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  1. I'd completely forgotten about that Dean, it's been a while thanks Red. Guess then Dean did inherit something from Rick - the talent for playing footie. Jasmine was in an induced coma for a time, she panicked when she woke up, wanting to get away, worried David her ex would find her. It is odd she has no old friends she could call on, has she moved around a lot that would explain it. Lance isn't a Fed for nothing, we didn't see too much of his off duty side last time, but he seems an OK guy. Irene dropped hints too but of course when he asked Jasmine she played it down, he wore her down in the end though which I'm glad he did. I suppose aside from Lance and Robbo's parents the rest of the guests will have to be split between them. Was Irene really not in contact with anyone while she was away and only found out Bella had been at the beach house all the time when she came back? They do have these relative modern things called phones and pc's/laptops that allow you to communicate with people even if they are in a different country though you may have to allow for time differences. She nearly caught Bella out on her laptop and Bella neatly got round the ' a friend' suggested it'd be better if I stayed here question. Bella nearly got away with the school excursion fib, but unluckily for her Irene ran into Maggie at the Diner, it may be splitting hairs but Irene did assume it was a school trip. At least that invite came by post, made it look more official. Then Oh Bella - despite the fact she looked doubtful about giving him her number she did it anyway. Seemed she did have his number as she texted him asking where he was. Why couldn't she have gone by bus and met him in the city, but I suppose then it would have been pointless Raffy being there to see him pull up in his car. Was there any significance in us seeing his signet ring? If Salt is still a restaurant I'm guessing there are still tables and they were just pushed to one side for the party? Ryder did overreact with Raffy, she has been there plenty of times to have meals with John & Marilyn and her family and as long as she is isn't drinking no problem, she had her 16th Birthday party there! Maybe it was because no meals were being served so not classed as a restaurant for the night? I'd like to think it was because he seemed to be alone and it was his first time that he told her to leave, but why didn't Marilyn step in? I guess it's still the school holidays which is why Roo didn't kick off as it was a late turn for him and left him feeling tired the next day. He is bound to be over eager, but it's like whenever anyone starts a new job that they really want, he'll settle down. Raffy was hoping to spend the day with him but seeing how tired he was sent him off home to catch up on his sleep which is why she managed to bump into Bella at the bus stop. TPTB did a good job in letting us think Willow and Mason were having fun, they appeared to be very flirty at Salt, then sniggering away in the gym, shutting themselves in Robbo's office, carrying on the way they were when Jasmine & Robbo came upon them. Been a while since we've seen Willow happy drunk, all that 'I love you guys' before Bella dragged her upstairs. Oh those heads on Mason & Willow next day. Robbo did do a good show of not being too impressed by their surprise, but we caught his smile when he turned away from them.
  2. Mac was right Rick isn't as smart as he thinks he is, he certainly read Ziggy wrong, I think he expected her to be swayed by his flash yacht and lifestyle which he hinted if Dean was on his side he could be part of. Her being scammed antenna was working well. Neither Dean or Ziggy were impressed but covered it well. Rick was definitely playing Dean, that smirk we saw when he overheard Dean & Ziggy talking said it all, he got ahead of himself by telling Mac he'd won. Ziggy played it very smart by secretly phoning Ben and getting him to phone back so she could pretend Ben needed Dean back at work. I suppose it's best Dean finds out now what Rick is capable of than further down the line, but he did get to know a little more about him though Dean isn't stupid. We, in turn, found out more about Dean, unless I missed it I wasn't aware Dean was up for a AFL scholarship which I'm guessing ended when he had that accident then ended up in prison. Mac, although initially she lied to Dean has come clean to him now so no surprise Dean has decided to side with her and go along with her plans. Rick is in for hell of a shock - oh dear, what a pity, never mind. As an aside where is his 'new' wife and family while all this is going on, is she waiting dutifully at home for him? Hopefully Mac & Dean will keep Karen out of it as much as they can. Nice to see Colby was there for both Dean & Mac. I'm glad Ava opened up to Justin at last, poor kid, holding all that in, probably so as not to upset Nina, she was certainly more relaxed after she is only 12. Explains why she wanted Justin to herself, but it was good seeing Leah, Justin & Ava having so much fun on the beach and them thrashing Justin at footie. Brian had been in Ava's life since she was about two(?) when Justin had to go in WP, he and Nina weren't together at the time so not clear how much of her he saw back then. It was Brian wanting a baby and Nina not that split them up, hence Ava's reaction about the baby jokes. Since he came out of WP Nina has been wary about letting him see her, justifiably at the beginning, though he would never knowingly put her in danger but her getting kidnapped didn't help that it never seems Ava is safe in the bay. Hope the arrangement works out and good that Ava has been included. Ava discovered Justin was her dad and she ran away from home to see him in the bay when she had overheard Nina and Brian arguing about him. She may have had a memory of him even if she was only very young when he had to leave. I'm not liking the new refurb, all couches it looked like where the benched open alcoves were and some easy chairs where we saw lance and Robbo sitting. Be nice to see it in daylight though. How is she going to pay for it if Rick isn't paying up, waiting for an advance on her story? Lovely thing for Colby to do planning the surprise party for Jasmine & Robbo, I saw that little smile he gave when Robbo said he was just going to take Jasmine out for dinner and thought 'he's up to something'. Great he managed to track Lance down, obviously not on a job, Robbo was chuffed to see him. I'm glad Jasmine stopped trying to be Superwoman and let Willow help her and yeh Irene's back just in time for the wedding. Must have been a bit weird for Colby seeing Jasmine & Robbo so happy when a few months before it was him & Chelsea. Most of Jasmine's friends are new like Robbo's, but he will have Lance an old friend and his mum and dad whereas Jasmine doesn't seem to have any 'old' friends. I wondered about her foster parents, have they lost touch, I believe they were overseas when she had her accident. Nice little back reference from Marilyn when she commented on how much Robbo had changed since he first came to the bay - wow that was two years ago! I do remember her giving him a good look over a couple of times. Lance & Robbo have a nice relationship, joking with each other and how lucky Robbo has been with women and getting two stunners, sorry if that sounds sexist, interested in him and does Jasmine have a friend? Good on Ryder for getting his pass so he can work in Salt, though Mac did rather throw him in at the deep end at short notice. A touch more training would have been in order me thinks looking at how drinks are mixed on line are one thing but actually doing it is another. Fingers crossed it works out otherwise his quitting the juice bar may have been a bad idea.
  3. That did occur to me that whenever Ava was in town Leah wasn't. Depends how computer savvy Bella is, I think she would have been very uneasy if she'd known 'Tommy' was watching her every move. Well blow me down it was problems at home that was causing Ava to act the way she was, Brian's moved out and as Justin said for quite a big part of her life he was her 'dad'. It explains why she wanted it just to be her and Justin with no outside interference. How did they get from having a laugh about the baby name to her telling Justin she hates him, something all soap children say to their parents at some point. Though I do have to ask how come Nina never said anything to Justin, she could have warned him Ava may be upset. Seemed to be the theme yesterday with family related issues the other being Dean and Rick. Dean was rather put out Willow had told Ziggy about his early family life but Willow only did it so Ziggy could get some understanding how tough it was for him. I can understand him not saying anything as she was in a good place and didn't want to upset her. I only hope she doesn't find out some other way. He did open up to Ziggy a bit when he was talking about when he was playing footie as a kid and wishing his dad was standing on the touch line watching him. It may not go or end up well but as Ziggy told Dean he'd never know if he didn't give Rick half a chance, glad she's going with him. Is Rick on the level - no way! His flash yacht spoke volumes about him, boys and their very big toys. He gives me the creeps. That smug smirk we saw. Nothing wrong with a picnic on the beach! Ziggy did do a fair bit of eye rolling when Ben & Maggie were talking about visiting all the historical sites, not her idea of a romantic holiday in Italy. Dean proving again he's not the materialistic type when Ben said he'd be able to pay him some money out his profit by saying he didn't do it for any gain. A lot of people who had humble beginnings like Dean did would be eager to make as money as they could to show the people who put them down that they are something. Unless they are careful of course they end up alone and more bitter than when they started. We don't know Rick's background apart from the fact he's an ex AFL player, he may have started off as an ordinary guy who got lucky was able to play footie for as long as he could and got paid very well for it, then went into business(?), it just turned him into someone who thinks money can buy anything or anyone.
  4. I may be being dumb here but as Ava has been to the bay before wouldn't Justin have taken her to the Diner so more than likely she had met Leah so why did Leah introduce herself to Ava making it look like they had never met before? Ava did have a point none of Justin's girlfriends have lasted long so not surprising she doesn't want to know Leah better, she is also now a pre teen with all the hormones that go with it. Leah did restrain herself somewhat and wasn't too pushy, backing off when she saw Ava wasn't keen on her hanging around. Got to be more to it though, maybe and just my thoughts maybe Nina and Brian are having problems which is making her feel insecure? I liked the comparing step children talk and Leah was right Hunter was something altogether different, he'd grown up thinking Zac didn't want to know him. Good that Mason finally got to tell Robbo his feelings about the way he and Willow were treated, just expected to take up the slack when he, Robbo, wants to take off. He has given him plenty of notice to get someone else trained up. Tori took Mason's news he'd be going to the other side of the country better than Justin, not as if he's going next week! Of course it takes the women, Maggie, Roo and Marilyn to pick up on John's mood men being men and they did make the effort to listen to John when he unloaded. His caught up with himself work wise but has nothing else to occupy his hours. Alf did roll his eyes when John was banging on about his service days. Are we meaning the old John Red or the old old John that Alf remembers? I think raffy is great is referring to Tommy knowing where Bella lives? Sorry for speaking for you raffy. Bella obviously isn't aware her laptop has a web cam. I guess after being through what Robbo went through he is entitled to be somewhat on the paranoid side, it was his family the guys went for not him. It was a nice thought of Tori's though and she is trying to include him more. I think it was Jasmine who was more uncomfortable with moving into the cottage than Robbo was, she's been behind Tori and Robbo all the way but that could have been a step too far! Smiled when Tori was running through girl's names and I think Jasmine suggested Jasmine. I think it would be a lovely idea to call her Kate after their mum. Irene's back this week. The Rick/Mac/Dean storyline goes up a gear.
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  7. Ziggy's defending her boyfriend and as she doesn't know what Rick looks like she would have had no idea it was him sitting at the bar taking it all in, even she had noticed him. It has played into his hands though a little bit of leverage for him there. You can bet your bottom dollar this new house and other things will come with a NDA so I was shouting 'no don't get sucked in' at Dean. He's, eventually, started to make a good life for himself and all by his own efforts, no hand outs, well OK Rick's money helped, but he's not wasted it and hard work. Rick was aware that Karen had problems but like many not what extent so maybe we can excuse his behaviour back then. I may be giving him more slack then he deserves but he did at least give them a roof over their head. After her previous actions not surprising Dean was unwilling to 'trust' Mac when she tried to warn him about Rick's motives in wanting to get to know him. Dean did need to see Karen alone, definitely no slight on Ziggy, but it's something between them for now. Although we didn't hear most of it, it must have been an in depth talk between Ziggy and Willow. Aside from Colby Willow is the only one who knows what Dean went through with Karen, good times and bad times and Willow's advice Dean will open up to Ziggy when he feels more secure in his relationship with her. Finally sorted, I think, that it appears Rick left Mac and her mum when she was two/three because as he pointed out she is 25 and he had been with his 'new' family for nearly 20 years. I wondered why she kept referring to them as his new family. This would make Kayla 18/19 (?), we don't know yet if Sean is older or younger. His first marriage to (?) then limped on for another couple of years after his secret fling. I suppose those of us who have never had a rich dad (or mum) could understand that even if they are absent the fact they are paying for everything means they care in their own way. Mum does sound very bitter and stuck in the past which has made Mac the way she is if she had maybe taken the break up differently and got on with her life Mac wouldn't be so keen on revenge. I did feel so sorry for her when he made that remark and it really did cut to the quick. As a most trivial aside I did like her jump suit. I did chuckle at Ziggy blaming Ben & Maggie for being normal parents as the reason why she wasn't able to understand Dean and the problems he had as a kid. But that's just what he needs a bit of normal. Ben seemed a lot more relaxed and wasn't as even Maggie thought be ringing the factory every five minutes. Another one I was shouting NO! at was Bella. I wondered how he hacked her webcam, very au fax with technology. She does seem to spend an awful lot of time alone, even allowing for the fact both Irene and Jasmine weren't about, Willow hardly appeared to be at home. This of course gave Bella ample time to be on her laptop chatting to Tommy and he to her. He was very clever at getting her address out of her, I did think she could have played it clever and got it delivered to Colby's but she didn't. That camera and accessories were most definitely not delivered by any courier company, Tommy, still doubting that is his real name made a sneaky visit, does the fact they were there so quick suggest he's local? Bella kept his involvement and the fact they are still 'talking' secret from Raffy even though they have made up, she doesn't want to risk losing her friendship again I guess. Creepy as he is he does seem to have given her the right suggestion as to her next assignment, playing to her strength of being a whizz at photography, they were good, very good. I agree Red he may be creepy but he was right that last photo did, not to put too fine a point on it, make her look like a teenage hooker. The second one was much better, so moody yet sad, that was Bella. That's not so say he hasn't taken a copy of it. Jasmine and Robbo walked back into a firestorm but at least Tori didn't fuff about, just took a deep breath and told them. Robbo, as we could have expected didn't take the news well so he stomps off, running into Justin on the way, to knock seven bells of hell out of the punch bag. Willow was wise enough not to poke her nose into too deep but called Jasmine instead who was able to talk him down and round into going back to talk to Tori. Half expecting Adrian to make a beach appearance. He argued she made the decision without consulting him and let him and Jas be miles away, but as I have said before the final decision would have been hers! She does need to let him in more, but it is hard to know how he would take certain things, that is why as she told him Justin is her sounding board. I can see his reasoning but the same thing could apply from Tori's side, could it not? Roo was getting her knickers in a twist over nothing - Ryder has done his RSA so can now concentrate on his HSC and Alf can carry on being referee between them. As long as he is sensible and Mac is amiable about the shifts he can do at Salt until he's done his HSC everyone should be happy. Leah, as we could have guessed, is in danger of going OTT with her expected meeting with Ava, planning to do too much in too short a time, rein it in girl. How old is Ava now? Yes of course sorry Ray. Good one that though baywatcher.
  8. Isn't that oil slick Rick arrived on illegal? Did he think he was coming across as cool, strutting in, jacket slung across shoulder? Of course the first person he comes across is Dean who he naturally thought was part of Mac's blackmail attempt. Dean's indignation convinced him he was wrong so Mac fully deserved both barrels from Dean & Rick. She had no right in using Dean and Karen as ammo when Dean had specifically told her to keep them out of it. Seems we got it wrong the 'investment' in Salt wasn't - from what I understood she 'stole' it. Though while I'm at it if she is so anti Rick why hadn't she got the registered ownership of her fancy car transferred to her name? If she had done that Rick wouldn't have found her so easily, he would have to employ a PI. Ok so just a drink with a 'friend' eh Colby but you couldn't quite manage to tell Dean, therefore backing up my theory you wasn't willing to put to the test Dean would be OK with you 'seeing' his (new found) sister. Those light hearted scenes between the three of them were just what we needed. Willow steering Dean away from gate crashing the 'date' and dragging him to the Diner! As for the 'date', Colby you may have ended your marriage symbolically but emotionally you haven't. Mac was smart enough to realise that and anyway she has her own issues to sort before getting involved with anyone. Ok Mac is not a total innocent when it comes to her dad but she was in regards telling Roo about Ryder studying for his RSA, she genuinely thought Roo knew what he was doing, just after Roo was getting these reports about how hard Ryder was swotting away from John & Marilyn. He insisted he could do both, according to Google sites you can train and get it the same day, yet he's enrolled at a college for it, so I suppose Roo's worry is could he manage. Did Indy have a RSA when she worked at Angelo's? Apparently he can work at Salt but he has 30 days to get his certificate. In the middle of Roo and Ryder's blow up, Roo ironically reminding him she's his guardian, in walks Alf - nice homecoming! It needs a third party to get them so see sense and find a middle ground. Just read about Ralph and his unexpected triple heart bypass surgery so yes good luck Ralph and get well soon.
  9. I'd like to see Colby test that theory though even if Dean has only just connected with his long lost half sister, she is a fully grown adult and more than capable of looking after herself. Daddy Rick turns up this week so cue fireworks. I may be being picky but Willow love I think it's more than a technicality that Colby is still married - he's still married to Chelsea legally too. There will be a minimum period of time before they can divorce, their marriage was a lot shorter than Ziggy and Brody's! John looked a bit crestfallen when Jett told him he didn't need him to be with him all the time, though it's only what Marilyn has been telling him for ages. She was right too Jett will always need them just not in the way John thought. He was a bit sneery hearing Ryder had other people interested in him working for them. Roo may not be able to force Ryder on at school but he's come so far what's a couple more months and Raffy would encourage him, as opposed to bullying, to staying on. Ryder hasn't sorted out his hours with Mac but I'd like to think she'd be understanding about him not working late shifts. I liked Ziggy was being more of the adult than either Maggie or Ben she certainly didn't hold back with her rant at Ben, though Marilyn contributed with her experience with John by saying she could have just given up but didn't. I'm guessing Ben will visit the factory to check they are following his designs to the letter and he will be letting Dean in on the latest development. He's not going to be bothered about there being less profit. maybe next time Ben will get more time to do the boards or there'll be less of them. Oh it seems Robbo discovers Tori's latest deception, hopefully it's because she tell him, at least this time Jasmine is completely innocent of any cover up.
  10. Thanks guys, I must have missed that. Dean I think has been established is 25/26 same age as Colby who we know is 26, ten years older than Bella. When we first saw Kayla she said in passing she was Rick's daughter but then Rick did say his wife was pregnant the same time Karen was. Looking back now of course Kayla looked nothing like being in her 20's, whereas Mackenzie as we know, as she told Dean, she is his age. From what I could gather Rick then left Mackenzie's mum for a younger model (?). Seemed he was fine with chucking money at them but once he got his new family, lost interest. I don't know where she got the story Rick sold Karen's home from under her, if he'd bought it for her and it was in her name he couldn't do that. Mackenzie, apart from not having her dad around, had a comfortable life compared to Dean. She keeps trying to wear him down but he's not having any of it and he shut down completely when she was pumping him about Karen. Not sure if I do or don't agree about Colby filling her in about what really happened to Karen and why, on one hand it dispelled that lie about Rick but on the other it wasn't his story to tell. Rick wouldn't have had a clue about Karen's mental problems, she was in denial herself about it, he was only with her for a couple of days. We did get the usual blowing up, this time at Colby by Dean but again as usual after a talk, this time from Ziggy, Dean cooled down and forgave Colby. Ziggy spoke sense about Dean trying to persuade Mackenzie to take a different route other than the bringing him down way which he tried but she's determined. Colby was protesting too much when he said he wasn't interested in Mackenzie it was him who moved in for that kiss! Mackenzie I thought you were intelligent so how is Colby removing his wedding ring going to make any less married? Until he's divorced he's still married! Mason introducing himself as Brody's younger brother was almost a replay of when Simone first came to town she was introduced to the Morgan's one by one. Has she met Tori yet? Leah has had a few businesses so I'm equally confused. At least all this with Ben is letting us in on how a surf board is made, much more complex then any of us, unless we already knew, would have thought. Just glancing at the various websites about it is mind boggling. The shaping, curing etc and having room for them to 'rest', I'm guessing, wildly, the boards are fibre glass? Dean may know how to ride and keep good care of it but not how to build one. If Ben pays an outsource isn't he their boss rather than just a middle man? They don't do a good job they don't get paid. Beside better that than running himself into the ground and risk making serious errors. He's worried about Dean losing money on his investment but as Maggie said Dean's not worried about money. I picked up on Roo's seemingly loss of memory - she did say Ryder could return to the juice bar after the HSC's but she told Ryder as he had done his assignment he could resume his shifts - confused.com. He's done another turn about, when we first met him he wasn't bothered about school, then initially for Raffy, he got into it, now he's back into not really bothered mode. As long as he gets good pass marks that's OK with him, uni isn't for everyone so stop pushing him Roo unless you want him to lose interest completely. I'm sure Alf'll tell her the same thing. He certainly impressed Mac with his juice, though I don't remember her tasting it, enough for her to offer him a job at Salt, he's got the chat needed to be a good barman/maid. He just needs this licence Mac mentioned. With all that chat about John coming home pretty odds on we'd be seeing him tonight.
  11. Did we miss knowing about Leah being away? She mentioned her mum and dad and being cross examined about Justin, did she mention VJ? Has Leah ever meet Ava in the past, if so wouldn't be that strange for them to meet now apart from the fact Leah is now Justin's lady and not just a friend. I do remember when VJ was small he was OK if a guy was a friend of Leah's but the moment the situation changed he got very ansti - Roman in particular springs to mind. I think Tori hit it on the head he's more worried about Nina's reaction after the Willow incident but Leah is a completely different kettle of fish from Willow & Phoebe, she is older - no offence - and a mum so would understand Nina's worry. What may be seen by Nina as a negative is Leah's three marriages, true two of them ended in widowhood, but how would Nina see it? As long as we have 'known' him Justin hasn't had many serious relationships Phoebe, Scarlett and Willow. Leah on the other hand has quite a colourful history when it comes to guys. Run away bride from Ted, Vinnie, Jessie, Peter then Dan Baker, Roman, Hazim though that was a short one, Elijah, crush on Brax, Robert Robertson, Miles. Last but not least Zac. Good that Tori was able to get the real reason out of Justin and get him to admit he is ready for the next step. Only thing that concerns me is Leah's tendency to go over the top mothering wise, Ava isn't her daughter! Was Tori embarrassed by that welcome back - not that you'd know. Whilst John is resting in hospital I'm guessing Jett's care has been taken care off, who knows this may have a good outcome and John will realise he can now let go and let Jett live his life. Shame that Bella has fallen out with Raffy she probably feels she can't confide in her now that what Raffy warned her about has come to pass. He's a clever one that Tommy, definitely gives you the impression he's done this before, pulling away from Bella making out he's offended by Raffy's suggestion. Seemed Bella had mentioned her tutoring by Simone as he's suggested he do the same thing - ugh! Another clever move by him is once he has Bella's photo he owns up to his real age and occupation. What sort of teacher logs into a student chat room, is he spying on his own students, he'd be able to work out who they are even if they out up different screen names I'd think. Or is that how he finds out vulnerable kids like Bella, she did look wary and kind of scared when he mentioned tuition. Courtney Miller has got lovely eyes, very expressive. As it appears hardly anyone is around at the beach house not surprising Bella has been able to 'chat' so freely to Tommy and she shuts her laptop down pretty quick when anyone is around. Sweet that Raffy is still worried about her and that tentative "I've got a friend" talk she nearly had with Mason may have helped, as long as Mas didn't think Raffy was the 'friend' which is the conclusion most people do jump to. Can't be the same assignment Ryder is doing can it? That's quite a spread ma & pa Shaw have!. It didn't go the way Jasmine was expecting, Wendy being very protective of Ryan, proving however old your kids are they are still your little boy/girl. Dad seemed more worried about the practical side of it and how it was going to work once the baby was born. I'm reluctant to say it's his age as other younger people have had trouble getting their heads round it. Mum on the other hand is more worried about Jasmine hurting him again. Both of them must have got Ryan/Robbo through the initial period after Lauren, Luke and Sofia were killed and saw what it had done to him. Not said but he must have mentioned her before the debacle. Then he turns up after the Tori and her going behind his back episode and Jas' part in it. Now he's all prepared to marry her. When it comes down to it as he told them he loves her and if they can't accept he's forgiven her then they can forget it. I did like that Jasmine didn't mention what Wendy had said to her and made herself useful, I think it impressed Ian. Made me wonder what their reaction would have been if they had got the invite through the post, would they just have ignored it? Thought crossed my mind when Wendy asked Jasmine how she and Ryan first met and she answered they were friends, well not strictly true was it as your car that smashed into the car carrying Robbo and Kat when they were planning to go on the run. Ben is getting himself into a right lather over the order for the boards, I imagine Dean didn't think it would be as hard as it is turning out to be. Talking of Dean and Mackenzie she does have an agenda other than getting to know her long lost brother, she wants to bring dad down in his attempt to become a member of parliament by revealing what a rat he really is and wants Dean to help her. Dean who may just be an ex RB and not always appearing that bright is a lot more astute than folk take him for, he knew exactly what she wanted and wants nothing to do with it, he doesn't want his dad back in his life. he may have not have had the best life but who knows how he would have turned out if he had been acknowledged by Rick? Btw didn't Mac say she bought Salt with her own money, if so what was that secret call she took from him when she said 'thank you for the investment money'?
  12. I guess Raffy has to amuse herself if both her families are working and it's the holidays. No sign of her knowing the truth about Tori, Justin just mentioned taking Tori for her next scan, I feel she'd be more concerned if she did and she was very upbeat. Seeing as Raffy is due for her trial the next day be nice to know if she and Ryder have some face to face contact. Rather presumptuous of Willow to assume it was Raffy who 'talked' Bella out of going back home to Colby, though of course she doesn't know about Tommy, if that is his real name, the only other friend Willow knows Bella has is Ryder. This is Bella we're talking about so no surprise she reacted the way she did to Raffy's scolding about giving too much info about herself away, it's just going to make her dig her heels in more. We didn't see the first messages between 'Tommy' and Bella so maybe she told him about the upheaval they'd had which is something you don't to a stranger. Bella was really touched by Colby's gift and their lunch was really nice and they were getting on well so perhaps this being apart is good for them. Handy Justin just happened to be in the Diner when Maz got the call from Jett - another one of those soap coincidences - another being he wasn't busy so was able to go looking for John. All in all John was very lucky it wasn't worse, he couldn't have been going that fast as the air bag didn't deploy and he was able to walk/stagger from the crash. Typical John - well most men really - pretending everything is OK and insisting on getting back to town so he can get the car fixed. Then of course he collapsed so didn't get much of a say in it. Bless you Justin for going along with Marilyn and cracking on the car would take longer than he originally thought. Though rare people are allowed out of hospital the same day as long as they obey the instructions given them, any nausea, headache, dizziness go straight back, which he would be going by his passing out again. I noticed Raffy's comment about 'just concussion' not meaning it couldn't turn out more serious, it was a very recent occurrence for her. Ever organised Marilyn had everything sorted, she'd called Padre Wilson and he'd arranged to rebook Jett's appointment and get other help in for him. Jett wouldn't want John risking his health by going backwards and forwards to the city. BTW continuity error spotted. When john got out of the car he was rubbing his right shoulder which he would as the seat belt would have cut into it, but when he got home from the hospital he was rubbing his left shoulder.
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  15. I'm not that sure Raffy does know the whole truth about Tori or she would be at home, she didn't look that concerned and she was joking about with Ryder and Bella and teasing Ryder about his lack of interest in reading Pride & Prejudice. Clever move on his part by going down the audio book route. Now who could he relate to, definitely not Wickham or Mr. Collins, Bingley maybe or as Raffy suggested Darcy. John is only spending two days in the bay so the rest of the time Marilyn is rattling about in the house alone. It was so sad the other day with a single round of sandwiches and a lone cup of tea when she's used to cooking for John or Jett or Raffy. John was vey unfair to Ryder, it wasn't him being his 'old' self, he was just obeying Roo's orders, he didn't appear to listen to Ryder when he told him why he had to give up his shifts. It took Roo telling him that she had put her foot down to make him listen. He's got himself in a real bind and from what we saw he was very lucky just have got away with a small prang than anything more serious. Why doesn't Tommy want Bella to move back with Colby, he does have her name, if nothing more personal, it wouldn't stop her communicating with him, especially as Colby has bought her a laptop of her own. Still uneasy about him. Colby did look really crestfallen when she told him. Bella was really over the moon when she got her assessment, she really didn't expect such a good mark, it's given her confidence a real boost. Good luck to Raffy for her trial, wonder if 'they' have taken heed of Mason's dosage, he had it spot on, she doesn't need to go the trial and error route again.
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