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  1. That was an amazing coincidence with John and Susie, it was all so natural too, he certainly wasn't trying to impress her when he first 'met' her with his roll filling falling out before he got the chance to eat it. Was he bigging himself up with his knowledge of the bay, if he was or wasn't it has lead to a date, whether that is a date date or just so Susie can learn more about the bay we'll find out tonight. She did seem like a fun character. To me Susie was no more or less doing a good job than any other estate agent/realtor. It's not until you actually see the property do you kno
  2. I actually enjoyed seeing Heath again even if it was very random and brief. He may not have said much but I liked his line about not having had so much fun in ages. Nought wrong in having the RB's coming to to your rescue, though I'm guessing not many of them are still in their first prime of life. It was hard to tell who was who in the big fight. I did cheer at all the RB's cars, trucks pulling in a nice orderly line. Of course prior to that Ari and Tane did a great job in persuading Leon and Paul to turn up as they had worked out it was more than a two man job having done their homewo
  3. Damn, I missed the switch to the 2021 discussion page so I'll have to have a quick recap of the things I posted there on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I noticed that long recap. I did read on the Aus discussion page they were not happy with the way it ended, did they expect viewers to watch Colby being beaten up when it is shown there at 7pm and here at 6pm? Wow that was a blast from the past seeing Heath confronting Leon and Paul!! Maybe the RB's have extended their territory to include Reefton Lakes? Dean may not be an active member anymore but his RB antenna was certainl
  4. Reading the comments on the Aus thread many people were NOT happy with the finale saying it was a right let down. I thought it was pretty good, the inmates surrounding Colby - what did they expect done under - show Colby being beaten by a load of thugs seeing as it would be shown at, I believe, at 7pm for them? It's even earlier for us. The opening with Lewis attending to him telling the inmates to back off, yelling for help and using the defib was pretty tense. Then we cut to Bella trying to find out why Dean wouldn't got to to see Colby which when he did explain made a lot of sense, he
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Kieran being Alf's son would be a bit been there, done that, different dynamic it him being someone else's son. We'll likely see just how much like his dad he is, though much could be down to seeing the way his dad treated Martha and him while he was growing up and him thinking it was normal. Not unlike Colby growing up with Ross who was also a violent, drunken thug and Colby spent most of his youth protecting his mum and Bella, until they were snatched, difference being for most of his life Colby was the exact opposite. I'm sure there is more to come from Martha about him apart from her
  7. Nephlim14. But isn't that what happened, unless we were watching parallel episodes? Ari told Dean how things were Bella and Mac were both worried about him. Ari left Dean to make up his own mind, which he did and he did come back on his own. We've seen this side of Dean before, he goes off to blow off some steam somewhere, calms down and comes back. Ari wasn't trying to coerce him into anything, just gave him food for thought, he does have a mind of his own, you seem to be implying he was brainwashed. Christian has got one thing spot on Tori does over think things, all her shillying a
  8. Ari does have the advantage of seeing Dean in a different situation to any of the others when they were in prison, I chuckled at his "so this is the famous Mangrove River" or something like that. I think it was more in keeping with his character he came back on his own rather than leaving with Ari. Btw Nephlim 14 Bella did stay at the farm until Dean came back even if it was only the one night. Mac gave her the option to go back with her but she opted to stay with Dean in what to her is her home. Her welcome home was very her, nearly knocking him off his feet. Like you Red I thi
  9. Nephlim14 -It wouldn't be a good idea for Bella to stay at the Parata's with all that is going on with Leon and Paul, that is why Ari and Tane sent Nik to stay with Gemma after all. But at least Mac has now persuaded her to stay at the farm. I'd say Bella has a right to act 'bratty', she's lost her only blood family for 25 years and both the others have gone AWOL. The other times Dean has cleared off Bella has had Colby or Willow for company so it's not been as important he stick around as whatever it was didn't immediately affect her. Dean may not have been as close to Bella as Col
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Agree there Red, Colby's banged up for 25 years so to her it seems like Rosetta is her only option, but she would have known that, he's told her to move on, not the right decision really but if if future he can spend time on and with her she won't be tempted to stray again. Rosetta didn't endear himself to locals this time round, but Alf does owe him for Martha. Irene does tend to do that be on someone's side one moment then turn on them, then back again, she did that a lot with Robbo. Bella was, naturally, going to try and get Colby to appeal but he has accepted his guilt and is wil
  13. I knew Jasmine would be glad Irene had retrieved the bracelet once she had calmed down but that was a quick calm down, I'm taking that to mean she really has moved on. Perhaps she and Tori need a proper talk and Jasmine may not always be around she may move away at some point. Tori was really out of order jumping to the conclusion Christian had sought Jas out so he could get her side, it was just a coincidence he bumped into her at the Surf Club, she thought he'd done it deliberately. Despite Leah's misgivings he decided to get Tori and Christian together and it worked. Nice to see T
  14. That was a really good in depth talk between Ari and Tane, Ari speaking, probably for the first time, about how hard he really found it inside. Paul had things well thought out from the beginning. I thought they would blackmail them by finding out Mac's car was legally still Rick's and using that against them. They'd keep quiet if they did 'one more job'. Btw isn't Reefton Lakes - where Karen works/worked? Did I miss it or have they told Mac what is going down? Ari had just done time when Mikaere did the bank job so didn't want to get involved and blames himself for not going with h
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