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Piece Of Me

Guest Laura

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Wow, cant believe it was Tasha that died, :o really thought it was gonna be Rachel , you really had me going " Oh no Rachels dead" :P

I can see lots of trouble following this in Hugo & Rachels relationship. It could be the wakeup call for Rachel but I think it'll only send her further on a downward spiral ! :(

So happy you updated your fic, I really enjoyed reading it :)

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I thought you had killed Rachel, I never expected Tasha would be the one to die. :( Poor Hugo and Rachel! This is going to be so hard for them! :(

I wonder who was the other woman who died and what she was doing in the house in the first place. :unsure:

Next chapter looks good. A JM kiss! :wub:

More please.

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Ok sorry I didn’t post straight away but I’ve been busy with work and since it had been such a long time since the last update I needed to recap…Previously on Piece of me…..

Anyway it was good reading through some of the chapters a second time. Karen’s note, taking Jack hostage, the gun, Roman getting shot, Martha and Jack bonding, Angelo coming to blows with Jack, Rachel relapsing and subsequently having her life turned upside down. I was shocked it was Tasha but arguably a good choice purely in terms of character development for Rachel and Hugo. It’s going to be difficult for their relationship to survive this. I’m also looking forward to finding out who the other person was who died in the fire.

So that’s three deaths Jack’s indirectly responsible for.

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