is what this inquest was all about, hers no-one else's, and maybe he did more than was needed and it was nothing to do with the op or anything going wrong during it. I gathered that meant her death wasn't his fault as he was cleared. Had Lewis sneaked back into his office, I guess he has one as Senior Nurse/Head of Nursing, when Tori had gone and brought up the verdict. Jasmine
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. You could be right there, I get a bit confused sometimes with everyone moving in and and out. No that scene with Soos and John was definitely an earlier one, John was introducing Leah and Justin to Susie , we didn't see John and Susie together at all in the last couple of episodes, she was in, she was busy avoiding everyone and John saying Leah and Justin could trust Susie was after he spoke to her on the phone. Anyways the other person I'm sure I saw on the beachwasn't Dean, he just happened to turn up in time to go and rescue Justin. Well if he/she will leave their board lying
  6. I didn't see Mac withholding the news about the baby from Ari was because she was bitter about the breakup either. She was upset, of course she was, but Ari had been honest with her. She didn't want to tell him because if she had decided from the beginning to keep him/her I feel she didn't want him to feel torn between her and the baby and Mia. And why is feminism/women's rights being dragged into it? I guess it is pretty seeing another couple being as lovey dovey as Chloe and Ryder were, when your own passion has cooled like Nik and Bella's has, not that they don't love each other a
  7. Just what we needed a touch of humour, I didn't see it as mean spirited, Nik didn't get Ryder to say anything really bad, Ari just looked bemused by the whole speech and in a weird way appreciated Ryder's effort. Mia doesn't speak Maori then and where was Tane, I'd thought he'd be there to welcome his brother home. Had Ethan and Sophie done their three days? I thought Mia had twigged Ryder and Chloe were an item back at Salt but obviously not, she was as surprised as Ari. Both Bella and Nik now have to watch Chloe and Ryder make up for lost time, that store cupboard saw a lot of acti
  8. OK Mac, it seems, lied to Ziggy about Dean taking her to the clinic which was made clearer watching it again. Not easy to put a proper time line of when Mac first collapsed, but it did take an eternity for her to reach her phone. Those pesky glazed windows at the Farm, but why didn't Dean look through the living room window first? Tane and Ziggy we know both turned up at NDH together and maybe they did go looking for Dean separately, I can't recall, it did get pretty hectic. Anyways, as only happens in soaps Ari spots Dean as he's downstairs in Emergency for whatever reason so Dean h
  9. Did I say, no-one but Susie and John knew about the Fund Raising account - if so apologies for 'saying' it again, I guess there had to be more than one recently dead patient and who had also been operated on by Christian for the bosses to get involved. We don't know what happened with Anna, neither really does Lewis. People do die after complex brain ops, it's nothing the surgeon - in this case Christian - has done/hasn't done, it sadly just happens. Lewis being a nurse would/should know that, but sometimes being a nurse/medic can have an adverse effect on your thinking because you h
  10. She may well have done, but John knew about it and it was in his name and she was able to close it down so did that mean she used John's name, have a password he knew nothing about?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Alf was being extremely hard on John and anyway we know Soos and John had to set up a separate account for the donations as Gerald was away so they are safe. Did Susie have access to actually do anything to them or was she only able to view the account? I was surprised Marilyn didn't think that maybe John went to see Jett and didn't ever bother ringing him to ask if he had seen him and instead spent their time running around the bay. It certainly occurred to me that is where he would be. For those who are bound to ask Alf had to break in as Marilyn gave her keys back to John. I must a
  13. Apart from that brief glimpse of a couple of constables at John's and mention of Leah, Justin and Irene being interviewed by the cops we haven't heard much from them. Even I, an ordinary person, would know someone like Susie would have several id's and goes without saying she'd have changed her appearance at the airport to escape justice - wig, glasses, contact lenses to change her eye colour. A silly niggle, but why hasn't anyone contacted her employer back in WA to see what her track record is like, it appeared she was good at what she did. Did she get a tad greedy and wanted what all th
  14. I may be giving Leah and Justin the benefit of the doubt but like most usually very savvy people they don't want to admit they have been taken in, they feel ashamed and embarrassed and Susie was very convincing, she had got all the local business people to donate to the Surf Club Fund Raiser and not peanuts either going by the sum she transferred into her account - 50K! It wasn't just them being led by the nose it was John who, of course, wouldn't/couldn't believe his Susie was a con woman. Like you Red I felt sorry for John, his phone call to Jett said it all, will everyone, including the
  15. Until Willow found out what she found out, and no offence to Willow but I didn't think she'd be that savvy to try another way to track 'Susie' down, there was no proof she had done anything wrong, but as others have said why wait until the next day to confront Susie/call the cops. Although, as said, there was no proof it gave her enough time to make plans to do a runner. The money was Justin and Leah's as Leah said it was nearly all their life savings. The banks had turned them down as they were small business owners which played right into 'Susie's' hands. It was her 'suggestion' they
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