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  2. A reminder - as usually happens on Bank Holiday Mondays this evenings episode is on half hour later than normal. Why do TPTB do that?
  3. Marilyn did do well there, she didn't push just let Martha tell it her way, asked gently how things felt when she was in her bad place, for want of a better term. I loved how she stood up for 'Mr. Stewart' telling Martha she underestimated him and he'd understand if given the chance. He is a lot different to the Alf Martha knew back then. Strangely John and Alf were having more or less the same kind of talk at the Diner and Alf took Palmers advice! I guess even now knowing what is wrong with her Martha still finds it hard to articulate to someone who hasn't gone through the same thing. I was expecting Alf to say something about his PTSD and how he had trouble getting his head round it and what had triggered it. I know it's not the same but it does give him a better insight into what Martha feels like. Could be completely trivial but why didn't Martha want Roo to know she was there? I forget time can be pretty fluid in H&A land. Good point about Michelle having a funeral, last we heard the police had her body. I hope we didn't miss it if there was one, Bella needs to say a proper goodbye to her mum as does Colby. I worked out a little while ago that Colby was 10 years older than Bella but good to get it confirmed by him that he was 10 when she was born. A touching moment when they laid flowers on Michelle's 'grave'. She did finally admit to Colby why she ran away so Colby when you get back to the bay you owe Simone an apology. Loved Mason's enthusiasm in wanting to help Raffy, shame the looking into the Morgan's family tree wasn't of use. He eagerly snatched Hunter's HSC notes from Leah when she bought them over. Justin kept his counsel again despite Leah suggesting if he wanted to talk about anything he could. Only light moment came when Ben & Maggie were getting their heads around the fact they could be grandparents soon, even though Ziggy has said it won't be for a couple of years, they certainly would be young grandparents, barely 40!
  4. OK Brody has made his decision but did he really expect his telling Ziggy was going to be easy? Justin had it right there is never going to be a right time. Ziggy was rather hyper when he was trying to tell her, does she on some level know what is going on with him and is trying to deflect it. Heavens she not saying she wants a baby now, just come round to the fact she's open to the idea but in a couple of years once she's got her apprenticeship, at least she's got her head screwed on right in that respect. Simone has kept her distance from Brody but now he has made his decision I had hoped she had maintained that until he has told Ziggy, though of course last nights shenanigans in the van proved me wrong. Bit of a tense meal, no Tori again, Ziggy checking her phone every five seconds, with only Justin knowing the reason behind Brody's odd behaviour and not being able to say anything. On a light hearted moment Alf teasing Ben about what he wants to be called when he becomes a granddad because he'll be stuck with it for life - his title Grumps suits him so well - there's another one in Emmerdale - also for the same reason. Then Ben teasing Maggie about the same thing and both being amazed Ziggy actually expressed an interest in becoming a mum at all. Despite what we, or thought we heard, about Raffy and Simone, we were wrong they hadn't been paired up. Does kind of help in a way that Bella is out of town, guessing Colby has OK'd it with the school? So, sorry, didn't want to start a sentence with so, that was John & Marilyn's plan then she get the extra tutelage but I thought that was on the cards anyway? Ryder does his best but he's only 18 so pretty young to know how to really help Raffy, he just needs to be there for her. Gave Justin a bit of a jolt when Maggie mentioned Simone as the one being able to help Raffy as he is the only one to know what is really going on. I liked how there were the Morgan's - well two of them - John, Marilyn and Ryder and of course Raffy talking about the other option. Anyways, despite all the trouble with her private life Simone really does know her job, though it did seem to surprise her Raffy was related to the Morgan's, it was a short notice call so maybe she hadn't had the chance to look at her file. She did know her by face so answered my other unspoken question had she and Raffy ever met or spoken - no - she'd just seen her around and at Salt. Seemed a great idea for Raffy to break down whatever subject she decides on into bite sized pieces, Raffy already looked a lot more relaxed. I caught that about Simone taking Maggie's advice a tad more personally than Maggie meant it to be taken. Nothing to do with the storyline but I do like Maggie's discretion and professionalism in not naming the other pupil's name when talking to others other than Simone. I did keep waiting for someone, even Raffy herself to mention her age as in "You're only xx, you can't leave school" or "I'm xx, I can leave school if I want to" but no not a sausage. We do have to remember as far as Maggie (and Ben) know Simone had a crush on Brody but now that she is now longer working at Salt as far as they are concerned the danger has passed. They have no idea do they? Am I right to be worried about Martha it does appear her borderline personality disorder seems to be rearing it's head. It does appear it's been triggered by Jett being away and Marilyn and John being lifted by being able to talk to him on a regular basis. It does seem really weird that John and Marilyn can speak to Jett who is in Afghanistan a lot more easier than she or Alf can to Roo who is in the same country albeit the extreme north west and yes I realise some regions/areas have rubbish reception. Alf seems at a loss as to how to handle it and was right in saying if anything had happened they would have got a message to them somehow. I hope it can be resolved somehow seeing how they have just got back on track. Btw Roo was going to be away for two months, isn't that time nearly up anyway?
  5. From the quick look I got at Dean's letter it seemed he was telling the police where to find Ross' body and he knew it was there because he put it there. I'm guessing he changed his mind because it would mean Colby lied when questioned about who was with him when Ross was caught up with. Seems he did do all that in his sleep, because he only remembered what he must have done was when he saw those letters in Willow's hands, probably explains why he didn't put a stamp on the envelope too. Amazing that he took an angle grinder to the post box in broad daylight and absolutely nobody was around. He did at least put the other letters back. I like he's kept Ziggy and Willow out of it, what they don't know they can't tell anyone about. Actually it wasn't until Tori mentioned the family history to Raffy that I remembered the fact the Morgan's dad had been a drug syndicate's accountant until he turned them in which in turn forced them into the WPP, so not just Brody being a drug addict, but other bad memories regarding drugs. I wondered that about Marilyn going behind the Morgan's back, especially with John's "no". It did seem to be clear the Morgan's were taking the lead on Raffy's treatment and John & Marilyn were just looking after Raffy. Felt a bit sorry for Ryder when Raffy said she wished Coco was there making him feel a bit redundant, he did try his best but biology is way out of his knowledge zone. If Raffy is 16, still not sure regards that, she can leave school, though it may depend on the rules in NSW, wonder what Marilyn's and John's alternative idea is? Raffy mentioning Simone being busy with Bella implied she has had time with her herself at least that is how I took it.
  6. They burnt Ross' car but buried him wrapped in a tarpaulin and covered the grave with a corrugated iron sheet weighed down with a tyre, stop any wild animals digging him up, hopefully. To be fair to Colby he didn't know Bella had overheard him talking to Irene about the fact he doesn't know what to do regards Bella. I can't see any harm in Bella getting counselling as long as she is asked, she is 16 and it's explained it's not because people think she's crazy. She's not going to blurt out any incriminating information as she doesn't know anything. Maybe his 'old fashioned' attitude to counselling is because back in the day, people like him in Mangrove River did just that took care of things themselves. Her overhearing Colby and McCarthy talking made it three times she had earwigged something she shouldn't have, though the first time was deliberate. D.B I think your original thought about Colby being in the cops was right, yes he joined as that was the best way to track Bella, but he must have put some effort into being a everyday cop or he wouldn't have been made senior constable. A small aside once he's left the force what's he going to do for money? Bella's new bedroom did look nice, though part of me was waiting for the bed to collapse. T'was McCarthy's name on the letter, I'd recorded last nights so was able to fast forward it and pause at the right moment, but I noticed there wasn't a stamp on it, surely one is needed? Just what has he written, whatever it is it looks like he's changed his mind the next morning. No I don't think Jasmine did know Leah knew about Tori or that Justin knew either for that matter. Bella took a chance getting a lift what what looked a total stranger and Ross's place didn't look that shabby especially Bella's room I'm guessing that doll and little clown figurine was from her mum, and the police seemed to have given up keeping it under surveillance. That was a pretty deep grave Ross had buried Michelle in. There seemed to be building work going on next door so not as much in the middle of nowhere as has been suggested. Colby was very gentle with her but she needs to tell him she overheard what he said so he can apologise to Simone. Talking of whom she's not only getting it in the neck from Colby when she's innocent, this time, but from Brody accusing her of moving on to another bloke as she can't have him, frankly if he thinks so little of her I wouldn't want to have an affair with him or be his new love should he dump Ziggy. She quite rightly couldn't tell him why she was visiting Colby. Simone is only close to Maggie because they are working together, they're nor best buddies or anything and she still hasn't been paired up with Raffy yet who going by what we saw she ought to be pretty quick never mind who Simone is seeing on or not seeing on the quiet. I must have missed Tori actually whining to Irene, well mentioning it in passing, about Jasmine and her attitude towards her at work, answered my question too as to if she had returned to work after the showdown at the OK Diner, but at least it did result in an uneasy truce, they'd be professional to each other at work but that was it. She must have thought the same as you D.B and Red about not being the nice girl everyone thought she was. Even nice people have a limit to which they can be pushed.
  7. Strewth it didn't take long for Irene to sort things out once she asked that reallynot to be asked question "So what's been happening?" Leah wasted no time in filling her in, Chelsea leaving Colby days after their wedding, Robbo, getting engaged to Jasmine then dumping her after he found out about her knowing about Tori going behind his back and implanting their last embryo. She must have decided a more straight forward approach was needed than the softly, softly one made by Jasmine, Justin and Colby. It may not have quite the response they were hoping for but it was a response and Jasmine knows Robbo is OK, sadly Colby reluctantly had to tell her it didn't look like he was coning back. Tori didn't quite get the 'hi doll' she was hoping for when she ran into Irene at the Diner, it turned very chilly, then got both barrels from Jasmine which must have been quite cathartic for her, won't have to hide away at home now. Pretty sure Jasmine didn't know Raffy was sitting there who apart from Ziggy & Brody has had something kept from her again. It was somewhat of a turn around from Ziggy going from pretty much slagging off Tori for doing what she did to later helping celebrate the happy news. Have to agree Red I felt Brody was talking more about himself as regards going behind people's backs and keeping secrets. I'm with Red, no way was Raffy abused any shape or form. Her home life may have been unsettled after her 'mum' died but before that she was loved and even if Hope wasn't the ideal role model she loved her, even after she found out she wasn't her sister but her cousin. Of course it hasn't exactly what you call a settled life with the Morgan's but she's still loved and protected sometimes too much for her liking. Say what we like about Simone and her affair with Brody she is good at her job, she has to go slow with each new pupil they've all got different problems so each need a different approach, if that means taking it slowly that's how it's got to be. Admittedly no-one expected what Bella wrote down about Ross coming back for Colby. It does put things into a whole new perspective and is outside Simone's field of expertise. Colby didn't 'drag' Bella to the school she told him she was going with him as he said he wasn't able to have lunch with her as he'd been called to the school, he couldn't lock her in the flat or ask someone else to look after her, she'd only have followed him. Foregone conclusion she'd earwig, wouldn't you knowing the conversation was about you? Was what she wrote meant to be confidential? Good to see Irene doing what she is so good at and what we haven't seen for a while looking after a troubled teen, calming them down, getting them to talk and persuading them to contact the person looking for them. Again not excusing him but Colby is in a no win situation even knowing what is really troubling Bella how would she take the news the reason he is so sure Ross is never coming back to kill him is because he's dead and he killed him. Would she be glad, relieved, sad as part of her still loves him or all three? I'm putting on my hard hat and ducking due to the bricks that will be thrown at me but I still think Colby didn't intend to kill Ross but was prepared to take him back to Yabby Creek, he'd lowered the gun after Dean talked him round but then, well we all know what happened then. I can't remember if Raffy has met/talked to Simone but either way it's going to be interesting when they get together as teacher/pupil, that'll test Simone's professionalism helping her lover's/ex lover's sister. Going by the way Simone sent Brody packing at Salt when she was there with Maggie it's ex following her overhearing Ziggy's plans to use Diana's honeymoon voucher money to use as a deposit on a house. Again shouldn't laugh as it's to do with drugs but the whole marijuana debacle was funny, Ryder sneaking off to the beach to do the deal, dealer asking if Ryder knew what he was doing, Raffy fretting about carrying it around at school, the wonky looking spliff and Ryder rushing about getting a light for it all fro nought as Mason turned up just at the right time. After his initial rant he calmly told them the real risks of them trying anything like that. Lovely idea of Martha's regarding the parcels making Marilyn and John feeling less helpless and letting Jett and his men know people at home are thinking of them by giving them reminders of home. Loved the kiss Alf gave Martha.
  8. D.B Michelle was an innocent woman trying to protect her daughter Ross was a low life scumbag. I don't recall Bella telling the cops what Colby wanted her to say, she just told it as she saw it. Could you in all conscience tell a 16 year old you don't have to worry about your abusive dad returning as he's dead because you killed him. In one way it'd stop her fretting about him returning but then she'd blame herself for letting it get that far. Thanks for the explanation Dan F, the time line in the bay and what happened years ago can be played fast and loose at times. I'm guessing, although once again it hasn't been talked about on-screen, Martha knows about Alisa and Duncan and as mentioned before Owen & Ric. Marilyn's reaction was only what any mother's would be and this is Marilyn we're talking about. Not saying it's going to make it any easier but we don't yet know where in Afghanistan he's being posted to, didn't he say his and the other troops role was to train up the locals to police the area themselves so more a peace keeping role? I didn't see very clearly where John and Jett were, they could have sat on the bench, but still think Gina deserved a mention. Loved the way John was with Marilyn, he's got to have the same fears himself, but managed to calm her down by telling her Jett didn't need to be worrying about them while he was away. She did pull herself together and was able to give a him a calmer, though still tearful send off, very moving, I liked that Alf was there too. Sensibly Jett asked Alf rather than John, that would have been thoughtless, about how his parents felt when he was shipped off to Vietnam. Of course then there was a proper war going on and Alf having being conscripted had even less of a choice to say no. Hopefully there will be a good signal out wherever Jett will be for emails and Skype so he, John & Marilyn can keep in touch whenever he's off duty, not to mention factoring in the time difference. Of course as Alf said back in his time there were only letters which took weeks to get home and maybe if you were very lucky the odd phone call home, obviously any bad news letters/telegrams managed to be sent without delay. Although I do agree with John about Marilyn fixating on the horrible things still happening in Afghanistan, although as already mentioned we don't know where he's going, because then she'll know he's where it's happening on the other hand, going back to Alf's & John's time in the Army & Navy respectively no-one at home knew what was going on if they were in a war zone. Did John serve in any conflicts? Oh Dean, at first I though he may have been dreaming going to dig up Ross but sadly not, whatever he's taking is not helping at all, making things worse in fact - poor guy, he really needs looking after. Who knows how our brain operates when sleep walking, he was driving why did he need shoes? His half awake/half asleep kiss he managed to explain away as just that, no way would he want Willow dragged into what he's going through. May have been just me but I got the feeling when she was telling Jasmine about it a small part of Willow was hoping it was more than that. Right from going to holding her side for a couple of episodes, her second op(?), then holding her shoulder, yesterday Willow wasn't tenderly holding any part of her body. I shouldn't laugh seeing as illegal drugs are contemplated being used but I did have to when Ryder asked Dean if he could get hold of 'what cows eat'. As the old saying goes a little knowledge is dangerous and Ryder although being a very bright kid isn't using all his brain power. Raffy seems convinced despite what Mason has said, now backing Tori and Justin, that trial will work but no guarantee that she'd (a) be suitable and (b) it would work if she was. Ryder truly wants to help Raffy and if drugs weren't involved well done him, for thinking of alternative meds. Maggie, at time of writing doesn't know Simone & Brody are having an affair, all she is concerned about is getting the best help she can for two pupils who need It and has tired of trying to convince a dragging their heels department of education to cough up enough money to pay for a teacher who can, well, teach them be it Simone or anyone else that ahs the necessary skills. I realise Jasmine is not going back to work to avoid Tori but the longer she leaves it the harder it will be. Someone there will, if they are a caring employer be sending someone round to check on her. I can understand her concern over Robbo with his past history. Willow and Mason in the interim period of the old owners finishing and Robbo taking over did run the gym , but naturally Robbo and only good business sense, would have had his own password but maybe he should have let maybe John or Ben know what it is in case of emergencies. Depending how long it had to be Sophia perhaps? Irene is back and looked like she was being filled in on the latest goings on.
  9. Martha must have been around when Alf had his fling/affair with Mary as he mentioned last night about his return from Vietnam, Australia were involved in the conflict from 1962-1972, Alf must have been stationed somewhere away from the bay as according to Wikipedia Mary was stationed in Australia I can't see Alf doing a Brody by messing on his own doorstep. I think it was explained to Martha who Ryder was, don't forget Quinn turned up after Martha 'died'. As did Owen and Ric but that is another story as Alf's liaison with Viv Standish happened before he meet Martha and once again he had no idea he had a son, let alone a grandson. Talking of Vietnam a question of mine was answered via a neat little mention that Alf had told Martha about his PTSD. Nice that Martha said she was sorry she hadn't known abut it as maybe she could have helped him but it took Alf years to admit there was something wrong plus PTSD didn't even have a name then. I know some don't like the pairing repairing(?) of Alf and Martha but someone new wouldn't have the history they do so be able to reminisce over things, as long as they take it slow I do like the reunion between them. Erm yes Ziggy and Brody, I'd like to believe he does still love Ziggy, they went through such a lot to be together and OK Ziggy can be a handful, Ben did warn Brody about that and they are very different people with differing outlooks on life but on the whole they do fit and a couple don't have to agree on everything. I think Brody wanting to plan for his/their future is down to all those years he and the rest of the Morgan's spent on the run from The Syndicate, back then they couldn't plan for anything as they had no idea if TS would catch up with them again so all would have to be abandoned. Ziggy on the other hand had a settled and stable background, Ben & Maggie looked after everything so she (and Coco) didn't have to worry about anything, Ziggy definitely takes after Ben whereas Coco takes after Maggie. At least he's trying to get in step with Ziggy to make it work, but I think her enthusiasm took him by surprise. It could be the age gap, there's six years between them, and Ziggy is at a different stage of life, but you can have a mature 20 year old and an immature 30 year old so doesn't necessarily follow. It did suddenly ping in my brain that Ziggy and Jett are the same age! After Ziggy scratches Simone's out I shudder to think what she would do to Brody, he'd better hide his knives. Btw Simone did tell Brody not to contact her didn't she so why was she texting him? The curious dynamic TPTB have around Jett and Raffy aside the reunion between them all was lovely. John sussed there was more to Jett's visit than first appeared but wisely kept his counsel until Jett was ready to tell him. As we saw from the trailer Marilyn is devastated he's being deployed to Afghanistan but her telling John he's got to stop him is futile, Jett's an adult and of course he's scared but is prepared to go. He is very young to be a lieutenant and platoon commander. Something different intrigued me - Jett's idea of a family photo - wasn't that a Fletcher tradition? Never mind Ailsa being airbrushed out of Alf's life unless my ears blinked I don't remember Jett or John mentioning Gina at any time considering she had a lot to do with turning his life around. In fact it was her who first took him under her wing. Zac's one off can't be called an affair.
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  12. Oh, I'm not sympathising with him at all, just trying to get things in perspective, and the fact he is a psychopath/sociopath when we look at Ebony and Ross behaviour who claimed he 'loved' Bella when all he wanted to do was to keep control of her, don't forget he lied to her for five years that her mum had left them. Colby, as I think someone suggested, didn't drag Dean into any of it, Dean was just as much out for Ross' blood as Colby, but when they caught up with him was content with knocking seven bells of hell out of him, he had no idea it would end as it did, not sure even Colby did. Btw what is it about the bay that attracts psychos, remember Penn? At least Simone is aware she is being 'kept sweet' Ziggy is just being fobbed off by a guilty hubby who then turned on her making her feel she is at fault. Justin can't do any more, he's told them both what he thinks, they're adults, he nearly caved in and told Leah but wisely kept it to himself. I think it's more the lying to Ziggy that is doing his head in. Ziggy certainly gave Simone a swerve about keeping away from her husband, but she doesn't know it's gone beyond Simone having a thing for Brody and him being tempted. I was going to 'say' here's an idea Simone switch your phone off, but she can't otherwise she'd miss any calls from Maggie. Double edged sword too for Ziggy, Simone could help Raffy who is her step sister-in-law and Simone has trained for years to be a teacher and I would imagine being a special needs teacher involves a whole lot more training to deal with the various problems kids like Bella and Raffy have. Raffy's problem is retaining anything whereas Bella who is clever, she can read and write but effectively her education stopped when she was 11 when her mum died so essentially is at primary school level. Lots of overreacting between Martha and Alf, for once Marilyn didn't interfere too much just gave Alf a few words of wisdom. I think a man of Alf's age isn't prone to showing his feelings, it's how things were when he was young, his dad was probably the same, a 'real' man didn't go in for that soppy stuff it was left to the sheila's. Great he got over his reluctance to admit he still cared for her and stopped her and their talk was quite moving, good suggestion they just take it one step at a time and see how it works out. A thought did strike me so I could be way off, but maybe TPTB decided to bring her back for when Alf learns that Morag has died, Martha would be a good support for him. Wow what are they feeding Jett on at that training camp, he's certainly shot up! It was nearly two years ago since Jett has been in the bay. If his profile page, where he is listed as Jett Palmer, is to be believed he's now 20, crumbs where did those years go? Good to see his character hasn't had a head transplant.
  13. And of course Colby is the only cop in the bay to go off and do their own thing isn't he? Why wouldn't he be glad she went down, she was a psychopath, pretending to show emotion and faking helping Colby look for Bella, elbowing Jasmine out of the way in the process, pretending to be Bella then drugging Colby and putting him in the frame for killing Hazel. Of course a big reason why she was like she was was down to Hazel. He does know what he is putting Dean through, it's Dean who's decided not to burden him with his problems. Before you remind me yes he did kill Boyd but he had little choice there Boyd, who had kidnapped Ava, was about to run Dean over. I thought those scenes with Dean and Karen were wonderful, very moving in places and great to see how much better she is, yes Dean didn't want to drag her into it, but she is his mum so would want to know and I doubt she would have given up nagging him until he told her. Smiled when Dean asked how long her she and Willow had been besties, I'd forgotten Willow wasn't on Karen's Christmas card list. As an aside hard to believe this is Patrick O'Connor's first acting role, he really is so good as Dean no one dimensional character, came in as a hard nosed River Boy helping Ash hunt down Robbo but as time went on we saw different sides to him, he tracked down Ash went he went walk about after Kat's funeral and persuaded him to get help. Anyways back to yesterday don't forget Karen knew Ross way back so knew exactly what kind of slime ball he was. Is Karen some sort of mind reader she said just what I said when Dean said he was worried about turning out like her, her mental health problems had been going on for years, but she is concerned for him. She still has a way to go of course but she has accepted her condition, if that is possible, and can now deal with it with help. Shame he then had to be an idiot by buying those obviously dodgy pills. Btw does he still have any of that money his dad gave him left, I remember he said he'd pay for Colby and Chelsea's wedding. You do remember why Robbo is or rather was sour and snappy don't you Razabaza, he has been much happier in the last few months than he was when we first saw him but even then he had something about him - or is that just me? That's my question too Red - has Simone got a private income we don't know about. Initially, I think, she was only supposed to be in the bay for a few weeks while on leave from her job as special needs teacher which wouldn't pay that much would it? Anyway ulterior motives aside as she said to Brody beats sitting around doing nothing all day waiting for him to contact her so she might as well put her skills to good use. Oh another instance about a semi private conversation being held in a public place. Maggie had forgotten about Ziggy not being happy about Simone being around and she put on a good face when Ben told her though the look on her face after he had gone showed her real feelings. I don't think Maggie should have to make a choice imho, she should put two vulnerable pupils first before the situation gets worse, she has a duty of care to them. Could Simone and Brody stood any closer at the bar in SALT? Sorry love that is what it is like being a mistress, your lover has to be with his wife occasionally. I don't think I'd want to be Justin when Ziggy finds out the truth, which will happen, and she works out he knew. I'm not going to be popular here, but I really don't like the phrase he/she was stolen, a person can't be stolen, as in picked up and carried away under someone's arm. The person 'stolen' is as much to blame as the person 'stealing' them it takes two. Take it from someone who knows.
  14. Not so sure about that, I had the feeling, which may be wrong, that although McCarthy apologised for having all that evidence up on the wall saying it should have been taken down, it was deliberately left there. It threw Colby and he did look very twitchy throughout the interview/questioning. There would have been tyre tracks, footprints where Colby shot Ross. First time we've seen what Colby's dad looked like and his first name and I thought Michelle had married Ross which would have made her a Nixon, but the name on her photo was Thorne. He's still determined to keep Dean's name out of it, but of course that isn't helping Dean's conscience any, Colby's reasoning being he would need Dean & Willow to look after Bella should he go down. He wasn't happy Dean had told Willow, understandable, more people that know the more likely one of them could let it slip, Karen as we saw being let in on the secret. Dean told Colby why he didn't confide in him he's got Bella to worry about. Karen must be doing OK if the hospital let her out for the day, hope Dean's news doesn't set her back and no Dean no way you'd end up like Karen her mental health problems had been going on for years. I agree D.B. about Dean, although I always knew there was more to him than met the eye and we saw glimpses of that from time to time. Colby giving advice to Robbo about taking some time out to think about his decision to end it with Jasmine, Robbo obviously having told him about why he did, congratulating Tori, didn't seem to be meant sarcastically, rare occurrence and giving Jasmine the ring back and telling her not to give up on Robbo very sociopathic behaviour. I think Robbo took Colby's advice to take time out really seriously and 's why he's left town, wherever he's gone he won't be bumping into Tori or Jasmine which would be hard to avoid in a small town. I thought differently about Tori 'wimping' out of giving Robbo the ring back, he would likely have thrown it at her and imho giving it to Colby, seeing as he lives with him, was the better decision. I thought differently to you Red, again, about Colby teasing Ryder about looking out for Bella. There was ever only going to be one person Colby would have killed and that was Ross and that was only put himself in the firing line. Colby could have killed Ebony after all she put him through, but he didn't. It did appear that Robbo is still unaware that Leah knew about what Tori did gong by the way he talked to her. As an aside who's going to be in charge of the gym, I know Mason isn't otherwise occupied at the moment but Willow has just come out of hospital and still isn't fully qualified. Sorry to bang on about TT - terrible Tori - but if most people we've seen have been horrified about what she has done wait until Irene finds out! As for Bella not giving herself an easy ride, let's not forget her social skills aren't the best, she's not had any friends she could have learnt them from due to her 'loving' daddy of course. To be put into a whole new environment like a high school where most of the kids know each other would be daunting for any newcomer but for Bella ten times more so. All the other kids have had years of how to behave in a class and what you should and shouldn't do but for her it's a bloody big learning curve. Do they not have a floor plan of where classes are for new kids to SBH? If there hadn't been all that too-ing and fro-ing she would have been a little less daunted. I did like how she defended Raffy when Imogen, new bully on the block(?), had a dig at her. Nice scene later with Bella and Dean and although he hadn't been a big fan of school himself got her to agree to go back, he did have to duck her question about Ross though. Tiny thing, was his hair longer on top? Oh Ryder, when you aren't being a dolt you are a wonderful guy, the way he calmed Raffy down so she didn't have a full blown seizure, laid her down, made her comfortable then went to get Maggie. Then later when Marilyn & John came to take Raffy home he gently teased her saying she wouldn't want to catch what he had making her laugh. Maybe Mason shouldn't have told Raffy about the possibility of her getting cannabis oil spray treatment, did think he was jumping the gun, but at least he has included her, Tori needs to tell her why she and Raffy's neurologist thinks she wouldn't be suitable, not tell Mason he has to untell her, or least let Raffy talk to him/her about it, she's old enough to understand the pros and cons and have John/Marilyn or Justin with her. There is a procedure to go through and TPTB have to be convinced Raffy is a suitable candidate. It did come to me after why Justin would be wary about Raffy taking cannabis, it is a drug after all, even if given medicinally, because not that long ago Brody was a drug addict.
  15. Was it just me or did there seem to be two time lines in the bay? Willow, it seems, has been out of hospital for a week being looked after by Jasmine who is using it as an excuse to avoid seeing Tori at work and bumping into Robbo and in that time Jasmine has told Willow why she and Robbo have split up, yet Alf and Martha went on their boat trip the same/next day from when we last saw them - confused.com. I guess after last time when she told everyone when she was only a couple of weeks and then lost it she didn't want to tempt fate again. Tori sure is Public Enemy No. 1, she was getting it from all sides and no I don't have any sympathy for her, still bleating the same excuses, getting tired now love. Mason only repeated what everyone had said, but water off a ducks back. I'm supposing Robbo didn't think Mason knew otherwise he would have been a lot shorter with him than he was. Willow was great in her treatment of Tori when she came to the Beach house just casually expecting a few words would help matters. Leah was very discreet when Tori asked if she or Marilyn had seen Robbo. All in all I think Robbo held it together pretty well when Tori was spouting her usual rubbish, as a doctor she should know just because things have gone well so far it doesn't mean it will be that way through the pregnancy, she could miscarry at any time, which is what Robbo is afraid of. She's trying to justify - and failing - her behaviour to herself more than anyone else. Glad in a way Robbo and Jasmine did have a talk, but his 'lie' was a lot less important than her lie. Felt for both of them. Willow managed to hobble to the gym then where she tried to get Robbo to see and speak to Jasmine. I do hope Mason isn't getting ahead of himself with this cannabis spray idea of his and is building up Marilyn's hopes up without finding out why the neurologist has decided against it. Tori shut him down pretty quick, but maybe Raffy's neurologist has considered it, it is at trial stage only, and has decided she wouldn't be a suitable candidate, it's not a one size fits all solution. Mason does have a track record of jumping in where he shouldn't - remember Beth? There wouldn't be any reason though why Justin, Marilyn and John - though John and Justin need convincing - normal reaction from them when the word cannabis is uttered - couldn't approach the neurologist themselves and say they had read/heard about the cannabis spray and wondered if it would be suitable for Raffy, remembering to include her this time round. Nothing to do wit it but Botox was originally used to help cerebral palsy sufferers to help relax their muscles. Talking of Raffy, normally I'd be concerned she doesn't know about Tori, but in this case she really doesn't need the extra worry it'd cause her. I have to say that was rather lovely with Alf & Martha aboard the Blaxland, they seemed so comfortable together, the pc brigade wouldn't be happy but his "well don't just stand there woman" made me smile. His grudgingly admitting to Leah Martha had caught the fish was another moment, the banter between them sounds so natural. But of course being the 'man' he had to gut and cook the fish a house rule/tradition apparently. From the brief glimpse we got seems it's a portrait of Alf. Nice little clip of Raffy & Bella going off to school together.
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