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Piece Of Me

Guest Laura

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Thanks Red Ranger 1, Slade and Kirsty. Everyone's comments mean so much :D

Chapter 6


“Hey, dinner’s on. Now why don’t you sit down and relax and wait for dinner”

“No, it’s ok Hugo. What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing. I want this evening to be perfect. And I don’t want you to lift a finger”

“OK. But why? I don’t deserve this.”

“Don’t be silly, of course you do. You’re the most beautiful and kind woman I have ever met.

Rachel half heartedly smiled. She felt so guilty. If only he knew where she really was last night.

“Look, things have been tough since the crash and the miscarriage. And I know it’s going to be hard but I want us to get on and go back to being happy. I feel as if something hasn’t been right with me and you and you blame me for it”

“Of course I don’t Hugo. I just am finding it hard, that’s all”

“OK, why don’t I run you a nice bath and then I finish dinner and put Natasha to bed and then we can enjoy ourselves”

“Sounds good”

Martha was still shocked by what Charlie had told her. Who could do such a thing? She couldn’t believe she hadn’t told Angelo.

“Mum, when’s daddy going to be home?”

“Soon Brooke”

“Go put on your pyjamas and play in your room and I’ll get daddy to read you a story when he gets in”

“OK mummy”

“And tell Jack to” she shouted after Brooke as she was running off upstairs.

Martha heard a car pull up outside. She was half hoping it wasn’t Roman. Worried about if he knew about the cancer or not. It could have been anyone listening today at the hospital and if it was someone they knew, they most probably would have told Roman by now.

She heard footsteps coming.



“The kids have are in their rooms. I said you would put them to bed when you got home”

“OK. Give me 5 mins and I will” Roman said as put the kettle on.

Martha felt relieved. Surely he would have mentioned anything if he knew about the cancer.

“What are you looking happy about? Roman asked Martha, seeing the look of relief on her face.

“Oh nothing. Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you.

“Oh ok then” Roman smiled at his beautiful girlfriend.

“I’ll go put the kids to bed now”


“Wow. You look amazing, Rach”

“Aw thanks”


“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” Rachel picked up Tash and gave her a big hug.

“I wanted you to” Natasha grinned.

“OK I’ll be in in a minute”

Natasha ran off to her room, with Rachel smiling after her.

“She missed you last night, you know” Hugo told Rachel

“I know. I’m sorry about that. I know I said I would put her to bed”

“It’s ok. Honestly Rach” he said as he saw the look of guilt on her face.

“Anyway this all looks amazing. You didn’t have to go to all this trouble”

“No trouble at all. I wanted to it”

“OK. I’m just going to put Tash to bed then I’ll be back and we can enjoy ourselves”

“She’s in bed now”

“Good. Now time for dinner”

Rachel took a seat opposite Hugo and looked in his eyes. How can I keep this a secret? I can’t lie to his face.

“That was lovely Hugo”

“I had a great night Rachel. I hope everything looks up for us from now”

“So do I”

“Me, you and Tash. As long as were together, everything will be ok”

Rachel had been wrestling with her guilt all through dinner.

“Hugo, there’s something I have to tell you”


“I lied about last night”

“What about it?”

“I didn’t stay on the beach”

“Where did you stay then” was it going to be confirmed what Hugo was thinking last night.

Rachel just sat there for a moment. She thought about how good this evening had been. She didn’t know if she could tell him.

“I stayed at the Sands”


“Well I didn’t want to tell you as I know you would start worrying about the money and everything”

Hugo let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank god. I thought you were going to tell me you had been with another man”

Rachel half laughed.

“No of course not”

“Look Rach, forget about last night. It’s about the future” He stood up and went over to Rachel and gave her a passionate kiss.

There was a knock at the door.

“Hi Martha, twice in one day, aren’t you lucky Charlie?” Angelo looked over at a tearful Charlie sitting on the sofa and laughed.

“Hey, can I come in?”


“Hi” Martha went and sat down on the sofa next to Charlie.

“Hi, why are you here again?”

“I was worried about you. And I wanted to know if you had told Angelo yet. Obviously you haven’t” Martha was whispering to Charlie so Angelo couldn’t hear.

“No I haven’t. And you coming round again is only going to make him more suspicious”

“Charlie, I was worried. And I really think you should tell Angelo”

“No! You don’t know what it’s like. I can’t tell him. And I don’t want you mention it to anyone”

“I haven’t. But you should”

“Martha, I’m not telling Angelo, and I’m not going to tell anyone else either”

“Charlie, if you don’t tell him I will”

“Tell me what?” Angelo walked over to them.

“Nothing. Martha’s just leaving”

“No I’m not. Either you tell him or I do”

They stared at each other. Charlie couldn’t believe she was going to do this.

“OK tell me whats going on” Angelo was getting annoyed now.

“Charlie was raped”

“Get out!”

“Charlie I’m sorry. I had to tell him.



“Get out. I can’t believe you said something. I don’t want to ever speak to you again” Charlie literally pushed Martha out the door.

The alarm started ringing. Roman turned over and turned the alarm off.

“Are you awake Martha?”

“Yeah, just about”

“Can we talk?”

“What about” Martha was half asleep when she sat up and was wondering what Roman wanted to talk about.

“The way you have been lately. You seem to be all over the place. You have been really down”

“No I haven’t. I’m fine”

Martha knew she had to tell him.

“OK, do you really want to know whats wrong?”

“Yeah, yeah I do”

Martha took a deep breathe, trying to find the words. She didn’t know how to say it so she just came right out with it.

“The cancers back”

How will Roman react to Martha’s news? And what how does Angelo react now he knows about the truth about what happened to Charlie?

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Wow this was actually the best chapter yet . I loved it !!

:o OMG Marthas such a ***** !!

I guess she only had Charlies best interests at heart although Charlie confided in her and she didnt keep it secret.

I though Rachel was going to confess there for a minute !!

Roman and Martha , its all coming out now :D

Please update ASAP !! :)

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Ooh, Martha and Charlie's secrets are both out, can't wait to see how their boyfriends react to that one. And Rachel's secret is still...in.Hugo joking(?)that he thought she was with another man just adds to the tension.Really want to see where this one goes.

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I'm so sorry I have missed a couple chapters!!

I can't believe Martha said something about Charlie being raped. I was just thinking, Gee Martha Hypocrite? But then... she told him.

I'm glad everything's out in the open now :) Well... except for Rachel that is :lol:

Still worried though :unsure:

Can't wait for more :)

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Oh man! Just when it was getting good!

I’m glad you kept in tune with what they tend to do with soaps i.e. when someone has been unfaithful to their partner the other half seems to be acting a lot nicer than normal so the unfaithful person is wracked with guilt. I can’t wait to see Hugo’s reaction when he finds out.

Loved the scene at Charlie’s when Martha let the cat out of the bag. As Sexyluc said she’s only trying to look out for her. I’m expecting there to be fireworks.

After reading what Martha did I was about to come on here and say that she was being completely hypocritical but I guess she thought the same thing and came clean to Roman.

I really like the direction you are heading with this storyline.

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Martha shouldn't have told Angelo but he had a right to know. I don't understand why Charlie didn't want him to know. He would have been there for her and she needs his support.

Martha finally told Roman about the cancer. That's good. :)

I really hope Hugo and Rachel are back on track now.

More please.

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