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  1. It also made me realise just how slow the bay was to get a gym in there. I mean you have weights int he middle of the surf club while customers are trying to get to the kiosk. They only got the gym in there a few years ago when Indi and Romeo bought it. Its funny to look back and see how things have changed. I mean the police station, hospital I agree I liked Alf's little store he had. Anyway im still not sure about Nathan and his intentions. But I guess we will soon see.
  2. ooh I can still clearly remember todays ep all those years ago when Shane typed angel's name into the database. The start of a big storyline.
  3. I loved todays episode. Loved how Morag got caught out and Sam admitted he wanted to stay and not go to that school. Loved how Pippa and Michael took Sam in. That's what I miss on the current series. The fostering.
  4. I wish morag could have fostered duncan and alf and ailsa could have taken sam. just so duncan left before he grew up into that evil child. In fact Morag has paid more attention to sam than her own real nephew. We have not seen them together at all. It was funny with Irene. Poor woman. But good to see her still going well.
  5. I presumed she meant mid year exams. If its end of year exams then you are right. The year has flown. I dont even remember when I last saw Finn at school.
  6. Every time i see Duncan i wish Morag took him away because i just think of him in the future and what a pain he is. Also I never actually realised how much older Sam was than Duncan. Morag is so evil but I am still enjoying her on screen and that wicked grin.
  7. What i find funny is Sally was so mad at Adam with what happened to bobby but yet she didn't even bother going to the funeral and im pretty sure we didn't seven see her shed a tear. In fact days after bobby died we didn't even see her. glad that Sam has realised it was a mistake and Adam and Sam became mates again even if fisher doesn't like it. Morag is up to something but it is nice seeing her around the bay.
  8. did anyone else think that there should have been more people at the funeral? I mean the 2 rows were filled then the rest was filled with extras. i thought roxy should have been there and luke and some of the others around town. even fin should have been there as bobby was her boss.
  9. i realised yesterday that poor Donald ended up losing 3 children. first allan then bobby then byron. geez what rotten luck. also i always wondered why sam called him uncle donald. he was technically more a grandfather. anyway its strange seeing morag back in when she was so mean but i do miss her these days.
  10. now we will get to see the freaky fridge scene in the stewart kitchen in the near future.
  11. i meant in the current series that screen at 7 pm. id love to see them visit the bay again. Also did anyone else find it strange that in todays episode that pippa was helping greg and still obviously upset about bobby while michael was off at a soccer match having a laugh and again not seen with pippa and we still havent seen sally.
  12. i miss morag now. i wish she would come back. I also wish finn or damien would come back to the bay and visit Irene.
  13. i wonder if there is a chance we will see a scene with both michael and pippa in it. So far they have taken it in turns to appear each day separately. also how come we didnt see sally today. she grew up with bobby. now the interetsing thing will be when morag comes back. She was so evil back then.
  14. its strange how children deal handle situations better than adults. Sam knew that Bobby was never going to be ok and it was so sad when Don was telling him she has gone to heaven and he started crying then at the end when he told greg he would help him. I did sort of laugh when don yelled at greg and told him straight that she had gone and he had to realise it. I guess back in those days especially characters like don they would just bottle up there feelings, not allowed to show emotion and just expected to deal with it. Poor Alisa when the phone rang. But seriously how did we not see Pippa again. I mean michael should have told her and she should have been there for sam. Interesting they bought up the donation of her organs. 20 years ago im assuming that it was an issue never discussed and now its a bigger issue but now it doesnt seem to be bought up. Over the past few years when home and away characters died like casey and charlie organ donation was never raised. I think the writers hsould add it in because people relate to tv and characters and it may get discussions going. anyway now we have no bobby and i had no idea she was only 19 when she raised the idea of the diner with Ailsa.
  15. im a bit surprised on how little we have seen pippa. I mean I know we have seen her at the hospital but today we see Michael go and see bobby and not even the sight of Pippa. Shouldnt she have gone, i mean she was her foster mother and has seen her grown up. Also I thought sally should be more upset than what she is showing. Bobby was basically like an older sister. I guess she is to caught up with her new friends. We have seen Tug more upset and he has actually visited her and he has only known her for around a year.
  16. I guess back then they wanted a major storyline and so killing off Bobby was it. maybe Nicole wanted to leave the show for reasons and if she did then killing her off was the only option. But it was just devastating how it happened.
  17. I completely forgot Luke was in the boat as well. now i wish it was him that didnt make it out alive. luke is alright but bobby is better. It was a little freaky when the they showed the log sitting there earlier and seeing adam head towards it going way to fast. the next week will be sad.
  18. oh my god, i cannot believe tomorrow is the episode. i can still remember how it happened but now that im older i think i will realise just how big a storyline it was back then
  19. oh sally i remember being that terrible age and wanting to be part of the cool group. You are better off without them.
  20. bobby has no right to say to Greg you cant see sam. I dont agree with what greg did but sam is actually greg's real son. He has more right than Bobby.
  21. my god greg the way you are just so freely cheating on Bobby with Fiona. ts nice to see the Angel/Sarah friendship. They became the best of friends. Poor Tug he is just so in love with Sarah.
  22. back then summer bay was so different. No river boy stuff, no gangs just a bay going about its day. Its also interesting comparing the school students. I mean you have sarah, angel, damien shane tug and fin compared with maddy, spencer, sasha, matt, oscar evie and josh. back then they just seem much older and mature. Well maybe not tug and shane. also I cannot believe that was 21 years ago that damien met that lady out in the bush. I can clearly remember that story line and how she was a runner and damien wanted her help. It did not feel 21 years ago. Geez time flies.
  23. ok im a bit behind but im catching up on episodes and i have just seen the new VJ. My god who cast him. Nothing against the actor but compared to the other VJ he is huge. He towers over Leah and he is just so different to the other one. When he is with Jett he look like VJ'S younger friend. When Leah tries to discipline him I keep thinking he is to old to be yelled at but he isnt. He just looks it. It just looks funny.
  24. True. Duncan is a little cutie. its a shame he grew up to be a little horror.
  25. I didnt realise Damien and Angel were such good friends to begin with. then Angel and Shane got together and become the tv couple of the 90's.
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