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  1. Hi shyongirl, please can you use spoiler tags if that is a spoiler as I don't particularly want to know whats going to happen and I'm sure some others won't either. Thank you
  2. I love Sasha but she hasn't always made the best decisions. Calling a character an 'airhead' then fine she's not real but saying she's fat ( when she's clearly not and probably written by a 12 year old ) is offensive to Demi.
  3. Sausage roll, Wotists and a can of Coke
  4. Currently drinking a bottle of coke and about to eat fajitas for dinner in a min.
  5. Great chapter Wonder what Ruby does now.. probably go have a go at Brax! Wasn't expecting them to get turned down for IVF. Looking forward to reading more!
  6. Great chapter.. I loved the stuff with Dex, Ruby, April and Romeo. Especially Dex's comment about an alcoholic cocktail to Ruby Wonder what happens with Grant and Charlie and pretending to be a couple... Looking forward to more
  7. Just read the last two chapters.. really good. Weird seeing (well reading) Heath and Charlie getting on lol. Really thought Heath might have been a match Maybe Darcy ?? ;) Looking forward to more
  8. Aw great chapter! Can't believe Bianca told Charlie she was to blame Was not expecting Heath to walk in! Loved the scene with Ruby and Romeo.
  9. Just caught up with the last eight or so chapters. Really good stuff. It's really well written and I feel really sad for Charlie I'm surprised Romeo and April are so calm and not caring that Ruby can't text Charlie, especially Romeo like it doesn't matter. Hope Charlie and Brax work things out! Looking forward to more
  10. Just my luck.. it was on tv so put it on lol..
  11. Bought stuff from tesco (supermarket) more than three things but all bought at once: Chicken sandwich Fruit pastels Bottle of coke Bottle of fanta Kidney beans (for chilli tonight) Rice Chicken supernoodles Such a healthy diet!
  12. Aw good chapter. It was sad Charlie and Brax talking and she thinking it was over but I'm glad Brax said he would try to make it work ( although I understand why he's completely against this idea ). I don't think Grant will be as easily persuaded as Charlie thinks. I loved the scene with Ruby, Romeo, Dex and April. Nice for Ruby to have some normality. I don't think Charlie will agree though. I can see something going terribly wrong on this camping trip if it goes ahead.. lol. Can't wait for more
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