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  1. That was very revealing, Gemma like Maggie got hooked up with someone their mother had warned them against - more on that later btw- fell pregnant young and married them. In Maggie's case it worked out well but not so for Gemma, who loved Mikaere but not his criminal lifestyle. Part of her wanted to leave and give Nik a better life, buts she loved him and she was sacred how she'd manage. Would he just have let her leave anyway? When Ben commented Gemma must have been young are we to suppose she was around Maggie's age or younger even? Very tentative kiss, but I'm glad they didn't take it any further, neither are in the right place, too soon for both of them, if Miakaere was supposed to have only died a year ago and Ben's still hurting over Maggie, despite his protests. True Nik is acting like a kid, but he loved his dad, faults and all, and like any child, young or old, sometimes harder if the child is older, it hurts and confuses them when the other parent seems to have moved on, be it if the other parent died or they were divorced. Ari and Tane understood that at least. Typical of Tane, he only took notice Gemma wasn't around when he wanted his breakfast. At least Nik now knows how Gemma felt when he didn't ring home, but no excuse on her part really if she wants to set an example. Maybe it wasn't a wise decision on Gemma's part to go back the motel, but this is soapland. A whole episode without Ari and Tane not locking horns and tearing strips off each other, because they were on a united mission looking out for Nik. It shocked the life out of him when Gemma threw him out and I'm glad Ari caught up with him and told him like it is and Nik apologised to Gemma. Mind you Ari and Tane will be vetting Ben even if he isn't a suitor. Now Gemma will have Ziggy on her tail. Talking about mothers warning their daughters - and sometimes sons - about their unsuitable partners, does Diana know about Maggie and Ben splitting up? Roo, although sticking her nose in, was more sympathetic this time. I had a real gulp moment when Ryder explained to Alf and Roo why he wanted Evan to play a gig, it was because he wanted to be a small part of what his dad's life was like and what Evan enjoyed. Maybe Even needn't play such strong songs which would be easier on his voice and lungs. Ryder doesn't want to let his dad he knows or the real reason he wants him to play the gig because it would change the dynamics of their relationship.
  2. Roo has moved back into annoying mode, leave it alone woman!! So what Ryder still wanted to spend time with Evan, shock, horror, Alf was right, as he so often is, Ryder is an adult and doesn't need her fussing around him. I did have the thought Evan may have picked up on Ryder's mood but he didn't and Ryder got away with it. Was a tad awkward at first Ryder sudden blurting out about Nik' s dad dying, that happens so often in real life though you see a parent/partner off as usual, Nik said he didn't really say goodbye to his dad, not knowing that will be the last time you see them alive. Though in Mikaere's case he did get shot in a bank raid. Made Ryder think about just enjoying the time he is having with Evan, then Nik had his inadvertent brainwave. Can see why Evan would be unsure about singing, what with his condition affecting his lungs. Um, Maggie getting her knickers in a twist about what relationship between Ben and Gemma? Only putting ideas into his head there love. If it has only been a year so of course Nik would be concerned about any man getting too friendly with his mum, she's still vulnerable too. What's the old saying "Do as I say, not as I do", not long ago she was tearing Nik off a strip because he didn't tell her where he was so what's she doing, not letting him know where she is, OK she's the adult but pot, kettle, black. Ben and Gemma where getting a bit cosy at the end at that motel, but are either of them ready for the next step?
  3. I'm still with Evan about not telling Ryder at least not yet. He wants to get to know his son and for Ryder to get to know him and for them to have normal son and dad time together without the added pressure of Ryder being aware he's dying and being on edge all the time worried he's going to keel over at any moment. Evan is fine at present and I'd like to think he would tell Ryder when it became necessary. Ryder's been so happy now he's gelled more with Evan, now Roo has ruined it, the look on his face when she told him. I'd like to ask what she would have done in if she was in Evan's place and had reunited with Martha after all these years? On a lighter moment, very sneaky way of Ryder's getting Grumps to have a meal with Evan, proper railroaded him, especially when Alf had refused so strongly about it the day before. Chuckled when Evan asked if he should call him Grumps and Ryder said it was best to start with Mr. Stewart. Notice Alf initially called Evan Errol again, until he got speaking to him, he did warm to him and mentioned Ryder was a lot like him. Definitely not a wise move on Dean's part, approaching Justin behind her back, though he did mean well and Justin agreed there needed to be a work/home life balance. Lovely thought that gift, proving again, Dean can be very sensitive and thoughtful. Ben was on Ziggy's side, repeating what she said about proving herself at work. Leah has done an about turn, Leah had been busy in recent weeks don't forget. Are we meant to infer although Ben had been Maggie's one and only she hadn't been his? Maggie is assuming Ben has moved on and he may even have convinced himself he has but I'm not that sure. Maggie 'catches' Ben talking to Gemma and tells someone - forget who - he was chatting to another woman, Gemma was doing her job as barmaid and it looked on the surface anyway, just doing what barmaids/barmen do chat to their customers. Though later scenes put a different slant on it.
  4. I like to think Jasmine did take notice of Colby, it seems she did. Hats off to Colby there, he didn't give up on her and finally got her to admit what was really wrong, he didn't buy one of the biggest lies in soapdom "I'm fine", because he knew she wasn't. Now all she has to do is convince Justin she won't be running off with Grace without telling anyone where she is. I did worry when Irene was saying Colby's talking to her and I hope he's getting through she was, as normally happens, going to be disappointed and he'd appear saying Jas had thrown him out. She's now opened up, properly, to Willow and with her and Colby and Irene of course to be there for her she may be OK, she just has to admit when she's finding it hard. I liked the big friends type hug Jas and Colby had. I was thinking exactly what Dean voiced about neither one of them, Willow and Jasmine, had thrown the other off the balcony. Yes Jasmine was there before Willow, but she had left and moved in with Robbo and only recently moved back, I know it is a bit nit picky. I'm not seeing it like that between Dean and Ziggy, give him a bit more credit, he accepts she's busier but both of them were looking forward to a date night only Willow scuppered it, not like Willow to be wallowing like that though I know losing your home and your job at the same time would be a blow, but the 'you go out, I'll be OK on my own as usual' was so unlike her. It did get a bit chilly when Colby brought Jasmine in. What is the timeline between Maggie going to see Coco and her returning - a week? The party and John's collapse only happened the day before so doesn't know about that yet, guess she'll soon get filled in. Alf had to be a bit cruel to be kind there and Marilyn did seem to accept it, hope she meant the whole "I'm his wife" thing and wasn't just saying because she felt she ought to, beside the hospital are looking after him at the moment, I may be being picky but no mention of the fact she loved John which should come into the equation. Amazing how Tori found time in her hectic schedule to personally ring Marilyn and let her know how John was doing.
  5. Thanks baywatcher. Quite recent then no wonder it's still so raw for Nik. I don't see how Willow could be angry with Colby wasn't her who encouraged him to make up with Jasmine and be her friend again? Now she's blaming him for doing just that. It seems Willow can't mention Colby and Colby can't mention Willow without Jasmine thinking there's a conspiracy. What is she up to on that forum? Is she putting herself in the place of the woman who's being told how to look after her baby as someone who is being told what to do with her life? She really can't grasp they are just concerned about her, if it was the other way round she'd be there for either of them. She's heading for a serious breakdown. She has been through one heck of a lot - all that on and offing with Robbo, him going off, coming back, getting back together, going through all the trauma with Tori and the baby, hiding from the mob, getting married, then he had to 'vanish' on their Wedding Day, finally getting him back, then he dies, just about getting over that, then she 'loses' their baby. Just when it looked like there was going to be an apology and making up Jasmine turns it on it's head and has another screaming match. Why did it have to be Willow who left, she's been there longer, though and I'm guessing, it's because Jasmine has nowhere else to go. Perhaps it's also because Irene can keep an eye on her. It's looking more and more Justin was right and Jasmine should have gone to stay at Robbo's mum and dad's, and she wanted to leave, but everyone else was begging her to stay. We didn't see Willow being asked to leave Irene's either, bet she feels really awful about it, Irene that is. Hang on a minute, let me get this right Willow had a right go at Colby for 'dragging' her into the fight between him and Jasmine, now she's asking to stay at his. Ari and Tane nearly made up then Tane said the wrong thing which set Ari off again. Mac spoke a lot of sense to both of them them being able to see it from a different prospective, but maybe Ari was right it is too late for them to get back what they lost. Tane actually seemed really sad about it and wasn't acting his usual cocky self on the beach later. I think fussing around like that is Marilyn's way of coping when someone is in hospital, she was the same with Raffy and Jett and the last time John was in hospital. Once he was more with it John had had enough. It'd drive me mad. He does have slight movement on his right side and can speak which is good as he can make himself understood. John is a proud man, no actually he's just a man, so can understand why he wouldn't want Marilyn to see him like that, funny how men act like that. He's said no to letting Jett know too. Alf was actually doing a good job persuading Marilyn to go back to his and Martha's without telling her the real reason seeing as words aren't his strong points. Better to tell her when they are away from the hospital and somewhere quiet and he'll have Roo and Martha there.
  6. Jasmine really doesn't seem to be learning and also is making things harder for herself. OK no problem with her taking Grace for a walk, but why take her back to Irene's? Her excuses were pretty flimsy too, she didn't ring Tori as she knew she was working , er Jas, mobiles have this facility called voice mail so you can leave a message, she had turned her phone off so it wouldn't wake Grace, that wasn't true, she ignored one message from Justin, and you didn't take your eyes off Grace once to see if you had any messages. Another thing you could have left a note at the Morgan's to say where you'd gone. Irene seemed amazed to see Grace there but wisely didn't want to stir up trouble so just left it. Justin was indeed a lot more restrained by the way he dealt with Jasmine after his initial knocking the door down, he calmly but firmly insisted he take Grace home. What will he tell Tori without her thinking he's paranoid? Then there was that scene of Jasmine checking out the forum where this woman is having problems with her mother-in-law. That was rather sad Nik admitting to Gemma it felt that his dad had been forgotten, do we have a date for when he died, I loved their dance together. Maybe Nik is feeling protective towards Gemma about Ben because he's the first guy she's been friendly with and I mean friendly in the normal sense - friends and him being a man. Then of course she had to separate Tane and Ari again! Two bedrooms accounted for when Ari and Tane went into their respective rooms slamming the doors, very grown up. What was with Mac acting so coy when Tane came out of the shower with just a towel round him, she has seen him in his swim trunks. Does seem like sibling rivalry between Ari and Tane when it comes to Mac, but she's not some toy one has and the other wants, she a human being so I'm glad she told them so. Ari did at least try and warn Mac about Tane. I suppose Mac doesn't want to show that much interest in Ari until she knows he feels somewhat the same. She is so flirting with him though, but soon dashed off after Ari when he walked away after seeing them at Salt, I think Ari could have the edge there. Seems from what Tane said Mikaere and Ari had moved to Australia when he was young but had always looked up to them but then Ari changed, nice to get little insights into the family like that, a bit at a time so we find out more about them gradually. Definitely a reminder of the Braxton's when Tane said when he told his teacher his surname he'd groaned and his face had turned white but no-one gave him any bother once they knew who he was. I'd forgotten Tori is now the only doctor on duty and the one to be called on when there is an emergency. Ari played Good Samaritan again going to the hospital with Marilyn and staying with her until Alf turned up, John may annoy the life out of Alf, but he does care for him. Not looking at all good for John, mention of his heart attack but no mention of his brain tumour though and Tori didn't say anything about it after checking his medical records. Oh Maz no way are you to blame for it, John was still keeping healthy even though he was staying in a van. He'd hate for you to feel guilty, stroke has happened on left side of brain as it's the right side of his body affected. A stroke can happen to the most healthiest of people.
  7. I agree there baywatcher, her chats with Tani and slapping him down always come across as her flirting with him to me so no wonder he thinks she is into him. To be fair Mac and Ari aren't an item, unless Ari just doesn't want Mac to get hurt as he knows what Tani is like. Aside from Tani and Ari squaring up to each other the hangi did go well and my god just how much food did Gemma cook, that's apart from what was in the pit? That was quite moving that opening ceremony, especially as it was spoken in Maori, more impact to it then. That little close has more people in it that we thought. Same extras that turn out for weddings and funerals probably Red. Did we see Ryder there? As you said Red, Tani and Ari did put their differences aside to help John. Could John's stroke/aneurysm be related to when he had his brain tumour a few years back? Depending how bad it is would put a lot on Marilyn, will she look after him because she still loves him or because she feels she ought to. On that subject Tori's sudden call to hospital because there was an emergency couldn't be due to John collapsing he hadn't even been put into the ambulance when she got the call unless H&A got itself out of sync. I wondered why Nik was looking daggers at Ben, he was just being friendly with Gemma. Did he not like another man making her laugh? Unless it's a few days later how long was Maggie away, we saw her walk into Salt to see Ben chatting/chatting up Gemma and doesn't look happy. Justin wasn't being entirely unreasonable Leah had been there when Jasmine lost it with Willow, but yes his 'blaming' Grace's teething on Jasmine was out there. He's swallowed his doubts, but from what we saw Jasmine does it again, she told Tori she and Grace would be there, meaning the Morgan's, when she got home, but it appears she and Grace go back to Irene's. Of course she would never hurt Grace, but she can't keep doing what she is doing, wandering off with her without leaving a note so say where' she has gone.
  8. Don't forget Dean, he would know all about absent dads remember. Would be a bit insensitive for Ryder moaning about his 'long lost' dad turning up to Nik when he has lost his. Wow that was one serious meltdown from Jasmine, a real nose to nose confrontation with Willow who I could easily see would have been ready to thump her. Agree it was a total overaction on Jas' part when Colby let slip he'd been talking to Willow. As has been said everyone isn't gossiping about her, they are worried as friends, she'd be the same if someone was in the situation she is, wonder how she'll behave when she knows Irene has been in on the 'gossip'? Be a bit tricky her, Jasmine, and Willow staying out of each others way seeing as they live together. Justin and Leah had just seen that blow up so understandably he worried when he found Jasmine alone with Grace, Leah did keep switching from one side of the argument to the other which confused me. Was Justin afraid Jasmine would have sneaked out of the house with Grace while Tori was asleep? He could have been more discreet the way he talked but that isn't Justin's thing, speaks first, thinks later. Leah can absolutely can understand Tori being so tired, she was a single mum herself and wanting to do everything. I've noticed Jasmine has been doing what Robbo always did when he had things on his mind, goes for a Iong hard run. I found the fact she had bought that album titled My Family and was sticking photos of her, Robbo and Grace in it, including the last one rather disturbing. Isn't the baby/babies who play Grace are gorgeous, she's got a lovely smile. Leah did look stunning in that dress, sadly Leah and Justin didn't get to get to dessert. Where did that 'you stay in your part of town and I'll stay in mine' challenge from Maggie come from? No why could that have worked. Did like Ben's quick "I work here" when she came into the juice bar. He probably thought he was being helpful when he offered to come and mow the lawn, but if she really needed help she could call on Ziggy, Dean, Alf or John. Will Roo be stepping up as substitute head while Maggie is away? I guess we are all meant to assume Bella is doing OK, has been quiet without her. I may be being a tad critical/picky here, but the Roo we knew back then blonde so why was Roo dark haired in that drawing?
  9. Thanks again Dan F. Why did I think it would be of Duncan? I must have been watching with my eyes shut when they showed that angle of the room. Not unlike the bedrooms in the Morgan and Palmer's houses, sometimes you get glimpses of a corridor at the Palmers, how many bedrooms do they have? Yes, an unanswered question answered, Roo did let Alf know about Leah, if he had come home he couldn't have done much more than Justin, Irene and the rest were doing, besides she wouldn't have wanted him coming back from his honeymoon. Alf wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do but he was persuaded Leah would have wanted him to go ahead with the wedding and honeymoon and at the time he was in the dark just as much as everyone else as to where she was. Loved their reunion For a 'temporary' move she had a lot of stuff with her, so what if we didn't see the suitcases first time round, didn't mean she didn't have them, I think that would have been the next step to move the rest of her stuff in. Dean was supportive about her moving back home to Ziggy's face but his real feelings showed when he was talking to Colby and Willow, and yes it was a big assumption on their part that they thought he'd done something wrong. Ben did guilt trip Maggie into changing her mind about letting Ziggy move back, but her seeing Ziggy and Dean saying goodbye, though it's not as if they wouldn't be seeing each other, decided her Ziggy was sacrificing her happiness to help her. Nice talk between Alf and Ben, didn't offer any unwanted advice, just said he was welcome at the house anytime for a beer, meal or a yarn. Ziggy is now a qualified mechanic so why wouldn't Justin trust her to look after the place, he did say they were quite straight forward jobs he had booked in, he'd have to do it sometime or another. Colby had seemed a bit brighter after his first day back at work but Willow brought him down with banging on about Jasmine. He did it for a reason, he wanted to be back on track himself before he started looking after Jasmine and not make the same mistake as kissing her in a weak moment. He finally caved in to her nagging and phoned Jasmine, so now the ball is in her court. What excuses is Jasmine making for not working this time? Her hiding away in her bedroom looking at photos of her Grace and Robbo is not good, but neither is getting nagged by Irene and Willow. Apart from Justin telling Jasmine to back off from seeing Grace, it was Colby saying her couldn't be her friend that triggered her latest meltdown. Seems she's not seeing much of Grace going by what Irene said and Maz had her that day. Looks like a big bust up between Willow and Jasmine tonight. Alf and Martha were married, the first time, for 16 years and not his fault Alisa died after 12 years so a bit unkind there Red.
  10. Thanks for the reminder Dan F. Ziggy is living with Dean and Colby, I think it was because she didn't want to be around Maggie at the time, she and Dean are sharing a room. He is one understanding boyfriend, went along with Ziggy saying she wasn't in the mood for surfing after seeing how down Maggie was and saying how about going for a coffee putting off their original plan of surfing together. Then later being fine about her wanting to move back in with Maggie as she didn't want her to be alone. Ziggy is blaming herself too much about Ben & Maggie's decision to separate, it just moved things forward, I have the feeling it would have happened anyway and there may have been more resentment built up. They still care about each other which may not have been the case. Alf demanding from Roo that she tell him everything - that'll take a while! Sheriff John has become the deputy now Sheriff Alf is back. How happy would Alf have been if Roo had kept phoning with all the local news, still no mention that he knows Leah is back. Evan has only been in the bay for a week at most so why the hurry to tell Alf - Ryder was pleased to see his Grumps and had to smile when he went to hug him and Alf backed off a tad so shook hands instead. He can't go flinging his weight about, these are family matters and should only offer his opinion if asked, not that stops Roo. Marilyn had implied to Gemma (or was it Irene) things hadn't been OK between her and John before Gemma and Nik moved in. But apart from their normal spats things appeared to be OK, perhaps things went deeper than we saw. Very telling she wasn't able to give a yes or no the Alf's question. Thinking back Marilyn has lived alone at various times, when John was in prison and when he was in hospital, when he was staying with Jett. Interesting first meeting between Evan and Alf, who had been influenced by Ryder's opinion of him so was bound to be frosty on Alf's part. I'm on Evan's side, about not wanting Ryder to know he's dying, I refer you to my earlier post about him wanting to know Ryder and for Ryder to know him on equal terms for want of a better way of pointing it and for it to be normal and once he has reached a good place with him leave and let him know the truth at a later date when his condition has got worse. That way he'll know it was a genuine reconciliation and not because Ryder felt he ought to be kind to him. Him telling him now would be manipulative, Ryder is a good guy so would feel obliged to be good to Evan in his last days which isn't the way it should happen. Roo gave her word she wouldn't tell Ryder so she can't go back on it. Thank goodness TPTB didn't use the usual ploy of someone saying to someone else so and so has told me everything so that person falls into the trap and reveals something they shouldn't have. Roo used her instincts and got Ryder to speak up first. Ryder and Evan's night seemingly went OK. Have I missed seeing that drawing of Duncan on the wall before or is it a new addition?
  11. Gemma knows deep down Ari cares about Tane and Ari worries if that if Tane continues to live the lifestyle he does he could end up like Mikaere. Tane is just being stubborn refusing the money Ari offered him, as Gemma keeps saying they are family so should all contribute. Gemma, Ari and Nik's (if he bothers to turn up at the bait shop that is) share could go towards groceries, and other household items, utility bills. Nik wanted to duck out of helping at the bait shop again but Gemma, I think, talked him round. Not a bit embarrassing Ari and Mac getting caught sneaking out of his room the morning after the night before. Nik's reaction was hilarious and Tane was envious, maybe not the right time to hint it was his turn next. What sort of woman does he think Mac is, jumping from one guy to the next just because Ari said they weren't back together. Would have taken a lot for Ari to swallow his pride like that, showed he is the bigger man but fair dos to Tane he did accept Ari's hand. Let's just enjoy it while it lasts baywatcher. On the subject of them constructing a hangi as they are only renting would they be allowed to do that, unless once it has finished they fill the hole in again. Going back to front and back doors Nik went out the back when he went for the pizzas, but Mac left by the front door. Not afraid of the walk of shame obviously. Sweet that John is keeping an eye on Marilyn but not pushing to move back in, cheeky comment from Roo about why Marilyn didn't offer him the spare room. I'm trying to remember if she has ever lived alone for long. There may have been a time when she was a lot younger. Naturally it had to be that secret Evan is hiding. He very reluctantly told Roo who immediately is pressing him to tell Ryder. But that would be putting it all on Ryder's shoulders and he doesn't want to guilt trip him. "I'm dying so I thought I'd come and see you in my last days so you can't turn me away" which I guess is want Evan doesn't want. Maybe his plan is (or was) to visit Ryder, get to know him as much as he could, then leave before his condition gets too bad. He's not helping by being so reticent about not talking about himself. Do we reckon Quinn knows which is why she gave him Ryder's address? Welcome back Mr. Stewart! He has some catching up to do, starting off with John and Marilyn not living together. Had he been kept up to date about Leah or is that a nice surprise awaiting him? The news about Ben and Maggie will shock him. He's been gone so long I can't remember if he was around when Robbo and Mason died. Then of course he's to yet meet Evan, the man who deserted his daughter, can't wait for that.
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  13. Yes, they did live next door to each other and we have very occasionally seen the houses on the other side of the road. That bungalow must be expensive to rent, it's got a pool, It's a four bed, furnished too which racks up the rent. Ari moving in will help with the rent which I guess he and Gemma will be paying Tane. We did get a bit more background on Tane, seems he was an OK guy, sporty and easy going until Ari went inside, it was then he went off the rails and by the time Ari came out he'd gone to the bad as they say. It's a bit belated if he's trying to make amends now, Ari 's had that task trying to earn a decent wage doing a ligit job, only to have Tane swan in with the cash to rent a home for them all. I'm getting tired of Tane riding Ari about the dire straits he, Gemma and Nik found themselves in since they arrived in the bay. He couldn't work because he'd been Injured at work and didn't qualify for sick pay. Has it been fully explained why they had to leave their last home suddenly, so suddenly they had to leave some of their belongings behind which Tane brought them. Ari, being that much older, would have a different work ethic to Nik, to Ari DJ'ing isn't the most steady of jobs, could see John/Alf having the same conversation with Ryder. How old is Nik btw, if he's in his 20's does he really need or want to live with his mum, lovely as Gemma is? She keeps banging on about them being family but family members do need to fly the nest at some point. It would be odd for Maggie being in an empty house, there usually has been someone there. There would have been the odd night Ben & Maggie weren't together but that would have been when she was in hospital giving birth to Ziggy and Coco and when she was in having her cancer treatment. Oh and of course when he moved out when he was having his breakdown. I'm guessing the motel Ben is staying at is that motel? A rare mention of the money they got from the sale of the complex.
  14. I think in Ben and Maggie's eyes now they have made that decision it has taken a weight off their shoulders and they can move forward wherever that may lead. Seems I got ahead of myself, but I thought I heard them mention Coco the day before. Ziggy seemed quick to write off her parents marriage, but maybe as Dean was trying to explain to her maybe this time apart, proper time apart, will give them the time they need. Ziggy has them divorced already! Typical of Maggie that despite what she is going through she was still concerned that Ziggy wasn't being fair on Dean and that she shouldn't shut him out. The Diner's flat balcony and Salt's balcony do look alike from certain angles. Isn't the same set is it? Ben seemed happy that Ziggy is now fully qualified mechanic. Well with all the work Justin has coming into the garage he'll need another mechanic. I don't trust Tane despite his good looks and sometimes dubious charm and I'm not being influenced by Ari's feelings towards him. He did come out with one of the standard soap clich├ęs "trust me" when we, the viewers know that is the last thing the person they are saying it to shouldn't. I wouldn't have thought renting one of those bungalows would be cheap either so where is the money coming from, is he calling in a favour or doing someone else a favour? Unclear yet if Tane is going to be living there or if Ari will be moving in which I can't really see him doing as Tane would in effect be his landlord. Ari and Nik were always clashing when they were living under the same roof so maybe better he stays at the caravan park. I think John has more to worry about with Tane being so close to Marilyn. Even with Ari and Gemma both working they couldn't have afforded to rent that bungalow. He may be a sleaze and very outdated in his 'chat up' lines but Mac can look after herself. Was Nikau ducking out of working in the bait shop again? From what we can gather from what we've heard about his history, he's not the most reliable guy, tends to do a runner when things get tough whereas Ari sticks around and puts the family back together. A hint, maybe, Ari did eight years inside because of him. In Nik's eyes Ari is the stern, unfun uncle who wants him to toe the line and shock, horror wants you to do actual work. Tane is the opposite, buys you drinks, mucks about with you, has a seemingly endless supply of money. But would Tane be there for you if you really needed him, we know Ari would be. We never knew Mikaere but I'm thinking maybe he was a mixture of Ari and Tane. Gemma is still determined they should still be a family. How long ago was it Mikaere died? Liked the way Ari approached Nik so maybe he has worked out you get further using honey rather than vinegar, though it does look like it's too late as Tane has trumped him, seems Nikau can't wait to move in, Gemma however is more cautious.
  15. I did when Justin said that, but if Robbo was still alive the situation wouldn't have arisen, it had been decided between him and Tori they would share child care, with Jasmine helping Robbo, so Marilyn looking after Grace wouldn't have come into it. Also if Robbo still been single and still been killed, again the Marilyn situation wouldn't have arisen would it? Good for her putting her foot down with Justin and telling him she was Grace's mum so her decision was final. Jasmine's comment to Grace worried me, it was like all that had been said before never happened, Leah also overheard it so now not just Justin overreacting. Tori explained as best as she could and very well I thought that she had the final say, she had trusted Marilyn when she said there was no danger and Jasmine should respect that. Robbo, of course, would have been cautious after what happened to his first family but he knew Marilyn well enough to know she wouldn't have put Grace in an unpleasant situation. Jasmine just seemed to come across as so stubborn, she couldn't understand why she as Grace's stepmother could be regarded as untrustworthy, normally no, but it was the fact she lied to Marilyn and didn't let Tori know what she had done and lied again to others about it. Jas still maintained she was being shut out of Grace's life when all Tori wanted was some time alone with her daughter. Jasmine's apology didn't come across as sincere as it should have. True it was only two months she was to all effects Grace's mum, she and Robbo got her into the routine she has got used to, but it doesn't take long for that bond to grow. Now Robbo has gone and Grace is the only reminder of him. One small thing why was Grace covered up in her stroller when they were in Salt, poor little kid wouldn't have any air - and yes I know there probably wasn't anyone in it - but it was unnecessary. Ben and Maggie - really - sitting at separate tables like a couple of spoilt teenagers, no wonder Ziggy walked away, though her ultimatum did backfire on her as they've made the decision to separate which wasn't the result she wanted. Dean being the wise one again telling her to let them sort themselves out but of course Ziggy being Ziggy won't take any notice. Mention, if brief, that Coco is aware of what is going on. Sad thing about it all of course is Ben and Maggie do still love each other, that's why it's hurting them so much. Well done Ziggy on passing your mechanics exam, yes you haven't had the final confirmation, but you're bound to have done it.
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