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Piece Of Me

Guest Laura

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Chapter 8

The sun was shining bright through the bedroom window. “What time is it?” Rachel thought to herself whilst yawning. “Oh crap” she thought. It was 12:10pm and she was over 4 hours late to work. She was sure she set her alarm. Maybe she didn’t hear it. It took hours for her to get to sleep last night. She kept hearing the speech Hugo gave her about how happy he’s been and how much he loves her. The guilt was eating away at her. She knew this feeling wasn’t going to go away until Hugo knew the truth. She just couldn’t bring herself to tell him.


“Finally, I thought you had work today” Hugo passed a coffee to Rachel.

“I do. I did. I, er, called in sick last night. Wasn’t feeling to good and didn’t want the early start”

“Oh, are you ok?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just a stomach ache”

“Well seeing as we both have the day off how about we have a late lunch at the diner?”

“No thanks Hugo. I still don’t feel 100%”

“OK well I need to drop something off for Alf. Maybe you should go back to bed”

“Yeah, I might”

Looking down at his watch, Hugo said to Rachel, “OK I have to go now. I said I’ll be at the Surf Club before 1”

“K, see ya later”

“Bye” He kissed her on the cheek before leaving.

As soon as he left, she picked up the phone and called the hospital.

“Hi. It’s Rachel”

“I know. I’m so sorry” I was up half the night being sick”

“Yeah, I know I should have called sooner but it slipped my mind”

“OK I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll work an extra shift or something”

“Yeah, bye”

She hated this. It was one lie after another. She decided. “I’ll tell him when he gets home”. She was so scared he would leave her. Secrets have a way of coming out so it was better he heard it from her.

“G’day Alf”

“Alright Hugo. I was wondering where you got to”

“Yeah sorry I’m late. I had a phone call from the child minder; said Tash wanted to go home. Took her to Leah’s”

“Oh ok. Fair enough”

“Well, here are the new contracts for the dive business”


“G’day” Roman walked over to Hugo and Alf.


“Can I have a juice Alf please?” Roman asked Alf

“Sorry mate, you’ll have to ask this young man here”, pointing to the guy cleaning up, “I’ve finished my shift”


“Do you fancy a juice Hugo? Been a whilst since we caught up”

“Yeah, sure”

They made their way to a clean table. “Two juices please”, Roman called over to the guy working there.

“So how are things?”

“Yeah, great thanks”

“And the wedding planning?”

“We haven’t spoken about it much yet. But Martha’s been getting excited looking at wedding dresses” They both laughed.


“So is everything good with you then?”

Hugo wasn’t sure how to answer that

“Is that a no then?”

“I’m not sure. Everything seemed to be great. But I heard Rachel tossing and turning all night last night and she wasn’t herself this morning”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. She said she was ill but I’m not so sure”

“I’m sure everything’s fine. If something was up, Rachel will tell you”

“I hope so”

“Anyway, how are things with the engagement party going?”

“Well, we’re not sure about that. Maybe just ask a few people to come over. You and Rach. Alf”

“Martha and Charlie still not made up then?”

“No. I hope they do soon though”

“Anyway, sorry Hugo, but I have to go to work. Colleen needs to leave early, so I said I would cover her shift”

“Oh, the joy” Both of them laughed.


“See ya”

Miles walked into the surf club and when he spotted Hugo he walked straight over to him.

“Hi, Hugo, I’m glad I caught you”

“What is it Miles?”

“Erm, well I’m not sure if I should tell you. Or if it meant anything…”


“Well, you know Kirsty has started to work nights at the Sands, well she said she saw Rachel there. With another man”

“When was this?”

“A couple of weeks ago. Hugo, it might not be what it sounds like. Wait”

Too late. Hugo had already left.

“Hey babe, you have been out longer than I thought you would be”

“I went for a walk when I left the Surf Club”

“What’s wrong?” Rachel could tell he wasn’t himself.

“I ran into Miles”

She looked at him blankly.

“He told me Kirsty saw you with another man”

He knew. She wanted to tell the truth. She really did but more lies just came out.


“Yeah, at the Sands a couple of weeks ago”

“No, I wasn’t at the Sands”

“Oh, that’s funny because you told me you stayed there that night when you were meant to be at Leah’s”

“Yes, but I was by myself”

She walked over to him and when she went to put her arm around him he moved away.

“Hugo, I would never do that to y…”

“Don’t lie to me!” He banged his hand on the side as he shouted this.

Rachel jumped. She had never seen him like this.

“OK, ok, I was there but it’s not what you think”


“I was drunk and I didn’t know what I was doing”

“Please you have to believe me. Hugo, I am so sorry. I was going to tell you”


“Yes. Today, when you got back”

“Oh that’s convenient”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You were never going to tell me Rach”

“I was. I swear”

“Rach, I don’t even know who you are anymore”

“It’s me”

“No. You have changed”

“Please Hugo. I’m sorry”

“I think its best you leave”


“Just for a few days. Let me think things through and to give us some space”

“Come on, we can work this out”

“Rach, please”

“OK, I’ll go pack a bag”

Both of them had tears falling from their eyes.

Rachel walked into the living room where Hugo was.

“I’m going now”

“Where are you going to stay?”

“Leah’s probably”



“When Tash asks where I am, just say I’m at Leah’s for some reason.

“K. See ya”

“Bye” Rachel whispered that and as soon as she left the house and burst into tears.

“I need a drink” Hugo thought to himself. He opened the cupboard to get the bottle out. But it wasn’t there. One bottle of vodka was missing. It had been there that morning. And he knew exactly who had it.

“Hi” Charlie entered the living room and sat down next to Angelo.

“We need to talk”

A lot is said between Charlie and Angelo. And Martha and Roman have an argument. Will the wedding me called off?

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As one of the people that enquired about your next update I really should have replied a lot sooner. Apologies.

Chapter 7 – Definitely not a “crappy chapter”. I really enjoyed the stuff with Roman and Martha. I actually didn’t see that coming. I thought it would have been a surprise dinner or something. I would like to see what happens with Charlie if she comes clean about the rape to other people.

Chapter 8 – I can’t believe Miles just went up to Hugo and told him like that. It’s not as if they were having a conversation and he put his foot in it either. He should have had a quite word with Rachel first or maybe even got Kirsty to do it. Really enjoyed the dialogue between Rachel and Hugo, quite believable in fact.

BTW where’s Nicole?

Looking forward to more stuff with Charlie.

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