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  1. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Bella reminds me of Jemima Rooper an English actress who was in Lost In Austen, it's her mouth. Also the actress who plays Simone reminds me of Eleanor Tomlinson aka Demelza. Wow there are more than two teachers at SBH who'd thunk it. Maggie said the reason she couldn't let Roo go was because of Raffy needing extra tuition but the other invisible teachers know about Raffy's condition so would help her out. Could Maggie just block it like that? There was Alf & Roo - well mainly Roo - fretting about Ryder taking it badly, but he was as Alf thought fine about it. Smiled when he asked if he was in trouble as the only time Gramps called a family meeting was when he was in trouble. The Morgan's seem to take Raffy's reason why she couldn't come to the party pretty well and she wasn't being held prisoner at the Palmer's either but in plain view in the Diner and not chained to the table. It was Marilyn who had to drag John away from bothering her when she was trying to put her assignment together, well to actually get started on it. In her current state of mind I suppose her submitting the work was more important. Raffy & Ryder would hardly be a bunch of school kids, seems it wasn't a school day seeing as Raffy was in the Diner most of the day and Ryder wasn't at school either along with Roo & Maggie. Yet having said that the next day Ryder & Raffy were in the classroom finishing off her assignment so maybe it was a Sunday? I'm glad Raffy finally let Ryder in and let him help her, he did have some good arguments, he was able to look at it from a different direction. It was a good idea of his to submit it as a slide show but it was Raffy who put it together and the praise she got from Roo must have really boosted her confidence. It was nice that Justin was there to share it with her. Just my thoughts but she keeps saying her brain doesn't work like it used to so what she needs to do is to use it in a different way like Ryder was encouraging her to do. Ooh another nearly kiss in the classroom, then an actual real kiss later on. There is I think an attraction there but is Raffy in the right frame of mind for a romance? She did dash off again after the kiss, leaving Ryder looking confused. After what seems an age we see him interacting with Dean asking his advice on friendships becoming something more e.g. Dean & Willow and how it affected them. Though he's been there already with Coco twice and they eventually got back into friends mode. Justin managed to keep his mouth shut when Mason asked if everything was OK with Tori, to use a well known phrase 'it's not his place' to blab. How much more obvious could Ziggy get in her trying to fix Mason & Simone up? Was it me or did Brody look a bit jealous when he saw Simone and Mason talking? OK maybe not too suspicious her behaviour in Ziggy & Brody's place, and why did Justin suggest Simone use their loo, I got it wrong he did, and not the one in the house, bit of a cheek really. Simone soon seemed to have not needed it. But then when she went back to Salt later on to prep for the next day, now that is eager to please, she did seem to be lingering over that photo of her & Brody. That's been my thoughts Red about Ziggy playing it cooler, the more she has digs at Simone the more Brody will defend her and get closer. Ziggy has changed tactics though following the keep your friends close and your enemies closer ruse and decided to be 'friends' with Simone. I had to smile at the look on Justin and Brody's faces when Ziggy asked Simone if they could start again and shook hands with her. Yes guys be afraid, be very afraid. Ziggy was right in one aspect Brody is the only person Simone really knows in the bay, she needs to know more people.
  2. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Yes - Bella was two years older than I thought - oops. Courtney Miller still looks too old to be playing a 16 year old though. Does kind of throw my age time line out, if it was six years ago could he really have been 20? His reason why Ross left was he, Colby, was finally big enough to stand up to him so like all cowards he, Ross, bolted. I don't know if we got such a detailed back story about the time Michelle, Ross and Bella left before, but interesting to get how each saw it from their side of the fence. They all keep banging on about it being six years since the botched attempt to stop Ross taking Bella so it must be. Colby still wasn't making much headway until Dean had that idea of Colby playing her a copy of that tape, how handy he had that eh? She would be much more likely to believe Ross's own words than anything Colby told her, then she worked out for herself what had happened to her mum and who was responsible. Although it does seem Bella is over the worst of it, going by the big hugging scenes going on, there is still a way to go I'd say. They do all seem to have faded away but there was an explanation for Willow not being around when Mason invited Robbo and Jasmine to the barbecue he said she was on a PT course - I think that is what he said. SG did have the choice of reporting what she had found out to the cops but didn't for her own reasons which maybe is why she dumped him. Be interesting to see if there is any fallout. Yep the old 'gone away for a few days' ploy - OK'd sudden leave did he? Dean couldn't go far, if he went with them that is, as he's still got his CS to do. The subject of Dean risking breaking his licence conditions came up but as he said he knew what he was doing and that was what mates did for each other. Would Willow be breaking her licence conditions too? Wasn't it just adults at the BBQ, didn't see any young ones, but didn't see Marilyn or John either though Leah was there, Irene was working wasn't she. Mason thumping away at his laptop reminded me of when Olivia was doing the same when she was waiting for her exam results to come through. Don't remember her laptop having a breakdown though! Really great that he passed after all the hassle he's gone through, losing Beth, and giving up for a while then Dempsey. Terrific to see how the rest of the Morgan's with the exception of Raffy being so over the moon for him even Tori putting her own woes aside. I liked how Mason invited Robbo to the celebrations a thank you for letting him off his shifts. Seems as if Roo could be off again soon, hope Alf is right about Ryder being OK with it this time as he's a different lad from the last time. Did Alf really say Ryder was in 'a different headspace'? I was giving Simone the benefit of the doubt, but her behaviour at the BBQ made me think otherwise. Started off OK with her bringing the cake and the steaks and mingling, Ziggy wasn't overjoyed when Brody said she could stay, but held her tongue. The thing that got me wondering about Simone was when Justin I think or it may have been Mason pointed out where Brody & Ziggy were living, then later she asked where the loo was I'm pretty sure Justin didn't point her in the direction of the granny flat. It did seem a bit creepy her poking around the place then trying on Brody's whites. I feel Brody is still totally oblivious to her feeling about him, just being Brody, happy to have someone around who is just as keen on cooking as he is. Heard but not seen Buddy! That was some drama with Robbo/Tori/Jasmine. That talk between Tori and Robbo did need to happen because until it happened everything was in limbo somewhat, pity then that wires were well and truly crossed with Robbo thinking Tori understood what he meant but Tori getting it totally wrong, if they hadn't been interrupted it could have been sorted then. I don't think Tori should have told Leah & Irene Robbo was up for another go, it should be private between them, especially as she had got it so wrong. Jasmine handled the whole thing so well, she could so easily have blurted something out when Irene praised her for being so brave about 'their' decision to try IVF again. She then treated her conversation with Tori so delicately suggesting she speak to Robbo and when pressed said it wasn't her place, but she, Tori, needed to talk to him properly. Robbo, for someone who doesn't find it easy to express himself just kept It simple but gentle. Although I can find sympathy for Tori, can't be easy for a 34 woman to be told your biological clock is clicking a lot faster than most women her age, it would make her panic and the thought of starting the whole process again would be very daunting. But I don't like the way she is thinking, pushing Jasmine to 'work' on Robbo, thinking in a couple of weeks he would have changed his mind because at the moment he is grieving for the baby which brought up bad memories and he'll feel different. She is grieving too but, her time line being what it is aside, it seems to me is rushing back into it, she hasn't had time to come to terms with it. Even Justin, who hasn't been Robbo's biggest fan, looked like he was looking at it from Robbo's point of view. He certainly wasn't happy about her plan to go ahead with the IVF without Robbo knowing. Don't know what the legal implications are but it must be morally wrong. Wouldn't the specialist wonder where Robbo was when she goes back?
  3. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    But Colby isn't thinking rationally, he's been searching for her for six years and it now appears she hates him. Of course if he had done things the proper/legal way we don't know what danger Bella would have been in if Ross had been cornered by the cops, he may well have used her as a hostage and made his escape.
  4. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    There are no parallels between Marilyn and John and Ross. At least Raffy gets to mix with other people, gets to go to school, have friends, even see her family plus she was a teenager when 'kidnapped' by John and Marilyn, whereas Bella has been denied all that, she's been with Ross for six years since she was eight and alone with him for five since Michelle 'left' so a lot more vulnerable to being bent to Ross' will. Justin and the rest of the Morgan's did Raffy a disservice by not asking her feelings of where wanted to be after she came out of hospital , though it did make sense as there were more of them and there were one and half doctors on hand. That was a reveal that she believes, thanks to Ross, her mum deserted her and although both Colby & Dean know the truth now is hardly the right time to tell her. Did he kill her because she was becoming a liability or a loose end he needed to get rid of. I don't quite see how Colby going back to help Dean would have lead to him getting his hands on the tape as we don't know when Michelle gave it to Karen. At the risk of being unpopular I'd say Bella is a lot more safer with Colby & Dean than Ross, even though yes it is abduction, he seems to have done lot of damage mentally and although no visible signs maybe physically too. Colby has royally screwed up, but he was using his heart not his head. I thought he wasn't telling SG what was going on so as not to compromise her, but that secret phone call to Willow was ill timed as SG isn't stupid and knew something was sus. Guess that house was the only choice, as we have seen it before so less expensive than TPTB finding somewhere else and how would Ross know anything about it, he was no River Boy and didn't know Colby was back on the scene anyway. I totally agree with SG apart from her saying Colby 'dragged' Dean into it so risking him being put back into prison, Dean knew exactly what he was doing, he knew Bella back when she was a kid so of course he'd want to help same with Willow. Shame Colby didn't get to tell SG that Bella doesn't know her mum is dead. The last we saw Ross was headed back to his house so it is unlikely he'll be going far, he'll be hunting, yes hunting, for Bella. We did see in the trailer Colby playing Bella the tape of Ross telling Michelle he'd killed Colby's dad, but he had handed it in to the cops so was that a copy? I think I agree with Ben, it was better having John as an 'enemy' than a less than helpful 'friend', we all know John is rubbish at DIY. Didn't rise to John's digs about him slobbing about when he could have been finishing the board shop then standing there gobsmacked when Ben showed him the finished product. Looked good too, not too flashy but stylish. Lovely that meal between Ben & Maggie, celebrating how far they have come and what they have survived in the past year, they aren't the perfect couple, no-one is - but they are close to it. The actress - Courtney Miller - who plays Bella is 22 which she does look nearer to age to then her supposed age. Lukas Radovich - Ryder - also 22 is more convincing as an 18 year old. Looking young can be a curse as well as blessing, especially for men. You have to try harder to convince people you can play older roles.
  5. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Now Colby has told SG Bella isn't at the house, using the term loosely btw, the Yabby Creek cops can move in as she isn't in any danger of getting caught in any crossfire. Though of course he needs to be taken alive so the cops can question him about what he said on the tape, he can't be asked about Michelle's death as there is no proof killed her only what he told Karen five years ago. John was just nit picking over Ben and his refurbishments, what is 5 mil in English money not even a inch? John has always been full of bluster, do hope he doesn't decide to look up rule 26 sub section whatever. Ben showed remarkable restraint by not losing it with him. Having said that I can see John going completely the other way and being a real pain in wanting to help Ben. Is it just my TV or does anyone else have trouble hearing Georgie Parker plug the prize on the ad break? I find the music completely drowns out her voice on mine.
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  7. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    I suppose it's what angle you view the Morgan's/Palmer's/ Raffy situation from. Is it a case of the Morgan's ignoring Raffy when she's at J & M's or J & M preventing any contact between Raffy and the Morgan's while she's at theirs? Colby and Dean 'rescuing' Bella, in his defence Colby is keeping SG out of it so she's not compromised in any way when the cops start investigating, shame he doesn't know about Willow informing her that she knew what he & Dean were planning, but neither of them know about him holding onto Bella and not taking her to the police. In her current state of mind she would tell the police she'd been snatched from a happy home by her mad brother. In terms of brain washing I'd say Ross has done a much better job, after all he's had six years to fill Bella's head with all sorts of rubbish, he may well have told her Colby didn't care about her and he was glad she'd gone away. She seems pretty feral, methinks there's not been much schooling involved. She kind of looked undecided when hiding in that shack and listening to Colby remind her about him, Dean, Willow and her, seemed they knew each other very well. Also from what Willow was telling SG she and Dean helped Colby a lot by hiding and patching him up when Ross let fly with his fists. The cops can't have had Ross' place under surveillance otherwise they would have moved in before Colby & Dean left with Bella. How lucky Ross didn't know that is was Dean's car that he passed. Tori checked any hospital admissions to see if Bella had been admitted any time when it was discovered that Colby had that genetic condition. It could be it's only male offspring are affected by it like haemophilia. I'm trying to work out the age line between Colby and Bella, if I remember correctly she was eight when she was taken six years ago so assuming Colby is in his mid 20's there's an eight year difference so he was 12 when it happened making him eight when she was born which also brings up the question how soon after his, unnamed dad, died did Michelle marry Ross? It may not be correct what Colby is doing but who can say what we'd do if we were in his position?
  8. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    I knew that development would please you Red! I am a bit confused on how Marilyn & John are grooming Raffy and for what purpose? I'm not saying either of you are wrong about John & Marilyn wanting Raffy all to themselves, but wasn't it Justin who asked them to take Raffy in in the first place when the syndicate reared it's angry head again so as to keep her out of harms way? The fact she was Decker's daughter adding to the danger. Can't remember why Irene wasn't asked but that's besides the point. She's had quite a few moves since she came to the bay and let's not forget she had a pretty turbulent time before that. She's been at John & Maz's, Kat & Ash's, back to John & Maz's, back to the Morgan's after she left hospital, no wonder she feels unsettled in fact I've lost track. A lot of the time Raffy has been at the Palmer's the Morgan's never seemed that bothered in checking to see how she was doing. How Justin came to the decision Raffy would be better and happier at John & Maz's I'm not sure, but I don't think he's been brainwashed. Nothing stopping any of them visiting her and inviting her over for dinner. Wasn't the whole point of the Morgan's deciding where Raffy would be living after she left hospital, without consulting her, was because as there are five of them they could spread the care that she would need, someone always there for her as she shouldn't be alone? Whereas at John & Marilyn's there's just the two of them so isn't that going to be a stretch, even allowing she will be at school during the weekday but there's still evenings, weekends and holidays. Didn't see any interaction between Tori and Raffy before she left which was sad. Btw has Hope been airbrushed out of Raffy's life, there has been absolutely no mention of her in any shape or form. I feel it's a bit of an insult to the late actress who played her. May seem like an excuse but Raffy's brattishness could be down to her still adjusting to her new meds. Ryder only spoke to Coco asking her to stay as he was worried about Raffy as she said she wouldn't be able to cope without her for two weeks. It was good to see Raffy saw through Coco's explanation and yes Coco is a rubbish liar. Good to see Ryder and Raffy become friends again, he's been trying so hard to make up for that near kiss, but was there a spark between them when the shook hands? Not wanting to split hairs Red, but you can be any age to be a step dad, but yes he is supposed to be around the same age as Karen and Michelle so unless Michelle and Karen were young mums it does throw up a query, but you know what H&A is like with characters ages. Dean did say it was six years ago he & Colby last encountered Ross which was when Dean was left by Colby in the car injured and later jailed, which may have made them 16/17 not actually been specified. It started off well with Colby letting the cops do their job, but went downhill quick this week. I'm going with the thought he wasn't so worried about his mum as she was an adult which I have said before. I shook my head when Colby made that statement about the local cops just blundering in to Ross's place, has he no faith in his fellow cops, as you have both said it's a murder investigation of one of their own, of course they aren't just going to wander up to his door and ask an inane question. Was an odd response from Neil considering he is supposedly so gung ho on following the rules that he texted SG. I do feel however Dean dealt with it well once he & Colby got to where Ross was living, he restrained Colby from just barging in because as Dean said they had no idea of how many where in there, plus he gently reminded him of how it worked out last time. We don't know anything about how things are between Bella and Ross, but it doesn't look the cosiest of homes, shotguns on the wall along with an animals head. If I remember right she was eight when Ross took her away which would now make her 14 which at a stretch she could pass for. Not exactly the warm welcome Colby was expecting, but as I have said before, we don't know what Ross has been telling her about Colby. Willow is a slightly better liar than Coco fobbing SG off with the story Colby and Dean had gone on a boys night out but it's next day now so is she going to plead ignorance about their whereabouts? Getting to some lighter moments with John keeping a beady eye on Ben while he does his renovations at the Surf Club, just waiting for him to make an error so he could scream 'infringement of the guidelines' if he was one millimetre out on his measurements and overturning the decision. Ben, so far, has kept his temper well in check, how long it will last though....? Alf seems to be staying well out of it. Marilyn wasn't as helpful as I thought she would be about all this, as in telling John he was acting like a big kid.
  9. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Seems to be just us two Red most of the time. Justin wasn't exactly bigging it up why Raffy should be at home, though to be fair to him he only asked if she was OK and she jumped down his throat! I may be way off here but it does seem that Raffy has stayed away, three nights now, ever since the morning Tori had her miscarriage, though she would have been at school anyway, and has been avoiding her ever since, not even wanting to see her when Justin suggested it, when normally she'd be right there for her. Obviously told off screen like Marilyn, Leah & Irene. Does she feel guilty for some reason, though there is no need for her to, that she wasn't there that morning so couldn't help or maybe she feels all the stress of her epilepsy brought it on? Anyways getting back to her staying with Marilyn & John and whether she's being coerced, brainwashed, not encouraged to go home, she's 15 so Justin can hardly drag her home which wouldn't solve anything. As someone suggested everyone needs to sit down together, again and talk about Raffy and include her this time. But you're right she has changed, being generous I'm putting it partly down to her still adjusting to her new meds messing with her head, but she has become very reliant on Coco and pushing Ryder aside when he tries to help. She was not a happy bunny when Coco got the news she and James were going on this two week course, in the trailer she suggests Maggie did it out favouritism by 'picking' Coco. Off course a tad, loved how Buddy was lying on the bed with Tori, lovely boy. I know I suggested Simone was a stalker type, but I'm ready to giver her the benefit of the doubt, her actions could be taken two ways, a really into cooking young woman who is keen to learn more from someone, Brody, who is just as keen to teach someone or it could be something more sinister. Ziggy by her own admission is not into how a meal is prepared just likes eating it, but she's behind Brody and letting him enjoy his passion, likewise he's not into anything mechanical like she is and lets her get on with mending cars. I don't think Brody has any idea Simone is keen on him if she is, he's just pleased he's got a willing pupil he can talk about food to. I'd like to think Simone locking them in the store room was an accident, she'd have no idea it was on a time lock would she and she said she didn't like confined spaces so another reason, maybe, it wasn't deliberate. She did bring up about cooking with her mum when she was growing up which made Brody look pensive, is she aware of what happened there? She's a teacher so not some air head who's looking for a distraction. Ziggy isn't handling her suspicions/jealousy at all well, but then she's hardly known for her restraint, wonder where she gets that from, and just storms in all guns blazing, she's certainly been very vocal about her feeling towards Simone. There are more subtle ways she could play it, but she doesn't do subtle either. Good actually that Justin was there when Simone & Brody were 'discovered' otherwise it could really have kicked off. I did like Ziggy's earlier quip when Brody said something about a menu - "and you're on it". Ziggy did have a point her name is Ziggy not Zigg, well at least not to a stranger! Then there's Robbo/Tori/Jasmine. Although I sympathise with Tori I feel it is too soon for her to want to try again, can see why Robbo bailed on wanting to go to see the specialist, he's obviously not ready whereas Tori is worried time is slipping away from her to delay waiting to try again. Justin's going to see him could be viewed as him being a big brother looking out for his sister and reminding Robbo of what she did for him, but equally it could be seen as guilt tripping. Though no mention of Leah's miscarriages was made, it was nice she went with Tori, she could understand more of what Tori is going through. Bit of an oh gosh moment when Robbo told Jasmine he didn't want to try for any more children - ever! It's been bugging me since she joined but I knew the actress - Emily Eskell - who plays Simone reminded me of someone, then I had a light bulb moment - it's Eleanor Tomlinson who plays Demelza or is it just me thinking that?
  10. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Red, I guess we won't agree on whether Raffy is being brainwashed or not we just see it from different sides, but there is a lot more coming and going at the Morgan's than at the Palmers. Btw what happened to the rota that was drawn up to look after Raffy? No sign of her last night so I guess she is going to be on the list of people to be told about Tori's miscarriage which ought to be face to face and not over the phone. Being crowded with people, even family isn't something she needs right now. Oh yes Jasmine, she was really a great friend to Tori, trying to suggest it may not be what was obviously apparent but knowing as a midwife it was. So devastating for both Tori and Robbo and his reaction was just what I would have expected from him, seemingly took it OK, but then we saw his face as he walked away. No way was Jasmine overstepping the mark by telling him and again it had to be face to face, that's the kind of news you don't deliver over the phone. Mason probably thought he was emphasising with Tori when he mentioned Dempsey and her aborting their baby, but Tori was right it wasn't the same, but he was still a good brother by just being there. Robbo's pushing Jasmine away was his way and although some may say she shouldn't have told Colby he does live with Robbo so at least he won't put his foot in it by saying the wrong thing. It was his advice that he would come to her when he was ready and that only someone who was going through the same thing would really understand spurred her to suggest Tori going to see him. That last scene was so moving, no words needed and the fact it was in the dark added to the mood. They will then have those that knew she was pregnant being sympathetic and either being all gushy or not knowing what to say and avoiding them. Leah has had two miscarriage so would understand. Colby, in a way, was doing exactly what Tori did when she panicked about her cramps, as a doctor she knew it was likely to be the implanted working but as a new mum any medical expertise went out of the window. Ditto Colby pestering his work mates when as you said Red he's probably had years of placating folks asking him what progress has been made in an investigation into a missing person, assault, robbery etc. stating the standard 'We are looking into it, it's still early days etc' It's personal now so the cop head is off and the brother/son head is on and likely hoping as he's a cop and his dad was a cop they'd make more of an effort. But as SG said the cops have twenty odd years of stuff to look through, going back over his dad's old cases to see if there was a link between them and Ross, they of course have the added incentive Ross is a cop killer! Robbo got into the loop a while back and also because a couple of weeks ago Colby asked if he could get Lance involved in the hunt for Ross. Small point but dad doesn't seem to have a name yet. Much needed bit of light relief with John, Alf and Ben and the great board shop in the Surf Club debate. Quite a number of folk on it seemingly, even if we have never seen them before and not likely to for a good long while. It was well argued for. John again brought up the 'fact' there would be hoards of River Boys invading the place. Maybe splitting hairs but is Dean still a member of the RB's? Liked how Ben and Alf stood up for him by saying he was working hard and doing a good job. Nice little dig by Alf to John that he'd had more second chances than he'd had hot dinners. Actually this incident could have done with Marilyn having words in John's ear, she would have been all for giving Ben a go at having the shop in the club I would have liked to have seen her persuading him to have a rethink. 'd at Ben turning John's "no hard feelings" remark back on him. Justin does tend to go for ladies with a history, strange what types you can be drawn to. Would he be able to handle 'normal'?
  11. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Going back to Justin saying to Leah about how it would be nice to have a 'normal' girlfriend instead of one who was trouble is he forgetting he went out with and got engaged to Phoebe who wasn't exactly plain sailing? Scarlett was on the surface OK but she had a past, as in a husband who she was on the run from and a son who had died in tragic circumstances so another one who had baggage. Scarlett of course went back with Caleb to give their marriage another go.
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  14. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    Just how was Raffy brainwashed into staying overnight at the Palmers? Maz had no idea until Raffy asked if she could and they did square it with Tori, who was the only one about at the time and it's only one night for heavens sake. Normally, I guess all the 'drama' as in Justin coming home drunk and waking her and Tori up, wouldn't bother her but that was pre epilepsy Raffy, now she's obviously more sensitive to it. Anyways Raffy, not your meds making you think things may or may not have happened, Ryder was just as confused not to mention Coco! Smiled at how twice Ryder had to protest his innocence when Coco and Roo asked what he had done. Laughed when both Raffy and Ryder jumped when Coco said they were both busted. Ryder was right to want to speak to Raffy to sort things out and get things back on an even keel. Roo was pretty useless in offering advice. If we are to believe Raffy's profile page on the back to the bay website Raffy will be 16 in June, but as you said Red the younger members do have floating ages. Guess I should believe everything I read on Wikipedia then as that's where I got the info a F1's equivalent in Australia was the PRHO. Jasmine is really throwing herself into being a supportive girlfriend/friend. She wants to surprise Robbo with a holiday but wants to be close enough so he can pop back to go to any appoints Tori has. I don't think she meant to lurk over Tori, she could see she was doing her yoga, but then her phone rang. Was one quirky/weird/awkward conversation they were having at the beach house, was that really the first time Tori had been back since Ash lived there? I liked Jasmine was honest enough to admit she did have the odd worry about Tori and Robbo being so close because of the baby and how Tori reassured her she didn't have any romantic feelings towards him. I suppose with all that happy baby talk and Jasmine buying that album, glad she chose that and not the babysuit which Leah pointed out would prove tricky to get a bay out of when they needed their nappy changed, we ought to have known it wouldn't end well. Thank goodness Jasmine decided to go round to Tori's so she was there for her. Alf's idea was a good one, shame John was so against it. Where did he get the idea the Surf Club would suddenly be invaded by River Boys? I suppose Ben should put it before the committee, anyone else would have to. It's a good business proposition , anyone interested in buying a board would, in theory, use the juice bar so bringing in more trade. Do we know who else is on the committee apart from John and Alf? Btw what was the point of Alf telling Ben not to tell John he'd already run it by him if then later he told John it was his idea and had got it out on the agenda for next days meeting?
  15. H&Alover

    2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

    SG may have been a better option to go and see Karen, but would Karen have been so open with her, she doesn't know her like she does Colby. Not that it excuses him but Michelle was an adult and as far as he knew back then, went willingly, whereas Bella was a child and didn't have a say. We don't know what Ross has been telling Bella about Colby, be interesting to see what he looks like when we finally 'meet' him, will he look like your normal bloke or archetypal bad guy? That was frustrating finding out we won't be seeing the follow up until next week. Yep Justin was suitably embarrassed when he was told of what he had got up to the night before, he was really zonked out, hadn't moved a muscle all night! Mason proved to be the grown up there, he's not squeaky clean in the getting drunk department. Tori was left to get him up, ply him with headache tablets and coffee. Did chuckle when she mentioned he'd better get his shirt on the right way round before he went out! Maybe Irene didn't want Willow coming across him when she got home, it must have been earlier than I thought if she was at the cinema with Jasmine and Robbo. I suppose Irene, having been there, would be more willing to forgive, liked her words of wisdom without coming across as a recovering alcoholic can do. He was well lost for words when he tried to apologise to Leah but she just repeated what Irene said about forgetting about it. So he's off visiting Ava again, maybe it'll give him time to think more clearly about him and Willow and their situation. Forget to mention that when he was in his cups to use that old fashioned euphemism he blamed Nina for the current problem, if she hadn't issued that ultimatum to Willow she wouldn't have gone off with Dean and Mason told him no it was down to him and his ultimatum. Part of me did agree with Justin, that is where the problem began but then he does the same thing. Only thing I could think of calling Mason a F1 - apparently it's a PRHO - pre-registration house officer - now we know! I was wondering about the bait shop and Alf saying he'd had it 30 years on and off, as far as I can remember when I first saw him he was running a general store alongside Alisa. Mind you he's had quite a few businesses on the go at some time or other. There isn't enough space for both of them, those boards take up a lot of room and now, thanks to Dean, it's getting busier but the trouble is both need to be on the beach. Actually I'd forgotten Ben was the landlord after the initial hiccups over the pier. He really didn't want to do it and the non confrontation with Alf was fantastic, him just standing there giving short answers and oh yes that glare was brilliant. Alf knew full well what Ben was trying, very unsuccessfully, to say and just waited him out, that's the Alf we know and love. Thinking about it after rather like two male big cats facing each other off and the younger one ceding to the older one with no face lost. If what we saw in the trailer is right looked like Alf has suggested the Surf Club as he mentioned getting the OK from John who is on the board. It has the juice bar, the gym and Salt is upstairs so where would they put Ben's shop? Who actually owns the Surf Club btw - is it the local council? Lovely seeing Raffy, Ryder and Coco together again, Loved Ryder's whacky idea of a code word to divert Raffy should she get stressed. I couldn't see what that dork had stuck on Raffy's locker but odd (or maybe not) that no-one hassled her now that Abbie isn't there, her little gang seems to have faded away - for now at least. Normally Raffy getting the wrong book so having to share with Coco wouldn't be big deal, then forgetting her maths book, she would have done the same if it had been the other way round. Thing is, she's adjusting to her new meds so what would usually be a minor irritation is making her think its them making her forgetful. same with her blow up at home when Tori had moved her book from where she'd left it so to her it did feel chaotic. Isn't that something Tori should have been aware of being a doctor and all that and knowing about Raffy's memory problems. Was that an actual between Ryder and Raffy or did they stop short before lips touched? Rather sweet in a way but it's not something Raffy needs now, anyways Raffy dashed off all embarrassed and left Ryder standing there all embarrassed. Hopefully both being mature kids they'll be able to get past it, it was awkward enough for Ryder and Coco when they broke up - both times. I know I've asked this before but shouldn't Coco be 17 by now, I don't recall her having a birthday party or any sort of celebration.

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