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    Miss Jack and Martha scenes :(<br />I Like going out with my mates,<br />Going the gym, keeping active,<br />Watching Home and Away,<br />Watching Eastenders and Corrie,<br />My favourite tv programme has to be True Blood!<br />I'm a massive Ryan Kwanten fan!

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  1. Hey hope you don't mind I added you as a friend XD

  2. Barbara! These are simply stunning I'm in love with the ones of Ruby and I love the ones of liam!
  3. I think Kain O'Keefe is amazing and has made an outstanding perfomance playing Brendan! Hope we get to see more of him.
  4. Just watched Halloween 2 remake, I thought it was amazing can't understand why some people hate it so much.
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  6. I don't want these two together. Their relationship would be fake as she would only be with him as he reminds her of jack which makes the situation worse!
  7. I really don't no why I guess I just really don't want martha to get with Hugo
  8. I'm really against martha and Hugo also. Being honest I can see martha being on the show for quite a while and can't see Hugo sticking around for many years, so I would prefer A) prefer her to stay single for quite a while longer B) if she gets into a relationship then make it a long term! I actually wouldn't mind martha being in a relationship with Charlie to be honest. I think I'm the only person who thinks this but if angelo got cleared of murdering jack then I would actually like her to have a relationship with him.
  9. aw why, what was wrong with you?

  10. hey, not been on in a while, havn't been to well :(

  11. heya dan, not spoke u u for a while :) how are u?

  12. Thanks for all the update's Dan
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