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    Miss Jack and Martha scenes :(<br />I Like going out with my mates,<br />Going the gym, keeping active,<br />Watching Home and Away,<br />Watching Eastenders and Corrie,<br />My favourite tv programme has to be True Blood!<br />I'm a massive Ryan Kwanten fan!
  1. I don't watch neighbors anymore but the new credits are nice and simple, why can't home and away just bring credits back please? its only a minute of the show, they put some things in episodes that just don't need to be their and could fill them spaces with the credits!
  2. Hey hope you don't mind I added you as a friend XD

  3. Barbara! These are simply stunning I'm in love with the ones of Ruby and I love the ones of liam!
  4. Thanks for all of the updates
  5. I think Kain O'Keefe is amazing and has made an outstanding perfomance playing Brendan! Hope we get to see more of him.
  6. Just watched Halloween 2 remake, I thought it was amazing can't understand why some people hate it so much.
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  8. I don't want these two together. Their relationship would be fake as she would only be with him as he reminds her of jack which makes the situation worse!
  9. I really don't no why I guess I just really don't want martha to get with Hugo
  10. I'm really against martha and Hugo also. Being honest I can see martha being on the show for quite a while and can't see Hugo sticking around for many years, so I would prefer A) prefer her to stay single for quite a while longer B) if she gets into a relationship then make it a long term! I actually wouldn't mind martha being in a relationship with Charlie to be honest. I think I'm the only person who thinks this but if angelo got cleared of murdering jack then I would actually like her to have a relationship with him.
  11. aw why, what was wrong with you?

  12. hey, not been on in a while, havn't been to well :(

  13. heya dan, not spoke u u for a while :) how are u?

  14. Thanks for all the update's Dan
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