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  1. Justin, Ava and Leah make a good team and good that Justin isn't keeping things bottled up , just because he used to be the one - along with Tori - in making decisions for Brody and Mason when they were younger he needs to realise he doesn't have to anymore, they are both adults now. Mason would be working and hasn't been at NDH that long so bit unrealistic for him to take time off so soon. Nice to see Buddy again. I can see it from Marilyn's point of view her and Raffy were very close, she was Raffy's mother figure, and to find out from Maggie Raffy is enrolling at school rather than hear it from Raffy and she had only spoken to her a day or so before would have stung. It does get very tiring when folk trot out that big "I'm fine" lie - Marilyn so obviously wasn't, thought Irene would have twigged that. Didn't think it would be that easily settled despite what she told John the day before. She needs to find a purpose. Robbo is finding out what it is like to be an on hands parent - as he admitted to Irene when Lucas and Sophia were young most of the time he was away working and Lauren did most of the child care - good to see him give it good go though. Irene didn't tell Robbo what he should be doing just lent a helping hand the same as she would if it had been a female. She did enquire about Jasmine's involvement but got fobbed off. Jasmine herself raises the subject again tonight. Btw did I spot a slight continuity hiccup only we hear Grace crying then see her with her dummy in her mouth. Did like John's jokey denial about his previous anti Ben stance and good to see he's got his back. Pretty obvious, to us at least, there wasn't going to be a long queue of people wanting to buy/hire boards, buy the soap for them etc. It was just Ben that needed some convincing. I liked how John gave Maggie the heads up about Ben having effectively a panic attack. Pretty flexible about appointments at NDH as Alex was free to see Ben right away. Maybe now Ben has something to focus on he will be more resolved regarding the coping mechanisms and medication. And yeh he made a sale!
  2. Good to see Robbo finally took Grace out of the flat and she was covered from the sun. Odd reaction from Justin not wanting anything to do with her. Probably to do with the fact he'd just been to see Tori and she was still in the same condition. I did smile when Robbo said he was taking her to the gym, I had a vision of her being given mini weights. Talking of Tori being on life support we wait ages for stories of people being on it then lo and behold at two come along - Corrie being the another one. Relieved to see Justin biting lumps out of people didn't last long and her told Leah why he was so upset. Like most relatives he felt helpless he couldn't do anything to help Tori also he was avoiding going home as he didn't want to dodge questions from Ava. Understandable Ben was uneasy about starting up the board shop, but he's not on his own, now Dean is free from his Salt job he'll be there to take up any slack if Ben needs to take a break. Funnily enough I had the same thought as Dean about them combining their businesses, Dean gives lessons and Ben sells the boards or vice versa works both ways. Hit and miss with his meds same as it was with Raffy before the trial. Wise of Ryder to call John when Maz was so upset - though nothing really seemed to get resolved between them. Should we expect to see another young person arriving soon who needs a home?
  3. OK Mac was OK with Dean it's just when she is with Colby she annoys me, one moment telling him she can't be with him because of his job, yet then meeting him for a crafty snog and telling him she does want to be with him. Can see why Bella is concerned. Ryder did a couple of good deeds letting Mac in on Dean's dilemma which he didn't appreciate it at first but her solution did appear to solve the problem and he didn't take offence at her offer of a loan, guess he's spent all the cash Rick gave him. It does relieve him of the problem of putting together a business plan. Not many would have thought Dean would be so responsible and worried about paying his way and not letting people down. I think and I'm no expert but while he is giving free lessons he's not liable for public liability insurance but once people start paying he will be. Perhaps once he does have that in hand he can tell people last chance for free lessons, next one you'll be paying for. I remember the guy getting nicked in Indonesia but it was still vague as to how the AFP decided Ben wasn't involved, he'd only just seen his lawyer. Can't blame Ben for being so enthusiastic at getting his business up and running again but he was being a tad optimistic. John had certainly done a u turn he was anti Ben before but now is his champion going into bat for him at the committee. Alf would be impressed not to say astonished. I guess they can handle the hike in rent. John's words of warning(?) seemed to throw Ben a bit. As I said before he's got to get the word out he's back in business - hey Ziggy job for you - get new gear in , it's not going to happen overnight. Ryder's second good deed of the day was recognising Marilyn wasn't 'fine' and offering an ear/shoulder. Roo, it appeared, was doing HSC marking. Marilyn is really lost if she isn't looking after someone and she can only do so many shifts at the Diner. Good she got to talk to Raffy, and know she is doing OK on the cannabis trial but also would have her miss her more. Why doesn't she go and visit Jett? Ryder must have mentioned to John about Marilyn is feeling going by to-nights events.
  4. Well done Mason for finally making Justin see sense, it seemed to me he'd totally forgotten how hard a time he had persuading Nina to let him have contact with Ava let alone see her. He'd been banned seeing her after the kidnapping, Willow was threatened by Nina that if she didn't stop seeing him she'd stop him seeing Ava. Luckily Ava has been fine about it - no throwing a strop and I liked how Leah handled it and explained what was going on to her without patronising her. Both of them were checking out what their rights were, Justin all fired up to call his lawyer, Robbo checking over the agreement, doesn't Justin have a copy handy? Good to see them both talking calmly so peace has been resumed - until the next time. Robbo is behaving the way he is towards Jasmine because he is going by what she said about not wanting children so he's not wanting to pressurise her into looking after Grace. But she hasn't said to him she has no problem about doing it and in fact would love to - serious case of crossed wires there, she - or someone - needs to tell him she wants to be involved with Grace. Colby may be a good cop, but he's rubbish at handling his relationships. If he was supposed to have finished with Mac, who I'm really going off of btw - he should stay finished, not sneak off behind Bella's back to see her. He did at last tell Bella he was going to start seeing Mac again whatever she thought so time at the flat is going to be fraught, maybe time for Robbo, Jasmine and Grace got their own place, must be cramped anyway with five - or four and a half - of them there. Alex & Willow, part drunk snog, part because she wanted to, even Willow wasn't sure. I didn't see Irene as being disapproving, more startled to see who was kissing whom, Willow has always seemed definitely more into blokes and she did give her good advice after seeing Willow tell Alex she didn't remember what she did the night before - ouch. That would have been my decision if I'd been Willow for her and Alex just hang out as 'friends' and take things slowly. No need for them to come out - sorry no pun intended - and tell people they are 'seeing' each other, folk will clock it soon enough. Jasmine will, though Willow had confided in her about Alex kissing her and her not really minding. Love to be a fly on the wall when Dean finds out, he seemed prepared to sort out this person Willow had been silly with the night before. Alex will have a had a bad experience before - it's written in soap folk lore someone has to. Great news about Ben, but is that all we and him are going to get - the Feds have dropped their charges - no mention of who was behind it all? I'd want to know after all the stress he'd gone through. He seemed up for helping Dean out on the lessons but now repaying his favour by offering him his old job back. Not as if business will be booming from day one, he's got to get the news he's open for business again out there first and from what we saw between him and John it may not be at the Surf Club.
  5. Both are playing at being stags and locking antlers while the does - sorry had to keep up the deer analogy - were trying to get them both to see sense with no avail. Oh no Robbo didn't answer Justin's call at first ring, but that is because he was getting some much needed sleep and had his phone on silent so it didn't wake Grace - she is adorable btw. Lovely scene with him asleep and his hand touching her. Fair enough if Tori had been OK and come home with Grace she would have been at the Morgan's, but she and Robbo had signed an agreement they shared Grace's upbringing, to me it's natural she'd be with her dad, he's not alone, he's got Jasmine when he lets her in to help. I don't know if it was meant to be funny but it made me smile when Robbo asked for the cot Justin replied "What the one you made for Tori?" and Robbo answered "No the one I made for Grace". They seemed to have found one from somewhere though. You are right there Red as was Mason the stroke could have happened anywhere, anytime, but valuable time was lost getting her to hospital - maybe. Justin and to a certain extent Leah were fobbing off Ava again when she was asking why she couldn't see her cousin. She is a lot wiser than any of them - well maybe apart from Mason - give her credit for. They had to have a "Go feed Buddy" line, I'm sure I saw Ava's eyes roll. Anyways up Mason made the right decision as it turned out, It may have been that Ava was there that tempered Robbo's mood and the fact Mason wasn't in anyway accusing him of anything, just there to see Grace. The dispute - which is putting it mildly - wasn't mentioned just an uncle and cousin visiting their niece and cousin. I hope Mason mentions their visit to Justin we don't want any more secret whispering.
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  7. Roo did get a mention from Ryder via a text/call reminding him to bring some milk home. Felt a bit sorry for him, he'd finally done his last HSC and had no-one to celebrate the fact with. He did try and cheer up Mac up a bit bless him by part explaining Bella's troubled past. Colby is trying to be protective of Bella and she wants to save him from being hurt but Chelsea was a different matter she is a cop so knew the danger he'd could be putting himself in, she would be doing the same. It was the fact he'd actually killed someone that finished them. The problem isn't going to go away Mac is still going to be worried whenever Colby goes on duty never mind his protestation it's not a big city, we the viewers know how dangerous it can be. Robbo is taking his looking after Grace far too seriously, he hasn't properly rested since the Victor thing finished which is contributing to his OTT behaviour. Amazed he actually left her with Jasmine and Irene like he did. Yep Justin played the "It's your fault" card, blaming Robbo for Tori being in a coma, no-one knows what caused it and the stroke could have happened anytime. Robbo is Grace's dad so has every right to look after her and what was with Justin's "Tori would have wanted her to be with the Morgan's" claim - he doesn't know that! The most sensible ones were Leah and Jasmine trying to keep them apart. Justin was accusing Robbo of forgetting Tori by coming home, um if you are that concerned why aren't you still there? We know the best solution would be for them to share the care for Grace but both too stubborn at the moment to think about it calmly. Another talk on the phone to Brody so he's in the loop.
  8. Although there don't appear to be any fires near 'Summer Bay' would TPTB include any mention of them in future episodes, I would have thought it'd be rather insensitive not to. It would then appear they are in their own little bubble.
  9. I wondered who Mason was on the phone to, they don't always make it clear. Would have thought Ziggy would have learnt from the last wigging she got from Dean but no she goes behind his back again treating him like a kid. Yes it would have made his life easier but he needs the money he gets from the shifts. At least Ben made her see sense and he'd only had one session with his therapist! Despite his misgivings it did do him some good and he's made another appointment. Hardly stretching himself helping Dean out and he was a lot better teacher than Colby who barked orders at them! It did him good too focusing on something else and it was something he had done in the past, he seemed dead chuffed that one of them had even got in the water. Ben would be the best one to ask about a business plan, he'd know about surfing lessons being weather reliant so income not being able to be set in stone. The reason why Mac broke up with hasn't changed, he is still a cop and it doesn't matter him saying he's only a small town cop but this is Summer Bay and bad things happen even in normal towns, the bay gest more than it's fair share. They could still be friends if they could handle that. Bella tried her damnedest to keep them apart from Colby slipped his invisible leash and got to Salt anyway. Surely it's better they split now rather than further down the line. Willow & Alex well wasn't the air between them virtually cracking with electricity! At least Alex isn't being rushed off her feet looking after Tori as she's in the city. Seems to be fighting over Grace already - not giving anything away as it was seen on the trailer but Jason wants custody of her - Robbo is her dad - unless Justin is back on his "It's all your fault" - meaning - Robbo bandwagon?
  10. My thoughts exactly Red re Ava and everyone deciding she shouldn't be told about Tori, answer to your question they learnt nothing from keeping secrets from Raffy. Ava may be younger than Raffy but she is not stupid, all that sending her to her room, getting her to go and feed Buddy, outside, huddling in corners got her antenna twitching. Willow nearly blew it but Mason covered it nearly, but it only aroused Ava's suspicions even more. Until Leah comes back Mason is going to have to fit looking after Ava round his shifts so perhaps Marilyn - yeh I know - and Irene could help out. Ava is a lot more comfortable with Leah now, especially as Leah is living at the Morgan house. I suppose Mason could have got Justin's OK to tell Ava but it was Justin's role as head of house and Ava's dad to tell her. Of course it would be hard to explain to a nine/10 year old what a stroke is but there would be ways that she could understand. Sweet scene of Mason and Ava cuddling up to watch the film. I'm guessing they have told Raffy rather decide to 'shelter' her to prevent any seizures and how about Brody? Maggie it seemed had a taste of what Blake's dad was like, would have been good for us to see him maybe steaming out of Maggie's office. After Blake's initial flinging Ryder up against the lockers he seemed to have calmed down and accepted his fate. I think she did say she had informed people about Blake's dads behaviour. I'm sure Ryder said he only had one more exam to go. John has certainly become the wise old stick, giving advice rather than his opinion. Oh Ziggy I get you were trying to help boost Dean's surfing business but to go wildly ahead by booking lessons left right and centre wasn't wise, posting up his photo without checking with him was a step too far. How would she have liked it if he had done the same with the garage and put photos of her in her overalls up on social media. He also has his shifts at Salt, needs to get a business plan together so he can start charging people and get Public Liability insurance sorted. I don't see how Willow could have helped him with the business plan thing, the gym isn't her business, Ben would know or Mac. Willow has been left floundering, Robbo has of course other things on his mind. Tricky thing hiring for the gym how are you going to know if the prospective employee has the right qualifications, she didn't, if a customer got injured not like getting scalded by a cup of tea or coffee if it got spilt on you at the Diner. Yes Maggie got sick on her tablets when she was having her cancer treatment but she persisted, but then Ben has never been the patient type - no pun intended. I think the advice was to give them a month to kick in but if you are feeling that sick and it's only been a couple of weeks could you stick with it. With all due respect Maggie can't understand what he is going through mentally John could kind of. More words of wisdom from Dean re having therapy who also neatly dropped in the fact it was the meds Karen was on that also helped. Did I miss the fact he'd had therapy inside - albeit reluctantly - but said that it had saved his life.
  11. I've been worried too, good to know everything is as OK as it can be.
  12. Yeh is hard to see all we knew had happened as new news. Would it have taken longer for a chopper to pick up and drop Robbo off at the safe house, instead of that mad car ride? Stubborn moo Tori wasn't she hanging on for dear life until Robbo arrived, I wonder if that had anything to do with her later collapse? We are talking about the Morgan's here remember. Robbo's fault for saying everything was going to be OK, though Justin was guilty of it too. Robbo had to do the shouting at the poor doc thing. Nice to hear Scott talking about the birth of his son and how he made it to his birth just in time. Everyone, well the ones we saw, were very pleased to hear the news and the fact they were all coming home. The safe house did look a nice place if a tad isolated. Back to ND Hospital tonight then with Dr. Alex in charge, Mason hovering and bring told to get out. Ryder didn't get the full implications of hat he had done until Maggie splelt it out. Seems in the absence of Alf John is the senior man to ask advice from and although it doesn't happen often he did give Ryder good advice. Would Blake have done the same thing if the situation had been reversed, somehow I don't think so, shows how much Ryder has grown, he would have put Blake first even if just to save him from his dad who is a first class bully. But as John said what would he learn from that, he'd just cruise through life getting people to cover up and lie for him. Took a lot for Ryder to tell Maggie and it would have been his word against Blake's whose dad is a lawyer but luckily Maggie still had the bottle. Hope Ryder tells Maggie about what Blake's dad did but I dare say both will deny it. Back when we first knew him John was a bully to his stepson Trey and not a very nice person at all.
  13. Happy New Year everyone - it's back tonight and by the look of the trailers a lot is going to be happening.
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