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  1. Happy birthday Kirsty! I hope you are having a great day! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you ahve a really good day. Love Tele


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  4. Awww Laura that was just perfect!! This fic was incredible and i think that last chapter was a really fantastic way to end. You ended things for everyone involved beautifully and i really like how it wasn't all completely perfect. It was realistic, especially the Tony and Rachel part. Belle and Aden were really sweet and i love that they're going to have a baby. I loved their easy banter and how Aden was making faces at Ella I thought the dialouge between all the characters was brilliantly written and it was a such a nice atmosphere - everyone happy and joking and realising how much Ella has changed things or given them a new perspective. Tony was completely adorable and i love how protective he was of Rachel, bossing her around and telling her to sit down! It's really nice to see him like that after all the doubts he had about being able to look after her. It seems he's started to believe in himself and that's a really lovely thing to have come out of everything that's happened. I think the most positive change was in Jack and i'm glad he realised he had to think of the future and not let what happened with Angelo dominate his life. And Martha and Jack babies! It was nice to see Lucas and Leah there as well, and i'm glad Lucas realised how much Tony loves him. I can't believe he offered to change a nappy though!! hahha. The last scene of Tony and Rachel with their baby was so heartwarming. I loved Rachel's reaction to Tony repeating himself, it was perfect. And Tony definitely sounds like a super daddy!! All the stuff with him and Ella was just adorable I have this say that this fic is really fantastic, from start to finish. The standard of writing is incredible and you've managed to deal with drama, emotional angst, humour, romance - all in the same story!! I thought the protrayal of every charatcer was realistic and you captured all their personalities perfectly. I can't wait for any more you write!!
  5. Laura so sorry for commenting so late! I know I am useless. The past two updates were amazing. Once again you captured their emotions just right and in such a way I felt complete empathy for both of them. I absolutely love how you’ve written Derek; he’s so wonderful and Rachel is exactly how I imagine she would have been in that situation! I love all the attention to detail regarding the baby and the medical stuff, it's not written in a patronising way and really helps to imagine things clearly. You're writing is very vivid and i really love that about all your stories. Although I completely understand why she was so desperate to see her baby. Not being able to hold your child as soon as you’ve given birth must be pretty horrendous and I thought you conveyed that really well. Poor Tony, stuck in the middle kinda. On one hand he’s just as desperate as Rachel to see their daughter but obviously worried/concerned for his wife’s well-being at the same time. I did like how Rachel put herself in a position where it was pretty hard of Derek to say no. And Tony’s eye rolling was perfect. It was sad she was worried the baby wouldn’t like her thought, that’s a part of Rachel we rarely see and I love you included her insecurities in that way. Those lines were so beautiful and moving. Tony is a total sweetheart. And i loved Rachel's joke about him looking hot! I think it's good that Jack has finally managed to move forward with the whole Angelo situation. I thought the conversation between him and Martha was really well written and captured both their personalities. Loved Martha's line about Rachel being bossy I'm glad Jack listened to her and realised what was important in life. Hopefully now he'll be able to put it all behind him and move forward with Martha. The little chapter of Tony and the baby was just too adorable!! Love the Winne the Pooh hat, so cute!! His pride is so clear and it's lovely to see him so happy after everything. Him talking to her was so cute and i love he made fun of himself regarding the grey hairs, hahah. Can't wait for more!!
  6. Aww Laura that was amazing! I absolutely loved it! It was so beautifully written with so much heartfelt emotion. I love how you write so vividly; it really helps to connect and emphasise with the characters. The conversation between Rachel and Tony during the birth was brilliant, touching and realistic. Rachel’s obvious fear was heart-breaking to read and I felt desperately sorry for her. After everything she’s been through it’s sad things ended up going the way they did. But again Tony was wonderful; so supportive and loving. The image of him trying to put his scrubs on really made me laugh! I could imagine him all hurried and then getting all stressed! The c-section was written very realistically and I kinda felt like I learned something! So well done on that! I liked Tony trying to distract himself by wondering what their baby would be like and at the same time trying to support Rachel. Reading about her crying was so sad. It must be a really horrible situation to be in and i think they both coped with it all really well. I'm glad Tony didn't faint or anything! Seeig Rachel be cut open can't have been nice for him at all! That I was not expecting!! So brilliant!! It was really funny and I loved how Rachel just blurted out the obvious! Tony’s reaction was adorable, bless him. I love Tony has a little girl! It's so sweet and it was a nice twist!! Rachel's reaction was funny and i like how it took Tony a while before he finally realised the baby was definitely not a boy! But the ending really worried. Poor Tony and Rachel must be on the verge of having breakdowns! It must have been devastating for them, especially Rachel, to not even be allowed to hold her. It was heart breaking for her at the end. After everything she's been through i just wanted her to hold her baby Her hormones must be going crazy. But Tony is just wonderful and his support is just fantastic. I can't wait for more.
  7. Ohh this chapter was so exciting!! I loved it. There was so much tension but you wrote it brilliantly and really built it up. I felt sorry for Tony at the start. He must have been completely terrfied and i thought it was pretty sad he blamed himself for her not telling him she needed to go back to the hospital. I loved that you had Derek there, yey!! And i love how he told Tony he saved Rachel's life. That will obviously help him tremendously and i hope he takes a lot of confidence and reassurance from it. I really liked how you had him waiting outside and you wrote his frustration and anger so well. It must be tough to be stuck waiting around knowing there is absoloutly nothing you can do to help someone you love when they probably need you the most. Aww bless!! And Rachel thinks he would look 'amazing' in scrubs. Hehehe! Poor Rachel though!! She has been so brave and now it looks as if the baby is going to come before anyone is ready!! I did like how you had her on the defensive on this and she was looking to Tony for support. They must be terrified and with everything happening so fast i'm glad Tony managed to remain somewhat calm and was there for Rachel. Can't wait to see what happens next!!
  8. I’m so sorry I’m slow at responding, can’t believe I missed another update! Those last two chapters were amazing. You always capture the emotion so well, I feel like I know Tony and Rachel personally by how you write them. They both seem to be on this emotional roller coaster. As soon as something positive happens they have another set-back. But I think it’s great that they don’t let things get on top of them anymore and work through their issues together. I love how their relationship is developing and growing. I understand why Rachel didn’t want to tell Tony about what happened at the hospital but I feel if she had then what happened could have been prevented. It’s sad she is trying to be so strong and shield him from things when really at this stage in her pregnancy she should be leaning on him a lot more than she is. And Tony – my heart broke for him. It must have been horrific for him to be told there’s nothing they can do about his memory loss and he has to learn to live with it. Coming to terms with it must have been so hard and I think you articulated that really well. I like how he just suddenly lashed out and screamed; it was like he was finally releasing all the anger he’d build up. If only Tony could believe what Rachel Is saying because it’s true. She’s being so supportive, bless her, even though it must be killing her inside seeing Tony so devastated. I like how you showed her bossy side though!! Loved she pretty much demanded he run her a bath and then give her a massage. Oh my God though the last chapter was so intense! You build up the tension so gradually I could hardly wait to find out what happened. I’m glad Tony managed to stay calm and I think under the circumstances he acted amazingly. Tony panicking would have made things so much worse. I loved how he didn’t get angry at her for not telling him about having to go back to the hospital and was just, well, incredible. I hope giving her the medication was the right thing to do. Poor Rachel. My heart breaks for her. She must be terrified. The description and attention to detail just made it even more brilliant and added so much to the story. You create this visual in my mind and so easy to map out every scene. Tony's panic really came across but i love he managed to stay calm for her. Can't wait for more.
  9. That was amazing Laura! I loved it. You captured their emotions so perfectly as always, when i read it i feel like i am watching it on the television it's so realistic. I loved the Rachel/Tony stuff. I'm glad the diary thing seems to be working out for them although i guess it's inevitable things are not always going to to go to plan. I do like that Rachel convinced him to go with Jack even though i suspect she really wanted him to go with her - that was sweet of her and Tony's guilt was well written. Even without saying anything you could tell how bad he felt. Jack trying to pick a gift for Martha was really funny - you write the humour really well. The Jennifer Aniston/Angelina Jolie stuff was brilliant - i could just imagine the look on Jack and Tony's faces! So funny! It really made me laugh. I like how Rachel was so flippant about the whole thing and knew exactly what to get her. Poor Jack and Tony, haha. It's nice they are spending some together though and i guess Tony is worried about the whole Angelo situation. Rachel seems pretty uncomfortable and tired - i hope everything is going to be okay with her now it's getting so close to the arrival of baby Tachel! I don't blame Jack for attacking Angelo. He must have had so much anger built up inside him. Maybe in a strange sort of way this will help him move on and learn to deal with what Angelo did. I am glad Charlie stopped him though - Jack could have ended up in jail if he'd carried on. I can't believe Angelo honestly thought Charlie had forgiven him!! He really is an awful person and i hope he gets what's coming to him!! Really intrigued as to why Tony left early. I hope that phone call was not really bad news Him and Rachel have been through so much.
  10. That was brilliant as always It's really sweet that Tony is trying so hard to find help and support and i loved him telling Rachel he was 'googling.' I'm glad Rachel understood why he felt he had to find someone other than her to talk too and didn't make a big deal out of it. It's sweet she got a little teary about it though; i guess her being heavily pregnant is also playing on her emotions. Loved the little mention of her swollen ankles too, poor Rach!! She seems to be getting pretty uncomfortable. Good to see she is still shopping with Leah though You write Tony's frustration so well. It's sad that something as trivial as taking the rubbish out makes him feel so useless, when in every day life it's something that is easily forgotten. But i guess every little thing he forgets to do will be traced back to his illness. I feel so sorry for him. I understand why he feels like he can't look after his wife and her being pregnant must make him feel a lot worse. And for Rachel too as i don't think she means to make him feel like he's not remembering things. I guess it's going to take them a long time to adjust to things. It's good they don't seem to be taking things out on each other anymore though and i hope they continue to work together to get through it. It must be really difficult for her though to hear Tony go on about he's not being 'the man' etc becasue she clearly doesn't worry about that. And i hope Tony realises he can look after her and just becasue he forgets to take the rubbish out it doesn't mean he's letting her down in any way. The gift was so lovely, bless Rachel I'm so glad Tony took it in the right way and i really hope it's going to be a positive thing for him.
  11. That was another fabulous chapter I thought it was pretty heartbreaking that Tony went to the hospital two hours early to pick her up. It shows how much despair he is in and gives an insight into how he is coping with things. Sadly he seems to be struggling with the outcome of his accident but i guess that's to be expected given everything that's happend. I loved how going back to work seemed to really help Rachel; it didn't seem like a good idea at the time but that's always been her way of coping and i think this time it's really working well. You captured her true character really well there. The little scene with them in the hospital was really sweet and i did enjoy the little bits of mush I like how they're talking to each other a little more honestly now and it seems like Rachel is feeling a lot better about the situation which will hopefully help Tony too. I also liked the mention of Julie yey! It's sweet she is looking out for Rachel and i like how you did it in such a way that it didn't make Rachel seem pathetic or like she was over-reacting. On one hand she's trying to be strong but you can pick up on the ocassional moment of vunrability with her. I felt quite sorry for Tony here But i am glad Rachel made it clear how much it meant to her he was there and she didn't make him feel like an idiot. And it's just like Tony to be so sweet. I loved that Tony and Jack went to see Charlie and i'm relieved the truth is finally out!! I don't blame Jack at all for his anger though and i hope he confronts Angelo! Tony was as lovely as always with her - very understanding considering he had a right to be mad. I loved how they chit chatted about Rachel, it all felt very normal and it must have been nice for Charlie to have something else to think about. I'm happy she is going to visit her - hopefully seeing her friends again will lift poor Charlie. It must be awful for her - you don't stop loving someone just like that, despite what Angelo did i'm sure she finds it impossible to bury her feelings for him.
  12. Toy Story 3 I loved it and nearly cried at the end.
  13. Describe a few memorable pre-Tachel scenes that are worthy of mentioning. I mentioned most of them in the Rachel thread. I liked Tony supporting her when Rev. Hall first started stalking her and I remember him walking her to her car and telling her if she needed him he was there for her. Plus their dvd nights. It’s a shame we never saw those as I think that’s when their friendship really started to grow. When do you think that you saw that first Tachel spark when they weren’t a couple yet? Although I think it was always obvious they were close friends and genuinely cared for each other I didn’t notice a spark until he went to comfort her at the hospital after she’d been attacked by Rev. Hall. I love that she tried to stay strong and insist she was okay but ended up crying in his arms. He was the first person she called when she had the chance and I think that says a lot about how close they already were, even before it became romantic. And he was genuinely worried for her during the whole ordeal. What were your favourite and least favourite Tachel storylines? I have a lot of favourites! Firstly I loved their wedding and was so pleased with how it happened. The setting was beautiful and the ceremony was just perfect. The aftermath of Jack’s death was not exactly a happy time for them but I think that storyline proved just how strong their relationship was. No matter how much he pushed her away Rachel didn’t give up on him and was able to shove her own pain aside. They came through it in the end and I think the wedding was a beautiful way to commemorate that. Harry’s birth was pretty much perfect and I thought the post natal depression storyline was done extremely well (for the most part). It was handled with real sensitivity and Amy did a pretty amazing job. I loved how incredibly supportive Tony was during this time. He never once blamed her for anything (even when she nearly killed Harry) and was just desperately worried about her. It was lovely to see them dealing with things together and working through their problems. I also enjoyed them in the beginning of their relationship when it fun and relaxed and they were all giggly and flirty. I loved the natural build up. I enjoyed their more realistic storylines; such as Tony struggling with his job satisfaction and their financial worries. They pulled together and didn’t let the little things have any real negative impact on their marriage. The Joe storyline was good and although it ended tragically I think that’s what made Tony ultimately realise how much he wanted a baby with her. The first few weeks after Rachel found out she was pregnant were lovely to watch. They were both so desirously happy and it was like they were in a little love bubble. He was amazing when they first brought Harry home. He was so concerned about her especially when she learned she was being sued. He was like her rock and i don't think she would have gotten throught things if he hadn't been so amazingly supportive. I didn’t like the aftermath of the Aden kidnapping followed by the Bridget saga. I find it completely unrealistic that Tony would run off and sleep with someone else so quickly, much less move in with her. And it was ridiculous he’d automatically assume she’d left him when so many things didn’t add up. I hated the aftermath of him trying to murder Angelo. It makes sense he’d be angry but it would have made much more sense if he’d just flipped one day other than spend months planning to kill him. That’s scary and he was back to his normal self far too soon. The boxing storyline dragged on for too long and both Tony and Rachel acted like childish idiots. And I hated how much Tony changed during their departure storyline. Mention a few of your favourite Tachel quotes. Rachel: ‘I realised that more than anything I want to be with you.’ Tony: ‘You mean more to me that anything else in this world. I can’t bear to imagine my life without you but I can’t bear to make you miserable either.’ Rachel: ‘You could never let me down.’ Tony: ‘I love you more than I can possibly put into words. You stood by me when others would have walked away. You’re an amazing, beautiful, beautiful women and I hope you still love me enough to marry me.’ Rachel: ‘So if I catch the two of you in bed together you’re just comforting her right?’ Tony: ‘See, I knew you were an intelligent woman!’ Rachel: ‘I’m still hot right?’ Tony: ‘Of course you are, I reckon you’re the hottest chick going round.’ Rachel: ‘You’re supposed to say that.’ Tony: ‘Aww babe maybe I’ve just got really good taste.’ Rachel: ‘Harry, look at the big fish mummy bought and the little fish daddy caught!’ Tony: ‘Harry look at the fish mummy’s not going any of!’ Tony: ‘What makes you so sure?’ Rachel: ‘I’m always right!’ Tony: ‘We made him Rach.’ And I loved their vows; they were simply beautiful and said everything that needed to be said without being too much. Describe your favourite Tachel scenes with and without Harry. I loved all of them with Harry. They made such a beautiful family. I adored the scenes when he was first born and they were debating over who he looked like. They were both just so happy. And when Rachel had him at the beach and Tony asked if he’d seen any waves. The scene of them on the bed together just after they got Harry back from Jane was beautiful. And I loved the little scenes in the garden when Tony was cooking fish on the barbeque. When they were in the hospital waiting to see if Harry was going to be okay after Rachel rolled on top of him. The acting was amazing and Tony’s support of Rachel was just incredible. She was so broken and lost. There’s so many without Harry so I’ll just do my top 5! These are in no particular order: The scenes in the episode where they found out the vasectomy reversal had been a success. They were just both so happy and flirty with each other. I loved that Tony patted her bum and they made plans to have sex while in the hospital!! And in the end when they were kissing and Jimmy spooked her so Tony grabbed a spanner and told her to wait! The wedding. It was just perfect and I honestly don’t think I’d have changed anything. The little scene when Rachel told Tony she was pregnant and then the ultrasound. It was lovely to see them so happy and in love and just celebrating together. The episode after Jack died. All their scenes together were just so heart breaking and moving. I loved how Rachel stood outside the house and tried to force herself to stay calm but just lost it when she saw Tony. The fight during the Belinda saga. It was so passionate and fiery! Which was your favourite Harry? Please mention the name of the actor or a scene/storyline that he was involved in. Matthew. He was gorgeous and had the most amazing eyes. I love the scene where Rachel is feeding him and then he gets amazed at what he can do with his fingers, then he just starts to laugh and stares at Rachel. What will you miss most about the Holden family? Everything. I will miss there being a family on Home and Away. Rachel and Tony were a realistic couple who didn’t let any obstacle stand in their way. They had to work at their relationship and that’s why I think I loved them so much. They didn’t give up at the first hurdle. They supported each other even during times when they were in pain themselves but they were able to put the other first. They were just so sweet and affection with each other and I enjoyed seeing them deal with every day issues and come through them. What song best defines Tachel? I’ll need to come back to that one! If you could re-write any Tachel scene, which would it be and how would it play out? I have a lot but I’ll stick to just one. Definitely the one after he came back from Broken Hill. I loved their hug but after that it just went downhill. He didn’t even ask how she was or acknowledge that she’d just been kidnapped and chained to a wall. I’d keep the big squeezey hug but then I’d have him ask her if she was ok firstly! And I wouldn’t have him being so pathetic. And I’ve had liked Rachel to be a little more emotional; she’d just been through this terrifying ordeal but seemed completely over it, when only the day before she’d been crying to Leah. Are there any storylines which you think could/should have been written for Tachel? I would have loved to have seen her dad come back. It would have been interesting to see them cope with that. And some more fun, family time wouldn’t have gone amiss. A Rachel kidnapping storyline where Tony actually cared would have been nice too! Some more work stuff for Rachel – perhaps her accidently killing a patient and losing her confidence and Tony having to help her through it. And at the beginning it would have been fun to have more stuff with Jazz. She was fun and they could have played a lot on her trying to steal Tony off Rachel. If you were given the chance to let the writers know how you felt about the writing of this couple, what would you say to them? For the most part you did an excellent job but what happened in 2010? I just found it all a bit disrespectful. Any parting words that you would like to express in regards to Tachel? I’ll just really miss them. They were a wonderful little family and a couple easy to relate too.
  14. One word: Aaaammmazingg! Honestly those two chapters were just brilliantly written and you captured everyone's emotions beautifully. I loved the talk between Tony and Leah. You could tell how broken and useless he felt and it was nice he had someone to talk too. Leah is clearly worried as well and i like she showed concern for Tony as well as Rachel. His excitement over the baby was lovely and although it wasn't for long it was nice to see him smiling and happy. I loved how he told Leah the baby was going to be a little troublemaker So cute. And Leah saying she could finally buy booties was sweet. It's so heartbreaking for Rachel though. She's suddenly on the defensive and seems so terrified by what happened she's not herself at all. I guess having to be the 'strong one' for so long finally took its toll on her when the attack made her realise she can't control everything. And on top of that she feels guilty becasue Tony has just gotten out of hopsital after his accident and i guess she feels she should be looking after him, not the other way round It's just so sad for both of them. As much as i agree with what Leah suggested i don't think Tony disappearing on Rachel before she was ready was such a good idea. She's clearly still in a bad way and perhaps it would have been bettter if Tony had told her he was going instead of just leaving when he promised he's stay. Poor Charlie. I do feel so sorry for her and i really hope she gets her chance to tell the truth! I'm glad Jack is willing to talk to her thought, hopefully she'll be able to convince him she didn't have anything to do with it. Poor Tony all distracted though. I loved the scene with Irene and i'm glad Charlie opened up to her. I felt really sorry for him when Rachel was yelling at him about leaving her. I understand why she is mad though; it would have been better if he'd just told her he thought she should spend some time with Leah or try and cope without him for a little while. I think though she's probably just as angry at herself for letting things get so bad. I think it's far too soon for her to go back to work but i think that's very typical of Rachel. I'm glad she acknowledged that she needs to let go of her anger but it's difficult and her way of coping has always been to bottle things up. I'm glad she agreed to let him pick her up, despite her worries. Maybe this will help them move on a little bit from everything that's happened. She needs to let him help her. So can't wait for more
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