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  1. Angelo's being remarkably generous with the time he's given them to bring Bella in, guess her young age and the fact she is 'seeing a therapist' is part of it. Angelo is a detective and also he isn't personally involved with anyone. Guess as Ryder had done his three days he couldn't be seen on screen being asked about Bella, Nik, of course, has already left town with Bella. Neat way that all the info was gathered, Tane being asked if Bella had been round, then the discovery Nik was missing, Ari also getting quizzed. John wondering why Dean's car was at the Parata's, then filling Amber/Willow in that he'd seen Bella there earlier and noting she'd looked upset, then she'd come back, then later seeing Nik leaving with a rucksack. Not that he was spying on them of course. The discovery Nik had stolen Tane's money put a whole new perspective on it. Good bit of deducing that they would have to pay with cash to get a flight anywhere and Colby was able to use the fact he was a cop to get the information as where they be going. Apart from all the accusations being flung around by Dean, Colby, Tane and Ari it was agreed it was better Nik was with Bella so she wasn't alone. Dean isn't keeping Ziggy in the dark to 'protect' her, he's dong it so she isn't another innocent being dragged into the whole mess. This place Nik and Bella are heading for seems to be out of state so has Colby relaxed Tane and Ari's ban to leave? I was puzzled as to why Amber has waited until now to reveal Dean has a son! The fact he is 'helping' Colby again and Bella is involved - again, could be the reason why. Her look once she'd announced her news made it very clear as to who the daddy was. Would we be right to assume he is about 10 or so? Hope it is family and not the odd babysitter looking after him seeing the state she is some mornings. Justin had a memory lapse again, he'd forgotten he'd ordered spag bog just an hour earlier. So far, nothing to worry about, but suppose he has one while looking after Grace. Was Roo's distraction when chatting to Alf "I'm fine", due to what/who see she saw later connected?
  2. Um did I miss where Bella had grown up enough to tell Colby she didn't depend on him as much as she did before? Wasn't that the point of going to therapy and her letter and her saying to him she wanted him to be a brother not a parent? I didn't hear her begging Colby not to give himself up as she couldn't live without him, like she would have last year. How is Colby 'dragging Nikau down, Bella's done that all by herself, Colby would freak if he knew, it's meant to be a 'family' secret. She's told Nik everything and sworn him to secrecy putting him under pressure. She is also the one who has decided she'd screw things up in the interview and has decided to run to protect Colby, Dean and Willow. Had to smile as Nik went from 'running away doesn't solve anything', well he'd know, to saying he was going with her, the fact he had Tane's $5000 helped of course, Bella didn't appear to have any sort of funds, remember it was her idea to go on the run NOT Nik's so how is he putting her in danger? Better she wasn't alone, surely? Out of the two Bella, from what she said, would seem to be more equipped to life on the run thanks to Ross. If, as I think, Nik is only 21, he's not too old for Bella, not his fault he looks older. Just who is she supposed to get a balanced view point from as she can't tell anyone the truth. Of course we also have Dean acting shifty around Ziggy, he won't be able to carry that on forever, she's too smart a cookie. All this shutting up the moment she appeared when they were talking about Willow and Bella. I would have liked to have seen Willow's interview to see how she handled it, after all she would only be telling Angelo what Colby and Dean had told her a year ago, that they'd gone looking for Ross and lost him. She had been in hospital at the time having been shot by him. Just an aside and it's been mentioned on the Aus site, how did Colby make the mistake of leaving Ross' driving licence on his body? Seeing as he is a cop wouldn't he have of all people thought to take it off the body and burnt it? Unless because it wasn't pre-planned he panicked and forget about it. Smiled at Alf's bigging up of Nik. Never a good idea to praise someone or get too upbeat about anything that is bound to get the alarm bells ringing, the red flags flying. Tori skipped round the Jasmine situation. with Justin. Great to get a mention of Ava, crumbs a teenager, scary thought. I'd forgotten about Ava being Grace's honorary big sister. My thoughts exactly Red. Just speculation on my part - NOT A SPOLIER - it couldn't be the cancer cluster rearing it's ugly head again could it? He's got odd symptoms, headache, back ache, both which seemed to have eased while he's was away. But then there was him forgetting the rush job, which OK if arranged before he went away, he could have forgotten about, but forgetting he'd told Tori he'd babysit just an hour or two before? That is worrying.
  3. I don't think anyone has said he's a innocent of a victim, except of child abuse in the latter instance. That pulled Colby up when Dean told him what Bella had said! He was really going too far with Bella though, Angelo, I hope, wouldn't be as hard on her as he was with Colby and Dean. I agree he would be more likely to believe Bella if she was upset than her giving mechanical answers to his questions and not remember things as precisely as Colby and Dean did. Bella having to try and remember everything Colby drilled into her would make it more possible for her to make a mistake, not just a minor gaffe either. As I'd recorded it I played it back, and he did say 'my wife', though thinking about it that shouldn't have made a difference what she told Angelo was for his ears only. Bella did 'use' Colby to get out of her interview. It was at her insistence he didn't confess the last time as she couldn't manage without him. All seems to escalate today with Bella, seemingly about to tell Nik everything so dragging a total innocent into it and no secret as they appear to be going on the run along with Tane's money. Ryder seemed to be being pushed out of it again with Bella and Nik, but Nik can relate more as he his dad died violently too. The photos hadn't been all taken while Tori was in her coma then, Jasmine had decided to air brush Tori out of the picture and Grace's life, so Tori's reaction was understandable, it did all start innocently before, then Jasmine went all The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. It's not been said but has the AVO been lifted, would Tori be able to do that seeing as she was the one who got raised it in the first place? Not Jas' fault Willow had much more pressing things on her mind when she tried to apologise and say she'd be there for her so wasn't concentrating. There's a surprise - someone, especially a young girl not living with Irene!
  4. I know you don't like him Red, and I may have been sucked in, but I did feel sorry for Colby - there was definitely more to his history with Ross than he has let on before. Dean and Willow knew what he had gone through though. Ross wasn't a victim, at least not an innocent one. Ross was the criminal, he'd hurt many people in his time, he murdered Colby's dad and his mum, letting Bella think she'd run out on her. He would have killed either Bella or Chelsea, maybe both, shot Willow without a second thought. Watching it back, again, Colby did hesitate but then Ross made that jibe about Bella and the red mist descended. If Colby had been admitted to hospital on many occasions due to what Ross had done to him where were child care services? It was a mistake, imo, for Colby's and later on Dean's account to be exactly the same as the one they originally gave, little things would have been forgotten, the police would allow for that. Angelo is one good detective, gave nothing away, but you could hear the cogs turning. True comments though from both Colby and Dean Ross had made many, many enemies and why would he have been buried in the quarry? Either it was a slip by the script writers or a ploy by Colby to find out what Chelsea said but he called her 'my wife' when she isn't anymore. If Angelo has done his homework on Colby he must know he's an ex River Boy, small niggle I know, but considering his history with them be interesting to see if it affects his judgement of Colby and Dean. Seems Willow and Bella are up next. Although nice to see Ryder, Bella and Nikau together it was strained because of what Bella is going though but can't tell them about. Nik did seem more aware that something was wrong with her than Ryder did. Jasmine seems to be fixating on Tori this time all because she hasn't texted her about the baby book she gave her which just has photos of her, Robbo and Grace in and she thinks she's upset about it. Well it was your book Jas so would only have those photos in and if I remember correctly they were taken while Tori was in a coma. OK Willow turns up late because of her hangover, then with very short notice ditches her afternoon class to go and see Colby. Good argument on both sides but Jasmine did leave Willow in the lurch, leaving her to run the whole place with no back up, refused to answer just one call to say she was OK. Wasn't just Irene Jasmine ghosted. It does appear for there to be a theme for the gym to have it's owner and or manager doing a runner from time to time. Robbo did it quite a few times leaving Mason and Willow in charge, now Jasmine has done/is doing it. They certainly have very patient clients. Someone, more likely Irene, sometime has to mention Nicole. Was Nicole ever one of Irene's housemates? PS. I know a secret.
  5. At least Bella was able to give Colby the heads up there was a cop asking questions. All, or most of the men in any soap,drama, do that, the whole "I've got this under control" thing when it's blatantly obvious they haven't. Threw Colby a tad when Angelo said he'd already spoken to Chelsea, had to have got him thinking what she had told Angelo, he just needs to work out how to take things forward, warn Dean who was his accomplice and Willow who's an accessory after the fact. Nice touch seeing Angelo back in the restaurant that used to be his, wonder what he thought of the changes. It does need to be resolved how he got back in the police force if just to settle our curiosity. A small aside Colby had his tats covered so unless he already knows for another source Angelo is still unaware Colby used to be a River Boy. I liked we got an on screen re-union with Bella and Ryder so they were able to comfort each other, even if Bella didn't need it in quite the same way Ryder did. It did show what a good relationship they have. Jasmine has done bit of a u turn, by realising she needs to sort herself out first before she can think of being close to Grace again, wonder if that was the reason she gave the album to Tori, to stop herself keep looking at it and brooding over it. She did finally fess up it would have been her and Robbo's 1st Anniversary. Welcome back John, I think. Just because you are feeling better though you still need to take it slow ad not be afraid to ask foe help, won't mean you're anything less of a man. His being driving instructor to Ryder was so him. Was Amber sick or as John hinted 'sick'. Not your normal neighbourly chat between Bella and John but amusing nonetheless and at least she got him a ride to the surf club, Ryder will thank you for that later. The occasional mentions of Justin's headache and other aches and pains he's getting is I feel sadly building up to something like you feared Red.
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  7. Jasmine's last counselling sessions were kind of hijacked by that counsellor - the ex cop - switching it from her problems to Robbo's and hers were forgotten. This counsellor - name not yet known - is good, not too pushy, but got Jasmine to see it's not about Grace but her herself and her feelings of abandonment which didn't get resolved last time. Jasmine did, at first, think a couple of sessions and she'd be OK but was soon put straight. She admitted she felt that by dying Robbo had abandoned her when he'd promised he'd never leave her, interesting to learn she hadn't visited his grave, he did only die a few months ago. I did hope we'd see Jasmine visiting Robbo's grave after she took herself off for a walk. If Irene hadn't mentioned it I would have had forgotten that it would have been Robbo and Jasmine's 1st Anniversary, what a day to have her first counselling session and she never mentioned it to anyone. I think that is why Tori approached her later though still nothing was said. Is Tori breaking the conditions of her own AVO by approaching Jasmine or it is just that Jasmine can't have solo contact with Grace? Marilyn is being jostled into staying at Alf's, though I know it's well meant, and it triggered that well worn "You can stay here as long as you like" line. Naturally, at the moment, she doesn't want to be on her own, but the longer she stays at Alf's the harder it will for her to make the break and get a place of her own. She won't be an idle house guest and will pull her weight, Alf did decline her veggie offering though. That's being ageist Justin - you don't have to be old to need glasses. Let's hope you're wrong Red, the Morgan's don't need any more trauma, they're just getting back on track. Has Ava now been forgotten about now she is back with her mum, I thought there were going to be regular visits? Alf hadn't forgotten about Angelo being kicked out of the police then. It was only nine years ago and he was just an uniformed cop then so he's got back in and been made a detective in that time - that's quick work. Did his superiors decide to send him to the bay as he knew the place or did he volunteer?
  8. It is an interesting turn around with Nik's attitude towards Ari and Tane, he's come to realise and appreciate Ari is the one that has put up with him and his moods and not surprising he'd think Tane was living up (or should that be down) to Ari's experience that when things got tough Tane got going. I don't think Tane liked Nik having such a go at him which maybe why he stayed. I'm glad he felt he was able to confide in Nik, rather sad in a way that the first woman he really falls for is his brother's girlfriend and we don't want to go there again so soon. He said he wouldn't and I'd like to believe him. To be fair Ari and Mac weren't that serious when the flirting started. Mac did say whatever Ari wanted to do for their first date would be fine with her but I can see why Ari would worry that a row boat wouldn't be what she expected. You played that clever girl, pretending you didn't have a clue about fishing with prawns. I did have a feeling she was stringing Ari along, his face when she hooked the first prawn on then cast her line. His face did goggle a bit when she told explained how big Rick's boat was, he did have his uses then did Rick teaching her to fish. To give Ari tons of credit he didn't throw a man strop when she caught more fish than him, though both Ari and Alf did come across slightly sexist with their initial attitude. Just because she comes across a bit of a toff that proved she isn't. Wonder what Amber would think about Princess doing something so humble as fishing from a little row boat. Cracking idea her returning the favour, well sort of as she didn't actually cook the fish, serving it as what looked a lovely meal. Ari really scrubs up well. Alf, honestly, Ryder had only just walked through the door so of course he hadn't heard about Bella's dad. Sounds like she was doing a Ryder by going to TAFE which is why he missed her the first time. I hope it will be a on screen meeting up, it does lose something when it happens off screen and she has to properly comfort him about Evan. A very exclusive club for the three of them, as Nik agreed not the best club to be in but hey it is a club. I still can't see Nik as being in his mid 20's. Ryder did agree he would have regretted not going to Evan's funeral, the tribute went well and Evan's pals did fill Ryder in what Evan was like when he was younger - too much info sometimes - according to Ryder. Imo Marilyn did the right thing by leaving Ryder, Roo and Alf alone to talk about Evan, it was a family thing, and despite what Alf keeps insisting she isn't, well not at that particular time. I agree Red, Alf thinks he is being really helpful and repaying back Maz for all the kind things she has done, but I think in her eyes she feels she is going backwards - living in someone else's house as a guest - however much she will be wanted and how many times she is told she can stay as long as she likes - it is not her home. Of course, Maz, being Maz, would never say that out loud she wouldn't want to offend or upset anyone. Alf, lad, you need to stop mollycoddling her and help her find a place of her own. Maz is no longer the young woman she was - not being nasty there, Marilyn is what late 40's early 50's - and she must feel at odds at being treated as a lost waif. Know what you mean about the food shopping, be a lot of good healthy stuff coming in, did she get the milk, seemed plenty later. Going back a bit to Maz and John's talk the other day in the Surf Club, quite sad but I'm glad they did, it's clear they both still care for each other and they'll always be there for each other when needed but sadly they won't get back what they had before the siege.
  9. Knee jerk reaction from Bella about doing a runner, though Colby's solution doesn't sit well with them. He will be in the right place to find things out even if he can't be involved in the investigation though when has that stopped any cop sticking his/her nose in. No further checks, yet, to confirm it was Ross then, just going by the paperwork - should do dental checks, DNA before informing the family in this case Bella and Colby, he could have been a much loved dad/stepdad. Plus no mention how long he'd been in the grave, a pathologist would need to do an autopsy before that was established, all a bit sloppy imo. Still a shock for Bella now it's actually out in the open and the others don't know what he was really like. Colby reckoned he could handle it but he still looked pretty shaken when he was going over Ross's details. Dean's understandably panicked because of him returning to the body when he was having his hallucinations when he was taking those drugs, Colby was right though as the body was in the open any evidence after all this time would be lost/spoilt. As long as they can all manage to keep their cool, hopefully, not that I'm condoning murder, the police will look at Ross's other enemies. I like how Nik was there for Bella, something else in common both their dads dying only a year ago and by being shot, he was a bit put out when Ziggy called him but understood once he knew why she'd cancelled. Really good to see Ari and Nik getting on so well. I wasn't aware Mac knew much about Ross apart from what Dean had told her so yes I agree with Amber's reaction, she didn't know anything about him or what he was really like. As for what she said to Bella she doesn't know what went down a year ago, glad we had the 'reminder'. Some rather raunchy goings on in the pool with Ari and Mac wonder the water didn't start boiling. Very awkward for Tane who couldn't not look, Nik was only doing what Tane would have but then he realised Tane did like Mac. Had a sudden thought about Angelo - btw wasn't he fired from the police? - what his reaction will be when he finds out, as he surely will, that Colby and Dean are ex River Boys? He did have his own dealings with them when Brax and Heath were in charge. He and Brax were partners in Angelo's together let's not forget.
  10. Thanks Red, I wasn't sure about Roo what with her comings and goings. You are never going to be a Colby fan are you Red? Bella, it appears, didn't know about what occurred that night, well she wouldn't she was only a kid but blames herself for it when no way was it. She was telling Amber how it was from her side and a good question what would Amber have done in Colby's position, yes it was a very slim chance Colby could have rescued Bella but he had to take it. Amber is never going to forgive him but she has accepted why he did what he did. Dean, Ziggy and Willow were certainly surprised when she arrived with Colby and Bella. I've wondered that about Amber and her capacity to bounce back so quick from a heavy night out, not just the occasional one, but every night, maybe she's become hardened to it. Still a risk though seeing as some of her patients may be more vulnerable than John. Another 'it's a small town, so we are going to bump into each other' comment. She can be discreet as we saw when she noticed John and Marilyn needed to have a quite talk. I think it needed to be said, they do still care for each other that was obvious, but I think something happened to Marilyn inside when she was caught up in the siege, John tired his best to help her through it but it wasn't enough. But as Irene said she'll know when she is on the right path again, she'll get a sign. In the same way that Maz likes to look after people Alf likes to take charge, hence his insisting she move in with him, Roo and Ryder and as Maz doesn't like upsetting people she lets him. Even when/if she finds a place to rent she'll not want to upset them by saying she's moving out so they won't thinks she's ungrateful. John is getting better, criticising Alf's ability to run the place without hm. Warning bells should have started ringing the way it was going so good for Dean, Colby and Bella. Ziggy gets her divorce certificate, still can't get my head around they get a certificate in Australia, all we get is a degree absolute, so her and Dean were making plans to go on surfing comps working around her job at the garage, he can promote the board shop and classes. Bella is in a really good place, not only being with Nik but her and Colby are good too. All about to celebrate Ziggy's divorce, sans drunken dancing. But then there is that phone call from Yabby Creek cop shop asking Colby and Bella to go in right away. Sgt Cooper, what's happened to McCarthy, has to break the news, not Angelo as I previously thought, that they have found Ross' body and I had forgotten Dean and Colby buried it in the woods. I'm guessing they did other checks to make sure it was him and didn't just rely on the premise because they found a driving licence with the body it was his and didn't belong to someone else. Bella and Colby did well to act suitably shocked.
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  13. Good to see Alf back and giving us an update on the funeral and what Ryder and Roo are up to, arranging a tribute do for Evan sounds right, it'll give Ryder more chance to get to know his dad's friends. OK after hearing that conversation Mac didn't really have much choice but to tell Ari what had been going on - or rather not going on - better that than Amber gleefully telling him nor him overhearing others talking about it. She was as honest with Ari as she could be as regards her 'feelings' for Tane considering she's not sure of them herself. Mac was right in a way her and Ari had started off as casual and neither of them have suggested to the other to make it a more serious relationship. So after listening to good advice about fighting for him she told Ari it was him she wanted, maybe then her crush was a good thing as it helped her decide which Parata brother she did want to be with. What's a mic - oh you mean a mike. Nikau just doesn't come across as someone who is supposed to be in his mid 20's, 21 is definitely more like it which is what I've read he is on another source. It would also make sense the way Ari and Tane treat him as well as Gemma did, OK I'll let that go, mum's mostly still treat their grown up offspring as kids. It was the way Colby addressed him too when talking about the hI-jack , implying he wasn't much younger when he had his car incident so made the choice, rightly or wrongly to let it go. There seems to be a phrase creeping into a lot of soaps - the "Don't make me choose" one - Bella being the latest one to use it. Colby does have some say, the flat is his so can decide who he wants in it, never mind that Bella is 18, but I'm glad he decided to trust her judgement but not without giving that old age warning to Nik not to hurt her. Marilyn, to be fair to her, did keep it quite she had left the marital home, Alf learnt that from John, and was staying in the motel. It was Alf himself who decided she should move into his house, is she going to have Leah's old room? Talking of whom, wasn't her moving into Alf's meant to be temporary but turned into years, now she's moved into the Morgan's, seems a long time since she lived in her own place. That was quite a change of direction with that last scene of the police finding Ross' body, what prompted that - was the site where he was buried being excavated as a building plot and the digger disturbed his remains? No spoiler, as we saw him in the trailer, Angelo has returned and who is now a detective. We also saw him deliver the 'bad' news to Colby and Bella. As far as I can recall the only people who would remember him from last time is Alf, Irene, Marilyn and Leah. Have I missed anyone? Of course the discovery is going have repercussions for at least four folk in the bay. I must have blinked and missed Bella and Irene being in the same place.
  14. It's no wonder nowadays that guys get accused of inappropriate behaviour when girls like Amber are giving them mixed messages - "it's OK for me to feel you up and rub my body up against you but don't dare touch me". Was it done so Tane would step in and 'defend' her? A lot of pushing and shoving between Mac and Amber! Bit of cliche with Willow saying "It's Amber, that's the way she's always been". She's not a teenager anymore and OK she has a responsible job but Willow has managed to tone her behaviour down while still having fun. Mac has resisted temptation, so far, in that she hasn't followed up on her crush/lust. I think she doesn't really want to go there, it's just the excitement of the thought of it and if Tane did make a move she'd back off. Amusing the way Ziggy explained to Dean on how she got a black eye, caught a punch meant for Mac. Neither of them did a very good job of dodging Ari's perfectly reasonable questions, just aroused his interest in why they were being so odd around him. Then of course he overhears that conversation. Someone mentioned Tane being 'with' Mac, Willow, Amber and Ziggy at the club, but he wasn't, he just happened to turn up at the same place. My own error spotted - Ziggy hadn't just twigged about Mac's crush - Dean had already told her. Pretty sure I heard Mac tell Tane to go home earlier - and we all know why - but he was still there later when they had their chat. Perhaps that clip of Ryder having fun and a laugh was to tie in with Bella finding out he had gone to his dad's funeral and she admitted she had no idea Evan had even died, it was that same day after all, though it was short notice Ryder had gone to the funeral, he only decided that morning. Nice that her and Nik rang Ryder, even if it was a one sided conversation. Might be splitting hairs but Ziggy is older than Nikau even if it is only by a year. The three years between him and Bella isn't as much of an issue than it would be if she was younger but she is 18 so an adult. There were six years between Ziggy and Brody. Some don't but I like Nik and Bella together, they both seem so happy in each other's company, she's relaxed because she can trust him not to overstep the boundary and he just likes being with her - she called him my boyfriend. That was beautiful Nik explaining the Maori traditions and their belief in the gods of the sea, sky and earth and how his dad used to take him fishing and followed the tradition of throwing the first fish back. Bella kept her experiences with Ross vague about from the learning to use a cross bow to kill game. She nearly used it to kill Colby when they first saw each other again! Maybe Ari was being over cautious but at least Nik didn't jump down his throat which he would have done a few months ago. Bella is, as said before, an adult now and even in fact instigated the evening knowing Dean would be out, Colby would be at work and Ziggy had crashed out for the night, so In fact technically they wouldn't be alone. Tane is the Maori god of forests and birds.
  15. Just what is it that Amber has against Mac, is it just the fact she's got her own business and had a different upbringing to them? Is Amber assuming daddy brought the business for Mac, which he did, but not in the conventional way. Mac is really rubbish about concealing her feelings towards Tane, Amber has now noticed it, but she is a smart cookie, Willow and Ziggy both seem to have twigged too. I was thinking when Amber was trying to fix Willow up with a bloke in the club she doesn't know about her change of sexual preference. Not that she needed to but at least now Willow has filled Amber in it'll stop her trying to fix her up with random blokes. What is driving Amber to act so wild when she's out on the town, she was happy enough to feel that guy up but when he wanted to try it on with her she flipped so hence Tane stepping in and him getting thrown out. Have to say they all looked remarkably fresh the next day, apart from Ziggy's black eye, seeing as it was only a few hours earlier that they were leaving the club. Pretty good of Tane stepping in for Ryder at the last minute, he'd sobered up pretty quick too, shows he can be responsible. I'm guessing Ryder did leave a message for Mac, it was very short notice. Ziggy will have some clever explaining to do to Dean about why she got a black eye from Amber. Nice to get a mention of Karen, Dean seems to be visiting on a regular basis. Colby and Bella were mysteriously not at home. Justin had the luck to have had his dad with him for many years, whereas Ryder only had Even for a few weeks a month at most so Justin, although he meant well, couldn't understand. I'm glad Ryder finally revealed why he didn't want to go, at most funerals the people there are family or friends of the family and would know you and you'd know them. They wouldn't know Alf or Roo either but that's besides the point. It'll be a great chance, not ideal certainly, for Ryder to find out more about his dad when he was younger, things Evan didn't have time or maybe the inclination to tell him. The guys and gals will have plenty of tales about his dad, some amusing, some embarrassing. Leaving it to another time wouldn't be the same, as they wouldn't all be in the same place at the same time. I reckon there will be a couple of guys who knew about Ryder. Good point Slade about John not having the presence of mind to use his alarm, not only that if he has another stroke he may not be able to use it, last one affected his right side and the watch is on his left hand. No warning - unless I missed it - about there being flashing lights in yesterday's episode, I thought that was a requirement?
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