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  1. I'm against all surgical procedures for the same reason.
  2. They're just the cover... I thought Shannon did stay briefly until he caught her and Curtis canoodling (or 'going at it hammer and tongs', to use his favourite expression) and insisted she move to the Ross house?
  3. Yeah - in fact we are currently in one of the few periods where Alf doesn't have an attractive young woman to whom he is not related staying in his house... Sarah, Roxy, Shannon etc...
  4. Yes, he now just looks (and behaves) like a knuckle-dragging thuggish troglodyte, whereas when he joined he was a handsome teenager. I just cringe whenever he appears now...
  5. Yes, Sally was bizarrely absent - as was just about anyone else from Y12. The party seemed jam-packed with parents, staff (well, only the ones we know), and little kids... why was Nick there?
  6. After slating David Dixon I have now learned I am very distantly linked to him: apparently my father-in-law's ex-partner is his mother-in-law…. tenuous I know.
  7. I do wish Alf would stop asking where Pippa (or whoever happens to be around at Summer Bay House) wants his box of groceries to be delivered. It's always on the table, Alf...
  8. Fin's hotpants in 1358 didn't arouse much comment from the guys in the Bay...
  9. Yes, this is a weak storyline which really stretches plausibility to breaking point - and makes Sarah a far from credible character. Also weak is
  10. Also, David Dixon's teeth (I'm remembering and have recently seen a couple clips)... Man! Yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who find DD's teeth vaguely repellent. He just looks vile. I can't work out why most people seem to be accepting him courteously, when he's clearly a stereotypical thug, with an ongoing criminal record.
  11. I was so impressed by Angel's enthusiasm for the ballet that I went out and bought the complete Swan Lake on SACD...
  12. Not just a criminal, but an inept one - why would he take a photo on the stolen camera when the rest of the film would have the owner's christening photos on it. And why on earth was everyone, e.g. Pippa, and to a lesser extent Irene, so naive when an item is stolen from the caravan park within an hour of convicted criminal Nathan arriving there? Irene doesn't do herself any favours when refusing to believe her son is a tea leaf...
  13. They should never have brought Nathan in at all. Just a loathsome cartoonish character with no redeeming features - very poorly written. I'm all for drama in the show but to introduce just a two dimensional pantomime villain to create a few feeble storylines was a poor decision. I just cue through the show whenever he appears.
  14. I thought Alf always drove his beige/caramel Range Rover - he is at the moment anyway.
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