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  1. Awww Laura that was just perfect!! This fic was incredible and i think that last chapter was a really fantastic way to end. You ended things for everyone involved beautifully and i really like how it wasn't all completely perfect. It was realistic, especially the Tony and Rachel part. Belle and Aden were really sweet and i love that they're going to have a baby. I loved their easy banter and how Aden was making faces at Ella I thought the dialouge between all the characters was brilliantly written and it was a such a nice atmosphere - everyone happy and joking and realising how much E
  2. Laura so sorry for commenting so late! I know I am useless. The past two updates were amazing. Once again you captured their emotions just right and in such a way I felt complete empathy for both of them. I absolutely love how you’ve written Derek; he’s so wonderful and Rachel is exactly how I imagine she would have been in that situation! I love all the attention to detail regarding the baby and the medical stuff, it's not written in a patronising way and really helps to imagine things clearly. You're writing is very vivid and i really love that about all your stories. Although I com
  3. Aww Laura that was amazing! I absolutely loved it! It was so beautifully written with so much heartfelt emotion. I love how you write so vividly; it really helps to connect and emphasise with the characters. The conversation between Rachel and Tony during the birth was brilliant, touching and realistic. Rachel’s obvious fear was heart-breaking to read and I felt desperately sorry for her. After everything she’s been through it’s sad things ended up going the way they did. But again Tony was wonderful; so supportive and loving. The image of him trying to put his scrubs on really made me laugh
  4. Ohh this chapter was so exciting!! I loved it. There was so much tension but you wrote it brilliantly and really built it up. I felt sorry for Tony at the start. He must have been completely terrfied and i thought it was pretty sad he blamed himself for her not telling him she needed to go back to the hospital. I loved that you had Derek there, yey!! And i love how he told Tony he saved Rachel's life. That will obviously help him tremendously and i hope he takes a lot of confidence and reassurance from it. I really liked how you had him waiting outside and you wrote his frustration and anger s
  5. I’m so sorry I’m slow at responding, can’t believe I missed another update! Those last two chapters were amazing. You always capture the emotion so well, I feel like I know Tony and Rachel personally by how you write them. They both seem to be on this emotional roller coaster. As soon as something positive happens they have another set-back. But I think it’s great that they don’t let things get on top of them anymore and work through their issues together. I love how their relationship is developing and growing. I understand why Rachel didn’t want to tell Tony about what happened at th
  6. That was amazing Laura! I loved it. You captured their emotions so perfectly as always, when i read it i feel like i am watching it on the television it's so realistic. I loved the Rachel/Tony stuff. I'm glad the diary thing seems to be working out for them although i guess it's inevitable things are not always going to to go to plan. I do like that Rachel convinced him to go with Jack even though i suspect she really wanted him to go with her - that was sweet of her and Tony's guilt was well written. Even without saying anything you could tell how bad he felt. Jack trying to pick a gift f
  7. That was brilliant as always It's really sweet that Tony is trying so hard to find help and support and i loved him telling Rachel he was 'googling.' I'm glad Rachel understood why he felt he had to find someone other than her to talk too and didn't make a big deal out of it. It's sweet she got a little teary about it though; i guess her being heavily pregnant is also playing on her emotions. Loved the little mention of her swollen ankles too, poor Rach!! She seems to be getting pretty uncomfortable. Good to see she is still shopping with Leah though You write Tony's frustratio
  8. That was another fabulous chapter I thought it was pretty heartbreaking that Tony went to the hospital two hours early to pick her up. It shows how much despair he is in and gives an insight into how he is coping with things. Sadly he seems to be struggling with the outcome of his accident but i guess that's to be expected given everything that's happend. I loved how going back to work seemed to really help Rachel; it didn't seem like a good idea at the time but that's always been her way of coping and i think this time it's really working well. You captured her true character really well
  9. Toy Story 3 I loved it and nearly cried at the end.
  10. Describe a few memorable pre-Tachel scenes that are worthy of mentioning. I mentioned most of them in the Rachel thread. I liked Tony supporting her when Rev. Hall first started stalking her and I remember him walking her to her car and telling her if she needed him he was there for her. Plus their dvd nights. It’s a shame we never saw those as I think that’s when their friendship really started to grow. When do you think that you saw that first Tachel spark when they weren’t a couple yet? Although I think it was always obvious they were close friends and genuinely cared for each oth
  11. One word: Aaaammmazingg! Honestly those two chapters were just brilliantly written and you captured everyone's emotions beautifully. I loved the talk between Tony and Leah. You could tell how broken and useless he felt and it was nice he had someone to talk too. Leah is clearly worried as well and i like she showed concern for Tony as well as Rachel. His excitement over the baby was lovely and although it wasn't for long it was nice to see him smiling and happy. I loved how he told Leah the baby was going to be a little troublemaker So cute. And Leah saying she could finally buy booties
  12. ^ Yeah that's exactly what she was thinking I'm pretty sure she was more concerned with Coleen's reference to Roman being like Kim and realising she couldn't go through that again. That was obvious. Not sure how that's funny at all. So true! I think us fans would have done it completely differently...imagine if we'd had the chance
  13. I think they're quite an unusual couple but there's something about them i really like. I'm interested to see where it's going to go. Sid is very sweet with her and i love her natural ditzyness. It shouldn't work but it kinda does.
  14. ^ Yeah it's a shame Lucas left before they got together properly. We did see them with Jack quite a lot though and the one scene that sticks out in my mind is Rachel telling Jack that the wedding night be 'interesting enough without the addition of plaster cast.' Jack just kinda smirks. Aww reading all the answers makes me a little sad. I will fill it out really soon, i need time to do it justice!
  15. Tony never said or implied he didn't want more children thought. He made it pretty clear he wanted a baby with Rachel as much as she wanted one with him. He told her as much many times. He asked her out knowing how important kids were to her, so i think its something he knew was going to happen one day. And Rachel was willing to give up having kids for him, which i think says a lot. I agree Laura it's a shame we never saw the talks they had about having children. It would have been interesting to hear them talk about it properly I think it was needed as the whole things sorta happened out
  16. I understand your reasons for not wanting to do one but i don't understand why, if the Tachel fans want to do something, you won't allow us to post it on the site or even do something in the CAD forum. This is supposed to be a fan board.
  17. I didn't suggest you have to do a feature for every character so i don't understand how you came to that conclusion. That was jodlebirger. I didn't imply anything of the sort.
  18. Are you for real? Sorry but this is a fan board, not high school. If the fans of Aden, Geoff, Jai etc wanted a feature why didn't they ask and/or attempt to do a little something themselves? Tony and Rachel have been completely side lined and pretty much ignored for all their years on the show; we hardly got anything on the OS, no interviews, videos, pictures etc. All we want to do is make something to remember them by and celebrate their time on the show. I don't understand why we can't do it. This is supposed to be a fan board and surely if the fans are willing then there shouldn't be a
  19. Another amazing update! The writing has been at such a high standard from the very first line. I really liked the sudden change in Rachel's emotions when she saw Tony. At first she just seemed completely overwhelmed by the situation and just needed him to comfort her - but then it seemed to hit her than if only he'd been there she wouldn't have been attacked. I think she know she is being irrational to blame him but i think she's just genuinly scared and needs someone to take that out on. The anger seemed to disappear as quickly as it came though and she went back to being vunrable and nee
  20. Thanks for the caps John I loved that scene of them If you happen have to urge to do more..... I will fill out the questions when i have more time; i have a lot to say I would like to say that despite the complete messing up of Tony and his amazing change of heart, i liked the ending. I loved they said goodbye to the people that meant the most to them and i thought the 3 of them at Jack's grave was just a perfect way to end. Given how Amy and Jon have been treated this year that ending was more than i ever hoped for. And i love they had my 2 favourite Harry's in the episode!
  21. I didn't say it's terrible and i'm sorry if i implied that. The offer to help is always there if there is a mod who feels like doing one.
  22. I would be happy to work with Laura on a Tony and/or Rachel departure feature if that was possible? It would be nice to do a little something. It's just a shame that characters who have been on the show for years don't get one yet Ollie got one....
  23. When did you first become a fan of Rachel? (Which episode/storyline/year) I liked her from the moment she first appeared in the Bay. She was bubbly, feisty, passionate and just a really lovely kind, caring person. What qualities do you like/dislike about Rachel? I loved that she was a feisty, independent woman. She always stood up for what she believed in and was not afraid to voice her opinion. I admired her passion and dedication to her career and her genuine empathy for others. I liked her vulnerability which she only really let those close to her see. She was bossy at times and d
  24. I agree it's about compromise and sacrifice but Tony is not willing to do any of those!! Why can't you see that? Rachel has been begging him from day one to talk to her and discuss it properly but he's completely shut her out. Right now Tony is only concerned with what makes him happy and he doesn't seem to give a stuff about her. That is not realistic of him at all. Rachel has thought about him from the beginning and this job would actually give her more time with Harry. They both have flaws and they've both been selfish and unreasonable at times in thier relationship - that's what's realist
  25. Tony has been completely changed in this and i am struggling to understand why you can't see that. He has never completely refused to talk to her before, never treated her like what she wants doesn't matter and he has never been this hypocritical before. He told her she should be excited by it and that she was allowed to consider it. Then he pulls that away without so much as an explanation as to why. He is still refusing to tell her why he doesn't want to go and that infuriates me so much becasue Tony was never like that. Rachel admitted to Leah she's handled it badly but Tony can't even sit
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