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  1. Obviously going against the grain, but I've always liked Mia, she's got a good work ethic, must have studied hard to become a trainer along with bringing up Chloe on her own. But her having held onto the armed robbery cash all these years is kind of mind blowing. Ari, it seemed, had expected her to dispose of it when it all first happened or maybe spend it on herself and Chloe, not a clever idea seeing as the cops would have been looking out for any of Ari's associates suddenly having a splurge money wise. My only thought and she mentioned it herself is the adoption, maybe circumvent the usual procedures and do a private one? Then there is the gym, not clever going behind Ari's back, he was bound to find out, sad he sold his bike to try and help get the deposit. Was the dosh Mia used as the deposit the end of it or was she planning to use the rest to pay in cash which would raise eyebrows? Did I hear Mia say she didn't know the money was in the lock up, yet it looked like she had no problem of finding the bag. Ari is not at all happy and I feel that is going to play on his conscience and it will tear them apart but they won't be the only ones hurt in the fall out. Agree, Justin did seem OK with Tori's possible move to big bad London, but from the way he was talking to Leah later, he is hoping it won't happen. But maybe now is the right time for Tori to spread her wings. Never mind her finding it hard to tell Justin, isn't there another person she has to break the news to that she is taking Grace to the other side of the world - namely Jasmine. Who, granted has been fine since her obsession with her and has backed right off, but she does get to see and look after Grace at the moment. John seems a bit lost at the moment, first fretting about his new neighbours who have moved into the Braxton's old place, then his other neighbour with the hose, is she the one with the dog? Then getting a zebra crossing, do they call them that there, put on the road. It should have signalled the next scene where a motorist comes screaming down the road, even if there had been a crossing (a) no-one was on it and (b) it wouldn't have made any difference the speed Theo was going. Did he really think the 'dying' aunty excuse was going to work? Next question which of Leah's brother is he the son of - Alex, Dimitri or the less heard of Chris? Ignore that - he's Dimitri's. Oh, nearly forgot Bella told Mac she'd given up on going to TAFE which Dean was paying for, does that mean it was all a waste of his money?
  2. Oh I heard that, just so rare a door was locked.
  3. Where did I say it was OK for Dean and others to give Grant and other physio's a hard time? That was a switch Chloe suddenly becoming Bella's No.1 fan, but I'm guessing she saw how unhappy it was making Nik, despite his protests. Ryder has known Bella a little longer than Nik so does better her real down times, he doesn't want to see her hurt either through own her actions or others. Nik and Bella both said a lot of hurtful things to each other but that is what you do when are, um, hurting. I'm not making excuses for Nik, but he wasn't tempted by any of the beautiful models who were wafting about, he was manipulated by a very cunning, older woman who knew exactly what she was doing. Nik saw Ryder's 'interference' as that of a friend and admitted he'd feel the same. She did have the advice of Roo and mac too. It's not going to be easy and they won't get back to exactly where they were, be totally unrealistic to think they could. Yeh Mac and Logan - I did wonder how he got in the flat, door locked, a rare occurrence, but then when they went off for their 'lie down' they left it and the balcony doors wide open! OK, even more confused dot.com now, Chloe and Ryder are cooking their food after hours, but not doing all nighters, so how it it working now? They cook what they do, leave it at the Diner overnight, then Ryder delivers it in the morning, but later than he had been? I hope whoever is getting the food is reheating it correctly. Aah poor Mr. Roberts, he wanted to make a real romantic gesture, but didn't make a fuss when he saw how upbeat Martha was about the meeting in the city. Not of great importance but would be interesting to know who bought Alf's portrait - not John surely Did like Alf's faint annoyance at Martha and Roo being stuck to their phones. WTF with Mia and the lock up/storage unit and the hidden money therein! No mention before she was in anyway involved. When did Ari give it to her? Wasn't it because Ari didn't want her to visit that finished them and led her to having nothing to do with the other Parata's? Ari is NOT a happy bunny.
  4. Dean wouldn't be the only patient to be giving Grant and other psyhio's earache. I'm not saying it's right but It must come with the job that not everyone will appreciate your help. Chloe and Ryder got off very lightly. I'm not sure I followed Leah's logic, someone sneaking in, to steal rice and spices because they were hungry? How did they get in, so signs of a break in so that would have meant they had a key and locked up after leaving. Would liked to have known Irene's reaction - "What they changed my radio station? Chuck them off the end of the pier". Neither of them were getting anything out of it, apart from knackered, they were supplying a service, working all night after doing their day/evening jobs to repay their debt. Chloe and Ryder were very tidy, cleaned up after themselves every time, place must have been sparkling. Leah recognises a good business deal, it'll probably benefit all of them. Justin got roped in to help and he drove the van to deliver the food which beggared the question - who was running the garage? C&R are on the lease so can use the kitchen legitimately after hours and Irene and Leah get a cut - to be determined. Chloe does have a good business head on her, but as you queried Red, when are Chloe and Ryder meant to fulfil these orders unless they change the delivery hours? They can't use it during the day as it's otherwise engaged. I remember Ryder's sleep problems when he first arrived, it just faded away and nobody refers to it at all. Be fair Roo looked a trifle concerned. Are we to assume, bad me, mustn't assume, that Roo and Alf don't know anything about it yet? I definitely like Logan, he gave sound advice to Ryder without being over preachy or in a "I'm a medical person so I know what I'm talking about" way. He's certainly persistent, with wanting to get Mac to talk to/listen to him. She did look back when she went into the storeroom. Lovely talk, not too deep but they found out a little bit more about each other. Was he being a bit of a tease there when he just left without moving in for a kiss, whatever it did leave Mac with big grin on her face. He has got the gift of the gab, but Mac knew how to shut him up. I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of that for a while, though she will have to get used to him dashing off when he gets a call. That was quite an in depth conversation between Roo and Bella, it did result in her swallowing her pride and regluing her nose to her face and getting Ryder to retrieve her gear to help out Roo and Martha and doing something she loves. Bella had never been in a deep relationship before but is pretty independent in other ways, so not totally reliant on Nik.
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  6. I must admit I was surprised Ryder and Chloe were using the Diner's stock as well as 'stealing' their electric, gas and water. Doesn't let them off the hook, but they are supplying the main ingredients for their meals. It does now explain why Chloe didn't want Leah and Irene to do their stock check, I thought at the time it was because Chloe wanted them out of there so her and Ryder could get on with their orders but apparently not. When caught they are going to have to repay Irene/Leah for all the ingredients they've used, which will slow down the repayment of the debt which was the purpose of setting up the takeaways/deliveries in the first place. Quite a few people will not be impressed Irene, Leah, Roo Alf not to mention Ari and Mia. Chloe and Ryder were very enterprising with the idea but not in the carrying it out. I did feel for Ryder though, he was really knackered, maybe part guilty conscience that he helped Roo and by extension Martha. He did seem to squirm a bit when he was called a hero. He had actually nodded off while standing up when Logan was ordering a fresh drink. I know some don't but I like Logan, he's passionate and cares about the people in his care even if it isn't for that long. Tori is the same about her patients. It's not as if the people of the bay are totally dependent on Tori, even though she is the only doctor ever on duty in A&E. She must have at sometime told Christian about the Morgan's history as he referred to it when talking to Logan albeit obliquely. It could have been seen as interference but Logan's advice was from a different prospective. Can't think what you mean Red about going somewhere that's starved of decent doctors. As Logan said, if it doesn't work out they can always come home, they're not being exiled. Tori has always seemed to me as a glass half empty woman where Christian is a glass half full guy. Well now she has decided to give it a go all they have to do is to pick the right time to tell Justin. Oh I did like she was concerned about leaving Buddy. Not giving anything away but Mac snogs Logan this week.
  7. Felicity did show she has a softer side when listening to Tane explaining his problem with the cops, he didn't mention Ari getting arrested but that's another reason for him being anti cop. The stopping of Nik, Tane and Ari of leaving Aus for New Zealand was more down to Colby having a thing against them. True Cash is Felicity's big brother so he would look out for her, but she is a lot older thane Bella is. Has Tane told Felicity about how it ended with him and Ziggy? Had Felicity forgotten Cash is a cop so would have seen Tane sneaking out somehow, how did he spot that btw? Jasmine and Felicity do get on well, I don't think Flick has many girl friends. Be a wrench for Jasmine when she sells the gym, it had been Robbo's which he left to her, but I guess she feels the time is right. Justin must have read my mind, I was going to suggest he and Leah with Marilyn's help look after Grace so Christian and Tori can have a proper honeymoon. On that subject oi Christian London can be romantic - cheeky sod and, not being racist in anyway, we speak the same language - we understand barbie, strewth, galah, dunny. True you have to take a chance on the weather, but it rains in Paris too. That was a leap from honeymooning in London to moving here. He does rush into making random life changing decisions before thinking things through and he ought to know by now Tori does like to overthink everything. Casual, and could have been nearly missed remark by Marilyn asking Leah if she'd left an oven on the day before as she had found one on when she came in. Either Ryder or Chloe slipped up there, guessing it may have been an electric one, because I don't think you could miss it if it had been a gas one. There's another thing with Ryder and Chloe's secret cooking would, when it comes out, affect the lease Irene and Leah have with their landlord/lady?
  8. Did Nikau and Tane actually go anywhere? I caught a mention of them sleeping in the car. They were supposed to be away for a few days but were back in the bay the following day going by what Mac was saying, Dean having moved in with Ziggy that day. At least Dean and Ziggy got themselves sorted after Dean got over his niggle about who dumped whom with a few wise words from Bella. John - "Do you know what a juice is?" Bella - "It comes from fruit". Well yes, but there is more to it than just opening a bottle and pouring it into a glass. Could we see her rethinking Nik's offer of accepting 'her' money from him? She's still going to do something with her day, but while she's waiting for a job that really interests her it'll take the pressure off. Nik blames himself for being the cause of the accident which has cost Mia her baby and Dean to be in hospital so that is why he doesn't want to be with Bella, but still wants to help her. Now he's bothering her again, not to get back with him but to accept the money or to take her camera gear back. Methinks Bella is cutting her nose off to spare her face. Is Nik also angry at Dean for 'stealing' Ziggy off Tane which is why he hasn't visited him, despite, if you want to look at it that way, he's got a smashed pelvis because he came out to bring you home. It's good Tane and Mac can now be friends, he needs another prospective re the Dean Ziggy thing. Yes, if that was the other way round and it was Tane essentially stalking Felicity it would be sexual harassment. It's not heavy and neither is expecting much from the other so no-one getting hurt and it may just burn itself out - or rather Tane will get burn out. To think when The Parata's first arrived John was against them, well mainly Ari, as he was jealous of Marilyn being able to talk to Ari better than she could to him due to them being in the siege together. John it turns out was quite sensitive not mentioning at the dinner about Ari's time in prison being a stumbling block in them adopting. I'd forgotten about his time inside. Good news for Jasmine that she's Ok to carry on nursing which has given her cause to rethink her life and what she wants to do with it. Is it just me that thinks Anna Samson has Scandi roots, her colouring, features give that impression.
  9. Dean is a very independent guy who doesn't like relying on others, there's been other guys just like him, so completely understandable he's reacting the way he is. He seems a lot better with Grant who comes across a no nonsense type. Dean did look embarrassed when Grant was lifting him in and out of the wheelchair and Ziggy and Bella were there watching. He did look in pain when sitting in the chair. It has been long thought if a patient can go home they should as it's thought they recover better in their own place. I 'said' ages ago no way would the hospital allow him to go back to the flat not with all those stairs, he'd be a prisoner for weeks yet, with a broken leg it'd be tough enough but a smashed pelvis forget it. Mac was rather naive/slow in thinking it'd be OK with her making all those plans for her and Bella to look after him. On the surface it does make sense for him to be at the farmhouse, physio have checked it out, it's all one level, easy entry in and out, corridor and doors wide enough. I'm guessing he'll need the bedroom closest to the bathroom. But I don't think Ziggy has fully thought it through. There will be some intimate help Dean is going to need and having your girlfriend do it will be pretty awkward. Oops Nik's idea went awry a lot sooner than he planned and all because Bella was being a responsible adult and passing on the warranty for the camera onto the buyer. He can indeed still hold onto it all, but her chucking the money back at him was dumb, all $4000 of it. "What's a Ziggy?" - loved it. Was Tane making a point snogging Felicity in front of Ziggy that he was over her? He'd just spent most of the time before that trying to avoid her getting too close. Ziggy looked more bemused than bothered. It was amusing Ari turning the sound on the TV up to drown out the other sounds. Tane's now obviously decided the only way to avoid temptation is to leave town for a few days. When Chloe and Ryder do get rumbled there won't just be the paying for the facilities they are using, Irene and Leah will have to rethink the insurance to cover the after hours use of the kitchen in case of accidents.
  10. Cheers for that Dan F. I think she told Irene the only thing she was keeping was her mum's camera.
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  12. Ari must have got through to Nik on one level as he went and asked Roo if there was anything going at the bait shop. Could he help at the caravan park? Wonder how much dosh he does have in his account from the modelling gigs - does he contribute to his food and house keeping? He's just spent $4000 of it - see below. Was $4000 what Bella was asking for her kit, is that a high price, good price, reasonable? Bit confused - that mystery guy gave Bella the money, then went to see Nik who handed him some cash - had Nik paid him in advance and this was a bonus? I'm with Nik - down the road Bella will regret it but agree Red now is definitely not the time to reveal all. Rather similar, though also totally different, to when Bianca lost Rocco and told Irene to get rid of all his things which she mostly did, but kept somethings back until Bianca was ready to see them again which she knew at some point she would be. In most storylines that involve doctors getting sick, injured they always get themselves out of bed long before they are ready and itching to get back to work. Maybe Logan and Tori are more alike than she would be prepared to admit. Either reason about Cash's/Felicity's dad would explain Cash being reluctant talking about him. He was only 12 himself when he found him and there was no note ditto with John's dad. There is nothing to be ashamed of, suicide - oops I said it - isn't the 'crime' it used to be treated as. Cash likely felt he had to step up and look after Felicity the best he could, good that they were fostered together. Maybe they are both damaged in different ways. Flick certainly doesn't hang back when she likes a guy - though she has been very lucky so far, I'm guessing, and hasn't had any guy turn nasty on her. Tane is her current attraction and although I think he would go there it's Cash that's making him wary. Ari and Mia adopting - great - but I've mentioned before there is a teeny snag she seems to have overlooked/forgotten about and it hasn't clicked with Ari either that could scupper it - he's been inside and not for an minor offence either. Another alternative is surrogacy.
  13. Honestly with John and Justin it was like watching two kids squabbling - thank God for the voice of reason in the shape of Leah. Justin was hitting below the belt blaming John for Susie and them losing their cash, but John did too. Wasn't clear why Justin's offer of more money wasn't allowed, had the deal gone too far for that? At least they are now both on the same page again and back on track. Anyways is there enough room at the garage to do panel beating? I think Tori and Christian took Logan home as neither of them felt they could trust him not to go a-wandering once they left the hospital. Christian and Logan did seem to be up most of the night playing cards. Tori did want to check him back at the hospital but he ducked that by going off back to work with the MRU. The frostiness between Logan and Tori did seem to be thawing with him cooking brekkie, not just a couple of rounds of toast either, to say thank you, though he then went and spoilt it. He wasn't under arrest or their prisoner so he couldn't be forced back to hospital as long as he's aware of the risks which I'm sure he is. I could be totally wrong but Logan has seen situations where someone's life can change in an instant, as did Christian with Rachel, or even end so maybe he is living life as he wants while he can. Cash does seem to shut down a bit when Jasmine asks about his family, maybe he was more affected by their death than he's making out but because he had to look after Felicity he put his feelings to one side. Flick had plenty of time to douse those two idiots before Cash turned up. She did trot out the 'this is my brother, he's a cop' line which had them sloping off which made me think she uses that on a regular basis to get out of trouble with guys. Maybe a good job Alf is away he would not have been impressed by those two galahs causing a disturbance and upsetting the rest of the guests. Likely they were a couple of lads she got chatting to at work and she played one against the other as to who was the more macho. Looks like her and Tane hook up again. No Chloe or Ryder - were they still caching up on their sleep.
  14. Maybe Mac didn't take a note of Logan's number when she got the text? Logan or the hospital at least would have her number as she is Dean's next of kin. Ziggy was really, really pushing it by trying to get Mac and Logan together and overstepped the Mark by texting him on Mac's phone. Though even Dean got involved, but she took more notice of him than she did Ziggy. Logan has earned Dean's respect. It was good to see Dean sitting in a chair so progress being made there. I can see where Mac is coming from - her last proper dates were with Ari, her drunken hook ups were just that. No chats over a drink or two, nice meal, she's just to get back in the groove and could do worse than go out with Logan, it's not a life long commitment, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't. It was amusing her rambling message to Logan then getting all humpy because he hadn't rung back within five minutes of getting it. Turns out he had a very good reason that he didn't, he was busy saving someone's life. If a date does ever come about it'll certainly be a lively one, they are both sparky people. Of course he and Tori had to clash again, he's probably had to stitch himself up before now when nowhere a hospital so thought nothing about it. The concussion was out of his control though and like most docs (and nurses) he is not content to just lie in a bed when he isn't flat out ill or injured. at his addressing Tori as "my third favourite doctor" and Christian as his "second favourite doctor". No, no prizes as to who is his first. Logan is used to the dramatic rescues, not the every day routine of working in a hospital, an adrenaline thing maybe and having worked in war zones and disaster areas where there have been earthquakes, volcanoes, floods etc. Not only you confused over the John/Justin thing Red, have Justin and Leah decided not to buy the building then so John will be his landlord? I was wondering if I'd missed something? I found Leah's impression of John quite scary - I thought she had him to a tee. Justin didn't take her advice on board though about the expansion idea. John got the hump because as Leah predicted John would accuse Justin of nicking his idea which Justin had rejected previously. A better idea would have been for Justin to eat a bit of humble pie and say to John "hey that suggestion of having panel beating as part of the business, I've had another think and you're right". Plays to Johns' ego and gets him on side. If it does come off, won't they be needing another member of staff as in someone who knows how to, pretty skilled job I'd say, and a spare mechanic would be handy too. People may slag Chloe off for being a spoilt brat at times but to give her due she's certainly not afraid of hard work. Things didn't start off right for Ryder and Chloe's night, customers lingering - how dare they - then Leah and Irene wanting to do a stock check before Irene went on holiday. Quick thinking on Ryder's part for the electrics to suddenly 'blow', but not to worry he could get someone out to look at them. They both slogged their guts out and they've got a good conveyor belt system going there. Something else they are paying out for, the cartons for the food. They may be using the place illegally but clean up and put things away and they both had the grace to look ashamed/guilty when being praised by Irene for saving her bacon by getting the leccy back on. Going to be a very different matter when they are rumbled. If they were real bad 'uns they would have taken the money Irene offered to pay Ryder's 'mate'. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the meaning of takeaway - doesn't that mean people place an order for food then they come to your establishment and - um - take it away? This is more of a delivery service where the food is cooked overnight and delivered in the morning, do many people have Mexican for brekkie? How big an area is covered and I may have missed it but I didn't see any labels on the boxes. Do the customers pay Ryder when he delivers? They actually looked kind of cute when they were stretched out in Ryder's car snoring their heads off. Be interesting to see how they do get rumbled, someone spotting lights on in the kitchen after hours, one of them leaves a list of customers orders behind, or a food carton. A delivery customer comes in and recognises Ryder - no-one knows - I'm guessing - where the food is being cooked so wouldn't know what it looks like, they would have seen Ryder though. Better than that than something drastic like one of them having an accident.
  15. Alf did seem to do a complete u-turn about going to Marimbule and his reasons were inconsistent. It wasn't as if he was rushed off his feet at the bait shop and the gardening excuse was lame. He's even agreed, kind of, to get involved with Martha's project. I guess Roo will looking after the bait shop again, I do know someone who is in need of a job should you need help. Tori and Christian seemed to have forgotten the 'don't order anything on line in the middle of the night while drunk' rule. I'd definitely rather have the chocolate fondue fountain than the three tier cheese cake seeing as it was actual cheese and not a cheese cake as it is known and loved. Justin and Leah made the wise - and only decision - by getting out of there, then going to bed as soon as they got home. I'm leaning towards the barn myself as long as it doesn't. Could not Justin and Leah put some of their money into the business and put the rest aside as a fall back in case things go wrong, risky putting all your eggs into one basket. Let John have a share, but not a controlling one. Justin would, have course, put his Business Studies course on hold when he was having his med problems, but now just as he was thinking of resuming it and asking Ziggy to do more work to cover for him she got in first and asked if she could have time off to look after Dean. Hasn't she had been doing just that covering for him - Justin? I would have thought, but what do I know, she'd be better waiting until Dean comes out of hospital that is when he'll need more help, he'll have the docs, nurses, psyhio's looking after him while he's in hospital. I liked the back and forth between Dean and Logan, could indeed be the start of a 'beautiful friendship' Dean doesn't have a close friend now Colby is inside. Technically Dean isn't Logan's patient - he's Tori's, will this be something else for Tori to get her knickers in a knot about concerning Logan? Logan did seem to push the right button by telling Dean about the guys he'd seen in worse conditions than him who'd pushed loved ones away who hadn't come back. Mind you Ziggy is pretty stubborn or has Dean forgotten that? Logan got it right that Dean is a proud, independent guy and having to rely on others would make him feel weak. Of course if it was someone else in that position - Colby for example - Dean would be telling him the same things people are telling him. Funny how we don't listen when the boot is on the other foot. It was great to see Dean standing and taking his first tentative steps. Dean may be in a lot of pain but not enough he hasn't spotted the spark between Logan and Mac, very deliberate flirting going on there, I'm sure the temperature in Dean's room went up a notch. Loved that old fashioned term 'tipping his hat at her' Red. She's so protesting too much and fooling no-one. She was dead disappointed when he kissed her on the cheek and just walked out of Salt. I can see why she is cautious after her recent behaviour, but she is sober now and thinking straight, she didn't leap on him and drag him off the moment she saw him. She's got to know him a bit first what would be wrong with going for a drink somewhere - not Salt obviously - and just talking. Good to get a mention of Willow and that Bella really has forgiven her enough to go and stay with her. Bella has properly taken Nik's 'advice' to heart to stay out of his way.
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