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  1. It is the prosecution's job to paint the accused - this time Irene - in the worst possible light they can. The reason why she went beyond using reasonable force argument hasn't been revealed yet. I always thought Tommy had been left outside the hospital not as the prosecution said 'on a pathway'. Would they be allowed to bring in such a important witness like that without prior notice? Was that Irene's lawyer we saw or her barrister or do they double up? I'm supposing we are going to get proper medical documentation that Tommy actually has those injuries, neck brace and asthma or was that a condition he had pre attack. I know Irene protested when Tommy said Bella invited him in - true but then when onto say she was happy at first to get intimate, then changed her mind, we know she never did any such thing, but Irene wasn't there so can't say what went on. Bella wouldn't have been in court to see Tommy give his evidence as she is a witness, but in a separate room but if she had been there Leah could have warned her instead of her only finding out when she took the stand. I think any brother, father, mother would have reacted the way Colby did when he saw Tommy smirking and he did also hear for the first time what Bella actually went through. If it had been Willow who had returned home she would have reacted the same way Irene did by whacking him with the vase and I'm not being ageist but she is a lot younger and fitter than Irene and could have hurt him a lot more than Irene did, but I imagine her response to the 'our little secret' comment would have been different, but how what would she have done then? It seems Bella takes someone else to court instead of Colby, someone she trusts - I wonder who - Willow, Dean, Ryder? She will of course have to give her account of what happened in the living room. Natural reaction and despite their earlier promise but John, Marilyn, Mason and Justin were all mollycoddling Raffy, until she told them to back off. Nice that Ryder texted her. Justin did right by going with her whether she wanted him to or not, she could have had another one. I think Justin seemed a bit put out when he was talking to the others back at the Diner by the fact he'd be usurped by Alex, but no disrespect to Justin or any of them but none of them know what it is like to have epilepsy whereas Alex does. Raffy did let it slip Mason had tried her on the illegal cannabis trial which she mentioned to Mason later, could be possible that Mas may be going to NDH if Alex gets her way. Good friendship developing between Willow and Alex who btw did come across as a bit cagey - did you notice c120701 - regarding her family, Willow had opened up about hers - well her one with Colby, Dean and Bella.
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  3. Suspicious lot aren't we c120701! Mind you the Astoni's didn't have any deep, dark secrets. Ryder did a good job there persuading Bella to go to school - liked his remark about the trial being a doddle compared to going back to school. He was right none of the kids made any snide remarks so it seems they don't know. Bella stuck it out all day, though she has dropped her photography course and Raffy was upbeat and didn't have any problems. But sadly that didn't last, next day she had a seizure, no warning just collapsed but luckily Ryder was there for her. He did a good job too covering for Bella when Raffy asked why she wasn't going in that day. Raffy will be horrified to learn about Bella when she does find out. Tense night for Irene waiting to find out of the trial was going ahead, but the judge obviously decided delaying it wouldn't help. It would have been very traumatic for Bells, she'd got herself psyched up to go. Well a shock appearance by Tommy as seen in the trailer, was it his idea or his lawyers? Another thought about the negative remarks on the vlog, could one or more have been posted by him? I can't see how Irene's attack on Tommy was premeditated, after that initial whack over the head she was ready to let him go until he said what he did. Leah did have her suspicions about Irene but it was Marilyn saying Irene was cleaning the deep fat fryer that confirmed it. Luckily she got there in time though as you pointed out Red she didn't need much persuading to stay.
  4. Gang members have been known to turn on each other. Is Robbo going to enlighten Lance, Jasmine and us as to what occurred at the pier and on the boat and what the argument was all about? He didn't have a good angle to check the boat out properly so apart from it's a general model not much more to go on. Yeh Jasmine scores a point or six over Lance and the Feds, her knowledge of what would be needed to perform a secret op - medical rather than cop related - came in very handy, she probably felt good she was able to help too. She does have some idea about borrowing hospital equipment when she helped out Dean. We've seen plenty of times on the NDH CCTV various people helping themselves to drugs - Ebony was the last one. Good that Justin is being updated as regards progress - he was there at the start. Someone is still watching Jas despite Scott being there - they are good. Mason did seem very star struck over Alex, wonder if he will go down that path when he qualifies. I thought hypnotherapy was an accepted form of treatment, but the way Mason was talking it's like it's a new invention that's only just been recognised. He was on good form with Raffy finally persuading her to give Ryder another chance, I think it was a more hurt pride stopping her from accepting he was her friend. He was always there for her in the past and is again as we saw. I wondered about her being at the bar and Ryder not telling to go away. On that thought does that mean any under 18 year olds aren't allowed to buy soft drinks? Bound to be a downside on the social network regarding Irene. Her arrest as a murder suspect would be on police record and would have been in the press, but how did her past and the fact she is an alcoholic get out there? The defence would have done their digging in order to discredit her but that should be private, has Tommy leaked it? Irene was right saying to Leah that it wasn't much good her taking down the site - it's out there now. Tommy's past can't be revealed in court so no-one will know about his previous grooming of young girls. We heard that Tommy will be giving his evidence by video link so Bella won't have to see him face to face which is a bit of a relief and Irene's solicitor has taken her through it all and what to expect from the defence.
  5. I did blink when Maggie came out with 'we don't use labels in this family' when Karen said Ziggy had been a bit of a tomboy what's wrong with being called a tomboy anyway? and Ziggy agreed with her and she did come across as snobby when referring to Dean's origins. Had Maggie and Ben developed selective amnesia - Ziggy was a right wild child, broke into Maggie's old school, causing her migraines, drinking, bunking off school, getting caught up with bad lads. Karen & Ziggy's first meeting didn't start off well, Ziggy not one for taking things lying down, but I think Karen liked that she fought back. They both love Dean which will unite them, but woe betide Ziggy if she hurts him. Loved Karen's response when she found out Caravan Ben was Ziggy's dad. I think even Karen would think twice about sleeping with a woman just to get Dean out of trouble, not that I'm suggesting she's got anything against lesbians. She did answer my and Dean's question about drinking beer with her meds, she limit's it to two. I don't think Karen's apology to Maggie went down that well, not all actually, admitting she'd jump on Ben given the chance. Maybe just me, but I think the reason Ben feels more relaxed around Karen is because she knows nothing about his troubles, she's just taking him as she finds him. Ziggy acting the grown up who ever would have thought that would happen, as Ben would need a lot of convincing to first admit he's depressed and second to see someone about it her idea of seeking help themselves to find out how they can deal with it was inspired, though Maggie was initially reluctant she bit the bullet and made the call. I know their situation is completely different but it took Karen years to admit she had a problem - well problems - and put Dean through hell. Onto Robbo, well after some reservations Robbo agreed to the hypnotherapy and wasn't angry with Jasmine for confiding in Alex, though she's one sharp cookie putting two and two together the way she did. Good thinking by Robbo insisting he be restrained for the second round. I guess any reawakening memories is going to be hard to portray on screen so can't say if it was good or bad or right or wrong. That initial explosion of rage came out of the blue, thankfully for all concerned he'd just grabbed her by her shirt/blouse and not by the throat. Interesting to see to see it play out from Robbo's viewpoint, that glimpse of the red tool box, the deck, sky, the sea, was that blow from Carter the one that caused his amnesia or the later one? Robbo or Ryan as he was then was an undercover Fed so not that big a surprise Cater, an ordinary cop, would know his true identity, it would rather defeat the object. Maybe, Carter doubted 'Beckett' would do the job and went along to make sure. We don't know what caused the fight to break out, we heard the shot after they were seen fighting to get the gun and Carter spark out, he managed to get to his feet then knock Robbo overboard. The boat with Coulson taking Carter away while Robbo was just surfacing unseen. Robbo must have made his way ashore and the rest we know, Alf, Justin and Scarlett finding him, his reaction being him thinking 'they' had tracked him down. Now he's remembered, which must be a relief, he needs to find out who treated Carter's gunshot wound, not at a hospital that's for sure, either a dodgy doctor or one who would do it and wouldn't ask questions. Plenty of them about, just ask any of the Braxton's and the straight docs who patched up their various wounds. It would have taken Carter a while to recover from that and only now has he been fit enough to make a reappearance. Guessing the gang that kidnapped Robbo isn't the same gang that took Carter.
  6. Loved that line from Karen about Ziggy's name, she's voiced what we've all been thinking. Yes wait until she finds out about Coco. She is still a real flirt, but her moods, at the moment, aren't as erratic due to her meds, lets hope she keeps on them, guessing drinking beer with them is OK I suppose. Alf was wise not to butt in when he saw Karen & Ben together but just mentioned it to Dean when he saw him. Dean does know his mum's rep with his previous girlfriends back in the day, so I can understand his caution, Ziggy is on feisty side, so they could clash. Bella soon put an end to that idea by telling Karen about her. It was pretty nifty work by him getting rid of Ben when they bumped into each other at Salt but he did explain why after. Talking of which Colby thought it was hilarious Dean was asking him to keep Mack, um, occupied, to keep her out of the way as Karen insisted on going to Salt. Quick thinking on Colby's behalf by whisking Mack in a different direction when he saw Dean & Karen near Salt. Rather touching meeting between Bella and Karen, Bella looked really happy when Karen said Bella was the image of her mum. Actually Karen is the only person Bella has met that knew her mum and can fill her in as to what she was like before she met Ross. Ben looked surprised when he found out Karen was Dean's mum. For one moment I thought Karen was after sharing Dean's van with him, that would have ended his fun, but luckily, phew, she meant her own. The hospital did then manage to keep the press away when Rick was on the rampage so Karen was completely unaware of what was going on. Dean as I've said before can be very sensitive about people's feelings. Karen has only just come out of hospital so doesn't want to set her back already, he's letting her know slowly about how things have unfolded since he emptied her house. Starting with confronting Rick and him being rejected by him which was what Karen was hoping to protect him from. Will he mentioned the $50k? Karen knew Rick's wife was pregnant but said she didn't want to know anything about her so the next stage is for Dean to tell Karen the next stage of the story. I hope he doesn't take too long as someone could accidentally let it slip like Bella did about Ziggy. I thought Colby was going to when Karen said to him I know all about Rick, as that usually means the other person blurts out the whole truth in error. I think Mack would understand why Dean wants to take it slowly with telling Karen about her, as far as Karen is concerned Mack is just like Rick and not unlike Dean did will question Mack's motives. Maybe a memory lapse by TPTB or perhaps it wasn't definite that Bella was going to testify?
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  8. First time we've heard something from Mack's past other than her troubles with Rick, also we learnt Colby hadn't told her about Bella. Although it is different, Tommy has previous history, him going to prison will stop him doing to other girls. Wonder how young Mack was when she testified? I, like others on here, still think Leah should take up Irene's offer of signing over her half of the business even now that Bella has agreed to be a witness. It's not betraying the other women that have been through the same thing. A good idea by Mack to invest in Dean becoming a surfing instructor and he saw sense at last, but is it going to be that simple - won't he have to have some sort of proper training if he's going to get paid for it, whole different thing to him teaching his friends for free. Wouldn't there have to be checks on his background, be authorised by local council, health and safety checks etc? Lovely that he asked Ben to work for him, he was as he put it, returning the favour and Ben accepted it in the spirit it was intended. John is still in sensible mode, but John being John had to have a dig. Is Karen now out for good, odd she hadn't let Dean know. I don't think she and Ben had met before, I wouldn't think so considering the way she got his attention.
  9. Everyone needs a friend like Ryder!! I love him, he is so supportive and non judgemental whatever the problem the other person has. He'd started to work out something was wrong and finally confirmed what we had been wondering that he had no idea of what had happened to Bellla, he'd had his head stuck in his revision for his HSC trials. Very good reason why Bella didn't flinch last week, and Ryder was practically carrying her back to the house, it was because she was pretty out of it so her natural reactions were slowed. Can't speak for the rest of the kids at SBH, all we've seen of them was at the party when actually none of them made any snide remarks in Bella's direction and in the classroom sitting their trials. Ryder's look of panic when Colby turned up was amusing but Colby put him at ease by explaining he had been wrong to overreact the way he did - just doing what any big brother would do really - and Bella had told him what had happened and he wanted to thank him for looking out for her. That must have properly startled Ryder when Bella reacted the way she did, he's given her hugs before and play punched each other. Both Roo and Irene were put on the spot when he voiced his worries to them so glad that Roo went to speak to Bella about how Ryder was worried about her and wanted to help. I'm so glad she felt able to open up to him, him bring a bloke an all, I was hoping we wouldn't cut out of the whole confession, as usually happens, Ryder assuring Bella she most certainly an idiot was so him. His asking her if he could give her a hug and her letting him was so lovely. It's just sudden movements from blokes she can't handle, even those she knows like Dean. If or when she goes back to school, Ryder, even if they aren't in the same year but around will look out for her. I'm guessing Bella doesn't know there were there other victims before her, in one way it'd be good for her to know she isn't alone in being duped by Tommy and not the idiot she thinks she is but on the other hand may make her feel more scared that he had done it before. I know Raffy has been going through her own stuff but it's odd she hasn't been in touch with Bella for what seems ages. Seeing as her photo was one of the ones Bella took and I'm guessing Tommy got hold of strange Justin or Marilyn and John haven't been contacted about them. Or did Tommy delete any that weren't Bella? At first I thought Colby was being dense when he was asking Bella how her photography assignment was coming along and she didn't want to know, I was 'telling' him 'it brought Tommy into her life dummy' but he must have clicked at some point because he was saying to Willow later how sad it was that Tommy had taken that from her life because it brought back happy memories of their mum and she was good at it. I think Leah is being short sighted when it come to her rejecting Irene's - well her solicitor's - idea of signing over her half of the Diner to her to save both their livelihoods. I got the feeling Leah was more concerned about the other women who had told her their stories of being abused and afraid of letting them down than helping her long time friend when she needs her. I reckon Justin is leaning more to Irene's side of the argument but is wisely keeping his own counsel though he had said to Leah before if all goes well she just signs it back. Plenty of innocent people go to prison you know Leah happened enough times before Zac for one springs to mind. Irene never mentioned the house though it crossed my mind could Tommy force her to sell that.
  10. "Sleepy little town" - boy has Alex got a lot to learn! Other new comers have thought that too. Seeing as we haven't been at the hospital for a while, at least since we last saw Jasmine there, Alex must have been there during that period as she seems to know her way round the place. It would have nonplussed her having this big beefy cop turn up then another one flashing their ID's at her, practically taking over the place in true Fed style. Quite complicated the explanation from Jasmine involving Tori, Alex's predecessor, one half of the Fed duo being her husband the other one being her bodyguard. Is the slaying of Dead Meat or Sean Coulson a message or warning to Robbo? They are coming more out into the open with that public display of what they can do. I'm allowing for the fact that the medics were more concerned in saving Coulson's life than properly searching him so that is why Robbo found Sean's mobile with that conversation on. I couldn't make out all the talk, but from what I could make out he's only been in touch with Carter recently with Carter contacting him - reason why and what Carter is expecting to happen is unclear. The fact that Sean Coulson had nicked by Carter numerous times but no charges were brought isn't a great surprise - he was Carter's informer. Maybe it's taken this long for Carter to get back to full health. Until he knows what actually happened on that boat Roobo isn't going to get any further ahead trying to find him. Dr Alex mustn't have been informed by her bosses that there would be a Fed hanging about - the least know the safer it is perhaps - but now she does and so far is handling it OK as long as there isn't too much disruption it is an AE department after all. It did look like Raffy was more tired than having a seizure , she hadn't swum for a while so would hit her harder. I could understand her getting fed up and walking out, everyone seemed to be talking over her as if wasn't there. Acupuncture isn't a proven remedy, a lot of things aren't, it's how the individual patient reacts to it. Depending on how bad the epilepsy is you can drive. John casting blame - how did she get out there on her own - wasn't helping, where was he? May have been just me but Justin looked a bit put out when Raffy came round and the first thing she said was Mason, but I reckon that was because his was the first face she saw. Well done Alex for chucking out Mason, Justin Marilyn and John, she could see they were overwhelming Raffy. Loved her telling them all they were mollycoddling Raffy and they had to remember she was a 16 year old girl and old enough to make her own decisions. A hint, confirmed later that she knew how Raffy felt, she told Raffy she was epileptic, may be a different type, but still suffered and I suppose still does suffers seizures. We haven't seen Raffy looking so positive for ages, finally someone who understands. Alex was interested re the CBD oil trials but she herself suggested alternative remedies, just like Maz did which vindicated her ides which Justin poo pooed, but she would need to ensure they didn't clash with what she is already taking. Dr. Alex must have been really busy these past weeks if she hasn't had time to get to know anyone, does she have her own place or is she at 'our' favourite motel? Had to happen just as Irene was getting good news with her support groups and feeling optimistic , she gets the bombshell Tommy is planning to sue her for assault, which to be brutally honest she did though it was in defence of someone else. Ben did make the first move in offering to help Alf and he didn't turn down Alf's offer of tucker. He met up with Maggie in the open but he's not in the right mind set to make any rational decision especially something as important as selling the pier.
  11. I'm guessing that was Coco Maggie was talking to on the phone even if her name wasn't mentioned. It's good Ziggy hasn't given up on him, but maybe time on his own for now is just what Ben needs, He's got Alf and Roo watching out for him without being too obtrusive and there's Dean. I understand Alf and Roo not saying anything to Maggie that he was at the park, it wasn't their place to say but Dean wasn't under that constraint. Heavy No. 1 was actually pretty smart sussing out Robbo had doctored Dylan's autopsy. Robbo's bluff didn't work but he had to give it a shot, No.1 Heavy did acknowledge Robb really did believe Carter was dead. I liked how Dean was hovering, even discreetly, in the background, keeping an eye on things, he knows thugs after all and as he said to Mac he could tell the vibes. I think he - Heavy - missed an opportunity by passing up on Robbo's offer, they tell him how they got the intel Carter was alive and he'd use his resources to track him down, maybe that decision was outside his remit. What did Heavy No. 3 do to deserve getting the snake design carved into his chest? Warning to Robbo that they hadn't finished with him? As for the photos of Jasmine, OK they are watching her, but even they aren't that stupid to try anything in such a public place with Scott around, probably just letting Robbo know they are close by. Nice scenes on the beach between Dean and Mac teasing each other like brother and sister should, Dean opened up a bit more to Mac about his past and how meeting Ziggy had changed him. Not too much we hope, I kind of like his wild, reckless side. Apart from us knowing from her how life was for her after Rick left, but not much else, did she have many friends, what was she school life like.
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  14. We haven't had scenes of them drinking/eating on the veranda either. Making surfboards is Ben's expertise so no wonder he smashed the board up thinking it was rubbish, though Ziggy said all she did was fall off it. It really scared her, she's never seen him act like that before. Lucky John came along at the right time and he was sensible and sensitive, he didn't tell Ben to man up or get a grip. Better him smashing a board rather than a person, similar to Robbo knocking seven bells out of the punch bag. He broke down when he got home and was alone but not ready to admit there is a real problem. Maybe Maggie is trying a spot of tough love, she's tried everything else. Ben wasn't receptive to Alf's offer of help, but Alf will keep an eye out for him. We saw Kat's photo on Robbo's whiteboard and she, sort of, got a mention when Robbo asked Leah if Ash would remember anything about Carter which would help him now. I had had the same thought. I can see why Leah thought why would Ash would want to help Robbo after all that happened between the three of them, but I thought Ash and Robbo had make a kind of peace when Ash left. Ash had got arrested by Carter when Charlotte was murdered, then he and Kat were held hostage by him. That was mainly because Carter was jealous of Kat and Ash being together. Once again, the chance to ask Morag was overlooked. She knew Carter very well and had had dealings with him and his dad who'd got Carter out of trouble before. She did inform Kat of Carter's illegal dealings. I was somewhat puzzled though, I thought Victor told Robbo he had one week to find Carter, but when Robbo was talking to Justin at Salt he said he didn't have a deadline. Why now after two years do this gang or rather their bosses think Carter is alive, has someone seen him? If only Robbo could remember what happened on the boat. Everyone wants to help Raffy and are offering all sorts of solutions but she's just seeing the negatives at the moment, I'm pleased she did apologise to everyone she'd upset. It has to be devastating to think all your dreams will come to nothing.
  15. Just remembered Jasmine did open the box, she picked up Carter's photo. As regards Jasmine going on her run, did she run all the way back to the bay? The motel - not our usual one - must be closer than we thought it was. I was confused about the room where Robbo was setting up his whiteboard, thought there was only one room as well as a bathroom, oh I get it room next door. Willow and Mason were great in looking after her and naturally Robbo's number would be blocked. Do hope those gym members who got asked to leave get a free lesson. Robbo is used to being on his own waiting for something to happen. Just what is Scott going to be doing at the hospital, pretend to be an orderly while trying to look inconspicuous? The hospital has been in that position before with armed cops standing around but we do know from experience even if there are cops visibly around it doesn't stop bad guys getting to the people they want. I was a bit taken aback when Raffy whinged about not being invited to Ryder's party and thought "Well you've made it plain you're not even his friend anymore so why should he?" But then I kind of got what she meant, it would have been nice to be asked just so she could turn it down, weird logic I know. It would only have tormented her having to wait for the news of how "not good" she's done. I know Marilyn can be over optimistic at times but she was right it isn't the be all and end all if Raffy hasn't done well, these are only the trials. Maggie was wearing her rose tinted specs over Ben, just because he was enthusiastic over building that board for Ziggy. It was only a small gathering but still too much for him having to make small talk and listen to the latest news about Irene, we could see he wasn't comfortable. Justin certainly didn't mean to make him feel worse by asking about the sale, maybe things aren't going well in buying new businesses. Their after dinner surprise was sweet though - that's Ben & Maggie btw..
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