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  1. Just caught up on the chapters I've missed, enjoying reading this Love the Chax alone time
  2. Aw, glad the kids have taken to Brax so well. good chapter, looking forward to more.
  3. Just started reading this, its very good!
  4. Oh dear looks like Rose is going to cause trouble for Heath and Bianca. Only just caught up on the chapers, had load of stress recenty, so not had time to come online as much. Great updates.
  5. Made me laugh the kids about Ruby & April always in the same room
  6. Oh dear, looks like Heath is going to have to tell Bianca before Rose does.
  7. Good chapter, The kids were funny! & looks like Heaths guilt is eating away at him. Looking forward to more.
  8. Tut Tut at Heath, very dissapointed in him there.
  9. Oh dear, I hope Heath does'nt have a one night stand with Rose. Good update
  10. Oh dear, shame he still cant trust Bianca. Understandable though.
  11. Aw, such a funny chapter with Toby's innocent questions, bless. Too cute. Looking forward to more.
  12. Oh dear, hope Ella will come round soon and no be grumpy. Nice name for the baby.
  13. Good chapter, enjoyed the first bit with Charlie going into labour. Aww, that she had another boy
  14. ~Zoe~

    Support Group

    I've been quite low last week, because the week before I had to go to the hospital to see an eye consultant, and they said its the dry skin on my face which is causing the irritation to my eyes. They have given me yet more drops and they have also wrote to my gp saying that i need to be refferred to a dermatologist. It flared up this week, the dry skin on my face, having to carry big tub of cream in my bag. Went red too, and i was helping my sister do her food shopping in asda last week and as i noticed how red it went, it made me anxious. Even made me axious around my close friends & boyfriend, even though they reassured me that it was okay. felt ugly, - self concious etc
  15. Could I request some Heath & Bianca icons, from when they got married, & their honeymoon on the beach? Thanks
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