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  1. I think it's going to be very hit and miss as to when episodes are going to be on. Looking at the schedules no sign of it on 5 next week unless you know different? Oh I've found it, they're on 5Star all over the place though. Monday 15.30 and 18.30, Friday 15.30 and 18.30. Will it be posted on the forum anywhere of the times as they become known so we can keep up? I liked how kind without being patronising Marilyn was to the Parata's. I agree John was acting jealous because of the closeness there is between Marilyn and Ari. He is usually the same about new comers who seem to him to be dodgy, Robbo, Ben and Dean until they prove themselves to him. Ari does have a short fuse but John does ask for it sometimes. I'll keep an ear open for Gemma when she says Ari. At last Ryder has his car, even if he can't drive it. Justin did absolutely the right thing is asking to see Nik's licence, he doesn't know him from Adam, In fact I think that was the first time he had met him. It does make him 18 at least, we must have missed Ryder turning 19 and isn't it time Bella was 17? The Parata's we have been led to believe from what Gemma and Ari have both said have been on the move a lot so Nik hasn't had a chance to knuckle down to anything, steady job, Tafe so not his fault. Justin really appreciated everyone pitching in and hopefully he will take Ben's advice on board. Great he is pushing through Ziggy's apprenticeship. Gave her and Dean a reason to, um, celebrate. No apology from Mac for taking Jade's word over his which I was disappointed about, she seemed more concerned about finding herself a date. Dissent between Alex and Willow. Shock news from Leah!
  2. Leah did get ranty but from what Tori and Justin have said about the posts they are really anti women and full of hate. Justin feels he still has to be the big brother and be able to fix everything, which is not humanly possible. Leah is an adult so he is NOT responsible for her or her actions. Is Tori in need of propping up or just Justin thinking she needs it? Surprised the garage is actually still open, no wonder Justin had trouble finding the keys, there's only Justin and Ziggy running it, she's been missing for a few weeks as has Justin, even before that they never seemed to be there. I'm glad he opened up to Ziggy and didn't do the usual macho thing of shrugging her off. Good to see how many got involved with Ben and Ziggy's idea, he's just got to learn to accept help as Ben was advising him to do, he knows from recent past experience how easy it is to slip into a very black hole. Yes Tori you can't second guess everything to do with Grace's upbringing, talking about schools and what type of music she'll like. Robbo went through something similar when Tori was in her coma. They sadly never got a proper chance to talk about it. Just let her grow up, she'll pick up likes, dislikes from both of you, sometimes it's inherent, not what dad or mum would try and influence you with if they were there. Three weeks is short noice for a creche to work to, of course if things had gone as they should have she would have had plenty of time to sort that out. That did get alarm bells ringing with me too about Marilyn looking after Grace, she hasn't even suggested it to Tori, John wasn't overjoyed but that maybe because looking after a young baby is a lot different to looking after a teenager. Tori hasn't worked out all the little quirks that come with a new baby yet. Dean said more or less the same thing to Willow that he said to Ziggy about it not being down to him what they decided. I guess he was as before not wanting to impose his will by saying they shouldn't go but also not wanting them to think they should stay. Technically Willow isn't a long term Bay resident, like Dean she grew up in Mango River. It'll be a wrench for Willow but like Ziggy going for her 'dream job' which didn't work out if Willow does go with Alex and if that doesn't work out like Ziggy she can come back otherwise she'll always wonder "What if?" Though of course Ziggy did have a job to go to whereas Willow is assuming she'll easily get one.
  3. Alf's sisters - are we just talking about Morag, seeing as we still don't know if she is alive or not and Celia or including Barbara and Colleen? But Leah had closed the site down and only she had the password for it as Irene explained to Colby. Was it only two months? it's a matter of medical record Bella took those pills it was Alex who recommended Bella to the counsellor wasn't it? Colby was only offering background information. Looks like Colby will be saving himself some money with this distance schooling thing Maggie has found. He may not be everyone's favourite cop, but he did make some very valid points to Justin, he is most certainly not the person to join the vlog/blog page to draw whoever this is bloke is out. He's too wound up and too close, he could, and seeing his state of mind would, as Colby said say the wrong thing and spook him. It needs someone who is used to doing this kind of thing and while that is going on the tech team will try and trace where the site is being run from. However long it has been Leah, apparently, is still alive, well it needs to be thought she is. Irene was assuming so as she said Leah would never tell anyone her password but supposing she didn't have a choice and was tortured and then killed? Whoever he is he's articulate even if he has trouble with his spelling, funny the things you focus on. Tori is knocking her head against a brick wall in telling Justin he shouldn't blame himself for Leah going missing, he was with Tori who was just coming round from her coma, the hospital could have collapsed around them and he wouldn't have noticed. You can't be with someone 24/7 and Leah is an independent woman quite used to looking after herself. May just be me it sounded odd to, but it was still referred to as being at Brody and Raffy's. Tori hasn't had much of a maternity leave has she, spent part of it in protective custody and the other part in a coma. She seemed ready to go back mentally but is she medically? I think they kept switching from funeral to service before which got me confused then. Have Willow and Alex just come back or is it just now we've seen them? Willow would have had her classes and Alex would have shifts at NDH. Talking of Alex her new gig is Queensland which although just the next state is a very big so not a short drive/flight away. Willow mentioned she couldn't just leave her dad so Alex obviously knows about him - have they met? Be a big wrench for Willow, though Alex has checked out if there will be work for her. Now the gym, Willow should ask Jasmine about it, may give her something to think about, the customers have been pretty patient thorough change of owners, staff shortages, getting chucked out at short notice when a drama arose. Seems we are going to be cut back on episodes from next week due to the corona virus so be very little to discuss. No mention from Channel 5 if they will be showing old episodes to fill the gap.
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  5. It's not down to Colby to tell the counsellor what Bella's problem is, he's given her an out but she won't/doesn't want to take it, he played it clever though by not letting on he knows she didn't open up to Patricia. How is he going to afford it, he can't earn that much that's why he said to Bella they need another lodger to help with the rent. Roo and Maggie did say Leah had closed her vlog down back after the Teresa debacle so the police wouldn't have thought to look at it. Roo only considered it as an afterthought. Are they fitting in this detecting lark around home tutoring Bella? Bit ambiguous of Alf just saying Martha and he were visiting his sisters. Jasmine has made the right move, there are too many memories of Robbo there. Her going running like she did reminded me of when Robbo did that when he had things on his mind.
  6. Of course calling the cops right there and then would have been the right thing to do, but how were they to hold onto her, anyone touching her would have been accused of assault. If Yabby Creek cops get her description out there hopefully she won't be able to slip under the radar. It is rare or pretty rare for the woman to do what she did and she has done girls/women who have been raped or gone through the same thing for real no good at all, it will bring an element of doubt into the investigation. To be fair to Colby she was very convincing and Mac took her side too. I was very disappointed by Bella's non apology but Ryder just seemed pleased to be friends with her again. Let's hope he gets a proper one from Mac. Now she is out of hospital and her promising Alex she'd go to a counsellor Bella's reneged already - from what we saw she hardly opened up to the woman she was speaking to. Looks like her home schooling is back on track too. Her and Colby shouting at each other is not helping Jasmine get through the aftermath of Robbo's death, although it wasn't their home they'd made that little corner theirs. Makes you wonder what kind of guy Nik's dad was like seeing as the first thought to cross Ari's mind when he saw Nik get out of Colby's car was he'd been up to no good like his dad. Gemma was the level headed one casually asking Colby if Nik had been up to anything and she looked quite chuffed to hear he'd helped out a local lad aka Ryder. Tane, Nik's uncle and Ari's brother does look a shady character - new and unimproved version of the Braxton's perhaps? Ari does seem he wants to be able to put his past behind him but don't forget his flare up at Dean. All apart from Gemma seem to be hot tempered, though I bet if it came down to it she'd give more than she got. Bella's face when Ryder told her Grumps and Martha were having alone time in the house. Could have made it strip crossword solving to spice it up. Roo and Maggie - Summer Bay's answer to Rosemary and Thyme. And wow already a clue! Maz still seems to be dressing down.
  7. Alf and Martha get married just a week after getting engaged do they have different rules in Australia about Banns and things? The short period of time may explain the absence of other relatives and old friends but Alf did mention his children and grandchildren. He said in his speech Martha was his first love so what does that make Viv Ric's grandmother? I thought it was a quite a low key ceremony for the Bay, due to current circumstances, not over the top but a quiet celebration and lightness in the dark. Neither Mason, Robbo or Leah would have wanted them to put it on hold, may be cliché but life is too short and neither Alf or Martha are getting any younger. He looked stunned when he saw Martha get out of the car and all soap Weddings/Christenings/funerals have random guests we've never seen before - I know the guy you mean Red, he did seem rather to make a point of being seen. Glad to see he got a new hat for the occasion he looked very smart without being OTT and that dance between him and Martha at the end was well done just them. No need to worry about upsetting Jade now that Ryder and Nik have proof Ryder wasn't the first she'd done it to may have made Ryder feel a bit better that he wasn't alone. Nik was right she wasn't as smart as she thought she was - rather stupid in fact keeping all her previous conquests on her phone no doubt so she could gloat about them when she's on her own. Hopefully there will be more to it, all those other blokes who will be proved innocent of any wrong doing. Explains why she was so desperate to get it back, Nik certainly broke records getting to the Stewart's before she did giving Ryder time to move the film/tape. She's very practiced at this Red she'd moved the film/tape from her phone to Ryder's while he was getting drinks likely had the timing down pat. Besides had Colby discovered it no need for Nik to be the hero and likely become best buddies with Ryder - things happen in a certain way in soaps for a reason. Loved Ryder and Nik appearing in the doorway together, Ryder brandishing the tape and asking her "Is this what you're looking for?" I can think of at least two people who owe Ryder a big apology - step forward Mac and Bella. Did I sense a easing of tensions between Nik and Ari when they were talking about Ari's face being splashed all over the front page and Gemma saying they'd have to move on and Nik wanting to stay. Criminal dies in raid- Nik's dad by any chance? when Ari slammed the motel door shut in Jade's face. I understand her concern over Leah being missing but I think Irene overreacted in not wanting to take Gemma on as she felt it would be replacing Leah. Perfect common sense as Marilyn pointed out, now more or less back to her old self, the Diner needs an extra hand while Leah is not around. Oh Gemma most of the townsfolk are nice but there is a dark side.
  8. Does seem one of those times when an incident/event has been air brushed out. Dean may have ignored it, Ziggy didn't say anything. You read my mind Red about Nik, he may not be that much older than Ryder, well he doesn't look it, but definitely more worldly wise. Jade certainly has a more than one screw loose, immediately accusing Ryder of stalking her when he was just walking up to his own front door and in front of Roo. Nik looked amazed at her reaction and she looked like she was spoiling for a fight but neither Roo or Ryder were playing her game. Good point about Mac laying a trap but there are other staff around so Jade isn't alone alone in Salt. Nik played it cool when he saw her pocket the money but the look on his face said "Ryder was telling the truth about that so he may about the sex tape." Then there was the way she treated Gemma what had she ever done to her, they'd never met before, yet it was like Gemma was something she'd trod in. Who died and made her boss! Then when Nik reveals she was his mum cue waterworks and "Ryder took my innocence" please excuse my laughter. She looked very sniffy when Nik took her back to our favourite motel. Her try on didn't work hence her going off in a strop. Just how did Nik know Jade had planted her camera where she had - not that I'm complaining - he nailed her - YEH! "Did you remember to press record?" Guess we'll see why tonight she was looking for something in a drawer at Alf's and Ryder and Nik surprise her. As someone once said 'this could be the start of a beautiful friendship'. We've seen that tonight Alf tells her to pack her bags and sling her hook. Yes of course the Parata's have a secret, clearly something to do with Nik's dad and Ari having been in prison for ten years. He and Dean knew each other even if they weren't best friends, Ari has a temper, but to Dean's credit he didn't tell Ziggy about his later meeting with Ari. Took Dean a while to be fully accepted by the townsfolk so not the easy ride as he made out to Ari. Marilyn meant well by telling the journo about Ari, she wanted him to have the recognition she thought he deserved not knowing what trouble she has brought on their heads. This is Marilyn we're talking about, she always sees the best in people. Is this going to be another pitchforks and burning torches scenario in the making? Palmer isn't the first choice I'd have as Alf's Best Man but you're right Red about Donald and Duncan. Likely the actors didn't want to come back for even one or two episodes.
  9. Leah is mentioned quite regularly, Ben said to Justin on top of everything else he had her disappearance to cope with and he replied he was glad she wasn't there as he wasn't in the right frame of mind to be of any use to her. I think at the beginning someone said all her family had been contacted so I guess that included VJ. That was a very moving service for Robbo, Colby gave a good eulogy as did Ian, liked there was a touch of humour in them both, although as you said Jasmine was in no state to take anything in. Until she cracked that is, he kind of broke his promise by saying they would always be together but not in another as in keeping her safe. I felt a bit for Lance's dad sitting there on his own. There was the formal side with the AFP guys In their dress uniforms alongside his friends and family. I was really surprised at Alf not being there, he was the first person still in the bay Robbo met even if it was an unconventional meeting, they did become good friends, Alf giving him a job, van and backing him when others didn't. I can see why Marilyn couldn't face it, though she did go to the wake, If I remember correctly she did have the lusts for Robbo when he first rocked up. She is going to Mason's memorial service partly I guess to see Raffy. I did notice Justin kept referring to the place they were meeting was mid way between the bay and Brody and Raffy's not Brody and Simone's. I'm glad Marilyn was able to open up to Alex who is going through the same thing - PTSD - who said everyone expected her to be able to cope and carry on as normal but although she is a doctor and a professional first she is also human. Marilyn said to Alex no-one who hadn't been there could understand which is true but Alf knows what PTSD is like so could help her but she should let John know how she is feeling so he can be there for her even if it's just listening and holding her. Hard decision for Ziggy, even Justin referred to her as their sister-in-law. Dean couldn't win there suggested Ziggy go that was wrong, saying she shouldn't that was wrong. Guess Dean isn't at all into funerals or memorial services. Mac was the wise sister telling him she could see why Ziggy was upset and just because he wasn't into that suggesting he think of an alternative which he did and it was a lovely thought, took me back to the RB's tribute to Rocco. From what I could gather when Colby and Jasmine were talking on the wharf Victor and Des have been locked up in ultra solitary, sounds like Belmarsh, wasn't their trial meant to have been this week? They won't be coming her as she wasn't a witness to anything. Colby may have broken his promise to Robbo by revealing what really happened in that car 'accident', which we certainly have seen plenty of now, and Scott's part in it but strangely it seemed to have helped her make sense of everything, maybe she can start healing now. She isn't stupid and while accidents do happen she knew something was off, it was just too coincidental living with Robbo rubbed off on her. As we knew another reason Robbo sent her home was because he knew he was dying and didn't want her see it. I'm guessing Ian & Wendy will be kept in the dark. Bella also had her suspicions though in a vague kind of way and had done a bit of turn round, last time we saw her and Robbo they were having a blazing row. She really has made her peace with Mac even dropping hints about her spending time with Colby. Bella has finally agreed to see a counsellor whether she'll open up to them is another matter. Maybe wrong but is that the first time Bella has revealed to anyone what happened to her mum. Colby's dad dying was before Bella was born so of course she wouldn't know if he attended, he wouldn't have been very old. No explanation from Alf about his no appearance at the funeral. Be interesting to see what it is he's asked Ben to rebuild. Palmer wouldn't be on the top of his list of people to ask to be his best man Ben maybe but I like that it's Ryder. From the trailer looks like Nikau catches Jade thieving and then steals her phone. Mentioned before about Nikau ignoring Ryder's warning about her, but if that had been the other way round Ryder wouldn't have believed Nikau.
  10. Me too Red, wasn't as if he'd walked out in a huff, she did throw him out, had he been out all night and did that blokey thing of sleeping on the beach? Justin did have Ben to talk to, gone a bit Michael Jackson there Red, I think that's a rat but Tori didn't have anyone she could ask advice from, Maz was in no state, Irene and Willow were looking after Jasmine, can only think of Maggie. Ben did 'confess' to Justin he wasn't out of the woods yet. Justin and Tori need each other now and I think she came round to understanding why he did it. Been mentioned on the Aus forum but does Ava know about her uncle Mason? They were quite close last time she was in the bay. Looks like Jas has a melt down at Robbo's funeral. Is there a reason we don't know about why Mason is getting a memorial service and not a funeral? Poor Jasmine, she is so shattered, even the most easiest decision she was finding so hard. Robbo did look so good in his suit at his wedding and Wendy agreed she'd made the right choice. Nice thought by Jasmine he's buried with the photos of all his children and Wendy suggesting adding their wedding photo. Lovely story about the rose bush/tree Ryan bought his mum, she'll always have something to remember him by. Colby just got away with that phone call but Jas is already questioning how and why the 'accident' could have happened and why Robbo sent her away before he died. One reason was he needed to talk to Colby about Scott and the second was he didn't want her so see him die. Sad seeing Ian holding back his tears. No mention of Ryan's brother or sister? Jasmine is still their daughter-in-law and I'm sure they will always make her feel welcome at the farm. The first time Ian and Wendy have met Tori and it was a tad frosty, Wendy didn't need to snap at Tori when Tori advised Wendy on how to hold Grace. I don't think Wendy & Ian were trying to 'take' Grace away from Tori, before, she was in a coma at the time so would have been unaware of where Grace was. It was all put off/cancelled when Tori came round anyway. That was sad Jas waking up after 'hearing' then 'seeing' Robbo with Grace, maybe gave her some comfort in an odd way. Place must feel doubly empty for her now both Robbo and Grace have gone. Alex is having trouble adjusting too and good Willow is aware of it.
  11. Obvious the Parata family have a 'history'. Did smile when Ari said to Gemma "this looks like a good place". If only he knew, Alex said when she came the bay looked like a nice quiet place. Wonder how long they have been in the bay? Nikau definitely has issues with his uncle, but he did have the good grace to apologise to Marilyn the next day. Marilyn is finding it hard being back in the bay, she's not looking her usual smart self, no lippy, hair not as immaculate as it normally is, wearing black and coming out with the now usual lie of "I'm fine". Luckily Roo seemed to have picked up on it and Alf agreed and saying he'll look out for her. I don't think she should be on her own right now. Marilyn clearly feels a connection to Ari because he was so good to her during the siege, she didn't feel so comfortable talking to Justin, would be painful for both of them. It was very sweet of Ari to go to the trouble of tracking down Grace's memory book and a relief Marilyn didn't say anything to Tori about Robbo, she wouldn't have known she didn't know. Ryder also apologised to Alf and Martha about his behaviour but Alf understood and he and Martha announced they were fully behind him, as Morag wasn't mentioned as a possible lawyer he must have someone else in mind, must be really frustrating not to kick Jade out, but Roo was right they don't want to antagonise her any further. Ryder had the sense to keep his distance when he next saw her with Nikau and just told him he was welcome to her. I'm with you Red, Justin kept the news about Robbo from Tori with the best intentions but telling her while they were on the way to Brody's would not have been the best time, she'd only just come out of a coma, reconnected with her daughter and lost her brother that was enough to cope with. That scene of him collapsing in the surf and crying was so sad, he's trying to his big brother thing of being strong, but he really needs Leah right now. Going to be emotional next week with Robbo's and I guess Mason's funerals, but on the lighter side Alf and Martha get wed, is that possible in a week?
  12. Forgot another disaster for the Morgan's Raffy's epilepsy and all that trauma that caused. Mason didn't escape the failed relationship curse, his revealing to Lara about the Morgan's being in WP only to find out she was tied in with the Syndicate, Beth dying then Dempsey who aborted their baby. Robbo also told Colby not to let Jasmine know the truth about Scott she had like and trusted him , of course back then he could be, but he didn't want her memory of him tainted. I'm putting Ryder's naivety regarding Jade to his young age and inexperience of dealing with women like her. He was perfectly entitled to go to the beach without having to check where she is first. If he had thought he should have just walked off further up the beach. But as said she knew what buttons to push, probably had loads of previous guys to practice it on. Still she's got a new and older guy in her sights now although we didn't hear his name , did we, it's Nikau who was as bedazzled as Ryder was when he first saw her. Dean had the luckiest of escapes there even if he hadn't been with Ziggy, maybe some part of him knew she was a wrong 'un or she knew he couldn't be used. Full marks for Ryder trying to warn Niakau , but if someone had tried to warn him off would he have listened? Complete u-turn on Ryder not wanting Grumps to know about his sex tape charge, but just how long was he hoping to keep it quiet, it would have come out eventually or as Roo said someone else would have let it slip. Took the wind out of Alf and Martha's sails and rather put a dampener on their good news, but they'll both be behind him. Martha and Alf are as stubborn as each other so just as well Roo listened to both sides and made the decision of getting them both listening to each others reasons of why Alf did it then and why Martha ran off. Perfectly reasonable explanations from both and rather sweet seeing Alf go down on one knee and ask Martha Jane Stewart to marry him, he got up OK too. Then calling out to Roo that she could stop hiding. I guess if you're closely involved with the story you would react the way Alf did, it didn't appear to be derogatory in anyway, just reporting the facts - two locals had died. Won't be the first time there has been a headline like that in the bay and won't be the last. No sign of Jasmine, but Irene was pretty cut up, she was an on off fan of Robbo but it's Jas she's thinking about now. I guess Colby will be pressed, now that the siege is over, if there is anything new regarding Leah, who thanks to a few people asking now and then hasn't been forgotten, Leah was the first person Jasmine connected with when she came to the bay.
  13. After at first not showing the crash, Channel 5 then showed it several times in the evening slots. Car overturning with bits of it flying everywhere, maybe it was done for dramatic effect with the screen turning black. It would have been season finale in Aus and they wanted to keep people guessing. As to that as far as anyone else knows, even the cops, it was an accident, I think only Colby know what really happened. Can I point out Red, Robbo's home is on the beach whereas the Morgan's isn't. After being so involved in the siege and rescue where was Dean and by extension Ziggy, Ben and Maggy were there. When Mason was shot we didn't know where he was shot, could have been in a very vital part of his body, plus Alex had no access to any machinery or equipment to help him unlike when they brought Robbo in which in the end didn't save him. All she might have been able to do is stem blood flow. I have said before although traumatic it may have been the way Orpheus wanted to go, rather then just get sick and die. At least there wasn't any open hostility between Mac and Bella and Bella acknowledged she doesn't know why she does what she does, she just doesn't want to be on her own. You've missed another disasters that had hit the Morgan's - Brody getting into drugs, then Brody crashing his car because he thought the bad guys were after him resulting in Mason being paralysed for a while, Ava being kidnapped. Along with all that there were minor hiccups, like Tori's love rat ex turning up and other failed romances, Justin's too and Brody's marriage to Ziggy going pear shaped. Tori and Justin must be thinking Summer Bay wasn't the ideal place they originally thought it was. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to have been McCarthy breaking that news to them, they didn't have a clue what had been going on did they, if they had Justin would have been at the hospital. McCarthy did it so well and very gently. Tori was right it isn't the kind of news you can break over the phone, but saying that Jasmine was going to tell Ian and Wendy by phone until she broke down and Colby had to tell them. I for one, but may be a voice in the wilderness, will miss Robbo, he was as Alf said at heart he was a good guy, even though the first time they met Robbo did knock him out. I'm glad Justin and Tori visited him with Grace and you could, well I could, tell Robbo knew then he wasn't going to make it. Justin despite how he must have been feeling about Robbo's part in Mason's death, kept quiet, it was most certainly not the place or the time. Robbo was so tender with Grace and the way she held his finger was lovely. Another give away he knew he was dying was him sending Jasmine home, he didn't want her to see him die, typical Robbo. He seemed to have a pretty strong grip when he was making sure Colby understood what he was saying, asking him not to let Jasmine know about Scott's part in it, though that could be taken out of his hands, then having made sure felt able to let go. Felt the same there Red about Jasmine being in denial when Colby told her Robbo was dead, the sensible, nurse part of her knew it was true but the loving wife part of her didn't want to acknowledge it. Quite cliched scenes with her sobbing over his body, begging them to do something, but moving all the same. Went through all the emotions, shock, tears, be a lot of those, anger. Helped a bit that Alex was able to talk her thought it. Talking of whom she has been amazing, practically working herself into the ground, blaming herself that she couldn't do more for either Mason or Robbo, she may be a very good doctor but she is also human. Maz feeling guilty she couldn't find Grace's memory baby book, a silly thing in the grand scheme of things, but you tend to focus on small things like that. After all this trauma we've all been through we do deserve to know if Victor, Des and the rest get convicted or not. Sorry Alf it may have been very well intentioned and deeply and sincerely meant but that proposal was so ill timed.
  14. We weren't talking 'professional' hostage takers here don't forget more a rag tag of three low life crims. At least we got the reason why it happened, Scott's girlfriend and child had been threatened, even Robbo could accept that as an reason why Scott had been got to. He'd been there but I'm guessing didn't give in to Vic's threats. Was naïve of Scott to believe they would have just let Jasmine go once he rang them, the call they were waiting for, to say Robbo was dead. Robbo did a very good job of talking him round made a very valid point about he thought it was all over five years ago yet here he was and it would likely be Scott in five years time going through the same thing. Sadly that didn't last and Scott decided he couldn't take the risk, hence the tussle for the wheel at the end. The screen did go black at the end of the episode yet we saw the crash in the trailer for the new season so as you said Red maybe TPTB are holding It back for tonight, Robbo makes it to the hospital. Just a throw away thought but that is the second time Robbo's being threatened with death on a cliff top, last time it was Ash. Jay, though, had he been threatened or was money his motive for switching sides? I don't think anyone was suppose to get hurt let alone killed. Once again we aren't talking even half decent people here when Mason's body was moved out of the way and dumped in a side room, though it would have been distressing for the others, especially those who knew him just to leave him there. Reg, Phil and even Jay weren't paying that much attention when Alex was having her chat with Colby Batman and Robin, I mean Colby and Dean, somehow managed to sneak past the floor where the lookout was supposed to be keeping, you know a look out, to be able to drop into the lift which handily was on the floor where the siege was happening what are the chances of that eh? I agree Dan F both Colby and Dean would have made some sort of noise when landing on the lift floor, not as if it's cushioned, didn't clock what Dean was wearing but Colby would have been wearing his police issue boots, they heard Dean's phone! Mac had the good sense to take her high heels off when she was sneaking about. That was pretty good thinking by Dean leaving his phone on the stairs to lure the last gunman out so he could wallop him. I think Colby must have called McCarthy to send in the troops they were right behind him and yes he should get a rollicking from McCarthy, Dean being a member of the public he can't do much about though he will get it in the neck from Willow Mac and Ziggy which when you consider it will be a lot worse. Lucky assumption the fire alarm was the signal, people do sometimes act on instinct and Dean and Colby know each other very well. Bella survived just but has she learnt her lesson and will her opinion of Mac have changed? Colby needs to get to the bottom of why she was acting the way she was and "It's Mac" won't wash and he needs to try and persuade her to see a counsellor, and before someone says it, you can't force her or anyone. Wasn't paying much attention to who was credited and who wasn't but the construction worker comforting Marilyn has a name Ari. It was another soap coincidence it was him John approached so he could reassure him she was OK last time he saw her. I may have missed them but I don't remember seeing Irene there or Roo. I wouldn't want to be McCarthy tonight having to break such heart breaking news to Justin and Tori. Jumping ahead here but will Brody and Raffy be back for Mason's funeral and will Simone be with them? Justin, surprisingly, didn't blame Robbo when he and Tori learnt Vic was again a threat but now Mason is dead that is definitely going to change. Only physical victim was Mason but Marilyn, Alex, Mac, Marilyn and Ari are going to be affected by what happened. Not counting Bella as she was out of it.
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