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  1. Really good start Charlene Pleaseee continueee
  2. hey. i knoww i am great thanks how are you? I love your av :) x

  3. awh thats awesome whoever has got replies I sent letters to some of the cast in February and June and still have no reply. Hopefully will get a reply soon
  4. awh haha :L what you been up to? I love yr av :) x

  5. hey i am good thanks and youu? hav you changed yr username? :P x

  6. kwl :) Well on school holidays so just been down the beach the last few days and that. Has been raining the last few weeks though :( youu? x

  7. heyaa :) i am good thanks you? i see you have changed yr username haha :L x

  8. oh my gosshhh :) that is really cool. I wish some of the h&a stars would come to the UK lol. Well its my friends party today so going to the beach and going out for a meal :P what do you think about h and a's stroyline at the moment? x

  9. I know school is sooo boring lol i am so glad i am off on my hols :) what have you been up to? x

  10. heya i know :o i am great thanks :) Its been ok so far. Its been raining a lot :( went to my cousins wedding on saturday had a great time :D lol what have you been up to? are you off from school? x

  11. heyaaa Mira :) hows youu? you been up to anything much? xx

  12. Happy Birthday for yesterday :) Hope you had a great day! x

  13. :o They are fantastic Barbara This one is my fav the cropping and colouring is perfect I also love the 6th Jess and Todd icon and the first Tachel spoiler one
  14. Awhhh baby Harry he is soooo cute They looked like a proper happy family tonight It was really nice Tony supporting Rachel and as Karen said he didnt turn up that late Amazing acting from both Amy and Jon as well. I loved that line to Charmed I cant help to wonder where Martha, Hugo and Xavier were tonight? as they are family and Hugo is at the hospital. I thought Martha would definately be there to see the new baby? Oh well the ep was great anyways tonight Tachel was soo sweet
  15. great chapter awwwh Tachel Awhh Grace thats a lovely name ooooo Leah and Brad- Thats interesting Update sooon pleaseeee
  16. heya thank you so much :) awh cant wait till their wedding :D for some reason it doesnt show up on my computer :S hows youu? x

  17. heya zoe how are you? i was just wondering you said there was a promo for Adelle's wedding on the offical site could you send me a link please because i cant seem to find it? x

  18. quite cold and raining (I thought it was suppose to be summer )
  19. love love love The colouring and cropping is fab These 2 are my favs Could i save some of your av's plz? I will credit when i use
  20. heya how are youu? xx

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