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Piece Of Me

Guest Laura

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Thanks Slade and Sarah :D

Chapter 2

“Morning love, I just made some tea”. Roman picked up a mug and went to hand it to Martha but she stopped him.

“Not for me thanks. I feel sick”.

“Again?” A look of panic could be seen on his face. “You really should go to see a doctor”.

“Roman, I’ll be fine. Don’t start”

“Well I’m sorry for caring OK”.

“Roman, don’t be like that. I just don’t need you nagging me 24/7. I’ll be fine. Probably just a virus”.

“OK but you can’t keep collapsing and feeling sick”

“I’ll go see a doctor tomorrow if I’m not feeling any better”.

“Thanks babe, I have to go to work. I might be back at lunch”. Roman kissed Martha on the cheek, grabbed a jacket.

As he was about to leave, Martha shouted after him.



She paused for a second.

“Doesn’t matter”

“Oh ok. See ya love”.

There's nothing on, Martha thought to herself after flicking through the channels for 5 minutes. Neighbours will have to do.

She tried to concentrate on what was going on on the TV, but her conversation with Roman kept going through her head. I know I shouldn’t lie to him, but I don’t want to worry him. And more importantly I just don’t want his help. For a split second earlier, she was going to tell him, but then she thought about Jack and how he helped her last time and how she doesn’t want anybody else’s help. Not even Roman’s.


“I think you’ll find its afternoon. What did you get up to last night?”

“Why? What time is it?”


“What? Oh no, I was meant to meet Leah at 12”

“Yeah, she rang”.

“Don’t look at me like that Hugo”

“Well I come home to find the place looking like a bombs hit it, and then you stay in bed half the day which isn’t like you at all. I’m just concerned”.

“I don’t need this. My head’s pounding. I’m off for a shower”.

Women. I guess I will have to clean up aswell.

“What the…?” Hugo had opened the bin to find an empty bottle of wine. It wouldn’t have been a problem if it wasn’t the bottle that hadn’t even been opened the night before. It wasn’t like Rachel to drink that much. Now I understand why she was in bed all day and the place was a mess. He didn’t know whether to confront Rachel or not. He knows it must be a hard time for Rachel. But she was still needed. By Tash and by him.

Ring, ring. “Charlie your phone is ringing”

“OK well just ignore it”


“Just ignore it”

“It’s Angelo”

“OK well I will ring him back later”

“Look, I think its time you went home. Don’t you?”

“No, not yet. Can’t I just for a couple more days?”

“You can stay however long you need to, I’m just saying it would be best if you went home and spoke to Angelo”

“You have no idea what I’m going through. Or how I feel. I can’t tell Angelo”

“I know exactly what you’re going through! I have been there myself haven’t I?”


“It’s allright but remember when it happened to me. You tried to get me to go to the police. Told me to be strong and not let Robbo ruin my life”

“I know. I will tell him. I promise, Joey”

Is Rachel OK? And what happens when Hugo confronts her?

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