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  1. Awwww i read it was really cute that Rach is going to have Tonys baby, a little part of him still with her. Great update x
  2. That was so good! I am speechless .... yes me actually lost for words! Great chapter so emotional and i feel so sorry for Jack&Rachel Poor Tony i miss him
  3. Awww it was so sad at parts hearing Rachel open up,i really love this fic makes my day coming on to see you have updated. Tony and Rachel are so sweet together, he really is a gentleman.
  4. A few words OMGGGGGGGGG i cant believe you killed Tony. Loved the update though,this fic is so different to your last one which makes it interesting to read also
  5. Heya laura great start, oh god i hope nothing happens to Tony after that argument Rach will be devastated, Tony is being really insensitive of course Rach loves him if shes been with him for that amount of time. A wedding is a stressful time and i bet she just wanted everything to be perfect for the big day.
  6. This fic was amazing!!!! I love how Rachel is all better and ready to start her new life with her family, it was sooo cute :D Rachel trying to set Leah and Brad up was funny, tho would make a lovely couple not as good as Tachel mind!
  7. Laura im sooo sorry for neglecting your fic! Actually ive been neglecting my own, i have been reading it all just didnt have time to comment im gona read the chapter above and come back and comment lol!!
  8. I loved the Rachel and Tony scenes yesterday a wee kiss on the head and stealing the carrot!!! Its nice them doing small things, makes the family scenes more fun to watch.
  9. I think i know what the important question is hehe
  10. Work uniform white tunic, black trousers and black shoes:P
  11. I love Justin hes totally hot, so unlike Aden
  12. Happy birthday Danni, Have a good one!!!

    Have a good trip!

  13. That was superrrrr cute!!! In her bed hehe so nice he wants to be with her all the time. Oh Dr Holden loveee it!!!! Great update., Looking forward to the next. Feel sorry for Tachel, well Tony when he finds out shes not better poor Tony!! Keep up with the Tachel Loving, Not often we hear about that
  14. Oh!!! Sorry,ive taken so long to comment. I can't say how much i love this fic, i love coming on and finding out you have updated makes my day! Rachel is so lovely and understanding, she could have reacted badly to the news but didnt and thats why i love her Thank god Tony told her... and about time aswell. You got it perfect the interaction between them and i loved that he basicly ran to kiss her when she said she loved him too Was sad that Rachelall along thought he didnt love her anymore i liked the part when he gazed into her eyes and she said come here and gave him a hug Hope my comment makes up for not commenting on ages, was reading it though! Just forgot to comment.
  15. Curry Noodles on a buttered roll and a bottle of irn bru !
  16. Yayyyyyyyy Tony's a match im so glad , lets hope everything works out for the best. Tachel deserve to be happy, i love that Tont ran and picked Leah up he must be so happy after all this time being scared of loosing her. I hope that when Rachel wakes up she tells Tony that she loves him and wants to be with him love this fic and it was a really good update.
  17. Poor Rachel , Im glad shes got Tony and Leah for support. That was so well written i loved it! When Tony kissed her head it was so sweet , i hope shes going to be okay. I officially hate Mark hes a scumbag.
  18. Awww i cant believe this Rachels soooo sick and Tonys worrying about her. So glad about the donor i hope he is a match , anything will do as long as Rach is gona be okay great update x
  19. Awwwwww he loves Rachel , Bye Kate i didnt like you anyway you're 2nd best hehe it was sad i hope Rachel is going to be okay x
  20. I got one from Amy Mathews, she wrote me a lovely personal letter and sent a separate card and i got her new fan card recently too.
  21. Awwww that was sad Kate coming around like that when she knew Rach was sick was terrible never mind what she said do her. I hope Rach is going to be okay or at least hang on until Tony comes back. Loved the update as always.
  22. A few short words , but TACHEL KISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im soo happy oh and they were going to sleep together stupid kate i wish she would disappear.
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