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  1. Sorry if it's been mentioned but 2 questions as Im still trying to watch some eps. What episode did we finish on before this little break? Did they ever catch the person who knocked Shane off his Bike?
  2. Well its the 2nd time I have had to say goodbye to Shane. I remember the first time I was devastated. But now as I'm older I was sad he didn't get to meet his new child. I know he had Dylan and he was great with him but this child was part of his DNA. I think about the storylines now with the teenagers and if you compare Shannon, Curtis, Selina Jack and even Sally to Olivia, Evie, Matt, Hunter VJ to a point because they made him grow up quickly and even when Oscar and Maddie were around the gang back then just seemed to much older than the ones now. If that makes sense.
  3. Nope not looking forward to next week. Have to relive the sadness again.
  4. Stupid question but if Saul was infertile from having mumps then how did he have Alex? Or did he get it after
  5. Ok so have managed to catch up. I can see why Selina is drawn to Saul. He has a tone of voice that seems gentle and caring and at the moment he is giving Selina all the answers she wants to hear. Especially about Maddy. How long does this storyline go on for anyway? Back when it first aired I thought it went on for years. Maybe it felt like that because I was younger. Chloe seriously get off those drugs. You are horrible when yo are on them and coming down from them. Poor Curtis doesn't know where he stands. Shane so glad you woke up but what were you thinking trying to overta
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. It also made me realise just how slow the bay was to get a gym in there. I mean you have weights int he middle of the surf club while customers are trying to get to the kiosk. They only got the gym in there a few years ago when Indi and Romeo bought it. Its funny to look back and see how things have changed. I mean the police station, hospital I agree I liked Alf's little store he had. Anyway im still not sure about Nathan and his intentions. But I guess we will soon see.
  8. ooh I can still clearly remember todays ep all those years ago when Shane typed angel's name into the database. The start of a big storyline.
  9. I loved todays episode. Loved how Morag got caught out and Sam admitted he wanted to stay and not go to that school. Loved how Pippa and Michael took Sam in. That's what I miss on the current series. The fostering.
  10. I wish morag could have fostered duncan and alf and ailsa could have taken sam. just so duncan left before he grew up into that evil child. In fact Morag has paid more attention to sam than her own real nephew. We have not seen them together at all. It was funny with Irene. Poor woman. But good to see her still going well.
  11. I presumed she meant mid year exams. If its end of year exams then you are right. The year has flown. I dont even remember when I last saw Finn at school.
  12. Every time i see Duncan i wish Morag took him away because i just think of him in the future and what a pain he is. Also I never actually realised how much older Sam was than Duncan. Morag is so evil but I am still enjoying her on screen and that wicked grin.
  13. What i find funny is Sally was so mad at Adam with what happened to bobby but yet she didn't even bother going to the funeral and im pretty sure we didn't seven see her shed a tear. In fact days after bobby died we didn't even see her. glad that Sam has realised it was a mistake and Adam and Sam became mates again even if fisher doesn't like it. Morag is up to something but it is nice seeing her around the bay.
  14. did anyone else think that there should have been more people at the funeral? I mean the 2 rows were filled then the rest was filled with extras. i thought roxy should have been there and luke and some of the others around town. even fin should have been there as bobby was her boss.
  15. i realised yesterday that poor Donald ended up losing 3 children. first allan then bobby then byron. geez what rotten luck. also i always wondered why sam called him uncle donald. he was technically more a grandfather. anyway its strange seeing morag back in when she was so mean but i do miss her these days.
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