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  1. I really don't know what it is about these two but I just do not buy their relationship, not for a minute. I think Bianca belongs with Liam to be honest, I'm so dissapointed they've split them up so easily. I think Bianca and Heath's relationship feels so forced and fake..... Maybe thats because it was forced by her accidentally having his baby ? I don't know. She doesn't trust Heath at all,not with anything, he used her little sister for sex solely to make her jealous. Now I'm sorry but to me that screams ***hole ? Not to mention that hes an absolute douchebag. Heath hasn't got an ounce of depth as a character, everything he does is so one dimensional he might as well be a cardboard cutout. It seems this new producer thats come in has a thing for this pairing, but to be quite honest I can't see it and its ruined Bianca for me to be honest!
  2. Is Leah's ONLY purpose on the show is to butt in and stick her nose in other peoples business now ? This year shes just getting involved in everybodys lives when really its none of her business! We had her trying to run Brax's life, now shes getting herself in the thick of the Ruby/Romeo/Liam/Indi situation.....Can someone tell me exactly what this has to do with her ?
  3. I absolutely love the dynamic of the Walker family lately! Dex and Sasha in particular are brilliant to watch, the humour and chemistry is just perfect.
  4. I thought the finale was absolutely amazing! definitely one of the better ones.......
  5. Bianca is acting like a hypocrit at the moment - and her actions are only making herself feel better imo! I'm sorry, I don't agree....... Brax and Charlie dragged her and Liam into their whole twisted lives of lies and deception, she has every right to act how she is. Her actions are completely justified in my eyes. Bianca would never let herself go and completely act like like a brainless twat the way Charlie has done, and for that I am grateful.
  6. I'm loving Bianca right now!! At least shes the only one to give Charlie and Brax the sh*te they deserve!
  7. What you see as complex I see as inconsistent..... Just out of curiosity have you been watching since Charlie arrived....or another new viewer drawn in by the Chax stuff ?
  8. Charlie has recently plummeted to even deeper depths of pathetic than I ever thought was possible. Dragging Bianca into her absolutely RIDICULOUS mistakes has annoyed me so much! Fair enough she can ruin her life and career all she likes but when she starts getting her friends to act as brainless and stupid as she is thats where I draw the line. Bianca's one of my favourite characters and seeing her get involved in this tripe is really bugging me. Bianca summed it up for me when Charlie asked "what was I supposed to do?"........ "I dont know maybe YOUR JOB" - got it in 1 Bianca. Charlie is damaged beyond repair for me now, I am sick to the teeth of her and her absolutely stupid way of thinking. Sooner she leaves the better!
  9. Season 3 has not even aired here yet. Its not long after starting in the US......Episode 3 will air on thursday on the CW!
  10. I am completely loving season 3!! Really cant wait to see where the whole Jeremy/Anna/Vicky storyline is going....
  11. Ah I love this film! Friends with benefits. NO WAY! ME TOO! Best film I seen in ages tbhh
  12. Isobel has always been played by the same actress, Mia Kirshner!
  13. I know that we would have preferred Ronnie to have some sort of a "happy ending" but like Ronnie said, she wouldn't be able to get past what she had done until she faced up to it, and took whatever punishment she had gotten. I think her turning up at court and taking her sentence without hesitation was a very dignified exit for the character. The more I think about it, the more fitting her exit was to be honest. If she had just left then she would still have the whole baby swap hanging over her head, at least now she can get some closure. Putting that with Kat finally forgiving her, I think it was rather fitting to end Ronnie's story how they did. Her final episode was AMAZING! Some great performances from both Sam Womack and Jessie Wallace. I love the fact that Kat forgave her in the end, it added such a nice touch to the episode. Also her last scene with Roxy, "Mitchell sisters, together forever" made he cry even harder than I was at that point. The only thing that makes me cry more than usual is JULIAS THEME! Ahh it always adds such sadness to a scene, I was so pleased that her final scene involved her looking at Danielle's photo in the locket, shes had such a huge journey over the past 4 years. I hope to see Ronnie back on the square again in the future, after the character is rested for a while. Fantastic character, one of my all time favourites! Goodbye Ronnie, you will be missed!
  14. Actually Charlie has no idea what shes gotten herself into! She thinks she does, but really she doesn't! The relationship that is the most unhealthiest to be in is one based on lies, if someone is going to constantly mess you around where not being truthful is concerned then its best to not continue a relationship. Charlie has doubts and she still doesn't even know half of his involvement in everything. End of the day, he is the big fish she is after, and I want her to bring him down, if not for justice then for getting him back for stringing her along making her look like a moron. I am not saying Brax doesn't make for interesting viewing because he does, I am not objecting to that because I do find him a good character in the sense that he makes things more interesting. I just do not like the relationship he has with Charlie. Its that simple really!
  15. Exactly! I liked him at the start, I thought he was a good guy just involved with a bad crowd, but he is a criminal pure and simple! He doesn't have any regard for anyone (when it suits him) , he lies and lies and lies and LIES to Charlie and I just want to shout at the TV and tell her to get away from him because he has fooled her big time. Stupid Charlie always ends up trusting him in the end and the cycle just continues and continues! He sold out Brody and also Keith, just to dig himself out of trouble. I am even liking Heath more than Brax now because at least Heath isn't as calculating as Brax is. Heath may be a bad guy but lets face it he doesn't have the brains for anything whereas Brax can worm his way out of every situation and be very conniving. I too hope they don't go down the route of brushing all his actions under the carpet and forgetting about it and then gets together with Charlie and suddenly be an amazing person, and your right it would be a total cop out. I wish people would find out what he is really like, especially Charlie. @ Dingo - I don't see how the show are "trying to make us hate him"............. its just his character! @ Whitney - I don't see how "criminals" are likeable ? Not someone who I would like to be associating with I can tell you that much!
  16. Ugh I hope Charlie just gets rid of him! He is making an utter idiot out of her, and is running rings around everybody! They started out promising but I'm completely done with them as of now! I am only catching up on the past few weeks and seeing him tell lie upon lie to everyone including Charlie surrounding the drugs plantation and Angelo's dissapearance is really grating on my nerves. He is playing mr innocent when really hes just running the whole show behind the 'River Boys' scenes. Charlie can do so much better to be honest, and I am loving this whole feisty attitude towards Brax, its the Charlie Buckton I know and love I just feel like saying TAKE HIM DOWN CHARLIE!!! whenever they are on screen.
  17. After watching the episode with Dex's blog about friends becoming lovers I am completely in love with the idea of Dex & April! I felt so bad for Dex when she left his house to go hang out with Xavier Forget Xavier, Dex is the one for you April! I hope she realises that shes got feelings for Dex. I think they would make a really cute couple. I am not usually a fan of H&A turning good friendships into relationships and destroying the friendship in the process but this time its different, I think they would be better as a couple.
  18. Such a hot sunny day! Can't wait for more tomorrow
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