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1993 Episode Discussion

Dan F

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While Irene is a fun character she still seems like an adult character!.

I've been waiting for five years for when Irene becomes a regular and here we are.

Dan F, you remember in the 1989 thread when you told me I would have a while to wait before Irene arrives. Well it feels like no time has passed!.

Has anyone noticed that after each ad break and in the TV guide they just call it Home & Away now and no longer called Home and Away the Early Years. Seven must think Early years ended at 1993!.

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Doom Piano got a workout over at Don's in Nick v Shane and Don v Angel. What is it with his house and the sinister music?! :D

Haha! I noticed that too, was going to comment the same. I heard the "doom piano chord" strike and thought something majorly explosive was about to happen. Turns out it was just a little disagreement. I love Mike Perjanik's underscore but occasionally it can verge on the melodramatic!

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At least it wasn't Argument/ Angry Fight Guitar chord #1! (The kind that came out when Alf turfed Vicki out of his store after that cow lied about Grant molesting her back in 1990). :D

That said, I could listen to a YT playlist of Perjanik's music.

Some people saw Bobby's death as the true end of the Early Years.

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^I hope so! It would be great if they uploaded entire seasons on YouTube/Netflix at some point in the future but I'm happy with what we have at the moment. It's nice to watch all of the episodes in sequence without having the option to jump about into the 'future'.

I'm still a couple of weeks behind but I've been having binge sessions and I'm really enjoying it all. I do agree that some of the female/male dynamics are generalised and cringe worthy sometimes though. They do that a lot though, it's like whenever a religious person is in the show they are seen as 'strange/weird' or the nerdy types are always wearing glasses or carry a bit of extra weight on them. I hate those stereotypes, it's embarrassing really.

I find Shane and Angel interesting and enjoyable to watch and it's not just nostalgia I don't think. The chemestry between them just make those scenes so engaging.

It's interesting to see the 1993 season draw to a close as we gear up towards the 1994 season. It's a real treat to be at this point in the show because I say it every year but I never thought that 7TWO would reach 1994, I just never thought we'd see the 90's repeated again. Long may it continue. It's really nice to watch something that instantly takes you back to that time and all the memories that go with it. It reminds me of what Australia was like in the 90's.

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Made it up to 1370 and yes, I do kind of like the episodes being released a few at a time like this rather than having to binge on 6000+.The dynamic between Damian and Nathan is oddly reminiscent of the early friendship between Damian and Shane: For an apparent straight arrow, he can be surprisingly easily led at times.Sarah too I guess, and the smug way that Ailsa and Donald assumed Angel was the one up to no good was rather frustrating.Nathan continues to be very good at playing the innocent.Irene moving out of the caravan park (possibly not for good, but it's a sign things are moving) makes me realise we're only a few months off her moving into the beach house, where she remains to this day.

Roy is surprisingly likable, although I'm not sure that would have been the case without the recast.As I recall, he is actually on the level.Unfortunately, there are times when Finagle's Law and Hanlon's Razor collide disastrously...you don't have to be malicious, you just have to be stupid at the worst possible moment.

The debut of the future Simon Baker (known as the slightly unwieldy Simon Baker Denny at this point)! The kindest thing you can say is that his acting improves in the next 20 years, although to be fair he's not being given much to work with.

Things slotting into place for the finale, with the fancy dress party and Shane's work experience.Gonna be a wild one...See if it actually makes sense.

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Roy isn't evil this time round though his stupidity

will have some negative impact on Tug for the next few months


I'm waiting for the weekend before I drop my big annual review in the topic laid out.

Interesting Red, it's almost like Damian's taking a step backwards but difference is Shane came good in the end.

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