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  1. Heya! i'm good thanks, how are you? yeah, i am.. need to catch up though cos i've been tied down with work this past week so i'm trying to catch up with all the updates lol x

  2. Great start! Really enjoyed the fic before this and looking forward to seeing what you do with this one x
  3. Brilliant update Ellen Poor Aden i'm guessing things arent going to get much easier for him either?! Loving this fic so far, really looking forwrad to seeing what happens next!!
  4. Loved it! awwww, so much fluffyness..... I have a feeling that may not last forever though Really cant wait to see where you go with it and what happens!!!!! Great fic so far chick
  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww! Beau is just a sweetheart Sooooooooooo glad that Aden is alright! Loved what Roman said to him at the beginning and the ending was just so sweet and AOL Brill update chick, cant wait for more
  6. WOW! that was so good, so intense and very different to the other fics that are out there I'll have to catch up with the rest of it at the weekend, if the rest of it is like that chapter then i cant wait Really looking forward to seeing what happens next!
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They have to find him.... like... now! The beginning was so sweet but then it all went Love Beau as per, my fave little fictional man! hehe Brill update, you HAVE to make it better! i'll beg if you so wish?? lol
  8. Awwwwwwwwwwww that was so good! Really glad everything ended on a happy note! Sad it's over though Thank you for taking the time to write it, it's been a pleasure to read
  9. Awwwww that was so sweet! They really do have the perfect little family dont they?! Beau was so adorable with Grace, then at the end too Brill update chick so fluffy, made me ALOT! haha
  10. Loved the update before this one! Somehow i missed it.... Brill update, really glad everything went well with Sasha and Rebecca Oh i hope Nicole goes to see him!! The SP's sound intriguing Cant believe there's only 2 chapters left
  11. *tear* It's all over!!! Cant believe it's now finished! The 3am chats have been my pleasure chick lol BRILLIANT UPDATE Loved Krissy, she is a sweetheart, the relationship between her and Aden is so adorable I was abit worried at to Belle's whereabouts for a moment there haha The ending She's preggers!!!! Eeeeeek, perfect ending Loved it all, seriously, it really was the best ending EVER! love the way you brought in most of the main characters in the fic, especially Mattie and Ric Cant believe it's over now, All 3 have been amazing, i can read them over and over again, i have done so many times! Thank you for taking the time to write them
  12. That was so good! I'm not too sure about an Aden/Nicole pairing but that kinda made me change my mind, the way Belle was brought into it and what Nicole said at the end was really good, i could almost imagining that whole scene happening on the show. Loved it.
  13. Awwwwww god bless Beau! He is just a sweetheart, makes me smile all the time! Love that they're using Nicole as a middle name Awwww Abi and Geoff are gonna look for a place, love those two!!!!! Brilliant update, flufftastic Amazing, cant wait for more
  14. Awwwww Adelle! That was really sweet I'm really intrigued to find out why they weren't together though..... Great update chick, looking forward to seeing where you take this fic chick
  15. Well i'm crying...... That was just pure fluff at it's finest LOVED it!!!! The end scene with Beau and Grace (which btw..... LOVE that name! ) was so AOL, brilliant! Eeeek, i'm grinning like an idiot right now lol Great update hun, really looking forward to more
  16. I didn't realise you'd updated last night!!!!!!!!!! It's a girl eeeeeek Loved how Aden was with Belle, he really is just lovely lol Cant wait for Beau to meet his new baby sister, the scenes with those two together are gonna be so AOL Cannot wait to read more chick, love this fic soooooooooo much!
  17. Cant wait to see what Sasha decides to do! Really like Ryan and Nicole too Brill update chick The sneak peaks sound intriguig too!!! cant wait to see what happens next
  18. Well...... I'm in bits! the bit about Nic had me in tears That was sooooo good! Loved the concern from Aden, he is such a sweetheart, his speech was so good She's in labour!!!!!!! eeeeeek I kinda had a feeling she would lol Cannot wait for the new baby! Just a brilliant chapter, made me and AOL all the way through!!! LOVE this fic!
  19. Well that was as fluffy as a belly button! LOVED it! Geoff's pressie to Abi was really sweet I think everyone knew that Beau was gonna win that one with Aden at the beginning haha Meg and Beau are adorable together Brilliant update chick, so good! Really cant wait to read more.......
  20. Heya

    I'm good ta, you? Nah, i cant get on it either! I look forward to seeing them x

  21. Wow, that was really good! Loved the way you portray Belle's feelings Cant believe it's nearly over! Really looking forward to seeing how it ends though, i really hope they talk Brill update chick!
  22. I tried to comment so many times but it wouldn't let me for some reason! LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!! Just brilliant Aden is a sweetheart The image with him with Krissy is so sweet and then the 21st for Belle was just so AOL! Still intrigued as to who Drew is dating lol Really liked how protective Aden was over Annie, and then Belle's convo with her The ending was sooooo good Great update chick, defo cheered me up! looking forward to the epilogue but it's rather sad that it's all over so soon!
  23. I've missed several updates, sorry chick!! LOVED them all though, it's a brill fic, it's so sad and really well written Really looking forward to reading more!
  24. OMG LOVED it!!!!!! That was so, so good, one of my favourite chapters The ending had me welling up Beau's excitement was so adorable, i could totally imagine it! Brilliant, just brilliant, eeeeek Loved it, cant wait for the next christmassy update, i now cant wait for Xmas haha
  25. Next stop - Fluff Central!! That was absolutely adorable! LOVED it Loved the banter when Roman came to give them the pressie's Bless Beau! Sweet as ever Really cannot wait for the next chapter, Xmas day Eeeeeeek!!!!!!!
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