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  1. Happy birthday!!! Hope you're enjoying your day! :D

  2. Awwww i read it was really cute that Rach is going to have Tonys baby, a little part of him still with her. Great update x
  3. That was so good! I am speechless .... yes me actually lost for words! Great chapter so emotional and i feel so sorry for Jack&Rachel Poor Tony i miss him
  4. Awww it was so sad at parts hearing Rachel open up,i really love this fic makes my day coming on to see you have updated. Tony and Rachel are so sweet together, he really is a gentleman.
  5. A few words OMGGGGGGGGG i cant believe you killed Tony. Loved the update though,this fic is so different to your last one which makes it interesting to read also
  6. Heya laura great start, oh god i hope nothing happens to Tony after that argument Rach will be devastated, Tony is being really insensitive of course Rach loves him if shes been with him for that amount of time. A wedding is a stressful time and i bet she just wanted everything to be perfect for the big day.
  7. This fic was amazing!!!! I love how Rachel is all better and ready to start her new life with her family, it was sooo cute :D Rachel trying to set Leah and Brad up was funny, tho would make a lovely couple not as good as Tachel mind!
  8. Laura im sooo sorry for neglecting your fic! Actually ive been neglecting my own, i have been reading it all just didnt have time to comment im gona read the chapter above and come back and comment lol!!
  9. I loved the Rachel and Tony scenes yesterday a wee kiss on the head and stealing the carrot!!! Its nice them doing small things, makes the family scenes more fun to watch.
  10. Hey, Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a great day. And had a great holiday, although still stuck here...ant to get home now! :( x

  11. I think i know what the important question is hehe
  12. Hey hope you having a good Easter hoilday. I had updated my fanfiction yesterday. :) Chat to u later. Hey pm me your email addy coz I lost it. Have a good day. xx

  13. Work uniform white tunic, black trousers and black shoes:P
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