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  2. Marilyn, like a lot of people before her, thought the person she was talking to knew what was going on - in this case Nik getting his passport ban lifted so he can go to New Zealand. He covered it well though. Ari fretting again about Tane being in the city and what he could be up to. So maybe just as well Mac rang Ziggy, she would have been a lot more subtle about finding out. But from the trailer of the episode we won't be seeing till next year, it's not going as originally planned. I've asked before but what is it about Mac that rubs Amber up the wrong way so much? It's not Mac's
  3. Angelo is ahead, for the moment but how long? Seeing as he now knows, or suspected at that time, there was something going on between Taylor and Colby he took a chance telling Taylor there was a witness, if such a thing exists, which I do doubt myself, on the off chance she'll tell Colby about it. But then doubt there was was blown away when he caught them on camera, of course he was too far away to hear anything that was being said. Colby was again denying killing Ross or having anything to do with it so like you Red if Angelo planted that, illegal, bug on Taylor hoping to hear Colby have
  4. I ignore the 'crazy' label, only said to wind people up. Would upset people who are going through what Jasmine went through in real life though. Although Leah found the 'booking a night together' thing funny Justin was just plain embarrassed. Maybe that is just the way Christian is? Why did he drag up the whole IVF thing up, it's over, it's done - move on. True most people normally have it when they are in a proper stable relationship not because the woman's time to have a child is running out due to a medical condition and she doesn't know any good, decent men who she'd like to b
  5. Ziggy did have the reputation of being a rebel and bad girl but she has reformed and she respects Justin and she now has a responsibility in the garage from being a grunt to being a qualified mechanic backed by Justin, he even took her back when her career as a race track crew member didn't work out. She has come a long way from that wild child we first met getting Brody to hide her from Ben. I hope Tane did a good job hiding the van, now all he has to do is drive it the city and dump it without being nicked. I think he was a tiny bit scared of Ziggy, she wasn't going to stand any so
  6. I missed the male to female switch. Tane was quite cool with Mac having staying over so Mac was panicking about nothing. I like the teasing between Ari and Mac, very light hearted and I think they make a good couple. Tane fretting about the guy not turning up for the van obviously got him all twitchy again which is why he grumped about it being Ari checking up on him again. As it turned out it wasn't Ari, he'd just made that up, but it got Ziggy suspicious enough she went back to the garage and bam, Tane is busted. Something Justin needs to think about very carefully, neithe
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. I suppose from Tane's point of view Ari turning up with the pizzas on his first day it would feel like Ari was checking up on him when it was quite innocent. Tane was reluctant to go and pick them up as he knew Mac would be on shift so he is doing his best to keep out of her way. Loved it when Ziggy told Tane to SIT. Tane was a bit cagey when Ziggy asked about his life before he came to the bay, it did come across that he missed it, being the go to guy, having his mates around him, having money. Now he's doing regular, legal work. But what on earth was he thinking of, keeping a van l
  9. You's pays your money and takes your pick.
  10. Dean nearly had a football career, he suffered a knee injury in the crash which put paid to it. Of course back then he didn't know who his dad was and he had been a big footie star. Amber did calm down enough for her and Dean to have a civilised talk about Karen where he had to admit he couldn't guarantee she'd always be OK if she and Jai did meet. It would put pressure on her even if she was taking her meds. the last time we saw her she was struggling to cope which is why she later checked herself back into hospital. She did give Ben some good advice, this was when he was struggling
  11. I saw Dean and Willow gave up trying to wrap up Jai's bike, the paper have been off in two seconds flat anyway. To be kind of fair to Francesca she has been in Jai's life since in her words 'before he was born' and helped raised him. Didn't like Fran's jibe when she added that she was there when Dean wasn't. Excuse me but wasn't it Amber's decision not to tell Dean? Karen, through no fault of her own, hasn't. She was a psycho when Amber first knew her, but her plain stubbornness not to even talk to her is wearing thin. We don't know what kind of life Francesca herself has had
  12. Willow also told Amber Karen wasn't the woman she was when she last knew her. The least Amber could do would be to visit her and see for herself and then decide. But then again we don't know how Karen felt about Amber back in the day. Karen has come a long way and recognises when she is going to have an episode. Wasn't the main reason why Dean said he didn't want kids was because he was afraid Karen's condition could be heredity? He doesn't seem that concerned about Jai may be affected, he hasn't had any symptoms himself but they could skip a generation. It seems sad that Jai won't know
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Well hush my mouth! After Alf doing his stubborn act, he did decide to go and see Martha. We knew his "her friend needs her more than me"! speech was a load of toffee. For all he and we knew Martha was waiting for him to ask when she was coming home as he missed her. Justin did offer to get someone in to help Ziggy and there would be no shame in her accepting his offer despite her protests she's coping. She can only do so much in a day - though there did used to be days, weeks even when no-one seemed to be working there. May be boring but there is also the H&S factor too
  15. All PTB chose to play the dramatic licence card with storylines at times, speeds things up I suppose and why drag one character in for no real purpose as in Jasmine getting told off by Alex. Maybe if it was something more serious he/she would be. Christian did say he'd be back. Where does it say John and Jasmine are completely cured? Just because John has regained the use of his right arm and leg now, it will always be his weaker side and be apparent should he get over tired or stressed. Jasmine isn't cured either, she's still attending her sessions. Tori hasn't been in a rela
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