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1993 Episode Discussion

Dan F

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Saw upto 1360.

Holy cow; Only three weeks of 1993 left to show on 7Two!


I remembered the Luke/Nathan exchange clear as day. "Take as much rope as you like, I'll be there when you hang yourself". That was a classic line. 1-nil to Luke, I think based on that scene where Nathan is like "Oh crap, I'm sussed" after he leaves the room.

Bowls Club stuff was kind of funny, typical Early Years storyline. That's the kind of story would have got if they'd have kept Floss or Neville around a year or two later.

Adam's basically on borrowed time here despite still being in the credits, He's either hanging with Nathan, spotting Shane or Nick on weights, is Tug's bitching board (whenever Luke isn't around).

Luke's old feelings rising to the surface... It's not gonna end well.

The Mentalist will soon roll into the Bay and put the moves on Rox

The Spud stuff brought back memories too.

After enough hints, We know where the Sam thing is going....

Nathan Roberts and Mortimer Mouse, separated at birth? You decide! Suprrised they didn't say to David Dixon "Dave, chew on this block of cheese between scenes!" :D

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I'm really behind at the moment... up to 1350. Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying having Irene in the show!

Also very pleased that the storyline with Morag is over. Morag was great but I was getting so bored of Ailsa's part because I felt like it was just too repetitive.

Glad to see Adam's grief and guilt has been written realistically and continued on at a fairly realistic pace.

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Caught up to 1365. Ten eps in one week I guess My Source is spoiling us! :)

I'm glad Adam is maintaining some normality instead of constantly feeling sorry for himself, that said, I mentioned he's becoming a spare part like Nick, Fin and Sal. I'm just glad everyone doesn't see him as the devil anymore, although Don probably wouldn't spit on him if he caught on fire (That may change soon).

Nathan/Luke is one of the more memorable things from his time on the show. He's such a little wind-up merchant isn't he? Luke basically repeated himself about being there when Nathan hangs himself. Funny what you remember from when you're 9/10!

It was evident that bucket stunt was deliberate.

Talking of Nathan, Don should have ordered him to put on a shirt but the Producers probably insisted as Dixon was some supposedly some teen heart-throb (try to contain your laughter people)

The Bowls stuff was fun.

The look on Don's face when Shane donated the other half of that dosh (what was left of it anyway) = Priceless. Thought Flathead was gonna cry.

And yes, I wanted to slap Angel for sweet-talking Shane into letting Spud go! Had Shane not been home, he probably would have raped her or at the very least attempted it (And this is in a time when the show wasn't gangster-ridden). And the FALSE information she provided to the cops really took the biscuit.

The Fancy-Dress party... Ooh, We know what's coming! Can hardly wait.

Interesting delving into the Roberts' past. Just annoyed at Irene's blindness.

Roy's back in town like a bad stink, looking surprisingly younger than when he went into the joint! Didn't know Aussie prisons had a plastic surgeon on staff back then! :D:D

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Theres only 2 weeks of 1993 to go this week and next. Nathan leading Damian astray well its not like Damian dosent have his own mind he could of easily said no to speeding in the car and accepting the beer from Nathan. Its kind of nice to see Damian broaden his horizons he is such a good boy.

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