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  1. To be fair to Rachel she doesn't have anyone else, apart from Christian, Jasmine, her physical therapist and other nurses. Naturally it's Christian who is the main person she's focused on and to her he is her 'saviour'. But Christian does need to beware and part of him realises that but Tori reacting the way she did could push him towards Rachel and maybe without intending to, she'll take advantage of it. OK Tori can't see things from Christian's viewpoint, as she explained she had her own near death experience, but she has been very dismissive of it, but as we have all said before she should respect it, everyone's must be different and for Christian being a surgeon may add more meaning. I was on her side though when she told new cop Cash Newman to go slowly with the paperwork so Justin had to spend the night in the cells. He can't keep expecting people eg Leah and Tori and to a certain extent Ziggy to make allowances for him - "oh he's on pain meds and it's making him act irrationally" and in effect letting him off. He keeps apologising but then goes and does the same thing again so a night in the cells may, though I doubt it, give him a jolt. She was straight with Cash about the limiting of his dosage, did she leave some with him? New Senior Constable Newman would have had to wait for Justin to 'sober up' anyway to be able to interview him. Justin sounded like a little whiney little kid "I want to go home". Just the one clue to Cash's background - a country cop - but of course there will be more to him, very rare for any newcomer to the bay to have had an ordinary background with absolutely no drama, family troubles etc. Did the cops gather up Justin's clothes as they would have had Stephen's blood on them apart from Justin's grazed knuckles? That's a quick addition to being a regular. To Stephen Justin's attack was without explanation as far as he was aware all he'd done was to stand up for Leah when Justin was having a go at her for ganging up with Ziggy, he didn't know Justin had seen him giving Leah a comforting hug - it didn't mean anything - it was just a hug, Justin's paranoia again. John and Dean acted well together, John doing the First Aid side and Dean ringing for the ambulance, John was taken aback when Stephen told him he knew who had attacked him and was lucky to get away with a crack on the head and bruised ribs. I did have to smile when John said Justin was one the best blokes in town - he's obviously forgotten he'd joined the flaming torches and pitchfork brigade when it came out the Morgan's had been in WIP and they were tracked down by The Syndicate bringing trouble to the bay. Tane may not be totally with Ziggy keeping the garage open seeing the way Justin has been treating her, but to her, it's a job, whether she's getting paid is another matter, and I guess she feels she owes him as he did take her back after the Tane trouble. Chloe was turned on by Mia, Ryder and Ari after her unkind remarks about Mac, OK she isn't her no.1 fan and since Mac has been gone, their business has been ticking over OK, but if Mia can be kind about her she could afford to. She and Ryder aren't making as much they did at first but that's the same with any new business, the novelty wears off and it reaches a certain level. I was thinking all that gear Ryder and Chloe was trying on and playing with was their free gifts from the party but it was all Nik's. John has been saying for a while Mac's continuing absences wouldn't be good for Salt and it seems his words have come true, people are jumping ship - no surprise if they aren't sure when or if they will get paid - they've got to look at alternatives. Can't be the only thing - paying suppliers, new orders to be signed off etc. Also losing customers which are hard to get back. Dean did guilt trip Ryder into stepping in, but he was one of them - staff member - so maybe feels he owes them more than he owes Mac. Why the hell was Leah apologising to Stephen for Justin's behaviour - he's an adult - supposedly - she's not responsible for his actions. Good set of lungs - like it. Leah's got hearing too. I was thinking didn't the fisherman have his own mobile or radio to contact the cops rather than yelling out to someone/anyone on the beach? A woman's body then and quite a way out, could it have drifted from further upstream, how long has it been there? Dean's first reaction would be that it is Mac. Cash is being thrown into the deep end - no watery pun intended.
  2. I felt it was a good bit of negotiating by Nik, he did turn Sienna's jibes about the exhibition being small town so on-one of importance will see them - against her and got the OK for the release to be signed. Sienna, despite her put downs of Bella, seems to have forgotten it was her photo of him that got her - or her agencies - attention in the first place, if it had been, to them, a mediocre shot no way would they have sat up and taken notice. There is banter and there is banter but Sienna takes it too far and is just sniping at people - namely Emmett - mainly because he won't bend to her will. Be a real testing period for Bella when Nik goes off to Japan. Her photo getting recognised will give her independence and maybe her own career taking off. Oh and just for a change they went to Bella's to talk about the exhibition. Martha came across Roo and Alf arguing - and deciding for her - just at the right time, they had no choice but to tell her what it was about. Marilyn made no judgement or made any suggestions of her own what she thought Martha should do, just listened. Of course Martha would be concerned for Kieran, but she does have to look after her own health first and while she appreciated Alf and Roo looking out for her she can make her own decisions, though it did seem she hadn't actually made one. Was Roo just going to leave it up in the air? More early mornings for Roo then seeing as Alf is going with Martha. He didn't take it for granted he'd be going and looked pleased when Martha said of course she'd like him to go with her. Seems we'll have to wait to see if there will be any news on Mac's disappearance. I know Marney Kennedy the actress who plays Rachel is only acting but for someone in that position for real can't be as calm as she has been all the time, so the panic attack could have been for real, unless she knew Christian was going to be exactly where he was when she had it. Other patients who have been stuck inside have been allowed a day pass, though not normally arranged that quickly. It concerned me when I saw Rachel take hold of Christian's hand like that, I wasn't sure of how he looked, embarrassed, liking it but not willing to admit it? Thank goodness Tori didn't see that! I get the rest of the time he had to be close and support her physically and the rest of the time that is exactly as it looked. I think Jas could be right to be concerned on Rachel's behalf in that she sees that Rachel may be feeling more than a patient should for her doctor, she doesn't have anyone else. I also think Tori overreacted, what if it had been the other way round? Rachel wasn't just a patient brought in and who Christian treated, he was there at the accident. He did look very down when he saw Rachel after Tori dumped him as he wasn't expecting that! Oh Justin, what are we to do with you? He thought he was being clever by getting his illegal drugs delivered to the garage but didn't reckon on Ziggy being helpful and opening it. He may have restrained himself by not attacking Leah or Ziggy but of course then Stephen gets it in the neck, it didn't help he'd seen Stephen comforting Leah earlier and getting completely the wrong idea. It could have been anyone stepping in to protect Leah, Alf, Ryder or Dean but of course it had to be Stephen. His back wasn't playing him up when he was hitting him. Two acts of violence from him now.
  3. That was a good idea of Nik's for Sienna and Emmett to use the photos Bella took as a joint project, both would have won but as you said it backfired, mainly down to Sienna who seems to have a real grudge against Emmett, she can never resist having a dig, did he dump her? She could have a point though legally Nik is their 'property' so any unauthorised photos of him couldn't be allowed without their OK, it's probably in the small print. If Bella had been taking the photos for herself and were to be private a different matter. Dean seemed surprised when Murray took him seriously, usually when Dean rocks up at the nick, it's complaining about the treatment someone is getting. When I read Jasmine suggests ringing Mac's mum I had the same thought as him. "Oh hello, I'm Dean, the son of the woman your husband had the fling with while you were pregnant with MacKenzie. " To be fair MacKenzie did know what her dad was like regards womanising. I know it was meant to be serious, the news that Kieran was due for release, but it was funny when Marilyn was trying to get Roo off the phone and Alf and Martha were approaching. Didn't he go to prison/hospital or wherever just before Martha went into the retreat, it's been what a couple of months? His release is dependent on Roo/Alf/Martha agreeing to take him in. Is it just a coincidence it's happened now? All well and good the experts saying 'he's in a much better place' that was said before and looked how that worked out. He's clever enough to tell people what they want to hear. Didn't Mick manage to persuade people he was OK before his release from a psychiatric hospital? I can understand Alf's initial reaction, he's just got Martha 'back' after what Kieran did the last time, but he's going to find it hard to keep it from Martha, she'll know something is up. As we and everyone in soapland knows keeping something from someone is never a good idea.
  4. Like you Red, after all his, to us, odd behaviour re Susie, Stephen's sudden insistence John take all the evidence to the cops is a turn round. In both Leah and Stephen's case, it wasn't personal, at least that is what Stephen keeps insisting, it was just about the money. But with John she did get involved to con him better. Stephen did seem surprised/shocked that John hadn't gone to the cops after his call to make the appointment. I thought John made an odd comment, asking Stephen was he sure he had nothing else on Susie, seemed to me he'd found something and wanted clarification. I love the fact Stephen is keeping us guessing, he's now offered to go to the cops with John. As before Stephen turns up just as John has sent his latest text to Susie, who suddenly isn't responding and he wasn't happy. Susie can't be after any more money as neither Leah or John have any. John and Leah weren't the only ones to lose money the donors to the Save The Surf Club Fund did, but to a much lesser degree. There were some references from John about the bash at Ari and Mia's, the noise mainly and we mustn't forget about the pink plastic flamingos. I was trying to make out where Grace was supposed to be, would she have been at the creche overnight or at the Caravan Park with Maz? Justin did appear very contrite and took his meds, but then we saw him doubled over with back pain/withdrawal pain? He must have had a plan in mind when he said he'd tag along with Leah and Stephen to the Surf Club and while they talked to John, he'd go for some light physio, not I think reckoning on Jasmine keeping an eye on him. Though she would have been very remiss in her job if she hadn't. He took his chance to slip away when Jasmine went to help Dean, but why the heck did he go so far, I get he didn't want to be seen, but there must have been easier places to make sneaky online orders? He did come across as naughty little boy being brought in as he'd been playing out too long when walking back with Jasmine. Another delivery to the garage, no surprise there, but he'd better get his hands on it before Ziggy. Jas is spreading herself a bit thin, helping Leah keep an eye on Justin and helping Dean try and track Mac down. Was I mistaken in thinking Dean and Mac had spent the night in the flat together but Mac had slipped out either after Dean went to sleep or she'd gone early in the morning? The first couple/few times Dean and then Jas rang her phone he/they wasn't in the flat so wouldn't have known her phone was there. Unless my ears deceived me, didn't he tell Jas her Mac's phone had died so how come it was ringing? I can get Mac leaving it behind so she got total peace, following her appearance on social media, even John commented, but yes not taking any clothes. She could have left a message at least telling him not to worry. As it's now 24 hours he can officially report her missing. Good to see Martha back and Roo Marilyn is right, stop overthinking everything, Martha seemed relaxed enough and yes being back in the 'real' world will take some adjusting to again, but let her know her own limits of what is enough in one go and what isn't. If I had been 'locked' away, however the nice the place was, I'd relish being back home, having a walk along the beach, having a cup of tea/coffee with my husband, daughter and friend, catching up on all the news. She sounded delighted about Ryde and Chloe's business venture, but guessing they haven't told her about the Susie business. I got the feeling she wasn't all that keen on some of the group activities but to refuse was looked on as not cooperating. Kieran can't have heard about Martha being home already can he? Of course there will be the should we/shouldn't we tell her talk, seeing as has only just got back on an even keel, but we all know what happens when people aren't told something and they find out later or from someone else. On a different track, all this talk between Ari and Mia having another baby, they both know the trouble she had with miscarriages before, so I feel they should seek some medical advice. Mia is that much older, 40's?, would there be other problems, not just regards her getting pregnant but also keeping the baby full term? It could save them a lot of heartache, but on the other hand medical science has advanced even in the relatively small time scale since they last tried so there may be help out there for them.
  5. I think James is playing an in denial drug addict very well, trying all the strategies at trying to get Leah let him have his dose of meds early, asking nicely, getting angry, begging that he needs it as he is in pain and Ada's performance matched it. I guess when you are in that much pain, if he is, could also be withdrawal, half an hour is a long time. That last scene with him weeping outside the bedroom door was pretty traumatic, you have to be really strong to withstand that, Leah can't keep coping alone, it'll make her ill. I think Leah said Tori was working and of course Christian isn't there and nothing to do with you Justin, did that mean, therefore, Grace was asleep in her bedroom when all that shouting and banging about Justin was doing, poor little mite? When he and Leah came across Alf he seemed to be walking OK, not limping. Alf couldn't avoid knowing about his condition, he was with Leah when she found him, but course Justin was way too far out of it to remember any of it. Though, yes risky Leah telling Ziggy about it, she did manage to persuade him to take her back so she could open the garage which had been shut again. Apart from passing trade Justin's regulars must be very patient. Oh and he's online again buying more dodgy painkillers $400 this time round, how is he able to afford them, Susie took all their money and he must have a credit limit on his card? Dean has been a lot more patient than I or I reckon anyone else would have given him credit for, he's still trying to help Mac see the error of her ways, even Ziggy gave it bash, but it went right over her head. I think as you Red, it's one thing acting up, to put it mildly, as she has as you can't see yourself as others see you, but when you do see it for yourself as she did, it's a different matter, it really brought it home how her behaviour - or misbehaviour - has been. It did seem genuine, but now she's vanished -again. How does Salt keep going with her there one minute, gone the next? Odd little slip in of a scene with John texting Susie and Stephen wasn't happy, came in just as John had sent his latest text yet again. John was evasive when Leah asked if he still had feelings for Susie.
  6. I think Bella and Emmett chose Nik's house as it was quiet, well was until Nik, Allegra and Sienna turned up. Nik did know about it and was fine with it. Seemed, to me too that Nik and Bella were both keeping a distance from each other, her not wanting to interfere with his 'work' and him being under Sienna's thumb, she does keep a close eye on him. She soon ushered him out when she saw Nik and Bella having a quiet talk later. That was a clever idea of Emmett to use the party/promo or whatever it was to take photos for the exhibition. Great minds Red about Allegra though she could have meant Nik isn't her type as she prefers her men tall, blond and blue eyed rather than no man is her type. At least Nik cosying up to Allegra and the other young ladies was in sight of Bella and were for photos. Of course snidey Sienna had to keep having digs at Emmett, she really hates being crossed or people doing their own thing. Where did all these people come from, were they all 'followers' of Nik's page, carefully chosen by Sienna, couldn't have anyone who isn't a beautiful person there could we? Strange goings on with people buying food from the truck but not eating it, they were paying for it, or perhaps they were being paid to pay for it, so Ryder and Chloe weren't losing moneywise, but wasn't the idea for the food to get good write ups to boost the business? That isn't going happen if no-one is actually trying it. John can't have been at home otherwise he would have been over complaining about the noise disturbing the neighbourhood, you know the one, the cul-de-sac where no-one seems to live. Ari and Mia seemed to have had a good time but nearly tmi from him. His teasing of Tane about enjoying working at the gym was nice to see. Spotted the little remark from Tane about Salt being Mac free so they could go there for a coffee. Was a close call though as they came out just as she turned up. I saw that whole Mac running into Ziggy, Tane, Ari and Mia thing as Ziggy saw it rather awkward and strained. Although glad to see Dean again, she still got uptight when he mentioned he was OK with her bringing blokes back just that he didn't want Jai running across randoms which is why he went to Amber's, though Jai would have like to come to his dads. It is, as I have mentioned before, Dean's flat, does she contribute at all? Ari and Mia took it pretty well that their home had been invaded when all they probably wanted to was crash after their trip. Not really Tane's fault Mac turned up at Nik's, she just happened to be earwigging when Tane was telling Ziggy about it. That was a nice dress she was nearly wearing, she has got a good figure and legs that go on forever. I did feel for Emmett, Mac made a beeline straight for him and wouldn't leave him alone, leaving him no option but to leave. She had had a lot to drink by the way she was weaving about and I was half expecting her to go toppling into the pool. Ari did a good job by man handling her out of the party. Totally agreed with Dean Mac was doing a perfectly good job of embarrassing herself all on her own. He's still determined not to give up on her though. Could we be seeing Tane takin up a new career as a trainer, a proper one once he's done the training? Actual studying and reading books not being his thing, he's a more hands on type.
  7. Tori is fine as a doctor, it's her personal life that is complicated and can get messy, especially when the two collide. How many times has she treated Justin or other family member/friends when it's goes right against any hospital protocol but at ND and others I should add it goes right out of the window. Christian at least stopped treating Justin when they become buddies. Christian said both he and Rachel had a similar experience of being near death, but as Tori rightly reminded him she was in a coma for three months just after Grace was born. To be really accurate they were all different, Rachel was near death but awake the whole time whereas Tori wasn't, but Christian actually died. I get she doesn't get it, but she is so dismissive and can't seem to even meet him halfway. I don't think she has any reason to be jealous of Rachel in a romantic way. It wasn't an decision Christian has made lightly, he's very torn by it, but as you say Red and he himself did maybe they do need some space, at least he won't be cross examined every time he comes home. Good thing Marilyn was there for Tori. Those little looks Grace kept giving Christian when he was hiding behinds the door were sweet, but she didn't give him away. Only a brief mention, but Justin was still at the hospital, and had been dissauded from leaving and self medicating at home. There is still the 'old' Nik and I say that advisedly, about, he's just so wrapped up in his image and getting enough followers he's letting it cloud his judgement at times, it must get addictive. Of course all that 'publicity' helps his career too which helps pay his wages and natch he has to keep Sienna sweet. It appears he can't ask advice from Allegra without Sienna sticking her neb in, she is one control freak and bully. At least this time Sienna and Allegra were invited back to Nik's and she didn't just walk in like she owned the place. Why shouldn't Bella and Emmett have been there, she practically lives there and Nikau knew they would be using the place. Sienna is so up herself and was very rude and condescending about Emmett's (and Bella's) exhibition, which she said in such a sneeringly way as if it was so below her business. I so want to smack her her one. It wasn't down to her to ask them to leave, but to keep the peace they did. I still really like how supportive and encouraging Emmet is of Bella. Yes of course she's got talent but he does have the experience. Bella has been very supportive to Nik since all this began, getting him through his first shoot when he nearly gave up so what's one morning, he'd be on home turf so be a lot more comfortable. Not surprising Chloe would support him he's her 'cousin'. Ryder has spotted a change in Nik but maybe wats to remain loyal. Allegra and Sienna were at Nik's for quite a while, it was getting dark by the time they left. I don't know how Nik swung it that Chloe and Ryder do the catering but yeh good for him. It does seem to descend into a bit of a debacle from what we saw in the trailer - nice welcome home for Ari and Mia. The place is a rental and any damage the 'guests' cause will have to be paid for by them. It seems they are kicking up quite a storm and in such a quiet neighbourhood too, well according to John. And why would y-k-w be there? Chloe and Ryder shouldn't be that surprised about their business dropping off, it happens, their meals were a change from the usual fare, including offers, not just at Salt but also the Diner, but people can only stuff their faces full of tacos, nachos and the like for so long before fancying something else. This time nothing to do with Mac, just the way things go. They could try a different location. I don't know if it's going to be an upcoming storyline but Martha's prospective home coming keeps being mentioned.
  8. Neither Tori or Christian were without blame. He sent Tori home and she shouldn't be so involved with Justin medically anyway, only as a sister. Her nagging Justin wouldn't work, as she well knows or should do. Justin isn't his patient as Justin didn't want to know as soon as Christian refused him drugs. Justin hasn't reached the stage where he is ready to admit he has a problem so of course he's still in denial, not your drugs eh, so how come they were in your locked locker? In his mind Brody was a real drug addict as he was on the hard stuff, he's taking prescribed drugs so it's different. I don't suppose it would be any good Tori ringing Brody and telling him what was going on with Justin. I wonder how it went with Dr. Singh, it wasn't properly explained. Is Justin really in pain from his back, I think even if he did get a scan and they didn't find anything he'd say the scan was wrong. That outburst of anger was worrying, withdrawal from the bad drugs? Bad move on Christian's part as he had told Tori he'd keep an eye on Justin but got distracted by Rachel though it was all innocent. Rachel would be dependent on Christian as he saved her life and she trusts him. She does seem lonely, no family that anyone seems to know of, no friends either and being stuck in a hospital does limit your changes of finding new ones, though it looks like Jasmine could become one. Tori shouldn't take it out on her though. Christian was evasive about the wedding and and how he saw his future and was she in it, doesn't help that Tori can't get her head round his new thinking of life. No blame on her, not everyone could. Good for Alf, keeping an eye on Justin and phoning Leah who was was able to talk him into going back to hospital rather than nagging him. Again Alf side stepped Roo and Marilyn's questions, just conceding enough to say that Leah would need them to be there for her and they were later when she revealed what had happened.
  9. I liked how Ryder was there for Chloe and that she hadn't taken umbrage over his "Thank God" remark when she said the kit wasn't hers. I can see why he was in two minds about contacting her so the text was a good idea, she didn't feel pressured to answer right away like she would have if he'd rung. Lovely talk they had on the pier and her telling him how she felt each time Mia lost a baby, then losing Cody. Wise words from Ryder to tell them how she was feeling about their decision. Ari and Mia must have thought they had been so careful keeping all their hurt from Chloe seeing how young she was, but as she told Mia, probably for the first time, she remembers hearing her crying when she thought Chloe was asleep. Then added to all that they lose an actual baby and everything went wrong for all of them. It certainly came out all wrong when Ari said he and Mai wanted a child of their own, he didn't mean it as Chloe thought he did. No baby this time and another in depth talk between Ari and Mia before deciding to carry on. I suppose it may have depended on Ari's definition of baby, a slighter older baby who was crawling may be able to do it. Chloe being Chloe could have said no, maybe they caught her in the right mood. Did chuckle at Ari's garbled questioning of Mia, was she OK, was she late? Was going to ask how Leah got to the hospital as she asked Alf to drive her to the garage, but of course she would have gone in the ambulance with Justin leaving her car at the garage so forget that. Once again, surprise, surprise, protocol goes out of the window at ND, Tori treats her brother because no other doctor is about. Justin had mentioned to Leah and she said to Tori his new GP, if there is one, told him to stop taking his meds and go cold turkey, what even halfway competent doctor would do that? Tori got it right when she said even withdrawal wouldn't cause those symptoms, the shakes, the fitting etc. moment by Leah which is when she hijacked Alf. Strewth indeed Alf on finding Justin's stash. All the hospital has to do now is find what the heck was in those pills, so he can be given the right meds to undo the damage, it didn't look like he'd taken that many either which is scary. He could have died or ended up with brain damage. He was hardly likely to admit he's got a problem even when he was still groggy he was denying he's an addict, aggression the next phase. He made the right choice, even in his condition, to 'fire' Tori as his doctor, she far, far too close and wouldn't be objective, be wearing her sister's head and not her doctor's one. Did Christian offer himself as the replacement or did Justin ask for him? Yes well done Alf, of course Roo and Marilyn would be concerned for Justin and Leah but he was right in keeping his own counsel and Justin's secret. If Leah wants to confide in them she will.
  10. It's either a very clever ploy by TPTB regarding Stephen and they are leading us up the garden path by making us think Stephen is in league with Susie or is playing at being her or maybe he is an OK bloke. It's seeming very obvious, to us at least, he's a bad 'un but is it too obvious? Maybe John suggested it be in the open and where, having said that when was a location decided on or did we all all miss that and timing was vague 'tomorrow morning'. If Susie has nothing to do do with this in any way, be simple for Stephen to send that text about being just the two of them. Stephen had left, again, when John got his answer which he kept to himself. Did Stephen know John's mobile no. to be able to text him that first message? Mr. President was Susie's name for John so either it is her or she told Stephen or he found out. At least it's getting our leetle grey cells working. How is John's house sale going btw? I guess that must have been Mia's bag Ryder opened and where he found the pregnancy testing kit. He spent a few hours sweating before he got up the courage to actually ask Chloe about it. Yes, it's likely Chloe is on the pill, not that I'm assuming, but accidents can still happen and the pill can still fail. Ari was restrained but blowing up at Ryder in a public place wouldn't have looked good. Ryder's "Thank God" reaction seemed to have gone unnoticed. I thought it had been a quite couple of days outside Salt, had the Truck been somewhere else? Mac may have a more established business but even she can't keep food/drink away and having all these Special Offers. They sell different kinds of food, Ryder and Chloe are only there during the day, plenty of scope for both of them. Dean has been remarkably patient and we all know that isn't his forte but Mac is really pushing him to the limits. Another random bloke who's company Mac insisted she was enjoying. How much of a strain would it be for her to abstain for a couple of days/nights and it is Dean's flat so he does have a say in what goes on, he'd be the same if Colby had been bringing back random women and Jai was staying over. But he went for Plan B. Jai is her nephew as Dean reminded her, but maybe a painful reminder considering. I wasn't that surprised that Ari was concerned about Mac and offered to keep an eye on her while Dean is away. Though maybe not the best idea to approach Mac, but she did look pensive when he left. I'm still of the thinking she is not happy but needs to admit it to herself first before she admits it to anyone else. Well no surprise those on line drugs were dodgy, giving him the hot/cold sweats, shakes and collapse - though they have to be found yet - Monday going by the trailer. Leah, understandably, was still unaware but she soon was when she pitched up with Justin's lunch which was lucky he could have lain there all day. Justin's fave sarnie is a BLT then, good taste, mine too.
  11. Although it wasn't said out loud it was obvious, to me at least, Nik meant body enhancing drugs as in steroids, but Tane cleverly chose to not know what he meant by it, he did mention his concerns to Mia so there will be someone else to keep an eye on him. Nik has decided to go the conventional route but definitely overdoing it, agreed with Tane about resting, but the moment he left the room was back on the weights. Tane has been doing this for years so knows what he is talking about, it's slow and steady, it's not going to happen overnight. Nik's got a great bod anyway, if I'm allowed to say that without being called sexist, some of those guys in those photos actually looked grotesque, not natural at all. Still appears he hasn't touched the appetite suppressant. The one with the real drug problem is Justin, he's doing a good job conning Leah, who to be fair to her, is keeping a better eye on him, but of course she doesn't know about his new secret stash. That could be the reason he doesn't want Ziggy back there as he couldn't dip into them when he wanted/needed to. Were his shakes due to pain or the drugs? I was confused.com, one moment he said he had fired Ziggy as there had been complaints about her work, so why not tell her at the time, next moment he's willing to give her a good reference. He's gone down the buying pain relief off the net then, and it's costing him - over $300 - let's hope that is all it costs him and not anything serious health wise cos God knows what could be in them. Wasn't Christian supposed to be taking over his care again? I know he's looking after Rachel but she wouldn't be his only patient, that isn't how it works in hospitals, it's not a private clinic. I'm still in two minds about Stephen, what he says is plausible and makes sense. I wondered if he was sending the texts as he does appear before or walks off just after John gets them. It did throw him and John though when Leah took it upon herself to text 'Susie' back to call her out. I still can't get over the reason why Susie would contact John, not like any con artists we've seen before, normally after they have conned their victim they disappear, they never return to the scene of the crime and risk getting nicked. Shame Irene isn't there as she sussed Susie out, but then she didn't seem to have the same feeling about Stephen. Don't forget whose daughter Roo is Red, she can be just as stubborn as he is. She is going to need some help, even if it is just putting back the paddles in their place. She going to knacker herself if she isn't careful which would defeat the whole object of making life easier for Alf. As I mentioned before there was more to running the bait shop than she thought.
  12. I don't think Dean objects to Mac's fling or whatever you want to call it she has with Emmett, it's more the fact she keeps distracting him when he should be working on his exhibition with Bella which he had explained means a lot to her, as he said it's the first time she's been so upbeat since Colby went to prison. Mac could restrain herself until he was free - workwise -and she is neglecting her own business - again - with all these nookie breaks. Emmett too isn't blameless either by letting his sexual urges rule his head. I wonder what Sienna would say if he was shirking his photography work he does for for her - no wait I know - she'd go mad. Is Mac really enjoying herself though? WTF did Sienna think she was doing just showing up ay Nik's again and bursting into his bedroom, he may work for her, but he does still have a right to a private life! I reckon it was Emmett turning her down like he did prompted that. Interesting little fact he and she used to be an item. OK all those looked very buff, but a lot was probably down to clever lighting, shade and dark and I dare say air brushing. Nik may have thought Emmett was being over critical with Bella's shots but he does know what he was taking about and she did later take some shots that were a lot better. There was a great scene of clouds over the top of Stewart's Mount with the lighthouse that in mho would have been a good one. Whilst Sienna may be up herself at least Roo wasn't too proud to ask Nik where Alf kept his records because as she realised it wasn't just a case of selling bait to the anglers. Good for you Alf proving you did know some of the names of the Bronte's. Poor Tane, getting all flustered when he answered the phone, though it can still happen when you do it al the time, your mind just wanders. Nice way that Mia discouraged Ziggy for popping in for a chat with Tane. Ziggy must feel real lost with nothing to fill her day, could she not help Dean out with the surf lessons or would she need some sort of qualification? Rachel got the real answer to why Christian seems so committed to her, a big responsibility to lay on her though, that he feels he was spared to save her. It was unprofessional and he did offer to hand her over to a different doctor but her right to say no. Debatable whether if it had been a male involved he would have acted different, he is a doctor so would have done the same for them, well I hope he would have. If the reason she plunged to earth was down to a dodgy chute wouldn't the sky driving club be liable for that? Rachel said as soon as she jumped she realised something wasn't right.
  13. Emmett did say to Dean he can separate his professional life from his private, it's Mac who doesn't seem keen about him spending time with Bella, she was coming across as very needy by keep ringing him and didn't like it when he ignored her. Then pretended she didn't care and told him they weren't an item anyway and to do one. Mac did throw the "I'm your sister" accusation at Dean when he'd been standing up for Bella as he was concerned about all the work she'd been putting maybe going to waste. Christian did seem to overreact when he read Rachel's BP had gone up during the night, but as Jasmine said it settled down and the doctor on duty wasn't worried, if there had been any real concern, he would have been contacted. She's being put in the middle again, keeping Tori calm but seeing it from Christian's point of view, Rachel is his patient, but things can happen that would be out of his control. Rachel, unintentionally, didn't help by saying she don't know what would have happened if he hadn't been there, she could have ended up paralysed or dead. Hadn't realised she hadn't met Tori before so no wonder she was surprised when she found out he'd postponed his wedding to look after her. Tori, at the moment, is in limbo as she can't get a straight answer out of Christian. Of course it's not an easy question to answer as to when he feels Rachel is properly out of the woods. A relief that Nik hasn't gone down the hunger suppressant route - yet. I realise he want to make a success of his chosen career but yes the over exercising isn't good and neither is the not eating. Shows, I guess, even the most sensible of people can get sucked into it. Can't be good news Sienna is back, what's her new plan for him?
  14. That certainly wasn't very professional of Emmett ditching Bella so he could cop off with Mac. Mac could have butted out as she was asked but at the moment it's all about her, sod anyone else. Don't know who that call was from, but can't have been Mac as she didn't have his number then. Dean was just being Dean and looking out for his other 'sister', it seemed to me he was suggesting Emmett doesn't hurt her on a personal level rather than a professional one. To Dean it would seem confusing, one moment Emmett was telling Bella to get out of the fashion industry and then the next he's encouraging her to keep at it. I do believe Emmett when he says he has Bella's best interests at heart, if he can stop being distracted by Mac long enough to concentrate on the exhibition they are supposed to be doing together. Seems from Bella was telling Dean Emmett was tempted into his current job so he could earn enough money to live and his real love is doing real photos. Emmett was telling Bella what 'we' have - to have more faith in herself, he can see she has talent she just needs to see it herself. I loved that look on Dean's face, but he still gave Bella his best wishes. Once Emmett and Bella did get down to business it seemed all went very well, Bella especially was elated. Dean's words to Mac fell on deaf ears, her look at Bella and Emmett discussing the shots seemed to have tipped her in the opposite way to what I thought she was going to. The storeroom got used once more in it's other guise as the place for a quick snog and or bunk up. Oh that snogging Emmett in front of Ari was so obvious she was trying to show him she was over him - grow up woman! He wasn't at all bothered or impressed. just shrugged his shoulders at Alf. Agree Red, very ambiguous about if Nik has imbibed the suppressant yet? Bella made a good point about not to put anything in your mouth if you don't know what's in it. I'm guessing from Mia and Ari's comments Nik hadn't been a regular user of the gym and is now ultra keen to join up, if she is as professional as she seems to be she'll be making sure he doesn't overdo the whole exercise thing seeing as he is a newbie. I was chuckling along with Ari and Mia when he was doing his posing with his weights for his followers. Two meals or BLT sandwich and tea at home he's skipped and it's only the first day. He's going to need to eat otherwise he'll have no calories to burn up. Roo really ought to know by now that nagging Alf is just going to make him dig his heels in even more, suggesting is much better, after all he is a very proud and independent man. Roo spoke a lot of truth about all the years Alf has helped everyone in the bay in various ways it is time he accepted their help in whatever way they can. Liked how Ari gave Alf a hand unloading his pick up. Be interesting to see how Roo gets on at the bait shop.
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