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Piece Of Me

Guest Laura

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Thanks Barbara :D

This next chapter is kind of long, hope you don't get bored and stop reading half way through :lol:

Chapter 5

Beep, beep. Where are you? Let me know as soon as you get this x. Whats he on about? It only took a few seconds before Rachel’s confusion went. As she turned to the right of her she noticed some man. She had no idea who he was and why she was in bed with him. All she could remember from the previous night was going to the surf club. The rest was blank. Oh no, Rachel thought to herself. It was 11am. She had 45 minutes to get to work.

Putting her clothes on before, she tried to make as little noise as possible. Creeping out the door she felt disgusted at herself. How could I do this to Hugo? And with a guy whose name I don’t even know.

“Hi, I just wanted to remind you about your appointment this afternoon Miss Mackenzie”

“OK Thanks”

“You don’t sound like you seem that bothered by it. Can I just remind you it is very important you come in seeing as this is the second time you have had cancer” She paused for second. “But we have caught it fairly early so I am confident that you will be fine”

“I know thanks. I’ll be there. I’m really sorry but I have to go. I’ll see you later”

She quickly hung up.

“Hey gorgeous”


“Who were you on the phone to?”

“Oh, that was, no one”

He looked at her

“It was Angelo. Charlie’s home”

“That’s great news”


“We should go round and see her tonight”

“Not tonight Roman”

“OK, whats wrong?”


“There is something wrong. Tell me”

“Nothing’s wrong”

“OK but Charlie is your best mate. I would have thought you would have wanted to see her”

“OK we will go and see her later on”


“Oh, did Angelo say where Charlie had been and why she left the party when you spoke to him?”

“Nope. I’m going for a shower”

Rachel had just arrived home and was trying to tip toe her way to the bathroom. Spotting the clock it was now 11.25. Great, she thought. I’m not going to be there till at least 12.

She never heard the door open and shut when she was in the shower. She expected Hugo to be at work all day. And she was glad Natasha wasn’t there. She can see her little girl asking her later why she wasn’t home to put her to bed like she promised.

“Rachel, where the hell have you been?”

She stopped.

“Oh, erm, I went to Leah’s last night like I said and we ended up having a few too many to drink and I crashed on the sofa”

“OK well that’s funny. Cause Leah told me she hadn’t seen you all night. Oh maybe cause she was drunk when I rang”

“Yeah that could have been it”

“She sounded pretty sober to me”

“Well that’s Leah for you”

“You know Rach, would be a believable story if Alf hadn’t told me you arrived at the Surf Club last night just as he was finishing his shift”

“OK you caught me. I wanted to be by myself so I said I was going to Leah’s so you didn’t worry as I knew you wouldn’t want me to go to the Surf Club on my own for a drink”

“And you didn’t come home last night because…?”

“I drank way to much and woke up this morning and found myself on the beach”

“OK. But next time please tell me where you are. I was up half the night worrying”


“Rachel, I have to go back to work. Your not working the night shift are you?”


“Good. I am going to cook us dinner tonight”

“Great. Can’t wait” Rachel forced a smile on her face and pretended to be thrilled about the idea. She hadn’t seen Hugo smile like that for a while and she didn’t want to be the one to upset him again.

“See you tonight love” Hugo gave Rachel a quick kiss and headed for the door.


“Martha, we need to start you on treatment as soon as possible”

“Do you think there’s much point?”

“Of course. Why do you say that?”

“Just because I went through it all before and got told I was ok and now here I am again. I don’t want to go through all that treatment if I’m just going to get ill again”

“Martha, as I said on the phone, I am confident you will beat this. We have caught it early”

“Early? If it was that early then why did I have symptoms like the fainting and that?”

“Because that’s what happens sometimes”

“Have you not come with anyone today?”


“Why not? What about your husband? Family member?”

“My boyfriend doesn’t know. The only person who does know is my Grandad. I told him not to come”

“Martha, you are going to need as much support as possible. You should really talk to your husband about it”


“Sorry, your boyfriend. He will be a big help”

Crash. A noise came from outside the door. The doctor got up to check and saw a guy walking away from outside her office.

“Is everything OK?” Martha asked curiously.

“Yes, well there was has been a guy standing outside the room for a while according to one of the nurses. They thought he was waiting for someone until they realized he was listening to our conversation and when they confronted him, he walked off”

Martha quickly stood up.

“So are you saying someone has been listening in and now knows I have cancer?”

“Martha, calm down, he was probably just some random guy being nosy”

“What if it is someone I know? What if they tell Roman?”

“Look I’m sure everything will be fine”

“We really need to get back to discussing your treatment”

“No. I need to make sure Roman doesn’t find out”

“Just sit down and…”

But it was too late. She had left the room.

“Hey Martha. Come in”

“Thanks Angelo. Where’s Charlie?”

“In the bedroom. She hasn’t come out since she got home yesterday”

“Oh why not?”

“We kind of had an argument”

Martha sighed.

“What about this time?”

“Well I kind of accused her of being with another guy”

“Angelo, you know she would never do that to you”

“Yeah. I have been thinking about it all day and night and I just keep thinking that she was with someone else”

“No she wouldn’t have been”

“Oh Hi Martha”

“Hey Charlie, how are you?”

“OK I suppose”

“Would you like a coffee Martha? Angelo asked her.

“Yes please”

“OK. Would you Charlie?”

“No thanks”

Martha noticed that they wouldn’t even look at each other.

“Let’s go outside and talk” Martha told Charlie as she made her way outside.

“So what happened? Where you been?

“At a friends in the city”

“K, but why did you leave your party and go there without telling anyone?”

“I just decided to go there”

“Charlie, this is me you’re talking to”

“OK well I have been at Joey’s”

“What! Why? I didn’t even know you still spoke to her”

“Well I don’t. Much”

“OK well why did you go there?”

“I just did”

Charlie, are you two seeing each other again?”

“What, no! I wouldn’t do that to Angelo”

“Well you have before”

“Yes I know. As Angelo kindly reminded me last night. But things are different now. I’ve changed. Angelo is the one I want. Not Joey”

“You didn’t answer my question. Why did you go there?”

“If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone. Not Angelo, not Roman, no one”

“Of course. What is it?”

“Well you know how I left the party to get some wine, well when I went to the Surf Club”

Charlie started shaking and tears fell from her eyes.

“What happened?”

“This guy. He came out of no where”

“He raped me Martha”

Does Rachel confess to Hugo what really happened that night she stayed out? Roman finally finds out the truth. And can a friendship ever be repaired? And how was it destroyed?

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Ooh another great chapter !!

Poor Martha - I wonder who was being nosy at the doctors :huh: I hope its not Roman. Its propably Hugo :unsure:

Aww Charlie's finally told Martha what happened . No Joey :( Angelo and Charlie are better anyway :D

ooh a destroyed friendship destroyed . I hope Martha doesnt ruin her friendship with Charlie by telling Angelo about what happened.

I wonder how Roman will take the news

Pleasse update soon :)

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I don't mind long chapters! :)

:o Rachel cheated on Hugo. Hugo is going to be devastated when/if he finds out. :(

Poor Charlie! She was raped and Angelo is accusing her of cheating. <_<

I wonder who was listening to Martha and the doctor's conversation. :unsure:

More please.

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Sorry I haven’t been replying to this. I’ve been really busy with work and haven’t had much time to read the fanfics. I keep saying to myself that I’m going to try and read Sexyluc’s one as well but it’s just finding the time at the moment. Anyway:

CHAPTER 4 – Wow you’ve really kept in character with Angelo. It reminded me exactly of that time when he lost it with Belle at Irene’s just before she got beaten up. I really liked that whole scene and could just picture it.

What is Rachel up to?

CHAPTER 5 – Lying and cheating. Rachel’s going to get found out eventually. As mentioned who was listening to Martha’s conversation with her Doctor. And as I though Charlie was raped which obviously explains why she wanted to spend time with Joey. I wonder how Angelo’s going to react to this.

I’m really enjoying this. I can’t wait for the next one. :D

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